The Mason Brothers (2017) Movie Script

Who killed our little brother?
And who else was involved?
Fuck you.
- See...
That's the wrong answer.
I'm not telling you nothing!
Fuck you!
Get towels! Towels.
Hey. Hey, you look at me right now.
You're not going anywhere.
- You look at me.
- I don't want to die, Ren.
GAGE: You're not gonna die.
Orion, look at me.
You look at me right now.
- You're fine.
- I'm sorry.
You are fine. (WHEEZING)
He's dying. We need to take
him to a hospital right now.
- We fucking can't!
Orion! Orion! (GASPING)
Hey, Orion!
Hard to breathe.
Or... Orion... Orion!
REN: Relax.
JESSE: (panting)
Breathe. Breathe.
(CRIES) Goddamn it.
(GASPING) We all fucking
know, Ren, it was a set-up.
We don't know that, Jesse! All we know is
the crew showed up at the same time we did.
Bull! Then how the hell
do you know that?
For all we know, it could've
been you that set
this whole fucking thing up,
told whoever all about this!
Have you lost your mind? I've been best
friends with him since grade school,
not to mention I've been working
with you for quite some time.
If you're gonna shoot me,
then do it right now.
You haven't been fucking
working with us for that long,
and you could have fucking
orchestrated the whole goddamn thing.
- Stop.
- Don't tell me to stop, Ren.
Fucking little brother's dead over
there, man. Don't you understand that?
This ain't the time
for that shit, Jesse.
Oh, yeah? When the fuck
is the time, man, huh?
He could have
orchestrated the whole thing!
He's right here
in the room with us.
- Fucking enemy. Fuck you. You're not family.
- It wasn't me, Jesse.
Relax, Jesse. Relax, Jesse.
Relax, relax, relax.
Dude, calm down. Okay, relax.
- Relax.
- Relax.
No, fuck you!
Don't fucking touch me!
- Is this all we need?
- Yeah.
You really want to take him
up to Valencia right now?
- Yeah.
- Bury him where grandma was buried?
All right, man. If you say so.
Why didn't you
see them walking in?
We were busy.
I don't know, actually.
How the hell am I
supposed to know?
One moment it's business
as fucking usual,
and the next moment,
there's three big guys
that are showing up
in black ski masks.
They got fucking guns and they
open fire on me and Orion
while we're fucking just there
at the cash drawers.
So we start fucking firing back,
and then all of a sudden,
it's just...
Everything else just
fucking goes to a blur.
I don't remember anything.
What the fuck do you remember?
The same thing.
Ren and I go for the vault.
You and Orion go for the
cash drawers as was planned.
And then what?
I don't fucking know, man.
Ren and I fucking...
We come out of the vault,
and we see three guys
with black ski masks on,
opening fire on you two.
We proceed to open fire on them.
I actually popped one of them
motherfuckers, too, actually.
Okay, so then you and Ren,
you guys come out of the vault,
and then it's just
everybody's blasting.
It's a fucking war zone, right?
From what I remember, yeah.
Okay, so then...
Orion gets hit and he goes down,
and then these guys,
they just... what? They...
They just disappear out the fucking
front door, like shortly afterwards?
Yeah, from what I
remember, fucking yeah.
And then we grab...
We fucking grab Orion,
and we go into...
we take off in the fucking van.
I didn't see those guys though.
All right, so if I'm
gonna rob a bank...
I'm gonna rob a bank
at the exact same bank,
on the exact same night,
in the exact same
three-minute window as us,
and it's just gonna be us
accidentally running into them?
Really? I mean, does that
make any fucking sense?
- They know of us.
- Yeah, okay, well, how?
How do they know of us, Ren?
What, like, somebody talked?
Yeah, other people
knew the plan,
but nobody knows our routes
except for me and you...
and this fucking guy.
I don't have anything
to hide, Jesse.
- No, it was someone else.
- Who? Who, Ren?
We're not at fucking war
with anybody else.
- REN: You need to relax.
- Yeah.
I'm fucking tired of you
fucking telling me
to fucking relax!
I don't need to
fucking relax, all right?
Our little brother
just got fucking killed.
So why don't you... I need you
to please get that
through your head.
I'm gonna go make a phone call.
JESSE: Okay, good. Go make a phone call.
That's bullshit.
So how do we not have enemies?
People are trying to
interrupt our business.
Why don't you tell me? Huh?
I mean, obviously
we do have enemies.
It's basic economics, Gage.
There are crews out there
and they are watching us,
and they are seeing
the kind of cash
that we are pulling from the kind of
fucking jobs. And so what are they doing?
They're gonna take out
the fucking competition.
Right? I mean, uh...
Isn't that why
you snitched us out?
I need you to stay cool.
You need me to stay cool?
Ren needs me to fucking relax.
I'm fucking fine.
All right, why don't you
give me the fucking room, Gage?
Why don't you give me
the fucking room, Gage?
