The Mandela Effect (2019) Movie Script

How many?
How many trials will it take
for this rat to run this maze
without making any mistakes?
How quickly will the rat
complete the maze each time?
Over multiple trials,
will he get faster?
Over time,
rats tend to run the maze
with fewer and fewer errors.
Soon, they eliminate
the errors altogether
and move faster.
As the rat moves, it's creating
an internal map of its world.
Researchers use maze studies
to help identify
general principles
about learning and memory,
and what they learn can be
applied to other species.
Even us.
I design games.
I code.
In video games, we come
across these principles
each time we play.
They are designed
so we use our memory
to learn, adapt and advance.
Without our memory,
we'd get nowhere.
Other arm.
Sam, honey, put George down
or you're going to
get lotion on him.
You guys need napkins?
Yes, please.
Hey, Sam?
-Where are you going?
-We're just going
to find shells.
I won't go into the water.
Okay, just stay where
we can see you.
My precious Sam.
You must remember this
Becoming parents gave
Claire and I a greater
sense of purpose.
He told me enough.
Luke, I am your father.
Every day
brought with it new memories.
Each one sacred in its own way.
Scaredy-bear." Teased Brother.
"And that's quite enough
of that," added Papa Bear.
"And the wolf
shall dwell with the lamb.
The leopard will lie
down with the young goat.
The calf and the young
lion will feed together.
And a little child
will lead them."
God's telling us here
that no matter how bad
things seem right now,
something better
is waiting for us.
It doesn't feel real.
I don't feel real.
I know exactly what you mean.
What's this?
I just, I thought we should
start putting stuff away.
It's been months.
I don't think I'm ready yet.
Can we
just leave everything
the way that Sam left it?
-I'm sorry.
I should've talked to you first.
At least for a little while.
I mean, just I don't
think I'm ready to
shove the memory
of her into the attic.
That's not what I'm doing.
Her books, no, no.
These are...
These are what?
These are her favorite things.
-Oh, Schmidt.
-Jesus Christ.
-Oh, Matt?
What are you doing?
-Sorry, you said
I could crash here
if I can't drive.
-I, I was, um, I was
going to sleep in the garage.
I thought somebody
was breaking in.
I got hungry.
All right,
let's keep it down.
Your sister is sleeping.
So, what's the occasion?
Do I need one?
You're good, though?
Yeah, I'm good. I'm...
I'm seeing someone.
-Yeah, yeah.
I, uh, figure you
probably don't
want to hear about it, but.
No, dude.
It's nice to hear
about something happy.
Mind if I ask you something?
It's going to sound weird.
You remember the children's
book when you were
growing up about
the family of bears?
The Berenstein Bears.
Berenstein, S-T-E-I-N.
Yeah, Stein, they were Jewish.
-Stain, Berenstain.
-It's weird, right?
Okay. Look, I have
a ton of client meals today.
-I really need you
out of the kitchen.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
Matt, Matt's asleep
in the garage, so...
Sure you're ready
to get back to work?
I mean,
you can take more time off
if you think you need it.
No, I like the work.
Just, I need to
focus on something.
How about you?
Babe, do you remember this?
I mean, do you remember
where this was taken?
Yeah, it's Griffith Observatory.
Yeah, but is that
how you remember it?
I mean, is that where we were?
I swear, I remember
taking this photograph,
but we were in Seattle.
We were visiting
your parents and,
and, uh, and you were really
mad at your mom and, uh,
we were at the
Pacific Science Center.
That doesn't ring any bells?
No, you're confused.
It's Griffith Observatory
and, um, yeah,
I was really mad at my mom
but they were,
they were here. They were
visiting for the holidays.
Yeah, but I remember Sam's
facial expression was--
Okay, Brendan,
please I need space.
-I'm sorry, I just--
-How'd you sleep?
I remember where we were when we took this photo.
Claire's mother had begged
us to come with Sam
before they went another year
without getting to see her.
Claire and her mom had a blowout so I kept finding places
to take the family
whenever I could.
