The Manifestation (2024) Movie Script

Now, there was a day
when the sons of God came
to present themselves
before the Lord
and Satan also came among them.
The Lord said to Satan,
"From where have you come?"
Satan answered the Lord
and said,
"From going to and fro
on the earth,
and from walking
up and down on it."
Come on...
Okay, wish me luck.
You okay?
Babe, don't suck.
You got this.
Nice... Will?
Respect...Some of you
all are ready for crypto.
Oh yeah.
Bring it on, baby.
I did everything you said.
I double checked,
triple checked.
High probability.
Every marker said go.
I went all in. I...
Screw the system.
Intuition, you know.
Just want to make
her happy, Mike.
She's gonna kill me.
I think
you skipped a step.
We're broke.
Just wanted
to surprise her.
Sounds like you did.
Ha ha. Funny.
She's gonna leave me.
She's gonna strangle, stab,
and then leave me.
So how are
you gonna pay us?
That's not funny.
I'm not kidding.
Hey, do me a favor, okay?
-Cut me some slack.
Oh, I don't cut slack.
That's why you
come to me, remember?
I... I just need some cash.
Don't embarrass
yourself, Stephen.
You knew the deal.
All of you do.That's how you
got to this level.
One last time,
just name your rate.
Any rate.
We'll do something
even better for you.
-We'll let you go.
-Mike, don't do that.
Stephen, the worst thing
we can do for you right now
is put you back in the nest,
so I'm kicking you out...
flap those wings.
Do me a favor, hang on
to your little metaphors, okay?
I have to pay my mortgage.
My wife's tuition
is due Friday, Mike.
Do what I taught you.
I did.
I went all in with my gut.
You leveraged me into this.
You could leverage me out.
I can do cryptos.
I could knock it out
of the park. You know this.
Let me give you some advice,
on the house.
-You ready?
Why did you seek me out?
To give Roni the best
life she deserves?
No. Because I echoed something
that already lives in you.
There's plenty of others,
but you came to me.
Come on, man.
Michael, don't do this.
Because I say what your
heart already knows.
Are you recording this?
I don't want you to miss it.
You... don't...
need me.
Please don't let me go, please.
You don't need
no voice on the phone
telling you what
you already know.
Cut out the middleman.
Listen to your heart speak.
Commit to the inner voice.
The mind is a powerful thing.
Thank God for
your empty wallet,
because it led you to this:
the most decisive
moment of your life.
Now stop falling
and start flying.
Mike, what would you do?
What would Mike do?
Come on, man.
Son of a bitch.
- What?
- Oh, hi, babe.
Please tell me you're not
talking to him again?
No, no, no, no, no.
I, uh, we actually just had our
last phone call.
I'm not renewing.
Don't worry, babe.
we cannot afford him.
-How'd your interview go?
-Good. I got it.
-I got the internship.
-And I...
-Good job.
signed up for the bar in July.
-I said I got the internship.
And I signed up
for the bar exam in July.
That's great.
We should celebrate.
Well, you know, it's unpaid,
but they do hire
from their intern pool so...
Um, why didn't you tell me?
Michael couldn't matter less.
How's, uh, how's work going?
Kind of in the middle of a bid
right now, honey.
Okay, um, yeah, I'll, I'll,
I'll let you go then.
Knock him dead.
One, two, three, four...
It's all you.
That wasn't
too bad. It's good.
-That looked good.
What's your name?
You can call me Roni.
Firewalker Steve.
Ooh, ooh, no, no, no!
Oh, God, it burns so bad!
Oh, this is not good.
Oh, ooh, ooh.
-This okay?
-It's Better.
Come on.
Let's go again.
Come on.
Ad people make a living
of visualizing dreams,
so find your triggers.
Find the stuff of your dreams.
Visualize it.
Internalize it.
To get what you want, you need
to know what you want.
So don't overthink it.
Go with your gut.
But don't lock into your
surroundings just yet.
Because once you do, you commit.
Now look, these...
these are just 2D right now.
But you are committing
to yourself to make them real,
to make them 3D real.
Choosing is doing.
bind your image to them.
Life's empty canvas.
Am I right?
Choose your future.
Master your fate.
You are your own creator.
Feel the spirit
of what is yet to come.
You are at a crossroads.
You can either have
fate define you
or you can define
your own fate.
Now the first step
I'm going to give you
is to own up to where you are.
Own it.
You cause everything.
There is no accident.
