The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932) Movie Script

Come in.
- Sir Lionel Barton, sir.
- Oh, yes, show him in. Show him in.
Come in, sir.
Well, Nayland, what's up?
Well, Lionel, before we go into that,
I want to ask you a very funny question.
- Do you love your country?
- Oh, yes.
All through the war and the Depression
and the high taxes and the low rents.
I shall never love another.
Well, Lionel, the British government is
asking you to risk your life again.
- Oh, very well.
- All right then.
After you leave here,
you're going to the British Museum
to meet some friends of yours.
You're going to ask them to join you
in an expedition
to go to the edge of the Gobi Desert
and hunt for the lost and buried tomb
of Genghis Khan.
How the deuce did you know all that?
It's my business to know things.
Lionel, you must find that tomb.
We can't allow for any failure,
and you must be the first to find it.
Why all the hurry?
- You know Fu Manchu?
- Yes.
He's trying to find it, too.
Oh, I didn't know he was an archaeologist.
Oh, no, he's not. He's insane for power.
- What do you expect to find in that tomb?
- Records,
the golden plate with the threat
of Genghis Khan to return,
the golden mask he wore
and the famous golden scimitar.
Exactly. Of course, in your hands,
these things will be merely
interesting archaeological specimens
to go into the British Museum.
But should Fu Manchu put that mask
across his wicked eyes
and take that scimitar
into his bony, cruel hands,
all Asia rises.
He'll declare himself Genghis Khan
come to life again,
and he'll lead hundreds of millions of men
to sweep the world.
And that, my friend,
is what you have got to prevent.
You must find that grave.
You must be the first to find it,
and you must bring those pretty things
back to England.
Of course it's genuine.
Don't you know that the
Equus polydactylous, Anchitherium,
Coryphodon, Equus sivalensis:::
But you forget, Equus asiaticus,
Equus przewalskii,
Equus lebii, Equus chenensis,
Hipparion and...
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Sir Lionel not here yet?
No, Von Berg.
It's a funny time to call a meeting.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
I'd hoped to have a long talk,
but something's come up
that's altered my plans slightly.
Fairgyle, I want two of your men.
My two old friends, Von Berg and McLeod.
- Another expedition?
- I was just getting bored with London.
- Can I have them?
- I think you have them already.
Where do we go now?
Well, perhaps I can best
answer your question by first telling you
that I think I've discovered
the buried tomb
of Genghis Khan.
- What?
- This can't be so!
Frankly, Barton, I don't believe it.
You always dreamt of this dead raider.
Carnarvon made his dream come true.
Think of what he found in Egypt.
I don't care what it is. I go with you.
Where do we go?
I'll show you.
We move secretly.
So it's a toil over these mountains
into this valley here.
Then up again and over this range of hills,
and right here,
on the edge of the Gobi Desert,
that's where we camp.
Now, I want you to understand the truth.
From the moment we start,
we're in great danger.
There's a fanatic in the East,
Dr. Fu Manchu.
- And we have to beat him.
- A Chinaman beat me? He couldn't do it.
Thanks, old friend.
Then we meet again on Sunday
to arrange all details.
Get away by Monday.
Thank you a thousand times.
I think I can promise you
some great acquisitions for the museum.
That'll be fine, Barton, fine.
Well, good night. Thanks once again.
See you on Sunday night, Doctor.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Terry, I just don't think
I can stand this any longer.
Steady, Sheila.
A whole week not knowing
whether he's alive or...
I say, do you know
where Commissioner Smith is?
- We've been waiting nearly 20 minutes.
- No, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, Vernon.
Sheila, sorry I'm late. I was detained.
- Hello, Terry.
- Hello, Nayland.
I brought Terry along.
Have you heard anything?
If I knew anything, I'd tell you.
Excuse me.
Sit down. Sit down, Sheila.
I'll be with you in just a moment.
Sheila, you've got to be very brave.
Oh, Nayland,
I won't believe my father's dead.
No, no, no, neither will I.
I've just come from a conference
with Von Berg and McLeod.
Fine chaps, those men. Depend on them.
Oh, come to the point.
You're keeping something back from me.
Sheila, did you ever hear
of a Dr. Fu Manchu?
Yes, I've heard Father speak of him
to the men.
I remember I couldn't sleep at nights
thinking of the terrible...
Nayland, don't tell me that man
has anything to do with this.
That my father has been taken by...
You know what they say about him
in the East,
his cruelty, his unspeakable tortures.
