The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez (2012) Movie Script

the man who shook the hand of
Vicente Fernandez
I cannot seem to get right side up today.
- I cannot imagine what's come over me.
- don't mean to be hindrance, ma'am.
It looks to me that ambles
got mind of his own.
Of course she does.
my horse, ain't she?
no argue in there,
I mean no disrespect.
says your tongue
but your hands otherwise.
Point me to direction
well-suited for a lady.
I'm looking for Durn.
Do not move,
or I'll shoot you.
you maybe on right side of stand for now
but I know evil like you.
you lean spines of your men
cus you ain't got one.
can you even get up? muchacho.
a beaten old dog like you,
can't have much to prove [barks] something.
Whatever I got left in me,
as sure as hell
enough to stand up to
a yella-belly (go like)?? vermin like you.
You can put me down
keep me down,
but you can't keep all us down.
One day you gonna be outnumbered
by good people of this place.
If you got any regret floating around this world
time to set'em down
before move on to the next.
for no man should die,
not being right to himself.
That day com'in for us all
sooner than you'll think.
???(quiet dow)???.
Hands up.
you can let that dirt
be away in the wind.
didn't mortal soul
soon begin its company? Seor
that is what's wrong
with the West these days.
it is how do-gooders
I'd rather be dead as in a doornail
sit here and listen to you
huh, tell me what I am.
I know who I am,
and I know what I've done.
a do-gooder, I ain't.
I didn't come here to
lay judgment on your head
even though I know sure
as the almighty himself.
that you're no better than
hoof of satan's steed.
the people of this place need me
to make it safe ,but yet ...
keep going.
all I know as I have to show'em
How to live without fear.
And that starts now, here, what would ...
No, doggonit.
What you gonna do that for?
we're gonna be late.
Oh, Clam?
What else could one do with bandito?
hell. woman. Burt called said,
he has something lined up for me,
and you just can't stop there.
you know I gotta be sharp.
you just can't stop me in the middle.
47 years of marriage and not a day goes by,
that i don't hear about
some cockamamie scheme that you cooked up with
that gold-mining agent of yours.
What is all the commotion in here?
dad, you choke on monologue again?
huh. you make fun of me?
the two of you.
sometime I'm gonna get kind of respect
around here I deserve.
maybe you'll watch something aside
that damn tape.
got your granddaughter soccer game,
which we're so late to.
go get ready cowboy!
Come on, grandpa.
let's show'em my right foot.
We almost ???(betraying) last week.
Let me tell you about almost.
I almost had role of lifetime
in "A Good Man Killed Bad".
they don't call me the fastest hands
in Toluca lake for nothing.
I'm the sheriff of this here town
you hear?
sure for my butt.
looks like you and me
in for long haul, partner.
you know what that means?
hold it there, cool it big fellow, wow, make it easy.
better keep your hands
on those handlers
and off that nurse that you keep
drooling on.
I'm on duty yet "Mr. Walker.
- you're on duty when I say you're on duty, Comprende?
- yes, Mr. Walker.
I want Ms Emmet out of here
by the end of the week.
you better give proper notice.
their family two states away
they haven't visit her in months.
she dosen't have mush time left, Mr. not keep Walker.
This is not right.
If the health commission found out
Spare me your moral musics.
I don't care if her family homestead on Mars.
And you know what'll happened to you
If bring those tattletales in here
Yes, sir.
I'm going away for little while
and spend some time
with my son.
I want her out here by the time
he picks me up
my God! are you okay?
I'm sorry.
I should suffocate that old rascal
in his sleep.
(???) his family is taken my way
there is nothing wrong with him.
- do you want that man live in your house?
- oh
Do not worry.
he has to die someday.
he is gonna live a hundred years,
running around in that things
they're (racing???) residents
and make our life miserable.
Only a miracle
can save us ,Sole.
and on spare hand
come, pray with me.
you're not praying.
Dear Lord, please send us a miracle
to save us from evil Mr. Walker.
send us force light and good
of truth and justice,
that will help us stand overdrawn
against this pure rascal
and (chomping dentress???).
damn the wicked man to tremendous.
damn them to hell for eternity.
- what are those come from?
- the hospital gave it to me.
- you right,what are come from?
- I (followed???) his pocket. Look.
- you always on my gates.
- I'm not your gates, give me frigg'in cards
- these are cool.
- I know.
you know, they all look nice when they're sleeping
20 bucks says
he is an old fart.
you're (pessimistic???) huh.
I'll take your wager, on (piss???) alone.
- take my wager, can't wait to win
- wage it
Doctor, please.
leave her. por favor.
Thank you.
big, big chief.
b... , big chief.
You're early.
I'm not ready to
ride the pale horse.
(help, bell-faced???).
let's ride.
permission to mount top?
two hands, please.
Denise, Please!
she's gonna kill me (pin???) in doornail
Control Your daughter.
was that a Indian cry, I just heard?
are they circling our wagons?
what's with get-up?
they are doing Pocahontas at school
after soccer season.
