The Marine 2 (2008) Movie Script

Heart of Darkness.
Wow. Do you read anything
besides Stephen King?
Hell, no.
Journey to the Center of the Earth.
Now, that was a classic.
Man, how does your wife
put up with you?
All right, here we go. Look.
Bravo, this is Sierra.
We have a black S.U.V. approaching.
Roger that, Sierra.
Right on time.
Okay. We gotta go.
We gotta change position.
Bravo, this is Sierra.
- Weapons confirmed.
- Check.
Engagement orders.
Simmer down, big guy.
We got plenty of time.
You seein' this? Unreal.
What the hell
is that guy doin' here?
Bravo, requesting
new target of opportunity...
High-value target, Sanan Alhad.
Identity confirmed, Sierra.
You have execute authorization.
Please be aware,
there is no Eagle extract.
We may not get another shot.
It's your call,
but we're out here alone.
Shit. Shh.
Okay, we got 6 visible targets.
If they get their hands on those boxes,
it's gonna get hot up here.
Target locked.
Come on, kid. Come on. You can do it.
You can do it. Breathe.
- He's gone, man.
- No. Just gimme a minute.
No! Hey. We gotta go, man.
Go. Go!
Come on!
Come on, man. He's gone!
- Hi, baby.
- Hey, sweetheart.
Oh, my God.
It is so good to see your face.
- Oh, you too.
- Everything good?
I'm comin' home for a couple weeks.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, that's great news.
That means you can be my "plus one".
Plus what?
Alright, you remember me
talking about Darren Conner...
my super-rich client, owns,
like, a bazillion different businesses...
Real estate, hotels, casinos...
Yeah. The one who wrote
that stupid get-rich book.
- Yeah.
- What was it?
Why shouldn't you have it all?
He's opening a new resort...
and guess who's in charge of his
super-deluxe, invite-only opening bash.
- Who?
- You're an ass.
- Yeah, sometimes.
- So how about it?
5 days of sun, beach...
It's just a short trip for you.
I was really just lookin' forward
to gettin' back home...
- back to Michigan.
- I'm sorry.
It's my job. Bad timing, I know.
- Why don't you just come home?
- No. No, wait. Look.
You're my home, and...
it doesn't matter where I am.
I love you back.
Oh, my God.
Isn't it beautiful?
- Yeah. Sure is.
- Hmm.
You're still a little far away, huh?
A little bit, yeah.
Hello! Welcome.
Thank you for joining us.
Can I get your bags for you, ma'am?
- It's beautiful!
- Right this way.
- Right?
- Aw, it's okay, I guess.
I mean, if you're into paradise and all,
you know?
- Oh!
- Ohh!
- Oh, you wanna fight, huh?
- That serves you right.
- Robin? Nice to finally meet you.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Cynthia, this is my husband.
- Joe.
Robin's told me a lot about you.
Nice to meet you.
Our goal is to have the most
energy-efficient resort...
in this part of the word.
As you know, this island rests
in close proximity...
to the volcanic corridor.
Oh, yeah. Everyone knows that, huh?
So we've constructed
our own geothermal plant...
allowing us to use heat for power.
- Impressive security.
- Yes!
24 hour armed guards
in security towers.
Top-of-the-line surveillance.
We are actually having our
opening party here tomorrow night.
You're goin' in. Come here.
Be careful. I gotta go to a meeting.
I mean, I know you see exotic spots
like this all the time...
but this is pretty decent
for us civilian folk.
Sierra, you copy?
You know,
I haven't seen you like this since...
Well, since ever.
Last one was bad, huh?
Yeah. It just went a little sideways.
Anything you could have done?
I don't know. I just got a closer look
than I usually get.
You wanna talk about it?
Just thinkin' about a change.
Not to put ideas in your head, but...
You know I'm proud of you...
whether you're saving the world
or sweeping a floor.
You know, I knew
there was some good reason I married you.
You have very low expectations.
It's so nice to see
someone's having a good time.
I was just waiting for you to arrive.
Darren Conner, this is my husband.
- Joe Linwood.
- A soldier, right?
Actually, he's a marine.
Hmm. Right. Can I talk with you?
I'm getting 20 phone calls an hour
from some Kusang representative.
They have a reporter
from some local rag up my ass...
for an interview I do not want to give,
and some Greenpeace lawyer...
trying to hit me with injunctions.
So could you just please
do your job now, thank you?
Absolutely. On my way.
It was a pleasure.
- We need to replace the champagne.
- Yes, sir.
That piss in the kitchen
I would not give to my dog.
And you thought
your job was dangerous, huh?
No. I like him. Really.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Got a surprise for you.