- Nayland, he'll kill him, I know!
- Oh, no, no, Sheila.
- I know he won't do that.
- What does he want of him?
Well, he wants the secret
about the tomb of Genghis Khan,
and, naturally, he turned to your father.
Oh, I know.
You think they can make him talk.
They can't. I know him better than you.
- She's right, sir.
- I hope so.
They have ways in the East
of shattering the strongest courage.
That's why McLeod and Von Berg have
agreed to carry on with the expedition,
to finish the job of getting to the tomb
before Fu Manchu.
- I'm going with Dr. Von Berg.
- Sheila, that's no place for a woman.
Oh, I know.
You think I'll crack under it, but I won't.
My father would hate me if I did.
I know much more about the tomb
than they do.
I know where it's located.
I can save them days.
Don't you see? Every second counts.
- Sheila.
- It's no use.
- Sheila, I protest.
- I tell you it's no use. I'm going.
The Englishman is here.
Send him in.
And tell my daughter I want to see her.
Send him in.
- I want to know the meaning of this.
- Sit there.
You'll answer my question.
Sit there.
Can you remember much of what has
happened in the past week, Sir Lionel?
I was attacked in the British Museum,
drugged, of course.
I think I was under the influence
of drugs for days.
Then I was in a plane. Now I'm here.
You're Fu Manchu, aren't you?
I'm a Doctor of Philosophy from Edinburgh.
I'm a Doctor of Law from Christ's College.
I'm a Doctor of Medicine from Harvard.
My friends out of courtesy call me Doctor.
Oh, I beg your pardon.
Well, Three Times Doctor,
what do you want of me?
I have sent for you to make your fortune.
What good are these
relics of a dead warrior to you?
Oh, our English people like
to look at them on holidays.
Are they worth a million pounds to you?
My dear fellow,
I can't sell what I haven't got.
But you will tell me where they are,
for money, I mean.
Not for anything in the world.
- Did you send for me, my father?
- My daughter.
Explain to this gentleman
the rewards that might be his.
Point out to him
the delights of our lovely country,
the promise of our beautiful women.
Even my daughter. Even that for you.
Fu Manchu, I'm not for sale.
You've read about this, Barton,
the torture of the bell. It never stops.
Minute after minute.
Hour after hour. Day after day.
Seems harmless, doesn't it?
Just a bell ringing.
But the percussion and the repercussion
of sound against your eardrums
will soften and destroy them
until the sound is magnified
a thousand times.
You can't move. You can't sleep.
You will be frantic with thirst.
You will be unspeakably foul.
But here you will lie day after day,
until you tell.
You'll be hanged!
Oh, Himmel:
Much more of this,
and I won't have no hands left.
Why, we haven't even started, Doctor.
Just wait till we get in the tomb
and start to dig out
the jolly old skeleton himself.
We've been lucky at that, Von Berg.
We haven't been bothered
by any curious Chinamen.
Quite right, Mac, and I hope the same
good luck continues when we find it.
If we do.
Aren't you hungry?
Just nod your head, and I'll feed you.
Do you want it? Well?
But I won't talk.
I won't talk.
Doctor! Doctor!
- Mac, I believe I've hit it! Look.
- Let me see.
Come on. Come on, everybody, dig.
Oh, look!
The seal of Genghis Khan!
- Sheila! Sheila!
- Shovel.
He'd be proud of you, Sheila,
mighty proud.
Oh, hurry.
Sheila, it looks like it runs
over this way now.
Hurry. Hurry.
Hurry. Hurry.
Rest and quiet.
Now for a nice, long drink.
I forgot to tell you it was salt.
- Fresh water.
- No.
- Fresh food.
- No.
- And a bath.
- No.
- Sleep.
- No.
- Sleep, Barton, sleep.
- No.
- Day in, day out, sleep.
- No.
Now, tell me. Tell me.
No. No.
- Well, who goes in first?
- Terry. He found the slab.
All right. Age before beauty.
It's all right. Come on.
Think of it, Sheila,
we're the first to enter the tomb
of the great Genghis Khan.
It's overwhelming. I can hardly believe it.
It just staggers my imagination.
Aye, and you're standing
in the first unplundered tomb of a king
that died nearly 700 years ago.
Look. Solid gold.
Enough to pay a king's ransom.
And sealed with the seal of Genghis Khan.
Terry, give me your knife.
Remember the curse
on Tutankhamen's tomb?
