The Mark (2012) Movie Script

This chip is going
to change everything.
Come in, Two.
What is it, Blue One?
(man on walkie-talkie) We got
everything under control here
but I do want to go
on the record to say
that I never liked it,
not one bit.
You've got your orders.
Do your job
and we'll be fine.
Yeah, right.
(doctor) In 60 seconds his
heart rate will be high enough,
then we can begin.
[gunshots firing]
Blue One,
what's going on?
We got company,
Blue Team, east side.
[gunshots firing]
I need more time
to implant the chip.
(Blue Two) I don't care. Do something!
Can't you see
we're under attack here?
[gunshots firing]
(Blue Two)
Do it now.
If they get
the chip it's all over.
Blue One.
Protect the chip...
[gunshots firing]
You okay?
You okay?
You're our only hope.
(newscaster) Share
prices continue to tumble.
(newscaster #2) Lehman Brothers was
forced to declare itself bankrupt.
(newscaster #3) I think what we
see in society today is a result
of Christians being
apathetic and complacent.
(newscaster #4) The
largest single point drop.
(newscaster #5) Many are selling
everything, even at a loss
just to get out
of the market.
(newscaster #6) Many put high on their
list, but is the Christian faith now
losing ground in America?
(newscaster #7) Unity is
collapsing under the pressure,
leading only to chaos
and confusion.
(newscaster #8) The uncoordinated
moves by European leaders
has added uncertainty.
(newscaster #9) Demonstrators are
angry about the government's handling
of the country's economic crisis
and soaring unemployment.
(newscaster #10) The percentage of
people who call themselves Christians
has dropped by 10%
in a generation.
(newscaster #11) Stock exchange
dropped more than a heart-stopping
thousand points
in early trading.
Its biggest drop ever.
(newscaster #12) The prime minister
is now facing a motion of censure
in the parliament
from the opposition,
which claims soldiers
used excessive force.
(newscaster #13) Many Christians
believe it's the wake-up call.
Hundreds gather to pray
for America and the faith.
(newscaster #14) These vicious battles
were breaking out across the city.
(newscaster #15) Around the
world, stock markets continue
their terrifying plunge.
(newscaster #16) More violence
remains a distinct possibility.
(newscaster #17) With the
economic woes of America
and the economic woes of many
other economies in the world,
the great push is going to be
toward a global, one-world...
(newscaster #18)
a microchip under your skin.
It's all there.
Science fiction 20 years ago,
but a biometric reality today.
(newscaster #19) The Avanti
Corporation announced today it has begun
testing its first
human implant.
(newscaster #20) Just announced this
week that he wants to see a new financial
condition in the world
and he also says,
"I want to see
a one-world government
led by a one-world leader."
(male) It wasn't what you
thought it was gonna be.
Okay, so you're dying.
I mean at least you're
done with it, you know?
Yeah, but that's not
what it's about though.
Well, what is?
I mean, you served your country,
and honorably, I might add.
I took a bullet and I got
a little purple heart.
For God and country?
(Blue One)
Well, I'll tell you one thing,
I didn't see a whole
lot of God over there.
And don't talk to me about the
Lord works in mysterious ways.
I don't want to hear that.
You know everybody has their
own purpose in life, Chad,
and everything happens
for a reason.
It's all part
of the big picture, man.
What big picture?
When he reveals it,
then we'll know.
Little brother, you got your
God and you got your religion
and I respect that, I really do,
but that's not the real world.
Welcome back.
Name's Cooper.
I work for Avanti,
the company that hired your
team to run security for us.
What happened?
I'm still a little bit foggy.
(Cooper) What happened is you
just became a very valuable man.
So what am I,
Superman now?
Sort of.
It wasn't supposed to
happen this way, Mr. Turner,
but it did.
Because of that, you're
able to earn in one job
what might take
your entire career.
Okay, I'm listening.
The G20 Summit
happens in Berlin next week.
I need that chip
to arrive there safely.
So you need to get
me there safely.
You and that chip are
connected, forever linked.
So what's the plan?
Commercial flight
in 2 days.
We hide in plain sight.
(male newscaster) This is the most
authoritative accounting to date
of Lehman's collapse,
and pretty much of any firm
that experienced the trauma...
This way Mr. Pike.
(male newscaster) What were
the biggest surprises to you?
I am the way...
And the truth
and the life.
Do you know how many
languages are spoken today?
No, but I'm sure you're
about to enlighten me.
There used to be one:
grunting and hand signals.
Primitive, but it worked.
