The Marksman (2005) Movie Script

This is Bandit One starting
prep sequence, cleared for takeoff.
Full engine start.
This is Bandit One.
l'm easing her up.
-Are we transmitting yet?
-Not yet.
Rodgers, Orin, how's the perimeter?
lt's clear.
Bandit One receiving signal.
Approaching target vector.
Transmitting to base now, sir.
-The place is secure.
-Good. Now we keep it that way.
-Take the left flank, Hargs.
Was that him?
l don't know. Let's check it out.
-Talk to me.
-We got the bogey on the run, sir.
Which way?
Rodgers, which way?
-Which way, Rodgers?
-Cannot identify, sir.
ls he jamming our frequency?
-Looks like it, sir.
-You're supposed to be jamming his.
This is Bandit One,
homing in on target vicinity.
Hightop. Hightop!
l want you to hold this position.
Nobody gets in. You got that?
Got it, sir.
Closing to zero mark center.
Still on approach vector.
Sir, sir, he's here.
The Painter's here, sir!
Over target signal.
Target is lit. l'm going in.
Got it. Locking on. Flares away.
Too easy, Naish.
Way too easy.
Damn it.
Training mission is over,
and the Painter does it again.
Returning to base now.
What are you doing here?
Wait here. Be quiet.
Where's your mommy
and daddy, huh?
Okay, come on.
Thank you for organizing this
in such short notice, everyone.
As l'm sure you can appreciate,
we've had a serious situation...
...come up over the last 1 2 hours
in southern Russia...
...which requires
our immediate attention.
General lgor Zaysan... iron fist from the Brezhnev days,
Afghanistan, the southern states.
Over the last few years
he resurfaced in Chechnya.
He made good use of the rebels,
considering he's a Russian.
He put together a new army,
new weapons.
And now it seems,
quite possibly, a nuke.
Yesterday, he led a band
of his rebels across the Terek River...
...and captured
the Kamshev nuclear plant.
Now, three of the four reactors... Kamshev have been
The fuel rods have been removed
from the fourth reactor...
...but it is capable of going online
if it is re-cored.
This would appear to be
a Russian problem, Mr. Tensor.
Please, general,
let us make no mistake.
...lgor Zaysan
is a very dangerous man.
We have been tracking him
for a number of years.
His hatred for the Kremlin
has become a complete obsession.
What's this?
-What are you doing with them?
-They are prisoners.
They surrendered when we moved
into the plant.
Where are you taking them?
Exactly my point.
lf he is capable
of re-coring this reactor...
...he is capable of detonating it.
That is to say, potentially
1 00,000 deaths in an instant.
And a few hundred thousand more
when the winds...
...send the fallout over an area
the size of Texas.
We have proof
he's capable of all this?
Amanda, pull up the Flintov picture.
This surveillance photograph
was taken in North Korea.
The Asian is John Lee Kim.
He's the ace of hearts in our deck
of most-wanted arms dealers.
The man with him is Andre Flintov...
...Zaysan's second in command.
Now, it seems that Flintov
has plutonium on his shopping list.
What has Uncle Kim got for sale?
Fuel rods from a failed
North Korean reactor.
We have to destroy
the Kamshev plant...
...before Zaysan re-cores it.
-ls the package moving?
Will they know what's in it?
The Americans will have
their intelligence, and they'll act on it.
You'll see.
We are not in the business
of doing Russia's dirty work.
lt's not just the Russians,
there are seven scientists...
...from the private sector
working at Kamshev...
-...four of whom are Americans.
-How the hell did they get there?
The Russians hired them
to help decommission the plant.
-Are they still alive?
-We're not sure.
One of them, Arthur Moffit...
...has stayed in contact
with Moscow by cell phone.
Latest report suggests he's managed
to stay hidden from Zaysan's troops.
So let me get the bottom line here.
We've got a nuclear reactor
to take out...
...hostages to rescue,
and it's all on us.
Unfortunately, the Russians
have lost control on this one.
As you know, Mr. Secretary...
...they are not averse
to our support in this.
What do you propose?
An air strike.
We level the place.
-The hostages--
-Four or five lives...
...against 1 00,000. l can accept that.
General, we're not able to do
a large-scale bombing here.
-How come?
-The area is too contaminated.
Unless we do a precise air strike,
we risk sending huge clouds...
...of radioactive dust
into the nearby town.
Well, from what l know,
these reactors aren't easy to take out.
We need to target its weak spot.
