The Man in the Attic (1995) Movie Script

All right.
Sign in here.
Thank you.
Always smell like this?
Always bad in June.
Worse in July.
You'll like Broder,
Showers three,
four times a day.
Cleanest murderer
we ever had.
Here we are.
Visitor for you,
Mr. Broder.
Could you turn on
the light, please?
Please, if you don't mind,
I prefer it this way.
Well, it's cooler,
I'll give you that.
Mr. Broder,
my name is...
I know who you are.
You're the reporter
I asked to see.
No one else comes
to visit.
Come in.
Call out
when you're ready.
Sit down.
You're becoming quite a fixture
on the front pages.
Yes, they make up
what will sell their papers.
I want to change that.
I want you to write my
story, the real story,
so, so people can
read the truth.
This isn't the truth?
No, those are the facts,
they're not the truth.
Do you understand
the difference?
They make it
seem so sordid.
It wasn't
like that.
Well, you tell me.
What was it like?
It was a pure thing.
Love in its purest
and most absolute form.
I want you to tell them that
and make them
I'll always remember
the first time I met her.
I was late for work.
Watch out, young man, watch out!
Are you all right?
Am I?
I couldn't find
the brake.
I thought I was going
to hit you.
It's beautiful.
It's a Packard.
I got to get to work.
Are these yours?
English literature?
You're a student
and a worker, too.
Nothing is so impressive
as a young man with ambition.
Hi, Edward.
I've been asking you
for weeks to have this talk,
and now, when you left
this morning,
he told me he's seeing her
again tonight.
What harm
can it do?
She's only interested
in his money.
Karl has no money.
Anyway, this Schuller girl
is very attractive.
You have money, Joe,
and she knows it.
Actually, she reminds me
of you in many ways.
You need to warn him
about women like that.
I'll come home
as early as I can.
Thank you.
By the way, my sewing
machine's making sounds.
What kind of sounds?
Sounds it
shouldn't make.
Is there someone
who can look at it for me?
I'll expect you at 5:00?
Was she friendly
to you or ice cold?
That's what I
hear-- like ice.
Come on, Edward,
everyone wants to know.
I didn't even know
she was Mr. Heldmann's wife
until you told me.
Her mother used
to work for him.
He married a
servant's daughter.
Can you imagine?
They say he put her
through finishing school
and married her
when she was 16.
Do you think 16 is too young
to consider marriage?
It all depends, I guess.
On what?
The concert was so wonderful
last night.
Did you prefer the Mozart
or the Brahms?
Hmm, all sounds the same to me.
The first one, I guess.
The Brahms.
Wasn't it romantic?
Is there another sandwich?
Do you think she's
pretty-- Mrs. Heldmann?
Don't you?
In an obvious way, I guess.
Has Karl come home yet?
Waiting in your
sitting room, sir.
May I take your hat?
She'll give it
back to you.
Thank you.
The machine is upstairs
in my wife's studio.
Show Mr. Broder the
way, please, Mary.
Should it sound
like that?
Can you make
it stop?
Well, I can try.
Hello, Shotzie, hello.
The bird doesn't fly away
with the door open?
No, the cage is his home.
It's still a cage.
No... come on, baby.
There you go.
So you live with your parents
in Milwaukee, Mr. Broder?
No, I rent a room in the
boarding house near the factory.
My parents died
years ago in a fire.
Uh, I never knew them.
I don't even know my birthday.
How terrible.
There are worse things.
You look to be
about my son's age.
I think so.
Oh, here it is.
Just a slight
Do you understand
what I've been saying to you?
I think so, Father.
Women are tempting,
but one has to be careful
when associating with them.
Not all women, of course.
Most of them, in fact,
are quite harmless.
But others aren't
what they seem.
And those are the women you have
to look out for, Karl,
the ones who would use you
for what you have
and not for who you are.
And you think Grace Schuller
is one of these women?
Your mother does.
And you?
I've never been very good
at spotting them myself.
You're a genius.
Is my husband paying you well
for this talent?
He pays me very well.
You're a sculptress.
I dabble.
I'm impressed.
Well, wait till it's finished.
Then you can be impressed
or not.
Karl and I have spoken.
Edward, are you ready?
I'll take you home.
He just finished
fixing the machine.
Let this genius of yours stay
and have dinner with us.
Oh, thank you,
but I couldn't.
I have my classes.
So you'll miss one evening.
It's not the end
of the world now, is it?
No, it's just that
my education means
a great deal to me.
So you'll study an extra hour
or two tomorrow.
I, uh, I-I really sh...
I'll tell Mary
to set another place.
One thing you learn
very quickly around here, son,
is not to argue
with my wife.