Now there's
over a hundred,
hundred different ways
to say the same thing.
Does it make
any sense to you?
Change is
the nature of life.
Mankind will always
do what it needs
to ensure
its own survival.
But that's just it.
It's not working.
It's falling apart.
Too many nations, too many
currencies, too much fighting
and too much sickness.
Masses are beginning
to rally against hunger,
unemployment, and poverty.
Everything is out of balance.
Something has to change.
The world is in chaos,
or religiously they'll see it as
the end of the world and other
gibberish like the Rapture.
Obviously, the world is
in desperate need of a savior
and I have the answer.
I intend to be that savior.
I have no interest in your
politics or your opinion.
The only thing that concerns me
is that I successfully complete
the job you pay me to do.
So what is it
you need from me?
A new technology has emerged,
a microchip designed
by the Avanti Corporation.
I offered to buy it.
They refused.
It's being transported by plane
from Bangkok to Berlin.
I want you
to bring it to me.
You know my price.
I want 50% upfront.
And I'm gonna need 500,000 euros
for operating costs.
All taken care of.
Here's your mark.
I'll be in touch.
(airport employee)
Sir? Sir?
We need to scan you.
(male on intercom) Flight
11 now boarding at gate 5.
(female flight attendant)
Thanks, Dao. See you on board.
Good evening, nice to
see you again, Mr. Turner.
(Chad) Oh, hey, Dao. How've you been?
It's good
to see you, too.
Are you gonna
see your father?
No, actually I'm just
here doing some business.
(airport employee)
Okay, sir, you're clear.
So you gonna be
first class, right?
(female flight attendant)
I think I have to go now,
so I'm gonna see you on board.
(male on intercom) Flight
11 now boarding at gate 5.
(female flight attendant)
He's cute, Dao. Who's that?
(captain) Welcome aboard Flight
417, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be flying
at 30,000 feet
and it will take roughly
12 hours to get to Berlin.
We hope you'll
enjoy the flight.
Thank you for flying
Transpacific Airways.
What would you
like to drink?
(female passenger)
Nothing for me, thanks.
And for you, Mr. Turner?
Pineapple juice,
thank you.
(Dao) What can I get you to drink, sir?
(male passenger)
Oh, yes, coffee please.
[knocking on door]
Hey, where's Jen?
Oh wow,
nice to see you too, Ted.
(captain) You're gonna have to cut
him some slack tonight, darling.
Why? No!
Show her, Ted.
Here it is.
Wow, that is beautiful.
Where? When?
Details, details.
Well, you're not gonna do it
during drink service, I hope.
No. No, no.
Well, I thought I would take
her for a moonlight stroll,
ending up at that bridge,
you know the one that she loves
in East Berlin?
Sounds perfect.
Yeah? I hope so.
Why can't I meet
someone decent here.
(captain) Hey, I
introduced you two first.
- That is true.
- True, lost your chance.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Okay, I'm out
of here, boys.
Remember, mum's the word.
Hey there, Dao,
how are you?
Hello again,
Mr. Turner.
Same thing as last time?
Long flight, huh?
Thank you.
So, how long ago
did he die?
It's been years now.
Time really doesn't make a
difference though, does it?
Excuse me.
You still serving?
Yes, what can
I get you?
What do you got?
Pineapple juice.
Ooh, yummy.
That sounds good.
I'll have
what he's having.
(female) So, you and your buddy
over there take this route often?
My buddy?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Sure you do.
Guy over there,
sitting right behind you.
You like her,
don't you?
Her, Day-o.
It's Dao.
That way.
I'm Jodi, by the way.
So you guys are
with Avanti, aren't you?
You and your buddy over there
that keeps looking over,
the one you're not with?
It's my job to know when
people are hiding something.
I'm guessing
you're what, security?
What are you,
a detective?
Ha, I should have known.
We're in.
You got 5 minutes.
(Jodi) So you want to know how
I know you're with Avanti, Chad?
I'm just dying, Jodi.
Your buddy's watch.
Last year Avanti's top 20
executives were awarded
an $80,000 Patek Philippe watch,
and your buddy over there,
he's wearing one.
Hmm, all that really proves
is that you need to get yourself
a hobby or maybe...
maybe a boyfriend?
(Jodi) Both true facts,
but far from the point.
The point is I know
that the G20 Summit
is next week in Berlin,
and I know that Avanti
is supposed to make some kind
of big announcement there.
So I'm willing to bet that
that is where you are going.
Hurry, up, Jiri.
