The Man Inside (2012) Movie Script

What are you doing?
No, just stop!
If someone wrongs
me, should I pray for them?
I say to you, no.
Uh, that's good.
Jump, jump, jump!
Keep it straight!
Hey, hey!
I'll get it.
No, I've got it!
We are all sinners!
What are you up to today, Jay?
I'm just staying at home,
playing this game still.
Each and every one of us!
by you, for you.
You going to come out
and play football?
Hoops is coming back.
I ain't coming
if Hoops is there.
He's Karl's bitch.
Karl shows his face, you know
I'm gonna smack him.
Karl's not gonna be there, man.
It's just Hoops
and some of the boys.
Why don't you stay here?
It's cool.
I'm not worried about Karl
even if he does show up.
Anyway, I'm not avoiding
him forever.
I'll just tell him
how it is, isn't it?
He ain't going to touch
my man, Alfie.
Too dumb for that.
Yo, Alfie.
Come on, man.
Catch you later, bruv.
Come here a sec.
Don't go looking for it.
For what?
I mean it.
Chill, brother!
I can take him any day.
Just stay out of trouble.
I think Clayton knows about Kia.
How could he?
I don't know, man.
He just kept looking at me.
He's scary, bruv!
What, Clayton?
No, no, he ain't scary.
He's a bit weird, yeah,
but he ain't scary.
Are you pregnant?
You're so lucky
you live there, man?
I live in a right shithole.
Yeah, my dad looked after us,
with proper things, man.
How come your mom
hates him so much?
My mama hates everyone
except God!
Are you going to go see him?
I'm not allowed in prison, am I?
But when I'm 16,
they can't stop me!
Boy, damn!
You going to keep it?
I think so.
I want to.
"I will repay," says the Lord.
Brothers, sisters...
Yo, Hoops, where you at?
Where's Alfie going?
You're playing games, brother,
Oy, wait up, man!
Clayton, what's happening?
Where's Alfie going?
I know what you've done
to Kia, yeah?
Come back!
Stop, stop!
I'm going to fucking kill him!
Who was it? Who?
Tell me!
Kia, what's going on?
Come on, Jay.
Snap out of it.
Look after Kia, yeah?
I need an ambulance service,
Kia, go.
Kia, get up! Come inside!
Come on, man.
What's going on?
Put me on hold.
Feet, Jilly, feet.
From the shoulder.
Come on, guys.
Get the effort in!
The more you sweat in practice,
the less you bleed in battle.
I just spoke to the hospital.
Alfie's come out of surgery
and all seems to have gone okay.
They'll know more
in about an hour or so.
Okay, good? Yeah?
Yeah, man.
Can you do me a favour?
Would you put this on?
You're giving me heartburn, son.
You all right, bruv?
It's not good.
Alfie's, oh, he's messed up bad.
If you're going down there
later, I'll come with you, eh?
What if we wrap up, yeah?
Your tongue's hanging out, bruv.
Jesus, boss, even your old chap
would get up for that.
Dad, can't you keep
your monkeys under control?
Back to it, perverts.
He's fast, this one.
Don't be rude, honey.
Why are you here?
You were supposed to
start work this morning.
I was.
They said, "You're not dressed
appropriately for the office."
Well, you do look a bit...
A bit what?
Dr. Who-ish.
Don't tell me.
Clayton Murdoch.
We used to hang out at school
when we were kids, didn't we?
You were so cute!
Wake up, man!
Are you all right?
One, two, bang!
Honey, honey.
Why don't you just go home?
You own a nice dress.
Please, please?
See, this is important.
I had to pull in a lot of
favours for that job.
For me.
All right.
Good girl.
So, what just happened?
You just met my daughter.
Yeah, I remember her.
Can't be the same girl, can it?
Didn't you used
to fancy her, bruv?
What, she was like, what,
a year above us?
Didn't she run away
or something?
Yeah, well, she's back.
Did you know who got Alfie?
Don't make no sense
to me, brother.
All this gang shooting.
Me, neither.
Take, take!
How's Karl?
He's good, you know?
Got to be.
Walks around like he's the man,
thinks the world owes him
a fucking favour,
but he's me brother.
Sorry for that?
No, why?
No reason.
Who's that?
Don't know.
He's been hanging around here
a lot lately.
It's okay.
