The Mansion (2013) Movie Script

[Faint chattering]
This is
the wrong house.
This is not the one
i told you about.
I know, but I've had
my eye on this place
for a long time.
Yeah, but there's
a family here.
I know.
Come on,
the one down the road
is loaded with stuff.
Don't worry.
We'll get there.
But first we're gonna
take care of this place.
We can't.
Why not?
There's a family here.
Right, well...
We all kind of voted...
We want it.
We're gonna go in.
No occupied homes.
We take care
of our own.
No occupied homes.
That's the deal.
Not anymore.
[Dog howls]
[Faint chattering]
-[dog whines]
[Man yelling]
[Female newscaster #1]
And now to show you
the vast and urgent
fight underway
by doctors and states
across this country--
[male newscaster #1]
States across this country
[Male newscaster #2]
Center for disease control
has issued
a dire warning
about one of the most
dangerous strains
of bacteria
which resists
all known antibiotics.
[Male newscaster #3]
Let us begin
this half hour--
[female newscaster #2]
With a call for urgent
action this morning.
To stop the spread--
[male newscaster #4]
Of a so-called
"nightmare super bug."
[Female newscaster #3]
Trying to contain
a new kind of bacteria
normal antibiotics
don't reach.
[Male newscaster #5]
The fear and the challenge
is to keep these bacteria
from reaching
the general population.
[Male newscaster #6]
The normal issue of giving
someone an antibiotic
and curing them
becomes very difficult.
[Female newscaster #4]
National guard units
were activated--
[female newscaster #5]
The president now declaring
the outbreak
a national emergency.
[Male newscaster #7]
We are facing a potentially
dangerous problem,
but we do have a window
of opportunity
to contain it.
[Thunder rumbles]
all the institutions
have failed.
Everyone has gone
into hiding.
[Crow caws]
The sickness
spread quickly.
The cities were
hollowed out in weeks.
[Car horns honk]
We tried to set up
safe zones.
And quarantines.
But sooner or later,
someone infected
would get in.
And wipe everyone out.
[Music playing on radio]
All you could do
is isolate yourself
and your family.
We followed the rules.
Stay hidden.
Stay quiet.
Stay alive.
[Woman chattering]
Three times four...
[Man] why don't you
teach her something
she can actually use?
Like how to skin
a rodent?
all right, try it again.
From the top.
-[Girl] an improper...
Can I borrow
your hands?
[Country music plays]
I'll set it up.
A real feast.
Think it's okay?
The smoke?
Probably would have been wise
to wait an hour or so.
[Country music continues]
Hey. no peeking.
You'll ruin the surprise.
Ah, that looks great.
Here, hold on.
The candle...
It's a birthday, right?
We gotta make sure
it's special.
-oh yeah.
Make a wish.
Can I eat it now?
Well, yeah.
Get in there.
Happy birthday.
Eight years old.
-Is it good?
[Man] could this be
your birthday presents?
What is it?
It's an old...
An old series that used
to be on the radio.
A long time ago.
Let's get it set up.
[Suspenseful music plays]
[Man on radio]
You will know
terror soon.
Our weekly series,
designed to frighten you
and bring you
to the edge of your seat.
And then withhold
the resolution.
This weekly study
in terror
is brought to you
by candy toothpaste.
Okay, brush your teeth.
Get-- no, get
the back ones too.
There you go.
Go swig and spit.
Now go
to the bathroom.
[Twigs crunch]
Birdie, come on.
Come on.
I'm hungry.
well, you had a lot
of food tonight.
Here you go.
But I already
brushed my teeth.
Yeah, I'll let you
have a pass this time.
Let's have a little thanks
for what we've got.
Thank you for this day.
And thank you
for keeping us safe.
And for our little girl.
big girl.
Our big girl.
On her eighth birthday.
Keep her healthy
and strong.
Take it slow.
no, I didn't do it.
That's-- this is
fucking bullshit, man.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't take anything.
I didn't
steal anything.
I didn't do...
What's going on?
This little fucker
stole crackers
from the pantry.
I didn't. That's bullshit.
I didn't take anything.
Shut the fuck up.
Hey, rez.
What's up, guys?
-I didn't do it, rez.
-We found cracker crumbs
in this little
shit's bed.
That's fucking bullshit.
-I didn't do it, rez.
-Okay. Okay.
Okay, we heard you.