What we need is a painter.
-Send in a painter with a Ranger team.
-l agree.
They could secure the hostages
and choose a precise target.
lt could get real difficult over there.
l have to persuade the president
that this plan could work.
Do we have any guys
with real combat experience?
No, we need someone
who's been through this before.
This man can do it.
Well, l can't see it like that.
l just can't see
how you'd look at it any other way.
-We had our asses kicked.
-Oh, fuck that.
One man don't make a team.
No, he ain't nothing
without his high-tech shit.
Yeah? l'd like to see you
say that to his face.
Oh, fuck you.
l say what l want to who l want.
Even the captain?
See, we're a team.
We don't hold our piss,
even for captain.
Well, all l know is,
he beat every one of us.
That's gotta count for something.
-What's up, captain?
-We gotta go.
We got two suits from D.C. flying in
to give us our mission.
-What, tonight?
Let's go.
We got a mission.
They're asking for you.
This is the USS Oakla.
We're in position
and conducting maneuvers.
Will advise
upon operation commencement.
These just came in
from our agent in Dagestan.
Anshan lmports,
one of John Lee Kim's companies.
The shipment's
from Namp'o, North Korea?
-Do we know what it is?
-Certainly big enough for fuel rods.
The Russians have promised
to keep an eye on its movement.
And to stop it
once the situation's stabilized.
We better have one of our guys
keep an eye on it too.
lt's imperative we take out
that last reactor...
...before this container gets there.
lt's amazing.
Even old Viktor lvanov's
given us his blessing.
Come in.
-Excuse me, Mr. lvanov.
-Yes, Beslan?
The prime minister is ready for us.
Amanda, Jonathan,
good to see you.
-You too, major.
-This is Captain Naish.
He leads the Ranger team
we're sending in.
-Good to meet you, captain.
-l know you've been fully briefed.
So you know what you're up against,
l thought you better hear this.
lt might prove critical.
Can you run that for us?
Sure. Sergeant.
The rebels came in
and found the others, about five.
Me and Valentina are still
in the hospital.
You've got to get us out of here.
Please, get us out of here.
They're back.
That's the voice of Arthur Moffit...
...the lead scientist
on the decommissioning team.
-How do you know if he's still alive?
-We don't.
The rebels haven't even acknowledged
that they've taken hostages.
The fact is,
we haven't even made contact.
And you think
they're gonna re-core this reactor?
So far, everything points
in that direction.
Good luck, captain.
What's my primary target,
the hostages or the reactor?
lf there's a choice,
which one takes priority?
What are my orders, ma'am?
The reactor.
ls that it? You wanna say
anything more to me?
The briefing's over.
Damn it, you can talk to me.
l'm still here for you.
Look, if you want a psych evaluation,
you can read the file.
You wrote it.
lt's still there,
the same look in your eyes.
What look would that be,
the one you saw in the inquiry?
That's not fair.
What do you want from me, Amanda,
a thank-you?
Okay, thank you.
You cleaned my record.
Means nothing to those people
buried in the ground.
lt wasn't your fault.
l took the order. l lit the target.
That mission was over years ago.
Those deaths are in the past.
Leave them behind.
That's a good idea.
Prime minister, hello.
Have you heard
from the Americans?
They want a rescue
and a preemptive air strike.
-They say it is in our best interests.
-Of course they would.
Their newfound obsession
has been exhilarating for them.
They are asking for us to counter
with a ground attack.
We can't make that promise.
Then lie.
Let them believe they're in charge.
The blame rests on their shoulders.
Has Zaysan found...
-...what he's looking for?
-lt's on its way to him as we speak.
We must let the Americans
take out the reactor.
l'll tell the president.
That reactor's got
reinforced concrete.
Sure there's a good spot
to take it out?
l'll find one.
The spec shows a narrow target area
for it to implode.
lt's all about minimal damage
on this op.
We go in, locate the hostages,
paint the target...
...and then get out
before anyone knows we're there.
Any questions?
Yeah. Well, how close on our ass
is the air strike?
They'll be right on our ass.
That's why we gotta make it quick.
Well, how hot is it
around the reactor site?
A small company of Zaysan's loyalists
are protecting his ass there.
The rest of the rebel troops
are across the river, 20 miles south.
Captain, this being
a stealth op and all...
...we gotta leave Orin behind.
You can see his fat ass a mile away.
Go blow yourself, asshole.
Quit it. Let's pack and roll, people.