Dinner will be ready
in 15 minutes
if you'd like to wash up.
Well, thank
you, ma'am.
I just can't seem to figure
this algebra problem out.
It's all letters
and no numbers.
Yeah, more like English
than math, I know.
Here, look.
The key is, what you do to
one side of the equation,
you have to do to
the other side,
so it remains equal
as you simplify.
We became good friends,
Karl and I.
I helped him
with his schoolwork.
You make it look
so easy.
And he helped me with
extracurricular activities.
I was never very good
with women,
but Karl...
he had a confidence about him,
like he could take
on the world.
He combined the best
of both his parents.
I'd like to thank you for...
for including me
in this evening,
and all these evenings.
I, uh, I never had
a family of my own,
but if I could
choose one,
I'd want them to
be just like you.
Thank you.
That's a lovely toast.
Didn't you think so, Karl?
We saw a newsreel of the
new Pennsylvania Station
in New York City
this afternoon.
You can take a train
from there to anywhere.
People don't stay
home enough as it is,
if you ask me.
You're very quiet tonight,
Are you feeling
all right?
I'm just a little tired,
I guess.
Would you mind
if I excuse myself?
Would you like me
to turn down your bed?
The boy can certainly
put himself to bed.
Please, finish your dinner.
I'm fine.
Come by this weekend?
He's 18, Krista.
He doesn't need
your pampering.
I worry.
There's no reason to.
Karl, darling,
are you all right?
Karl, what is it?
I don't feel very well.
The strangest dreams.
He's burning
up with fever.
The sheets are soaked.
Call the doctor.
Call the doctor.
The influenza epidemic
was just starting,
and Karl was an early victim.
His funeral was perhaps
the saddest day
in all our lives. therefore commit his body
to the ground.
Earth to earth,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
in the hope of...
I wanted to go to her then.
I wanted to hold her in my arms
and tell her
I would make everything
all right.
Joe didn't understand her.
He didn't know what she needed
or how to give
it to her.
But you did?
I did.
I knew her soul.
You asked to see me,
Mr. Heldmann?
Yes, Edward.
I want you to
do me a favor.
Favors aren't
easy for me to ask.
This one is for my wife.
Mrs. Heldmann thinks of
you as part of the family,
and in the weeks
since Karl...
I don't know how
to handle her.
It's difficult for me.
I'm not particularly
good with, um...
She just misses him.
We all do.
I don't think she would
miss him quite as much
if you were...
to stop by the
house more often,
keep her company.
His things, his books...
I close these cases,
I lose my son again.
You don't have to do this
until you're ready.
He was all I lived for.
Without him, I, uh...
There's Mr. Heldmann.
He's old and he's tired.
Karl kept me young.
Without him I'm alone.
There's no one.
There's me.
Yes, that's true.
You've been working
on the sculpture.
I wanted to finish it for Karl.
It's wonderful.
You said that before
when it was only lumps of clay.
You molded it
with your own hands.
And that makes it wonderful.
You and Karl,
you're very much alike,
you know?
He'd want you
to have this, Edward.
Oh, no, I can't.
Yes, yes, please.
I'll treasure it.
Come sit here beside me.
You have his eyes.
And your skin is
soft like Karl's.
I see so much
of him in you.
Karl and I used to sit like
this sometimes and talk.
He had so many dreams,
so many plans.
Ever have dreams, Edward?
I've always been afraid
to hope for something
because if I didn't get it,
it would be worse
than never wanting it at all.
It was easier for her
when I was around.
Sometimes she'd even
call me Karl,
but I didn't mind.
It was like an honor
she bestowed on me.
In a way, she was the mother
I never knew,
and I was the son she'd lost.
In time, as you know,
that changed.
I got a message to come home,
Mrs. Meyer.
There is a woman waiting for
you upstairs in your room.
She says she's your mother.
Happy Birthday.
Are you surprised?
Well, since we don't know
exactly when you were born,
I thought it might
as well be today.
You told Mrs. Meyer
you were my mother.
Well, she wouldn't let me
up here otherwise.
Oh, the look on your face.
To you.
I can't believe this.
There's more,
but first,
you have to make a wish
and blow out all the candles.
What if my wish
has already come true?
Well, then you have
to find more wishes.
Never be satisfied
where wishes are concerned.
Now this.
Be careful with it.
Karl's sculpture?
And now it's yours.
Well, what-what can I say?
I-I-I love it.
How can I ever thank you?
Happy birthday, darling.
Is that, uh, all right?
Did you mind?
This is wrong.
I know.
I don't know what to do.
Undo my buttons.
Is it always like this?
Never before.
You were wonderful.
