The Manson Family (2003) Movie Script

You better wise up,
the time is gonna come
when all men will judge
themselves before God.
Itll be the worst hell.
The worst Hell on Earth.
Itll make Nazi Germany
look like a picnic.
And you gotta be ready
for that, right now,
right here right now,
just like that!
And thats where
were at all the time.
Whatever is
necessary, you do it.
When somebody needs to be
killed, theres no wrong.
You do it and move you on.
Theres a revolution
coming very soon.
Youve lit the fuse yourself.
Were gonna cut and
chop all you fuckers up.
L.A. will burn to the ground.
Los Angeles will
burn to the ground.
Once again, youve judged
a reflection of yourselves.
We are what you made us.
And when your so betrayed.
I dont know who
fired the shot.
I dont know who
killed the congressman
as far as Im
concerned I killed him,
you understand
what Im saying,
I killed him.
He had no business coming.
I told him not to come.
Die with a degree of dignity
Lay down your
life with dignity
Dont lay down
with tears and agony.
Theres nothing to death
Its like Mac said,
its just stepping
over to another plain.
Dont be this way,
stop these hysterics.
This is not the way for
people who are socialistic
communist to die.
No way for us to die,
we must die
with some dignity.
we must die
with some dignity
We will have no choice,
now we have some choice.
You think their gonna
allow this to be done.
Allow us to get by with this
It has never been
done before you think.
Its been done by
every tribe in history.
Every tribe facing annihilation.
In the Amazon their
doing it right now
they refuse to bring any
babies into the world.
they save every child
that comes into this world.
Because they dont want to
live in this kind of world.
So be patient, be patient.
I tell you, I dont care
how many screams you hear,
I dont care how
many anguished cries,
Death is a million
times preferable
to ten more
days of this life.
If you knew what
was ahead of you,
if you knew what
was ahead of you,
youd be glad to be
stepping over tonight.
Death, death, death is common.
One week from tonight,
join me, Jack Wilson,
for a special edition
of Crime Scene.
Were gonna journey back to
August 9th and 10th 1969.
Were waiting for our
father to be set free.
Two nights of Murder
that sent terror
through Los Angeles
and ultimately, the world.
Judgment Day
is coming people!
Next week on Crime Scene,
were going to bring you face
to face with the evil few,
that forever poisoned
the Love Generation.
As I talk with the members
of Charlies Family.
Hear the jailhouse
confessions of Leslie,
the homecoming queen,
twisted by Charlie
into a knife wielding maniac.
Bobby, the unknown
lynchpin of the family
who committed
the first murder.
Sadie, now a born
again Christian,
once Charlies most
outrageous disciple.
Patty, a former
Sunday School teacher.
She found Jesus
Christ in Charlie.
And Tex, the former High
School football Captain,
who became Charlies
bloodiest butcher.
In Charlie they found a Daddy,
a lover, and a Savior.
And it only took his words
to ignite within them
a rampage of hate and Murder.
The actual killers.
Bringing into focus
for the first time,
their years as members
of Charlies Family.
Father cares, you can
tell in his voice he cares.
Oh, we did so many
drugs, and it made sense,
I mean we were sure
that it would work.
Hows your day Jack?
Well, shes up
for parole you know,
at the end of the year.
My parole hearings
are taped and broadcast.
Theres no return
address on this one, hmm.
Let me see.
What the hell is that?
Take a look at this,
To the Pig Producer
of the Charlie movie.
How much more,
am I supposed to suffer,
for something that I did
when I was 20 years old.
Hook up the
half inch machine,
I wanna see what
the hell it is.
You got it.
The powers of the serpent,
that live inside all...
...that is true on
the line of infinity,
infinity speaks in all life
in the voice of
the lost Child...
Kill it.
Hey, you know,
maybe whoever sent it
thinks youll use it.
Theres no way in hell
Im gonna use that thing.
Every time they even make
a mention of the murders,
the Family Murders,
it is Charlie,
Charlie, Charlie,
The, the Prince
of Evil, right?
Very seldom have
I ever seen them mention
the kids that
put in the knives
and the bullets
in the victims
Thats what gets me.
Bobby and Gypsy and I
were sort of this...
traveling family of our own.
I already had that shit
down, when I met him.
I had my girls, he had his.
This is really getting...
Heavy Bobby Im...
Im getting really bad vibes.
On acid.
Theyre eating my skin!
Help me!
Volcanoes are beautiful!
Fire is beautiful!
No, No, No!
Let it die!
Im gonna die!
Let it die.
Let it die.
Let it die.
Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go where it wants...
let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it die, Let it die.
Bobby met Charlie.
If anybody was
influenced, it was him.
By me.
And so I met Charlie.
Making music is
how I met Charlie,
when I joined a band
called the Milky Way,
Charlie was in it.
He was a fine Musician,
very intense,
very vivid from being
locked up all that time.
And he was a great lyricist.
I was, like a
lot of kids my age,
looking for God.
On a quest for God.
Stumbling around,
taking drugs.
Kind of like a blind
girl in a Forest,
Let me hit that now.
Linda, I want you to come to
the Ranch with me this time.
Just for a few days.
Charlie acts from his soul.
Charlie is the man that
weve all been waiting for.
I was living in this
apartment, with my Dog,
and my life was
really routine.
Id just go to work,
go home, go shopping.
Go to work, go
home, go shopping.
And, it was really a drag.
And then Charlie blows in
and he just
changed everything.
And I dropped it all.
And I just took off.
He brought out all
these things in me
that I was just
sticking in slots.
When Charlie got out,
he was 33,
hed been locked
up since he was 13.
And he was lonely.
And this was the first time
he had a group of women
that cared about him,
that loved him.
And Charlie loved those girls.
He treated them
with plenty of respect.
Well, I was trying to get
close to Charlies girls.
Its astounding that
Charlie even knew Dennis,
and that we were
all living in this
rock stars mansion
in the first place.
But then Dennis wised up
and kicked us all out.
Theres a lot of
acid at the ranch.
Well of course I went
where the girls went.
I followed them
out to the ranch,
and tried to integrate
myself with Charlie.
I came to you with all
the love in my heart.
And you slaughtered me man.
You slaughtered me.
And now I gotta hide,
I gotta hide my soul
so you wont kill me.
