The Marsh King's Daughter (2023) Movie Script

[person] And the mother cried,
"Is this myself I see,
reflected in your eyes?"
And the daughter said,
"Is it me I see,
mirrored in yours?"
[insects buzzing]
[birds chirping]
[person] Helena.
Come back.
She's going to make you do
twice as many chores
when you get back.
I don't mind the trade.
Maybe if we're gone long enough,
she'll forget she's mad.
We'll walk slow, Little Shadow.
[birds chirping]
It was here.
Running or walking?
[Helena] The strides are wider
than before.
And deeper on the outsides.
It was running.
Because it was scared
of something.
Scared of what?
If you were afraid,
running for your life,
where would you go?
Where no one could see me.
It's time you finished the hunt.
[whispering] What if I miss?
Then we go hungry tonight.
[birds shrieking]
I didn't make a sound.
So, what do you think happened?
It smelled me.
You won't need the fire.
come get what you earned today.
[Helena] She's always mad at me.
[parent] Oh, your mother
can't see happiness like we do.
-[insects buzzing]
-[birds chirping]
-[mother screams]
-[water splashes]
[mother panting]
[parent] Okay.
[mother] I'm fine.
It's getting late.
[bird whistle tootling]
Helena, no more.
Where's the rest of it?
It's free now.
[flies buzzing]
It chewed its own leg off?
Sacrificed what it had to,
to survive.
[echoed gunshot]
[fire crackling]
[wood creaking]
[metal rattling]
When can I keep mine
in the house like you do?
When you're as good a hunter
as I am.
Which will be never.
-[parent growling]
-[Helena yelps]
[Helena grunts]
What do the marks say?
They say,
"When you're running
from an angry moose,
beware of low branches."
-[parent growls]
-[Helena shrieking]
[wolf howling]
I heard it crying.
[parent] She's starving.
Well, we have some
scraps inside. We could maybe--
What happens
when those are gone?
There's nothing more pure
than the instinct to survive.
The wolf holds no pity.
Just the desire
to live another day.
What would you do to the wolf,
if you were starving?
You're its prey.
We all are.
[pup whines]
But what about the baby?
Will suffer and die alone.
Now, do what I say, Helena.
-But if--
-Helena, move.
[wolf yelps]
You must always
protect your family.
[indistinct arguing in distance]
This is one of my alone trips.
-But I can help.
-No, come on.
You know the rules.
I'll bring you back a surprise.
What kind of surprise?
Kind of surprise
you're gonna have to
wait to find out what it is.
Now, get on back there.
I'll be home soon.
[mother humming melody]
[humming continues]
[birds screaming]
[motor whirring]
Sorry to come ridin' in on you.
Is your mom or dad around?
Hope I'm not trespassing
or anything.
Didn't know
anybody lived way out here.
Been out for hours,
and I got all spun around. I--
I can't find my way back
to the trail.
[breathing shakily]
No signal out here anywhere.
Look, if you could just
point me toward--
Please. Before he gets back.
What are we doing?
What are-- What are you doing?
[mother] Get on, Helena.
[motorist] Whoa. Hang on.
-He'll be back soon.
-Please, we have to go. Now!
-I don't wanna go!
-I can't just take you.
I'm not even sure where we are.
That's why I'm--
[engine revs]
Mother! Mother, stop!
Mother! Mother, stop! Stop!
[parent] Helena!
[mother] Helena?
-[Helena] Father!
-[mother] Helena?
[Helena shouting] No!
Stop! Stop!
[electricity crackling]
[door opens]
Look who's awake.
It's okay, Helena.
Your mother's
just in the next room.
Where's my father?
He's not here. You're safe now.
There's nothing
to be afraid of anymore.
Don't worry about that.
[breathing heavily]
[people murmuring]
[mother] Helena.
We shouldn't be here.
I want to go home.
-That wasn't our home.
-What did you do?
What did you do?
-I want Father.
He can't be near us.
Ever again.
He took me, Helena.
kidnapped me
and took me to the woods.
You're lying.
You're a liar.
You have always been a liar.
Father told me.
Stop crying!
You're not allowed to do that.
[police officer]
We need to let your mother rest.
Just for a few minutes.
We'll be okay. Helena?
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[dogs barking in distance]
[vehicle honking in distance]
-[glass shatters]
-[people laughing, chattering]
-[pub goer 1] Who's out?
-[pub goer 2] Yeah.