So passionate.
I had no idea.
Was it wonderful
for you, too?
Oh, yeah.
You know, I didn't, I didn't
mean for this to happen.
I mean...
But it did.
It did.
No, I should get
back to work.
Oh, Edward, no,
don't go yet.
I don't want
this to end yet.
You're, you're,
you're married
to the man I
work for.
But Joe and I
don't have a marriage.
We share space,
not love.
You have to let
yourself go.
No, I'm, I'm, I'm confused
and all I feel
is guilty.
But to Joe, I'm just
something he owns,
something to impress
his business friends with.
With you I'm more than
I've ever been in my life.
I have to think.
Is everything all right?
Are you free tonight?
All right.
May I speak with you a moment?
Mr. Heldmann,
I, I, I can explain.
No need, no need.
My wife just called.
Thank you for your help.
Packing Karl's
things away.
You've made it
much easier on her.
On both of us, actually.
I'm only glad I could help.
My uncle just bought
a Model T Ford.
They say you can have any color
you want as long as it's black.
Isn't that funny?
I love that.
Do you want to tell me?
I've been going on and on
and you've had something
on your mind all night,
something you want
to talk about.
Is it that obvious?
I bet I even know
what it is.
You want to kiss me.
We've known
each other for
almost two years, Edward.
It was bound to happen.
Well, here I am...
That was very nice.
Didn't you think so?
Yes, thank you.
I wondered how long
it would take you
to get around
to doing that.
I was beginning to think
something was wrong.
You don't have to
ask anymore, you know?
You can just kiss me
anytime you want to.
Laura and James are
getting married...
Edward, come in.
It only works with you.
Um... harder.
You have to dig in.
A light massage
is no massage at all.
You learn fast.
You, you really shouldn't
yell out like that.
There's no one here.
It's Mary's day off.
Joe did this once.
He handled me
as if I'd break.
The two of you
seem so different.
We are.
My mother came from Germany
to be his housekeeper.
Yes, I know.
People talk.
Do they know she never had
a house of her own,
or a meal she didn't
cook herself,
or a nice dress other than
the one she was married in?
She sacrificed to give you
a better life.
Yes, she did,
and when she died I told myself
I wouldn't end up that way,
killing myself to
keep someone else's house clean.
Have you ever loved anyone?
Really loved anyone?
Only Karl...
And now you.
You love me?
I feel like, I feel like
I finally belong somewhere,
here, with you,
and nothing else
in this world matters to me.
It's Joe!
You gotta help me
with my blouse.
What's he doing home
so early?
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
You'd better go in the closet.
Go up the ladder.
Shh. Don't make a sound.
Oh, God.
My hair.
Joe, you're home early.
Eh, it's my
stomach again.
I couldn't work
any longer.
I was just putting
the last of Karl's things away.
I thought you
gave this to Edward.
He must've, uh, dropped it.
He's been doing so many things
for me-- he must've dropped it.
Careless of him.
We are going to dinner
tonight, aren't we?
The Wellers are expecting us.
I don't feel up to it.
I think I'll just have a bath
and stay in.
All night?
Feeling better
this morning?
I think we have rats
again in the attic.
I heard sounds
all night.
Ah, I didn't
hear a thing.
I'll have a look
before I go.
It's filthy up there.
And you've
just dressed!
I'll have Edward take a
look next time he's by.
Not a thing.
maybe it was only
the house settling.
I like this
suit on you.
It makes you
look fit.
Thank you.
How will you spend your day?
I thought I'd pack the rest
of Karl's things away.
It's good, you're putting
all that behind you.
Now maybe you'll be more
of a wife to me.
You almost sound glad
Karl's gone.
Now, Krista,
if I show no feeling,
it's because
you've taught me well.
This is somehow all my fault?
All you've ever wanted from me
was a respectable name
and a bank account.
And Karl?
He was our son, Joe.
Now he's gone,
and I have yet to see
you shed one tear.
Don't tell me how
to measure my loss.
I have made this marriage work,
on your terms.
You got exactly
what you bargained for.
Does he know?
Come in before
someone sees you.
Oh, yeah.
What time is Mary coming in?
I have to be at work.
Do you really love me?
Would you do anything for me?
What are you asking?
I won't spend another night
under the same roof
with that man.
Come away with me.
No. Listen to
what you're saying.
I have no money,
no prospects. I...
I have money.
We'll go to St. Louis... today.
No, this is crazy. This...
Yes, it is, it is crazy.
Be crazy with me.
Don't think about Joe,
don't think about your work,
don't think
about anything but us.
Miss Rettig,
have you seen Edward?
No, sir.
We went to St. Louis.