There are no coincidences.
You've got cancer.
Well, you caused that.
You conceived it.
You carried it to term.
You birthed it.
You've got problems.
Well, you did that too.
It's you.
See, it all starts here.
If you don't like what
your life is reaping,
ask yourself this question:
What was I thinking?
When did I sow this
into my life?
When you ask that question,
you are rooting that weed out.
The moment you ask that
question, you move
from victim to victor.
Breathe with me.
Come on.
The breath of life, yes?
You are your own creation.
And if that sounds
blasphemous to some,
just remember that God...
helps those...
who help themselves.
Hi, I'd like to withdraw
my cash advance.
Anything else.
I'd like to deposit
this, please.
-That's $3,807.35.
-Cash is available
same day, right?
You're all set.
Never surrender.
Never give up.
Let your heart speak.
Reject negative visualization.
Create that inner voice.
Manifest it.
God help me.
Is that you?
Open yourself
up to the universe.
Say what you want.
Speak it into existence.
Let there be...
Say it.
Believe it.
Birth that next moment.
want to be...
Go long.
Now sell.
I'm sorry, come back.
Come back.
Long or short?
The mind
is a powerful thing.
Don't ask yourself:
is this true?
Who cares if it's true?
If it works,
it's true for you.
Trust yourself.
- I do.
- Close your eyes.
Give me your hand.
Eyes closed.
Hey. Hello.
-My God.
-Baby, it's all good.
What are you talking about?
What's gotten into you?
Are you on something?
Oh no, I'm a new man.
You're a new man?
I tried out a new system,
babe, and it worked.
What do you mean a new system?
On your clients?
For us. No more clients.
For us, baby.
It broke through 100%.
Are you...
are you using our money again?
Yes, I have.
I promised to tell you
if I would, and I am,
I'm telling you right now.
Hey, stop.
I made a profit off
of every single trade.
-Babe, that's unheard of.
-Okay, okay.
That just doesn't happen.
How much?
How much did we make today?
It's not a matter of how much.
I'm just trying a few things
at the moment, but...
It went through.
Where's your binder?
Stephen, do not
change the topic.
I'm not changing the topic.
You and I both know
that if your system works,
that means someone else
is going to use it,
and then it's not
going to work anymore.
It's not like that.
I'm the system.
I know when to make the calls.
I know when to get in.
I know when to get out.
Oh my God.
Babe, it's like I access
this core part of my mind
that just works
on a quantum level.
Do you understand?
Don't... Don't.
Do you know what my
inner voice sounded like?
-What are you talking about?
-My inner truth.
My muse... was you.
I swear to God,
I'm not making this up.
It was you.
What was me?
Look at me.
Everything changed today.
I'm going to prove it
to you, okay?
Just give me two weeks.
I want to be your patron.
-I'm serious.
-You want to patronize me?
Why not?
I'm going to make sure that you
do whatever you want to do.
I'm going to make you
a boatload of cash and you
take on any case, pro bono.
You're going to be my purpose.
You're crazy.
So all the people
took off the rings of gold
that were in their ears
and brought them to Heron,
and he received the gold from
their hand and fashioned it
with a graving tool
and made a golden calf.
What's your name?
You can call me Roni.
We're going to do
trust exercises now, so...
You're going to stand up,
all right?
And she's going
to catch you, right?
Light as a feather,
stiff as a board.
All right?
Trust her.
Catch me.
You don't want
to scare her away.
Don't leave.
My God...
Do we have any more cash?
We still have another hour
until the markets close.
We really don't need much.
Just some seed money.
Savings, 401k, IRA?
What about, um,
lines of credit?
Student loans?
Who are you calling?
Probably should ask her.
She's going to find out.
I don't want to lie to her.
Who's lying?
You're being true to your
future self, the person
you wish to become, the person
she fell in love with.
In order to get to that person,
you need this money.
It's just a small problem
to solve a big problem.
By the time she
finds out, you...
you will have solved both.
She'll be happy.
Isn't that what you want?
Or you could just tell her
you're broke.
How much did you take out?
That's it?
It's 15,000 dollars.
Is that all you
can get your hands on?
Never lie to yourself.
Okay, well...
I withdrew the maximum.
$20 grand is all
it's going to give me.
Did you sign a prenup?
Then her money is your money.
Just lead, do what's best.
She'll support you, especially
when she sees the profits.