We went to the aquarium,
we went to the zoo,
we went to the Pacific
Science Center.
It was the Pacific
Science Center,
it wasn't Griffith Observatory.
I want to show you something.
- Hey, Mandela
- Hey, Mandela
We want freedom
In South Africa
The term was coined
by Paranormal Consultant
Fiona Broome
refers to widespread
that former South African
president Nelson Mandela
died in the 1980s while
he was incarcerated.
I heard somebody say,
"Now, where's Mandela?"
Well, Mandela's dead.
The Mandela Effect.
-Now they're saying...
- Someone,
often many people
having a clear
memory of something
that actually did not happen.
Jif peanut butter?
Whole communities
sprung up around this.
I mean it's, it's disorienting.
Darth Vader
actually never said,
"Luke, I am your father."
What he actually said was.
I am your father.
It's not true.
-That's impossible!
-It's Jiffy.
Jiffy, everyone knows
it's Jiffy Peanut Butter.
How would you feel if you could no longer
trust your own memories?
We're living
in parallel universes,
multiple timelines.
So, what do-- what do you think?
I think I need something to eat.
Okay, but if you had
to pick an explanation.
-False memory.
- Look on Reddit.
- Legit source.
-This is just
a jumping off point.
-Fair enough.
-Look, I keep coming back
to either we're sliding
between parallel realities or,
B, like a simulation.
Like, we're, we're living
in some holodeck VR shit
-and it's glitching out.
-Or, it's just false memory.
Plus, not everybody
remembers the same effects.
Plenty of people
don't remember Sinbad
being in a genie movie
or Mandela dying in the '80s.
But how do you
explain the people
that do have those memories,
like thousand or maybe tens
of thousands of people, how?
Hey, you were out with my
brother for a while today, huh?
Yeah, he's good.
He's, uh, I think
he's getting serious
about that guy
he's, he's dating.
Is that what you talked about?
Don't get stuck
in here, you know.
The CERN super
collider is dangerous.
The first beam was circulated
on 10 September 2008.
The first spotting of
the Mandela Effect online
that I can find is also 2008.
Physicality also changes
based on an observer to observe,
which in layman's terms
means that it exists
in more than one
place at one time.
Parallel worlds
overlap with ours.
And if we're smart enough,
we can dive into them
and grab their resources
and pull them back into ours.
Are you saying that your attempt to understand
the fundamental
operations of nature
leads you to a set of equations that are indistinguishable
from the equations that
drive search engines
-and browsers on our computer?
- Yes, that is correct.
What I've come to understand
is that there are these
incredible pictures,
buried in them are
computer codes that contain
all of the information
of a set of equations
that are related
to string theory. And so, I'm left with the puzzle
of trying to figure out whether
I live in the Matrix or not.
And what
does string theory say?
It says that there
is a multi-verse.
If there are other universes,
can we go between universes?
What answers
are you looking for?
Uh, I'm sure you...
I'm sure you get this a lot,
but if there is a God,
why take Sam?
Don't let anyone
say something like,
"God wanted another
little angel."
This idea that He took her.
What happened to Sam wasn't
God's plan or desire.
Free will is the greatest
gift that God ever gave,
and in free will, we can have the will to change--
In a purely
deterministic universe,
what happens to free will?
created the Earth
and then left us
to do with it what we will?
He certainly left
us some guidelines,
a whole book of them.
We may never know the answers
to some of these questions.
You, Brendan, will never figure
out the meaning of life.
you can figure out the meaning,
the purpose of your life.
You know...
Matt, I'm not the only
one who thinks like this.
I mean, there's, you saw
incredible scientists,
Neil deGrasse Tyson, James
Gates, and lots of people--
Because I love you, dude,
I asked my friend Angie
about false memory.
- False memory, Matt.
-No, hear me out. She's a
neurologist, like for real.
She says that memories
are like chains of neurons
and synapses, and sometimes
it only takes one molecule
to hold it all together.
