The Manor (2018) Movie Script

[suspenseful music playing]
[man] The kingdom, Niklaus,
the kingdom.
You must defend the kingdom.
[grunting, sobbing]
[suspenseful music continues]
[man] These pieces,
these soldiers,
they're your only defense
of the kingdom.
The kingdom. [echoes]
[screaming voices]
[indistinct shouting]
[woman panting]
The kingdom.
- Welcome, Jane.
- It's good to be here.
Well, this time around.
[chuckles] I completely understand,
Jane, and it's good to see you too.
Amy is very excited
to be going home.
So, tell me, are you still
at the same address?
I am.
And that's
the same address where...
Well, we're not going
straight home, Doctor.
We're actually
visiting relatives
at a really nice
bed-and-breakfast, Anders Manor.
I thought...
neutral territory,
familiar faces, her cousins.
She was really close with them
when she was little.
I'm worried about her
flashing back to the...
Well, we're going.
[opera music playing]
What is this, Father?
This... it's a game, Niklaus.
Like checkers?
[laughs] No, checkers
is for the simpletons.
For the babies,
like tic-tac-toe.
This, this is chess.
The game of kings.
[music fades out]
The game of kings.
So, happy birthday.
Are you excited
to see the family?
A little bit.
I remember
Uncle Ethan was funny.
Aunt Eva was weird, but caring.
Trevor was always nice.
I don't know. It seems like
such a long time ago.
Everything's kind of a blur.
I just can't believe you're 18.
I can't either.
It's like I woke up with tits all of a sudden
and they let me out of the loony bin for it.
[laughs] Hey.
[Jane] Are you sure you're ready
for this?
Because you and I can go
to a hotel by ourselves.
I want this.
We both deserve a vacation
at this point.
let's go have some fun.
[doorbell rings]
A gracious new day to you both.
- Come in, come in. Please.
- Thank you.
Welcome to Anders Manor.
- I am Niklaus Anders.
- I am Jane.
- And this is my daughter, Amy.
- Amy, nice to meet you.
We're Jane and Amy Hunter. My sister, Eva
Clark, made the reservations for us.
- Is she here yet?
- She's not here at the moment.
They're on an outing,
but they'll be back
and they've instructed me
to remind you...
- Let me take your bags, please.
- Thank you.
And let's get you all...
nestled in snugly here.
[Jane] Thank you.
[Jane] This place is lovely.
How long have you been here?
Sometimes it seems like forever.
This was my father's place.
His father built it by hand
over a hundred years ago...
Am I a king, Father?
[chuckles] Well...
you may be a prince.
And I the king.
The king of Anders Manor.
[Niklaus] So, we've set aside
a particularly lovely room
that I think will be perfectly
suitable to the young lady.
It's just down here.
Your first door on the left.
So, if you would.
You know what, I'll take
mine as well. -Sure.
[eerie music playing]
[gasps, sobbing]
[Amy grunts]
- Amy.
- No.
Um... I think someone's
already staying in there.
No, not possible.
It's a room I rarely rent out.
It belonged
to a dear cousin of mine.
Amy, see? There's nobody
in that room, sweetie.
No. No, it's fine. It's fine. There's
nothing in there, right, Mom?
- Right. There's nothing in that room.
- Nothing there.
Okay. She's fine.
So, your daughter...
She has a mental illness,
I'm afraid.
Well, I am so sorry.
She's such a lovely girl.
She is a very sweet girl.
It's just, sometimes she sees
things that aren't actually there.
Well, I can assure you that, for as
long as she's here at the manor,
she'll have all the peace
and tranquility that she needs.
Thank you so much.
That's why we're here, you know,
we just want a fresh start.
Well, toward that point,
we will be having additional guests
here this evening, some hunters.
They'll be joining us for dinner
at 4:00 p.m.,
after which, we'll be having
a cotton candy social,
and a bonfire on the grounds.
I think I'll catch up with my
sister tonight, but thank you.
As you wish.
[Young Niklaus]
Teach me to play, Father.
This is the king.
The most powerful piece
on the board.
And yet, the weakest,
the most vulnerable.
