The Marshes (2018) Movie Script

- Research is killing me.
- You love it.
- Dad wanted me to get a good
Mum wanted me to get married.
Science was a great way
to disappoint them both.
- Speaking of jobs, when will
you know?
- They'll assess next week.
- Doesn't give me much time.
And it's just you or Ben huh?
- Only enough money for one of
So much for the knowledge
- Hello.
- Oh, hey Ben.
- Hey, look I know it's last
minute but
I've got some sampling to
out at The Marshes and I was
hoping to get a lift with you?
- Yeah it is a bit last minute.
- Well I promise, I won't hold
you up.
- I suppose we can squeeze you
- I owe you one.
- Hey I'm Will.
- Oh hi, Pria.
Thanks for coming on board.
- I'm here to serve.
- That one's good to go.
- Oh yeah sweet, I'll take it
down now.
- Undergrads.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- So is there like, any chance
of getting malaria out here?
Okay, there are mosquitoes, it's
- That is possible but
it's highly improbable.
- Yeah it's no more
likely than in the city.
- The Striated Pardalote.
- The Striated Pardalote.
- The Little Grassbird.
- The Little Grassbird.
- The crow.
- The Australian Raven.
- What no?
Okay no, c'mon everyone
knows that's a crow.
- Oh do they?
- Yeah!
If it's black and sounds
like that it's a crow.
- All right is it a little
crow or a Torresian crow?
- Or a little raven maybe
even a forest raven?
- Alright, alright.
- The Greater Sooty Owl.
- The Greater Sooty Owl.
- It's like
something out of Mad Max.
- Yee haw!
- Guys be nice.
- Cerberus, down.
- This establishment has the
most charming facilities.
- Well lead on.
- Nice ride.
- It's not as rugged as yours.
- We could swap if you like?
- I don't think the
university would like that.
- Researcher are you?
- Yeah.
- Where you headed?
- The Marshes.
- I hear there's good piggin up
that way.
- Oh, I don't know about
that, we're out there to work.
- That's too bad.
You're not involved in
that water stuff are you?
- Aquatic ecosystems.
You could say water stuff
is exactly what we do.
- Aquatic ecosystems.
Yeah you know I think
I've heard of you guys,
taking water off farmers to
give to your little froggies.
- We don't take water away from
- Country towns are dying
because of the likes of you.
- That's not true.
- Sure is.
See, when you restrict the flow
pressure can build up.
Could even lead to an explosion.
Relax, it's only diesel.
- Fucking inbred hick.
- Just the diesel eh?
- Yep.
- Are you sure you're okay?
- Yeah I'm fine.
- That guy tried to...
- That guy was being a douche.
- So all of this was cleared?
- Well people have to eat.
- Maybe, but the truth is,
there's just too many of us.
- You mean people?
- Indeed.
You see our species, whilst
has a naturally high
propensity for stupidity.
This propensity used to keep our
and therefore our impact quite
- Okay.
- Okay, but, the development
of tool use allowed
our population to
increase at a higher rate
than our idiocy based rate of
It allowed us to overcome
the myriad of stupid ideas
which used to be a natural
check on our population growth.
We are now at the tipping
point where the mass of our
stupidity is too great for
the genius of our tool use.
- Right.
- Don't pay any attention to
Ben's misanthropic ramblings.
- We are fucked though.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, mozzies kept me awake.
- Okay, I'm all yours.
- Well we're in the dead zone,
so you might as well leave that
in camp.
Pull those on.
Grab that stuff, let's get
- Yep.
Bloody bugs.
- Better get used to it.
- You know what they call this
in Peru?
- Sharpening the knife-o?
- Calling the mother-in-law.
- That's terrible.
Ow, you little shit.
Hey Will?
- Yo?
- I need your help
with a few more samples.
two and three.
- Won't you need more than that?
- Cheers Will, here's to
your first day of field work.
- Cheers.
This'll put out the fire.
- Cheers.
You must taste good.
