The Manor (2021) Movie Script

(eerie voices
whispering and chanting)
(birds chirping)
There we go.
Hands up.
Great. There we go.
Beautiful. (chuckles)
You remember what we did.
Higher, Mark.
Lovely. Ah.
- To the side. Beautiful.
- (kids laughing)
(kids giggling, singing)
Happy birthday to you.
- Yay. (chuckles)
- Oh.
Aw, thank you.
(lively chatter)
-(chuckles): Sorry. I just gave
away your piece. -Whos next?
- Mom, take it easy.
- JUDITH: Oh, come on.
Kids keep us young.
Okay. (chuckles)
Are you okay?
- (kids screaming)
- (echoing): Grandma.
- Are you okay, Grandma?
- Mom?
Somebody call an ambulance!
(siren wailing in distance)
(bird cawing)
(eerie voices whispering)
(wind whistling)
(birds cawing)
JOSH: You dont
have to do this, Grandma.
Oh, I do. My health.
Thisll be better for everyone,
believe me.
Hello. Welcome.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
This way, please.
Its a lovely second-floor room.
- You okay?
- Mm.
Here we are.
Oh. Hello there. (chuckles)
- Hi. Hi.
- Im Liesel.
Uh, Judith.
You didnt have to
unpack for me.
I could have done it myself.
Those are beautiful.
You were a professional dancer?
Mm, I dabbled.
Wow. I just...
MS. BENSON: Before I forget,
your medication...
For Parkinsons
and for your stroke...
Just leave it with me.
The nurses will
make sure you get
the right pills
for each meal or at bedtime.
Oh, Ive always
managed myself, thank you.
Well, youll no longer need
to worry about it now.
Isnt that a relief?
Perfect timing.
I need a new prescription,
At least its quiet here.
Thats good.
Im a light sleeper.
Well, Ill leave you to it,
and let me know if theres
anything that you need.
Ms. Benson,
may I speak with you?
(Annette muttering)
You dont belong here.
Oh, Im 70, Josh.
Age is just a number.
It doesnt mean anything.
No, my darling.
Thats just something old people
tell themselves to feel better.
Doesnt sound like you.
Age is what stops me
from dancing or teaching or...
keeping up pace with everybody.
-You look younger than
everyone here. -(chuckles)
But you know what?
Every single one of these people
thinks the same.
We all still think were 20.
I dont, I dont know how...
I dont know how
Im gonna deal with this.
Well, can you deal...
Oh, whats that?
- What? Oh! Stop!
- (both laughing)
Okay. Mom.
- Well let you settle.
- Right.
JOSH: Um... uh,
wh-why dont you go along?
I-Ill catch up later. Its...
You know, Ill just stay here
- for a little bit.
- Josh, you need to come with me.
Grandma needs to rest.
Call me if you need anything.
- Sure.
- (Josh sighs)
Dont worry. Ill be okay.
Bye, Grandma.
(Annette groaning softly)
(cell phone vibrating)
(cell phone chimes)
ANNETTE (mutters):
-Sorry. I didnt
introduce myself. -(gasping)
- Judith.
- (gasps)
I guess were roomies
like were back in college.
(muttering quietly)
Looks like I caught you
at a bad time.
Im watching.
Im watching, watching.
- Looking for this?
- (gasps, chuckles)
I was just about to panic.
Of course, you know about
our no-cell-phone policy.
I-Im sorry. What?
For the peace and quiet
of the house,
we dont allow any phones
anywhere in the building.
Youre pulling my leg.
It was in the contract
that you signed.
So much for all the exciting
Insta updates
I could have posted from here.
(door opens, closes)
(Annette whimpering
and muttering)
Im watching.
- Im watching. Im watching.
- (sighs)
(crickets chirping)
(phone clicks)
She still hasnt texted back.
- Im sure shes fine.
- Shes fine?
Did you see her roommate and
the people shes staying with?
Its tough, but we have to
remember this was her choice.
You couldve at least tried
to talk her out of it.
(chuckling): No one has ever
talked your grandma
out of anything
shes decided to do.
Thats bullshit. You didnt
want to look after her.
She moved here
to take care of us
when we needed her the most.
-But now she needs help,
shes out? -Thats not fair.
Im gonna go watch a movie.
MAN (on TV):
This is weird.
This may make you
a little tense.
It made someone
a little past tense.
Heres looking at you, kid.
(woman screaming in distance)
No! Oh!
- Let go! (screaming)
- GARY: That is enough.
- Imogen.
- IMOGEN: Let go!
-It is time to go to bed. Come
with me. -I dont want to sleep!
Go away!
-Go away! -No, this...
Come with me right now!
- Go away!
- Please go back to bed.
IMOGEN (sobbing):
No! Oh!
I want to go home!
You are home.
IMOGEN (sobbing):
I want home. Please.
(Imogen continues pleading)
- (quiet chatter)
- (silverware clinking)
(gentle music playing
over speakers)
How are you today?