All the people connected with it
died soon after its opening.
That's a lot of bosh. Silly superstitions.
They would have died...
What's it say, Doctor?
"May the curse of the Gods
descend upon him
"and his forever
"who dares enter herein."
I don't like to mar the beauty
of these doors,
but I have my orders. It's got to be done.
- Mac, give me the ax.
- I'm afraid of this.
- Afraid of what?
- That curse. Those hideous faces.
Now, Sheila, pull yourself together.
Your father would have done
the same things if he was here.
Mac, save those pieces.
- The greatest fighter of them all.
- Yeah.
As powerful in death as he was in life.
Countless hordes
still worship in his name.
- Well, come on, let's go to work.
- Righto.
You know, I have a feeling
that the sooner we get these relics
in the hands of Sir Nayland, the sooner
we'll have news of your father, Sheila.
Look out, Terry.
Oh, that's all right, darling.
Just a friendly little tarantula.
I have brought you here for great tidings.
I am the most unfortunate of men.
I have no son to follow me.
Therefore, in shame,
I ask you to receive a message
from my ugly and insignificant daughter.
Speak, my daughter.
I have seen a vision.
The prophecy is about to be fulfilled.
Genghis Khan, masked in his plate of gold,
bearing the scimitar
that none but he could ever wield
comes back to us.
I've seen a vision of countless hordes
swarming to recapture the world.
I've seen the victorious.
I've heard the shouts of the dead
and the dying
drowned by the victorious cries
of our people,
"Genghis Khan comes back.
"Genghis Khan leads the East
against the world! "
- Well, Mac.
- Well, it's my old friend Smith.
Nayland! This is a surprise.
- Sir Nayland!
- Hello, Terry.
- He's looking fine, isn't he?
- Yes.
Oh, Nayland. What of my father?
We'll talk about that later, Sheila.
Take her in the house, Terrence.
- Wait a minute, darling. I'll strike a light.
- No, no, don't. Don't do that.
Bring all that stuff in here as quietly
as you can and stow it over there.
Oh, Nayland, please, please.
Tell me about my father.
Nothing. Nothing yet.
Pretty inadequate report, isn't it, Sheila?
- What are we going to do?
- I'm doing everything I can.
We can't find Fu Manchu, although we
do know he's around here and very near.
So if I can get all of you
and this stuff out of the country,
then I can deal with him.
He'll show his hands.
Well, look, Nayland,
if you think he's around here,
why do we have to leave the country
until we find him?
Young man,
your business is to obey orders.
And I'll have you all out of the country
by tomorrow,
- every one of you.
- Oh, why?
Because I'm worried.
I don't like the looks of it.
Why can't we have a little light, Nayland?
Because this house has got to appear
empty as it has been for months.
It's our only safety.
- So understand. No lights.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Miss Sheila, off to bed with you.
Come along
and I'll show you where your room is.
They all open off this courtyard,
and yours is here.
So, this is what we've been fighting for.
- Aye. That's what we came for.
- Yeah, that's it.
And they believe in a bauble like that.
Will we ever understand
these Eastern races?
Will we ever learn anything?
Well, we'll have to take turns
watching this thing tonight.
McLeod, you take the first four hours.
No, I'll stay up all night.
Then I'll know everything's all right.
All right.
- But I'm going to lock you in.
- Aye.
- Good night, Mac.
- Good night.
Terrence, open the door.
- Good night, McLeod.
- Good night, Smith.
What's happened?
He was black.
But he didn't take it.
He didn't...
For as much as the Almighty God
with his great mercy
hath taken unto himself
the soul of our dear brother here departed,
we therefore commit his body
to the ground.
Earth to earth,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
I don't want to be abrupt,
but we've got to get down to brass tacks.
Now, understand,
no one leaves this compound today.
You travel tonight.
But we've been traveling for days
without rest.
- We can't do it, Nayland.
- You must.
So, Sheila, you go to your room
and sleep until I call you.
Have no fear. We're watching over you.
You get all the sleep you can.
Von Berg, you better get some rest also.
Terry, you take the first watch.
Bolt that door, Terry.
See here, Nayland,
we're done in. Exhausted.
We can't go tonight. Why, think of Sheila.
She's the one I am thinking of.
Do you suppose for a moment
Fu Manchu doesn't know
we have a beautiful white girl
here with us?
He wants the sword and mask.
Suppose he takes them?
- Suppose he takes Sheila also?