It was like our honeymoon.
Spring, everything was in bloom.
I remember it all.
The feel of her hand in mine,
the... the taste
of the ice cream.
Even the smell
of her perfume.
That's when Krista bought
me a pad and charcoals.
I know it's not Rembrandt,
but Krista said it had energy.
Did you see the people staring
at us in the park today?
Mm-hmm. They were thinking
what a handsome couple we are,
how in love we must be.
Promise it'll always
be like this?
Sealed with a kiss.
I'm not a good model?
I don't want to draw you.
I want to touch you.
So where do we go from here?
Where would you like to go?
I've seen pictures of Florida.
It's-it's very warm there,
and there's the sand
and palm trees,
and we could swim.
We could sip tropical
drinks on a boat,
watching the sun go down,
and make love under the stars...
When I look back on it now,
the memory is so bright,
I'm... I'm amazed
it doesn't blind me.
And Joe Heldmann?
Joe. Joe hired a detective,
a thug from a
dime store novel.
Mr. Heldmann.
Put your clothes on.
You're coming with me!
No! I won't
go with you.
You'll do exactly as I say.
You want to file a
complaint against the boy?
Don't blame him.
It was my idea.
Look, we-we didn't mean
for this to happen, sir.
If you'll...
No, not a word
from you, Broder.
Not a word.
After all I did for you,
taking you
into my family.
Please, M...
I could kill you right now,
and the wrong word from
your mouth might make me do it.
Now I'm going to
take my wife home,
and you're never going
to see her again.
Is that clear?
Is that clear?!
Look at yourself.
You disgust me!
I'm sorry.
Oh, so you decide
to come back?
You walk out
without a word,
and now you just
waltz back in again.
I'm sorry if I worried you,
Mrs. Meyer.
You look terrible.
You need a... a bath
and a change of clothes.
Yes, ma'am.
You've had phone
calls every day.
Some woman who won't
leave her name.
Your mother, perhaps?
Uh, if she calls again,
please tell her I'm not here.
Five, five, six, one, please.
Please, just... stay away.
Krista, if someone sees us...
Edward, please.
Please. You don't know
how much I've missed you.
I don't know? Krista,
being without you...
You're all I can think of, and
when I do, I can't breathe,
because I panic,
and I can't breathe.
Yes, yes.
That's exactly how I feel.
You've shown me
what's possible in life.
I can't go back
to the way it was.
Krista, I have
no job, no money,
no place to stay once
this month's rent's gone.
Listen, I know a place
with free room and board
where Joe will never find you,
and we can be together
as much as we want.
There is no such place.
Yes, there is.
There is.
So what do you think?
We could clean it up
and put a mattress here for you.
And I'd... I'd live here
in the attic?
Only when
Joe is home.
The rest of the time,
the house is ours.
He'll find out.
How could he?
I let Mary go.
You and I can do the work
that needs to be done.
The neighbors.
They never
come round.
Of course, you couldn't be seen
coming or going.
Where would I want to go?
My life is with you.
The house would be
our sanctuary.
I don't want to lose you.
This way you wouldn't have to.
Krista couldn't cook at all,
and she hated
cleaning even more,
so I began doing
all the usual household chores.
I also had other duties...
much more pleasurable.
Not a pie?!
A pie.
You have become a
constant surprise
these past few weeks.
You're cooking, baking.
Well... I'm feeling
more comfortable in
the kitchen now.
This can't be the same woman
I married.
I'm seeing things
differently now.
I'm learning to appreciate
what I have.
if this is about St. Louis...
St. Louis was a mistake.
After Karl died,
I went a little crazy.
I didn't know what I was doing.
I can't expect you to forget it,
but I can promise you
it won't happen again.
And now with Mary gone
I can prove it to you.
I want to show you
what a good wife I can be...
in every way.
It's been years since
you brought me flowers.
It's so sweet.
I know I'm not the
ideal husband for you.
I'm older than
you'd like,
and not as handsome
as you deserve.
You have a good look.
I'm proud to be
on your arm.
Maybe we both have to work a
little harder at this marriage.
And if you're willing to take on
the responsibility
of running this house,
the least I can do...
is forget what happened.
Well, I can't ask
you to do that.
I could only ask you
to give me another chance,
to learn to
trust me again.
A fresh start.
Yes, I've been
thinking that lately--
a fresh start.
In fact, there's
an opportunity come
up, in California.
Oh, Joe, we
can't leave here.
But it's a good opportunity.
I can build a new factory,
expand the business.
Or you could lose everything,
and then where
would we be?
Oh, no, Joe.
Milwaukee's our home.
It's a part of us.
Now, you can't
ask me to leave.