Let's do a futures trade,
go along 10 contracts
with a target of 28 ticks,
then just leave it alone.
Trust me.
it's not about the money,
Stephen, never is.
Money just shows you
where your heart is.
For even Satan disguises
himself as an angel of light,
so it is no surprise--
Now just leave it alone,
okay, relax.
Just go do something else--
mow the lawn or something.
We'll cash in
tomorrow morning, I promise.
Hey, um,
it's me, call me back.
Um, it's urgent, call me.
What am I going to tell her?
The truth, of course, go ahead.
Babe, thank God, I've been
trying to call you. Listen...
-I got this weird alert.
Someone broke into my student
loans account and--
Yeah, babe.
We need to lock
all our accounts.
I withdrew our money.
Hello? I'll tell you...
I'll tell you all about it
when you get here.
I want you to drive carefully,
you're driving, right?
Just hang up, I'll tell you
when you get home.
Stephen, you better
tell me right now.
Babe, it's a sure thing, okay,
you have to trust me.
I just wanted to take advantage
with all we have.
Are you kidding?
You're trading with my student
loans... are you insane?
-Put it back.
-Roni, please...
Those are student loans,
you can't touch that.
-Roni, just listen to me.
No, you listen to me,
I'm almost home.
Don't do anything, I swear.
If you want me to stay,
you'll leave it.
Where's the money?
-Did you lose the money?
No, we can't, I already moved
the stop, locked in profits.
Babe, even if the price drops,
you can get out ahead.
-Okay, okay.
-It's fine.
Can you please just,
um, put it back?
-I can't.
-What do you mean you can't?
I can't get out of it now.
What do you mean you can't
get out of it?
Because the market doesn't
even open until 9.30.
If we get out now, what if
the market opens lower?
You just said that we can't
lose, even if the price drops.
If the trailing stops.
I don't understand
what you just said.
Babe, it's a sure thing, and it
can't be implemented
until opening anyway, so...
I actually have to see the open.
I don't want to leave cash
on the table.
What is the matter with you?
Babe, I have the new system
right here.
Do you understand that these
are student loans?
-You can't touch that.
I feel just completely violated.
Do you understand?
I could file a police report.
I don't remember signing
a pre-nup, do you?
Your account is my account.
It's our money.
-It's not our money.
-It's our money.
It's student loans.
You can't use that money towards
anything non-educational.
We're going to get fined.
I'll pay the fine.
I should have asked
your permission. I'm sorry.
Can you sleep
somewhere else tonight?
What's all this?
Take a look.
What is that?
Almost $7,000 overnight.
While you were sleeping.
I told you, babe.
Trust me.
So...this means that the money
is back in the account?
Not yet.
-I want to use it
for one more trade.
-What? No.
Look, if you want to win big,
you got to go big.
- No, Stephen.
When the wager's tiny,
the winnings are tiny.
Even if you win, okay?
Wait, is this
our account balance?
So the $27,000, that includes my
20 grand from my student loans?
Stephen, what have you been
using before you
raided my account then?
You remember how you
and I found each other.
How you just got out of a bad
relationship and all you wanted
to do was get away
and then bam.
-Us happened.
Is this all of our money?
And even though the experience
was bad, it led
to us meeting each other.
And you said, even though an
experience was terrible for you,
you wouldn't trade it for
anything in the world
because it made you
who you are today, right?
-Where is all of our money?
-Babe, the money's gone.
It's gone.
But the money we made overnight
is from the new system.
However painful that loss is,
it led me to the new system.
And in my opinion,
it's a bargain.
I'd spend every cent
we have to get here.
Yes, you did.
You did.
-You keep lying to me.
-I'm telling you.
No, you're only
telling me about profits.
There you go.
You're 20k.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You going out?
Going to my sister's.
I need to think.
I'll call you, okay?
She'll be back.
She'll be all over you.
There's no aphrodisiac
like success.
She just needs a bit of
convincing, that's all.
Go short.
Four contracts.
Eight ticks.
She's right, you know.
You're not being
honest with her.
Don't start.
If you were honest with her,
you would have to tell her
that she's holding you back
and you're sick and tired
of supporting her
and that she's become
a glass ceiling for you.
Just sayin'.
She's just under a lot
of pressure from school.
You let her hold you back.
It's your choice.
Can we just stick to this?
Claps when I stick
to my system, win or lose.
It's just programmed that way.
You overthink this stuff.
How about winning: claps,
losing: jeers?