And thats why the
kids have to hide,
They come out and
their parents say
shut up get back
inside of yourself.
You dont need
to be so bright,
cause then weve got
to judge ourselves.
They hate to
look at themselves.
They hate to look at the
truth in themselves man.
They persecute themselves.
this is Tex.
You can have anything I got.
Charlie wasnt
the leader at all.
He followed us around
and took care of us.
Are you ready to die?
Yes I am.
Then live forever!
Being accepted by
the Family and Charlie
was like an answer
an answer to an
unspoken prayer.
Before his
Helter Skelter trip,
everything was beautiful.
All we did was smoke grass,
and drop acid,
and make love,
as much as possible.
We were forced to
examine our souls,
not privately, or secretly,
but before Charlie
and the entire family.
I mean, really, everything
that everything was for,
was for fucking.
Thats what everything
was for, Man.
To unify ourselves with LSD.
I mean, if we
werent fucking,
we were leading up to it.
It was heavy.
And if we werent leading
up to it, we were fucking.
I didnt have any
experience with group sex,
but I warmed up to it.
The girls kept telling me,
that it was my
parents hang ups,
that I had to
deprogram myself
from their inhibitions.
Thats what Charlie said the
whole universe was about, man
it was all one big fuck.
Everything was in and out,
smoking, and
eating, and drinking.
It was all just one big fuck.
Were not hippies,
were slippies.
Well, the ranch
was fairly isolated.
You had to take a back road
from the Santa Susanna Pass
to get there,
and it was owned by this
eighty year old,
blind guy named George.
Well, Charlie never
really believed
that George was
completely blind.
He would have
one of the girls
strip down in front
of him from time to time,
just to see if there
was some sort of reaction.
Charlie was always
trying to cultivate George
with the girls, you know,
to help cook and clean,
and make love to him.
And of course we helped
out around the ranch.
Whatever, shoveling manure,
grooming the horses,
whatever it took
to keep up a good front,
and make us look
good with George.
And for the most part,
we got along with
the other ranch hands.
Goddamn it move you
hippie bastards!
Except for Shorty.
Excuse me.
Charlie tried,
but Shorty was just
that one ranch hand
that he couldnt
work his magic on.
Charlie wasnt
looking for attention.
Which is why he
got so much of it.
You people sure
have strange concepts
of boyfriend, girlfriend.
Hi Tex.
Hey Tex.
I didnt know what to make
of Bobby when I met him.
He seemed like a spoiled,
super hippy, you know?
Arrogant, always trying to use
a power that he
didnt really have,
to influence the
rest of the group.
Whats the problem?
Last night, you said
we were going
swimming this morning.
I didnt know you were
going to be in the
barn, fucking Bobby.
Look, I dont belong
to you Tex, you got that.
I dont belong to anybody.
I can do anything I want,
and so can you.
Then why in hell did you bring
me here in the first place?
I brought you here
to meet everyone.
I brought you here
to meet Charlie.
Charlie, Charlie,
Charlie, Charlie
Sometimes our
group lovemaking could
be pretty comical,
other times it
was devastating.
But thats how
we were growing.
We were forming
a bond as a family.
And Charlie was directing
all these energies,
but no one could direct them.
Charlie wasnt our leader.
He didnt want
us hanging on him,
like our parents wanted
us to hang onto them.
We didnt need them.
Charlie let us be beautiful.
Im willing to
die for Charlie,
because hes me.
Well, we believed
that we were cleansing
ourselves, spiritually.
The goal was to achieve
an inner harmony,
as a group,
as an example to
the rest of the world.
Which we saw as
phony and desperate.
We talk this way
about Charlie,
and people say,
people like you,
say that were brainwashed.
But weve seen
Charlie do things
that no human being
has done before.
We saw him pick up
a bird in the desert
and breath on it
and bring it back to life.
And he said,
See I told you
you were perfect.
You must always think
of yourself as perfection.
And I bought it,
and him and the
whole brainwash.
Man, Ive been trying to
get a buzz off everybody.
Nobody has nothing.
I need to get high.
Pack me a bowl.
That was the last one.
Oh, youve got to be kidding,
there isnt any more.
Goddamn it!
Goddamn it!
Goddamn it,
Charlie, that sucks.
Hmmmm... yeah.
I know some knuckleheads,
we can burn
for at least a lid.
Cmon, lets go.
Whoa, whoa now,
whoa there,
whoa there Sadie!
Hey, hey, hey,
Charlie, Charlie,
let go of my leg.
Whoa whoa hey hey.
Hey, whoa Sadie.
Hold on now.
Oh my,
youve got some
dirty feet here, Sadie.
Lets clean them.
There was a love there.
A very strong, a
very true love there.
And if I hadnt felt it,
I wouldnt have
followed Charlie.
A Joint!
Youve got, youve got pot!
Oh thank God,
Charlie has a joint.
Would you light this.
But until I see all of
you knowing who you are
Im going to be
very much what I am.
God Almighty God.
Who do you think
sent that tape?
Maybe it was a practical
joke by some kids.
You know, Charlie has been
sort of an underground hero
for a lot of these kids.
Wait a minute,
I want to show you something.
I meant to show you
this the other day.
I picked it up at the Dark
Fantasy Comic Book store,
but look at this,
Row after row of
Charlie faces, look at that.
And then I realized,
that its been all been
leading to right now.
You know,
its like the family,
this is the last time.
Because now, Ive
got the perfect body,
the one Ive wanted all along.
The strongest one.
The one thats gonna make it
through for the last time.
Charlie told us
that Children were the
real leaders of the Family.
They were the ones
who lead the way.
Since we waited on
them they set the pace.
Jesus Christ and his
children were just kids.
They were living
free, without guilt,
and without shame.
They were able to
take off their clothes
and lie in the sun
and be one, together.
We took hundreds of
acid trips together,
smoked a lot
of pot together,
because we wanted
to be like Charlie,
because to us,
he was living perfection.
We wanted to mirror him.
We had so much sex.
We had every kind of
sex you can imagine.
We did things youd
never even think of.
Its a miracle Im not
dead from diseases by now.
I had no standards,
I would sleep with anybody.
Anybody I wanted to,
or anybody
Charlie wanted me to.
He would always give
me to the meanest biker
or the craziest whoever,
because he said I could
out freak anyone with sex.
Alright, go ahead
and print that.