Well... it was
just a thought.
If it means that
much to you.
You mean that much to me.
Oh, Joe...
Bye-bye, Krista.
I heard you and Joe
last night, in bed.
You're not jealous?
Edward, there's some
things I have to do
once in a while.
And if it got his
mind off California...
I heard that, too.
You were moving
around up there.
You really have
to be more quiet.
Have you been reading
that book I gave you?
There's one chapter
I particularly like.
It starts on
a hot desert night,
with a stream flowing
through an oasis,
and the moon reflecting
off the water.
Then in the royal tent,
the slave boy kneels
before the queen?
You remember.
Mm. Vividly.
The air is filled
with exotic perfume.
He dares to look at her,
into my eyes
for the first time.
He knows he's mine.
He knows his one
purpose in life
is to bring me pleasure,
to do whatever
I ask him to do.
The months became years.
Much was happening.
So much that I could
hardly keep up.
Joe got a contract to make
uniforms for the war effort.
The map of the world changed
from day to day, but...
our little home
remained a peaceful island
in the middle of the storm.
What's all this?
With Mr. Heldmann
gone until tomorrow,
I thought we could
do something special.
Well, it's lovely.
What's the occasion.
I want more.
More of-of-of everything.
I like Joe,
but I'm tired of
sharing you with him.
I want you to leave him
and marry me.
You can't be serious.
How would we live?
Together, in a house of our own.
I-I could support us.
And how would you do that?
Your charcoal scrawls certainly
can't make us a living.
And you gave up
your education.
I gave that up for us.
Well, what would you do?
Join the army?
Young men are being
sent overseas to die.
Be sensible, Edward.
We have the best of everything
the way things are right now.
You can see that, can't you?
I suppose.
So let's enjoy
this lovely meal, shall we?
Oh, be sure and press
Joe's evening clothes.
We're going
to that Victory Bond rally
at the church
tomorrow night, remember?
Our boys are doing
all they can...
...and our boys will be home
in no time at all.
Edward, is that you?
Amy, what a surprise.
How was the rally?
It was exciting, but too loud.
After all this time.
When you quit work so suddenly,
I... we were all concerned.
Mr. Heldmann told us
you'd moved away.
Uh, I did.
I, uh, I went overseas.
Do you still work
for Mr. Heldmann?
Not for almost two years now.
I do some tailoring
at a dress shop.
You should come
by the shop.
Lady Alice's on Second.
We could have dinner.
Yeah, I won't be
here that long.
Oh, what about tomorrow?
Come by at noon and we...
No, that's impossible.
Uh, look, um, I-I
really have to run.
My-my train.
Mrs. Heldmann?
I'm sure you won't remember me.
My name is Amy Rettig.
I used to work for your husband
at the garment factory.
You're right,
I don't remember.
What is it you want?
I'd like to see Edward Broder.
I'm afraid I don't know
who you're talking about.
Edward Broder?
I saw him at the church
last night.
I followed him here.
You saw him where?
Oh, yes, I remember.
He used to work at the factory.
He was a friend of my son's.
But here, well,
you must be mistaken.
I know what I saw.
If I could just speak with him.
He was acting very strangely.
I want to know
he's all right.
The note.
That's who that was from.
There was a-a note
from him on the door last night.
He must've stopped by
to say hello while we were out.
But I...
he didn't leave an address
or any way to reach him,
but if he ever
contacts us again,
I'll be happy
to tell him you said hello.
Good day.
Get away from that window.
She told you.
You were there last night.
You followed us.
I only wanted to be near you.
What if Joe had seen you?
He didn't.
Well, that stupid girl did,
and if Joe finds out,
he'll kill us both.
Then let's leave.
If we leave, we have nothing.
What if she tells
Mr. Heldmann?
Yes, what if?
Well, I'll-I'll-
I'll-I'll talk to her.
I'll-I'll go to her.
I'll-I'll threaten
her, if I have to.
Oh, Edward.
Oh, what have I done to you?
You deserved a life.
I've taken it away
from you.
You are my life, Krista.
We'll work it out, okay?
We're meant to.
Did you enjoy your bath?
Very relaxing, yes.
Not too relaxing, I hope.
What is it you want?
What makes you think
I want something?
I know the look.
Well, then you know
what I want.
Krista, you are a wonder.
When we married,
I had this beautiful
teenage girl on my arm,
and you've grown into
the woman I love.
That's so sweet.
It's the truth.
I hate to leave in the morning.
I think about you
all day at work
like a lovesick adolescent.
After all these years.
Remember once we talked
about going to California?
Vaguely. Why?
I've been having
bad dreams lately.
About what?