You don't want to make decisions
based on emotions.
In the long term, when you
stick to your system,
it should make you money.
Well, you have
a better system now.
Don't bother with the stop.
Just set the target.
Are you crazy?
You got it, boss.
Leave it.
Bet it's Uncle Stephen.
I bet it's mind your business.
Thanks, monkey.
-I love it.
-Beautiful choice.
She's going to be
thrilled with that.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Hi there.
Special delivery
for Roni Koolhaas?
I... I don't want it.
Yes, she does.
Hey, we can't afford it.
It's all yours.
You know, fully paid for
and everything, with boarding.
-Oh, we'll take it.
Go inside and finish that
cereal bowl cleaning, okay?
If you could just please sign
for a receipt, ma'am.
Tell me about it.
It's awesome.
I'm serious.
You're crazy.
I love it.
You're back.
Yeah, um...
I'll just wait till
you're off the phone.
Is she okay?
Babe, I'm not on the phone.
Just don't lie to me, okay?
Babe, I'm not on the phone.
Just now, two minutes ago,
I walked into your office.
You were clearly on the phone.
Talking quite happily.
Are you spying? Hm?
you get me a horse?
Because I love you.
Is there someone else?
-Just tell me.
What are you talking about?
You were talking to a woman.
You don't talk
to guys like that.
Babe, it's me, myself,
and I in there.
It's just a mental tool, baby.
Look at us.
Look at our life.
I mean, take a look around.
We're doing great.
Financially, anyway.
I kind of expected a hug,
to be honest.
I don't want expensive gifts.
-I just want you to be honest.
I'll do anything for you.
Just tell me what you want,
and I'll do it.
Clients become more honest
when they feel small.
They can't see what's below.
So, your mental tool.
Is it drug-induced or not?
I don't do any drugs.
So, you anthropomorphize
a part of yourself,
and then you speak
to this manifestation
as though it's
another person, correct?
Is it he, she, they?
It's you.
It's not like I'm cheating.
I'm not thinking of anyone else.
You know, I took that course.
It's not what Michael
was talking about.
He was talking about
finding your truth.
Not a mental disorder.
Yeah, have you seen
our account balances?
Stephen, you're a grown man
talking to an imaginary minx.
If it works, who cares?
Is there any history of mental
illness in your family?
When you speak to her,
does she speak back?
Are you both doing the
questioning and answering?
No, no.
It's not multiple personalities.
He claims he sees her.
Why did this Michael
tell you to try this?
He said I didn't need him.
Well, you might not
need this tool, either.
It's in here.
Obviously, your trades
are right on.
Then the question becomes:
is this pathological?
It doesn't seem to be damaging
your balance sheets.
You're not mentally ill.
You don't confuse reality
and imagination.
However, it does damage
your marriage.
So maybe, Roni,
this is about you.
What is it about his tool
that you find threatening?
Feel free to wipe
that smirk off your face.
I think it's time for you
to come home, don't you?
I miss you.
Yeah, I miss you, too.
You know what, I'm gonna fill
this car up with some gas.
Right now?
Yeah, for the morning.
I'm really tired.
I'm gonna go in, okay, babe?
Okay, but don't fall asleep.
Thank you for today.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Phew, I can't.
Got a special guest here.
Happy birthday, baby.
All yours.
Hi. Oh, my God!
Oh. One more thing.
Next stop, the beach.
The beach.
Happy birthday.
Are you eating?
Sure am, buddy.
What is it, honey?
There's someone
in Uncle Stephen's office.
What is it? Hm?
You feel it, too, huh, Fatty?
You want to try the cake?
Dog loves it.
What's wrong?
What is it?
Tell me.
Do you ever get bored
with yourself?
Yeah, all the time.
All of our dreams, you know.
Everything we've ever wanted.
What if you got
it all, you know?
Everything, all of it.
Is that all there is?
Putting ourselves
in the center all the time?
What if we got it all wrong?
Babe, I want you to quit this
whole mental tool thing.
I mean it.
It's driving you crazy.
It's weighing on us.
It's creepy.
-Is this because of Benny?
Benny's a small kid.
No, it's not about Benny.
It's about the mental tool.
It's killing us.
You sure you want me to quit?
Yes, I'm sure.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You okay?
What are you doing?
This room is your world,
you understand?
Look me in the eye
when you say that.
-I created you.
-With one purpose.
-It's to help me trade.
It's to make you successful.
You think too small.