You got it.
Yeah, we can talk all about
that when you get here.
See you then. (PHONE BEEPS)
Ren, what are we doing?
Got Jerry coming over
to help us out.
Yeah, Tony's boy. Ren, that
dude ain't reliable, man.
- Well, he was in the past.
- Yeah, that was for something totally different than this
and you fucking know it!
Well, look, listen.
He's got good connections,
all right?
He can find just about
anybody in the city.
All right, so then
what are we doing?
We're gonna wait and then
we're just gonna send Jerry
- on a wild fucking goose chase through downtown I.?
- No.
I'll have him pull security
cameras from the bank.
Might just tell us
something about these guys.
I mean, the motherfucker
does know every single
corrupt son of a bitch
in Los Angeles, so...
I'm serious.
Motherfucker did some back
research for me a few years ago.
He's fucking reliable.
Yeah, well, we'll see
'cause I'm not still
sure about the guy, Ren.
Look, I agree with you, Ren.
I think we should check him out.
Yo, man, if anybody knows
who these guys are,
or could fucking find out,
it is Jerry, and you know that.
Yeah, the last time that you gave
advice on something, you were wrong.
So you're actually
the last person
that should be giving
advice on anything.
Why don't you go
pick a fucking lock?
- And you leave the thinking to me and my brother, huh.
- Listen, that's enough.
Now, look, I'm gonna run down to the
street to the house and get the supplies.
Jerry will be here
in about an hour or so.
Whoa, whoa. You are not leaving
me here with this guy, huh?
REN: Yeah.
It wasn't fucking me.
You want to be useful, Gage?
Help me gather up
a couple of chairs
and go into the next
fucking room
because I guarantee you
that Jerry's gonna want
to have a little sit
and a chat with each one of us.
- Fucking looking forward to it.
- Good, yeah.
You make sure you got your
fucking story straight, Gage!
You fucking stay cool, Jesse.
Fucking always lippy,
Uh, hey, man, um...
Look, that shit from earlier,
sorry about that.
Look, Jesse...
I know we're not blood,
but we're brothers.
So I need you not to sweat that.
Nah, you're family, man.
You've been fucking good to us.
You've been loyal.
It's just we had
everything planned out.
You know? And then, these guys,
they show up and they...
Shake everything loose,
and then...
they get the drop on us.
We didn't know.
How we supposed to know that they're
coming in while we're leaving?
Then Orion gets shot.
It's all wrong.
I'll tell you that.
See, man, see that's why
it's gotta be a set-up.
Those guys, I mean,
they showed up
and they were ready
to handle business.
I mean, the masks, the guns. They didn't
just want the money that we wanted.
No, they...
Hell, they wanted us dead.
Then we have enemies
we don't know about.
I mean, yeah,
there's plenty of crews
out there that want
the jobs that we take
because of the money
that we make, but...
They can't do what we do, man.
They can't do it
in under three minutes.
I had everything
planned out, man, like...
We had everything planned out.
All right, listen up.
Jesse's gonna
explain everything.
All right, guys,
this is what we got.
It's a bank job,
and everybody's gonna
be going in on this one.
Orion, you're gonna be the
wheel man there and back.
You're gonna park the van on the
southeast side of the bank.
Now, guess what, guys. It's
also gonna be a night job.
Ren and I were talking about it.
It's just gonna be the best
time to hit this bank.
There's less foot traffic and
there's less chance of us
running into somebody
with a gun.
Now, with that being said, there is
an on-duty armed security guard.
Now, the good news is,
he takes a single
15 minute break for lunch,
so we're gonna go then.
All right? And everybody's gonna
go armed, just like always.
It's a safety precaution.
Gage, Ren,
you guys go for the vault.
Orion and I,
we go for the cash drawers
and that's it.
Wait a second.
What about disabling
the security cameras
beforehand, like we usually do?
Yeah, we're just not
gonna be able to.
The fastest response time
that the police have for a bank,
when an alarm has been triggered
in that area, is just
under three minutes.
So guess what? That's
exactly what we've got.
We've got under three minutes.
You got to believe me, bro.
I've timed it before.
- And if we get separated?
- Jesus Christ.
Let the man finish.
You mean if the cops
show up while we're there,
everything goes to shit.
We got to abort the whole thing?
Yeah, cops show up,
some of us go out the front,
the other go out the back.
There's a lot of things
that can go wrong.
Exit number one
is gonna be the front entrance.
The second exit
is gonna be the fire exit,
and that's also on the
southwest side of the bank.
Now, if for some reason,
if we don't make it
to either of those or
everything goes to shit,
we meet at the local
7-Eleven in the alley,
which is about eight blocks
northwest of the location.
Orion, if you can
grab the van, then grab it,
and if not,
then don't worry about it.
VIN number's been removed.
We got it covered.
What time's all this
going down tomorrow?
It's gonna be 1:30
in the morning, man.
Is that it?