[people laughing, chattering]
-[horn honks]
-[brakes squeal]
[birdcall whistling]
[birdcall whistle continues]
[Helena whimpering]
Okay, we have to go. Come on.
You did good. Come on.
Okay, let's go this way.
-[officer 1] There he is!
-[officer 2] Police! Don't move!
[crying] Are we gonna go home?
One day we will.
[officer 3] Hey! Don't move!
Back away from the girl.
[police officer]
On your stomach!
He didn't do anything wrong.
[police officer]
Let me see your hands.
I'll come find you,
Little Shadow.
He's running! I got him!
[Jacob grunts]
Hands behind your back!
[vehicles honking in distance]
[office employees chattering]
[exhales deeply]
[whispering] Shoot.
[birds chirping]
No running, Marigold.
Hi, sweetie.
Mrs. Haver said
she has a life of her own,
and if you're gonna be late,
she's gonna
start charging you rent for me.
She did, huh?
[Marigold] What does that mean?
It means you are so valuable,
she thinks I should pay for you.
Whatcha got here?
My science project.
It's a habitat.
[Helena] Uh-huh.
Habitat? Who's the habitat for?
A baby deer.
It sleeps over here,
beside the rocks,
to keep it safe from hunters.
Smart deer.
[children laughing, chattering]
[Marigold] Mommy!
What kind of leaf is this?
A walnut.
From which tree?
You tell me.
[Marigold] And what's that tree?
A red oak.
It doesn't look red to me.
It will be in the fall.
Do you see the bird?
[bird singing]
A wood thrush.
How do you know all the names?
I can teach you if you want.
I can see a bunny rabbit.
[Helena] Where?
You have to kind of
tilt your head. See the ears?
Oh, yeah. I see it.
With the tail down this way?
[Jacob] It means that we're one.
[Marigold] Mom?
When can I have one of these?
Not until you're 82 years old.
That's the rule, remember?
That's not fair.
You got them
when you were young.
I was much older than you,
and I wish I hadn't.
I like them.
I like you.
[both giggling]
["Everything Is Possible Now"
playing on radio]
[Marigold] Daddy's home!
Put your stuff inside, sweetie.
We're going to the campus
for Daddy's work picnic.
[Marigold] Picnic?
Sorry we're late.
I forgot about
your thing tonight.
That's all right. Let's just go.
I have to change. Why don't you
go on over with her,
and I'll come later.
Well, we've tried that.
You never show.
I'm just not good
at those things.
Neither am I.
Which is why you're coming with.
Plus, you're my beautiful wife,
and I want to show you off.
[children laughing, screaming]
You know, it's funny.
[Helena] Thank you.
[partygoer 2 laughs]
Hey, you good?
Is Marigold having fun?
[partygoer 3] I don't know.
The crazy thing is,
my students don't even try
to hide it anymore.
Phones are going off
my entire lecture.
Well, in their defense,
I have heard
some of your lectures.
[all laugh]
I love that. It's unusual.
-Oh, thanks.
Did you get it around here?
Uh, in San Francisco,
when I was a teenager.
You have a bunch of them.
Too many. [chuckles]
I didn't know
you're from San Francisco.
Other places too.
We moved around a lot.
What'd your parents do?
My father worked in insurance,
my mom sometimes did
Doesn't get much more boring
than that.
[crickets chirping]
"Then she took 20 mattresses
and laid them on the pea.
On this, the princess
had to lie all night.
In the morning
she was asked how she had slept.
And the princess said...
[whispered] 'Oh, very badly.'"
[door closes]
[crickets chirping]
[coughing, choking]
[metal rattling]
[guard grunts]
[breathing heavily]
[police radio chatter]
What's going on?
Where's my daughter?
[person] Helena Erikkson?
Where's Marigold?
[person] She's not here.
This isn't about her.
I'm Special Agent Illing.
What are you doing in my house?
Ms. Erikkson.
My name is Pelletier.
Before that,
it was Jones, correct?
Then Mitchell,
after you changed it
from Bekkum.
But you were born
to Jacob Holbrook
and Beth Erikkson.
What do you want?
Your father, Jacob Holbrook.
He and another prisoner
escaped last night
while being transported
across the state line
to Alger Penitentiary.
When's the last time
you spoke to him?
When I was ten years old.
-Has he tried
to contact you recently?
Are you sure? Not even once?
You could've called me.
You didn't need to come here.