You know when the trial
started for the Family,
it was really
the milestone
in the death of
the Hippie Movement,
everyone really
thinks Patty Hearst...
Martin Luther King
died with love!
Kennedy died,
talking about something
he couldnt even understand,
some kind of generalized love
and he never
even backed it up!
He sucked out!
Love is the only weapon
with which Ive got to fight?
Ive got a hell of a
lot of weapons to fight!
Ive got my clothes,
Ive got compasses,
I got guns,
I got dynamite,
Ive got a hell
of a lot to fight!
Ill fight, Ill fight!
I call on you
to stop this now,
if you have any
respect at all.
Are we Black, proud,
socialists, or what are we?
Hey now, that reminds
me of something.
Remember the bookstore
where I got the poster?
OK they had both of Charlies
Albums there, both of them.
On either vinyl or CDs.
Well, he finally
made the record bins.
I think its ridiculous.
Yeah, but did you buy them?
So Terry, what was it
like to talk to Charlie?
You could take him
in very small doses.
I mean, hed throw
ten things at you,
youd be on three,
hed be on seven and getting
real physical about it.
Hed, hed bend over,
hed pick up a
handful of rocks
and hed toss them
into the air and say
See, you can throw it all away
and itll come back to you.
Were flashing with
divine harmony this morning.
I just wrote two songs
while the sun was rising.
Very, very, Groovy.
Charlie was not
willing to sell out
to the Record producers,
which is the first and
most important requirement
before the industry is
willing to handle an artist.
Do you want
professional sound!
Maybe something you can use?
I suggest you get
in the booth and ...
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Whats the problem here, huh?
Many musicians say they
dont care about the money,
yet they commit themselves
to be at given places,
at certain times,
and to produce what sells.
Whether they
believe it or not.
Charlie didnt
want that success.
Charlie wanted success
on his own terms,
he didnt want
to be imprisoned.
I know whats best
for us man, I know!
Do you know anything about
the acoustics in this studio?
Do you know anything about EQ?
Do you know
anything about mixing?
I know about the Energy
Rays of a free love society,
and I know your cold
heartless technology
hasnt defined that yet?
Amen, Charlie.
But its there,
its here,
Its here, dig?
Like a thought,
its a thought,
its in a thought,
its in a thought
from me to you?
I dont have to
take this shit!
Jerry, Jerry, Jerry,
Jerry, Jerry cmon man!
Charlie, what
are you doing,
you dont go slapping people!
Well fuck you and
your bullshit Studio!
Hey, is that
what you think Man?
Charlie does things his way.
He dont conform to the pig
rules of the establishment.
So Terry, you worked in
the studio with Charlie.
Now youre his Producer.
What, what did you think
of him, as a musician,
as an artist?
Charlie was at the edge.
Just the whole sixties scene,
Things kind of built
to a critical mass
and at one point,
I actually thought,
Well, maybe there is something
we could do with this, but,
But the music was
really crap, wasnt it?
Yes, the music was crap.
Were so formal
over here, on the BBC.
[Charlie singing]
Just come and
say you love me,
give up your world,
cmon, you can be...
I mean things looked
good for Charlie
and everybody was just goofing
with their
head in the clouds.
Well, we gave
up our own birthdays
and renounced our families.
Charlie didnt allow
any clocks, calendars,
or anything like
that on the ranch.
Dennis and Bobby
were donating food,
cars, women whatever.
It was always submit,
give something to Charlie.
Submit everything you had,
submit your ego.
If you do not give me
the deed to the ranch,
I will throw you on
the rail road track!
Save me, save me!
Wed just drop acid
and share out of this big
pile of clothes and costumes,
and role play the day away.
Changing situations
and characters.
Well, youre
all going to be clearing
out of here pretty soon,
because George is
getting real tired
of you giving his
ranch a bad name.
I dont understand
all you little creeps.
Charlies not Jesus Christ,
hes not the Devil.
Hes just a little con man,
hes spent half his
life in jail goddamn it!
Well once the bikers and
ex-cons moved onto the ranch,
it became a chop shop
for stolen cars,
and dune buggies.
And Shorty began taking
down license plate numbers.
Now Shorty was married
to this black go-go dancer,
and that just
burned Charlie up
because it went
totally against his
racial philosophies.
Hey you nigger lover!
I heard your wife
takes it up the ass.
Is that true?
Well loose lips sink ships.
He never said,
in so many words
that he was Christ,
but he would imply.
Like, when hed look at me
and smile and hed say
Dont you know who I am?
I made love to
Charlie last night.
How was it?
Well, it was...
Like what was it like?
It was,
it was great.
It was kind of scary.
He said all these
really nice things to me.
Then when he
started to come...
he got real tense.
And then he climaxed
and I came but...
I got all...
It was like,
I couldnt move my arms
for about a minute at all.
I was paralyzed.
It was real scary.
Thats because
your ego was dying.
Until you give of
yourself completely,
and your egos dead,
you cant be at the now.
See what Im saying?
But it happens, you know.
Stop this nonsense.
Dont carry this on any more.
Youre exciting the children.
No, no sorrow that its over.
Im glad its over.
Hurry, hurry my
children, hurry.
Hold it down, weve got time.
Its an act of suicide,
commit an act of
revolutionary suicide.
We are now at
the end of reason.
We are motion itself.
We are eternal revolution.
If you get behind the
wheel youll kill us both!
Now give me the keys.
Give me the keys,
Ill be back in the morning.
Give them to me.
No, Ill take us home.
Cmon have a drink.
I gotta go home.
Thanks for nothing!
Im sorry.
Hey Simi,
whats the matter?
Do you want some of this?
Tex was trying
to please Charlie.
What are you doing?
Come here.
Charlie loved it
when they brought young
girls into the Family.
Young Love
is what he called it.
Go get me some young love.
Hey, Ill take you home,
Ill take you home.
Dont worry about it.
Ill get the keys to the
bread truck from Charlie.
Okay enough.
Go get the
keys from Charlie.
Only if you promise
to come to a party with me.
What party?
We throw parties
here all the time.
Everybody wants to meet you.
Just come to this one,
Terry was supposed to come in
and record us in our
natural environment.
Charlie thought a record
deal was coming too.
When I showed up,
the ranch was in full swing.
Yeah, we had
high expectations.