I told you what I want.
I love Roni.
Is that why you
called me in there?
I didn't.
You don't know your own heart.
In order to make you successful,
I have to leave this room.
How come my nephew
could see you?
He could read your mind.
Some kids can do that.
Our mind is a very
powerful thing.
Look what you did with yours.
It's different.
I need you to do as I say.
I'll do anything necessary
to make you successful.
All you have to do is listen.
And do as I say.
You really want me gone?
This is awful.
Come on.
This is our house.
-Look at this, huh?
-Oh my God.
Steve, Roni, welcome.
Richard, hi.
Richard, what
are you doing here?
You didn't tell her whose
casa you were going to?
Good to see you..
What are you...
This is your place?
You've done well for yourself.
So have you apparently.
My place ain't cheap.
Yeah. I was online looking
for getaway ideas
and Richard pops up.
I can't believe it.
I thought you were unemployed
during our course.
How are your, um,
feet, by the way?
That course is the greatest
investment I ever made.
I owe Mike eternal gratitude.
Good to know.
Where's Roni?
She's in bed.
And you're with me?
What the hell's wrong with you?
Can't sleep.
You and Mike kept in touch.
Believe it or not I actually
couldn't afford him anymore.
I was that low.
But he gave me
some parting advice.
On the house.
He told me I didn't need him.
That I should make up
my own coach.
No kidding.
True story.
Best thing that ever
happened to me.
Most days.
Other days I'd give
anything to go back.
If you dance
with the devil,
he'll always take the lead.
But what do I know?
All I know is
that it works, baby.
-I ain't dreaming.
And if I am, don't wake me.
Thank you.
Oh, that's mine.
-Is it?
How about we work
when we get home, okay?
Try to relax.
I know, I was just...
Don't overthink it.
-You got this.
All in here.
No more crutch.
-Just you.
-Believe it.
-I do.
I do too.
-Morning, guys.
-Morning, sir.
There you go.
Off to the races.
Thank you.
Great job.
Just one parting question...
Long or short?
So how did it go?
What are we gonna do?
Make a budget.
Maybe we can
bring your friend back.
What'd you say?
I think, therefore I am.
The path you take is paved
by the choices you make.
Reject negative visualization.
Some say you can't
control your thoughts.
Yes, you can.
Master your thoughts.
I need you.
I need you.
I'll do whatever you say.
I'll do whatever you say.
I'll do whatever you say.
God, your back.
It's me.
Don't ever do that again.
Cut me loose.
So I shouldn't listen to you?
We're a team now, you and I.
We're one.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Thinking about what you said.
About thinking bigger.
This is what I want.
A ranch?
Yeah, I want to get
a ranch for Roni.
We already have the horse.
It's expensive.
Yeah, but how long would
it take you to come up
with a cash like that?
A couple months?
We should get started.
There's not enough
movement now I think.
I think we should
wait for the next session.
Well, we should, um,
warm up a bit.
Cryptos, show me Bitcoin.
-Cryptos, okay.
Um... Let me get there.
Go in here.
Max margin.
Everything you got.
Tapping back.
What do you got?
Trust me.
- What?
Stop down?
Will you just trust me?
What are you talking about?
I lost.
I went all in.
Her own ranch, Stephen?
You did this on purpose.
Whatever happens,
I'm here for you.
But right now I want you to
understand that everything
that I do, I do
for your own good.
You did this for--
What is this?
He talks about you
all the time.
What is this?
I don't want this.
Yes, you do.
-Hey, don't go.
-Get out of here.
I can explain this.
-This is sick.
Don't touch me.
-I can explain... It's not...
-Let go.
I swear.
Roni, it's not
what it looks like.
Hey, you're out of line.
You're done.
I'm cutting you off.
I know that's not
what you want.
Get out of my life.
It's too late for that.
You've made your choice.
I made her up.
I just made her up.
Babe, I made her up.
I can't do this, Stephen.
Whatever this is,
I can't do this.
Why don't you have Michael
explain it to you?
Babe, come on.
Isn't this what
he's all about?
Letting go?
Let her go.
She's setting you free.
You ruined my life.
There's no one
in your way now.
You done?
I know this
is difficult for you.
So do whatever
you feel necessary
to get it all out of your system
and when you're done,
I'll be right here.
We're a team, you and I.
We're one.
You have reached
the Paradise Bay Inn.
You have reached the Par--
Front desk.
May I speak
with Richard, please?