What's going on?
You okay?
Do you know where your father
might be going?
Y-Your father?
You can't just
come into my house.
[Illing] Our warrant allows us
to check for any
possible communication
to or from your father.
Why do you keep saying that?
Helena's father--
He doesn't know where I live,
doesn't know my last name,
doesn't know anything about me.
[Illing] And that's same
for your family
and friends? Have any of your--
I've never told anyone
Jacob Holbrook is my father.
[Illing] So, 20 years.
No letter,
birthday card, anything?
I'm confused.
I thought your parents died
in a car accident.
That's what I told you.
And Holbrook,
that's the Marsh King guy.
The one that just escaped.
I heard it on the radio.
[Illing] That's right.
Is there any risk
of him coming here?
That's what we're trying
to find out.
He doesn't know where I live.
you can't be too sure of that.
Christ, Helena.
How could you not have told me?
I told you to stay in the car,
-Who are these people?
-Police. They're just--
I'm gonna take her.
I'll call you later.
[Illing] We're gonna need to see
your phone
and any computers you use.
With any luck,
your father will be found soon.
You don't know my father.
If he makes it to the wild,
you'll never see him again.
[anchor] In a case that received
nationwide notoriety,
Jacob Holbrook,
the so-called "Marsh King,"
abducted Beth Erikkson
and held her for 12 years
in the wilderness
of Michigan's Upper Peninsula,
until she eventually escaped
with the daughter
she gave birth to
while in captivity.
After the trial,
Erikkson had difficulty
adapting to normal life
and was rarely seen in public.
she died four years ago
in an apparent suicide.
[line ringing]
[spouse] Yeah?
You guys coming home?
[spouse] I grabbed a hotel room
for the night.
Mari's in the pool.
[Helena] I could bring her over
some school clothes,
if you want.
I'm keeping her out tomorrow,
just in case.
I didn't think
this would happen.
That I'd find out?
No. I mean, I wish I--
Mari's yelling for me.
I gotta go.
[line clicks]
[Jacob] Little Shadow.
Time to check our snares.
And a real hunter...
needs a real knife.
This is yours now.
Let's see how you do with it.
[insects chirping, buzzing]
I called earlier,
but you didn't answer.
I'm not great with phones.
That's an understatement.
I saw the news.
Thought I'd shoot down
and say hello.
Hello, Clark.
Maybe grab a glass of water
before I head back.
I know you
don't want me dropping in,
but I figured
everything's changed a bit now.
Cat's outta the bag.
How's your husband taking it?
Not well.
He'll come around.
Just a matter of time.
The little one's
not so little anymore.
Your mother
would've loved to have met her.
I thought you might bring
Marigold up home a while back,
at least for the funeral.
She wouldn't have
met her then either.
That's true enough.
Then, I guess I meant
I wish you woulda come sooner.
She would've liked that.
He still has that job
at the college?
You still doing--
Nothing's changed.
Okay. [sighs]
This is not how I saw this
playing out.
[sighs] I'm sorry,
I just can't do this right now.
at least it's not in the press.
No one's putting you with him.
Just wanted to make sure
you weren't worried
about things.
I'm not.
You know, there was a space
when you were about 13 or so.
I thought we had a shot at bein'
a nice little family,
the three of us.
It was never the three of us,
She didn't want me around.
When she looked at me,
she saw my father.
So did you.
You're forgetting
some good days.
She loved you.
I still love you.
I miss you.
But sure, maybe sometimes
we saw a little Jacob in you.
[vehicle approaching]
Or maybe you never saw
enough of him in me.
[police radio chatter]
You here to relieve this fella?
[officer] No, I'm supposed to--
Mrs. Pelletier,
the FBI would like you
to come down to the office.
Did something come up?
Way above my pay grade.
You want me to come with you?
We found your father's body.
Just inside the state line.
We assume they were heading
for a crossing to Canada.
Guard rail,
60 feet up on the embankment
was splintered.
Driver either lost control
or fell asleep.
The car hit a tree
and caught fire.
Both men were burned
beyond recognition.
We think they had an accomplice.
We're looking for him now.
How can you be sure
it's Holbrook?
He has three gold teeth
with carvings
matching your father.
[inhales deeply]
You all right?
My father died 20 years ago.
[car approaching]
[Helena] Mmm.
I'm sorry about your daddy.
We saw it on TV.
Thank you, sweetie,
but he wasn't my daddy
for a long time.