- Hi.
- Uh, listen.
What's that kid doing fishing
on the beach?
May I suggest an
electrical fence for these darkies?
Forget the electrical fence.
You've gotta clean up the beach.
- Watch out now.
- Watch your head. Aaah...
Sorry. I'm from the resort.
They said you could be booked
for a snorkeling tour.
We're not exactly up and running yet.
Do tell.
Oh, come on. Please?
A favor for your fellow Yankees?
Oh, hell.
If you're gonna hit me
in that soft spot of mine, I guess so.
But just so you know...
one Yankee to another...
I'm gonna overcharge ya.
- Oh, well, thanks for the heads-up.
- He talk?
Uh, not if he can get away with it.
- Oh.
- Trophy husband.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Your choice.
- Okay. Thank you.
- You a grunt?
- No.
- Jarhead.
- Yeah. Marine.
Mmm. I thought so. Where you out of?
- Parris Island or Pendleton?
- Pendleton.
Oh. Hollywood monkey, huh?
Force Recon. You?
Just a regular S.F. ranger.
Explosives. Engineer. I blew shit up.
Powder monkey, huh?
Uh, once upon a time, huh?
- Joe.
- Joe? Church.
- Good to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Come on. Let's get you all geared up.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Does, uh... Does this mean you're
not gonna overcharge me now?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yellow... Good choice. Sharks love yellow.
- That's great, baby.
- He's joking.
Go ahead. Turn around and look.
Oh, my God.
- Joe?
- Geez.
None of this was on any of the maps
until your fancy resort showed up.
Mmm. Gets better.
The other end of that beach...
There's a cave.
Leads you right back to your resort.
Just make sure you head west, okay?
They teach you that in the
Marine Corps, don't they...
- Difference between east and west?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Oh!
- Whoa!
- Go get him, honey.
- I will.
Enjoy yourselves.
Thank you. Bye.
This is amazing.
You know, it could be like this
all the time... You, me...
Jet-setting around the world.
Your professional "plus one"?
Until the first day you got bored.
I know who I married, Joe...
and I couldn't be happier.
Yeah, right.
This goes back to the resort.
Yeah. Wow.
- That's east. We gotta go west.
- Yeah.
That sorry powder monkey.
Well, Church was right.
- You wanna go back?
- Mmm. Come on.
I have a party to organize.
You know, they put one in every room.
- Robin!
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Good to see you.
I'm sure I wasn't like that,
but it was a good one.
That reporter was nosing around again.
Only this time,
he was pestering Mr. Chevault...
about his opinion on the Greenpeace
legal action against me.
Need I remind you that Mr. Chevault
is one of our major shareholders?
So that is just not acceptable.
My apologies, Mr. Conner.
I'll get right on it.
Oh, please, now that the damage is done...
I mean...
- Joe.
- Oh, great. G.I. Joe's here.
What? You got an opinion?
Or you just gonna kick my ass?
No, sir.
See, unlike some,
I don't pick on women half my size.
- Oh.
- And "G.I." is army, moron.
I'm a marine.
- Okay, Joe. It's fine.
- No, Robin, it's not.
Hey, hey. It's fine. Joe?
Please. It's fine.
Number 1... I'm sorry about that.
It will not... happen again.
Number 2... The reason you're
having trouble with the reporter...
is because you constantly
ignore my recommendation...
to just give him 20 minutes.
- I'm not...
- 20 minutes of your time.
- gonna talk with any reporter about...
- You answer...
the questions you want, and when he
brings up the injunctions you...
smile sweetly
and say it's all being worked out.
It can only help you look better...
and not like a rich American outsider
with something to hide.
However, first things first.
You have an opening speech to give.
Good evening,
friends, colleagues and investors.
I would like to introduce you to our host,
the chairman of Conner Industries...
Mr. Darren Conner.
Ladies and gentlemen, you honor me
by being the first official guests...
of our magnificent new experience.
Welcome to the Tanjalla Beach Resort...
where you will never
have to ask yourself...
"Why shouldn't I have it all?"
You know, before I created Tanjalla,
there was nothing here...
Well, nothing but a wasted opportunity.
This fabulous island was flawed
by inefficiency, archaic thinking...
and a subsequent lack of employment
for the local population.
But I have changed all that.
Water, fire, earth, air...
- They are not only...
- Hey, marine!
Crazy-ass powder monkey.
Hey, man.
How many jobs you got anyway?
Oh, I've been known to moonlight.
Gonna have a good show tonight.
Here. Look at this. Get a kick outta this.
Pop flare. I throw it up at the end
for old times' sake.
Ah. Military's night light.
Nobody else gets it,
but I don't give a shit.