- I hadn't thought of that.
We're in the enemy's country now.
And a wise enemy.
We're fighting a thing we can't understand
with everything against us.
That's why you've got to get Sheila
and those relics
- into a place of safety tonight.
- I understand.
- You really think he knows about Sheila?
- He knows everything.
He knows every move we make.
His spies are all around us.
I can't even trust our own coolies.
Someone's watching us. I can feel it.
Now, just pull yourself together, laddie.
Pull yourself together. Got a revolver?
- Yes.
- Good.
I'll go out and look over the camels
and pick out the ones
I think are fit to make the dash tonight.
Don't you go in that tower room.
I'll be back in a moment.
- Cheerio.
- Cheerio.
- Good afternoon, my friend.
- Well?
A message from my master,
Dr. Fu Manchu.
I just want to know one thing.
Is Sir Lionel alive?
But what makes you think not?
- Does that mean that he's dead?
- But of course not.
My master's quite excelled at surgery,
and a little accident...
What's your message?
My master would very much like
a certain sword and mask.
I don't think so.
Your fiance is very fond of her father,
I believe.
- I'm thinking about that.
- Terry!
- What is it?
- Nothing.
Is it nothing to know
that your father is well?
- Oh, where is he?
- Fu Manchu's got him.
No! Is he all right?
Look out, Terry. This may be a trick.
There is unfortunately a certain amount
of evidence to the contrary.
Oh, it's not your father's.
It's a cheap trick to try to scare us.
- Perhaps you would like other evidence.
- No. That's enough.
Terry, wait.
I shall expect to see you
with the sword and mask
- at the shop of Goy Lo Sung.
- Where is that?
In the street of the dragon,
half a league to the north.
Otherwise, I'm afraid
if your father does return,
he may not be in the best of health.
- Where are those things?
- Oh, Sheila, we can't.
- Where are they?
- Wait a minute, dear.
Don't you see
it's betraying the whole expedition?
- I'm going to that place.
- Oh, you couldn't. You can't.
Oh, Terry, don't you see?
If it were someone you loved.
My father, who'd do anything for you.
- I know, dear. But listen to...
- Terry, if you won't go, I'll go myself.
You can't let them do this to him.
You can't let him suffer.
We'll get the sword back somehow.
Nayland will manage.
Nayland would do this himself.
Anyone would.
You mustn't say a word to Nayland.
- But you are going?
- Yes.
- You're Fu Manchu?
- Please sit down
so that we can enjoy your visit.
Now, tell me.
What can one so poor as Dr. Fu Manchu
do for you?
You know why I'm here.
This is the sword and mask
of Genghis Khan.
Your messenger said that if I brought
you these, you'd release Sir Lionel.
Release? Why, my dear young friend,
Sir Lionel is my guest, not my prisoner.
But if I could see the sword and mask.
Genghis Khan.
What are you going to do?
- You trick Fu Manchu?
- That's the sword we found in the tomb.
Lies, you cursed son of a white dog!
I'll flay you for this!
I tell you, I didn't know.
Those relics were found in the tomb.
- The whips!
- Listen to me!
I tell you,
I didn't know that sword was a fake.
I swear to you I didn't.
The whips!
Faster! Faster!
Faster! Faster!
Faster! Faster!
Let him down.
Untie him.
Follow me.
He is not entirely unhandsome,
is he, my father?
For a white man, no.
May I suggest, however,
a slight delay
in your customary procedure?
- You have further need of him?
- I have.
He shall still be the means
of discovering for me
where they have hidden
the sword and mask.
And for that purpose
- you will...
- Precisely.
I can't stand this.
I don't see why they're not here.
- Patience, my dear. We must wait.
- I won't wait. I can't.
I can't imagine where Terry's gone.
Sheila, you sure you don't know?
I've told you I don't know.
- I don't believe you.
- Nayland.
I'm sorry, Sheila,
but why don't you tell me the truth?
I can't.
No! Let me go to him.
My father. Let me go!
No! No, let me go.
I gave her enough of this
so she'll sleep till morning.
She should have told me.
- I might have saved her father.
- Why did Fu kill him?
He found out
that the other sword was a counterfeit.
- It was a fake?
- Yes.
I had it made from an old engraving
I found in the British Museum.
That's why I left at a later date.
I intended to use those relics
to buy Sir Lionel from Fu Manchu.
- I would have brought him back alive.
- What will he do to Terry?
Nothing, just now.