Even the kids got an audition.
How come your face works again.
we had to have operation.
they had to put him under anything.
- brain surgery. "lobotopsy".
- denied! denied!
Looks like you got all this place
to yourself, huh, Mr. Page.
enjoy it.
that won't last long.
Time for your bed bath.
Forget it.
My wife
No,no,no. your wife
cannot help with this. I'm sorry.
I said, forget it, beaner.
There is no need to
talk to me like that, okay?
I know you you had
rough night, but.
Why don't call yourself a
("wambulence"???) ? huh?
ought be a couple of 'em
around here, Pedro.
My name is Alejandro.
people call me Alex.
let me know
If you need anything.
Don't hold your breath.
I won't be here that long.
Close it, on the way out.
- Alejandro. Alejandro!
- yeah
I'm Mr Page's daughter
- he is handful
- yeah
Can I help you with anything?
actually, I thought
might be able to help you.
oh, this is gonna sound so stupid.
- "A Good Man Killed Bad"
- Be careful with it, please.
I think it's the only
remaining copy known to man.
it's grandpa's favorite.
I've seen it a thousand times.
there is this cowboy and beanman
who tries to shoot him.
and he's got lady friend
and all of his horses ...
- I think he's got it.
- It's really good.
sounds good.
I never get it.
It's cause of so much pain in his life, but he
watches it over and over
like he's studying it
looking for something.
we put it on and it sooth him.
does that sounds stupid?
Do you think that you can use it
to clean him? I mean.
it worth a try.
you know, though here
your father speakes just
sounds like he doesn't want to get better.
and every once in while someone comes around so ..
so heavy with spike that
there's not much we can do for him.
It isn't spike
It's regret.
He's not racist.
he hates (every walks???)
but, he loves this western,
all western, And in all those westerns
- oh, we are the bad guys.
- banditos.
- Grandpa starting to stink.
- Hey!
- I didn't tell her to say that, I swear
- let's ride!
don't you have to take her
to rehearsal or something, or ...
Or take that minivan of yours
to soccer practice?
like you know anything about it.
Irma, get me home.
and I think those banditos can do
what I can't do myself
with some good bed rest
Rex, this is really serious,
but we're not gonna let this
get us down.
We're gonna brighten up and see
what doctor recommends, alright?
- you don't know how I feel
- sorry for yourself.
Shut up, Denise!
you have no idea!
Not only do I know
how you feel, dad
but I know what you're thinking.
you have to focus on getting better
no more Burt,
no more auditions
and Hollywood couldn't wait
until you recovered
tell you what
if Burt calls the house
I'll give him the number here. okay?
Well, looks like someone,
is almost back in the saddle.
Mr. Rex Page.
I am doctor Joaquin Dominguez.
They managed to return to normal
most of your physical movement.
That's good news.
the bad news is that ...
it's gonna take intense physical therapy
to get you back on the feet.
I wanna real doctor
not some lowlife (snake oil???) salesman.
perhaps Mr Page and I
should discuss things in private.
you start behaving, this instant.
whatever you think you saw
last night from the depths of your anesthesia
just give me the facts, mister.
getting your legs working would be
one, strenuous, two, expensive
three, more trouble than it worth
even for a man
ten years younger than you.
looks like you trying
put me out to the pasture.
I don't take (kindless of???) threats
move on from Rancho Park,
Mr. page.
I've seen this (were a???) therapy
induced heart attack.
go spend some quality time
with your friends, while you still can.
I hope you stay.
I've got bigger plans than this
one horse nursing home, little lady.
you could've made this (set???)
of recovery by yourself.
but, if your body is strong
as your heart stubborn,
I could (havein???)
pretty quickly.
it would give me a chance to
repay your kindness.
you do have the facility
for (miles???).
good evening.
They don't make like this anymore.
had to borrow it
from my aunt Rosario.
And you don't know my aunt Rosario.
very funny.
- I never seen it before.
- that's 'cus you don't know squat.
that senorita
she's in major distress.
- that's pretty Annie.
- she is beautiful.
she's Elaine Bennet.
she's most beautiful ...
What do you know about anything?
Who told you turn that thing on?
okay, I just trying to help you.
I'll turn it off.
Who said to turn it off?
get back here.
Look! She's pretending
she doesn't like him.
handsome cowboys
get all the luck. euh?
that could've been that guy.
oh, my
I just cannot seem to get right side up today.
I cannot imagine what's come over me.
Mr. page, I'm gonna
roll you over so I can wash you.
is that okay?
hand me that phone, Pancho?
come on, will you?
Hello, Rex. it's Burt.
How's my number one client?
I've been better, Burt.
I heard, I'm sorry to
hear about your accident.
I've got say there's some
(lousy???) timing you got there
What have you got, Burt?
Rex, I really think that you should worry about
getting back on your feet
then we (thinking about???) the market,
see what's out there
come on, Burt, don't keep me in suspense.
not, Not today, eh, alright, now when?
its seducing, Rex.