I just want him to wake up.
I know.
He's a fucking dead man!
Where is he?
Where's Karl?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Jay, Jay!
What are you doing?
Karl stabbed Alfie!
What are you talking about?
Karl stabbed Alfie!
I saw him do it!
No, you didn't.
Just calm, yeah?
Danny's got nothing
to do with this.
What, you're taking sides
now, yeah?
I'm not taking any sides, Jay.
You're dead!
Karl would never do anything
like that, right?
It's not him.
I don't know.
I never saw him.
These fucking lives, man.
How did we get to this?
I'm worried ours'll
end up like that.
Every day, bruv.
I try with him, you know?
How's things workin' out
at the flat?
It's all right.
Drives me up the fucking wall.
But it's either that
or he gets taken into care.
And I ain't having that.
You all right?
Kia, I'm really sorry
about Alfie.
He'll be all right, I reckon.
Don't scream, all right?
Keep walking.
Keep moving.
Leave me alone, Karl.
You've got his kid inside you.
Karl, I...
Don't fucking lie to me!
I know you have.
We're not together
anymore, Karl.
Please, leave me alone.
You're mine, yeah?
Always will be.
I want you to get rid of it.
Karl, no.
Get rid of it!
Or Alfie dies.
I'm not going to kill my baby.
Want Alfie to live?
Kill it!
That's the one...
Finish him off.
Finish him off, Clayton.
Come on.
You shouldn't have done that.
You always do that.
You never give me a fair fight.
Oh, come on,
that's not true, is it?
I can handle it, you know.
I know you can.
It's just...
I just had an off-night there.
Yeah, well, you have a lot of
off-nights when we fight.
See you later.
Nice jab.
You're quick.
You're a talented boxer.
Mira Bose.
Call me Bose.
Clayton Murdoch.
Yeah, I know who you are.
You're Mr. Murdoch's boy.
Your father was a tasty boxer.
He made a lot of money.
So can you.
He boxes in prison now,
you know.
Yes, good for him.
He's hurt a lot of men.
Wouldn't have thrown a bout
like you did tonight,
but still,
you've got talent, boy.
Just need to let go.
Release what's inside you.
You'll be fucking unstoppable.
Look, I got out of prison
a few weeks back.
And I promised Mr. Murdoch
I'd take care of his kids.
Just stay away from us,
all right?
You should go and see him.
I don't think so.
Hard-ass, just like your father.
I'm nothing like him.
You look like him, Clayton.
He'll like that when I tell him.
He won't.
I'm here to help you,
and your brother,
and your sister.
This is the last time
I'm going to tell you
to stay away from them.
Can't, I've got my orders.
Fuck off!
Stay away from my family.
Who the hell are you?
This is nothing to do with you.
I'm checking up on him
for his father.
I suggest you leave.
Don't interfere, little man,
'cause I can have you
killed like that!
You're welcome to try.
Brave man.
Stupid man.
Do you know who his father is?
Oh, yeah?
I know who you are.
Isn't it funny how
a shit boxer like you
can be teaching kids how to box?
How does that work?
I do okay.
Oh, you do okay?
Guess that's good enough
for losers like you, right?
You know where he is, Clayton.
He's waiting for you.
Fuck off.
Show some respect!
I'm hungry, Mom.
Look at you, crying like a baby.
Is that what you are?
A fucking Mommy's boy?
That's right!
You're my boy, you hear me?
You're my boy!
You're just like me.
Stop that!
What is it?
Kia's pregnant.
God will take care of her.
Mom, I'm talking about
Kia, you know?
I'm just trying to have
a conversation
that doesn't involve
bloody holy ghosts, Ma!
Watch your mouth!
Don't you ever shout at me, boy!
Why do you always
look at me like that?
You know why.
I can't help it
if I look like him.
Hey, bro.
Clayton, it's like
10 o'clock or something.
Fancy some training tonight?
All right, look,
I'll get there when I can.
I'm still waiting for Karl.
Ain't he home yet?
You can get me to see my dad?
He wants to see you.
He wants to help you, too.
Mr. Murdoch will make things
right for you, Jay.
Everything all right, yeah?
Of course it is.
Why wouldn't it be?
I'll see you in a bit, Clay.
Who was that?
Just some guy asking
for directions.
You wouldn't be lying
to me, Jay.