We brought you some food
in case you didn't wanna cook.
Let me guess, extra pepperoni?
-I'm definitely in the mood
for pizza.
How you doing?
I'm fine.
I wish you would've told me
the truth. [sighs]
What's the worst
that could've happened?
-We wouldn't have Mari.
-You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
Who in their right mind
would get involved
with the daughter...
If you knew my name
was Holbrook, you'd never have
gone on a date with me.
You would've run the other way.
-You will now.
-Hold on.
Let's pretend
that I'm a better person
than you think I am, all right?
What's the best thing
that could've happened?
You might've found
somebody to trust.
Someone to help you through
all the shitty days.
Somebody to explain
all your weird tattoos to.
The best never happens, Stephen.
No matter how badly we want it.
Marigold okay?
She's asleep.
Do you really believe that?
What you said before about...
the best never happening.
[inhales sharply]
Because if you do,
what's that mean for us?
Look I--
I don't wanna make
this any worse for you.
But you gotta let me in, Helena.
Okay, look.
I'm gonna go do some work
at the office.
Probably sleep over there.
[footsteps departing]
[door closes]
[tires screeching]
[exhales sharply]
My name is Helena Holbrook.
Remember the guy
who kidnapped that woman?
The one everybody called
The Marsh King?
I'm his daughter.
Sometimes I sneak off alone
at night because I feel trapped.
Like I can't figure out
which world I really belong in.
I have trouble trusting people
everyone tells me
the person I believed
in the most
was really a monster.
He gave me this
after my first kill.
And this one when I missed.
This is the place
he taught me to swim.
The name he gave me.
This to remind me never to wait
to do my chores.
These were the only tears
my father ever wanted to see.
Would you like to go out
on a date with me?
[Stephen] Come on. I know.
[Marigold] I can do it.
I have been looking forward
to this day.
Thought it was time
to introduce you
to a couple people.
[Marigold] Look, Daddy,
they have horses.
This is Clark.
He's gonna try his best
to get you to call him Grandpa.
Make him earn it.
That doesn't scare me a bit.
I've got no one else
to spend it on.
It is very nice to meet you,
You too, Clark.
[Clark chuckles]
I'm gonna like this one.
Would you like
to see the horses?
[humming in distance]
[humming continues]
[humming stops]
[Clark] Who's getting hungry?
[Clark chuckles]
Two hours after I took that,
I started getting calls
that some hoodlum
was setting off fireworks
in people's yards.
She tore that dress to shreds,
running from one of my deputies.
You can stop now.
Oh, hell, we haven't even got
to your difficult stage yet.
Who's that?
[Clark] That's your grandmother.
You definitely take after her.
I don't remember that picture.
[Marigold] It looks like us.
You know, I wouldn't complain
if this became a habit.
Thank you, Clark.
You know,
Jacob took a lot
of my people's beliefs,
twisted 'em
to fit what suited him.
Means "owned" in Ojibwa.
Not "family."
Don't confuse the two.
-[Stephen gasps]
-[tires screeching]
Sh-- [breathes heavily]
[Jacob] Little Shadow.
[Stephen] What's wrong?
I'm just getting some water.
[door opens]
[breathes heavily]
[sighs] Hey,
make sure you wipe your feet
when you come in the house.
I did.
I'll drop her on the way.
See you after.
We'll go swimming or something.
Don't forget my goggles.
I got that conference
in Detroit this afternoon.
Might be home late.
You gonna be okay?
Thank you.
How you doing?
Good. Fine.
Are you guys
around this weekend?
I was thinking Jess and Marigold
could have a playdate.
Oh, yeah.
I think we're free, just...
[birdcall whistling]
Sorry. Yeah, she'd love that.
How's Saturday?
Would she like
to come over to our place?
Of course.
She has swim until 10:00
but after that...
[birdcall whistling continues]
Can you hold on a second? Sorry.
You're not helping.
I'm not supposed to help.
This is your homework, not mine.
But you always help.
Well, you can figure this out.
Why are you in a bad mood again?
I'm not.
I don't mean to be.
Let's go read. We'll get Daddy
to help us finish
in the morning.
[Helena] "Water lilies spread
over the surface of the pool
like a carpet patterned
with flowers.
And on this carpet,
lay a young and beautiful woman.
The mother cried,
'Is this myself I see,
reflected in your eyes?'
And the daughter said..."
Hey, daughter?