Would you like to visit
the grounds later?
I could make time for
a little stroll if you like.
- Oh, Id love that.
- Okay, great.
(grunting softly)
I wasnt ready for this change.
I miss dancing,
and I miss it
more than anything else.
But my prognosis isnt good.
My symptoms are under control
for now, but...
who knows how long thatll last?
Whatevers coming next...
Whenever or however
I end up diminished...
I dont want my family
to see me like that.
Well, you look in great shape.
(both chuckle)
You want to see something fun?
Come on.
You okay?
Where the hell
are you taking me?
Been a while
since my last safari.
(grunts softly)
Well, this is it.
Oh, its beautiful.
You just wish you could sit here
with a good book. (chuckles)
Or-or curl up and nap
and dream of fairies.
Whats this?
Damn kids.
They have these drunken
sleepovers on the grounds.
- (laughs)
- Weve added a fence,
but now they cut their way
through with pliers.
Takes me back.
My friends and I had these
wild parties in the woods.
Wed smoke grass
and play guitar,
- dance around the fire.
- Mm.
Its where I met
my husband George.
Life was easy then. Carefree.
An adventure.
Whatd you find there?
Anyone you know?
No. I...
Probably not.
Come on.
We should probably head back
before they call a search party.
LIESEL: You should
find yourself a hobby here.
- Gardening?
- (chuckles): Oh.
Theres lots of things to do.
Uh, watercolors, crafts,
even ballet.
Maybe something youd enjoy.
- Nope.
- (chuckles)
Who wants to see an old bat
fluttering about
- in a leotard, anyway?
- (both chuckle)
And heres our vegetable patch.
Liesel, hi.
Oh, hello.
Ladies, this is Judith.
- (chuckles)
- She just moved in last night.
- New blood.
- Yes, you dont say.
- Hi. Im Ruth.
Oh, nice to meet you.
- Trish. Welcome. (chuckles)
- Thank you.
- A wormwood.
- Yeah.
Do you make absinthe?
Do you know much about plants?
(chuckles): No, but I, uh,
know a little about absinthe.
Ah. (chuckles)
- (gasps)
- (both laugh)
Watch your step, young lady.
- Yeah. (chuckles)
- I didnt see you there.
Im sorry, uh,
if I frightened you.
Im Roland.
Oh. Uh, Judith.
I-I was just looking
at the, uh...
Well, yeah, dont mention it.
Its lovely to meet you.
- (chuckles)
- I was planning
to come to you
later today to, uh...
Well, we have
a card group going,
and, uh, were missing
a player for bridge.
Do you, by any chance, uh...
- Uh, bridge? (chuckles)
- What a clich.
(both laugh)
Uh, its not as boring
as it sounds,
I promise you.
- Hmm?
- Uh...
Th-That... Yeah, sure.
- Oh?
- Sure, thatd be nice.
(Roland chuckles softly)
Nice to meet you all.
- TRISH: Yes.
- (Judith chuckles)
- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
(classical music playing)
WOMAN (over P.A.):
Attention, residents.
(announcement continues
- (quiet chatter)
- (classical music continues)
And pli.
- JUDITH: Hmm.
- (woman continues indistinctly)
- Hi.
- So glad you could join us.
Yes, well, with this wealth
of exciting activity,
I wasnt sure Id find time
in my schedule.
I, um, brought
a little something
- to get the party started.
- Bring it on, sister.
- (chuckling)
Well, your spirit is
so visceral.
Thank you, Judith.
So, first things first.
Any family?
Uh, my daughter and, um,
my grandson Josh.
Hes 17.
Enjoy the visits,
if they do come.
I got to warn you,
they thin out quickly.
I hear you.
My friends deserted me
when I stopped being able
to teach their kids
how to dance.
- Uh-huh.
- But Josh will keep visiting.
Hes the light of my life.
Keeps me young.
Does he? Really?
Well, his father died
when he was little,
and we were all affected,
of course,
but Josh, in particular,
just didnt know how to cope.
- ROLAND: Hmm.
- After a while, it was important
that he go back
to a normal life.
- You know, kids, fun.
- Mm, mm-hmm.
But his mother wasnt able
to provide that, so I...
Well, he and I grew very close.
A fact which his mother still
resents, Im afraid, but...
- (chuckles)
- (Roland laughs)
Do you have family?
Oh, theyre long gone.
Once youre here, you become,
uh, irrelevant to society.
Youd think we were in prison.
Well, we are on death row.
You married?
Oh, widowed.
- Oh.
- He was a good man
-and a great musician,
and I do miss him. -Mm-hmm.
Same. I-I miss my wife.
Uh, its good to have a
significant other in your life.
I sometimes think that the
toughest part of getting older
is that I might not get to see
the man Josh will become.
Geez, enough of
this depressing talk.
(light laughter)
How do you like your new home?
-Uh, it takes time to adjust,
right? -Yeah. -Mm-hmm.
Youve got to accept the change
and just move on.