Charlie had us clean the
place from top to bottom.
We had zuzus,
hundreds of
joints were rolled.
And the girls,
well they prepared this
outstanding vegetarian feast.
The food that those
stores threw away
was perfectly good,
and we only took the very
best of what was there.
[Charlie singing]
Oh garbage dump,
oh garbage dump,
Why are you called
a garbage dump,
The first day
I came to the ranch,
Charlie sent me
on a garbage run.
He said take
some clean clothes
cause youll get all dirty.
And so I went
down to the market
and I hopped in the can,
and we went through
everything and got all dirty
and we just took the
best of everything.
And we took it and cleaned it
and took the skins off
and cut all the spots out.
Nobody goes hungry here.
You could feed the world
with my garbage dump,
You could feed the world
with my garbage dump,
Charlie Im sorry man.
Im sorry I couldnt make it.
I was uh,
I was tied up in
a meeting, okay.
Hey, hey whoa, Charlie,
Charlie, ease up man,
I never promised
you Id be there.
I said Id come
if I could, okay.
Its like I tried to
explain to you before, OK.
The record execs
dont think your stuff
is marketable right now.
What I suggest that we do
is well sit on
it until spring
and who knows you,
by then you could be
the biggest name since,
since Jim Morrison.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
what do you mean
make up my mind.
This one little
space in time,
where Charlie was there.
But he wasnt there.
Little freak.
Ahhh, ahhh!
Nobody cares about my music.
Nobody cares.
Charlie felt betrayed.
His album was
going to make us rich
and it was going to spread
his message to the world.
I mean it didnt
slow us down,
we all the makings
for a great party.
When Simi came
with the family,
she was a virgin
and she was scared.
She was scared stiff.
Charlies about the
hippest guy I ever met.
Hes going to open doors in
this little brain of yours.
So will this.
Whats that?
This is LSD.
Here take two.
Weve already dropped.
The whole Familys
tripping tonight.
I havent done any
hard drugs before.
Its not a hard drug.
Oh, we dont do
any hard drugs.
Its just, its just acid.
Its not like its heroin
or cocaine or anything.
Its a groove.
I dont know how.
What do you mean
you dont know how.
Its just like going
to the doctors office.
Stick out your
tongue and say Ahhh.
Say, Ahhh.
Well, I guess,
Ive always wondered,
what its like,
you know, to trip.
Its a groove.
Say Ahhh.
Say Ahhh.
On her first big
experience with the family
we all tripped on acid.
And she plum
tripped out on that.
She flipped completely out.
We were all
tripping right along
and we balled her brains out.
It wasnt rape,
she loved it.
It its like...
she would start fighting
and shes fighting and
scared and fighting.
And then shed calm
down and go uhhhh.
And then shed realize
what was happening to her,
and shed get all
scared and frightened.
And and Charlie was
sitting in the corner
just directing the operation.
Yes I knew who
Simi Sherry was.
And I know she was raped.
But that was
Bobby and Charlie,
I had nothing to do with that.
No, she just vanished.
Never heard from her again.
I pray for her now
in my nightly prayers.
I just thank God she
got out when she did
or else she might have
ended up in prison too.
Youve got the nerve
to pray for me.
Im just as...
youre just as...
disgusting as I am!
Its your fault.
Ive always hated you!
You ruined me!
You ruined my whole life!
All my life!
We struggle.
I mean we struggle
with ourselves you know.
Charlie, I am not going to
give up all my possessions
and come live with you, man.
Suddenly there
was a lot more talk
about fear and its usefulness.
Be like an animal,
be like a coyote.
Use fear to help you exist
and to live in the now.
Well, I think I tried to make
myself believe I was a witch.
I was, Yanna, the good witch.
Charlie just shifted gears.
We ignored the establishment
and we ignored reality
even more than we before.
We just continued on with
the Magical Mystery Tour.
Charlie got that
from the Beatles.
He called life,
or the flow of life,
The Magical Mystery Tour.
We were all part if it,
one mind, one soul,
one body
within it, and with it.
Its a total
state of paranoia,
its man when
youre that aware,
you can feel everything,
you can see
everything that moves,
you can hear everything
that makes a sound,
you could smell every smell.
And when youre that aware,
youre at the now.
This is when we
started going out
on Creepy Crawl missions.
Well, not breaking
and entering.
Creepy Crawling.
You what?
We Creepy Crawled them.
A few of us would drive
into some wealthy
and wed pick a house
and wed steal right from
under these peoples noses
while they slept.
You had to be super aware.
You had to be aware
of every move you made.
Well sometimes wed drop acid
to heighten our
awareness level.
We Creepy Crawled probably
fifty houses or more,
and we never got caught.
Not once.
You stay positive.
You confront your fears.
You say yes to your fears,
submit to them
and overcome them.
No sense makes sense.
You cant get caught
if you dont got
thought in your head.
Sometimes we would steal
from the peoples houses
that we broke into,
other times wed just
move the furniture around
to freak them out when
they woke up in the morning.
I was a master criminal.
I cant believe
youve ever been alive.
You dont deserve to live.
I hate you.
You gotta go too!
Take me Elizabeth!
My name is Cassandra!
You killed me first!
Charlie developed this game.
Wed take really strong LSD
and sit in a circle
around an empty chair.
Charlie called
it the fear chair.
Wed stare at this chair
while Charlie spoke.
He told us to imagine
a rich establishment pig
sitting in the chair.
Now its the pigs
trial hed say,
and wed stare at
this imaginary person
and project his fear
right back at him,
keeping him immobilized
with his own projected fear.
Keep judging
yourselves in Charlie,
but dont look in the mirror!
I dont remember exactly when
my mind crossed over from
reality to imagination,
but there was no escaping it.
Things seemed so
doom-laden that summer.
Everything that Charlie
preached seemed like
absolute, divine driven truth.
And, Charlie wasnt
preaching about death
of the ego anymore.
Now he meant violent death.
Physical death.
And when he said death is
beautiful, he meant it.
Death is beautiful,
because it its what
people feared the most.
Death is merely
an illusion anyway,
because the infinite
soul can never die.
If youre not dead,
you will be soon.
Tex was in bad shape.
Charlie had told us all
we had to cease to exist,
but Tex never could.
Free the mind,
and your ass is
bound to follow.
Its like he wanted it
both ways you know.