Why would I lie to you?
Look at you, puppy-dog eyes.
Well, it's getting kind of late,
don't you think?
And you, take this big head home
before I head-lock you
and take you home myself.
As if, bro.
Look at you.
Home, now.
Whatever, man.
All the things
that your eyes once promised
I see in his too
Now your eyes are red
from crying
Almost blue
Flirting with this disaster
became me
It named me as the fool
who only aimed to be
Almost blue
It's almost touching
It will almost do
There's a part of me
that's always true
Not all good things...
Come to an end now
It is only a chosen few
I have seen such
an unhappy couple...
Hey, what's going on here, then?
What are you doing here?
Dad lets me come here.
I didn't realize
Clayton was here.
Oh, that's his style,
man of mystery.
Didn't know you could sing.
I can't, I...
I just can't face sitting
at home with Dad every night.
Pretty good.
Fuck off, Danny.
No, I'm serious.
You're not getting
into my knickers that way,
you know that.
Whoa, easy, tiger!
You're not my type.
Oh, yeah, I forgot.
You like hanging out
with sweaty men.
No, I like classy girls.
Thanks very much.
And anyway, I can't get
in the middle of young love
and all that.
What's that supposed to mean?
Oh, leave it.
You've seen the way
he looks at you,
all moonlight.
Wake up, boy!
Friday lunchtime, yes?
Now it's time.
Now, remember, boy.
Wait until he's at the door
with the cash bags.
Don't fuck it up!
Sorry, can't come in... wait!
Hey, hey!
Hand over the
fucking money, Paki!
I'm going to call...
the police!
You're going to call the police?
I'm going to call the police!
You're gonna call the police?
Yeah, call the police?
How you going to do that
when you're fucking dead?!
Clayton, come here.
Come here!
Look at him.
Watch him die.
Looks good, doesn't it?
Look at him.
He's gone.
I want him to wake up.
No, boy!
You don't talk like that!
You should be glad he's dead!
I'll make you enjoy it,
you hear me?
Come on!
Clayton, I'm really scared!
Karl's gone to get Alfie,
and now Jay's gone
to the hospital,
and I'm scared something's
going to happen.
I'm sorry, it's all my fault!
This is all happening
because of me.
You've got to do something!
Shh, shh.
Please promise me
you'll stop him.
It's okay, Kia.
Calm down now.
He listens to you. Please.
All right.
I'll sort it out.
Promise me!
All right, don't tell Mum, yeah?
I won't.
Don't think I've forgotten
about that wide boy comment, alright?
Hey, Clayton,
where you going, mate?
You... Clay...
Hey, Clayton?
Are you sure
that's what Kia said?
He talks a lot of shit,
my brother, you know.
He's probably just
winding her up.
I don't believe it.
Well, I believe her.
This is why I don't go out.
Things happen.
Karl, what are you doing here?
Excuse me?
Yeah, yeah, all right, yeah.
You can't come in here.
Sorry, but visiting hours
are over.
Kia told me
what happened to him.
Said I should come see him.
Here I am.
That's not what Kia told me.
Can you please leave?
I'm only telling you
what she told me.
That's it, I'm calling security.
We're leaving.
Wait up, Karl.
What's in your pocket, huh?
What's in your pocket?
Now get off me.
Come on, Clayton,
leave it out, mate.
Hang on a minute, Dan.
If he's just checking on Alfie,
then what's the problem, huh?
What's in your pocket?
That's enough, Clayton.
Fuck off, go home!
Go on.
Hey, don't touch
my brother, all right?
Look, all he had to do
was prove himself...
He ain't got to prove
nothing to no one!
Now, I know what you think he
did, but he's better than that.
He's my brother,
and as far as I'm concerned,
he don't have to answer
to no one.
I look after him.
And I know him better
than anyone.
All right,
that's fair enough then.
What's he doing at a hospital?
You know what he's doing.
Your sister's playing games.
Look, you need to open your eyes
and see what's going on.
That's all I'm going
to say, yeah?
Look, I know he's your brother...
Listen to yourself!
Mum and Dad have given up,
and you fucking have,
but I ain't!
Now, I'm standing behind him
'cause no one else will.
The fuck-up is you.
No, you've changed.
Give me the knife.
Mom's kitchen knife.
You were going to use that
on Karl?
If I had to.