You missed your entrance.
[Beth] Helena.
[young Helena] What is it?
It's a doll.
You-- You play with it.
Like a friend.
She has hair like me.
A tiny Helena.
[bell tinkles]
[breathes heavily]
[bell tinkles]
[door slams]
Oh, God.
[gasps, grunts]
Hey, it's me.
It's me.
Jesus. What are you...
Uh... I--
Whose blood is that?
No one's. A rabbit.
I heard somebody outside.
Maybe try calling the police
instead of running around
in the dark
with a knife.
-[panting] I have to check
on Marigold.
-Marigold's fine. She's asleep.
I just left her room.
Did you see anyone out there?
[panting continues]
We're gonna keep
the doors locked,
all right?
Get a few cop cars on patrol.
It's gonna be okay.
[Helena] It was bleeding
from the head.
Like someone killed it first,
then put it in the snare.
Or maybe it got injured
some other way.
What's got you spooked?
Why do you think
there's something more?
I feel like he's here.
[inhales deeply]
The night you found us,
when we came out of the woods,
I was so afraid
because he wasn't there with me.
But then he came.
Don't get lost in this, Helena.
Now he's come back again.
I have to tell him
to leave us alone.
You have got to try to get him
out of your head.
For good.
[sighs] I'm not sure
I can do that.
How could he be alive?
I don't know.
[Jacob] There's nothing purer
than the instinct to survive.
[wolf whines]
[Marigold] Mommy!
[Helena panting]
I couldn't find my backpack.
Oh, no, no, no. That stays here.
I wanna show people.
Let's wait a while on that,
Where did you get those?
I thought you made them.
I like them.
Looks like you and me.
-[birds chirping]
-[wings flapping]
Has the habitat been
in your room
the whole time?
[breathes heavily]
What are you doing?
[keys jingling]
Come on.
Stay inside after school
unless Daddy
or I are here, okay?
Don't go with anyone else,
no matter what they say.
What's this about?
Just felt like it.
Can you pick Marigold up
after school?
[Stephen] Of course.
[Helena] I have to do something.
I can't tell you what it is.
What's going on, Helena?
I know I haven't given you
any reason to...
please trust me.
I'll call you when I get back.
[Stephen] Back from where?
[Helena] Last secret, Stephen.
You and Mari rescued me.
[young Helena]
I can call it anything I want?
[Jacob] It's yours.
I gave it to you.
I name it
Helena Falls.
[footsteps approaching]
[Jacob] Hello, Little Shadow.
[inhales sharply]
Let's go for a walk.
How did you find me?
I never lost you, Little Shadow.
I miss that smell.
And the taste.
Gimme that.
My favorite knife.
We used to come camping up here,
you remember?
We'd lay out here
all summer long.
Look up at the sky,
see who could count
the most shooting stars.
I used to cheat
and count airplanes.
You knew I was alive
the whole time,
didn't you?
I didn't know
how it was possible.
Not until I saw
a three-legged coyote.
Sacrificed its own leg
for freedom.
Like you sacrificed your teeth.
Probably won't pass
a medical exam,
but it bought you
the time you needed.
You did some digging.
Well done.
You didn't tell anyone else
your theory?
Did you?
Wish you'd brought Marigold.
Tell me about my granddaughter.
I don't think so.
You know enough
about her already.
Well, I had to take a peek.
You never brought her
to visit me.
You didn't visit me at all.
Come on, Little Shadow.
I want to show you something.
You know,
Marigold looks like her.
Your mother.
I bet she loves the water
as much as we do.
That's to take us
across the border.
The three of us.
To Canada,
we can be a family again.
I have a family.
You have a daughter.
And a husband.
We've built a life together.
Are you happy with that life?
Not always.
Do you ever think
back to what it was like
when we lived here?
-I do.
-We can have it all again.
I remember
when you were four years old,
you could shut your eyes
and you knew where you were
from the sound of the water,
from the smell of the trees,
and the feel of the ground
beneath your feet.
It was like magic.
This is where we belong.
It's our home.
Our life here
was perfect.
[birds squawking]
[water splashing]
[Beth] No!
[water splashing]
[Beth struggling]
[Jacob grunts]
[Beth] No!
[Jacob] Don't you ever run away
from me again!
Okay? You hear me?
[Beth gasping]
I wasn't--
[gasping, crying]
Not for my mother.
Well, it could've been.
-You kidnapped her.