The outcome of the game
depends on his survival.
Like a father,
he leads and loves.
He loves and leads.
And when he dies...
that's it.
The game is over.
[doorbell rings]
[woman exhales] Jane.
Oh. Christ, Jane,
it's been so long.
I know.
You look great.
Please, I've been driving all day.
You look great, as always.
Hello, Janie. Who doesn't lie
about things of beauty?
You look just like you did
at the wedding.
That was 20 years ago, Ethan.
- Hi, guys.
- [both] Hi.
- [Jane] Let's go catch up.
- [woman] Okay.
[pop music playing]
Sweetie, it's time for dinner.
- I'll be down in a minute.
- Okay.
Oh, happy birthday, Amy.
You remember
your Uncle Ethan, right?
We haven't seen you since you were
ass-high to a grasshopper, but...
you used to play with Trevor
and Blair in the backyard.
I remember.
Well, it's good
to see you again, honey.
Hi, Aunt Eva.
Hi, sweetie.
Hi, Blair. Hi, Trevor.
Hi, Amy. It's nice to see you
again, too, and you look great.
Well, it has been awhile.
So, how were things
at the funny farm, coz?
Damn it, Blair, come on.
Highly inappropriate,
young lady.
And Blair, is your ass jealous from all the
shit that just came out of your mouth?
Damn it, Trevor.
You know, Trevor,
I really would like to see things
from your point of view, but...
I can't get my head
that far up my own ass.
Wow, your children really have
grown up so much, haven't they?
Blair and Trevor,
I love you both very much,
but if you don't stop,
- you won't believe what happens next.
- [giggles]
Excuse me, please.
I'm not hungry.
Welcome to the fun.
[knock on door]
If you'll excuse me.
[door squeaks]
The huntsmen have arrived!
Gentlemen, welcome, welcome.
Come in, come in, come in.
- Welcome to Anders Manor.
- Thank you, sir.
I trust that your travels were without
undue difficulty? -All good, sir.
You would be Brett, I presume,
and these your compatriots.
Yes, sir.
My brother, Darsaw.
- Very nice to meet you.
- Much obliged, Mr. Anders.
And I cannot thank you enough for
opening up your fine grounds to us,
so we may kill and eat
some indigenous wildlife.
Yes. And this would be?
- And Ole.
- Ole, pleasure to meet you, sir.
Pleasure, sir. My name's Ole.
Outstanding, Ole.
[Brett] And may I say,
you have a lovely looking
establishment here.
[Niklaus] Well,
thank you very much.
Dinner's being served presently.
Put your bags down, please, relax.
The Reverend Thomas
will be joining us presently.
He's on his way.
He'll be presiding later this evening
over a cotton candy social and bonfire.
Thank you, sir. In reference
to our arrangement for our rate,
my brother Darsaw here, will be
willing to cut your firewood up.
- Very good.
- I will?
Yes, you will.
Well, I'm assuming
you're all hungry, correct?
- Very.
- Please, come with me.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is
my pleasure to present to you,
Darsaw, Ole, and Brett,
the Bayton boys.
They're here to do some
buck hunting this weekend.
Hey, y'all.
[violent, high-pitch noise]
[Ole sniffling]
Damn, Darsaw, you sure
know how to clear out a room.
Back at the manor.
[exhales] Our annual
fall prison sentence.
Mm, I love it.
- Mm-hm.
- I fucking hate this place.
You know what I did love...
[blows smoke]
...was the meal that
Charlie Manson served.
Oh! The gray matter?
- The gray matter. It was very nice.
- Delicious.
Did you see the eyeball
in the teeth?
The guy scares me.
He's the weirdest guy
I've ever met.
Oh, speaking of the which, um...
Did you see those three hunters
that showed up?
- Maybe.
- They were cute, weren't they?
It's been about an hour and a half.
You haven't fucked anybody yet?
You mean, like you fucking your
cousin the last time we were here?
That happened.
You're adorable. [laughs]
You are adorable. Hm.
[Blair] Hey, lady.
Come on, are you serious?
No, I'm not in town
this weekend. I'm...
with my family at this place
we go a couple times a year
and desperately try
to act normal.