It's a western.
gush it's probably the last (damn??) western
they'll ever made
- When?
- they (asked???) what so sweet about it.
the casting notice dosen't go out
for awhile but because
- I'm so damn good at my charm
- When? Burt.
couple of months. anyway
what does it matter? Rex.
it's not my (de???)
to get you back on your feet by then.
well I'm will be back on my feet
in time for that audition
now, do me a favor. send over
my health insurance papers from
your Academy of Radio.
over to Denise, my daughter, you know?
I gotta (jamming up???)
somebody's (kisto???) over here
I maybe a nobody,
but I've got good insurance.
here Pancho, put that over there.
I'm gonna have to undress you
to wash you, Mr. Page, is it okay?
- do what you gotta do, (Brownie???).
- careful.
I guess a little therapy
doesn't hurt anybody.
you thinking of stay with us
for a while, Mr. Page?
I'm thinking a lot about
a lot of things (Brownie???).
oh, look, Pancho.
here's your cousin, long lost.
Guys, Rita, Miguel,
Come see. Come on!
Good riddance to bad rubbish
you old (bazz???)!
get it the hell out of here.
it's pretty exciting!
I needed the excitement.
you ready?
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
Really? Rita
he could be your grandfather.
he is been (out???) forever.
He's the one and only.
We have to go, all of us, we have to go
don't let Walker guy find out.
they won't let it happen.
They tell us what to do with our timeoff
we gotta get tickets now
they gonna sell it, like 2 minutes
when is it? (??????????????)
he's coming to town.
(grande???) Vicente Fernandez.
something going around on here.
I gotta find out what
the nurses, the nurses
they won't stop whistling.
everybody is in too good a mood.
It's infuriating.
How do you like your chair?
Mr. Page
It stinks.
(wears???) to the right.
there is got squeak
you hear mile away.
it's hard to push, eh
oh, well I can
arrange for another one
what? not hearing me complain?
eh, we're kindred sprits, you know.
It would help if we knew
What people putting in
the water around here.
The staff of this facility
is like family
someone coming to town that is a
very important to our family
to our culture.
haven't you heard?
Pancho (Villa???) is dead.
the Frank Sinatra of mexico.
He's gonna be preforming and
we all hoping to go see nim.
It's our little secret.
and he is a legend to us,
to our children, to our parents
he's hero and
has the most beautiful voice.
just like you, Mr. Page.
- Who does?
- Vicente Fernandez.
- this Mexico's Frank Sinatra
- auh
okay, now, I know this is
a lot to take.
So not to be to hard on your (solfavor????????)
get right to it, just slow, auh
The name of this game is
Page, slow.
sounds familiar!
patience is the virtue, slow.
No, I mean Vicenta Fernandez.
he is very famous.
You've probably heard of him.
How's everything around here?
he's stronger than I thought.
this's gonna be very easy,
right? Mr. Page.
- Vicente Fernandez.
- Mexico's Frank Sinatra
Holiday Inn, err,
Downtown Chicago, 1975.
might've been, might've been 76.
see, I, used to be in radio.
that's where failed actors
go to die, you know.
DJ Ricochet Rex.
Ricochet Rex,
Jesse James of DJs.
the lone rider (sun | sound???)
I mean, I knew there was something
about that voice of yours.
you know, I used to listen
to your show in my way from school
Ah, I just showed up and
drop the needle in right groove, that's all.
my (worker | wife???)to take me
to these DJ conventions and
That year, we're in Chicago.
there I am
I got cup of coffee
trying to get some peace,
cus it ain't easy to
spend entire day with a bunch of people
that just like to hear themself talk.
this friend of mine, he
kinda adventurous type
used to say all kind of crazy things
in his show, whatever anything else
He says
I want you to meet someone.
There is someone
I want you to meet.
I don't if you know
his music, or not?
but he is pretty damn great.
so he leads me to couple of
wetbacks out there?
(cer vadid???)
I mean, that pretty voice of yours
is sure as some ugly things.
take it easy there, partner.
to a couple of Latino gentleman.
and I remember one of them
is all dolled up and glittering
and collar and everything else
and a biggest sombrero
you ever saw in your life
(he was stand there lay day???)
shook my hand
what are you? a couple of owls?
Vicente Fernandez.
I was up there,
He was up promoting some record, I guess.
might've been 76
the celebrity DJ that shook the hand of
the great Vicente Fernandez
- standing right here, in front of us
- Dios...
(In the first place, He's a celebrity???)
(It's a long story.I can not explain now.???)
(If shortened? Ben shook the Vicente Fernandez.???)
(Can you believe it ???)
Do you remember, he in middle
I mean, will you tell the others
- tell'em What? about Who?
- Vicente Fernandez!
well, I suppose I could
if it means that much (to it???), sure.
Welcome to family day
we hold one here once a month.
Most families
they don't come here after awhile.
Some just forget or
(live other???) State.
that's 'Solelina's grandmother.
she stays here with us.
happy family day!
return to the sender.