What should I do?
They say
you took food.
I didn't, rez.
I swear--
do you know
what the penalty is
for taking food
from our house?
I didn't steal,
i swear to god, rez.
-Come on--
Be quiet.
-I didn't--
-hey, hey hey.
Hey, I believe you.
I do.
Thank you, rez.
Thank you.
Do you know why?
Because I took
the crackers.
[Man laughs]
Call everyone in.
We're gonna have a show.
Wait! what?
No, rez!
[Man screams]
-[Gang members chuckle]
What's wrong, man?
You're not gonna
try to leave, are you?
Because you know
I'll find you.
i won't be gone
that long.
Maybe an hour,
hour and a half.
[Older man]
I'd love some scotch.
Single malt.
If they have it.
Uh, check
the medicine cabinets.
[Glass shatters]
[Heavy breathing]
Is anyone here?
Mama don't mind.
[Faint music plays]
[Faint engine rumbles]
[Engine humming]
[Older man]
What are you doing, Jack?
We can't take him in.
I couldn't
leave him there.
He would die.
[Older man]
We cannot take him in.
i couldn't leave
him there to die.
[Older man]
Do we know where
he's from?
Who he's been
running with?
That was
a stupid move.
And where would you be
if we hadn't taken you in?
As soon
as my leg recovers,
I'm gonna
make a move.
That's fine.
You're under
no obligation to stay.
Where're you going?
I'm gonna
meet my brother.
Let me guess,
it's a safe house?
Refuge stocked
with food?
Well protected?
Doesn't exist.
Pick up something
for birdie.
Okay. I will.
Oh, hey...
take care
of my girls.
how did you break it?
I was in an accident.
What kind of accident?
Haven't you ever asked
your father?
dad never tells
me anything.
He's just trying
to keep you safe.
Pass me the scissors.
you used to have
a family, right?
A little girl?
[Glass shatters]
You can have a water.
Don't mean to intrude
just looking for some food.
you're not gonna try
to leave are you?
Because you know
I'll find you.
[Crows cawing]
[Man whines]
[Man groans]
[Woman screams]
Who gave you permission?
Get off the step now!
You know what, asshole?
Did you insult
my kids and family?
I'm tired
of being beat on
by people.
You come here
all the time.
[Man laughs]
[Woman screams]
You have been all warned
not to come.
Off the property now!
Get off now!
-You don't shut up.
-Get off--
[Man laughs]
I knew
it was bullshit.
God, I remember
when all this shit
fell apart.
Ain't nothing
left in us.
Nothing at all.
We're just animals.
There's nothing left here,
there's nothing.
We're just
fucking animals.
Do it, pussy.
Go ahead, try and make
yourself a man.
Do it.
Do what you came for.
[Man giggles]
-[Man laughs]
-Do it!
Do it!
-[men gasp]
Can me and Kyle
go outside in the back
and run around?
I don't know, sweetie.
Your dad's not here.
I'll be quiet.
Mom, please, mom.
Keep an eye on birdie,
I'm gonna get my coat.
[Birdie coughs]
Jack says she's
been doing better.
Well, Jack's
in denial.
[Faint coughing]
Get inside.
Inside now.
What was she
doing outside?
It was
for a few minutes.
I don't care.
She doesn't go outside.
What's wrong
with you?
I can't trust you?
get upstairs.
Don't look at me
like I'm an asshole.
I heard her
from a thousand
yards away.
Anyone else
in the area did too.
Calm down.
I'm calm.
when I'm not here,
you're their safety.
When I am gone,
you stick to the rules.
You don't go outside.
[Suspenseful music plays]
[Man on radio]
You will know terror.
[Woman on radio]
He's in the house right now.
I know he's gonna kill me.
[Older woman on radio]
Just a moment, please.
[Woman on radio]
Call the police.
Call them now.
[Knocking on door]
[Woman on radio]
Did you hear that?
He's in the house.
He's in the house
right now--
Stay here.
We're sorry.
We can't help you.
We don't have anything
for you, pal. Okay?
So how 'bout
you fuck off,
unless you wanna
get shot?
Just a guy looking
for some food.
birdie, did i
ever tell you
about the safari
i went on?
-i did?
Did I tell you
about the serengeti one?
I did. Mm.
Do you know where
the serengeti is?
That's right.
Very good.
[Static on radio]
[Distorted voice
on the radio]
We just tuned in.