This has got to stop, Jay.
This is getting out of hand.
Come here.
It's all right, huh?
All right?
Not here, man!
People think we're gay
or something.
You know you mean
everything to me, right?
You and Kia.
If anything happened to either
of you, I'd just...
I don't know what I'd do.
Don't worry, bruv.
I'm making some plans.
What plans?
You'll see.
You're Andrew Harding,
if anyone asks.
Your father's expecting you.
If you don't jab proper,
come on, let's go!
And again.
Move up.
One, two, come on.
Come on, again.
You're just going
through the motions.
Feel the passion, come on.
That's it.
Feel your anger.
Give me anger.
That's it.
Look him in the eye.
Try and hurt him, just feel it.
Feel it.
Feel it inside you.
Get your anger out.
Feel the pain.
The punch has to come
from somewhere.
It has to come from somewhere,
deep inside.
Allow yourself to get
fucking angry.
Have to bring out the anger!
Bring it out!
Bring it from the gut!
Let it go! Take it!
A punch has to come from
It comes from your gut.
Find that!
Come on!
Clayton, son,
I don't see it in your eyes.
Come on!
Come on, you can take it.
He's inflicting pain on you.
Give it back!
The anger, feel the anger!
What's the harm?
You won't really hurt him.
Give it to him! Give it to him!
For fuck's sake, give it to him!
For fuck's sake, be a man!
Be a fucking man!
I can't fucking do it!
I thought it was you
sitting here.
Mr. Mean and Moody.
Sorry I didn't wrap it up.
For me?
Yeah, dum-dum, for you.
Come on, open it!
Nigel Benn.
How'd you know?
I'm guessing he was good?
It's amazing.
Why'd you leave?
there was this guy, Gavin.
He was 20 years old,
and I was 15,
and he said that I should
join his band
and we'd be famous.
I just fell in love with him,
and I went off with him.
Didn't really think about it,
just did it.
Gavin and me shared this flat
with these musicians.
Gavin always talked about doing
gigs, but we never did them.
Everyone was always too
off their faces.
Then, I started doing it,
as well.
What made you leave him?
He started hitting me,
and throwing me around.
And then, when I said
I was leaving,
he'd cry and say how he'd kill
himself if I ever left him.
I even started doing it so I
wouldn't feel it when he hit me.
Then, one day, I just woke up.
I walked out.
I went home,
and Dad opened the front door
and he just stood there
and burst into tears.
Don't be angry at yourself.
Why not?
My mom walked out on him,
and then I walked out on him.
But I am never gonna
let him down again,
not ever.
I never told anyone that stuff.
He better not come back.
You're really special,
you know that?
Dad says you'll help me.
Have you used one
of these before?
Don't fucking lie!
'Cause if you've never fired
one, you'll miss,
and if you miss,
then you're dead.
So, like I said,
have... you used...
one of these before?
Thank you.
Now, pay attention.
It's gonna be all right.
I reckon he's not coming.
Wanted to see him in action.
Here was me thinking you wanted
to spend some quality time
with your old dad.
Where is she?!
Alexia, I know you know her!
Tell me where she is!
Go on.
Stay away from her.
I own her!
Tell me where
that junkie cunt is now!
What was that?
Wait here.
Just wait here.
Jesus Christ.
What the fuck have you done?
He said he was going
to take Alexia.
He said he was going
to take her.
Listen up.
I can deal with this.
But you weren't here
and you say fuck-all now.
Right? Nothing!
Now, go, go!
Where's Dad?
Clayton, stop!
You're hurt.
It's nothing.
It's more than nothing,
you idiot.
We need to wash it out
and get a plaster on it.
You might need stitches.
Why don't you talk to me?
Just tell me if you don't like
me, and I'll leave you alone.
I like you.
You know that, don't you?
I used to watch you at school.
Do you still hate me?
What is it?
What did I do?
Tell me!
Fuck you, then!
Dad, will you fucking do
something? Just sitting there!
Right, talk to me.
Tell me what is wrong with him.
Dad, talk to me.
After you left...
After you left,
I took care of Clayton.
He was 13, just a teenager,
whole life was a mess,
falling behind at school.
I promised his mother I would
take care of him. And I did.
I got him into the boxing.
And it helped. It helped him.
He was a natural,
like his father.
Where is his father?