He realizes that I have the genuine sword.
You changed them
the night McLeod was killed.
Sheila said that Terry had gone
to the Bazaar of Goy Lo Sung.
As I remember,
that's the sing-song shop in a place
known as the
House of Ten Thousand Joys.
- You are going there?
- Yes.
I'm sure that it leads to Fu Manchu.
And, Von Berg,
if I don't return in 24 hours,
you take that mask
and sword and Sheila to Peking.
And don't come looking for me.
And don't pay any attention to anything
you hear about me or from me
till I get back.
And don't you let her out of your sight.
I understand. Good luck, my friend.
I'm going to need it if I meet Fu Manchu.
See something? Here.
Ming Dynasty.
Ming. Ming.
- Too small.
- Small?
More big? I get.
What I really want is a little comfort.
A little rest.
Pleasant dreams, perhaps?
No. No can do. Not for white man.
Understand. Honorable. Follow me. Come.
Nice bed, sir.
You can load? Nicely dream.
The slightest move
will send a bullet crashing
through your stiff British spine.
Are you in the habit
of shooting your enemies in the back?
Put your gun away.
You may turn around.
Now, that's better.
Now we can talk like gentlemen.
- Now, what do you want?
- You know what I want.
I want Terry Granville,
and I want him alive.
- Really?
- Where is he?
At the moment, he's being entertained
by my beautiful daughter.
Would you like to see him? Talk to him?
- Yes.
- Permit me.
Is this a friend of your family's?
It's not wise to insult your host,
Sir Nayland.
If it were not the easy way out,
I would kill you now.
If you please.
No. Permit me.
My most modest daughter.
Sir Nayland Smith
of the British Secret Service.
- Terry, Terry.
- Nayland.
- What have you done to this boy?
- Practically nothing, as yet.
What are you going to do to him?
Merely inject a drop of serum
into his blood.
That will either kill him or drive him mad?
- Neither.
The injection of the serum
will make his brain mine.
In other words,
he becomes a reflection of my will.
He will do as I command
exactly as though I were doing it.
- So much better than hypnotism.
- I see.
Another of your Oriental tricks.
In the name of the British government,
I demand the release of this boy.
British government?
I will wipe them
and the whole accursed white race
off the face of the earth
when I get the sword and mask
that will call the teaming millions of Asia
to the uprising.
- And he will bring them to me.
- You'll never make him do that.
Wait and see.
Why, my dear Sir Nayland Smith,
I will show you the sword myself
just before I dispatch you to your cold,
saintly Christian paradise.
See that he is quite comfortable,
for the present.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
- I'm not afraid of your poisons.
- Not poison.
This serum, distilled from dragon's blood,
my own blood,
the organs of different reptiles,
and mixed with the magic brew
of the sacred seven herbs,
will temporarily change you
into the living instrument of my will.
You will do as I command.
I am only going to give you
the very smallest amount
which will pass off in a short time,
because I want you to be your very self
when I hand you over
to my gentle daughter.
You will think as I think,
see as I see, and do as I command.
Dr. Von Berg.
Dr. Von Berg.
- Who is it?
- It's I, Terrence. Open the door.
Come in.
Oh, Terry.
Terry, my darling,
I thought you were never coming back.
What have they done to you?
You look so tired.
I'm all right. I'm all right.
I'm back. I'm here.
Terry, dear, you seem dazed,
as if you'd been drugged.
Where's Sir Nayland? What about him?
He's all right.
He's waiting for us in Nankow.
- Nankow?
- But you must get into bed, Terry.
- You need sleep, dear.
- No.
No, we must leave at once.
He's waiting for us.
- He wants us to bring the mask and sword.
- He? Who? You mean Nayland?
Yes. Yes, he's taking us to Peking.
Oh, that's impossible.
He would never leave in this storm.
He says we must leave.
He says the storm
gives us our best chance.
But, Terry,
why didn't Nayland come with you?
- Yes, he told us to wait.
- He's preparing a secret escort to Peking.
That's why he sent me.
He says we're to bring
only the mask and sword.
Well, he must know what he's doing.
Sheila, you go and get dressed.
- We leave at once.
- No.
Close that door. Keep Terry here.
I can't explain it,
- but there's something I'm afraid of.
- Afraid of what?
I don't know. This just isn't Terry.
Of course it's Terry.
Come on, get dressed, Sheila.
Come on, Terry.
Terry. Hold it, listen to me.