Yeah, I mean,
that's all I've got.
Ren, did I leave anything out?
We good?
I'm good.
Yeah, we good.
All right,
that means we're good.
So let's prep and let's
make some money.
Where's Jesse?
Hey, what's up? Did you...
find what you were looking for?
- Yeah, food and water.
- Okay, so is that it?
- Yeah.
- All right, so what's next?
We wait. He'll be here soon.
- Can I get a drag of that?
- No.
You'd think that this guy would
know to show up on time.
It's Jerry. You know how he is.
Is this him?
It's been a while.
Good to see you.
Man, I heard about
what happened.
GAGE: Yeah.
Yeah, you guys
have my condolences.
Where's Ren?
He's inside.
Just follow me this way.
It's good to see you, brother.
Sorry for your loss.
How you holding up?
It's just another day.
Ren told me what
happened over the phone,
and I just want to say,
I want to do anything
I can to help you guys out.
That's why I'm here.
Gage, how about you?
What's new, brother?
Aw, man, just saving
up money to get my kids
out of the fucking neighborhood.
Aw, that's right.
You still living
on the south end, right?
Yeah, I hate it, man. I hate it.
I'm trying to get
'em to college,
trying to get... (INHALES)
Yeah, trying to
take care of my kids, man.
They're a handful.
Yeah, I hear you. I got
two myself, four and six.
Them rascals are a handful.
Yes, they really are.
Ren, anything new with you?
- Nothing.
- Yeah?
It's been a while, fellas.
When was the last time
we hung out?
(LAUGHS) A couple months
ago at that sports bar
where that fat
red-headed, cross-eyed kid
was trying to pick
a fight with you.
Yeah, yeah. No, I remember that.
Ren had a couple of...
too many drinks that night.
And he got up from the table
and he knocks this chair over,
and it hits the glass, and it
goes spilling all over the table.
It ends up going over this
dude and his date, right?
But then somehow the guy decides
that he's gonna start blaming me
for not paying my bill,
when the two things,
they weren't
connected whatsoever.
Yeah, but you're forgetting
that this was just
a poor college kid, man,
just at the bar getting a beer,
trying to impress this lady.
And you forget that he was also
trying to act like a hard-ass,
and I hate that shit.
What don't you hate?
Yeah, sure, but he was trying to act
hard, all right, and I hate that shit.
You know what was crazy,
though, was how a girl that hot
was with a dude
that looked like him.
That's 'cause he was
paying her bills, man.
Shit. You remember him and his
boy at the end of the night?
Okay, Jesse, you're right.
They were challenging us.
They were at the entrance
when we were walking out,
putting their chests
all out, trying to act
- like they're fucking hard and shit.
- Yeah.
Did you see me walk out of the
bar and go up to those two guys,
look 'em right in the eyes?
You know what they wouldn't do?
They wouldn't look me in the eye.
You know why?
Because they were scared.
They didn't want nothing.
I should've just knocked the dude's teeth
out right then, just based on principle.
I remember she was
super transfixed on you.
Nah, man, she was
looking right past me.
She had her eyes on Orion. Ladies
always had their eyes on Orion.
All right, that's enough.
- Hey, my bad, Ren.
It's business now.
Well, it goes
without saying, guys.
You guys are pretty much fucked.
Yeah, you think?
It was a set-up.
Okay, see, that's
what we thought too.
So, I'll tell you what,
here's what I can
do for you guys.
As you guys know,
I pretty much know all the
major players in this city.
So I don't think it'll
be too hard to find out
who hit you guys up at the bank,
but I do have a few questions.
Which bank was it, again?
It's, um, Westland
Bank on Fourth.
- The one in downtown?
- The only one.
And then, the guys
that hit you up...
Did they have any tattoos or
markings or anything like that?
They were covered.
Do you remember how tall they were?
Height? Build?
Uh, first guy's 6'2", 220-230.
The next guy is about
5'6", 180-185.
Third guy: 5'8 "-5'9", 200-220?
It's a guess.
Do you remember how many
cameras and where at the bank?
Three at the entrance,
over near the cash drawers.
And then two looking
at the vault door,
three inside the vault.
Hey, one of my guys
can break into
pretty much any bank camera
there is in the city.
I'll give him a call tonight.
Make a few calls
with guys on the streets.
If I come up with anything,
I'll be in touch,
which should be soon.
Good to go?
Yes, one more thing.
When you do find these guys,
you just go ahead
and you bring 'em right here.
- Okay?
- Man, don't worry about it.
Ren knows what I'm capable of.
Do I look worried?
Gage, anything else?
Just let us know
what you find out.
Ren, anything?
Well, all right,
I'll be in touch.
Good seeing you guys.
Thank you. I'm sorry that we
didn't have more for you.
- Hey, no worries. It's good catching up.
- Thanks, man.
Ren, again, I'm sorry
for your loss, brother.
- Thanks.
- I'll be in touch.