What's goin' on?
You and the little woman havin' a thing?
Her boss was bein' an asshole,
and somehow...
I'm the bad guy.
Yeah, well,
don't take it personal, alright?
You gotta remember,
she's on her own most of the time.
Can't be waitin' around
for your sorry ass to show up.
Be all macho for her, right?
- Yeah.
- Look, brother...
I'm not the kind of guy
to be givin' a lotta advice.
If I were you,
I'd polish off those kneepads...
head back up there
and tell her how sorry I was.
Couple young things like you...
I can guarantee you, make-up sex
would be well worth it.
That how you did it?
Yeah, look at me now, right?
King of the world, Ma.
Yeah, I guess so.
Mmm. Go on. Beat it.
I'm about to light this place up.
Solar energy from the sun.
Hydroelectric from the ocean.
Geothermal from the earth.
And the harnessing of wind.
On behalf of Conner Industries,
I thank you...
and wish you a very enjoyable vacation.
- Here's to it!
- Yeah! Hear, hear! Bravo!
- Nice job.
- These hicks wouldn't know...
a thermodynamic converter from a hot fart.
All they care is it says
"please recycle" on it.
- What's next?
- Mingling with guests.
Excuse me. Mr. Conner? Hate to interrupt.
Get down. Get down!
No! No!
- He's gone.
- Joe!
Stop screaming.
Now you just stop right there.
Who are you?
What... What'd you think
you're doing here?
Hello, Mr. Conner.
Come on. Get up, buddy.
Gotta get outta here.
Let's go. Let's go. Come on.
Stay calm.
You've been out a couple hours.
She still inside?
Okay. You have floor plan for hotel?
- Right here.
- Get some more bandages.
Right here, sir.
It's gonna be okay.
Local authorities are on it.
Just try to relax, all right?
Hey! We're on TV. It's on TV now.
Early reports of a terrorist attack
on Tanjalla Beach Resort...
capturing as many as 20 hostages.
We have confirmation that this video,
uploaded via Internet minutes ago...
comes from inside the resort.
Please... All right! Don't!
For the last century
we have watched helplessly...
as the disease of the Western world...
has spread across our islands.
Now it is your turn to watch.
We will kill all the hostages in 24 hours.
If you wish to spare their lives...
you must pay tribute.
- Tribute?
- Infidels. That's you and me, buddy.
They gotta pay tribute for their crimes.
- Like money.
- Ransom.
What? No, no.
Don't watch this, kid.
You gotta help me... get her back.
Ho, ho. Oh, whoa. Time-out here.
Look, there's nothing
we can do about that.
It's the military's job.
Listen, brother,
I was never a hero, all right?
Okay in a group, part of a team...
but somethin' like this?
No. I'm sorry, man.
Sorry. Can't do it.
- Stop!
- Shh, shh, shh.
Listen to me.
We will do whatever you want.
Just don't hurt anyone.
You don't have to threaten us, okay?
We can't identify you.
We haven't seen your faces.
Now you have.
- Stay calm.
- I wanna see my family.
For the love of Christ,
just stay calm. Stay calm.
- Who are these people?
- They're separatists...
fighting the spread of
Western influence on their country.
You know what? People are working
on getting us out... Okay?
So we just gotta stay calm,
- and think with clear heads.
- You're right.
After that broadcast,
there is no way for us to keep this quiet.
Makil Shoal...
diplomatic adviser on behalf
of the Kusang government.
Blueprints to the resort.
We have the perimeter surrounded.
But I will not attack...
until we know more
about the terrorists.
That's all right, Commander.
I'm taking care of this.
Who's in charge?
Sir! This is off-limits.
Please wait over there.
No. Somebody's gonna talk to me.
Let me.
I apologize for that.
You know,
dealing with the military...
It's like playing chicken
with a brick wall.
- No offense, of course.
- What's being done about the hostages?
I'm afraid I can't discuss it
with you, Mr...
2 days is unacceptable.
I will be dead tomorrow.
Just make it happen.
The money is on its way.
Yeah, sure. Tribute.
Whatever you wanna call it.
You touch just one hair on my head...
You can kiss it all good-bye.
Look, just let us go.
The money is on its way.
You got what you want.
No. I got what I asked for.
We were living in paradise
long before the Great White Hope...
came to our shores
to save us from our happiness.
You don't know what I want!
Think it's working?
Either way, little brother,
the message will be sent.
It's all falling into place.
This is a political disaster.
I am the one
who convinced my government...
to allow Conner Industries to purchase
the old resort from the local owners.
Now I have to negotiate
the release of the hostages.
I can't believe this is happening.
I'm with Conner Security.