Yeah, [chuckles]
it's called Anders Manor.
It's so lame.
No. [scoffs]
Look, do you remember, um...
that cousin that I told you
about, the super crazy one?
Yeah, well, she checked out of
the loony bin today,
so we're all here to throw her a
"Welcome Back to the Family" party.
[eerie music playing]
Amy, do you understand that even
though you may feel a shock,
it will not break the hypnosis?
You will relax immediately,
noting only the pain,
and its lesson.
You will remain in a trance.
Do you understand that, Amy?
Very good.
Now, Amy,
you are a tiny caterpillar,
crawling across a leaf.
What are you, Amy?
I'm a tiny caterpillar.
[electrical crackling]
Very good, Amy.
Now, we're gonna
spin you a cocoon of good drugs
and helpful therapy.
And while you're in that cocoon,
you won't feel any pain.
And when you emerge
from the cocoon...
you will be
a beautiful butterfly.
[electrical crackling]
[Blair sighs]
I'm sorry. I was a complete and
total asshole to you at dinner.
I didn't want to come this
weekend and my parents made me
and I'm pissed at them,
not at you.
Still cousins?
Look, I feel really bad, okay?
Well, boys, you like?
I like.
That MILF,
you see those titties?
Man, wait until you see them
True Believers.
The what?
The True Believers, man. They're
a church group or something.
Man, church girls
don't put out no poon.
Yeah, well, these ones do.
Universalists, or some shit.
What about that retarded girl?
Kind of cute.
"Butterface" cute.
Ole, man, listen to me
right now, all right?
That girl broke in the head.
You stay away from her.
I remember playing superheroes
with you and...
pushing you on the swing
when we were six.
You were totally normal.
What happened, Amy?
I got sick.
That's all.
I'm taking meds for it now.
Yeah, but, like,
crazy sick though, right?
Sometimes I don't know
what's real.
And it seems real to me.
Playing superheroes, but...
But thinking that you're
actually a superhero.
[chuckles] Like an acid trip.
People know they're
hallucinating on an acid trip.
Is there anything I can do to make
up for what I said at dinner?
Do you know how to do makeup?
Step into my office.
I'm gonna make you look
so expensive.
[swing music playing]
Like a ripe, juicy fruit.
You're going to get pregnant.
I'm on the pill, shithead.
Syphilis then.
Why are you guys
so mean to each other?
- Love.
- Love.
The curlers hurt my head.
Beauty is pain, Cousin.
Anyone who tells you otherwise
is selling some bullshit.
[techno music playing]
[man] This is it,
True Believers.
Let's set it up.
Come on, True Believers.
Set it up.
Let's party with the Lord!
[knock on door]
Who is it?
[Eva] It's the Wicked Witch
of the West.
Open the goddamn door.
Come on in, Eva.
- Hello.
- Hi, honey.
Come over here and have
a drink with me by the window.
And let's watch boys
carry heavy things.
What are we, 16 and 18 again?
Well, let's just pretend
we are, okay?
I mean, I haven't seen you
since the funeral.
That's true.
- Yay!
- Mm.
- Look, I've gotta tell you...
- Oh my gosh.
...I've got dibs on the one
with the fur hat.
["Phoenix Rising" playing
on radio]
Screaming in colors...
[wood splitting]
Well... boys, I'll leave you two
to get settled.
Thanks for chopping
that firewood there, Pumpkin.
Brett don't chop no wood.
Relax, you big babies.
I'll be back,
and I'll have beer.
[music fades out]
[techno music playing]
We all come together,
and we all go apart.
I said we all come together!
And we all go apart.
Like atoms...
like stars.
Did you get cotton candy?
Ice cream?
So nice to know
your bodies are nourished.
Now, it's time
to nourish our souls.
If you would...
breathe in with me!
And breathe out.
Breathe in with me!
And breathe out.
my True Believers.
[laughter in background]
You, stay.
So, how do you think
she's adjusting?
Well, Ethan,
I already see a difference.
Well, Niklaus did it again.
Everything is wonderful,
as always.
Good. It's good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
God loves you.