I gave'em boy life and
he gives me a gift basket.
the Walker gang.
the Walker family owns the place.
Whatever he says (goes | ghost???).
- eh, I get you, you (weinee???). bastard
- do not confront him
I'm not the confrontational type
- they sit around all day playing ....
- the Mexican rat screw
you know it?
I played a few hands in my time.
he makes them all play
but he keeps (card of anything???)
they can't take up his sleeve.
You never call him on it?
he fired an intern as (we for???)
bring him the wrong kind of juice
you're crazy you think I'm gonna
accuse him of cheating, he'll kick me out
Hey, Ugly!
- is he talking to you?
- just ignore them.
you damned ugly (speaker???)
you deaf too?
do.. don't, Mr. Page.
I can afford to lose this job.
hand me another jello and make it
snappy like Speedy Gonzales.
excuse me. the last I heard
this gentleman called the nurse
not a waiter.
What's it to you, tenderfoot?
you know who I am?
Yeah, I've heard.
I've been watch you play rat screw.
to me, you're just another (thin???) horn.
you calling me a cheat?
I'm calling something I don't
dare say out loud in front of
these nice old ladies
From now on, you treat with
this man with a little respect, eh?
he may have to
walk on eggshells around you
but I sure as hell don't
you gonna regret sticking nose
where it ain't wanted, old timer
My list regrets is long, my friend
take a number.
Very nice.
well let's go visit.
- Mr. Walker!
- Oops, I hear mamma calling.
be quiet around those
do you hear?
I got both of you in my sights
One of these days
when you? at least expected,
I wanna get you.
that's one of my nasty habits,
(drike bought it????)
Mr. Davis, you remember one of our best nurses
Alejandro Ramirez.
- allow me to introduce, Mr. Sotta,
- also from the health commission.
doctor Dominguez tells me
all is right as rain here.
the residents look happy.
What do you think, Alex?
How does it all look on the ground?
right as rain, sir.
oh, keep up the good work then.
Mr. Walker, will you join us?
Tell us the news about your son.
I keep hearing about all wonderful things
running the home your family owns
- and (Malinda???)
- he's so busy over there
he can't get over to this place
pay his old man a visit
whatever Walker doesn't get away with legally,
because Dr. Dominguez,
to sign off one
I wasn't quite sure what two of them
cooking up there but ...
it ain't sweet.
There's a lot of money to be made around here
cutting corners, Mr. Page.
And Mr. Walker
got them all.
around 1975
it could've been 76.
- was he tall?
- was he, what?
- was he tall?
- tall?
well I'd say he's about 5 feet 6 inches, sorry
I don't believe you.
and god, (anybody???)stood tall
for his side, oh yeah
And his handshake?
And his handshake?
like a vise, firm, strong.
he nearly shook my hand off.
He seemed like a kind man,
you know what I mean.
He was one of those
no nonsense kinda fellow.
You know, I could tell,
You know how you tell sometimes about people like that
He was a class act, yeah.
- Can you tell us what he wore?
- What did I say?
- if can you tell us what he wore?
- already told you five times.
one more times, come on, please.
he was all dressed up in black
and he had all the silver jewels
coming down of his sleeves, and everything else ...
ooh, and he had a sombrero
I never seen a such big
sombrero in my life
must've been 30 inches across
ooh, he wore a red scarf
right around his neck.
Too much for you?
your favorite, DJ.
(Lancashire Automotive.???)
guess (he's | who's???) worst guy now, Mr. Page
And his mustache, ah
The work of art.
in every details.
he was waxed
not a hair at a place
all of this fuss over
a goddamn handshake.
I think it's time these people
reminded who's boss around here
get rid of it.
We really shouldn't.
he's insured by the Academy.
might attract too much attention
If his profile is too high and
we just throw him out.
Do not worry,
I have a better idea.
I think maybe you should be
reminded who's boss around here, doctor
well, I'll never forget that
Mr. Walker.
it is (Montebellos???), third grade class, hah.
I think that's your granddaughter, look.
that's Vicente.
that's probably (mia???)
alright guys,let's give
Mr. Page some peace.
He told us enough stories for the night, okay?
- everybody, come on
- good night to all
- good night.
- good night.
- you're famous, grandpa
- What? so you now love me?
guess what?
When I grow up,
I wanna be a actor like you.
- What? don't you mean a cowboy?
- do we still need cowboys?
do we still need cowboys? eh.
when the woods around here
are filled clear to the brim with bandits
Someone gotta hunt them down
bring'em to justice.
bring'em to justice, I said
oh, I cry everytime they shoot that dog.
What a nice film.
here's the best part.
a (do-gooder???) I ain't.
I didn't come here to
lay judgment on your head
even though I know that you're just a ...
as the almighty himself
Oh, golly!
oh, please, why do you stop?
You're so good.
I can't do it like he does it
I'm not (Ned Pritchard???).
He was the best.
eh, that's why he got the part.