Are you sending in troops?
Ohh, my government
is extremely reticent...
to engage in military action.
If they should storm in
and the hostages are killed...
we could have a...
an international incident.
And we're still waiting on word
from the U.S...
which means they're waiting to see
how we deal with the problem.
So what do you plan to do?
I've already done it.
Better trained
than most of our soldiers.
And accustomed to dirty work.
Get out.
Skunk. How are you?
Hey, thanks.
They're for sale to the highest bidder.
Better than letting them die.
Hey, Blondie... Nervous, or what?
Thank you for responding so quickly.
- Who's that?
- He's with Conner Securities.
- Marine Recon.
- Congratulations.
Now get him out of here.
- I'm goin' in with you.
- Uh-huh.
Look, I've been inside.
I know the layout.
- Please, sir. Just leave it to us.
- With or without you...
I'm goin' in.
You do... I'll consider you an enemy
and shoot you on sight.
You need to stand down.
I'm taking over.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let me take him.
Blondie... Team 2.
You come with me. Team 1.
Can you tell me what they're saying?
I don't know.
"The intruders will be dead"?
Team 2, copy.
Team 2... Copy.
Team 2.
Something's wrong. Move. Quick.
Shot in the back...
All of 'em.
And the last one's missing.
Blondie. If they had a traitor,
then maybe we have one too.
It's a trap.
Take cover!
Aaah! I'm hit!
Come on! Move!
Come on, let's go!
Move! Come on!
Get in. Come on.
Let's go.
Somebody's gonna die. You!
No, no, no!
- No!
- Please! Please, don't! Please!
Calm down, little brother.
Kill them all!
You took charge!
I was trying to help.
I was trying to save the hostages.
I had to do something.
You compromised everything
with your help!
You are done.
Get out of my sight.
Calm down. Calm down. Calm down.
Just tell me what happened. Calm down.
Blondie said there was an
American marine with them!
- Is he still alive?
- No, he's dead!
But he killed our men! Our men!
Oh, my God!
How did they infiltrate your team?
We are mercenaries.
We work for the highest bidder.
I guess they paid more.
Can you please step out?
We must make an example!
We must make a statement!
- Kill them all now.
- Not yet. Not yet.
I really...
I am really very sorry.
We have to wait for the tribute.
Now, stay focused.
- They must pay for this, brother.
- Yes, they will. They will!
They will. Just be patient.
Be patient.
A small example, brother.
You gonna be okay?
Could you please deliver my message...
to Blondie?
Her and her.
Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Blood for blood.
You take my people, I take yours.
You already took those men
you killed out there.
You got your blood!
Now you're just a hypocrite!
Everybody thinks you are.
- No, please!
- Move it!
Just stop right there.
You'll only get your tribute
if you can prove I'm alive and well.
I'll make you kill me if I have to.
No, don't! Oh!
You made your point.
Enjoy the moment. Burn it in your brain.
There'll come a time when
you're more useful to us dead than alive.
Church. I need your help.
- I'm goin' to rescue.
- You're goin' back in?
- I got no choice.
- Ahh.
Look, someone's gotta help these people.
Well then, brother,
you got a real death wish.
- Maybe.
- Come on. My office.
Take whatever you need.
Tell me somethin'. What good are you
gonna do her if you get yourself killed?
Church. Help me.
The 2 of us together, man,
with our backgrounds...
No, no, no, bro. I already told you, man.
Not everybody can be a hero, kid.
Then let me borrow your boat.
Wait a minute.
This is as far as I go, kid.
Get ready!
Give 'em hell, marine!
You let that American storm back in there!
I didn't let him do anything.
You're in charge now, remember?
If you let him slip through your fingers,
that's your problem.
It means somebody's doing something.
They lost more men.
Somebody's on the grounds.
Rescue party.
I don't think so.
They're not talking about soldiers or men.
They're talking about 1 person.
One? They sent 1 guy after us?
They keep calling him
"the American".
Your marine friend
seems to not have heard you...
when you pronounced him dead.
I will cut out his heart!
Blondie. Bantoc.
Continue with the plan.
Where are you going, Blondie?
I know you're just in it for the money.
So unless you really wanna die
for the cause...
you tell me where they are.
Where are they?
- Where are they at?
- I never talk.
You never talk? You never talk?
Where are they? Huh? Huh?
No? Okay.
- No!
- What's over here?
Where are they? Huh?
Where's my wife? Where is she?
- Restaurant?
- Yeah.
Oh, yeah. Calob wanted me
to give you a message.
He's in the boiler room.
He can't go anywhere. Lock it down!
Make sure this time he dies.
You talked, didn't you?