-Jacks here.
-What is happening now?
We're moving forward.
The team's on its way.
We have a man
shadowing the container.
Our forces are ready to intercept it.
Have them hold off
until the plant is secured...
...or those hostages
are as good as dead.
Hey, Hargs.
Man, l did some checking on him.
Total malfunction in Bosnia.
He painted the wrong target.
We're talking
major collateral damage.
Yo, what's your name?
What do we call you?
What's your name, dude?
lf it comes to having to save your ass,
l wanna know your name.
Worry about saving your ass,
l'll worry about saving mine.
All right, people, let's roll.
We're losing the signal.
Must be on a real ride.
Those are 70-mile-an-hour
wind gusts.
ls there a problem, major?
l hope not.
Ready to deploy chutes on my mark.
Chutes open.
Off the target.
Well, there's nothing more we can do
to help them now.
They're on their own up there.
l took a local reading, sir.
Their comsets are down.
Well, they were due east of us.
So let's pack and go.
This way.
-Morning, Mr. Secretary.
-Morning, John.
We have a green light, sir.
The team's on the ground.
When will the target be lit?
Two hours, at most.
One of our satellites will pick up
the Painter's signal.
We have an F-1 4 standing by
off a carrier in the Gulf.
They're waiting for a go-ahead.
And the Russians
have coordinated...
...a offensive move to coincide
with the strike.
Keep me informed,
and keep everything on track.
-Yes, sir, we certainly will.
-Good luck.
Thank you, sir. Bye-bye.
Captain Jack Stevens,
skipper of the Oakla.
-Lt. Randall, sir.
-Lt. Carter, sir.
Colonel Reynolds gave me
some details about your mission.
ln fact, too few.
l was impressed
with your flight record...
...particularly on the F-1 4 Tomcat.
l do see that you're carrier-qualified.
But what l don't see is why
a Navy pilot can't fly this mission.
The way we see this little get-to,
it's an Army problem.
So the Army ought to be the one
to clean it up.
-Not good enough, lieutenant.
-The dispatch from Col. Reynolds...
...explains the parameters
of this operation, the need for secrecy.
l don't give a damn
about dispatch, lieutenant.
lf l'm gonna entrust my airplane
to an Army pilot...
...and let him fly in harm's way,
then by God, l wanna know why.
Yes, sir.
l know the terrain,
l know the ground crew.
You could let a naval aviator
fly this operation...
...but the Army needs me.
-Fair enough, lieutenant.
-Roger that, sir.
This looks like the hospital.
The reactor's less than a mile away.
Go. Go.
Moffit says he was hiding
in the hospital.
He's here.
Got it going again for you, sir.
-But Harg's set's dead.
-What do we do now?
This way. This way.
Go. Go with them.
Hargs, stay close to the Painter.
Rodgers, Orin, upstairs.
Hightop, cover the lobby.
l got the morgue.
How come that don't surprise me?
Clear up here.
Your nerves shaky?
Yeah, a little.
Means your instincts are turned on.
-l found them.
-Please don't hurt us.
Please don't hurt us.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
Come with me. Go on, let's go.
Go, go, go. This way.
We got bogeys.
Three of them, coming right at me.
-Who's she?
-Valentina Bakoff, my coworker.
-Where are the others?
-We don't know.
There were seven of us working here
when the soldiers came.
l think they were
in the breeder reactor.
-Where were you?
-Working in the cooling tower...
-...with her.
-How did you get there?
There's underground pipe ways
that connect to the reactors.
When we got here, soldiers were
wrecking the medical center.
-And we hid.
-Who's the woman in the morgue?
-What woman?
-One with the hole in the head.
-We don't know.
-How do we get through those pipes?
Through the morgue.
Hightop, pull back.
You know her?
She worked with us.
Come on.
Okay, it's clear.
-Which way?
Check upstairs.
There's nothing here
but a stinking woman.
Let's go see Flintov.
This is it.
This is the entrance
to reactor number three?
-You sure?
Orin, Hightop, stay with the civilians.
Son of a bitch.
Shit, that makes seven.
We're moving out.
We can't just leave them here.
He's right, captain.
These are Americans.
l don't like it either, but we gotta
make evac. That's five klicks away.
We got no time
to be carrying bodies.
Leave the dead.
Let's move out.
You know the right target?
Do you?
Just do your thing, Painter.
Move out, Hargs.
We have confirmation.
The target is lit.