You're not yourself. I know you're not.
Oh, please, don't go tonight, I beg of you.
Wait until morning.
- He can't wait. Come on.
- No.
- No, Terry. I'm afraid of you.
- Come on.
I don't understand. Terry. I'm afraid.
I don't understand you, Terry.
You're all changed. Please, I'm not going.
I tell you, I won't go.
Come on, Terry.
He wants you, Terry. Go on.
He's waiting for you. Go on.
- There it is.
- Give it to me.
Oh, don't.
- Stop.
- Yeah.
Look, Sheila, that isn't Terry.
- It's an evil spirit.
- He's possessed. Possessed.
Fu Manchu, I want to tell you
that the British government...
It is my pleasure to show you
how I entertain my guests.
You, Miss Barton, will be taken
to the room of the golden peacock,
where you will be prepared
for a sacrifice to our Gods.
And you... You, my dear Doctor,
will follow my slaves
to the room of the slim silver fingers,
where I am sure
you will be more than comfortable.
And at sunrise tomorrow,
as my chieftains are assembled
in the temple below,
you two and your compatriot,
Sir Nayland Smith,
will have the pleasure of entering
your Christian heaven together.
It will be your honor
to be the first white martyrs
to perish at the hands
of the new Genghis Khan.
I congratulate you.
Listen, you...
Terrence, do something. Help, Sheila.
Help! Do something.
You hideous yellow monster.
You've got your cursed sword and mask.
What more can you want of us?
- Do you want to destroy us all?
- Yes.
This is only the beginning. I will wipe out
your whole accursed white race.
Oh, no. Terry!
Terry. Look at me. Listen to me.
It's Sheila. It's Sheila talking to you.
I love you, Terry. You've been sick.
You've been through a bad dream.
A bad dream, Terry.
But you're going to waken.
You're going to waken now.
My darling, they can't hurt you.
You belong to me. You're mine.
I love you, Terry.
Put your arms around me.
Put your arms around me, Terry.
Sheila, Sheila.
You silly little fool. Lying to yourself.
Believing that you had his love,
when he was only drugged by this beast!
- You failed. Both of you.
- Take them away.
You... Listen, Sheila,
I know what they did to me.
I love you. Always remember that.
I love you.
At the third stroke of the gong,
have the slaves take her to the temple.
- Great honor is yours, Miss Barton.
- I am ready.
Oh, my child, you must not be impatient.
Great as I am about to become,
I still cannot hasten
the course of the sun.
- Will it be soon?
- Very soon.
From here I shall go to the altar,
where, if the Gods are good,
the divine image of Genghis Khan
will hand me his sword as a sign
that I am his true successor.
And am I to be allowed
to see my friends again?
I am afraid you would not entirely enjoy
what you saw.
- Is Terrence...
- It seems that my daughter
has conceived a romantic interest
in this young man.
She's having him taken to the laboratory
to await further injections
of that interesting serum,
which, as you may have noticed,
will make him her more-than-willing slave,
until, of course, she tires of him.
Men of Asia,
our skies are red with the thunderbolts
of Genghis Khan.
They rain down
on the white race and burn them.
The sacrifice to our Gods!
Would you all have maidens like this
for your wives?
- Yes!
- Yes!
Then conquer and breed.
Kill the white man and take his women.
Give us the sign!
Our war eagles scream.
The splendor of the world is yours.
Here it is, and that's the machine.
See what's beneath it.
Von Berg,
this should send out a million volts.
It will. I saw it.
Terry, you hurry. Get to Sheila.
We'll cover you with this.
In the blood of Shiva's bride,
I baptize this sword.
Are you sure it's necessary, Nayland?
Father would so much have wanted
to have it in the museum.
I'm very sorry, my dear.
As much as I respect
your father's memory,
we can't afford to take any chances.
There may be other Fu Manchus
in the future.
By golly, after all that's happened,
I wouldn't be surprised to see
the hand of that fellow Fu Manchu
get out of the ocean and grab it.
I don't think there's much danger of that.
Well, Genghis Khan, wherever you are,
here's your...
Did you hear it?
Dinner is served. Dinner is served.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, sir.
You aren't, by any chance,
a doctor of philosophy?
- Medicine?
- I don't think so, sir.
But are you sure?
Oh, yes, very sure.
- I congratulate you.
- Thank you.
Dinner is served. Dinner is served.
Well, as I was saying,
wherever you are, Genghis Khan,
I give you back your sword.