Gentlemen, how've you been?
You're here to see
Fredrick, aren't you?
Come in.
So this place
or bank you know of,
what exactly is involved?
How much money?
About two million dollars.
And how do you guys
plan on doing this?
Well, we pull up in your van
and then we go in,
we hit the vault,
and then we hit the cash
registers, and then we get out.
We do it at nighttime while the
security guard's on break,
and then we do all of this
in under three minutes.
Okay, good.
If I'm lending you
one of my vans,
I want a cut of the money.
- That's fine.
- So how much?
Good question. You guys
still owe me from the past.
How about 25 percent?
- I don't know about...
- It's fine.
Okay, good.
When you get the money, we can meet
somewhere so I can get my cut.
Now, I've trusted you
in the past, Ren.
Don't fuck me on this one, man.
All right, what else?
I'm good. Just let me know
within the next week the time
and date this is gonna go down.
So I can give you the van.
All right.
You got Gage still with you?
How's he working out?
He's good. He's a hard worker.
He's all right.
That's good to hear.
Glad things are going well.
So everyone knows
what to do, right?
Yeah, Ren, we got it.
We go in. We grab the money.
We get out.
It's super simple.
You guys go for the vault.
We go for the cash drawers,
and we're in and out
in less than three minutes.
Yeah, really there's nothing
else to it, man.
If we do run into
that security guard...
Just gotta take him out.
ORION: I'll take care of
any would-be heroes.
And everyone knows what to do
if we get separated?
- Yeah, Ren, we got it.
- Mm-hmm.
Where we gonna
stash the money afterwards?
I got a place for it.
Goddamn it,
all right, we've got it!
We've done this
a million fucking times.
Okay, we go in, we grab
the money, we get out.
Let's just make this run
as smoothly as possible,
and everybody gets home
and everything's good, right?
All right, right.
You expecting someone?
It's probably Helen.
I told her what happened.
Who is it?
HELEN: Helen and Violet.
What the hell is going on?
What the hell
are you doing here?
Ren talked to Helen
and told her what happened.
What the hell
were you guys thinking?
Did I invite you over?
You're an ass, Ren.
You always have them
doing these stupid jobs
and that's why you guys
are in the spot you're in now.
First off, no one gave you
permission to come over here,
so you're lucky
that Ren let me know
that it was gonna be you,
Helen, at the front door, okay.
And secondly, don't you ever
talk to my brother
like that again.
You're an asshole, Jesse.
What? Come here.
What did you do?
I didn't do anything.
You're unsafe, Ren.
Orion is dead.
These little stupid
business deals
are the reason
he's not here anymore.
And for what?
For money, lady.
What'd you think?
As you said,
this is a fucking business.
It ain't our fault that
Orion ain't here no more.
Oh, fuck you, Gage.
You guys are screwed up.
You don't think straight.
Look, I'm sorry.
That was rude.
I'm sorry.
Just trying to
explain the situation
to our friend Helen over here.
Don't ever ask me for help...
For anything.
- What else is there to talk about?
Well, you tell me. You're the one
that came all the way over here.
Why'd you get into
the car with her?
She told me what happened.
I didn't think
it was true at first.
It bothers me.
How did he get shot?
Normal way, with a gun.
All right, look, I'm sorry.
Okay, we were going
into the bank
and we grabbed the money,
and we were on our way out.
And these guys came in with ski
masks, took us by surprise.
And Orion, he got, um...
He got shot,
and he went down.
All for what?
How much money?
We're talking
10 million dollars, babe.
Was it really worth it?
Yeah, it was
worth the risk, okay?
We didn't know Orion
was gonna get shot.
This whole damn thing's
been a set-up.
A set-up with who, Jessie?
I don't know, all right?
That's... We don't
have any idea.
So what do you guys plan to do?
Well, we've got
a guy working on it.
Okay, you know Jerry?
All right, he was here
a little bit ago,
and he's doing
some footwork for us.
He knows the business. He's gonna
lean on a couple of people.
Then what? You're gonna
go after these people?
You're gonna end up dead, Jesse, if
you keep going on with all this.
Okay, look, I know
that you're concerned.
All right, I do.
I appreciate that.
That's very, very sweet, okay?
This is my business.
Okay, and you got
to trust me, okay?
I should have caught on to this stubborn
attitude you have when we first met.
You just never listen
to anyone but Ren.
Babe, he's my brother.
I'm going to find Helen.
Babe. Babe.
(MUTTERING) I cannot believe that. Yeah,
go ahead and hang out with Helen.
Shows up to where I'm trying to get
my thing done. You know what I mean?
All these broads, I don't
know what's wrong with them.
You know what I'm saying? Each
and every single one of them,
they start out
as a princess. Right?
But they always seem to be a queen.
You know what I mean?
They got all these answers
and all these solutions.
None of them make sense,
none of them are logical,
but yet, they're gonna fucking
tell you what they are exactly.