He was more talented than me.
plain and simple.
eh, it's so beautiful when he says that part
I don't suppose I could ever
say any better than that
all I can do, rehearse and
wait for my next shot
em. no, you're gonna
get that audition, Ricochet.
All of that work in going to pay off.
We got this for you.
- We want you to come with us.
- it would be our great honor.
and we'll take the wheelchair.
it's gonna be fine
I'm gonna be there.
- your first night out of this place
- and on fourth of July
it's gonna be awesome
alright, just to see
what all the ruckus is about
honestly, Rex.
This is so strange.
You don't have to tell me twice, eh.
they're like a bunch of jumping beans
all excited and uppity and ...
all over handshake
Well, you're an overnight sensation.
they, eh,
they invited me to see his concert.
What? you're well enough to go out?
That's great news.
When? Can we come?
- Rex?
- emm
- When?
- oh, Fourth of July.
you're spending that with us. aren't you?
you know, it's Clem's big game is that day.
they could sure use you out there
I could sure use you out there
What do you want me to do?
I am obliged to these people.
they expect things from a
public figure like me.
that's the pitfalls of a celebrity.
But Clem has so much fun
when you're there.
I wouldn't be going anywhere,
if weren't for them.
so spend the day with a bunch of strangers.
You scared me.
I couldn't help it.
I saw you sitting there
so sweet, so beautiful.
your grandmother looks like
she's dong well
It must be quite relief to
have here while you work.
- yes, Doctor and I'm very grateful.
- grateful, really?
Dr. Dominguez, you have to stop.
I can't stop, Solena.
I have to have you.
Doctor, please, please.
I will have you, or your grandmother
will end up in the street.
How dare you! You wouldn't!
I will report you.
report me and then what?
scrambling to find a job while your grandmother
withers away, I don't think so
you know, (what's they do now???)
I've been worried if a little field trip
you and your staff planning
I did discussed it with Mr. Walker
and we concluded that
all staff need to report
on evening of the Fourth
any who don't, may not bother to
showing up to work, after the holidays.
Is that clear?
hey, What's a matter, Seorita/t?
It's a disgusting
doctor Dominguez.
he threatening to
throw my grandmother out.
And he told Walker that
we all going to see Vicente.
so that he'll make us work and
spoil our night
he can't do that.
it's a Holiday.
they can do whatever they want.
Don't you worry about that.
I will take care of that
Come on, kid.
let's ride.
you mean, roll?
that's what I mean ride.
- deal me in
- I call all the shots around here
either you deal me in or
I'm gonna yell chicken
Mr. page
you don't have to do this.
you, pipe down
quit acting like you're on side of one
who's paying your bill
you think those
the decrepit old hands are fast enough
to play game of rat screw?
seems to me like you're stalling.
I don't lay down for free.
hah, I was hoping
you say something like that.
While you'd sell your own mother
for two (pips | bits | bps??) and give me change, wouldn't you?
are you gonna talk?
or bet?
if I win, you let my friend
go see that show.
- And if you don't win?
- call it.
- you move on from here
- draw
roll, goddamn it!
you're busted, mister.
- this ain't over, Ricochet Rex.
- you leave my friends alone.
is this gonna happen today?
Come on, Clem.
you can do it?
Come on, guys
The concert is about to start.
Hurry, I don't wanna miss a moment.
You look really (daboring???).
I wish you would be
my date, Mr. page.
auh? are you kidding?
I look like a black and white movie
compared to you folks
no, you are our hero.
this entire night owe it to you.
- To you, Rex. salute!
- salute!
are you kidding?
Come on. you got
some catching up to do with tequila
eh, what the hell?
listen. Why don't you
make move on that young lady?
Everybody knows
you're sweet on her.
smooching nurses is strictly
against Rancho Park policy (here???).
If anybody found out,
I'm out of there
I don't think it's good for me, Rex
nah, I have to disagree with you, my friend.
I think someone like you,
is exactly what that girl needs.
besides, (is that what you???) never date.
take it from your old uncle Dudley, eh?
just get up your nerve.
get up your nerve, that's all
- I can't do it.
- she's beautiful, ain't she? reminds me of my wife.
brat. know what grandpa
would've said if he were here.
Come on, Clementine.
let's show'em your right foot.
my wife, eh
the most beautiful woman
I've laid eyes on
married 47 years and I don't
I don't know, I cannot be
honest with her and tell her
and she said,
I still got a crush on her
I love her, but like you
lost my nerve
How come?
cus I really amounted to anything, Alejandro
I wouldn't take a single moment
for granted with that woman, Rex
she's the light in
every room she is in
she deserves to be with a star
someone who shines bright as she does
Your wife loves you for you who you're, my friend,
and who you wanted to be
take it from me,
your old nephew Dudley
hey, did you teach her to kick like that?
- No, someone else did.
- well, they did a good job.
she keeps kicking like that in finals,
we're gonna make her team captain.
I knew it, eh, I knew it!