- Right.
- People who dont,
they end up looking like, uh...
(Judith and Trish chuckle)
I-I cant cast the first stone.
I-I was a dancer, you know?
My-my work depended
on my youth...
Or the appearance of it, anyway.
I-I understand peoples choices.
Well, Ive had three face-lifts.
Ive tried every fad diet.
- (laughter)
- Tried filler,
- every Botox.
- (laughter)
If Id been told that "bathing
in the blood of virgins" stuff
actually worked, Id have gone
the way of Elizabeth Bthory.
Well, in the end,
theres only so long
you can hold the fort, right?
Fighting nature
always comes at a cost.
Wish you could recapture
the beauty of your youth?
Hebora, nighttime formula...
(TV clicks off)
- No! No!
- In right here. Go.
- No! (shrieks)
- (men grunting)
No, no.
Let me go!
- I dont want to go to sleep!
- Get her in the bed. Get her...
-No! -You cannot sleep
in the living room!
- No! No!
- Just relax.
- Just relax.
- (sobbing)
No, no.
- Youre acting like a child!
- (sobbing)
Can I help you?
- No, no. Its okay.
- (Annette panting)
Dont you see him?
Pardon me?
Dont you see him?
Hes watching us sleep.
Dont you see?
Are you talking about...
- (purring)
- No.
Its okay. Its just Ozzie.
It doesnt mean anything, okay?
- (meows)
- Look, see?
Hes gone already.
(panting softly)
My grandfather,
he had Alzheimers
the last years of his life.
It was like little pieces
of his mind just...
falling apart one by one.
Im sorry.
Thats why I became a nurse.
I just wanted to help
make a difference.
My grandparents gave me this
when I was little.
Oh, nice.
I like to think that
theyre watching over me.
(chuckles softly)
Um, time for bed.
Whats that?
Oh, its just something
to help you sleep.
We want to make sure
everyone has a good night.
Youre drugging everyone.
That is awfully dramatic.
I know dealing with
screaming patients is hard,
but dont you think
your teammates are a bit rough?
Were all trained professionals,
and no one is sedated
against their will.
Look, dont worry,
it-it takes a bit of time,
but youll fit right in.
(door closes)
- (owl hooting)
- (crickets chirping)
(eerie voices whispering)
(wood creaking)
- (voices whispering louder)
- (whooshing)
(Annette groaning, muttering)
- (quiet creaking)
- (Annette sobbing)
ANNETTE (whimpering):
(alarm buzzes)
There! What is it?
Is she okay?
(Annette whimpering)
(Annette panting)
(Annette grunts softly)
Where is he?
(sighs) Are you having
a bad dream, Ms. Albright?
Fuck no.
He was standing right there.
Is that language
absolutely necessary?
- Im not a child.
- Clearly not.
Good night, then.
(door closes)
(birds chirping outside)
Oh, Nurse, I...
Oh, its you.
Do you need something?
Was anyone in my room
this morning?
My hairbrush is gone.
I wouldnt think so.
- Let me help you find it.
- Im telling you,
someone took it.
Its gone.
Is this it?
You were probably
just distracted.
New habits.
People misplace objects here
all the time.
(Annette muttering)
(gentle music playing)
Whose turn was it?
- (Josh chuckles)
- Ah.
Easy one.
"At what job
do Wilbur and Chick work
in Abbott and Costello
Meet Frankenstein?"
Uh, baggage clerks.
Whats the deal with him?
Oh, hes here every day.
He keeps thinking his wifes
picking him up to go home.
Keeps forgetting
his wifes dead and buried.
Can you imagine?
He couldve been a mob boss.
He couldve trained dolphins
to become assassins
or... who knows?
But now... his minds gone.
Hes gone.
Geez, make me cry,
why dont you?
No, no. Im-Im serious.
I... Its the worst, I think.
Worse than having to pull a
tapeworm out through your mouth?
Worse than your house keys
falling into dog shit?
Oh, way worse. Way worse.
Or getting tiny paper cuts
between each of your toes?
Oh, wait. Wait, wait.
Between your teeth.
- (Judith chuckling)
- Okay, okay, no, no, no.
Oh, God. Oh, what?
Oh, that...
- No. You-you win. You win.
- (laughs)
(rolls die)
Its gonna get easier, right?
(thunder crashes)
(rain pattering on roof)
(thunder crashes)
(deep creaking)
(thunder crashes)
Anyone there?
(alarm buzzes)
What are you doing
in the hallway?
Youre supposed to be
in your room.
There was something
right there, on my bed.
Where the hell were you?
I called you.
Youre not my only patient.
If you insist
on wandering about,
Ill have to lock your door.
It was right there.
What the hell? Let me go.
Calm down.
Youre gonna hurt yourself.
I can put myself to bed,
thank you very much.
Do you want me to call Gary
to come in here and assist me?
-Hes right there
in the hallway. -Hes there.
I knew it. Hes the one.
Yeah, I knew it.