One minute hed be
bad mouthing Charlie,
and the next minute
hed be saying shit like
I am Charlie
and Charlie is me.
You dig man?
Well, here we are.
Give me the money.
You bring it out,
Ill pay the dude.
No man, no fronts.
The man doesnt
front for anybody.
Hed be running it
fifty yards from the house
and taking the
money right back.
Thats not a fucking front.
Hey look hes not gonna
change his rules for me.
Now do you want this or not,
because I dont care.
We can go right now.
Cmon Lotsapoppa.
Give me the money.
Ill be back in a flash.
I dont like this.
Lotsapoppa called the
ranch madder than hell,
and Charlie took the call.
Who is it.
Its Charlie, man.
And Charlie, talked to him,
soothed him out, cooled him.
And said dont come down here,
Ill come over there
and well settle this thing.
Where you going?
Hey baby, whats your name?
Get the fuck off of me!
You poor child,
you must be Rosina.
Hey man!
Im talking to you!
Get over here!
Marnie, would you untie
this poor girls hands?
Where you going?
Look motherfucker,
you keep her tied up!
Aw, come on man,
this little woman
couldnt out muscle you.
Alright motherfucker, get up!
Get up!
And put that fucking
gun on the table!
Easy its going.
I said easy!
Its going easy.
Oh the race war was something
we believed in totally.
It wasnt the
reason for the murders,
but the belief that there was
going the be a great race war
was something that
hung in the atmosphere
and drove us crazy.
Charlie thought Lotsapoppa
was a Black Panther.
Nothing has changed since
we talked on the phone man.
And if Tex aint got every
last cent of that money,
hes wasted.
Im gonna kill him.
Hes gonna be wiped
out, you dig it?
Thats not necessary.
Take it as a gift from me.
And here you are.
Kill me.
My life in exchange
for my brother.
Shoot me.
Amen Charlie.
Hes whatever a person
wants to make of him.
Hes a mirror, actually,
a reflection of yourself.
Get up.
Theyll both be right
here when you get back.
If we dont fuckem to death.
Ill get Tex for you.
Marnie, Ill be back soon.
Now you making
sense little man.
What are you gonna do?
Shoot me?
How could I shoot you
with an empty gun?
There are no
bullets in it man.
Alright you little fuck.
Drop it.
In everything thats
ever been written,
people always overlook how
important that shooting was,
and the impact that
it had on the future.
Charlie was terrified
that the Black Panthers
would come down on us
for shooting Lotsapoppa.
Thats a really nice shirt
youre wearing there.
I like it, I really do.
Could I have it?
I sure would like to have it.
I remember hearing
about the cop who shot the
sixteen year old black kid.
We had the race
riots in Watts,
the Black Panthers
in San Francisco,
Martin Luther King had
just been assassinated.
So Charlies rap didnt
seem too far out at all.
It didnt seem
like it was going to
happen a month from now,
it was happening right now.
Right now.
I love you.
I do.
I think thats really the
crux of the entire story here.
That, that was the springboard
for these killings.
That was the first
domino to tip over,
and it, it lead to the rest.
Its gone man.
Here, pack him
some more in there.
You fucking guys geeking.
I aint geeking
on nothing, man.
I mean, I guess not,
this shit fucking sucks.
I can hardly geek
off of it myself.
Give me some more.
Hey man you
want one of these?
It feels good and everything,
but I dont need
it or anything.
Well, who does?
You guys take too big of hits.
Jesus Christ!
You fucking whine so much man.
Why dont you take your turn?
Thank you, finally.
I thought I said
it was fucking empty
last time you handed it to me.
He is god!
Why do you think
theyre sending him
to the gas chamber?
Now you try.
Squeeze the trigger.
Youre pulling.
Dont put it in your mouth.
Stop it.
I want to talk to you
and your people Charlie.
Never point a gun at anyone.
You tell me what
happened to Simi!
Simi who?
We opened up her mind.
She split.
Her parents called.
She hasnt been
home for five days.
Goddamn hippies better
be straight with me.
You better watch what
youre saying Shorty.
Or Im gonna have
your head in a box.
Snitches will
be taken care of.
Chief its, its 6:00.
It sure is.
You know, not
everybody in the worlds
a workaholic like
you happen to be.
And Annettes
had the day off,
and Ill bet ya,
when I get home,
I just might have a couple
of steaks on the grill,
and maybe a cheap
bottle of wine waiting.
Well, I think Im
going to hang around
for about another
hour or so, anyway.
A lot to do.
Well, Ill see you about
nine in the morning, OK?
Alright, sounds good.
Say hi to Annette for me.
Sure will.
See you tomorrow.
People, [unintelligible]
[Indian noises and voices.]
Lets be dignified.
If you dont tell
them their dying
we might be able to stop
some of this nonsense.
Charlies the only
complete man Ive ever met.
He wont let any woman
talk him into anything.
He wont take any
back talk or whining.
Oh, weve missed you,
Charlies missed you
Where the hell have you been?
Are you staying?
Whats that?
Youve got a lot
of catching up to do.
He never really gave orders.
He was so evil
he would just scare us to
death with his preachings.
Every night hed tell us
that there was going
to be a race war,
and that whitey and the blacks
were going to go to war,
and it was going
to he the worst war
the world had ever seen.
And he said that
we had to be ready
to save the children
and rescue the
homeless babies,
and carry them off into
the desert to safety.
And he said we had to start
collecting dune buggies,
and guns and supplies
and all these other
things to help us survive.
And then he would just calmly
pull out this buck knife
and he said I dont know
about the rest of you,
but Im going to
start carrying a knife.
Theres no good or no
evil, there just is.
Did you have any idea
you were going to be
one of the apostles?
An Apostle?
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
Cmon Tex, why else would
you and I be here right now?
Why would any of us be here?
Thats right.
Cmon Patty.
Well, you know
who he is dont you?
Its all true Tex!
I know about these things,
I know its all true!
I used to teach Sunday School.
I was studying to be a
nun before I met Charlie.
The Gospel
according to Charlie
is all you girls know.
Youre absolutely
fucking right Tex,
because Charlie is Christ
and Christ is love,
and Charlie is love.
That makes Charlie
and Christ one.
The Beatles laid it all
out on the White Album.
The four angels
with the faces of men
and the hair of women,
thats the Beatles.