So Cap, where did
you get engaged?
It was after a single's
volleyball game
and we were in the back
of a Volkswagen Bug.
- No way.
- Yeah.
That's not very romantic.
No, I'm not
very good at that.
You know Jen's
a Christian.
Yeah, of course.
How are you
gonna handle that?
Yeah, I know.
I guess we just, you know,
we don't really talk about it.
You should
talk about it.
You think so?
I do.
I'm gonna get a coffee.
Give her a kiss for me.
- I will.
- And get me a ginger ale.
Don't you see
what's happening?
This Summit is just
a smokescreen
for what's really going on.
All right Jodi, why don't you
tell me what's really going on.
Our financial system
is collapsing
into a global power-grab
by the wealthy bankers,
the politicians,
and big business.
Think European union,
only much bigger.
The entire world under
a single currency,
a single bank,
and eventually, a single leader.
Are we talking about Satan?
Here, go back up.
So you have
read the Bible.
Then you know
how this lays out.
You gotta admit,
this looks a lot
like the beginning of the
end; it looks a lot like
the Tribulation.
Look, to me,
it's just another book.
How can you say that?
Because I live in reality.
Excuse me.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Oh, hi Ted.
Are you lost?
Cockpit's that way.
No, I actually
I was just...
Dao, do you know where
I can get anymore of the...
Oh, hi!
Okay, I'm out of here.
(Mr. Pike)
Well, hurry up.
We're behind schedule.
I've reached the avionics.
I'm going in.
- Your newspaper.
- Well, thank you, sir.
Excuse me, would you
like something to drink?
- Coffee, please.
- Okay.
(Cooper voiceover) What happened is
you just became a very valuable man.
(Jodi voiceover) I know that the
G20 Summit is next week in Berlin,
and I know that Avanti's
supposed to make
some kind of big
announcement there, so...
(Dao) All right, you two,
who's flying the plane
and who's tending
to the passengers?
No, he didn't!
Isn't it beautiful?
(Ted) What? I couldn't wait.
What do you want from me?
It was burning
a hole in my pocket.
It's absolutely gorgeous.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations, guys.
(Dao) Ladies and gentlemen, I
have an announcement to make.
No, no, don't!
We are currently
cruising at 34,000 feet
and flight time
is approximately...
Altimeter set.
All right.
Just wait for my signal.
- Oh, excuse me.
- No problem.
I just got engaged.
Yes, congratulations.
Thanks, I'd give you a cigar
but it's a non-smoking flight.
- Isn't that for a baby?
- What?
A cigar.
Oh, yeah, you're right.
Yeah, no,
we're not there yet.
- Did I hear engagement?
- Yeah, it just happened.
(male passenger)
That's great.
Hey, I'm an ordained minister
if y'all want to get it
out of the way here
on the plane.
- Excuse me.
- Oh, yes, of course.
Yeah, you know what?
I don't think that she would
go for that, like, at all,
but thank you.
(Chad's brother voiceover) You know everybody
has their own purpose in life, Chad.
And everything
happens for a reason.
All life has
meaning and purpose.
It all does.
You know the Bible says,
"Blessed are those who
read and hear the prophecy
and take it to heart
because the time is near."
Little brother,
I seen the horrors of war.
I watched a 12-year-old girl
take a bullet,
died right there
on my arms, okay?
Why would God let an
innocent child die like that?
The death of a child is...
it's always a tragic event, man,
it always is.
But let me guess, you got
an answer for me, right?
'Cause you always have
an answer for everything.
No, not everything.
This one, I think I do.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Enlighten me.
You know, I believe
the child's purpose
was to ensure that
you survived.
She took that bullet
that was meant for you
in order for you to live
out your purpose in life.
Oh, I didn't see you there.
Can I, help you
with something?
Ah, ginger ale.
- Looking for something, Ted?
- Oh, hey Dao.
Uh, yeah, ginger ale
for the Cap.
Oh, it's back there.
Hang on.
Jennifer, you back there?
Let me just go
get a few, okay?
Okay, thanks.
Stop that flight attendant.
Excuse me.
The thing is my seat,
it won't go back.
Just got engaged.
Hey, that's great.
Who's the lucky lady?
maybe you've seen her.
She's brunette,
big smile, beautiful.
Can't say I have,
but congrats anyway.
Thank you.
Change of plan.
Activate jammer.
Ted, you back there?
Hey, Cap. Seem to be having
trouble with the ginger ale.
(captain) We seem to be
having problems with the radio.
You better get back up here.