Gary has better things to do
than to lurk around your room.
Its just another nightmare.
Come on. Lets get you
back to sleep now, okay?
(door closes)
(whimpering, muttering)
JUDITH (whispers):
Who is it?
- Youve seen him before.
- (sobbing softly)
Wheres your crucifix?
(Annette moans softly)
(Judith sighs)
(birds chirping)
There you are.
- Hi. Thanks.
- Sit.
(Judith sighs)
You look tired.
Speak for yourself.
If I didnt know better,
Id say you were hungover.
Where was the party?
Feeling better
from last night, I hope.
Quite the nightmare you had.
"Quite the nightmare you had."
-They all treat us
like children. -Right?
(whispering): I wasnt having
a nightmare last night.
I was awake.
I saw something.
- What was it?
- (sighs)
Someone standing at the end
of my bed, watching me sleep.
And I know what youre thinking,
but the same thing happened
the night before.
Well, how clearly could you see?
Well, it was dark, but...
-Ms. Albright, how are you
this morning? -You.
Were you in my room last night?
- In your room? What are you...
- Around 1:00 a.m.
-What kind of creep watches
women when they sleep? -Uh...
And Annettes crucifix
is missing.
Is that what you do?
Steal from the elderly?
Uh, Judith,
the-the teas getting cold.
This isnt achieving anything.
- All right.
- All right.
(both sigh)
I-I dont know what to do.
I mean, should I call
the police?
No, no, no.
Dont call the police.
Dont do anything dramatic.
Now, uh, you may be right,
and I-I dont like him, either,
but, Judith, everyone else,
not being able to distinguish
between whats real
and whats a dream,
thats a sign of dementia.
And they will have you diagnosed
and medicated in no time.
Hes right. In their eyes,
none of us have both oars
in the water anyway.
Yeah, trust me.
The moment they see
any signs of illness,
they treat you like an invalid.
Look around you.
None of these people
are getting out of here.
Not for Thanksgiving,
not for Christmas,
not for their
grandkids graduation.
Now, once they see weakness,
the only way youre getting
out of here is in a box.
(doorknob rattling)
Ms. Albright.
Is everything all right?
Oh, yes.
Id just like to get some air.
Outside walks
must be accompanied.
What do you mean?
Were locked inside?
We need to know where
our residents are at all times.
Uh, some wouldnt be able
to make it back on their own.
- (children singing in distance)
- Come with me.
We have a childrens choir
recital in the living room.
Id rather poke myself
in the eye.
Have a nice day, Ms. Albright.
(applause in distance)
(piano playing gentle melody)
- How did you...
- It doesnt matter.
Come away with me.
This is no place for you.
- (Trish clears throat)
- (music stops)
(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)
I, um...
What was I...
Do... do I bid?
Bids are in.
Spades are up.
Are you okay?
Sure. Sure.
I think... (chuckles)
I must have been...
you know, I was dreaming.
- ROLAND: Uh-huh.
- For a minute there, I think.
Well, youll adjust.
Youll find a... a new reason
to get up every morning.
Just give it time.
Look, were all
in this together.
You know,
if ever you get the blues,
you just come see me and Ruth.
Were in the room
right next door.
(chuckles softly)
(groans softly)
- (gasps)
- Whoa. Oh. (laughs)
(Judith gasps, chuckles)
What are you doing here?
Well, I thought that
we could prove to ourselves
were not as old as we think.
- Roland.
- Oh, I was in my room,
and I thought about
that gorgeous woman
- just across the hallway...
- (chuckles)
and the connections
that we share.
And I thought that maybe...
No. No, no, no.
I-I mean, I really appreciate...
I mean, Im flattered
by the attention,
but, um, Im not ready for that.
Ah, geez,
I got my signals crossed.
Listen, I-I... Sheesh.
- I thought youd be game.
- (both laugh)
- My apologies.
- Well, no harm done.
(Roland sighs)
You move fast, Roland.
Lets not mention this,
all right?
All right.
Oh, cheese and crackers.
- (sighs, mutters)
- (chuckles)
- What a madhouse.
- (door opens, closes)
Whos there?
(quiet creak)
(gruff panting)
- Take a breath.
- (inhales deeply)
- Another.
- (inhales deeply)
Uh, chick.
Uh, lemon.
Left hand.
The other hand.
(machine whirring and beeping)
I believe we are talking about
Parkinsons disease dementia.
Im sorry, what?
Its not uncommon.
- (sighs)
- JUDITH: Hang on.
You can see dementia on the MRI?
Im afraid so.
How can this be happening?
Would you mind waiting outside
for a moment, Ms. Albright?
I just have a detail or two
to settle with your daughter.
(chuckles softly)
Youre going to discuss
my treatment without me?
Im not a child. I...
Ms. Albright, I-I understand
that this is a lot to take in,
but it would be easier
if you gave us a moment.
(Judith sighs)
(door opens)
What can we do?