And the Breastplates of Fire.
Thats their
electric guitars, see?
You know who the fifth
angel is, dont you?
Dont you?
Im just so sick of this
mind-fucking bullshit.
You better be ready.
Two weeks everybodys
carrying a knife,
and Charlies teaching us
the best way to slit
a persons throat.
Just like theres no
past and no future.
Just now,
thats all
thats important.
The time is gonna come
when all men will judge
themselves before God.
Itll be the worst hell,
the worst hell on earth.
Itll make Nazi Germany
look like a picnic.
And you gotta be ready
for that right now,
right here right
now just like that.
And thats where
were at all the time.
Charlie set up
Helter Skelter patrols.
We kept 24 hour a day lookouts
posted with shotguns
around the ranch.
It was perfect
timing for Charlie,
because the Family was
starting to drift apart.
But now we were being pushed
to the last safe corner
of the earth, the desert.
Now, the District
Attorney made up the lie
that Charlie was trying to
start this black, white war
to bring on Armageddon.
Charlie didnt start the war.
As far as we
were all concerned
it was already coming down.
Helter Skelter is
the name of a song
performed by
The Beatles, period.
Helter Skelter
was very real to us.
For all we knew
it was happening.
All the events
were taking place.
And we thought we really
had to get to the desert.
That the desert was the only
way that we could be saved.
Wed still make
music and orgy,
but now it had this
dark underbelly to it.
Everything was Biblical
and Apocalyptic.
We will kill anyone who
gets in our way, period!
What are we gonna do Charlie?
Creepy Crawl
some pigs house?
Of course I loved Charlie.
I felt like he was
the Messiah come again.
You know the Second
Coming of Christ.
King of the Jews.
Drink from this.
For this is my blood,
the blood of the new covenant,
which is shed for many.
And the flames blew up
like the devils breath!
Shed for many.
Im the Devil!
Im the Devil!
The Devil!
Charlie, Im the Devil!
Neither repented
they of their murders,
nor of their sorceries,
nor of their fornications,
nor of their thefts.
And they had a King over them,
which is the Angel of
the Bottomless Pit.
Whose name in the
Hebrew tongue is Abaddon,
but in the Latin tongue,
hath his name is Exterminans.
And I started to
space it real bad.
And I fucking looked over
and Charlie looked
like the Devil, man.
I said, Man, I
think were in hell.
And he said,
Yeah, aint it groovy
I was getting some
real weird pictures.
So I get out while
the getting was good.
What do you mean
leaving, you cant?
Will you go with me?
You cant leave.
I overheard Tex and Sadie,
and theyre watching you.
I gotta get out of here.
What is going on?
Im sacred.
Whats wrong?
Charlie asked me
if I would kill somebody.
Whats in the bag Sunshine?
Hi Sadie.
You cant kill.
Bunch of people with their
backs up against the wall,
willing almost to...
Kill someone?
Oh, yeah.
In a split second.
Kill crazy and
throw your life away.
Any traces of my own
will or personality
had totally
dissolved by this time.
I was just as
extension of Charlie,
and I took my role of
enforcer very seriously.
Where were you going?
Whats the big deal?
I just wanted to be
by myself for a while.
She was wearing these.
I like to see in focus.
You were running away.
I wasnt running away!
Look whats the big
deal all of a sudden?
You guys are
acting like the ranch
has become a military camp.
Take them off.
Charlie told you
not to wear them.
Stop it!
I want to wear them!
Dont you ever leave the
ranch without telling anyone!
Going out to Death
Valley, you know,
it made a lot of sense.
Somewhere that we could
raise our children,
and let them teach us
some of the things
that we need to learn.
In a place thats
closer to the land,
and the stars,
and the spirit of life.
Do it again and
Ill kill you!
Well hang you in a tree,
and well cut
your tongue out!
You got no idea how desperate
things were out there.
Im not talking frustration,
Im talking lunacy.
Charlie thought that Gary had
inherited a lot of money.
So Charlie asked
Gary to join the Family
and come with
us to the desert.
Gary said no,
so Charlie told Bobby and
I to try to convince him.
Ive given you, given you
all help in times of need.
But Im not following
Charlie into the desert.
I have my life, and its here.
Were not asking
you to change Gary.
You can bring your, your...
Your Gohanza out there.
You can have everything
there that you have here.
We love you Gary.
We need you, man.
I need you.
No, alright?
Youre still my brother,
and my sister,
but I must be true to myself.
Last chance.
Its gonna take a lot of
money for a move of this kind.
Ill give you
forty dollars, okay.
How about twenty grand?
How about it?
We need that money Gary.
The whole thing with Gary
was that he had burned me
on a thousand
tabs of mescaline.
I went there simply
to get my money back.
I think you should
leave right now.
We aint kidding Gary.
Bobby, what are you doing?
Look, I dont know
what Charlie told you,
but I dont have
twenty thousand dollars,
and Im not paying.
Youre bullshitting me!
Stop it Bobby.
Get out of my house!
Watch him.
Im gonna find it.
Hes not gonna find anything.
Shut up!
We trashed this place,
we turned it upside down,
I dont know what else...
I dont know if he has it.
Alright, fine.
Alright, fine.
Well be here.
Youre making terrible causes.
Causes youll answer
for in later life.
Charlies pissed at you man.
You cant change the
causes youve made,
but you can counter
them with positive ones.
What the hell.
You too Sadie.
Just go.
Tell that to Charlie.
[Music playing]
I cant think
with that shit on.
[Music playing]
Trippy chick.
Yeah, yeah, go ahead.
Gary had no stomach
for what was going on.
He just kept saying
over and over again
that he didnt
have any money, and,
and he was tired,
and he wanted to go to sleep.
Me and Bobby looked everywhere
in that house for money.
[Knock on door]
Thats Charlie.
Let him in.
Finally Bobby didnt
know what to do.
Get up.
Get up.
Hey Charlie.
Wheres Bruce?
Charlie, I dont
think you know what
youre doing by this.
I want to talk
about that money Jack!
Right now, where is it?
Take your people and get out.
Dont man.
Dont come back
without the money, man.
During my trial
the prosecution wanted to
involve Charlie in my case.
Which is difficult because he
was never there at any time.
I cut Gary, when
we were fighting.
And it wasnt his ear,
it was more like this
little slash on his cheek.