Thanks buddy.
- Thanks.
- You know the real
Waltzing Matilda
happened not far from here.
- What do you mean real?
- Well the cover story
developed a life of its own
but in reality the Swagman
raped the Squatter's wife.
- As if.
- I thought he stole a sheep or
- Nah that's what the
Squatter told the troopers.
- Why wouldn't he have
just told them about the rape?
- Back then rape was, well
it had a terrible stigma
attached to it, people
didn't talk about it.
- Yeah I guess so.
- Anyway the Squatter tells
the troopers about the sheep
and he gets them to
track the Swagman for him
and he tags along.
And when he reckons
they're close he splits off
and corners the Swagman at
a billabong and drowns him.
When the troopers arrive and
he spins them a story about how
the Swagman to avoid capture
jumped into the billabong.
And they believe him.
- Come on, there's a whole song
about it.
- Hmm-mm, and it's a bit
suspect don't you reckon?
I mean who ever killed
themselves over a sheep?
- Maybe he was a Kiwi?
- Ever since then the
malignant ghost of the Swagman
has haunted remote waterways
whistling his mournful song
and tuckerbagging anyone
unlucky enough to stumble
into his watery domain.
- Nice.
- It's true.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
- All the way.
- Nothing.
- What?
- It's like a school lunch.
- Well hardly, PBJ's were
all Einstein used to eat.
- Really?
- I've got no idea.
But don't you think there's a
buttload of
Einstein trivia out there?
- Hell I, I guess being
added as a qualifier
for random stuff is just one
of the downsides to genius.
- Yeah, that's my experience.
You really care about this
- Well it's impossible not to.
I mean it's downstream from
It could just dry up and
no one would even know.
- Except for us.
- Yeah except for us.
- So I reckon I caught
the biggest fish today.
- That's very impressive.
- I thought so.
- It's not the size that counts,
it's what you do with the data.
- What's that smell?
- Have you got him?
- Yeah I got him.
Do you know you're in a reserve?
- So?
- So, you're not allowed
access to the reserve
without a research permit,
hunting is strictly forbidden
and so are dogs.
- We've got a permit.
- No you don't.
- You calling me a liar?
- Nobody's calling you...
- Yeah.
- I like them waders.
There's nothing wrong
with one more dead pig.
- Yeah future generations will
thank you.
- You're not from here are you?
- Neither are you.
- Yeah why don't you
get one of me smiling?
- I've got what I want.
- How 'bout I give you what you
- It's getting late, I think
we should get back to camp.
- Yeah you should get
back to your little tent.
- No more ghost stories?
- Well I don't think I could
top knife wielding pig hunters.
- Yep.
- That's me done, I'm going to
- Night.
- Night.
- Well I guess we better...
- What?
- What is it?
- There was someone there.
- Are you sure?
- Pretty sure.
- That's disgusting.
- What's up?
- Further proof of your people
- Someone's a bit disgruntled.
Well I guess I did see
something last night.
- Should we call someone?
- No I don't, I don't, I've
still got...
They took the camera.
- We have to contact the
- Do we?
- What?
- Well if we call them
then they'll insist on us
reporting it to the police.
- Maybe that's a good thing,
I don't want a couple of
rednecks telling me
I've got a pretty mouth.
- Yeah we're not in any danger.
- Really?
- Look it's three hours to
the nearest phone coverage.
- So?
- So by the time the police
get here they'll be long gone.
- Well what can it hurt eh?
- A day, a day and a half of
lost data.
- You're incredible you know
- Thank you.
- I didn't know flying fish came
- Ha ha.
- How the hell did they get it
so high up?
- I don't know Will,
the ways of the redneck are
an impenetrable mystery to me.
- So long as my butt remains
an impenetrable mystery
that is all I care about.
- Hah, well that depends.
- On what?
- Can you squeal like a pig?
- Yeah seriously though,
don't you think this changes
things a bit?
- No, no it doesn't change
anything, this is all one event.