Mr. Page,
perdn, (comea sta???) , I'm sorry
can you please, annonce here?
like you used to do in radio before
well, eh, let's try it
com'in right up, right here in Ricochet Rex Show
just a one, the only
know what mr. glomez,
Mexico's Frank Sinat...
he does looks tall for his size.
- (what are you talking about???), you can't see him.
- yes I can
he's the man of people
he's visiting his fans, (el petro ???)
- Alex!
- What is it, Rex?
eh, I forgot how much I love music.
ahora si.
Now you look (mardon???).
- like one of us.
- like a bandito
eh, tequila!
(I have got you. ???)
What is it? Rex.
all of the sudden, I,
I miss everyone.
How's Grandpa?
- How did they do?
- They won.
oh, this is a terrible movie.
listen (up | eh???).
maybe you can wrangle up some cookies
to go with this hot tea, and
come sit with me for a little bit.
I think I saw some in the machine.
(gush | god???), Rex.
How do you watch it over and over?
I mean, it's just so bad.
- I look about 100 years old.
- Irma!
say what you will
about that Ned (Pritchard???).
a man with the tall glass of water.
- Irma!
- Yes, Ned
chocolate, if they've got it.
sure thing.
Dr. Dominguez.
How's your husband doing, today?
the usual.
Ms. Page,
I mean to speak out of turn, but
I get a distinct feeling that
you are a underappreciated woman
you've done that before?
man, your husband's
age and disposition
especially with this type of injury,
it'd be quite burdensome.
It would be perfectly understandable
if you were to leave him here with us.
and you could resume your own life and
(let this enjoy you???) run it's course.
rest assured,
he's in good hands, Irma.
can I have my cookies, please?
I don't git it.
I come back here every day
day and day out,
He barely even notices.
he's more preoccupied,
telling tall tales to my staff
I can't believe
there isn't some place, you'd rather be
My husband is a complicated man.
Buenos das, (tour milon ???)
told you, you wouldn't
have this place to yourself for long.
is that who I think it is?
I wondering how long
it would take you to notice.
I couldn't believe it,
when they brought him in
but, I know where exactly to put him
Ned Pritchard. well (I'd be .... | I beat ???)
What's a matter with him?
he's dying, Rex.
Where's the family?
dios sabe [God knows].
I don't how I feel about this, Mr. Page.
I know I said, I get you on your feet,
but this things take time
well, anyway
Today is the day.
we've got audition
at the end of the week
well, mister Jesse James of DJs
Let's see what you've got.
You look more
nervous than me.
I just know how important
this is to you, Rex.
- well, here's goes nothing.
- slow
Slow, slow. You're almost there.
almost, there you go, there you go.
Don't soft-soaping me, darling.
alright, alright
Rex, take a step now.
Oh my God.
This is not a good idea. I'm so sorry.
doggonit, you suppose to
get me out of this thing today, Solena.
well, I'm sorry Rex, like I said,
these things takes time.
that's all right, Rex.
just breathe, Mr. Page.
I'm not kidding, something serious could happens.
I'm gonna blow it so help me god
and it's all your fault!
come on Rex,I'm sure
they gonna let you audition in the chair.
I'll drive there you myself
and help you.
or maybe, you just gonna have to, aren't you?
damn it
now I just (haveto???) call it off
it's your line!
if you got any regrets
floating around the world
it's time for setting
them down before moving to next
if you got any regrets
floating around the world
it's time for setting
them down before moving to next
no mmm, man should die
not being right ....
Clem, sweetheart,
You're ready to go?
Oh, fuck.
Hurry up. I don't wanna be late.
wow, wow, hold your horses!
I look aright?
you look like a movie star.
oh, go to hell.
Rex page.
that'd be me.
Burt Artkin's client.
I had an accident a while ago and
- they put me to this fandango contraption, but
- great, okay
- I can assure you I'll be on my feet by the time we start shooting
- that's fine
Hoorah, Mr. Page. wow
I'm looking at your hit show here.
I used to listen to
your show all the time with my dad
on the way from school
DJ Ricochet Rex,
the Lone Rider of the sound.
I just showed up and
drop the needle in right groove.
we're lucky to have you here
I'm very happy too sir
and be here
Whenever you ready.
I didn't come here to
lay judgment on your head
Although I know sure
as the almighty ....
didn't come here to
lay judgment on your head
just the sure as the almighty is a ...
sorry, no, I, eh
I just wanna hear the lines
I want's to to cast over
a one line of a (sentence ???).
I didn't get a line.
My agent ....
Do not worry about it,
no big deal.
I'll read you the line. it's, em,
"stick'em up, shithead"
"stick'em up, shithead"?
check out that old, witherd,
amazing, cowboy, beautiful face of yours
- he's got beautiful face, doesn't he?
- oh yeah, so p'vocative
is the chair is gonna be a problem
if we use you?
oh, no, no, eh
great, we'll let you know.
Thank you, Thank you.
wow, slow down
how did go?
Take me back.
What happened?
did you get it?
I don't know.
What's it to you?
- What did they say?