Jesus loves you.
Muhammad loves you.
Shiva loves you.
And the Goddess love you.
It doesn't matter
if you believe.
It doesn't matter at all,
love doesn't care.
Brothers and sisters,
love doesn't care.
So, let's crank up the tunes.
Fire up the pit.
And let's rejoice.
Let's rejoice,
in the name of love.
Hello, brothers and sisters.
- What can we do for you, um...
- Darsaw.
Darsaw Bayton.
You see,
I was just feeling the spirit,
and I figured I'd come over and
lend a friendly hand to you all.
Uh, Trevor. Trevor Clark.
Genuine pleasure, Trevor.
I'm Blair.
- Blair Clark.
- Ma'am.
And you are?
Actually, my business is with you, Trevor.
Can I borrow you for a minute?
- Me?
- Of course I can.
My brother, Ole... He pulled
his back out stacking firewood.
You know, he's as useless
as tits on a bull, that one.
And, well, I got a ton of gear in my
truck and it's a two-person lift.
Help a brother out, would you?
Say yes.
I mean, I love that girl
with all of my breaking heart,
but we didn't know
what we were getting into.
I know. I've heard so many stories
of heartbreak when people adopt.
I mean, you just never know what
family history you're gonna get.
- Nice and easy, okay?
- Okay.
- Nice and easy, okay?
- Careful, my hand...
It's slipping.
Nice and easy.
There's precious cargo in here.
What the hell.
I gotta ask you...
What's up with you
and old "Barbie?"
- Who, Amy?
- Yeah. She's hot as hell, man.
Dude, she's my cousin.
Big deal.
What, you've probably seen her
three, four, maybe five times
in your life?
Cousin, schmousin.
It's fair game, in my book.
What the hell...
Her and I...
we had a thing.
- You and her?
- Yeah.
Me and Amy,
last trip to the manor.
Yeah, I... I was...
16, and she was 14.
- I knew that I liked you.
- Well, I... It was weird.
I mean, I... It was weird. It...
Weird now even being back here.
I'll bet it is.
Look, we were...
young, you know?
Nothing-better-to-do kind
of stuff.
I could be way off base, but I
think you still kind of like her.
[Trevor chuckles]
Well, maybe, tonight you guys
can rekindle some of that
"manor magic."
No, I don't think so.
But I... I will take
another beer.
[clears throat
All right.
Now you're speaking my language.
[Ole] You like taking pictures?
You almost gave me
a heart attack.
Uh, yeah.
Don't be scared.
I like taking pictures, too.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
But I like being in them better.
Hey, come on,
take a picture of me.
- What?
- Yeah, that's right.
I'll even pose
right nice for you.
[chuckles] Okay.
Okay, got it.
Okay, okay, let's shoot.
I'll pose again for you.
I'll give you another pose.
We're good.
Let me see.
Excuse me?
Can't you show me
on that little screen of yours?
Uh, I really should get going
back to the party.
You ain't going nowhere.
It's a good shot.
You sure can take
a good picture.
Thanks. Uh, I really should
get back to the party.
You have a nice night.
Yeah. You, too.
- Your hair looks so good like this.
- Thanks.
I'll teach you how to do it.
Hey. I'm Ole.
Ole Bayton.
You sure are purtier
than when I saw you earlier.
Don't go.
Just wanna be friends.
Excuse me, sister, uh...
You mind if I rap to you
for a minute at the gazebo?
Brother, you don't mind
if I talk to the sister?
Let me rap for a minute.
Are you all right with that?
[joyful music playing]
[music fades out]
[Thomas] If you can forgive
my bluntness, but sister...
Your aura right now
is screaming, like, whoa!
I'm sick.
In my brain.
- You're funny.
- No, sister, it's called charm.
True love.
What makes you sick, sister?
Acute paranoid schizophrenia
with mild hallucinations.
Sometimes, my imagination is real
to my brain, and I can't tell.
And sometimes...
my imagination's
really fucked up.
Are you on any
kind of treatment right now?
Um, I just got out of in-patient
for four years.
Yeah... today.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Are you relaxed?