Your mother has complained
about vivid dreams
which she couldnt
differentiate from reality.
Its caused her to fall.
She needs
our constant supervision.
Shell be safer
here at the manor.
Whats important
is that neither you
nor any member of your family
encourage her delusions.
She needs to understand
that her nightmares
are all in her head.
- Oh, God.
- Dont worry.
Ive worked here
for over 20 years.
Shes perfectly safe.
(door opens, closes)
Listen to me. Listen to me.
Whatever Ive seen at night,
its real.
At first, I thought it was
a member of the staff,
but now I think...
Let me come home.
I mean, this clearly
is not working out for me.
Mom, I cant do that.
I cant go against
the doctors advice.
Why wont you believe me?
We all want you to feel better.
But, you know, youve always had
a vivid imagination.
Were all trying
to look after you.
I promise.
Well see you soon, okay?
(rock music playing)
(song continues over headphones)
Cauldrons boiling
on a moonless night...
(Imogen muttering quietly)
Infernal whispers
on the wind...
- Help me.
- What?
Help me get out.
- What?
- Imogen, come on.
- Lets go inside. Okay?
- Oh.
Come on.
(Josh sighs)
- There you are.
- (chuckling): Sweetheart.
Whats on your mind?
I dont want to worry you.
Then its bad.
This place...
Being surrounded
by all these sick old people...
Makes me feel like Im...
So, this must be the grandson.
Hi. Im Roland. Im a friend
of your grandmothers.
- Hi.
- I hope. (chuckles)
-(chuckles) -Anyway,
I heard a lot about you.
- Hey.
- (Josh and Roland chuckle)
Ill let you two catch up.
(Judith chuckles)
Hey, he seems cool.
Yeah, he is cool.
But we play cards
with his friends, and...
- Dont judge.
- (both laugh)
(Josh sighs)
I better go.
You know, Id-Id really like
to get out this weekend.
Could you two pick me up?
Lets go for a, you know,
Sunday lunch or movie or...
Uh, no, I-I dont think...
I dont think
thats such a good idea.
They say youll settle faster
if you dont go home right now,
so, you know,
maybe hang with
your-your new friend.
Roland, right? Yeah.
"They say"?
You listen to them now?
Do you know they wont even
give me the code to go out?
Oh, God, Im so sorry.
Im such a wet blanket
right now.
Come back later, okay?
Your ticket out.
Good boy.
Ill be back tomorrow.
(both laugh)
(indistinct chatter, singing)
- (laughter)
- (music playing)
Are you guys...
Hang on.
Are you smoking grass?
- (laughing): Uh, no.
- (coughing)
- No.
- Oh, my God, you...
- you are smoking grass.
- (coughing)
- Its-its purely medicinal.
- (grunts)
-And thats the end of it.
Sorry. -Yeah.
- (laughter, coughing)
- Did you grow it?
- Is that why you have to...
- Uh, well...
(Trish and Ruth laughing)
How long have you two
lived here?
I mean, youve almost made it
into a home.
Oh, its a mess.
Weve been going through
some old clothes.
- RUTH: Yes.
- Oh, really? May I?
Sure. Have a look.
See if theres
anything you like.
- Really?
- (laughing)
Were you 20 when you moved in?
- Oh, no.
- Sure feels like it.
(gasps) Oh.
- This had to be you.
- Oh, yeah.
Oh, you can have that.
- (classical music playing)
- (quiet chatter)
(wheels squeaking)
Your roommate is not
looking too good.
Mm-hmm, she had a turn
for the worse last night.
(Ozzie meowing)
- WOMAN: Whats going on?
- (residents gasping)
(Annette whimpering)
No. Off, kitty.
- Off you go.
- Shoo. Youre scaring everyone.
I dont understand.
- Whats the deal with the cat?
- (Trish sighs)
Ive seen Annette freak out
about it before.
Ozzie, the poor kitty.
He can sense whos about to die.
Cats are smart that way.
I mean, we may have
one foot in the grave,
but nobody wants to be
the next to go.
- Are you okay?
- (moaning quietly)
The doctor insists you take this
to help you relax tonight.
Insists? Why?
Residents get a little agitated
when Ozzie, um, misbehaves.
I dont need to be sedated,
thank you very much.
It might help with those dreams
youve been having.
Did Annette ever say
what she saw in her nightmares?
Please take the pill, Judith.
Youll sleep better.
- (Judith gasping)
- Weve been marked.
You wont be saved.
Find it.
Annette! Annette!
Help us! Somebody!
Holy shit, Annette.
Annette. Annette.
Gary, get the doctor quick.
Come on. Come on, Annette.
Are you okay?
Oh, God.
Annette? Hon?
Im so sorry
you had to see this.
Will you be all right in here
for the night?
"Find it"?
Find what?
(closes drawer)
Oh, fuck this.
(door opens, closes)
(lock clicks, buzzes)
Oh, thank Christ.
- (fence rattling)
- (indistinct chatter)
- (indistinct chatter, laughter)
- JUDITH: Shit.
