The Marksman (2021) Movie Script

You're too young for my sister, Miguel.
She doesn't even know your name.
She will.
What are you doing?
Finish your homework.
Dinner's almost ready.
you have to leave.
Take Miguel and go. Now.
Wait, wait, what's going on?
The cartel is after me. You have to go.
What about you?
Don't worry about me.
Just follow the plan.
Carlos wait, what happened?
They'll want to set an example.
They'll come for you next.
Who was that, mama?
It was... your uncle Carlos.
We need to leave.
If we don't find it...
what do we tell Angel?
We'll find it.
You cross the cartel Carlos,
your family will pay.
Get down!
It's the cartel.
They control this area.
We have to turn back.
We just got here!
We're almost there!
If they find us here, I'm dead.
We go back.
Try another day.
Look, I'll pay more.
It's not worth it.
Please, get us across.
I beg of you, get us across.
Just left of that bush,
there's a break in the fence.
You want to risk it...
you're on your own.
Let's go.
Help me.
Hurry, help me find the opening!
Old man!
I am here for the woman and the boy.
Your brother...
he's dead.
My love.
My love.
Come here.
You're going to stay with this man, okay?
Take this.
Tell the others, we're crossing.
Find this guy.
Hey, got something.
He just used his card at
a gas station in New Mexico.
Half an hour ago.
Load the gear, let's go.
We're heading northeast.
The card was used 20 miles west of here.
We better go, boss.
I will kill you.
Five miles back.
I'm going around.
Avenge your mother.
Kill me.
Kill me!