- Stop the questions.
the last thing I owe you is an explanation.
now take me back!
Don't talk to me that way, Rex.
I'm only trying to help you.
Quit trying and help!
you know what you suppose to do
just lift me up, put me in the car
and take me back, damn
que pasa, que tienes?
- heard anything yet
- not a peep
I'm sure you will.
no one can deny your
talent after hearing that monologue.
Are you making fun of me?
Rex, we need to talk.
It is important.
What? for god sakes,
what is it? woman.
hi, Grandpa
- oh, can I have little peace?
- Clementine owes you an apology.
What for?
What did you do?
Denise, I keep asking you,
keep an eye on her.
I'm sorry, grandpa.
Rex, it's not the end of the world.
Give me that.
- permission to mount?
- denied.
- denied. grow up.
- enough!
If anyone owes anyone here an apology
it's you, Rex!
for missing her game
and all her plays.
I'm missing her whole damn life.
What do you know about my life? huh?
maybe it's okay for you
to go bed at night, knowing
that you're not gonna
amount to anything, but not me
when this life that
you've been waiting for gonna start, dad?
this little girl's imagination is a gift
and I refuse to let you kill it
just because you've lost yours.
it's one thing to you to be the other guy
but it's another to make it bitter
and to take it out on her
What? So you can kick soccer ball
you know how many girls
can kick soccer ball? big deal
What's makes you so special?
you wanna act.
so did I!
you know What's came off that? nothing.
I am a flop
I'm a complete what nobody wated to be.
- No, you're not. you're the man who shook hand of ...
- I am a nobody
and that's what you gonna amount to
if you don't shape up
- Stop it!
- nothing
I dealt with the fact,
that your family nerver even came to close
to giving you things
that's you wanted
but you better not miss another one of her games.
do you hear me, dad?
that's what you think?
that you amounted to nothing?
we have a marriage of 47 years and
you think it's nothing?
why, cus you don't become a
movie star?
Come on, we're leaving.
I'm leaving you here, Rex.
did you hear me?
Do what you gotta do, woman.
- Irma?
- hey, buddy.
- Who is this?
- what?
it's your agent.
you okay? you sound tired?
I am.
well, you my friend,
better get your (snacks???) up cus
guess, What?
You got the part!
I've got the part, one line.
it's a cockamamie scheme, Burt!
Hey, what they always say?
there are no small parts
No, just small agents
and rotten pictures!
Mr. Pritchard, I, I am ...
I am a, eh,
I am a big fan.
Mr. Pritchard!
is that nurse willing
(have to???)
Just, (theserity ???)
- You take your filthy hands off her.
- (rise so???) Rex!
you mind your own business Page.
- you step aside before I ...
- before you ... what?
you're fired, now get out,
take your feeble grandmother with you.
you're louse
you're okay? eh?
you sure? Where is Alejandro?
- Alejandro got fired.
- What?
Mr. Walker saw us, well.
He saw us in the parking lot
and told Dr. Dominguez.
doggonit. I wanna see him 'cus I need him.
I don't think he wants to see you, Rex.
I wanna tell him I'm sorry,
but I really need his help.
he's coming in later to
clean his locker, well
I guess we're leaving together now, huh?
Don't worry about your grandmother.
I think I've got one last game of
rat screw left in me.
No, Rex. nothing can be done?
Dominguez will tell Walker.
there's somewhere I need to be.
I'm sorry, Rex. I can't leave.
it's family day
my grandmother will expecting me.
I have to explain to her
what happened.
well I, guess
I am gotta go to this one alone
see you later.
I have an idea.
let's ride!
- wait, eh
- you're too heavy, I can't
see you can do it, oaky, yes.
hold on there, don't you think
I didn't see you, you little harlot
- okay, go, go.
- listen
you tell Alex to stay here.
I'll be back before family Day is over.
- You understand?
- Okay, go!
Go to hell!
- well, hello again.
- hello
- don't you have ...
- oh, no no, watch this
I got it
gush, I just love being old, don't you?
I don't have to do a damn thing.
don't you get bored?
Oh my God!
Holy toledo!
Who's that nut-job?
that nut-job's my husband.
Come on!
you need to get out of here.
watch it boy, watch it
you, I want that whistle
now you better run, you bastard, ahhee
have you lost your mind?
You're the light that shines in
evey room I walk in to
I let you down.
you've never let me down, Rex.
but at least not until recently.
- you're spoiling the game, dad.
- Denise, I'm proud of you.
you're best parents I ever see
much better than I ever was.
You made it grandpa.
yeah, there she is.
I saw that kick in midfield, kid.
- You did good.
- You think?
I know. tell you what
let's go, show'em your right foot, yeah?
Alejandro, he said
he'll be here.
okay, I just need your badges.
give me this, will teach you
to keep your hands to yourself.
Come on!
they don't call me the fastest hands
in Toluca lake for nothing.
- What's going on around here?