He's in prison, doing life.
I didn't even know he had a dad.
He never mentions him.
No, he wouldn't.
Eugene Murdoch:
one of the most evil bastards
I've ever met.
When he'd get into the ring,
he hurt people.
And he enjoyed it.
Outside of the ring, he didn't
care who he used as a punch bag.
Could be his wife.
Could be his son.
What that boy has seen,
what that boy has been through
at the hands of that... man...
you can't even imagine.
Poor Clayton.
Poor Clayton.
What are you saying, Dad?
That he could be violent
or something?
I'm saying I don't want you
to see him again.
I know I can help him, Dad.
There are some people
in this life you can't help.
And who the fuck are you? God?
You don't get to decide that.
I'm really fucking trying here,
Dad. I'm trying.
When I came back,
this was part of us
and how it...
I love him.
No, please.
Please, for me.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe you've done this.
In the eyes of the Lord, it is
murder. How could you do this?
You think killing a baby can
make Alfie better? Do you?
What's going on?
Your sister
has destroyed
a child's life today.
She has committed the ultimate
sin and disgraced us all.
Haven't you?
Haven't you?
Just need to calm down, Mum.
Leave Kia with me.
I'll look after her.
Stay away from her!
What do you mean?
Just leave us, Clayton.
No, Mom. What do you mean?
You are not yourself.
There's nothing wrong with me.
I just want the best
for Jay and Kia.
Right, Kia?
Right, Kia?
Right, Kia?
Right, Kia?
Right, Kia?
Right, Kia?
What's going on, Mom?
I don't understand.
Leave your sister in
the hands of the Lord, Clayton.
Stop saying that.
God will take care
of everything.
I want to help.
You can't help your sister.
You need help for yourself.
Stop it!
God can help you too, Clayton,
take away your anger.
He helped me.
I'm taking Kia to the church.
No, don't do that.
Kia, stay there!
Sit down, Kia!
Should have taken you years ago.
Sit down, Kia!
Clayton! Stop!
Clayton, please!
You were going to hit me.
You were.
You were going to hit me.
No, Mum. I'd never.
You're becoming just like
him. You're changing.
Please stop saying that.
I'm not changing.
I'm just the same.
I can see him in you, in your
eyes, more and more now.
Not hit you.
You'd hit your own mother?
I'm not him.
You think I'm
going through that again?
Mum, I'd never hurt you...
Yes, you would!
You can't help it!
Don't say that, Mum.
Clayton... Not again!
I'm sorry, Mom.
Get out of this house
before I...
Oh my God, my baby!
Oh! Umm, I will call
the ambulance.
Everything will be okay, okay?
Sit down, Kia.
Okay, Mom...
I want you to leave
this house right now.
No, Mom. I... Now!
Jay! Jay!
Jay! Jay!
What are you doing?
What happened to you?
Leave me alone.
Why didn't you stop?
What's that?
Just stay out of it, yeah?
Show me what you got.
I ain't got to show you nothing.
Show me.
I ain't got...
Are you fucking stupid?
What are you doing
with a fucking gun?
Stay out of it.
So, that's it, yeah?
You're just going to kill him?
What if it doesn't work, Jay?
What if he kills you?
You even thought about that?
Ever thought what would happen
to me? Or Mom? Or Kia?
Yeah, that ain't entered
your fucking brain, has it?
He won't kill me.
This ain't a game, Jay.
Don't preach to me, man.
Shut up.
Don't preach to me, man!
You ain't my fucking dad!
All right.
My dad... My dad...
My dad would have sorted this
out like a real fucking man.
Are you fucking...
Stop, man.
Hey, stop that, man!
Stop that, Clayton, man!
Stop that, man.
I won't. I won't, yeah?
I won't use the gun.
Forget the gun. Forget it.
I want to see Alexia.
That's not gonna happen, son.
I want you to stay away
from her, okay?
Gordon, please don't do this.
I got the stuff sorted out
with Gavin.
He'll live.
The rest is beyond me.
You need help.
You need professional help.
You know I'll always
be there for you.
And it's not your fault, son.
Alexia can help me.
No, she can't.
She can't help you.
She can.
Get it under control, son.
Just go home.
Just let me in.
Alexia! Alexia!
Leave us alone, Dad!
I don't want to leave again!
Jay? Your friend's here.