You are the
air marshal, right?
I'm sorry, I don't know
what you're talking about.
I know you're armed so
you're either the air marshal
or a real problem.
When the cockpit door
opens, we'll move.
[knocking on door]
(man on walkie-talkie)
You got trouble.
(air marshal) Sir, can I
talk to you for a second?
[gunshot fires]
Stop him.
[passengers screaming]
Get down!
[gunshots fire]
Nobody move.
Stay in your seat!
Everybody, stay in your
seats and shut up.
(Mr. Pike)
Everybody report.
Is the plane secure?
Coach is secure.
Co-pilot just had
a little accident,
but he's about to help me
get into the cockpit.
Get 'em out of here.
Get up! Let's go!
Now, up!
[passengers screaming]
Now! Now!
Let's go!
Captain won't open the door.
- Oh, is that right?
- Yeah, that's right.
And I know him.
But you don't
know me, do you?
You still there?
I'm here.
What happened?
(Mr. Pike) Yeah, there's
been a little setback up here.
I need some explosive
up here ASAP.
Hang on, let's see if we can
do this the easy way first.
(Mr. Pike) Quit your
whining, you ain't gonna die.
Move! Move!
[passengers screaming]
Don't move!
(Mr. Pike)
Ted Scott.
It is Ted, right?
You do realize that with
or without your assistance,
I am gonna get
into this cockpit.
From Jiri.
Captain, have
I got your attention?
You see this?
This is a high-powered
gelatin explosive,
strong enough to blow this
door off of its hinges.
Now, that's the good news.
The bad news is it might take
out most of us at the same time.
So I suggest
you open this door
if you want to stop anybody
else from getting hurt.
Now unless you cooperate,
people out here are
gonna start dying.
Anybody inside?
(Mr. Pike)
Has anyone found the mark?
No, sir.
We're still looking,
but there's no sign of him.
That's impossible.
Graham, go get one of
the flight attendants, now.
Is there anywhere else on this
plane somebody could be hiding?
I said, is there anywhere
else on this plane
someone could hide?
No, no,
there's nowhere else.
- What is it?
- Our package has gone missing.
He may have joined you
down there.
This is the captain.
Who is this?
This is the man that's
taken over your plane.
Listen, I'm the captain and I'm
still in control of this plane.
For now.
You follow a few
simple of instructions,
it will stay that way.
(captain) I don't want
anyone getting hurt.
No one's getting hurt.
I just need you
to change altitude.
I'm not flying this
plane into any building.
I'm a businessman, Captain.
Not a suicide bomber.
Look, this is the easiest
choice you're ever gonna
have to make in your life.
You do it and I won't be
forced to kill anybody else.
Anyone else?
Oh, I'll kill you!
It was unavoidable.
Oh, no!
Look, Captain,
you're gonna do as I say.
He wants to talk to you.
Captain, I'm sorry.
I found the package.
You want me to send it off.
(Mr. Pike)
Just make sure he's secure.
Well, I got what I came for,
now it's up to you.
The only thing left to do
is to shake it up a bit.
And you know what
I mean, shake it up.
[passengers screaming]
[passengers screaming]
(Mr. Pike)
And I want the lights on.
Captain, can you please
level out the plane.
Did it work?
Did it work?
Yeah, it worked, Captain,
but now I'm mad.
Get down!
Get down in your seats!
[passengers screaming]
Hook this up so I can
talk to the passengers.
Hook this thing up so I can
talk to the passengers!
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm sorry about the turbulence.
I can assure you it won't happen
again, 'cause if it does,
I will kill each and every one
without hesitation.
Do I make myself clear?
Graham, get these
two out of here.
Jenson, get to work
on those explosives.
I want this door open now.
Jiri, are you there?
What's going on?
Jiri, talk to me.
What's going on?
Something's wrong.
Get down to the
cargo hold, yeah?
Find out what's going on.
(Jenson) Jiri is nowhere to be found.
I'm sure he's dead.
(Mr. Pike) You down
there in the cargo hold.
You take one of mine,
I'll take one of yours.
No! No, no, no, no, no!
Shoot me.
How pathetically noble.
All in good time,
Mr. Scott.
No, no!
No! No! No! No! No!
[gunshot fires]
[passengers screaming]
Get her out of here.
(Mr. Pike) I'm sending
you down company, Chad.
Your friend from the bar.
Talk to him.
I said talk to him.
Chad, this is Dao.
Can you hear me?
(Mr. Pike)
You got something I want.