It's as if Karl's ghost is
in every room of this house.
But, Krista,
it's been years.
I'm trying so hard to forget.
Somehow I just can't.
Not here.
Whatever you say.
I want to go somewhere.
Leave all of our problems.
Leave our mistakes behind us.
We made a new beginning
in Los Angeles.
This was how Krista removed
the threat of Amy.
Oh, I'll be happy
to handle that...
She was so thoughtful that way.
...building and I have things
of my own I need to do.
I'm glad you understand.
I understand.
It doesn't mean
I won't miss you.
he didn't see you, did he?
Come here and kiss me.
Oh, thank you.
Wait, wait, wait.
I want to show
you something.
I worried every day
we were apart.
I couldn't think
of anything but you.
Well, I see I can't ever let you
out of my sight again.
Will it be the same again?
Like it was?
Better than it was.
Milwaukee was Joe's.
His work, his friends,
his life.
California's mine.
I'm yours, too, Krista.
Never let me go.
You belong to me?
Yes, oh, God,
how I love you, Krista.
Oh, yes.
So, we all moved in together.
Krista, and Joe, and myself.
The home had an attic,
and I had fixed the entrance
so no one would ever know
it was there.
Mr. Heldmann never suspected?
Then as the years passed,
I expanded my space and made
myself a wonderful home.
I could listen at the air vents
and keep up with
the conversations in the house,
so I could be part
of the family.
That's what we were,
a, a family.
You see that, don't you?
You must write that.
Write that down.
And how did Krista
adapt to California?
She loved it more
as the years went by.
She was determined
to break into
all the right
social circles and...
...Joe and I, we...
we did everything
we could to help.
I've invited two more
business associates
to the party this weekend.
And the mayor and his wife?
Well, I've asked them.
We'll see.
Joe, you promised me.
I've gone to
so much trouble.
They have to come.
I can't dictate
to the man, Krista.
If they can come,
they'll be there.
I hope the weather
holds for the party.
Can you believe
it's almost Christmas?
They'd be cracking ice
from the basins
in Milwaukee.
Have you made
your selections?
what looks
good to you?
Christmas again, Shotzie.
So, how do you
like it here?
California, huh?
I think it's too hot.
Especially in my room.
But, hey, as long
as Krista's happy,
we're happy right?
So I told the officer
I'd never even seen
a palm tree before.
Certainly not
in Milwaukee.
But he gave me
the ticket anyway.
I'll have to have a talk
with that officer
about his manners.
No, no, Your Honor, really,
there was no harm done.
Do you have any children,
Mrs. Heldmann?
Yes, I have a son.
He's grown now.
She's a great deal younger
than I expected.
I wouldn't turn
my back on her.
Excuse me.
Darling, can I talk you?
Sounds like a wonderful party
down there, Krista.
How about you, Edward?
Are you having
a nice evening?
Why, yes, Krista,
as a matter of fact I am.
More champagne?
I wouldn't say no to that.
That's plenty.
Oh, ah, ah, ah.
Save some
for the other guests.
Christmas sure does...
sneak up on one,
doesn't it?
For me?
why, thank you.
I can't open it now. I...
"From Krista."
You're always thinking
of me, aren't ya?
Oh, you know
just what to say to a guy.
I can't.
It's too early.
I, it's-- Come here.
Come here.
All right. Okay.
No need to shout.
Beautiful wrapping paper.
Did you do it yourself?
What could it be?
What could it be?
Telephone, isn't it?
Oh God, but I love you
so much, Krista.
Mrs. Heldmann's
pretty anxious to join
the country club.
Possibly you could
introduce her.
That woman?
Not if my life
depended on it.
She's as common as they come.
I have a reputation.
Shh. She didn't mean that.
She couldn't have been
talking about you.
Shh. Shh.
Gary's the finest young
attorney in Los Angeles, Joe.
Thank you, George.
Well, Mr. Heldmann,
I can't tell you
what a pleasure it is
to be representing you.
the pleasure
is entirely mine.
Come, I want to introduce
you to my wife.
Krista, darling...
Thanks, but I've got
to watch the waistline
I'd like you to meet
Gary Carson...
our new attorney.
Well, you seem very young
to be an attorney, Mr. Carson.
You flatter me.
He comes highly recommended.
George uses him,
and he handled
the Froman case last month.
The one that was
in the papers.
I'm very impressed.
Being impressed is relative,
my dear Krista.
Do you know, Gary,
that my wife prepared
all this food herself?
I have a difficult time
imagining you in the kitchen.
Wonderful cook,
isn't she?
When we were married,
she couldn't
find the stove,
then one day...
I discovered a chef.
What a wonderful surprise
that must've been.