GIRL: Oh, youre squeezing
my arm too tight.
What are you doing there?
- Whoa, no.
- Oh, careful. Youre...
(twig snaps)
- I dont think that Im...
- Wait a minute.
I heard something.
Did you hear that?
Come on.
Im freezing my ass off.
- Lets go.
- Oh, all right.
-Youre so cranky. -Oh.
If you were a real gentleman,
- youd give me your jacket.
- Really? (laughs)
(chatter fades in distance)
- (quiet chatter)
- (music playing)
You eat your eggs with a fork?
- I dont have a fork.
- (Liesel clears throat)
Have you seen Judith today?
Uh, no.
Cant say that I have.
Ms. Albright?
(radio clicks, crackles)
Ms. Albright is MIA.
Shit. There she is.
Oh, am I glad to see you.
Yes, we found her, thank God.
How could this happen?
What do you mean, no harm done?
For Christs sake,
shes not even dressed.
I have to tell you something,
but you have to promise
youll keep an open mind, okay?
Sure. Sure.
I think theres something out
there in that house killing us.
- Wait. Wh-What?
- (paper rustling)
Look at these names.
Annette, my roommate,
she died last night.
All the others above her name
have died, too.
I dont know who
or what it is, but...
Imogens next, and then me.
Help me.
I need to get out of that place.
All this proves is that
whoever wrote this
was really paranoid.
God, why does everyone
treat me like Im crazy?
Even you.
Remember when you were little
and I used to chase the monsters
out from under your bed,
and Id listen to your stories,
and Id listen
to your fears and your excuses
when you came home late?
I have faith in you.
Cant you have
the same faith in me?
(electronic entry bell chimes)
Mom, you... you cant
do this again, ever.
If Ms. Benson hadnt called us,
if-if we hadnt found you...
Im not a prisoner.
I shouldnt be locked up.
Its the rules.
You agreed when you signed them.
I didnt agree to have
my freedom taken away from me.
Im not gonna
take you home, Mom.
You wanted a Sunday lunch,
fine, but the doctor...
That doctors a charlatan.
I wont go back.
"The doctors a charlatan."
All right, thats enough.
Im your mother, not your child.
Ill be right back.
End of discussion.
Shes clearly not happy there.
I think we should take her home.
They warned me about this.
I dont want to make things
worse than they already are.
(scoffs) Worse?
How can things be worse?
Open your eyes. Cant you see
the state shes in?
Honey, I know Grandmas scared.
I know shes worried.
We all are. (stammers)
This is a difficult time
for everybody.
Dad would know what to do.
Josh, you should know, um...
Shes not doing so well.
What do you mean?
Oh, shit.
BARBARA: Mom, theyve come
to pick you up.
No. No. No.
- This way.
- No, Barbara, look.
- Look-look at this picture.
- Come on.
-Leave me alone.
I-Im not crazy! -(shushing)
- Just look at the damn picture!
- Keep walking this way.
- Come on. -Yeah, okay.
- I dont want to go back!
How can you do this to me?
Im your mother!
Im your mother!
- ELIZABETH: Calm down.
- JUDITH: How can you do this?
(choir singing "Carol of
the Bells" in foreign language)
(birds cawing)
(indistinct chatter)
Roland Benson.
Ms. Benson.
Trish Price and Gary Price.
What the fuck?
Ruth Cooper and Elizabeth.
What the hell?
(dial tone droning)
(line ringing)
JOSH (recorded):
This is Josh.
- You know what to do.
- (beep)
(whispering): Josh. Come here
as soon as you get this.
Its-its very important.
MS. BENSON: you as well.
Im heading into my office.
Let me take a look
at the calendar.
We dont have any rooms
available right now, Im afraid,
but I should have an opening...
in about a week.
Ill send the application
right away.
Of course.
- Thank you. Bye.
- (phone beeps)
(both gasp)
I was... I was just...
I know. I was...
Liesel, come in, please.
I need you to check
the medication for 312.
(Ms. Benson continues
speaking indistinctly)
(keypad beeping)
- (device buzzes)
- LIESEL: Okay, perfect. Yeah.
I actually did check...
(continues indistinctly)
(device buzzes)
(doorknob rattling)
Oh, God.
Oh, Josh.
- You okay?
- Oh, thank God youre here.
I have to get out.
No, again?
I know whos killing people.
Its Roland.
-Wait, the-the old guy
you play cards with? -Yeah, I...
I thought you liked him.
Im in danger.
I havent seen Imogen
since yesterday.
Im next on the list.
Okay, okay, why dont you speak
to the director, then?
- She can help.
- No, shes his daughter.
Or his granddaughter.
- I mean, shes in on it.
- In on what?
These so-called nightmares
Ive been having,
this mans behind them.
And his friends, too.
And theyre all related
to members of the staff.
Isnt that weird?
Yeah, thats super weird.
- Yeah.
- Wait.