If you don't bring it
up here in 5 seconds,
I'm gonna put a bullet
in this pretty little
flight attendant's head.
Hold it!
(Mr. Pike) So you're the one
giving me all these headaches.
I believe you have a knife.
I'll take that.
Give me the knife.
(Chad voiceover)
Hey, Jeremy.
We got company,
Blue Team, east side!
So what am I,
Superman now?
(Jeremy voiceover) She took a
bullet that was meant for you
so that you can live out
your purpose.
(Jodi voiceover) The entire world under
a single currency, a single leader.
(Jeremy voiceover) I know you don't
understand that, but one day you will.
When the time comes,
God will reveal
his plan for you.
(Cooper voiceover) You and that
chip are connected, forever linked.
(Jeremy voiceover) All you have
to do is just accept his love
with an open heart.
He will...
reveal his plan to you.
Mr. Turner?
Mr. Turner?
I can't find what
I came here for.
Yeah, well,
how's that my problem?
(Mr. Pike) Because I have it
on good authority that you have
in your possession that
which I am looking for.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
(Mr. Pike)
Sure you do.
And if I don't get
what I came for,
I'm gonna start shooting
these passengers,
starting with her.
She's not a passenger.
(Mr. Pike)
She is now.
All right, wait.
You're not gonna find
what you're looking for.
(Mr. Pike) Why? It's
in your checked luggage?
It's not in my luggage.
It's not on me.
It's in me.
Come again?
It's an implant.
(Mr. Pike)
It's functioning?
Well, that's even better.
- What are you gonna do?
- What am I gonna do?
I'm gonna cut it out.
Too bad you killed
the only one of us
with any kind of
medical training.
(Cooper) I wouldn't
do that if I were you.
And just who
might you be?
I work for the company
that hired Mr. Turner.
He's the first completely
successful human implant.
It won't do you
any good to cut him up.
Then I'll just cut
off the whole hand.
That certainly won't work.
(Mr. Pike)
What will?
- Nothing.
- What do you mean nothing?
The chip is biometric.
It's fueled
by his own blood supply.
If you try to remove it in
any way, it will release
a deadly neurotoxin,
killing him instantly.
(Mr. Pike) Bollocks. You
expect me to believe that?
(Cooper) I don't expect
anything but if you do kill him,
the chip will shut down
effectively killing itself.
Whoever hired you
didn't tell you much, huh?
It's back to plan B.
You, watch him.
You, get him out of here.
(Mr. Pike on intercom)
Captain, are you there?
You said you weren't
gonna kill anyone else.
(Mr. Pike on intercom)
That was a separate matter.
You should be more concerned
about the other passengers
right now.
I've got what I came for.
You play your cards right,
I'll be out of here shortly.
What is it
you need me to do?
I need you to descend
to 5,000 feet.
(captain on intercom) All right, but
I can't guarantee what the turbulence
will be at that altitude.
Well, then you better
start praying.
Get the blankets, put them
over that passengers' head.
Get that flight attendant
to help you.
It's not quite been
your day, has it, mate?
(hijacker #2) All right,
put it over your head.
Cover yourself up.
Cover yourself up.
Come on. Come on.
I think they're getting off.
Getting off the plane?
In midair?
(hijacker #2)
Hey, shut up!
No talking!
They're taking this detour
and jumping off the plane.
Why do you think
we're descending?
(male passenger) But the
stewardess said that we...
(Cooper) I don't care
what the stewardess said.
For all we know,
she's one of them.
What gives you
the right to decide
to put us all
in jeopardy?
I don't know where
you been, buddy,
but we're already
in jeopardy. Be quiet.
Do you have a plan?
Yeah, kill the hijackers,
take back the plane.
(male passenger) Maybe we
should ask other passengers.
(Cooper) Oh, yeah, that's a good idea.
Most of these people
don't even speak English.
(Chad) You must feel like a pretty
big man, killing innocent people.
Hey! I said no talking!
What's going on?
We're down to 18,000 feet.
It's getting bumpy.
Explosives ready.
The cabin door is now
rigged with explosives,
so don't try
anything stupid.
You take me down below 10
and keep it steady.
I got a precious cargo
back here.
(Mr. Pike)
Where's Arlo?
I don't know.
(Mr. Pike) Well, he doesn't
just disappear. Go find him.
Arlo, where are you?
You gotta distract this guy.
I've got blood all over me.
Hey, hey,
where are you going?
I gotta use the bathroom.
Look, if I'm going to die,
I don't want to die
in a puddle of...