Uh, can I get you
a glass of brandy?
I wouldn't say no.
I'll get it, darling.
Oh no, you stay and entertain
our guest, Krista.
Gary is going to be
seeing enough of me
in the coming week.
Are you married,
Mr. Carson?
My husband didn't say.
No. My work takes up
most of my time I'm afraid.
Oh, well, you know
what they say,
"All work and no play..."
Let me.
I find time to play.
I just haven't found
time for marriage.
So in your very,
very busy schedule,
do you also handle
personal affairs?
Of what nature?
Wills? Property?
Of a personal nature.
Well, that, of course,
would depend.
I'd be happy to talk with you
about any matters
you'd care to discuss.
What are you doing tomorrow?
Here you are.
Happy Christmas.
Happy Christmas.
Happy Christmas.
Did Mr. Heldmann and
his guests enjoy the food?
We were a big success.
The Mayor's wife
is planning a luncheon for me
at the country club.
They love me here.
Unlike those hateful biddies
in Milwaukee.
I'm glad.
I loved the photo.
You opened your gift already?
Shame on you.
I couldn't wait.
Well, I realize it
isn't much,
but then what do you
really need?
I'm going to have to ask you
to stay upstairs for the day
when you finish
your cleaning, Edward.
Some boring old business
associate of Joe's
is coming by
and I have to entertain him.
Why you?
Joe asked me to.
He still pays the bills,
It's only for
an afternoon, Edward.
Is that really
so much to ask?
That's a good boy.
Do you still love me, Krista?
Why would you ask that?
I just want to know.
But you already know the answer.
I have to run.
Mr. Carson, come in.
I'm so glad you were
free this afternoon.
My husband thinks
so highly of you.
Would you like a drink?
I have lemonade
in the ice box,
or perhaps something stronger?
Maybe later.
After what?
After we do
what we're here to do.
What we're here to do?
What makes you think
I know what that is?
Well, if you'd rather
talk about your husband.
Joe? Please.
He bores me when he's here.
I refuse to allow him
to bore me when he's not.
I'll do that.
I like to be in charge.
Be in charge with
someone else.
Oh, yes. Oh.
Oh. Oh, yes.
Touch me there.
Yes. Oh, yes.
Oh, yes, yes.
Oh, yes.
Oh. Oh.
What do you think
you were doing?
I could ask the same thing
of you. Look at you.
Our particular arrangement
does not give you the right
to tell me who I can
and cannot sleep with.
I forbid you to see him
again. I forbid it.
You sound just
like Joe in St. Louis.
Oh, Edward,
if you could only
see yourself.
Don't laugh at me!
I am not the fool, Krista.
I am not the one who thinks
Los Angeles society
is falling at my feet.
What are you talking about?
I overheard the mayor's wife
the other night.
You know what she said?
You think you're accepted here?
She called you a tramp.
That's a lie.
Oh, no, no. Ask her.
Ask her about
the country club. Go on.
Don't you ever grab me
like that again!
If you don't like the way things
are, then you can just get out.
You're free
to leave.
The door is open.
You're pathetic, Edward.
You've grown so
ridiculous and so weak.
I don't know what it
is I ever saw in you.
Don't say that, Krista!
Don't talk to me like that.
You don't know
what I'm capable of.
I know you better
than you know yourself.
You're capable of nothing!
Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I love you.
Were there others?
Don't worry about me, Krista.
I'll be fine.
I'll... I'll do
what I always do.
I'll watch the house,
dust the furniture, I'll...
Looks like it's just you and me
again today, old pal.
Oh, Shotzie.
You should have flown
when you still had the chance.
Now it's too late
for both of us.
But we should have
been there an hour ago.
The party never starts
until I get there.
You know that.
It's embarrassing,
keeping them waiting like this.
Everything would have
been different
if you'd never found us
that night in St. Louis.
Krista would have been mine.
Really mine.
I should have shot you long ago.
I still could.
I could shoot you,
or-or you, you,
or you, or-or you...
Or you.
I love this song.
Dance with me, Joe.
Krista, let's just have a quiet
evening with our friends.
We have a quiet evening
every night of the week at home.
I want to have a noisy evening.
Come on, dance with me.
Be a sport,
come on.
This song have some
special meaning for you?
Long ago, far away.
So where did you find that one?
She's the daughter of a client.
Granddaughter, more likely.
Is she as good as I am?
No one is as
good as you are.
You are a lawyer.
Gary is a wonderful dancer.
He knows all the right moves.
Has he shown you
his moves yet, sweetie?
On the dance
floor, I mean?
I'd like to go, Gary.
I have a headache.