And, you can't predict
which ones you hold on to,
they're unreliable.
Can I get two iced
coffees, please?
Our brains aren't like Dropbox
where you can keep
everything uncorrupted,
-stuff get scrambled.
-Matt, I don't deny that
any of that is true,
but I'm not talking
about memory, okay?
I'm talking about reality.
You know, everyone
getting things scrambled
all in the same way
and at the same time,
it just doesn't make any--
Thanks, keep it.
It has nothing to do
with our brains.
And it's possible
that in one reality,
the old cartoon is the
Flinstones, Meet The Flinstones,
but that in this reality
it's Flint, with a T.
Brendan, it was always Flint.
People are grasping at straws
rather than accepting
reality for what it is.
Maybe it's you that can't accept
that maybe none of this is real.
You're quiet,
is everything all right?
It's just, you've been
hard to reach lately.
Hard to talk to.
I know.
I'm working on it.
I talked to Matt.
He was worried that
you're becoming fixated
on this Internet theory.
Is that what you've been
spending your time on?
Maybe you can fill me in.
I don't want to
bother you with it, it's--
You wouldn't be bothering me.
I just started noticing
some things and then,
you know, Matt thought it
was interesting, too, so...
Well, can you elaborate?
Like, what kind of things?
I'm just trying to think
of a good example.
Can you picture
the Monopoly Man?
What's on his face?
What does this have
to do with anything?
What does he wear on his face?
one of those, um...
So, apparently
it's never been the case.
I mean, I'm pretty sure he does.
What does this have
to do with anything?
That's weird.
So, that's just one example.
I remember that, too.
Lots of people do
and that, that's the thing.
Hold on.
Does this look different to you?
-Where's his tail?
I mean, you remember
his tail, right?
Sam had George with her
at the beach that day.
-But if you look it up.
If you look it up,
it says he never had one,
at least not here
in whatever world
or timeline it is that
we're experiencing.
Do you hear yourself right now?
I mean, what does any of this
have to do with anything?
-Do you remember
after the funeral... said to me, Claire,
remember you said
that it didn't feel real?
-That's how I felt.
That's it, this whole time,
like, just that it
doesn't feel real,
that something is
off in the world,
like, it, like it's shifting.
Oh, Brendan.
Then I started to notice
these things but,
Claire, I'm not the only one.
People all over the world
are noticing changes.
In geography, in the Bible.
The Bible.
Maybe it's in my head, Claire,
but what if it's not,
you know, what if Sam,
I mean, what if,
what if it's connected?
I am not sure that you
are dealing with this
in a productive way.
I don't think that
any of this is healthy.
-Claire, just wait--
-Please do not interrupt me!
Please. There are things that,
that I still want
from life for us.
I want to reopen
my restaurant one day.
I want you to just,
to be happy again,
and for us to be happy
together, and all this shit
is just going to hold us back.
Curious George, Brendan?
At the end,
I had to spend my time
doing something for real.
When he
started working,
we figured Brendan
was in his 20s,
he branched out for himself
a couple of years ago.
-Another round?
-I'll come with.
No embarrassing stories
while I'm away, please.
I take it you heard
I talked to Claire?
Yeah, that might have come up.
I'm sorry if it
caught you off guard.
It's not that we can't
talk about this stuff,
it's just that you need
to be there for each other
and you're not.
You're not holding up
your end of the deal.
You're right.
You're right.
We are living in
a computer-programmed reality
and the only clue we have to it
is when some
variable is changed.
Simulation hypothesis
was first published
by Hans Moravec.
Later, the philosopher,
Nick Bostrom,
developed an expanded argument
examining probability
of our reality
being a simulacrum.
We are all very likely
not living in a real universe
but living in
a simulated universe.
There's a one in
a billion's chance
that this is base reality.
We're clearly on
a trajectory to have games
that are indistinguishable
from reality,
and those games could
be played on any PC.
Either we're going
to create simulations
that are indistinguishable
from reality
or civilization will
cease to exist.