You disappoint me.
We've heard from the Americans.
They have the tribute.
You come with me.
All right. All right! All right.
We have not harmed you.
We have not harmed
any more of your people.
We have kept our word. Yes?
Finalize the transfer,
but only after the...
Only after the hostages
have been released.
Mr. Shoal! In here!
We heard from the terrorists.
- They're ready to release the hostages.
- Why?
Conner's family
must be giving them the money.
- They denied it. But...
- What do you need?
The terrorists
have one condition.
They'll only release
the hostages to you.
I don't understand.
They told us they want a representative
of the Kusang government.
You do realize there's a possibility...
they're still planning
to kill the hostages.
And having a government official's head
on a plate...
will just sweeten the message.
I will take the chance.
I have already endangered them too much.
If there's any possibility
they're telling the truth...
I might have misjudged you.
He's on board.
Son of a bitch.
Cease fire! Go check it out.
Stay behind me.
Robin. It's your husband.
- Robin.
- Joe. Oh, my...
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- It's all right.
- So you're it?
- Keep your voice down.
What's our next move?
We run. Okay? Come on.
Get down.
This is all my fault, you know.
I pursued Conner.
You son of a bitch!
I convinced him
to bring his money to Kusang...
to share some of that
famous Western prosperity...
to build a palace
I couldn't even afford a room in.
You know, when the deal was signed,
I didn't get so much as a thank you.
But when Conner here...
started diverting the water supply...
and making this island his own
private toilet, who got the blame?
All my life, I gave to this island.
Never once did it give back to me.
And then Damo came to me.
He promised to restore the balance...
to take back what was stolen from us.
To be perfectly honest, at this point...
all I care about is the money.
You killed the mercenaries.
Just sent them to die.
That was my part of the deal.
I send in the mercenaries.
Their failure forces
the military to stand down.
I just had to be sure they failed.
Then why should Damo keep you alive?
We are freedom fighters, he and I.
And Damo wouldn't kill a brother.
The tribute is in the accounts.
How about my portion?
Oh, don't worry. You'll get your share.
Plus, a bonus.
Thought you freedom fighters
didn't care about money.
Because we live in caves and eat bugs.
Our money doesn't go to Happy Meals.
Weapons, warriors.
A thousand more men like me
dedicated to the cause.
Plus, a few other goodies.
Hey. Hey.
What are you guys doing?
Hey, what are you doing?
- Finishing what we started.
- Hey...
These noble volunteers...
will help us bring down this
monstrosity once and for all.
You got your money, right?
You sent your message.
This... is the message.
I helped you. I helped the cause.
Don't make us laugh.
You're a worm who thinks he's a crow.
- You couldn't have done this without me.
- Finally, Shoal...
You get something...
exactly right.
- Please!
- Make us laugh, freedom fighter!
No! No!
Like you say in your book, Mr. Conner...
why shouldn't I have it all?
We had a deal!
You've got to let them go!
You got the money! You got me!
You disapprove?
You've never sacrificed innocents
to get the job done?
Innocents always die in war.
But the goal is to save people...
not kill them to win.
You see?
You do understand what it means
to make a statement.
Robin! Robin!
He's all yours.
Are they secured?
Are the hostages secured?
Somebody come back. Are they secured?
Are they secured?
Somebody talk to me. Come back!
Do you hear me?
Come in. Are they secured?
Brother, talk to me. Come back.
Are they secured?
They teach you that in the army?
Nice shot.
It was dumb luck. What can I say?
- Church.
- Come in, brother. Do you hear me?
Go get him.
- Start cuttin'. Hurry up.
- Okay.
Are you there, brother?
- Move, move, move!
- Come in. Are they secured?
Are the prisoners secured?
Someone come back, now!
They're comin'.
Go back. Kill them all.
- Yes, sir.
- No!
Hurry it up!
This place is wired to blow!
Move 'em out of here!
- Run! Run!
- Pick it up! Come on!
Come on, people! Move!
Here! You're gonna be okay.
- Can you use this?
- Sure, sure.
Just point and pull the trigger. Go!
Everybody, move in now!
I'm over here! Let me go!
Joe! A bomb!
Well, thank God you all made it out.
Hell of a show, huh?
Where'd they go? Which way?
This guy won't die.
Give me my wife back,
you son of a bitch.
Can you give my brother back?
- Joe?
- Robin!
Get me out of here! Quick! Get me out!
Leave him alone!
This will never stop with the tribute.
- There'll be a thousand more like me!
- No!
It ends with you!
Go, go, go...!
We'll die together!
- Geez.
- Yeah.
I thought my job was dangerous.
I love you so much.
Let's go home.