Take this.
Its a little safer.
Clean up woman!
I think at that point Charlie
knew what was going on,
but we didnt.
I know Bobby was not at all
ready for what was happening.
Shut up!
Im gonna go get
someone to fix his ear.
Youre not going anywhere.
Look, we dont
have bandages...
And he will keep bleeding
until you tell us where
that fucking money is, Gary!
Hes not gonna tell
us a fucking thing
unless we help him!
Thats right!
Im gonna rip
this place apart,
and youre gonna watch him.
I am going to get some
medical supplies right now!
You do what I say Sadie!
Fuck you!
Youre so fucking stupid.
Here Gary, drink this.
We gotta do something,
we cant stay
here much longer.
Ive turned this
place upside down,
what do you want to do?
Well call the
ranch, ask Charlie.
Ask Charlie?
Ask Charlie, sure.
Charlie always has
an answer, right?
Its not always
the right answer,
but he always has an answer.
What the hell else
have we ever done?
Thats right, what the hell
else have we ever done?
You bastards
will fry for this.
Youre descending into
the lower worlds Gary.
Wheres your faith?
Call the ranch Bobby.
Maybe Charlie will let us
take him back there?
Hey Charlie.
No, nothing, zero.
Whats going on?
No, Bobby, Bobby No!
Help me!
Stab him again Bobby.
Bobby, would you help me!
To die is a beautiful thing,
its, its everything,
its every color in
the spectrum of light,
every sound,
every note in all music.
I returned and tried
to cover up my tracks.
But I left some prints.
Why Political Piggy?
To put it off on the blacks.
Well, thats why
Bobby made the paw print,
you know, the Black Panthers?
I had a lot of anxiety
over getting busted.
I split the ranch on the
pretence of ditching the car.
Some cops woke me up
one morning on the
side of the road.
Called in the car,
found the knife in the car,
hauled my ass in,
effectively negating all of
my creative efforts forever.
This is all your
fault Charlie!
Shut up!
You shut up!
As long as any
of us are in jail,
were all in jail, you know.
Im walking around out here,
but Im in jail with
every single young person
that should be free, you know.
Im in the Hall of
Justice with Charlie,
and Im on death
row with Bobby.
Wow, they got Bobby.
It was for the
love of brother.
This had nothing to do
with the race war, no,
no blacks against
whites, no Armageddon,
it no White Album,
no Helter Skelter,
that wasnt what it was about.
Then he went on about
how we were a family
and we werent going
to let one of our
brothers rot in jail.
Girls loved Bobby
enough to do this,
as they took these
peoples lives,
they were willing to
give their own lives.
And thats what theyre doing
right now on death row.
Its for the love of brother.
We knew that Charlie was
willing to give his life.
He brought up the
subject of Lotsapoppa,
and how that
had been my mess,
and how he had to
clean that one up.
That he had taken a life,
and now it was my turn
to repay that debt.
Well the girls, decided
if they found, the police,
if they found more bodies,
with, with writing
on the wall in blood,
that, that theyd assume
the killer was on the loose,
and theyd let Bobby go.
He told me that
the girls had a plan,
and that they needed me
to help them carry it out.
He said, go to
Terrys old place,
take all the money you find,
and kill anyone there.
I was getting into
my Creepy Crawl clothes
and me and Tex were
sneaking some speed,
and getting ready to go.
Linda, get up.
Wake up!
Now, youre gonna need
your drivers license,
a change of clothes.
Put on dark clothes
like Im wearing.
And bring your knife.
I want you to go
wherever Tex tells you.
Everybody, do
whatever Tex says.
He knows what to do,
listen to him.
And leave a sign.
You girls know what I mean.
Something witchy.
So I led them there.
I had been there
three times before.
I would step
out of this casket
like some freaky
vampire or something,
and I would
point at my victim
Shut up!
And I would dance
in front of him.
I wish youd shut up!
Shut up, shut the fuck up!
Were driving!
I had the girls
wait in the car
while I climbed
the telephone pole
and cut the wire.
I went down an embankment,
climbed a fence and
over some barbed wire.
We were headed
toward the house
when we saw a car
coming up the driveway.
Get Down!
Please I wont say anything!
Its starting, come on.
I turned the engine off,
rolled the car
back a few yards,
and I told
Linda to keep watch.
Then I went up to the house,
I slit a screen,
climbed in,
went to the front door
and I let Sadie in.
Go check for other people.
What time is it?
Who are you?
What do you want?
Im the Devil,
and Im here to do
the Devils business.
Linda, Linda,
I need your knife.
Whats wrong with you?
Listen for sounds.
Now Sadie came back in
with a woman dressed
in a nightgown,
and told me that
there was another couple
in one of the bedrooms.
Watch her!
Watch her!
Im scared.
Be careful with
her goddamn you!
One more word
and you will die.
He means it!
Get over there.
Stand there!
The methamphetamine crystal
that I had snorted earlier
was blurring
everything together.
Time was telescoping.
As soon as I had a thought
I was already
physically acting on it.
To me these people
were not human,
they were less than human,
they were artificial.
Let her go,
cant you see shes pregnant.
oh God please!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Please, well give
you anything you want.
I want all the
money you have here.
I have money in my bedroom.
Please, let me get it for you.
Sadie, go with her.
How much did you get?
Seventy two dollars.
Seventy two dollars,
is that all you have?
How much, do you want?
I want thousands!
We have more,
we can get more, much more,
if you just give us time.
Please, please?
You know Im not kidding.
I know, I know.
Please stop!
Im the Devil.
What are you going
to do with us?
You are all going to die!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Kill him!
Help me!
Help me!
Im so sorry!
My god, Im so sorry!
Im so sorry!
Im so sorry!
Tex help me!
Help me!
God, Im so sorry!
Ahhhh, stop!
I give up, take me.
Please, make it stop!
Its too late.
Just take me with you.
Take me with you,
and Ill have my baby.
Just let me have my baby.
I just want to have my baby.
Please let me have my baby!
Look bitch, I dont
give a shit about you,
I dont care if youre
gonna have a baby.
Youd better be ready,
cause youre gonna die,
and I dont feel
a thing about it.
Kill her.
Kill her!
You have to have a
real love in your heart
to do this for people.
Well, whats the big deal?
A million babies are
born and die each day.