We, with our minds
from a distance,
can act as a quantum observer.
Things like long-range field
effects of consciousness
where you need to
send an influence,
hopefully, purely quantum
mechanically to a distance.
You could do it this way,
which would put
the human person,
a being in a very
powerful position.
While many scientists talk
about simulation theory,
there is one man
working to prove it,
that's Dr. Roland Fuchs.
It is
a simulation and we
are living in it.
You, you, and you.
ones, zeros.
You've all heard people talk about simulated reality before,
I'm sure. The key...
to understanding this...
is understanding
the technology--
Hi, Dr. Fuchs.
Uh, my name is Brendan.
I hope you don't mind me
reaching out to you like this.
I thought making a video
would be the best way
to explain myself.
Sir. I admire your work.
I'm intrigued by
so many of your ideas.
- Yes.
-Um, uh, I'm sorry.
Well, I didn't hear
back from you.
I found this clip of
a seminar that you gave
on simulation theory
and I just...
I have some
questions and ideas, too,
based on what you were
talking about.
-I recognize you now.
-You do?
Yeah, I watched your video.
It's Brendan, right?
It's nice to hear that my idea
has captured someone
else's imagination,
but I'm running late, son.
Maybe I could buy
you a cup of coffee after?
I'm sorry I can't
be more helpful.
Five minutes?
I'm sorry for your loss, son.
Did you hear that?
I don't...
What, what is it?
-I'm sorry.
Maybe you should think
about talking to someone,
like, uh...
Like a grief counselor,
someone that can help.
I will.
-Please, Dr. Fuchs,
I just need 10 minutes
of your time.
Before you say no.
This is my home.
I know, but please, Dr. Fuchs.
-Ten minutes.
-Before, you said five.
Okay, five.
Thank you.
Sit down over there.
So, who are you?
Me, I'm, I design games.
when Sam died,
when my daughter died...
I began to notice these changes,
these, uh, inconsistencies.
You know,
grief takes on many forms.
And there are people
you can talk to
about losing your child.
That's what my wife said.
She thinks I'm losing my mind.
When I started to look
for explanations
for what I was seeing,
I found you.
And I think we believe
the same thing.
What do I believe, hmm?
Have you heard of
the Mandela Effect?
-Looney Tunes.
-What, wait, hear me out, I--
Everybody thinks it's spelled
with two Os as in toon,
cartoon, when actually
it's T-U-N-E.
-As in music.
Exactly. That, that's a,
it's a Mandela Effect.
See, see at first, I thought
that this was something to do
with, like, parallel
universes or, or maybe CERN,
like the Large Hadron Collider
had ripped something open.
Do you think it's a simulation?
I'm sure they are exactly
what they appear to be...
false memories.
But some of them could
be breadcrumbs, um...
-From what?
-Mistakes left behind
by the countless,
tiny micro-corrections
the sim might have to make
-to keep it on course.
Tell me, Brendan,
what is it you're
looking for, exactly?
I'm looking for what's real,
for the truth.
Let me ask you something.
When your child was born, hmm,
could you feel
the smile on your face?
That joy inside welling up?
The lightness in your step?
Hmm? Remember that?
And when she died,
did you feel the sorrow?
Did you feel the pain?
Did you feel the tears
running down your cheeks?
That we get to feel these
things should be real enough.
But it isn't enough,
not if it isn't real.
Dr. Fuchs, I've been coding
since I was six years old.
If this is a simulation,
I mean, if this is code,
then I can do something.
You think your wife
thinks you're crazy now.
Whatever is running all of this
has enormous processing power.
But these glitches that we see,
like the Mandela Effect,
show me that it has its limits.
If this structure is
a simulated structure,
the sim need only be
concerned with the walls,
the shadows, the glass,
the reflections in the glass.
That's procedural generation.
We use that in video games.
It's not wasting any power
or any energy on what's
inside the building.
Not until someone has
the intention to walk in there.