He ain't my friend.
I don't need this.
Now do what you're doing.
And hurry up to come
and join me at the hospital.
Thank you.
What you want?
Calm down, man.
I want to make peace.
I heard about Kia.
You know Karl made her do it?
He's out of control.
I was going to fuck him up.
He's a fucking nutcase.
Do you want to get him?
Huh? Huh?
Don't know.
It's all right.
I can help.
It won't just be you.
You can't let him
fuck with your sister.
Your sister, your sister.
You going to let
this jumped up white boy
fuck with your sister?
Stop! Oh!
Don't look so scared.
I'm nearly over it.
My body's just pissed at me.
Now you know why I didn't
want you to see me like this.
I don't even care.
Now you know why
I wear so much makeup.
I'm a bit of a fuck-up,
aren't I?
What is it?
What's the matter?
You look so sad.
It's just you and me.
You can tell me.
I just can't control it.
What can't you control?
Everything. Everyone.
I just get so angry.
It scares me.
I know.
What if I'm like him?
He's a monster.
I'm scared.
Don't be.
I'm here now.
No! No!
Please, don't! No!
Please, don't! No!
Clayton, you don't have to
be scared anymore.
We've got each other.
Thanks for staying.
It's okay.
You like fairies.
I was seven. Pink fairies
are cute when you're seven.
So it wasn't always
blue lipstick.
It is a bit hopeless.
You definitely need a new bed.
I don't want to leave.
Stay here then.
What's up?
She's in hospital.
Oh yeah.
My phone's downstairs.
Well, let's go and get it then.
Yeah. Go and get it.
I'll wait here.
Get up.
Do you want a drink?
No, I don't.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Not thirsty?
So, what you going to
do tonight?
Got to check on Kia and then
hang out at the hospital.
I hope that she's all right.
Let's check.
How old is she?
16, her and Jay's
birthday today.
Four new messages.
Ooh, wicked old!
7:29 p.m.
Hi, Clayton.
It's her.
It's me. Doctor said
I'm going to be all right.
I just wanted to let you know.
She's fine.
She's going to be all right.
Hope you're all right.
Come and see me?
I'm going to get to the
hospital. You should come.
9:19 p.m.
Bruv, I've been stabbed.
Clayton, I'm scared.
I'm really hurt, bro.
What is it?
It's what I mean!
Clayton, talk to me.
What's happening?
Where are you?
Clayton, you're scaring me.
Shut up!
Clayton, please,
what's happened?
Don't talk to me!
I can't move. I feel cold.
Clayton, what is it?
- What...
- It hurts.
This is your fault!
9:54 p.m.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, bruv.
Don't be angry with me.
Just come. Come here.
Please. I'm at the old
diesel factory.
I don't want to die.
I can't... I can't breathe.
Where are you?
Where are you? Where are you?
Jay! Jay!
Jay! Ah!
You're late, bruv.
I'm sorry.
That's all right, bruv.
You can play in goal.
Shh, shh, shh!
You're rubbish
at football anyway.
I've never told you that before.
Shh, Jay, come on.
Where's Kia?
Kia's fine.
It's her birthday today.
That means it's my birthday.
I'm going to be 16, bruv.
I'm going to be old enough
to see Dad.
That's enough talking now.
Let me get you up.
Come on. Come on.
Oh, Jay.
Jay, no. Get up. Jay...
Jay, no.
Jay, get up!
Jay, get up!
Jay, come on, please.
Jay, no!
Where's my son?
Oh, Jesus Christ!
I... He was just here! He was
supposed to be here with me!
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Why did you take my Jay?
Answer me!
I hate you! I hate you!
I hate you! I hate you!
Whoa! Whoa!
Where is he?
I don't know.
Leave him alone. Come on.
Where is he?
That's enough! That's enough!
Get off me!
Don't hurt him.
When I find him, he's dead.
Please don't hurt him.
Don't ignore me, Clayton.
I can get you the boy.
Where is he?
I can't tell you.
Your father can.
Get in. I'll take you to him.
Mr. Murdoch will
take care of this for you.
He'll tell you.
Clayton, let your father
help you.
He'll make it easy for you, man.
He'll deliver the boy to you.
He wants to, Clayton.
But your brother was
defenceless, weren't he?
How would you know that?
Poor kid.