Birdie found it.
What do you
think it is?
[Jack sighs]
I don't know.
All right,
turn it off.
[Distorted chattering
on radio]
are you going
to leave?
Where are you
gonna go?
I'm gonna go
meet my brother.
He lives in a house
with a bunch of people.
look, we're almost
out of inhalers.
We have maybe
three months left.
There's a bunch
of new subdivisions
on the other side
of the interstate.
I can scout out
some new areas.
We should go
to decatur.
Decatur's bad news.
You don't know that.
I do know that.
There's nothing
out there.
back when everybody
was trying to get away...
Your dad ever explain
to you
what was going on?
The plague.
Who are those people?
birdie's not
doing well,
her coughing's
getting worse.
I just feel like we're
running out of time here.
There's a man
standing outside.
-What are they doing?
-[Russell] They're watching us.
[Gun cocks]
we need to leave.
We need to get
out of here.
-It's time to go.
-Go where?
to his brother's house.
Why are you filling
her head with this shit?
It's not shit.
It's a pipe dream.
It's not
a pipe dream.
I told you, I don't want
you filling anyone's head
-with this bullshit.
-It's not bullshit.
you don't know
what is outside.
Got less
than a quarter
of a tank.
You could make it 140.
Maybe 150 miles,
if we're lucky.
If we can
get it running.
Where are we going?
we're going to canton.
We're gonna have
to go around the perimeter
of the city.
Should have
enough gas.
Just hope
the battery works.
Come on, sweetie.
Nell, let's get
things packed.
Get the canned goods,
birdie's inhalers,
hats, blankets.
All right,
let's move.
Let's get our stuff
in the truck.
All right,
watch out, sweetie.
[Door knob rattles]
[Door knob rattles]
[Glass shatters]
Get the garage door.
When this thing starts
we're gonna have to get out
of here in a hurry.
[Engine sputters]
Come on.
[Engine sputters]
Please, come on.
[Engine sputters]
Get the other battery.
Where's my radio?
Sweetie, I don't know.
It's not that important
right now, we...
No, birdie.
come back there.
What are you--
what are you doing?
Come on, let's go.
We gotta go, we gotta go.
Come on. Come on.
[Glass shatters]
Get down.
[Glass shatters]
[High-pitched ringing]
What's the matter?
You're not happy
to see me?
Okay, let's go.
[Engine sputters]
Come on.
come on. God damn it.
Come on.
-[Engine roars]
-[Kyle] go Jack. Go.
-[Nell] He's in. He's in.
Let's go.
Let's go.
[Tires squeal]
son of a bitch.
How bad is it?
Son of a bitch,
it's bad.
What's wrong
with Kyle?
No, no, no, no, no...
You gotta
keep going.
You gotta
keep going.
Just go.
How bad is it, Kyle?
It doesn't feel bad.
It doesn't feel bad.
do you feel like...
I don't know
what we can do, guys.
I mean, really.
We have no clean rags.
We have just...
we need alcohol.
i know. We gotta
find something.
god damn it all.
look, let's just get
some place safe.
We'll figure it out.
how you guys doing?
just passing through.
About to leave.
-[Gun clicks]
-Hold on.
Give me all your food
or I'll blow
your fucking face off.
[Gun clicks]
You better put
that gun down.
Go on,
you little shit.
[Engine rumbles]
He's lost
a lot of blood.
We need to get him
some help.
How are we doing
on fuel?
The back roads cost us
but we didn't have a choice.
Couldn't go
on the main roads.
So not good.
Our best bet,
is to go and meet up
with my brother.
We're not
going anywhere
until we figure out
what to do about that.
we have to do something
about that light.
I don't want to attract
unwanted visitors.
We can't carry him.
You go.
Take the truck.
Find your brother.
And then you come
back for us.
Everyone goes.
I'll wait here.
we stick together.
If we leave at dawn,
I'll send someone back
for Kyle.
No one's getting
left behind.
you can't wait here.
You can come
back for me.
We already know
that's the only option.
Just... keep
yourself covered.
We'll be back
as soon as we can, okay?
Hello, birdie.
let's move.
-Here, two bags.
We'll cut through
some of these neighborhoods
up ahead.
Got a little hike
ahead of us.
Still in the middle
of fucking nowhere.
[Man whistles]
mom, can you
tell me a story?
oh, sweetie.