If a tree falls
and there's no one around to
see it, does it make a sound?
Does it even exist at all?
What about the forest itself?
You think this world
works that way,
that when we're not
observing it, it's saving data?
It's my belief that our
observation contributed
to the creation of
the physical world, yes.
If a conscious being
isn't observing something, does that thing actually exist?
In computing, in video games,
procedural generation
allows a computer
to not get bogged down
in processing data
that it isn't using
or observing.
If something isn't
being observed
by the collective
then it would cease to exist
until it is observed once again.
But if the computer that was
running the simulation
had unlimited power,
it wouldn't need to conserve
bandwidth like that.
If we could access the code,
it could be crashed.
Well, that's my hypothesis.
All it would take is a program.
Instead of saving
processing power,
would exploit
the processing power.
-Like your sim does--
Using the procedural generation.
-Like if the program ran a sim,
which was designed
to observe everything
-all at the same time.
-And all the time.
Yes. And if those sims
spawned new sims,
reproducing exponentially,
each would eventually
overload the original
and overwhelm the processor.
But you can't run a program
like that on an ordinary PC.
You need a computer
that was strong enough,
powerful enough to
run it long enough
for it to have an effect
on base reality.
I headed a team tasked
with putting together
the university's first
quantum computer.
It's in there.
There she is.
512 qubits.
Thousands upon thousands
of times faster
than any of today's
-It's impressive.
Let me show you around.
This is your access point.
There's no need
to go into the vault.
You run your program here.
And it's a basic
operating system.
The hardware is where it's at.
-Dr. Manning. Thank you.
-You want to tell me
what's going on here?
-I apologize.
It was a spur-of-the-moment
thing and I can explain--
Have you been drinking?
Oh, listen, man, Doctor--
Am I even talking to you, man?
You go ahead to class.
I'll see you there, James.
-Who was that?
-An old colleague.
Manning is, he's running
the program now.
What the hell
is he even doing here?
Do you think
this could work?
But what it'll accomplish,
I can't be so certain.
Acts 17:28,
"For in Him we live
and move and have our being."
If there is a creator,
there might be endless reasons
why they'd run the simulation.
It could be recreational.
What makes you think that this
is going to bring your
daughter back anyway?
-I don't.
- Maybe some future
post-human society
wants to examine their ancestry.
What if it's about power?
Corporations coming
together, data mongers.
Facebook, Google,
cell phone companies
building a world with all the
information we've left behind?
You don't know, that's right.
Imagine political
models. You put politician X
or some real estate tycoon
in as president,
see what happens over
the next hundred years.
If you could predict the stock markets you'd be 10 years ahead of your political enemies,
what would that be worth?
How do you put a price tag
on that kind of power?
What if these Mandela
Effects are breadcrumbs?
They're bugs in a system.
What happens if
no one corrects them?
It's no small thing
shutting the world down.
Bug trigger errors
can have ripple effects
that can spread through
and crash entire systems.
You believe that the
simulation tried to stop you?
My work on this brought
me nothing but grief.
I was a bug in the system.
Brendan, there's something
you're going to need
to understand.
are dangerous things.
Claire, did you hear that?
Dad, I'm scared.
- Sam?
-What is it?
What are you doing?
-I'm sorry.
It was Sam.
Oh, look.
Come here.
You got to calm down, okay?
-You're starting to scare me.
-But she...
Look, she's gone.
You have to try.
It's just a bad dream.
What biocentrism
is saying is, is,
is that reality is a process.
It's not just something that
you just open your eyes
and it's out there.
You wake up in
the morning and the world
is just magically there.
You're an experiment to show
that not a single
particle exists
with any real properties
until it's observed.
Even Stephen Hawking
at this point now
has a new concept
of the universe,
what he calls as
Top-Down Theory,
where he's saying that
the actual observer
actually determines the past.
Now, if you think about it,
if the particles right now,
in the present,
are not determined
until you observe them,
then how can there
actually be a past?
All right.
Are there, is there good hard
science, uh, to support this?