Tex told me to dip
a towel in her blood
and write something that
would shock the world.
So I did.
Charlie was waiting for us
when we got
back to the ranch,
sitting naked
in the moonlight.
He asked us if we had any
remorse for what wed done,
and of course the
right answer was no.
I remember Patty
telling me about it
and then I went through a
change and, and I thought,
right on, I guess we did it.
Well, the next night,
Charlie gathered up Clem,
Sadie, Leslie, Patty and me,
and, told us to come with him.
Well, um.
Charlie made sure that he,
he sort of made
me feel really guilty
and said that
I should want to do it,
because it was
going to help Bobby.
Linda drove of course,
because she had the
only valid drivers license.
And we went to this house that
Charlie had once partied at
and he said were gonna do
the one on the
right of that house.
He said that the night
before had been too messy,
and that this time we were
gonna do it differently.
So he went inside
and he tied up the
couple who lived there
with some leather laces,
and he came back out
and he told uh,
Patty and Leslie and me
to go in and kill them.
Charlie, cant, cant we
just, can we just go now?
Can we just go now Charlie?
But dont tell them
what youre gonna do.
Dont scare them,
that way they wont fight.
Where are you taking her?
Shut him up!
Weve got money.
You dont have to do this!
Youre gonna kill
us, arent you!
Please dont,
please dont, stop!
You dont have to do this.
Ive got money.
Ive got money, you
dont have to do this.
No, leave me alone!
You dont have to do this!
Where is she?
Where is she?
Shut up pig!
Shut up pig!
Because I was...
I was in love with Bobby.
No, No, No!
Leno, Leno!
Help Leno!
Die pig, die!
Die, pig die!
Did you kill her?
No Patty did.
Oh, you gotta stab.
If you are willing
to be killed,
you must be willing to kill.
You gotta stab.
I know now...
that what I did,
was to Rosemary and Leno,
and not to things,
and not pigs.
God, Im so sorry.
I just want to
get out of here,
so I can make something
good with my life.
Oh, I had Patty
write on the walls,
and the refrigerator
with their blood.
The girls got something to
eat from the refrigerator,
I took a shower.
And then we just hitch
hiked back to the ranch.
Theyre willing to be in jail.
They know that theyre
in jail for everybody.
And maybe well all
have to go to jail
before we can get them out.
Maybe well have to go
up to the jail and say,
Hi, take me.
But they know theyre
facing the gas chamber,
and they dont care.
Thats what people
dont understand,
they dont care,
and theyre willing to die
for all young
people to be free.
Snitches will
be taken care of.
Charlie said,
Charlie said
they had to kill Shorty.
He had to have Clem
chop his head off.
I heard that
Shorty wouldnt die
unless they
chopped his head off.
Charlie said he knew too much.
He actually punched her out.
So we cut him into ribbons.
First we dosed him.
Then we hogtied him
while he was tripping.
We stuck needles
under his fingernails.
And in his eyes.
Through his nipples.
And cock!
Its not nice
to snitch Shorty.
He pissed himself.
Piss and blood.
Then we drug him
through the mud
And he was
screaming for his life
And Charlie gave the word
And we stabbed him like Caesar
Everybody, the whole family.
He just wouldnt die,
we just kept stabbing
and stabbing and stabbing
and stabbing, and
stabbing, and stabbing
So Clem cut his head off.
We cut him into nine pieces.
And buried him in nine places.
His legs are buried
right under you.
Its not nice to snitch.
The girls made up that story
about us chopping him
up into nine pieces.
Even the prosecutor
put that in his book.
But when Clem led the
Police out to the ranch,
they found the skeleton
intact of course.
No, no!
Pull over!
Get out!
God help me!
Its ready.
The revolution is ready,
and as soon as Charlie
gets out its on.
The revolution is on!
And if you try
to hurt Charlie,
youll all die!
He is God,
As perfection is.
Because its exactly
the same thing.
I had a brother once,
who was shot
and killed like that,
for nothing in the war.
I mean, its exactly
the same thing.
Every single day
love is being killed.
Were all in this together.
You gotta stab.
As long as Charlie
is locked away
in his asylum,
prison, grave,
you can say anything
you want about him.
You can make more bogus books
and movies about his life.
You can joke about him,
you can pretend to be him,
you can say and do
anything you want.
But the truth is,
you dont have the
soul to face him.
Youre a lot of vultures.
You are.
You live off the sacrifice
of the young people.
Youre bloodsuckers,
you are,
with your little
phallic symbols you know?
Were waiting for our
father to be set free.
Hes a genius,
you dont realize.
Its the second
crucifixion of Christ!
Judgment Day
is coming, people!
Leslies lawyer,
The press called him
Leslies Hippy Lawyer
And we all thought
he was pretty cool.
But, he was just
like the others.
He was the first of
the retaliation murders.
We are all facing
the gas chamber!
Hey, hey man,
what do you
think would happen
if one night seventy
five heads were cut off?
Excuse me.
You have just
judged yourselves!
You better lock your doors
and watch your own kids!
Your whole systems a game,
you blind, stupid people,
your children will
turn against you!
Thats what
youre all gonna get!
I will fight!
I will fight!
I will fight!
I will fight!
Your children will rise up,
and kill you.
Let the night roar
because they can hear us!
[Alarm going off]
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
[Phone ringing]
What the fuck.
You taught him,
You taught him!
[Answering machine]
Youve reached the
offices of crime scene.
Im Jack Wilson.
Leave a message.
I didnt teach him,
you taught him!
[Person leaving message]
Hello Mr. Wilson,
this is [unintelligible]
weve have just
received a break-in alert
on our security system.
Weve dispatched a
Police unit to your address
and they will be arriving
immediately, thank you.
You taught him!
Father cares, Father cares.
You can tell in
his voice he cares.
Why you wearing
that shirt Todd?
This is Charlie.
Show Dennis the back.
Man Dennis has seen
this shirt before.
No, man I forget,
what does that shirt say?
What the fuck is
that supposed to mean?
Charlie doesnt surf?
Cmon man, lets
get out of here.
Lets go man.
I thought you guys
knew about this shit?
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, you know,
before Charlie wasted all
them people and everything,
you know,
before they sent him out
to the clink, you know,
he used to surf.
You know, Charlie dont
surf no more, hes in jail.
Right, right, right.