They had their fun last night
and now they'll be out abusing
Nothing's changed.
- That's me done.
- Night.
- Night!
It's peaceful isn't it?
- Yep.
- You know I wish I was doing
this stuff 50 years ago,
before things were completely
- Yeah it's a real buzz kill.
- And yet I feel like
there is still a chance,
it's not too late.
- It's a wonderful romantic
- Well you say that like its a
bad thing.
- No I like romantic notions.
Come on.
Oh, shit...
- How do you feel?
Maybe we should head back?
- No Ben.
- Okay, it's your show.
- Yeah, it is.
No more pigs' heads today?
- Not this morning.
- Where's Will?
- Dancing with the shovel.
- Oh.
- Speaking of which,
I don't think it's a good idea
for you to get involved with a
- What?
- Well Will is a student and,
fraternizing with the
student body is frowned upon.
- What?
- Those are the rules.
- What rules?
What are you even talking about?
Are you saying...
- I'm saying the university has
and you should be careful.
- Wow, when did you become so
bitter, huh?
- I'm not bitter, cynical
perhaps but not bitter.
- I don't know what happened to
- What happened to me?
- Yeah.
- So where are we sampling
- We...
I, uhm...
I won't need you today Will,
I'm just doing my water samples
so you can help Ben out.
- Okay.
Don't get lost.
- I never do.
- Let's do it.
- I know someone's out there.
It's not funny.
- Hey Pria, how did you go?
- The hunters...
Listen I've got enough
data for my reports.
- Great.
- All I'm waiting on for your
samples and then we can leave.
- Oh well you know my sites
are pretty spread out, so.
- How long Ben?
How long Ben?
- Another couple of days.
- I don't have another couple of
I know you only had water
samples for three sites
to get, Ben.
- What?
- I've read the
subcommittee briefing notes.
Besides those what else can
you possibly have to do, huh?
- Well, I mean to complete
the entire program
I'll need at least another
couple of...
- How long Ben?
- Theoretically I...
- Jesus!
- In the morning.
- Night.
Let's just finish the
sampling and get going.
- We'll be back in an hour.
- Okay.
- Sounds like they got one.
- Yeah it'll keep their minds
off of us.
- Will what?
- Are we lost?
- We're uh, temporarily
geographically misplaced.
- Well I thought you'd said
you'd been here before.
- Many times.
- Eh, so how can we be lost?
- I don't know.
- Are we really lost?
- Yes, we are really lost.
- And what about this?
- Pig must have put up a hell of
a fight.
Pria will be happy.
- Cerberus.
- Run!
- Where have you guys been,
you were due back hours ago?
- It's all fucked up!
- Something chased us.
- Chased you?
- Yeah.
- Did you hear the whistling?
- What?
- Whistling?
- Yeah like the, the...
Ah never mind.
- We found this.
- Oh where?
- Well they dropped it during
the hunt.
It's lucky it's waterproof.
- Are the photos still there?
- Dunno.
- Oh yeah they are still there.
There's a video too.
- I hope I'm not about to see
pig raping.
- Stick it in his squeal.
- Now I hear it.
- It's not possible.
- No way.
- Quick!
No no no!
- Shit!
Fuck, he was just...
- This is a bad dream.
- Come on.
- Who, who would do that?
- It's not possible, it's just a
- What, yeah yeah yeah.
- We have to get back
to the camp or a road
and get outta here.
- It's just some nutcase who
heard the story and, and...
- And we have to fucking tell
- Yeah we fucking will.
- Come on!
- Pria!
- Come on come on, come
on, come on, come on, yes.
It's okay, it's okay.
- You're safe now, ssshht,
sssshht, you're safe now.
- You have to be quiet.
- We are going back to
camp, you can come with us.
- It's coming, it's coming,
it's coming, it's coming,
it's coming, it's coming,
it's coming, it's coming.
It's coming, it's coming,
it's coming, it's coming.
It's coming, it's coming!