The countdown starts now,
We have a go for extraction.
Repeat, we have a go for extraction.
Prep the chopper on pad five.
Yes, sir, we copy.
We'll just be waiting for a call.
All right, Helo One,
you're cleared for takeoff.
We'll see you on the other side.
Roger that, Mother.
Contact Wingate Field,
report status to Colonel Reynolds.
So tell me, how long did you...?
Still no contact.
Radio silence maintained.
Evac operation still on schedule.
Keep moving. Keep moving.
l told you.
Stay awake. Stay awake.
How much further?
Marking time on 0345 hours.
Evac's at 0500 hours.
Painter, don't be late.
Jacks here.
-Good morning. How are you?
-And you, Mikhail?
-Waiting for news.
-What is happening?
-Less than an hour to evac.
-But no word?
-They're still under radio silence.
Look, there's another call
l have to take.
l'll get back to you
as soon as l can, okay?
Amanda, you better get in here.
The target's set
and the chopper's inbound.
This is it.
Painter, this is Naish.
-Painter, this is Naish. Do you copy?
-Roger that, Naish.
l'm one klick to your rear
and closing fast.
Everything's cool.
Let's break some fucking
radio silence.
Raptor, this is Big Bad Wolf.
Do you read?
This is Raptor.
Wolf, what's your situation?
Piggies assembled
and one is on his way.
-What's his E TA ?
-Fifteen minutes, at most.
Copy that. What about the prize?
Two onboard,
five fatalities pre-extraction.
-Final approach, Wolf.
-Copy that, Raptor. Over and out.
Get ready.
Let's move.
Let's move. Get in!
Hargs, move it. Let's go, fast.
This is too easy.
Much too easy.
We got a problem.
-What problem?
-l think we're being set up.
-What's wrong?
-He thinks we've been set up.
-Where is it?!
-Get it out! Get it out! Let's go!
lt's gonna blow! lt's gonna blow!
Where is it?
-Hands up. Don't move.
-Hands up! Hands up!
Stay where you are.
You, don't move!
Stand still.
Jesus Christ. That crazy bitch
could've killed me.
We are grateful to you, Mr. Moffit.
Let's keep them alive...
...for now.
To work.
Hey, you.
Hey, come on.
You. Quickly, move!
Still tracking fuel rods.
Truck is one hour away
from destination.
You're not gonna like this, sergeant.
This is what's left
of the chopper's operation recording.
This is Raptor.
Wolf, what's your situation?
Piggies assembled
and one is on his way.
-What's his E TA ?
-Fifteen minutes, at most.
Copy that. What about the prize?
Two onboard,
five fatalities pre-extraction.
Final approach, Wolf.
And then a minute
and 51 seconds pass...
...before Naish and the others
were loaded onboard.
What the hell--?
-Grenade! Get it out! Get it out!
-Where is it?!
Let's go! lt's gonna blow!
lt's gonna blow!
Get out! Move your asses! Move!
What should we report?
The evac was compromised.
Rescue aircraft destroyed.
Presumed dead.
Proceed with the air strike.
F-1 4 strike force is on deck, sir.
Weapons are locked and loaded
and ready to fly.
All right, let's get 20 7 and 209
into the air, gentlemen.
Get off me.
What happened?
You were just to watch them and
make sure they got out as planned.
One they left behind
may have figured out those plans.
-Where is he now?
-We don't know.
lf he gets to the Russians,
we're screwed.
-He won't.
-But your men...
...have spent half a day
looking for him already.
Calm down, Mr. Moffit.
He won't get to the Russians.
What about these Americans?
Did they make contact?
No. Valentina made sure of that.
We've blocked
the frequency in the area.
l doubt that he'll be able to make
any radio contact anymore.
Put him in with the others.
Painter, this is Hargreaves.
Do you copy?
Painter, this is Hargreaves.
Do you copy?
We had a deal. l set you up.
l put everything in its place
the way you wanted.
We appreciate
your sacrifices, Mr. Moffit.
You wanna wipe out
your Chechen army, fine...
...but l'm not supposed to be here
when the place is taken out.
l'm touched by your deep sense
of self-interest.
You promised me the money
and safe passage.
You're absolutely right.
Safe passage.
This is Shadow One. We're on course,
bearing three mark seven.
Godspeed, Army.
Our friend in Moscow will tell us
if the American makes contact.
Put guards at the place he targeted.
Take everything apart,
brick by brick.
What makes you think
he will come here...