Oh, please, even I don't use
that excuse anymore.
Don't be childish.
You might listen to
your own advice, Krista.
You're not 21 anymore.
Look who's talking.
I think we should be
the ones to leave.
You're evicting us?
Joe Heldmann is taking a stand?
Don't manipulate me.
You can't manipulate me
like you used to.
You can't afford to.
I'm the only reason
all these old men do business
with you in the first place.
You will please
excuse us.
My wife isn't
feeling well.
how will I ever...
I will never forgive you
for this evening. Never.
You need me more
than I need you.
What was amusing ten years ago
is now simply foolish.
The only fool there
tonight was you.
How dare you!
I should have done
that long ago.
If you ever strike me
again, I swear..
I thought...
Why is the
phonograph playing?
Someone has been using it.
Well, maybe I left it on.
I don't remember.
You're gonna hit me
for that, too?
How will I be able to face them
again across a business table?
Well, I'm happy to say
that's not my problem.
All of this is giving me
one of Leslie's
little headaches.
I'm going to bed.
I haven't finished
with you yet.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Who the hell are...?
Did he hurt you?
If you so much
as laid a hand on her,
I swear, I'll kill you.
Edward Broder?
The time had to come.
I couldn't hide
from you forever.
What are you doing here?
What the hell is
he talking about?
Put the gun down, Edward.
I'm calling the police.
No, you're not!
Tell me what is going on!
Don't you know, Joe?
I mean, can't you guess?
Who do you think has been doing
all these things around here?
Who do you think has really
been cooking your meals
all these years?
Who do you think has been
shining your shoes
and-and-and pressing
your suits,
and-and-and folding your...
You are crazy!
I love Krista.
Is that crazy?
I want her for myself.
Is that crazy?!
That's enough, Edward!
Joe, I... I never meant
to hurt you.
You... never
meant to hurt me?!
No, let me explain. I...
There is no
explanation for this!
Where has my money
been keeping him?
A hotel?
An apartment? Where?
In the attic.
Oh, no.
It's really quite comfortable,
once you get used to it,
and I have had years and years
to get used to it.
In Milwaukee, here.
Shut up, Edward!
Just shut up!
All these years,
I've been spied on,
lied to.
Were you there
in the bedroom with me?
Sleeping on my sheets?!
Has my whole life
been a lie?!
You bastard!
Oh, no! Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
You killed him.
I-I only meant to scare him
into leaving us alone, so...
What are we gonna do? we could be together,
husband and wife,
the way it should have
been years ago.
Someone must have
heard the shots.
Oh, my God. Oh!
So it's-it's...
it's perfect now.
It's just-just
the two of us.
The police are gonna think
that we did this together.
Oh, God.
No, no, no,
they won't have to.
Listen. Listen to me.
It's perfect.
Nobody has to know
what really happened.
Nobody. Listen-listen to me.
Come with me.
Come here.
Get in the closet.
I'll lock the door
from the outside.
They'll know you
couldn't have done that.
Oh, this won't work.
Yes, it will.
I'll hide up in the attic.
They'll never find me.
I'm frightened.
Be frightened.
Let them see that.
That's what they'd expect.
You came home to find
burglars in the house.
They threw you, locked
you in the closet,
and then-then you heard
gunshots from outside.
That's all you know.
That's all you know, okay?
I love you.
Help me! Help me!
Someone help me!
Help. Help.
Open up. It's the police.
It was a terrible,
terrible night.
But it couldn't be helped.
And soon things
got back to normal.
But you continued to live
in the attic
for the next seven years.
We couldn't have people
asking questions,
and Krista entertained more
than she had before, but...
I didn't mind.
See, now we shared a deep
and powerful secret
which bound us
even more closely together.
But she made a foolish mistake.
After all those years,
the gun began to haunt her,
and she trusted the
wrong person to dispose of it.
He'd seen me
on the stairs one night.
Krista told him I was a cousin,
but I'm sure he knew
the relationship we shared.
I mean, he could see
in Krista's eyes
that I was the only one
she ever truly loved.
I was a threat.
I had to be eliminated.
Charles is late.
Should I put dinner
back in the oven?
Hurry up.
Okay, okay.
It's the police.
Mrs. Heldmann?
Mrs. Heldmann?
We have a search warrant.
Oh, God, don't let them find me.
Don't let them find me,
Krista, please.
How do we get
into the attic?
The attic?
I don't know.
Everything I did,
I did for Krista.
You gave up your life for her.
You shut yourself away
from the rest of the world.
You... gave up your education,
gave up... well, any chance
you had of a normal life,
a wife, children.
And I'd do it again.
Help me understand this.
What was it all for?
It was all for love.