He had no way of
defending himself, did he?
Now get in.
Let's put this right, Clayton.
Must have taken some big fucking
balls for you to come here.
You going to kill the boy
that took your brother?
You need my help?
I can get him for you.
Don't fuck with me, boy. You know
I can do it. Why else did you come?
You'd better not be fucking
with me, Dad.
Fucking hell,
the Paki was right.
I hear you're a very powerful
boxer, Clayton.
You hit her yet?
Don't really matter who,
does it?
Go fuck yourself.
I do, three times a day.
Ha ha!
Keep it down.
How are you going to do it?
Going to use a gun, yeah?
Shoot him?
Boom, quick, easy for you.
Don't get any blood on
your nice, clean trainers.
Why not use a knife?
You know, that way,
you can really hurt him,
make him feel how angry you are.
Stab him in the stomach and make
him cry like a fucking baby.
Going to help me or not?
Yeah, yeah,
on one condition,
that you come back in here
when it's all done
and you tell me all about it,
every little detail.
I want to know all about it,
every little word, every little
sound, every little movement.
Look into his eyes.
Look deep.
And then you tell me.
'Cause then I'll know
if you enjoyed it.
Do you want to take revenge
for your little brother?
Of course I do.
You know he came to see me?
Don't you?
What? He never told you?
I wonder why.
What did he want?
See his daddy, of course.
I helped him out too.
But you took it away from him.
Didn't you?
You gave him the gun.
Don't you fucking judge me, boy.
You left your
own brother defenceless,
left him to die all by himself.
You tell me who's worse.
You or me.
I just thought...
Yeah, well, you thought wrong.
Wake up, boy.
You really think you can
escape all this? Do you?
Go find him, boy.
You know who you are, don't you?
Are you coming out of there?
Are you coming out of there?
You've been in there ages.
We have to leave this place.
We can't sell our house, Mom.
I can't stay here anymore.
Disgusts me.
Where are you going?
We tried knocking
for you all day.
We need to talk, Clayton.
I've made a lot of mistakes.
I want to put things right.
Clayton, please don't go.
Kia, get off.
No! No, Clayton!
Please, don't do it, Son!
Please, don't!
I can't lose you as well!
Clayton! Clayton!
Do it then.
You killed Jay.
What for?
That was my little brother,
Why'd you...
You could have come to me!
We could have squashed it!
Don't you fuckin' look at me.
I will put a bullet
in your head right now.
Is that what you want?
Is that what you want? Is it?
Say it. Say it!
Get up. Get up.
Go find him, boy.
You know who you are.
I don't want to die.
It's who you are.
Stop pretending.
It's not your fault, son.
You're really special.
You know that?
You know I'll always
be there for you.
We've got each other.
My little brother...
Don't kill me.
Don't hurt him.
You're going to go tell him.
And you're going to tell him
everything you did.
Do you understand?
You're going to pay for
what you've done to Jay.
Do you hear me?
Did you kill him?
He's just a boy,
like Jay.
Of course I didn't kill him.
What you think I am?
Got to do what I got to do
to protect my family
and friends, yeah?
But I ain't you.
I've never hurt someone,
enjoyed doing something
like that.
That ain't me.
This ain't over, boy.
You get me?
You can try what you like
with my family.
They're better than you.
I ain't coming back here again.
You know, I thought I was
turning you into a fucking man.
You're just a pussy baby.
You make me sick.
Bye, Dad.
We hope that God now
welcomes Jay into his arms.
We pray he will be happy
until his loving family are
ready to embrace him once again.
I'm going to talk to him.
You're a good boy.
I was brought up well.
Were you?
I was.
All right?
Okay, I'll be over in a sec.
Done the right thing, you know?
Did I?
Shouldn't even be talking to me.
You're the best mate I got.
Yeah, but, Karl, you know,
he's killed your brother.
You didn't.
Go get her, bruv.
I knew you wouldn't kill Karl.
I didn't think I was.
I know you better than that.
Yeah, you do.
Sorry for leaving you like that.
It's okay.
It was your brother.
Don't shut me out, Clayton.
We can face
whatever it is together.
I need help,
Just want to forget
everything he's done to me.
Will he come after you?
He can try.
I'm ready for him.
He can do whatever he wants.
Don't even care.
I know who I am.
This is it, son.
Let it go.