-No. We ran away together.
That's just something she said
when she decided to leave.
-You shot that man.
-I was trying to hit the engine.
You never would have missed.
I missed.
You've been told a bunch
of stories about me.
They're not true.
I never was the Marsh King,
until they said I was.
I know this, we were happy.
You were happy.
All I'm saying, bring Marigold,
let her see for herself.
I can't do that.
I won't.
I'm sorry.
This is where it ends.
I shouldn't have come here.
I'm glad I did.
Now I have to go home
to my family.
Please don't come
near them again.
-It doesn't need to be
like this.
-It does.
I understand.
You'll always be
my Little Shadow.
I have to go.
-What are you doing here?
-Could ask you the same thing.
Stephen called me.
He was worried.
And I just had a hunch
after what you said.
-Is he here?
-Let's go back.
I'll tell you on the way.
Helena, was he here?
But he's gone.
[hammer cocks]
Clark. Clark.
[Clark wheezes]
Clark. Oh, God. Oh, God.
Clark, look at me, okay?
Clark. Clark, stay with me.
You told him
you were coming here?
No, I didn't say anything.
Please, look at me.
Clark, I'm right here.
Clark, hold on.
Please, Clark, hold on.
You must've said something.
Make your stepfather curious.
Enough to wander out here
all this way by himself.
Just get away from us.
What have you done?
Please, Clark. Please. Come on.
Come on. Please.
Well, there's nothing you can do
to help him now.
-[Helena screams, cries]
-[Jacob grunts]
You'd rather the wolf lived
than us?
You want it to feed you
to its pup?
Now I have to get Marigold
on my own.
No! Don't you touch her!
[screams, grunts]
We can still all be a family.
It's all I want.
I'll be back with Marigold soon.
No! No, no.
[whimpering continues]
[wolf howls]
[footsteps approaching]
[Beth] Helena.
Wrap the rope around you.
Did he say I could come up?
I don't care,
I'm getting you out of there.
[both grunting]
I've got you, my Helena.
You're gonna be fine.
Because you're stronger than me.
Braver than me.
[exhales sharply, grunts]
[grunting continues]
[wood creaking]
[wood creaking]
I'm so sorry.
I'll come back for you.
[breathes heavily]
[Jacob] All rivers bend, Helena.
[Jacob grunts]
[Jacob] Is the blood warm
or cold?
[young Helena] Cold.
Then you must move faster.
Running or walking?
[young Helena] Running.
[Jacob] And if you were afraid,
running for your life,
where would you run?
[young Helena]
To where no one could see me.
You know what you taught me.
[birds chirping]
[wings flapping]
[rustling continues]
[gasps, grunts]
[Jacob] You're fine,
it's just a flesh wound.
what good will it do Marigold
if her mother is lying rotting
in the bottom of the marsh?
She needs you.
Just think about
what's best for your daughter.
[Helena] No!
[grunts] No!
The boat you came in. Show me.
Go on.
I waited my whole life
to see you again.
I wasn't sure what I would feel
when I did.
-What do you feel,
Little Shadow?
-Don't call me that.
Not anymore.
I used to think you said it
because I was always beside you.
Now I realize you just meant,
like any shadow,
I wouldn't exist
if you weren't standing there.
Your mother did a job on you
after I was gone.
No, she didn't.
I barely spoke
to her my whole life.
I blamed her for everything too.
I never believed her.
You really think she cared
about you
the way I care about you?
She wouldn't have a gun on me.
She could have run.
Gotten away.
She stayed to protect me.
Now I know,
she was the strong one.
She was weak.
A man who drags a woman
into the wilderness is weak.
Careful, Little Shadow.
You forget all the things
that I did for you.
The years I spent in a cage
'cause I came back for you.
What would you do for Marigold?
I'd die for her.
Come on. Come on.
-[Helena grunts, shouts]
-[Jacob shouts]
[both shouting, grunting]
[Helena] "Water lilies spread
over the surface of the pool
like a carpet patterned
with flowers.
And on this carpet lay
a strong and beautiful woman.
The mother cried,
'Is this myself I see,
reflected in your eyes?'
And the daughter said..."
"Is it me I see,
mirrored in yours?"
"Then the child rose
in the shape of a mighty swan
and spread her powerful wings."
[grunting, panting]
I don't hate you.
I don't pity you.
I just remember your lesson.
Always protect my family.
[Jacob shouts]
[grunting continues]