I-I thought you said
what you saw wasnt human.
No, no, its not them.
Or it could be.
It-it could be they-they turn...
turning at night
into something... else.
I dont... Im confused.
I dont know...
What are you talking about?
I saw Roland in a photograph
at the diner in the hallway.
He looked exactly the same
40 years ago.
Oh, I know it sounds insane,
but its the truth.
The doctors said...
you might try to convince us
that youre seeing stuff.
Is that what you believe?
That Im crazy?
He says you-you have...
That doctors a crook.
And hes part of the conspiracy,
and I can prove it.
Where the hell...
What are you looking for?
The file.
What file?
Its gone.
It was... it was right there.
Somebody took it.
- What was it?
- My brain scan.
And-and those of others here
diagnosed with the same disease.
All exactly identical.
Theyre fake, Josh.
Brain scans?
How-how do you even know...
that theyre brain scans and
if theyre slightly different
and-and someone...
someone took them?
(Josh stammering)
I hate to say this,
but it sounds bonkers.
Youre right.
I should be going.
I should get back.
You only just arrived.
Yeah, I got to be home
for dinner.
Will you be coming back
Tomorrow? I-I dont think so.
I, um...
Im s-swamped this week, so I...
Next week, for sure.
Next week.
Good night, Grandma.
(door opens, closes)
Time for bed.
Oh, not yet.
Its very late.
Wait, whats that?
Well, Ive been asked
to restrain you.
Whoa, no. No, no.
Look, Judith,
its for your own good.
So you wont fall out of the bed
- if you have nightmares.
- I said no. No.
- Let go. Stop it.
- (alarm buzzes)
No, you dont touch me.
- Not you.
- Judith, Judith, calm down.
- No! No! Stop!
- Judith, get your feet together.
- Please just...
- Stop it!
-Please just hold her down.
Please... -Get off me!
- Get the fuck off me!
- Please, Judith.
- Get off me!
- Calm down!
- Judith, you need to calm down.
- No, I dont want this!
- Calm down right now. Calm down.
- Stop! -Judith. Wait.
- (panting)
- Good.
You said you wanted
to help people.
Your grandfathers real proud
of you, dont you think?
I once heard
Dr. Geoghegan say that
when youve experienced
something disorienting,
you should close your eyes
and count to five.
When you open them again,
whatever you saw or heard
will be gone.
Count to five?
What the fuck
kind of advice is that?
- I believe you.
- What?
But youre gonna
have to stay like this
and play along tonight.
Im being watched.
But I know whats going on.
Ill check in on you,
and well talk in the morning.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
(thunder rumbling)
(door closes)
(thunder rumbling)
(creaking continues)
Oh, my God!
Help! Help me!
(screams) Somebody help!
Help me!
Oh, my God, theyre right.
Im going crazy.
Oh, my God!
- (crackling)
- (screams)
Good morning, Judith.
Oh, wheres Liesel?
-(groans) -Oh, she wont
be back for a while.
She said shed be here.
Shes on sick leave.
(Judith panting)
- Im sorry.
- No.
- I know you two get along.
- (groaning)
Hopefully, you and I
can be friends, huh?
(quiet chatter)
Help me get out.
Imogen, lets go.
Out and up to fifth position
and around.
Beautiful, class.
(electronic entry bell chimes)
(camera clicks)
(camera clicks)
(Ozzie meows)
Oh, no.
- (sobbing)
- (meows)
(Ozzie purring)
(sniffles, sobs)
(crying softly)
-(gasps) -Ive seen it...
The photos on the wall
and these-these
friends of yours.
Look. Look.
Thought it might mean something,
so I looked it up on-online.
It-its a Celtic sigil,
representing an oak tree.
A symbol of-of longevity
and regeneration.
Like-like a tree of life.
Do you understand?
- (sighs) Celtic?
- Yeah.
- So?
- So... you were right.
Youre not going crazy.
(sighs) Youre right.
There is something
going on here.
I-I dont know what it is,
but its some Wicker Man magic.
But I-I dont think you should
stick around and find out.
Well, I cant...
I cant just leave.
I... We have to do something.
Go to the police.
No, we-we need evidence.
Trust me, they wont
believe us without it.
Im s... Im sorry
I didnt believe you.
JUDITH (softly):
Come on.
Lets go before the nurse
starts her rounds.
Lets start with Roland.
- (door opens)
- Roland?
- You watch the door.
- Okay.
What are we looking for?
Anything incriminating.
Like what?
I dont know.
Cauldron, broomstick.
Just let me know
if anyone shows up.
Oh, my God. The scans.
I knew it.
I knew I didnt lose
my hairbrush.
What is that?
Oh, gross. Is that his?
Quite sure its mine.
Oh, my God, what a perv.
Wait a minute.
Shit, shit, shit.
(whistling outside door)
Someones coming. Come on,
come on, come on. Under the bed.
Hurry up.
Come on. Hurry up.