I don't have
any good stories
in me now.
The Princess
and the dark knight one.
once upon a time,
there was a Princess
who was being pursued
by a dark knight.
And he wore
big black armor
because he had been
in so many battles
and wars,
on his planet.
was the dark knight
a man?
half man, half machine.
[Nell] yeah.
Yeah, he's half man,
half machine.
So he had this big,
thick black armor.
And a deep voice.
And he breathed
like a...
Eh, kinda like
Russell's breathing
right now.
[Russell pants]
I remember this.
We just turn
into the woods.
It's a short hike
for you guys.
It's somewhere here.
The marker.
Come on.
Just a little further.
daddy, I'm tired.
come on, birdie.
We gotta keep going.
Come on, birdie.
hey. does any of this look
familiar to you?
I've never been
this far.
Let's make camp
for the night.
we should rest.
come on, right here.
I think
we should stop.
-[jack] We'll make
camp here tonight.
come on. We're close.
It's just over
the next pass.
[Nell whispering]
we are lost.
it's the last...
we are lost.
It's the last hill.
Come on.
Here, come on.
There you go.
There you go.
Where are we going?
Where are we going?
-[Nell] calm down. Calm down.
-[Jack] God damn it.
We left Kyle
in the goddamn barn.
All right.
[Birdie coughs]
Oh, come on.
-[Birdie coughs]
-[Nell] Stop here.
Come here.
this isn't it.
This isn't it.
-We're done.
-[Nell] Here sweetie.
All right.
all right, come on.
all right.
All right.
Come on, sweetie.
[Wolf howls]
Don't say that.
We're gonna take it
day by day, okay?
[Twigs crack]
check that out.
Get down.
[Men yelling]
[Twigs cracking]
[Twigs crunch]
[Birds chirping]
pass me the water bottle.
We need water, right?
Give me the bottles.
I'll backtrack
and I'll catch up
with you guys.
I'll get it.
I don't want you
tripping over yourself.
[Twigs crunch]
[Twigs crunching]
Nell. Nell!
Oh, fuck.
-[Russell wheezes]
-Which way did they go?
Where did they go?
Which way did they go?
There's a cold front
coming through today.
We'll make sure
we're parked
as close to the road
by sundown.
No, we should make it.
I don't know
about with this baggage.
Don't be scared.
No reason
to be scared.
I'm not
gonna hurt you.
Not like
that cripple, see.
He came at me,
What I did
was self-defense.
I believe
in looking after myself.
I wanna
look after you, too.
And I wanna
keep you safe.
I wanna
give you love.
I wanna
keep you warm.
Get your fucking
hand off her.
I've got
something clean
to put in that dirty
mouth of yours.
Step back.
Step back!
-drop it!
-Put it down.
-Brother, brother...
-Put it down.
-It's all right, brother.
Brother, it's okay.
Okay? calm down.
There's no reason
we can't share here.
There's two of them.
This one, she's...
She's big and she's strong.
You can do
what you want
with her.
But this one,
she's weak.
She's weak.
You don't want her.
Put the gun down.
Put it down, brother.
You can be saved,
if you put
the gun down.
Nell, you okay?
Brother, you want
to save yourself,
you can share
the feeling.
-[Birdie] daddy!
-[Crossbow shot]
[Muffled screams]
[Nell sobs]
Now it looks like
you've walked yourself
into a world
of trouble, brother.
But don't you worry.
I wouldn't let you
leave this world alone.
Which one of these females
you wanna take with you?
The little one?
-You want
the strong one?
-or do you want
the weak one?
[Nell sobs]
You want me
to make your mind up
for you?
-which one?
Cat got your tongue,
Maybe I'll make
your mind up for you?
-[Gun clicks]
-[Faint gunshot]
-Told you
to repent, brother.
Were you
with my brother?
Were you
with my brother, Russell?
[Country music plays]
Somebody take
the keys away from me
no, I don't care
who you are
don't let me
get back to my car
how the hell
did I get to abilene?
Two tanks
of gasoline
driving two cars
a scene
don't blame me
my heartbreak
heals real slow
somebody pick me up
some listerine
but only give
me one sip
let it roll
off of my lip
somebody keep
a wary eye on me
don't let me get
to that door
though I may reel,
i may roar
don't blame me
my heartbreak
heals real slow
unless you wanna
take a ride...
[Electronic music plays]