Can you hear
the sound of my voice, Amy?
- Yes.
- Good.
Now, let's talk about the night
of the accident.
I don't want to.
Let's talk about something else.
Tell me about your dad.
Tell me about David Hunter.
I did a bad thing.
What bad thing, Amy?
I hurt my dad.
He was bleeding.
He stopped moving.
Why did you hurt your dad?
Bastard demon,
Aka Manah, tricked me.
He's still tricking me.
Aka Manah.
It's a demon that tries
to tell me what to do.
Amy, did you say, "Aka Manah"?
[Amy] It's a demon.
It's part of my psychosis.
But it's... It's made-up.
The doctors told me.
[inhales then exhales]
Well, Amy, I don't mean to give
you hallucinations, but...
Aka Manah
is not a made-up demon.
He isn't?
Tell me about Aka Manah,
the demon.
He scares me.
He tells me bad things.
What kind of bad things?
It's okay.
You can tell me.
You're safe under the trance.
He said,
"Kill him, or die, Amy,"
and I did.
He tricked me...
like he's still tricking me,
because I'm his...
I'm his fucking puppet.
Very good, Amy.
Aka Manah literally means,
"evil mind."
I'm gonna give you my card.
You give me a call...
when you need to hear
a friendly voice.
Or if you just need somebody
to remind you...
what's real.
Rap at you later, sister.
You know what?
You're all right.
You are all right.
Not so bad yourself.
You know, I was thinking...
'cause you're a cool cat,
and I'm obviously a cool cat,
maybe we could get
your purty lady,
and I could find
a purty lady of my own.
And we could explore
this here manor.
And, I don't know, just happen
to stumble into my room,
and polish off
these beers, and...
get to know each other
a little better.
So, sister,
how are things with Amy?
She killed her damn husband because she
thought he was some sort of sex demon.
Well, apparently,
I need to get some fresh air.
[electronic music playing]
Ma'am, when I first saw you,
you reminded me
of a beautiful spring day.
And I have been trying to get you alone for just
one moment, from the minute we locked eyes.
Oh, my goodness.
[in southern accent]
Well, Darsaw, I do declare,
you... flatter.
Well, if you are a kind woman,
you'd put me out of my misery,
by allowing me
your fair company, ma'am.
I would just completely
stay away from that guy, Ole.
Thank you
for looking out for me.
It's sweet.
And I like you a lot.
And I want you.
You... You're my cousin.
Yeah... I'm adopted.
[Blair] Want some?
This is the prettiest thing
I've ever seen.
I know.
I love sunsets.
I wasn't talking about
the sunset.
I was looking at you.
Thank you.
I knew there was a sweetie
underneath all that flannel.
Well, that's very nice
of you to say,
but now that I think of it,
it really is a very beautiful
place they got here, ain't it?
It's funny, because I just really, really
didn't want to come here this time.
But now that I'm here,
I kind of like it.
You know, it's nice.
And, I haven't had the urge
to check my phone
ever since somebody
walked through the door.
Well, you know, it's kind of
like the great scholars say,
"Less is, in fact, more."
I like that.
Well, you know, the manor does kind
of have its own unique charm to it.
Yeah. [laughs]
Yeah, I like wandering around and looking
at all the weird little trinkets.
the accommodations
ain't bad, either.
- The rooms are kind of nice.
- Yeah.
Mine's pretty cozy.
Oh yeah?
Mine ain't too shabby, either.
Oh, is that right?
I wonder if the, uh, layouts
are the same?
- The couch is in the same spots...
- Yeah.
...and the lamps.
I wonder. I'm so curious.
Say, I'll tell you what...
if you show me yours,
I'll show you mine.
I can roll with that.
[Amy screams]
Oh my God!
What the fuck?
[suspenseful music playing]
[Amy sobbing]
When I first saw you,
it was like a spring day.
I'd appreciate the pleasure
of your company.
- Quiet, quiet, quiet!
- Stop! Stop it!
No! No! No!
- Quiet! Quiet!
- [Amy screaming]
- [Amy screams]
- [high pitch slashing]
[Amy sobbing]
- Amy?
- What is that?