I said get back
in your seat.
(male passenger) Come
on, man, what's the harm?
I said sit back down!
What's going on?
He want to go to...
He has to go where?
To the bathroom.
(Mr. Pike) He has to go to the bathroom.
I'm sorry,
nature calls.
I'm sorry too.
[gunshot fires]
[gunshot fires]
[passengers screaming]
[abrupt silence]
[alarm blaring]
[passengers screaming]
[panicking in foreign language]
Captain, it's Dao.
You can open up now.
It's all clear.
You can open up.
Why don't you
try the intercom?
I'm gonna go see what's
going on with the passengers.
You had that coming.
I'll take that
for the company.
Before that chip, Chad,
you are nothin'.
You don't know
how lucky you are.
I didn't ask for any of it!
Maybe you didn't,
but that chip has the power
to change the world.
It's a symbol of freedom.
You are the future
of mankind, Mr. Turner.
It would have been nice
if I had the choice.
[passengers screaming]
What's going on?
Okay, everybody, just
try to calm down, okay?
Calm down.
What's going on?
What did the captain say?
I couldn't reach him
on the intercom.
Is the intercom broken?
I mean what...?
No, I checked.
It's working.
It's just the clothes
left behind.
It's nothing but piles of
clothes where people used to be.
(Jeremy voiceover) All life
has meaning and purpose.
It all does.
I know you don't understand,
but one day, you will.
Let me call you a cab.
When the time comes,
God will reveal
your plan to you.
[tires screeching]
(Jeremy voiceover)
You know the Bible says,
"Blessed are those who read
and hear the prophecy
and take it to heart
because the time is near."
They just vanished.
There are dozens
of passengers missing.
How is that possible?
I don't know.
I don't know!
Just try to... try to keep
these people calmed down.
It's the Rapture.
I always thought that
I was a good enough person
with all that
I was doing for the Lord.
Now, I realize
that just doing good
does not secure a place
for us in heaven.
I never fully accepted
that 'til now,
even though I preached it
for years.
God has taken those
that believe in him.
Where are
the missing passengers?
(male passenger #2)
I want to see the captain.
What about my husband?
Did he believe in the
Bible and its teachings?
(hysterical woman)
Why are you asking me this?
Did he?
He did.
Everybody listen...
All we need to worry about
is getting this plane safely
on the ground, nothing else.
Look, a blast like that can
just bring the plane down.
We survived the
last blast, didn't we?
We were lucky.
(Ted) Not only that, there's
something else you should know.
We're headed
back to Bangkok.
Why is that?
(Ted) It's protocol in
emergency situations.
I could tell the captain turned
the plane back to Bangkok
when we tried
to retake the plane.
All right, well, how long
'til we reach Bangkok?
About 30 minutes.
Then we're wasting time.
One thing's for sure.
We do nothing,
this plane goes down.
You don't know that.
Come on, the captain
could be passed out.
He could still come-to.
We can't count on that.
Our only option
is to blow the door.
I got a better
(Cooper) We have to act
right now. Time is everything.
What do you think?
There may be another way.
All right, I'm in.
Okay, look for the door
in the forward bulkhead.
I don't see anything.
Okay, well, maybe it
got damaged in the blast.
Can you feel around?
There should be some
cold air coming through.
Cold air's coming
from over here somewhere.
All right, I got it.
(Dao) Okay, good. Can you get in?
It looks like the
explosion jammed it shut.
Looks like we're gonna have
to blow the door after all,
like I said.
(Dao) No, wait, wait.
Okay, Chad, listen.
There are two seams
in the bulkhead,
one on either side
of the plane.
Can you just see if either one
of them is torn or ruptured?
(Chad) Probably gonna need some
kind of a crowbar, tool of some kind.
I'll see if I can find
something down here.
(Ted) No, nah, nah, nah, nah,
passengers can't bring anything
like that
on a plane anymore.
I don't see anything.
Do you have any tools up there?
Well, yeah,
in the cockpit.
Everything we
have now is plastic.
(Cooper) Yeah, even
the plastic explosive.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I got all the tools
you need right here.
If I can get down there with
a couple other strong guys,
we'll pull that bulkhead
right off the wall
if that's what it takes.
The fire melted
the seam of this thing.
I just can't...
You wanna give it a shot?
Got a little light?
What's going on down there?
Shh! Chad?
Dao, pry-bar snapped.
Maybe the only way to do
this is to blow the door.
What's he saying?
Tell him he's
running out of time.
He's running out of time
when the captain says
he's running out of time!