Do I tell them what to do
with their nails?
Do I tell them what to do
with their hair?
What are they fucking doing
telling me about my business?
Showing up to where we're
trying to get shit done,
- And they're telling me about my business.
- Hey. Hey. Shut up.
You talk too much. You never
shut your fucking mouth.
Why don't you sit
down and relax for once?
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
He's obviously a little
high-strung right now, man.
It's fine.
He ain't gonna tell us
or show us, but...
That's Ren.
Yeah, well, this whole
bank job was his idea, right?
We shouldn't even
be in this situation
- and he knows it.
- Jesse, don't do that.
We all planned this together.
What happened to Orion,
it's none of our faults.
Don't start that.
So what'd your
girl say, anyway, hmm?
Weren't you listening?
It was a bunch
of madness as always.
She's just running her mouth like
she knows what she's talking about,
but it's just a bunch
of shit flying out of her mouth.
I mean, she seemed
a little crazy, but...
I like crazy,
but she absolutely seems
off her fucking rocker.
Yeah, well, she is off her rocker.
The rocker's right here,
and then the porch is, like, right
here, and then she's like...
just... she's like somewhere over here.
She's nuts.
Yeah, I can tell, man.
Aw, thank you.
So what now?
What are we gonna do, Ren?
We wait for Jerry.
I get that.
So what happens when
he brings these guys here,
if he brings these guys here?
We force answers out of them.
And how do you
plan on doing that?
Well, how the hell
do you think, Gage?
We're gonna beat it out of them
until they tell us
what we want to hear. Okay?
And if these guys
are the guys that were involved,
then their bodies are gonna
get dumped in a nearby river.
We wait for Jerry.
We get our answers.
We get out of town.
How the fuck do we know they're
not on their way in right now?
We don't.
God, for Christ's sake, man.
Nobody knows about this place,
all right, unless we
actually brought them here
or told them that we were here,
then nobody knows
that we're here.
I mean, that's what you say,
but what I'm saying is, they could
be on their way here right now,
and they could know
it was us at the bank.
Look, I'm not going
anywhere, okay,
until I know who killed Orion.
And there's a lot more
dangerous people
that are looking for us
than just the cops.
Somebody knew
where we were gonna be
and they knew the exact time
that we were gonna be there.
Look, look. We wait for Jerry.
We handle business
and we get out of town.
All right, Ren.
It's your call.
Is that Jerry?
Who is that?
Hey, what's going on?
I got some info for you guys.
Damn, you guys look like shit.
You guys haven't
slept at all, huh?
Well, I was
until your ass came
and woke me up.
(CHUCKLES) Well, that's good
'cause we got
a lot of work to do.
What do you got for us, Jerry?
Let me show you.
Well, gentlemen, shall we?
Wait a minute. Where's Ren?
Oh, there you are.
What's going on, brother?
Good to see you.
Jesus Christ.
You guys are some
melancholic motherfuckers.
Why isn't anyone talking?
What do you got for us, Jerry?
Anyways, I got some good news.
I got two suspects for y'all.
Check it out. (UNZIPPING)
Remember that tech guy
in my crew
I told you guys about?
Well, he was able to access
the surveillance footage
from the bank you guys hit.
It turns out...
you're not gonna believe this...
he was able to identify
the fucking scar
on the tall one's right hand.
This is Diego Hernandez.
Apparently, there's
only one guy in the city
with a scar like his.
This guy is Cyrus Dixon,
Diego's right-hand man.
Word on the street is
wherever Diego goes, Cyrus goes.
So I'm pretty certain
Cyrus is one of the guys
that hit you up as well.
Oh, yeah, the third guy's
still a mystery man,
but I'm still working on it.
So then you are not
100 percent certain
about this Cyrus guy?
Is that right?
Well, technically
not 100 percent,
but I'm pretty goddamned
certain he was there
because Diego was there.
Okay, so...
How do we get these guys
and then what exactly can
you do to help us out?
Oh, I got my guys
scouting these two
right now as we speak.
It shouldn't be too hard to pick
them up and bring them here.
So... How exactly do you plan
on picking them up
and bringing 'em here?
- Hey, man, don't worry about that.
You know how I do it.
But it's like a gang, right?
I assume,
since y'all gonna need
an army to pick 'em up.
Yeah, well, they are
a low-level, dip-shit crew,
but they do run about 20 deep.
Oh, that's great, okay.
So we've got like 20 guys
that are going after us then?
Yeah, pretty much.
And how are you
keeping 'em off of your ass?
Well, that's the thing.
They're not expecting me,
but once I pick up
Diego and Cyrus
and they go missing,
their crew is gonna
be suspecting you guys.
Oh, without a doubt.
It's true.
So this, uh...
Diego Hernandez guy, like what?
Is he the leader of their crew?
What makes you think that
he's gonna be easy to get to?
Nah, I'm not too
worried about him.
He's just a mid-level foot
soldier, not too bright.