...and not contact the girl?
He's American.
He's probably watching us now...
...planning his next move.
-We got a problem.
-What problem?
-That's the best you're gonna get.
-lt's not enough.
We need to know
what happened on that evac.
Run it back.
-Jacks here.
-Try a high filter.
lt's you. What's going on?
Listen, we gotta talk
this thing through.
All right, listen to me.
Just you and me...
...nobody else. You understand?
You're the only one l trust.
Something's off about this mission.
l don't know who's pulling the strings
there, but l think we're being set up.
Did you set the target?
Yeah, but l'm gonna set
a secondary.
-Give me that.
What the hell is going on?
-What happened on the evac?
Put Amanda back on.
Soldier, talk to me.
Talk to me.
l just--
l don't get it.
We were on the chopper,
and we were clear to go.
Why would they wait until then
to try and waste us?
lt was all too easy. We just waltzed
on in there like we owned the place.
Yeah, no shit.
And these fuckers played us.
l mean, what the fuck
is going on here, captain?
Let's just concentrate
on trying to get us out.
Yeah, right.
Take a look around. l don't think so.
-He said something wasn't right.
-Did he give you any proof?
We have to call off the fighter
until we figure out what's going on.
-lt's not happening, Amanda.
-You heard what he said.
l don't think you're an accurate judge
in this situation...
...not considering
your past relationship with him.
-What's that got to do with it?
-You're too close to him.
Anyone reasonable would see...
...that there is absolutely
no substance to what he's saying.
...when the evac chopper went down,
he probably got spooked.
You and l both know, in those kinds of
situations, people's nerves get tested.
-That is all it is, Amanda.
l need to ask you a question.
Please, go ahead.
Have you noticed anything
strange about this op?
How do you mean?
l can't quite explain it.
Does this have anything to do
with your call to the Painter?
-You know about that?
-Your intelligence... our intelligence today.
But l do believe something is strange,
as you said.
Minister lvanov is beside himself
with this matter.
-ln what way?
-After your helicopter was destroyed...
...l told him there may be a delay.
l said it would be a good thing, give
us time to intercept the container...
...and justify extreme measure of
an American air strike on Russian soil.
But he look at me as--
As if l spit in his face.
What are you trying to say, Mikhail?
Look again at the pictures
l sent you of the reactors.
l'm going to send someone
to intercept those planes.
Just to let you know, the Russians
are setting up to stop the truck.
Secondary target, just in case.
Hey there. Just got your e-mail.
What is this?
The nuke plant in Chechnya.
lt's from a Russian satellite.
Shitty quality.
What do you see?
Am l looking
for something in particular?
-l don't know.
Somebody's been Photoshopping.
-Where? Show me.
-This shadow.
Whatever's casting it's been erased.
Can you check and see if this
was covered by one of our satellites?
Sure. We'll see what we have
on the date the Russians shot this...
...and the computer
will overlay the two...
...and identify any discrepancies.
ls that what you're looking for?
Oh, my God. The truck's already been
there. We're following a decoy.
Get me hard copies.
You're violating Russian airspace.
Stand down.
We have clearance
from the Russian government.
That's not what we were told.
He's trying to lock on.
These guys are going hot.
Let's see if he can catch me now.
-He's still on our 6.
-l know a few tricks. We'll lose him.
Going for weapons lock.
Almost there.
Fire fox one, fire fox one.
Hold on, hold on. Got another.
l see him. Hang on, hang on!
-We're losing power.
-Put your poker face on, Randall.
Just play a little Texas Hold'em.
-He's got a lock.
-Not for long. Hang on.
That's more like it.
l almost got a lock.
Fire fox two.
This is Shadow One.
Hostiles taken care of.
Hello. May l help you?
l'm sorry,
l was looking for Mikhail Beslan.
Mr. Beslan has been reassigned.
Are you sure?
Any inquiries about Mr. Beslan should
be placed with the Ministry of Defense.
Thank you.
Painter, this is Hargreaves.
l'm in the tunnel.
l got bogeys down here.
-Everything is in place, sir.
Have they stopped the truck?
Yes, sir. We have the men
starting to open it now.
-Let me know when they open it.
-Yes, sir.
Hi. The radiation suits
are in the car.
Hargs, stay put. l'll find you.
There he is! Let's go!
l know where they're being held.
Go, go!
Give me Jonathan Tensor.
The Painter was on to something,
so was Beslan.
And now he's been reassigned.