Amy, honey, what's going...?
Amy? Amy? Amy, it's Mom.
Amy, it's Mom. It's Mom.
[suspenseful music continues]
[no audible dialogue]
[Amy shrieks]
Hey, Mom...
Mom, I need my meds.
Okay, okay. We'll get you them.
Okay. It's okay, I've got you.
I've got you.
Come on, it's just you and me.
It's just you and me. Come on.
We'll go to bed.
Remember, it's just you and me.
[Young Niklaus]
Am I like a king, Father?
You are but a lonely pawn,
my son.
A pawn? I don't understand.
each piece is different.
Each one has
a different role to play.
They're unique.
Some people say that one piece may
be more powerful than another...
or have a higher rank,
but I disagree.
Each piece is as powerful,
or as weak,
as the circumstance
it finds itself in.
At the beginning of the game,
they are all equal
and depending on
the strategy used,
the positioning,
the circumstances of the play,
any piece could be the weakest.
Or any piece
could be the most powerful.
[opera music playing]
[music fades out]
[dramatic music playing]
[car engine starts]
[sinister music playing]
I like your hat.
Give it to me.
You want it?
All right.
- You know what?
- Hm?
It looks better on you.
- [laughs]
- It really does.
You know, um...
I have a surprise for you.
Turn around.
[low-tempo r&b music playing]
Close your eyes.
I won't look.
Maybe get started
on that belt buckle for me, huh?
Don't gotta tell me twice.
[suspenseful music playing]
Doctor, I have Amy for you.
Thank you.
Hello, Amy.
it's your last day with us.
How do you feel about that?
Um, a little scared.
Four years is...
a long time
to be away from everyone.
I feel like I've changed a lot.
I'm hoping outside
has changed, too.
You have. It has.
We've all come a very long way,
you especially.
Thank you.
We've made fantastic progress.
Although, there have been
some incidents.
And the nightmares.
Are you still having
the nightmares?
- Um...
- The demon?
Aka Manah.
[loud eerie sounds]
[electrical crackling]
[eerie sounds]
[eerie sounds stop]
[knock on door]
What is it?
Doctor, Mrs. Hunter is here.
Could you tell her
we'll be with her in a moment?
Yes, Doctor.
I'd like for you to consider remaining
in some programs here at Fairview.
I have to be frank with you,
I am worried that your episodes
may turn dangerous
if you are not
in a controlled environment.
I have to stay here?
No. No, no.
No one is trying
to force you to stay here.
I am simply talking about
a day treatment program.
God, if I don't have to...
and I mean, have to stay here...
I'd really like to go back.
Oh my God.
I had no idea
it had gotten so bad.
Oh, I'm sorry, honey. Do you not
remember about Dave's funeral?
What a horrible thing to say,
it's the concussion talking.
Oh, are we okay?
The pills should put her out
for the night..
Janie, it's a heartbreak.
I don't think I could do it.
Jane, you've got
the patience of a saint.
So, the girl...
She'll be asleep soon.
Good, good. Sleep is good.
To wit, if there's nothing else,
I would like to retire.
Thank you so much
for everything, Nik.
You're a prince.
And you're a very nice lady.
So, breakfast in the morning,
seven to nine?
Goodnight, everybody.
[opera music playing]
Here... is just a white pawn,
Just a white pawn
until he becomes,
the white pawn.
And he clashes.
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I shall raise my sword
In defense of my queen
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I shall raise my shield
To protect my king
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I shall die honorably in battle
I will, clash, clash
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I'll be the first to die
If to die I must, clash, clash
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I am the white pawn,
clash, clash.
That chess set has
always creeped me out, Ethan.
Well, maybe that's
what I like about it, Jane.
I'm going out to the gazebo.
To get stoned.
Yeah, to get stoned.
What the hell?
Why don't you have
another fucking drink, Eva?
[sighs] I'll be right back.
I thought he'd never leave.
Hey, be happy that you have
someone to annoy you.
Like I need a hole in the head.
All right.
No, I shouldn't. Amy's a mess.
That's an argument for,
not against.
Go on.
My God, Eva, keep drinking.