And what do you want
in exchange from us?
Nothing, brother.
I'm just trying to pay you back.
Oh, but, guys, do me a favor.
Keep my involvement
with this hush-hush.
It's not a problem, man.
We're not gonna say anything.
Right on.
We're good.
Right on.
Well, I'll be in touch
when I got something
to deliver to you guys.
- Ren, we good?
- We're good.
All right.
- Hey.
- Hey, man, thanks for your help.
- Yeah, no. No worries.
- Thank you.
JESSIE: So what do you think?
There's no other
options I know of.
Okay, but do you
think he's gonna do
what he says he's gonna do?
but there's no
other options, as I said.
All right, man.
If you say so.
All right.
I'll be in
the other room, fellas.
It's two tens. (SCOFFS)
It looks like two pair.
Ooh. Yeah, gentlemen, thank you
for allowing me to
take your money.
That's trip-five
right there, gentlemen.
Bup, bup, bup, bup. I'm sorry.
I'm new to the game. Um...
What do they call it?
Pocket aces! Oh!
- Take the pot, take the pot.
- Is that good?
I hate you. Yeah, no, it's very good.
I'm proud of you.
- I'm going to Vegas, baby.
- Yeah, well, you're gonna learn
and lose everything
that you just took in Vegas.
- Lose?
- Lose.
Have you not just been here?
I don't lose, my man. I win.
REN: Vegas... Vegas is a
different game there.
(MOCKING) Vegas is a
different game there.
Let me tell you something.
I spend a max of $40
when I go to Vegas.
- Forty dollars?
- Forty dollars.
I'm serious, man.
- Hand to God, 40 bucks.
- Right, how?
Wouldn't you like to know?
Don't worry about how.
All right, just learn
how to play cards.
I'm actually really curious.
I want to hear this.
- I bet you are.
- Yeah, I want to hear this.
ORION: Yeah?
The big man has spoken.
All right, well, first of all,
soon as a I get there, I hit the
liquor store right away. Right?
I get a cheap bottle of booze.
- Nothing too cheap, but, you know, cheap enough.
- Yeah.
Then hit the strip,
meet a hot older lady,
you know, classy though,
you know, charm her naturally.
Most women her age
find me irresistible.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And because of that fact,
she then pays for my chips
for the rest of the night.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- I'm serious, man.
Then I'm posted up at the
poker table like a big shot,
and they're bringing me
free booze all night.
All right, well,
I really do love you, man,
but you are a fucking
drunk and a liar.
Because the last two times
that you was in Vegas,
we was right there with you.
- Hello?
- Your point being?
My point being that you were
fucking passed out at 10:00 PM.
Yeah, well, it's Vegas, right?
Nobody's supposed
to be coherent in Vegas.
Listen... (GAGE LAUGHS)
Guys, say whatever you want,
but on a more serious note,
and I mean this,
we're all gonna make
a lot of money off this job,
enough to live off forever,
leave town,
and more importantly,
leave this fucking business.
I don't know about you guys.
I don't want to
be doing this forever.
I want to have kids,
you know, a family.
GAGE: Amen to that.
So please, all of us,
let's play our cards right
and get it done safe.
- Cheers.
- JESSE: Cheers.
What's up, big brother?
- You good?
- I'm good.
- You ready?
- I'm ready.
Simple and easy, right?
Just like last time, in and out.
Under three minutes.
Nothing more, nothing less.
- Right.
- I don't know.
Jessie... he doesn't
seem sure on this one.
I don't know why.
He's always like that.
He's fine.
Well, if you say so.
- Are you ready to do this?
- Let's do it.
Let's get out
of this town, brother.
Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Clean.
What's up, boys?
Oh, man.
I was over at Short Stop's
the other night.
You remember Mrs. Cooper
from down the street?
- Crazy Mrs. Cooper?
- Hm-hmm.
Well, I ended up
meeting her daughter,
fucking hot, smoking hot.
Crazy as a fucking
lab-house rat, but hot.
We're hanging out, having
a few shots, whatever.
All of a sudden, she tells
me she wants to try Ecstasy.
She says she's never
done it before.
She says she wants to do it
for her first time with me.
So, of course, I get on the phone.
I start calling everybody, man.
The whole city's dry. I can't
find a pill to save my life.
So I call Vinnie.
You remember Vinnie?
- Vinnie and Leah?
- Oh, yeah.
So he's in Vegas,
but he's got an emergency stash
in his front yard:
A soda bottle filled with pills,
buried under a rock.
Hey, man, I'm gonna
call the kids, yeah?
Yeah, okay.
So, all right, he said,
"Yeah, just take the money,
put it in the bottle,
take whatever pills you need."
Great. So I tell the girl.
Now she's like
a fucking kid
on Christmas, right?
She can't keep her hands off me.
We're headed there immediately.
So get the GPS,
get to the address...
the address that he gives me...
get there,
and there's not one rock.