It's coming, it's coming, it's
It's coming, it's coming, it's
It's coming!
- Where'd she go?
- No fucking way.
- We have to go, Ben, come on.
- Pria, I'm sorry.
- It's okay none of this is your
but, I don't even know what this
- No, I mean, I'm...
I'm really sorry for everything.
- It's not important now.
- I need to take a shit.
- Now?
- Yes, now.
- Really?
- I think it's that left-over
stew I ate for breakfast.
- Don't go too far.
- I'll be danger close.
- Are you done yet?
- Oh give us a chance.
- Sorry.
- What?
- Ben?
No, he's got Ben.
- Shit.
- Pria!
- Ben, Ben!
Hang on!
Oh god, oh!
- Ah fuck shit.
- We need to get him down.
- This is terrible.
- What?
- Before it gets back.
- We're gonna get you down.
- Please just hurry...
- We're trying Ben.
- Well try harder.
- It won't unhook.
- Just cut it, cut it.
- I don't have a knife.
- I don't, I can't find one.
I don't have a knife Ben.
- You have to hide.
- We, we're not leaving you.
- Do an ambush.
- Oh, oh...
- I'll call out and then you
club it,
and then and then you get me
- Okay, got it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Go go!
- Will, no!
- Now, now!
No, no no please, please no!
- Will?
Oh Ben!
No no no.
- Pria!
Oh thank God, I thought that...
All right, Ben?
- He...
I don't know what's happening.
None of this is possible.
- We should...
- We can't stay here.
- We should stay out
in the open and fight.
- We can't fight this thing
- Oh, well then we...
- Listen he's feeding now.
When he's done he'll
come out to feed again.
That's what he's doing,
feeding taking us one by
one until we're all gone.
We run, we hide and we
hope we find our way out.
- Oh, in this labyrinth?
- Yeah unless you have any
better ideas?
Okay we need to follow a
constant bearing.
Until we intersect an
area we recognize alright?
- Yeah.
Hey what's up what's up what's
Oh fuck, even I know that's not
- Must be a lot of iron in the
soil here.
- Yeah, yeah that must be it.
- Okay, I'll get a rough north
the sun and then go from there.
All right, so that's
our north, we head south
towards the camp or the road.
We've got got plenty of
sites out there okay,
we're bound to run into
something familiar.
- Yeah or a psycho dressed
as a Swagman who likes
to put people in his tuckerbag.
- Yeah, or that, come mon.
- Circles.
- What?
- We're going in circles,
this is the clearing that we
left from.
- No that's not possible.
- That's where we left from.
- Look, look we don't have time
for this.
Okay, well we just looped
back without realizing,
it's easy to do when
you're tired, come on.
- We're back and that
was quicker than before.
- No!
We've got to get outta here.
- Pria, Pria!
- Oh my God please tell me you
- I didn't touch it.
- Okay you stay here.
- What?
Oh my God...
Come on, come on!
Oh my...
It's like a trap.
We're in a loop.
- It's time to go.
- Yeah, well this time
we're not coming back.
Right, go!
- I hope it's that easy.
Come on.
- It's just gonna keep
coming after us isn't it?
- That's why we
have to keep moving.
- If we, if we could
find a distraction, yeah,
we could use that to help us get
- Yeah.
- What?
- Scent, I think he smells us
Rub this on you.
Come on.
- Fuck!
- Fuck fuck fuck.
Here, oh my God.
Listen, the less you
move the better, okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Just, okay, okay.
Okay, ssshht, okay.
Come on!
- Stop.
- No, come on.
- Ridiculous.
- What?
- We're too slow, he's gonna
catch us, he's gonna catch us.
- I'm not leaving you Will.
- Well hide me.
- No.
- Too late, we gotta
hide, we have to hide.
He's not real, he's not
real, he's not real...
- No, no, no, no, no!
- She's over here.
Look she's over here.
- Quick she's here.
- You had us all worried
but you'll be all right.
- No no!
No help, help!