(Chad) I don't know what else to do.
I don't have
any more options.
(helpful male passenger)
You've had a rough day.
Yeah, sure wasn't
what I was expecting
when I was shaving
this morning.
Yeah, me neither.
I just want to say thanks
for everything you've done.
You've got us this far.
(helpful male passenger) You think that's
really what happened, all those folks,
that it was the Rapture
and those that believe
in Jesus Christ were taken
and the rest of us
were left behind?
There is no other
It's impossible.
And the only one that can
do the impossible is God.
Hey, I have faith
we can do this together.
I could use
a little faith right now.
Dao, we're going in.
We're gonna do this.
Okay! They can do it!
He's got 10 minutes.
Alright, let's get these
boxes out of the way.
I've got an idea.
All right,
let's ram this.
I'm in.
Man, it is freezing in here.
They have to keep
the avionics cold
so it's gonna be a little
tight, all right?
Okay, you're gonna
have to crawl between
the instrument racks
towards the nose.
Almost all the way to the front
of the plane should be a hatch
to the cockpit; on it should
be a handle with a latch.
Turn it and press upwards.
Has he reached
the cockpit yet?
Chad, what's going on
down there?
Found the hatch,
but it's not budging.
You think this thing could
be locked from the cockpit?
Come in, people.
Can you hear me?
- I'm going back down there.
- Wait, wait, wait!
Chad? Chad, you're just
gonna have to find another way.
We have another way.
Chad, you're
running out of time.
Give me 5 more minutes, okay?
Five more minutes.
What for?
Five minutes, please?
Not a second more.
All right, Chad,
what do you need?
Does anybody up there know
what kind of cooling system
the avionics runs on?
On the newer planes with
more advanced electronics,
they run liquid
cooling systems now.
It's possibly
liquid nitrogen.
Yeah, gotcha.
Chad, what are you doing?
(Chad) I'm just gonna try
a little college experiment.
We've got a problem
down here.
Chad, what's going on?
I think I found a
radio jamming device.
(Ted) Hey, hey, hey,
hey, whatever he does,
do not disconnect the liquid
nitrogen pumps, okay?
Those high-powered CPUs
will start to overheat
and they're gonna overtake
the plane's entire navigation
and guidance systems.
- Chad?
- Three minutes.
Three thousand feet.
Wait, what did you say?
Ted says whatever you do,
don't disconnect the
liquid nitrogen pumps.
Lord, give me strength.
Did you hear me?
[warning alarm blaring]
[passengers screaming]
[warning alarm continues]
Is everybody okay?
Are you okay?
Everybody okay?
We're gonna
blow that door, now.
Chad, this is Dao.
I don't know if you can
hear me, but if you can,
I just want you to know that
we all still believe in you
and you're gonna walk through
that door any minute now.
Blow that door now!
But if you can't,
I'm praying that we're gonna
make it through this.
Okay, I don't know why
you're not answering me
but I assume there's
a really good reason
and you're gonna walk through
that door any minute now
and if you just...
Chad, if you can hear me,
I'm gonna blow that door.
Everybody step back.
Step back.
Get back behind the partition.
Okay, I've got it set
for 2 minutes.
On the count of three.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, it's Chad.
Okay, it's Chad.
Hey, Cooper.
Have a little faith.
Can you just go ahead
and remove that bomb
so he can get through?
Good for you, pal.
But I wouldn't be
celebrating just yet.
You're freezing.
(Cooper) We still got a plane to land.
Let's do it.
The Rapture.
All right,
how's it looking?
Okay, she's okay.
(male on radio) Thirty-five
people missing from my flight.
It's not possible.
Entire east end
of Bangkok is on fire...
Tokyo is burning
out of control...
Looters swarming through
the streets of Singapore.
So it's true.
It's really happening.
Well, at least we're safe.
No, no, no, we're not.
We still got a bomb
to take care of.
There's a bomb attached
to an altimeter,
and it looks to me as if
we go below 3,000 feet
that it's gonna blow.
They teach you how
to disarm those things
in flight attendant school?
(Dao) Well, they did
actually. I was sick that day.
(Cooper) Why can't we just toss it out,
I mean toss it
out of the plane?
Is that... is that possible...
I mean, what do you think?
Well, in theory
it could work.
If I get the plane
below 8,000 feet,
depressurize the cabin,
you go down below,
open the rear cargo door,
throw it out.
By the time we hit 3,000 feet,
the bomb will be triggered,
we'll be miles away.