There must be 15 of 'em, spread
out all over the whole yard.
Right? So I call him.
No answer, so I just start
flipping and digging.
And nothing. I'm digging.
I'm up to my
fucking elbows, man.
You would've thought I was trying
to, like, break out El Chapo.
The yard is a complete mess.
I'm getting pissed.
I'm digging with anger,
you know what I mean?
I'm diggin' in... eh...
There's piles of dirt,
flipped over rocks. She's
yelling, "Did you find it yet?"
- Fucking-A.
There's an old woman, I notice, all of
a sudden, looking at me, freaked out.
She's going, "George! George!"
And then here
comes some old guy.
Man, he just comes
out of nowhere, enraged.
"What are you doing to my lawn?"
This fucking...
I went to the wrong house.
You went to
the wrong fucking house?
- I should've known.
It was way too nice for Vinnie.
He's freak...
I don't know what to do.
I'm just... I'm frozen.
I'm on my hands and knees.
This guy... seriously, man,
you should've seen...
It was like "Caddy Shack" with all
the holes all over the place.
I'm freaked out. I don't know...
I gave him a Christopher Walken.
I said, "I don't know.
I lost my watch in your yard."
I'll send you a bill."
He said, "What?"
I said,
"See you later, asshole,"
and fucking ran off.
I didn't know what to do.
The girl's yelling...
Vinnie finally texted me.
He lives on North Orange Grove.
I get to his place.
Boom, dig four inches,
one rock, boom,
it's right there.
No problem.
It didn't work out anyway.
The girl ended up getting sick.
I'm holding hair above
the toilet all night.
Didn't even get laid.
Fucking disaster.
Uh, Jesus Christ, Orion,
that's, uh...
(LAUGHING) that's the saddest
fucking story I ever heard.
Yeah, fucking sad story
is right.
Hey, if this job goes right,
it'll be the last
fucking sad story I ever tell.
Here we go.
Let's go get into character.
Fucking Mrs. Cooper, huh?
- Yeah.
- JERRY: I'll be there in a few minutes.
All right.
Cyrus, huh?
This is him.
Where'd you find this guy?
At his house.
Found out where he lived.
How'd you figure that out?
Well, it looks like you guys
tuned him up pretty good.
The little fucker put up
a pretty good fight, actually.
Let's bring him inside.
It's like looking into a mirror,
but it's just so much worse.
See, you were the guys
at the Westland Bank downtown
and you came in shooting at us,
and you killed
my little brother Orion.
You see that is the shit
that I can't forgive!
Are you gonna talk?
(LAUGHS) Fuck you!
- Huh?
- Gage, hold him down.
- Uh-huh.
- Ooh, whew.
- Fuck all of you!
- Hey, we got all day and all night
to get our answers.
What do you want to do, huh?
He's gonna make it
harder on himself.
He's not gonna talk.
Place him on the fucking ground.
Why didn't you shoot him, Ren?
Do you know what I'm asking you?
All you did is you thwacked him on
the head with the butt of a gun.
That wouldn't kill a dog.
So, yeah, he's still in there.
He's still breathing
and he's still alive.
Shut up.
All right, look.
Even if Jerry is not
100 percent certain
that this dude was
with Diego and the other guy,
he still needs to be gone.
All right,
it is blood for blood time,
and I know that
he runs with them.
If Jerry doesn't
bring this other dude,
all we have is
this guy for answers.
Okay. So what? This guy's
not gonna say anything.
He would have already.
You said that.
Those are your words.
This guy had his chance. Let's just
get rid of him, Ren.
We wait.
I hope you know what you're doing,
bro', because I'm at a total loss.
There he is.
Diego, what's up, my man?
How you doing, brother?
Everything good? What's the
latest of the greatest?
Same shit. You?
Just like you, my boy,
trying to make some money
and enjoy my freedom.
Yeah, how long
you been out, now?
Ten years, man, can
you believe that shit?
Where did you do your bid again?
Eastern State Pen
in Philadelphia.
Oh, okay.
So you glad to be
in the sunny weather, huh?
Ah, you know, it has
its pros and cons.
Yeah, well, um,
what can I do for you today?
You wanted to meet.
Straight to the point.
I like that.
Check this out, man.
I know these youngsters doing
a bank job in a few weeks,
a bank in downtown
called Westland Bank.
There's $10 million in cash
they're gonna be taking,
and I want you
and your boys to go in there
and intercept the shit
out of that money.
Hmm. And how do
you know these guys?
Met 'em at the pool hall
shooting the shit with Joe.
We've all done
business together.
- You know, we're all good.
- Right.
Well, why not just
get into the bank ourselves
and forget even trying
to run into these dudes?
- Don't that make sense?
- Because they have access
to the vault where
all the cash is at,
and they can get in
and out of there quick.
Let me tell you something, man.
There's no one in the city
that has a set of skills
and can move as fast as them.
You feel me?