So again,
I mentioned to you
this two hole experiment.
Again, the Heisenberg's
famous uncertainty principle,
the entangled particle,
it's very real hard experiments that are telling us
that particles simply
do not exist out there
with real particles
until they're observed.
All right, kiddo. Good job.
-Did you brush your teeth?
Really? 'Cause I didn't
hear any brushing.
I'll brush 'em again.
All right.
I'm going to come and make
sure you get them all.
Excuse me!
I'm sorry.
Where were you last night?
I called Matt.
What time did you get back?
What happened? What did you see?
I saw...
I think I'm going crazy. Claire.
All right, come here.
-I saw her.
I saw Sam.
-I saw Sam.
-Okay, okay.
You have to breathe.
And now
the latest on the inquiry
into election irregularities.
Election officials
say an investigation
into how this might have
happened is ongoing.
Local authorities in
Vancouver, British Columbia
have issued evacuation.
- This is the phone
of Dr. Roland Fuchs,
please leave a message.
Uh, Dr. Fuchs, it's Brendan.
I think something is happening.
I don't know.
I'm not doing too, too good.
Please just call me back
when you get this.
I need a program that utilizes procedural generation,
I already have that,
I can rip open one of
my old game builds,
augment it, scale it up.
Now, what's nice about
quantum computation language
is that its syntax
resembles the syntax
of the C programming language.
Its classical data
types are similar
to the primitive
data types in C.
One can combine classical
code and quantum code
into the same program.
The program will focus
on automating repetition
taken from my
original game's code
then finding a higher
order extraction,
using multiplication it'll exponentially push things along.
The only way to know if it works
will be to run it through
the quantum computer.
Yeah, babe,
I won't be much longer.
It just takes time.
I had a nightmare.
Do you see her?
-What? What's wrong?
She's okay?
What do you mean?
We just, we had breakfast and...
Oh, you had a bad dream.
-Uncle Matt.
Claire, Bren Bren.
Did you eat?
Yeah, I'm good.
Hey, little lady,
what you making over here?
A spaceship, of course.
Of course.
Yeah, yeah, man.
I know, how long has it been?
Two years?
Yeah, things
are great, you know, um,
she's fine, yeah, Claire,
Claire's, Claire's good.
Um, and, and Sam's doing great.
You remem--
Yeah, it's nice
catching up with you, too.
I will,
I'll tell her you said so.
And Sam wanted me
to say hi to you.
Yeah, she's eight now,
she's eight.
It's been that long?
Can you believe it?
This is the phone
of Dr. Roland Fuchs,
-please leave a message.
-Dr. Fuchs, it's Brendan.
Please call me.
-It brought Sam back.
-It brought my daughter back.
Put it on, dad.
It gave me
the one thing
that would make me stop.
My precious Sam.
Okay, I'm coming for you.
Brendan, you want
cranberry or lemonade?
And I climbed it.
A fact documented in
30-something year old
I went through a long
stretch of adolescence.
Hey, what?
What are you doing?
Claire, where are you going?
Claire, where,
where are you going?
-Sweetie, come back to bed.
-I can't, I can't, I can't.
-You're fine.
You're fine. You're fine.
Come on, let's go back to bed.
Mom, are you okay?
She's fine.
Sam, go back to bed.
Honestly, I don't
remember it at all.
But... I mean, I feel,
I feel fine now.
It's good but I can
take her, okay?
It's fine. You should,
you should sleep in.
Do whatever you want, okay?
Yeah. Are you sure?
No, she's been great.
She gets along with
all the other kids.
Her work's been great.
Come on.
Oh, shit!
Claire, are you okay?
My eggplant.
It's okay.
It's, I got it.
Look, it's just...
I'm sorry, I--
-I don't know what happened.
-It's okay. You were too...
-I'm sorry.
Why don't we just go get Sam?
We'll go get Sam.
We'll take the day off, right?
Get out of the house.
All right. What color should
I paint this thing?