- ambush, that's what
Mr. Page, don't make scene, please!
things (already???) not alright
Alejandro, my friend,
I'm sorry for what I've said
but Walker and his crew
can't call the shots around here anymore
hell, It's about time,
(we'd be???) take stand. absolutely
anybody could see
this place needs cleaning up.
roll this old blowheart out of here.
Mr. Page, you have to leave. now.
maybe you're on right side
of stand for now
but I know evil, like you.
you lean on the spines of your men
cus you ain't got one.
- get out, you two, first.
- you heard him.
- they are not going anywhere.
- yeah, says who?
says me! eh, here.
Your cheating days are over in this place.
alright, stand back!
stand back, before
I'll throw you all out of here.
Why don't you go someplace to die,
you pathetic old has-been
(neither you???) haven't strength anyway.
Whatever I got left in me
as sure as hell
enough to stand up to
a vermin like you.
keep going.
are you threatening me?
You can put me down, keep me down
but you can't keep all us down.
one day, one way or another
you gonna be outnumbered
by good people of this place.
take it from me, Walker
you got any regret
floating around this world
time to set'em down before
moving on to the next.
for no man should die,
not being right to himself.
That day com'in for us all
sooner than we'll think.
Tell me,
Why don't you go home yourself, huh?
Anyone with a half of heart can see
you'd rather be with your boy
instead of being abandoned here
you better shut your mouth,
Ricochet Rex, I'm warning you!
you're like a nulled up old tree,
rotten to the core.
takes one to know one
I'd rather be dead in doornail,
than sit here and let you
tell me who I am, you hear?
I know who I am
and I know what I've one.
What have you done?
The academy of television and
and film and radio.
you know what we found when
we pulled his insurance record?
he's an old wannabe
who has never done damn thing
nobody is gonna ever lift a finger
to help you, because nobody cares.
I know a person, that will
lift a finger for him, Mr. Walker.
make that two.
you got the staff (raffle-borund???)
around your little finger
because you ride in that wheelchair
all high and mighty,
pretending to be a do-gooder
all because goddamn handshake.
a do-gooder, I ain't.
but, I didn't come here to
lay judgment on your head
even though I know sure
as the almighty himself.
that you're no better than
hoof of satan's steed.
These people need me,
to make this place safe again.
All I have to do is show them
how to live without fear.
that all starts now, here, with me!
- And with me.
- And with me.
- And with me.
- And with me.
alright! quiet, quiet, you
you escort this old vermin out of here.
I just call it even.
If you don't sit down
eat your pudding
and drink your prune juice
I going strait to the federales,
to the health commission and tell them
how are every corner you've got
how are every undernourished
over-medicated patients
you've kicked out of here
for no good reason
just to make another buck
(Move your hands dirty!?????)
(damn??), what the hell is going on?
I thought you have
this place under control.
junior, what are, what are you doing here?
it's family day
and this doesn't look good.
Who's this?
the goddamn man
who shook th goddamn of ....
Shut up, Dominguez!
Come on, Clementine,
I'd tell yo, just
let's show'em your, show'em your foot.
let's give him some air.
This took a lot of guts to do
what you did, Rex.
For the new sheriff.
and for the light in every room
you walk into
you think that I could possibly
go home tomorrow?
Let's talk about it in the moring, alright?
we'll miss you around here,
Ricochet Rex.
oh my
go on. ask me.
you ask me every time
you come here
permission to mount top
let's ride.
Why don't you bring in
your lines for, tomorrow, in the play?
I'll help you over them and
I'll teach you what
I know about memorizing.
But you need to do me a favor.
never, ever let anyone
get in the way of
the imagination of yours.
It's a gift.
Right, mama?
if I (let him???)
(he'd be???) deader than doornail
Grandpa had a really busy day.
- good night, dad.
- good night, sweet pea.
you're the sheriff of my heart.
- I thought I was the sheriff of your butt.
- that too.
No, leave it that.
it makes me happy.
Irma, I love you.
Good night, Rex.
the chief!
(Come along.???)
(Do not be afraid!???)
(Hold my hand.???)
- Hi.
- Hi there, partner.
something sad happened today!
my grandpa died
I think it's mean
I don't get to see him anymore
oh yeah.
that happened to my grandpa too.
my mom was really sad.
He was an acountant.
- What did your grandpa do?
- my grandpa, he's a cowboy, a law man
just like me.
Where do my hat get to?
my grandpa said these woods
are filled to the brim with bandits
and I aim to catch every last one of them
I could use a deputy.
you're looking for a job, muchacho
Here, keep it close, shoot her right,
she'll never let you down
- What's your name, friend?
- Marc.
I'll call you
(alpha EI Pico Lindo???), from now on
because you're kinda small
Small is good.
means you're fast, that's why
I've got a feeling that you
could be on the fastest (guns I ever grope | rope???) this
Did he have a name?
Your grandfather.
you're sure did. he had a few
but no one ever called him by them lately
what they did call him?
- you're telling me ...
- Yes.
My grandpa was the man
who shook the hand of
Vicente Fernandez.
the end