All right.
Convince me.
Painter said he thought
it was a setup.
Amanda, that could mean anything.
What if lvanov planned
this whole thing?
What if he set us up to go in
like cowboys, thinking...
...we were taking out a reactor
before Zaysan could re-core it...
...only, it's already been re-cored.
That's what they're unloading
off this truck.
What could lvanov possibly gain
from something so insane?
He's a hard-liner.
He's fallen in with the new Russia,
but he doesn't like it. We know that.
lmagine what would happen
if we hit a live reactor.
lt'd be hundreds of thousands dead.
Think where the blame would fall,
the country that caused it...
...and the country
that allowed it to happen.
And political control of Russia
would be up for grabs.
Something has been bothering me
from the start.
Usually you have to drag everything
out of the Russians...
...but this time they handed it to us.
And every bit of it
was through Viktor lvanov.
l give you this,
it's crazy enough to be possible...
-...except for one small detail.
-What's that?
The Russians stopped
the container an hour ago.
From the outside, it tested positive
for radioactive levels.
The specialists are in the process
of opening it now.
Don't look so devastated.
l think your assumptions
are reasonable.
You're doing a terrific job, Amanda.
Everybody's very impressed.
This is it. They're being kept inside.
Right there.
We gotta get out of here.
The fighter's about to enter
Russian airspace.
-How long till we hit the target?
-Thirteen minutes.
Still on approach.
ETA from target zone: 1 2 minutes.
Get away! Don't touch it!
There could be static on your hand.
lt could shorten out the target.
Everyone will understand
your sacrifice, Andre.
l'll make certain of it.
Soon, this pathetic Chechnya
will be a forgotten wasteland.
And our Mother Russia
will be great again.
The guards are dead.
The Americans have escaped.
lt's time.
Don't worry.
l will make sure
nobody comes here.
Pull back. Pull back. Come on.
We gotta get 1 000 yards away
from that reactor.
Naish, keep your men moving.
l'll catch up.
Stay clear of the village hall.
-What are you talking about?
-lt's where l lit the secondary target.
Who the hell told you
to light a secondary target?
This mission was off.
Primary target was a setup.
What the fuck are we standing
around here for?
-Our orders were for us--
-To target a dormant reactor.
-This one has a live core in it.
-A what?
They used the hostages to re-core
the third reactor before we got here.
Dead hostages had edema
in their eyes.
-The fuck is edema?
-First signs of radiation sickness.
l hadn't figured it out until l saw...
...that we were being shadowed
on the way back to the evac.
Moffit did lead us through
like we owned the place.
Look, we played right
into Zaysan's fucked-up plan.
Now, l gotta deactivate
that primary core.
No, man. We ain't changing the op
because you got a hunch.
l guess you're gonna have
to shoot me, huh?
l gotta do what's right.
-l'm out of here, captain.
Sir, l think he's right.
There is another container
in the truck.
Well, get it open.
Now acquiring target coordinates.
Locking on to signal.
Target is in that dome right there.
How you gonna deactivate it?
Electrical charge shuts it down.
Missile gets diverted
to the secondary target.
Well, we're not getting through that.
How much C-4 did you pack up?
How long till firing now?
-Six minutes, sir.
-Very good.
Still on approach vector.
Hold this position. l'm going up top.
l can hold them up from here, sir.
Take out the jeep!
-How much time now?
-Less than two minutes.
Missile is armed and hot.
What? What the hell
you talking about?
What is it?
Someone irradiated dead pigs.
lt's the container.
We gotta call off the fighter.
Do it.
Missile away.
Too late. The missile's on its way.
Oh, my God.
Target is down.
Secondary is hot.
What secondary target?
That son of a bitch did it.
You look like shit too.
Amanda, what is it?
That was the Kremlin.
Viktor lvanov is dead.
They're saying it's suicide.
lt looks like he's been set up
to take the fall.
lf the missile hadn't diverted,
the Kremlin would be in chaos.
God knows
how deep this really goes.
l'll be leaving for Washington
in the morning.
They'll call you in
for your account pretty soon.
Just like old times.
Not quite the same.
This time you'll have to say
you went against orders.
l listened to my instincts.
So did you.
-They'll investigate my part, l'm sure.
Well, when they do...
...piece of advice
from my experience:
Don't get too close to the person
asking the questions.
ls that so?
Because when you do...
...then they're gonna have
to answer to me.
My flight's not for eight hours.
That's a long time.