Just drink yourself
to death, please.
Fucking animals.
God, I hate this place.
I need to piss.
[unzips zipper]
- Eva...
- [urine splashes]
Come here.
I got something for you.
[drunken humming]
I think I'll join you, son.
- [unzips zipper]
- [urine splashes]
Who are you?
[urine continues]
[zips up zipper]
[blows into hands]
[door creaks]
[crunching, tearing sound]
- [zips up zipper]
- Have a good night, son.
[drunken humming]
[Brett singing]
I've been waiting for so long
Time again
Time and time again
It's when I want you so bad
I mean, especially at my age,
I mean...
Who the hell is that
at this time of night?
- What?
- What?
I'm sorry,
I hope I didn't startle you.
Evening, ma'am.
I got a car downstairs that's
full of buckshot and water,
and some deer piss.
And, well, I need my brothers to help
me unload it into the pickup truck,
but, uh, they don't seem
to be answering their god...
Their phones. Um...
So, without sounding rude, um...
have y'all seen my dumbass
brothers anywhere?
We haven't seen them
since dinner with you.
Would you like some wine?
Nah, I'd better not.
Uh, I... I'm gonna go upstairs
and check to see where Tweedledee
and Tweedledumbass are,
but y'all ladies
have a good evening,
and maybe a raincheck,
or something like that.
I'll wait. It's all right.
Yes, thank you very much.
I used to spend my nights out
In the barroom
Brought me back
From being too far gone
[both laughing]
- Oh, shit.
- What?
Where the fuck is Blair?
Shit. Shit, that fucking hick.
Goddamn numbhead.
Fucking stupid asses.
The fuck you at, man?
You guys better stop...
fucking around.
She didn't even unpack.
That's not like her.
Okay, then he put his hand
up my skirt and he yelled...
Here, come here.
[indistinct whisper]
[both laughing]
What the fuck
does that even mean?
I have no fucking idea,
but whenever he did it,
I just nearly came.
- Our baby!
- Hey.
- Hey, so beautiful and grown.
- Hey.
Why are you out of bed?
You feeling better?
Yeah, Mom, have you seen Blair
come through here at all?
- No, not since dinner, why?
- Yeah, why?
Because she has
my cell phone charger,
and, uh, my-my battery's dead.
There's no network out here,
and I'm dying, so...
- Well, I would check upstairs...
- Yes.
- ...or the local nightclubs.
- Definitely.
- Did you see your dad out there?
- Nope. No, Ma.
Come on, Amy. Gotta go. Okay.
Mmm, it's just like
when we were kids.
- Do you have any more wine?
- Um-hm.
[swing music playing]
[no audible dialogue]
[eerie music playing]
[Amy] Blair!
[Trevor] Blair, what the fuck?
[Amy] Blair!
- This is, this is...
- [dialing phone]
[phone ringing]
[phone continues ringing]
She-she's not answering
her phone.
Well, shit...
I thought we would have caught
her bawling her brains out
in some redneck threesome
- No such luck, huh?
- No. No luck.
I-I think we better get
the 'rents involved.
One... One of those cult freaks
could've made off with her,
or she could've hitched a ride
with that cotton candy vendor.
I think he... was cute.
I think the True Believers
were good.
- I mean, they were nice people.
- [chuckles]
Yeah, oh, they're nice.
Yeah, that's how they get you
to join their cult.
Next thing you know,
you're shaving your head
and your selling flowers
at a fucking airport. Come on.
[door creeks]
[bones cracking]
Amy, take your time.
And don't be in a hurry to take
your finger off of the piece.
I think I got it this time.
So, make your move.
Bishop to queen's bishop three.
- Check.
- Very good.
You know, I can still take
your bishop with my rook.
Okay then...
rook takes bishop.
Queen to queen's knight five.
- Checkmate.
- [laughs]
Oh, son of a bitch, Amy.
I finally got you.
Three moves ahead.
Nicely done.
[sinister music crescendos]
- [gasps]
- Sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you,
just looking for my brothers.
- Have you seen them?
- Um-mm.
I'm sorry.
I just took a nap and woke up.