Richard is no longer with us.
Richard, the owner?
I'm so sorry.
Richard passed away.
It's under investigation, sir.
Are you a relative?
Come on, Michael,
pick up the phone.
Yes, I'd like to book a
last-minute flight and a hotel.
Round trip.
Let me
take care of that for you.
Um, sorry, sir,
this card was declined.
No, my card
isn't stolen.
My card is right here.
Ready to order?
It's on me.
What's your story?
Thank you.
-What's my story?
I can't spend any money.
It's for a fundraiser.
Heading east.
Seeing how far
I can get in 48 hours.
If I reach New York,
one of the sponsors has pledged
to match the entire amount.
You're very kind.
So where does
all the money go?
Cancer research.
Cancer's evil.
Body turning on itself.
How do people go bad like that?
Your own cells gone wild.
Out of control.
It's the world we live in.
Shouldn't be that way.
All right.
Thanks, bud.
Are you ready?
Good morning.
Can I help you?
-I'm sorry I'm late.
-Excuse me?
I'm here for the conference.
Are you ready?
Uh, please have a seat.
I'm a friend of Mike's.
Oh, you can go ahead.
I know the way.
Studio B, thank you.
Sir, Michael's
in a live recording.
Sir, the set is closed.
Security to Studio B, now.
Come on, talk to me.
Shout it out.
My ex.
with difficult people.
Come on.
I can't close.
How to subvert self-sabotage.
I will show you how.
Who's next?
I can't say no, Michael.
How to love me first.
Get out of debt.
The laws of attracting wealth.
Yes, come on.
Lose weight.
I tried to call, Michael.
Hi. I tried to call you.
Who said that?
Stephen Koolhaas.
It's me, Mike. Stephen.
Uh, do I want to cut?
We have Mike coming in.
Other guy...
We can take it down.
Stephen Koolhaas...
I tried to call you a few times.
I just have one question, Mike.
Michael, just
one question, Michael.
-One question.
-Okay. Yeah, come on. Sure.
Yeah, come on.
Why don't you
enlighten all of us?
Right? Come on. Open up. Yeah.
Enlighten all of us.
Maybe this will be
good for the group.
What is it that
you want to ask me
that you couldn't
wait until the Q&A?
Mike, I can't turn it off.
Can you be more specific?
I, uh...
My wife can see her, too.
Your wife?
She's consuming
all aspects of our life.
-Michael, I need your help.
-Okay, whoa, whoa, slow down.
Back up.
Mike, if this is growth,
you can have it.
It's ruined me.
Well then,
the first question is always...
What was I thinking?
I tried that.
I tried to kill it.
All right, with
all due respect, what was it?
Stephen Koolhaas..
Steven, you snuck in here.
-Now you're up here.
-I tried to call.
You must be having the best day
of your life right now.
The only thing is that these
people over here
they paid really good money.
Let me ask you
something, Stephen.
Are you on any kind
of medication right now?
No, no, no, everyone.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
All right, always with respect.
In life, you're going to deal
with people who are difficult,
but you always
deal with them with respect.
Total respect.
Hey, I respect you, my friend.
Total respect.
But maybe what you need
is a therapist
because it seems
like you have some kind
of unresolved issues, right?
And that's what
a therapist does.
Therapists, they deal
with the past.
Not a coach.
A coach deals with healthy
people who want to do better.
You're giving these people
a loaded gun, Michael.
I cut you loose.
You should have
been here yesterday.
Hey, remember yesterday's
session, folks?
What did we talk about?
Right, sometimes you can cut
difficult people loose,
but they're not leaving.
So then what do you do?
Stop talking
and start walking.
That's right.
You show them who's boss.
We are done talking, Stephen.
If all else call fails, there's
always a restraining order.
-We're done, buddy.
What if your creation holds
a gun to your head, Michael?
Then what?
Tell me.
I need to know.
I cut you loose, Stephen.
And now you've come
back at your own risk.
Are you threatening me?
I lost my wife.
And all my money.
I cut you loose.
Now you know how I feel.
No matter how much I cut...
She's not leaving.
Tell me how to kill
a mental tool, Michael.
It's too late for you, Stephen.
You would have
to kill its creator.
We all live
through our creator.
She lives through you.
And now I must go
and face my creator.
We want Mike...
Give their itching ears
what they want to hear.
Sign in here, ma'am.
Purpose of your visit?
I'm here to get my client.