Orange it is.
What should we keep in here?
Orange doesn't go with
anything in the living room,
we should paint it brown.
The boss already decided
we got to paint it orange.
Paint it fucking brown, Brendan.
Stop it.
Jesus, what are you doing?
No, Claire.
Wait. Stop.
Please, stop.
I'm sorry, we'll pay for that.
Come on, Sam, we've got to go.
Come on, Sam. Wait, Claire.
-I'm sorry. Come on.
Thank you for coming,
I know it was such short notice.
It's no problem, what happened?
She had, like...
an episode.
I'll tell you about it in a
minute, I want to check on Sam.
No, no, I got it.
I'll stay close.
Hey, you. What's that song
you were just playing?
Just something I was practicing.
I liked it.
Is Mom going to be okay?
Uncle Matt is here.
He always makes her laugh.
She's going to be fine.
of all the gin joints
in all the world
she walks into mine.
She shouldn't be here.
Babe... Claire.
She shouldn't be here.
You shouldn't be here!
Claire, you're okay.
Let's get you
back to bed, okay?
It's okay.
Claire, it's fine.
-Sam, we'll be right back.
-Go this way.
Light brown feathers
I dream of a genie,
With light brown feathers
She's back asleep.
Mom's going to be fine.
I see you.
How long has this
been going on, man?
Well, it hasn't--
I don't know what's
happening to her.
She needs to see
somebody, right?
Yeah, she needs to see someone.
Can you...
Can you watch Sam for
just a minute, please?
-I've got a--
-You're going now?
Yes, can I help you?
Um, I'm, I'm here
to see Dr. Fuchs.
Are you,
are you a student of his?
No. Um, uh,
well, actually, I was.
he passed away.
I mean, I just spoke with him.
I just, I just saw him.
It was quite unexpected,
that I can tell you.
What happened?
I think that the disappointment
of what happened with his work,
it just...
slowly consumed him.
He became
a paranoid hermit
who didn't have
the sense to wash himself.
They were separated
for some time.
I guess what I meant to ask
you is that how did he die?
He hung himself.
About two months ago now.
Two months?
I'm just trying to get the
place in some kind of order
before it goes on the market.
What the hell is going on?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't-- I didn't mean,
you know, I'm intruding.
Uh, it's getting very late.
Uh, I should go.
I have to go.
If I'm right
and this works,
I guess I don't know
if I'm talking to anyone.
But if I'm wrong, but if
something happens to me...
I need Sam, Claire...
anyone who sees this,
I need you to know...
I'm not crazy.
I'm not a bad man.
I just,
I need to know the truth.
Keep playing.
You know I love it
when you play.
-I know.
I'm pretty good.
Play that one song, Sam.
For me.
Sing it, Sam.
Do you remember the words?
You must remember this
A kiss is still a kiss
A sigh is just a sigh
The fundamental things
Are gone
As time goes by
Excuse me. Who are you?
I'm just a student.
Excuse me. I'm sorry.
Are you allowed to be here?
Yeah, of course.
I'm calling security.
Yes. Wait, hey!
Get off!
Oh, shit.
Come on.
-Where are you?
-I'm on my way home.
-I don't feel good.
-Something's wrong.
-It's all right, it's all right.
-I'm on my way there.
You'll be all right.
-I tried
to close my eyes
and all I could see--
I was watching myself.
I could see that I was in the
kitchen with my eyes closed.
Oh, Jesus.
What's happening to me, Brendan?
You don't have
to be afraid, Claire.
Just get here fast, okay?
I don't know what's going on.
Quick, Brendan.
I'm going to break!
You don't have to be afraid.
-Wait, Claire!
-Come here, baby. Come here.
-What's happening?
-Claire, Sam, come here.
We're going to be
fine. We're going to be okay.
Mom, don't be scared.
Okay. Other arm.
Hey, Sam,
where are you going?
We're just going to find shells.
I won't go into the water.
Okay, just stay where
we can see you.
Leave George with us.