And these two here got
stone fucking drunk. -Mom?
We need to find Trevor.
All right, I'll come with you.
I've got a flashlight in the car.
[suspenseful music playing]
[both] Ole!
[Brett] God damn it.
Oh my God.
Is that real?
Man, that's fucking real.
[dialing phone]
[phone ringing]
[operator tone]
- We're sorry...
- What the fuck? have reached a number that has
been disconnected... -You kidding me?
I remember seeing
a landline inside, all right?
Come on,
let's go see if that one works.
Come on.
[suspenseful music continues]
God damn it, Darsaw.
Come on, we need to go find
"Thelma and Louise."
Go see if you can find the
phone somewhere. -Okay.
I think I see it over there
near the window.
Ma'am? Ma'am, wake up.
Ma'am, please.
Ma'am? [screams]
Call 911, Amy!
Call the police!
The phone, is it working or not?
hysterical shouting]
Stop! Stop!
[sinister music playing]
[opera music playing]
The omnipotent, noble knight.
[galloping sound]
I shall mount
my mighty barbed steed
and take great lengths
upon this land,
paired with my bishop
in defense.
Serve upon this war, its end.
[electrical crackling]
Happy birthday.
- Make a wish.
- [sobbing]
I wish this would end.
Where's my mom?
Why, right there, of course.
Who's that?
Where's my mom? Where's she?
Follow the bread crumbs.
[sinister music playing]
[opera music playing]
Now, the bishop...
a wily soldier,
but an honorable man.
And I shall preach
the good word, sire,
and bring our enemies
to God's fire.
Pray for their souls
upon the hour
as death's dragon doth devour.
[dramatic music playing]
[opera music playing]
The kingdom, Niklaus,
the kingdom.
You must defend the kingdom.
- The kingdom?
- The kingdom.
These pieces, these soldiers...
They're your only defense
of the kingdom.
- The kingdom.
- The kingdom.
- The kingdom.
- The kingdom.
The kingdom.
The kingdom.
[Amy sobbing]
[ominous music playing]
[eerie sounds]
[electrical crackling]
Mama! Oh, my God!
I'm so sorry. Okay, Mom.
- Hello, Amy.
- No!
- Did you like my gift?
- Let my mom go!
Yeah, about that...
Jane, we're not going
to be needing you anymore.
No, I'm sorry,
the king has sacrificed you
so that we could put
our queen back on the board.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear daughter
Oh, Amy, you're being silly.
Yes, yes. Do you not understand?
I'm your daddy. It's true.
Your mother was my cousin,
the beautiful Elizabeth Rosen.
- No!
- Listen to me,
I knew the moment I saw you,
that you were my Amy Anders.
My father made us give you up.
But now you're back.
Now we can win.
You're Aka Manah.
- You killed them all.
- Amy...
They were just game pieces.
This is the game of kings.
Do you not understand?
[audio playing backward]
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I shall raise my sword
In defense of my queen
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I shall raise my shield
To protect my king
Clash, clash I am the
white pawn Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I shall die honorably in battle
I will, clash, clash
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
I am the white pawn
I'll be the first to die
If to die I must, clash, clash
I am the white pawn
Clash, clash
You killed Trevor.
No, not true.
That was your demon.
He made me.
I was just his puppet, and you know
exactly what I'm talking about.
And you know what else?
He's gonna make you do it, too.
Amy, Amy, Amy...
Listen to me very carefully...
You're not my father!
You are a beautiful
monarch butterfly...
[electrical crackling]
...emerging from the cocoon.
Preparing to take flight...
and be free.
Queen to queen's knight three.
Remove now, the black queen
from the board.
Good daughter.
Now, come here...
and give Papa a big hug.
[pop music playing]
[music fades out]
Hello, Reverend Thomas.
It's Amy Anders.
It's actually Anders now.
My mom left me here to recover, and Nik
had to leave town for a little while
and take care of family
down south.
And he left me in charge, and...
[grunting, gasping]
I thought, you know, we could
use a lot of help around here,
and maybe we could
work something out?
[ominous music playing]
I look forward to it.
[suspenseful music playing]
[music fades out]