Can we fly
with the door open?
(Ted) Well, technically you can
land a plane with the door open so...
Well, I don't think we should
let the passengers know though.
They've been through
a lot of trauma already.
(Ted) That's okay, I'll tell them
I have to depressurize the plane
as a safety precaution before we
land because of the explosion.
How are we gonna get a bomb
down through the passenger cabin
without anybody knowing it?
I can take care of that.
(Ted over intercom) Ladies and
gentlemen, as a safety precaution,
we'll be depressurizing
the plane during our descent,
so please fasten
your seatbelts.
[passengers applauding]
Be right back.
Cheer up, Mr. Turner.
You're a part of something
that's on the verge
of changing the world.
Don't forget that.
Hey, hey, hey.
Listen, this chip.
It's not a good thing
for the world like he says.
I can feel it.
This doesn't feel
like God's work.
It feels like
something else.
What do you mean?
I know this sounds crazy,
but the chip...
it's in the Bible.
It's the mark of the beast.
(Dao) All right, Ted, we're in now.
(Chad) We gotta get
this thing out of here
before we hit 3,000 feet.
I'm gonna open the door.
Go ahead
and open it up.
Hold on!
Hold on!
You two make
a good team.
Okay, Ted,
the bomb is gone.
We're all clear.
What are you doing?
I'm done.
I don't want to be a part
of any of this anymore.
(Cooper) Doesn't matter what you want.
I've got a job to do
and that's to deliver you
as planned to the G20 Summit.
(Chad) I'm afraid I can't do that.
You don't have
a choice, pal.
(Chad) You're not gonna shoot me.
You need me
and you need the chip.
You're right.
I do need ya.
But I don't need her.
You make one false move,
I will shoot her.
Got it?
Throw the chutes out,
both of them.
That one, too.
(Cooper) I don't want you to get
any crazy ideas about jumping.
Let him go!
Let him go now!
It's okay.
We're okay.
Where do you think
you're gonna go?
My guys are waiting
on the ground
at the airport
on the ramp.
You'll never make it
off this plane.
I've already delivered you.
You're just too dumb
to realize it.
(Chad) Yeah, you're the
one who's all trussed up
like a pig on a spit.
How you gonna explain to
your boss how that happened
to a smart guy
like you, huh?
Go ahead, jump.
You're chipped.
I'll find you.
But if you jump,
know this:
She goes to prison
for the rest of her life.
She'll be arrested
as soon as we land.
Aiding and abetting
a fugitive,
with a federal officer,
theft of government
property, conspiracy.
She'll spend the rest
of her life in prison.
But if you stay...
we're all heros.
We'll be rich.
What happened up here,
all those people disappearing,
if that was the Rapture,
then this chip
has a whole new meaning
and I'm not gonna let it
fall into the wrong hands.
I'm out of here.
I'm going with you!
How romantic.
You've got one parachute,
there's two of ya.
You jump out there,
you'll both die.
Tell the captain
we're getting off early.
Ted, you're gonna have to land
this thing with the door open.
We're getting off early.
I will find you,
Mr. Turner.
No matter
where you run,
I will find you
and I will bring you back.
You know what?
You were right.
We do make a good team.
[Dao screaming]
(Mr. Pike) You lost him, didn't you?
(female newscaster) Global
confusion is unfolding at this hour
as reports are flooding in
from around the world.
Tens of thousands
of people are missing,
many of them are children
and without explanation.
Adding to the chaos, a rash
of extreme natural disasters
has blanketed areas
around the world.
Reports of tsunamis,
earthquakes, violent storms
struck every continent.
Government and scientists have
offered no concrete answers,
and officials are racing
to calm public fears
in an attempt to avoid
widespread panic.
[phone ringing]
- Yes?
- Tell me about this chip.
The Avanti chip is the solution
along with finding the leader,
someone who understands
world economics,
as well as social
and spiritual ramifications.
(male on phone)
I've spoken to my advisors.
They tell me you
know a lot about it.
Well, yes, I do.
And if you think
I can help, please...
(male on phone)
We need you in Berlin.
- I understand.
- Now.
I leave immediately.
See you soon.
"The dragon stood
on the shore of the sea."
It has begun.
Why didn't you kill him?
'Cause of what my brother said
to me about having a purpose.
That moment when I held
his life in my hands,
it all made sense to me.
Don't worry,
it's gonna be okay.
Looks like we're
right over the city.
Look! It's the
end of the world!
My brother
would have said...
it's a new beginning.
My brother
would have said...
have faith.