(door closes)
(whistling stops)
(whistling continues)
(window opens)
No! What are you doing?
(Josh grunting)
Where the...
Where the fuck did he go?
Oy, language.
Hey, "language" yourself.
You cuss plenty.
Yeah, well, I fucking earned it.
Youre 17.
Oh, my God.
Holy shit.
What the hell was that?
- Itll be all right.
- What-what was that?
We have to follow them.
I think I know where hes going.
Do you know the new code?
- I-I-I do, but, um...
- Yeah.
Lets not waste time.
We got to get moving.
- Now.
- What the f...?
JOSH (whispers):
This way.
Pass me your cell phone.
My grandparents gave me this.
Im being watched,
but I know whats going on.
Shes on sick leave.
Oh, Liesel.
(birds cawing)
(owl hooting)
(voices chanting in distance)
(distant chanting continues)
Turn off your light.
Before we go any further,
if anything goes wrong...
I want you to run away
as fast as you can.
I cant run, but I dont have
as much to lose.
- No, no, no. I am not...
- You...
Im not going anywhere
without you.
Im the Wilbur to your Chick.
(chuckles softly)
All right, lets do this.
(distant chanting continues)
(chanting continues)
(Roland laughs)
Theyre witches.
Theyre fucking witches.
Holy shit.
So they are.
(chanting in foreign language)
(Ruth laughs)
Lord of the forest,
we welcome you unto us.
Into this circle we are bound.
We refuse the degradation
of our bodies.
Allow us to once again feed
upon the weak,
through your minion,
to absorb their energies
and replenish ours,
to thrive
through their ill health
and live beyond their death.
Oh, tree of life,
send your minion to feed for us
and extract
the last remaining energy
of Judith Albright.
Josh, no!
- (shouting)
- (choking)
No! Let him go!
(grunting, choking)
ROLAND: Judith, I knew
from the beginning
you were a vivacious one.
Theres no one here to help.
- Why are you doing this?
- Isnt it obvious?
I watched my wife
lose her mind bit by bit
until she couldnt recognize
our grandchild.
Im not gonna
go through that ever.
What about the people you kill?
Their sacrificed souls
keep us going.
They already had
one foot in the grave.
If youre going to cheat death,
you got to pay the price.
But from midnight until dawn,
the witching hour,
I get to be young again
every night.
Those kids I saw in the woods...
They were you.
This is nothing personal.
Judith, youll excuse the...
the clich.
I really like you, but...
-you cant make an omelet
without... -No.
Breaking a few eggs.
(Judith gasps)
- (laughter)
- JOSH: No!
(deep creaking)
(low growling)
(Ruth laughing)
(Roland screaming)
No. I dont understand.
Its your fucking hair, Roland.
- (growling)
- (gasping)
(body thuds)
Let him go,
or I swear Ill trim this fucker
into kindling.
Judith, wait!
It doesnt have to end this way.
Theres another way.
We welcome you among us.
Both of you.
You can destroy that tree,
and then sit
and wait to slowly die alone
with all the other people
in that house.
And you, young man,
you can watch her fall apart,
lose her mind,
no longer recognize you.
Or you can join us
and be young again.
Healthy, vibrant forever.
Think of the happiest time
in your life,
when everything was exciting,
you had a purpose,
you were loved.
Think of all that youve lost.
Remember that feeling,
those happy times.
How easy it all was,
how carefree.
We can give that all
back to you.
And you have a young person...
Like my Elizabeth
or Trishs Gary...
Who can help you
and keep your secret.
Its a perfect partnership.
All those poor people.
Imogen, Annette,
God knows how many others.
The lives you sacrificed.
Are they really living?
They merely exist.
Theyre awaiting death.
Theyre ghosts.
Thats your future, Judith.
Cant you see?
Were just cutting short
their suffering.
Its a mercy.
The price to pay
is very small, really.
And what other choice
do you have?
A useless existence
in a broken body.
Think about it, Judith.
No more limping.
No more pain, no more disease.
We dance, Judith.
We dance every night.
Just think of it.
And you, young man,
will never have to know
the anguish
of watching your loved one
slip away.
Or die, like your father.
Remember how hard that was?
And how your grandmother
was there for you?
TRISH: Who will be there
for you, Josh, when she dies?
Judith, do it for Josh.
Grandma, please.
Dont leave me alone.
(Josh groaning)
(eerie voices whispering)
Happy birthday, dear Judith
Happy birthday to you
And many more.
Oh, Barbara.
- (chuckles): Come here, sweetie.
- Happy birthday.
Josh, sweetheart.
Isnt it the wrong birthday?
We thought theyd remind you
of the past.
Oh, thats wonderful.
My grandson, everyone.
- (chuckles)
- Hes joining the staff here.
Isnt that great?
- He keeps me young.
- (chuckles)
Oh, anybody want cake?
- WOMAN: Lets all have some.
- (excited chatter)
(chatter, laughter)
(eerie voices whispering)
(eerie voices whispering)
(music fades)