So you want them
to go in and grab the money,
and you want us to come
in and clean up the mess.
Yeah, pretty much.
What's in it for me and my guys?
- What do you want?
- Man, what does everybody want?
A portion of the money.
How much?
What can you offer?
I can offer you and
your boys 20 percent.
Nah, I'm gonna have
to think about that one.
- How about 30?
- Well, you sure as fuck.
- Didn't think about it too long.
- Hmm.
(LAUGHS) Fuck.
I can do 30, but that's it.
All right.
Thirty it is.
Very good.
It's gonna make us
a shit load of cash, my man.
GAGE: Cyrus.
Don't want you
catching a cold, man.
So why don't you just
tell us who shot Orion?
You make yourself suffer.
I already know you were
at the robbery...
And I already know
that you took shots at us.
So if I were you,
I'd man the fuck up and tell me.
I don't know who shot him.
I believe you...
But it doesn't matter.
Maybe it was you.
Maybe it was Diego Hernandez.
Maybe it was that third
motherfucker that I shot.
Same thing.
The only thing that matters...
Is that we've all
come together here
to figure this shit out.
And we have a lot
of work to do, man.
We have a lot of work to do.
I'll be seeing you.
Ren told me everything
over the phone.
Fredrick knows as well.
He tells me who
you have in there
locked up in some room
and you're trying
to get him to confess
to killing Orion.
Oh, yeah? What else did Fredrick tell you?
Is that why you came here?
What the hell are you guys thinking, huh?
Have you lost your mind?
That guy you have in there
is an important member
from the Eastside
territories of the city.
And he has ties
with many people.
Well, here's the thing.
I don't really give a shit
who he rolls with.
Well, you better.
These guys will come
looking for you
and will unleash hell
on all of you.
Good. You know why?
I'm gonna be waiting
right there for 'em
because they started
a war with the wrong people.
That war started the moment
they killed my little brother.
There you are.
You're an idiot and ignorant,
and you don't listen
to what I'm telling you.
So I am telling
your brother here,
but he doesn't seem too smart
either and isn't listening.
What is it that
you want from us?
I am trying to save
your lives, God damn it!
Oh, God, what are
you really here for?
I mean, tell me exactly
what it is that you want?
Well, if you really
want to know,
Fredrick wants
his cut of the money.
There wasn't any money
because we got
into a shootout
as we were leaving the job.
- We got a little fucking preoccupied with...
- Bullshit!
You can tell Fredrick
to call me about the money.
He doesn't care to talk to you.
- He just wants his cut.
- I don't give a shit about his cut.
If he wants his cut, then he can
call Ren or he can call me,
and we will happily fucking
discuss business with him.
Well, then, if you don't
want to give me his portion,
and that's what you have
decided, I will tell Fredrick.
Look, if I were you,
I would leave town now.
That man you have in there
is an important member
from the Eastside,
and his guys as sure as hell
will come looking for you.
I'm just giving you
a fair warning.
JESSE: Well, thank you,
but we don't need it.
Okay. Okay.
I wish you both
the best of luck.
Thank you.
I don't give a shit
what she says.
I don't give two shits
about Fredrick.
If he wants his money, then he can
fucking come by here and get it.
And as far as Cyrus' crew
goes, if they want Cyrus,
they fucking can come here too!
Let's get back inside, man.
What's up?
- Who was that?
- Allena.
- Well, I guess it was. What'd she want?
- Nothing.
She's running her fucking
mouth like she always does.
Listen, I tried talking to the
dude in there, and, uh...
- He ain't giving an inch.
- Of course.
Oh, yeah.
Look, man, that dude
in there, he was involved.
He just doesn't want
to rat out his friend,
and I can respect that
I can even admire that,
but that dude would've
been gone a long time ago
- if it wasn't Ren that was calling the shots.
- Oh, I know it, but...
Ren calls the shots.
Yeah, thank you for reminding me.
I'd forgotten.
I guess now we just wait
for fucking Jerry.
Yo, what's the deal
with you and Ren?
Why are we doing
this shit for free?
Shit, man.
You really want to know?
I mean, we ain't going anywhere.
Let's just say Ren
helped me out big time
about five years ago.
I had the goddamn
Chinese, the Russians
and the Armenians after me.
- Whoa. Heavy hitters.
- Yeah.
So... So what happened?
Oh, shit, here he is.
- Yo.
All right, cool.
Yeah, just continue
to keep an eye on him.
Yeah, we'll be there soon.
I'll be in touch.
All right.
You got him?
It's Diego.
He's at the Diamond Bar
on 8th and Stewart.
- Is he alone?
- Yup.
Let's light this
motherfucker up.
In due time, my friend,
in due time.
Yo, I don't want to be that guy,
but I haven't been paid
in a couple weeks.
Hey, listen, man. I'm gonna
pay you next week, all right?
Bro, I got to pay my rent.
I need this money.
What the fuck did I just say?
I said I'll pay you next week!
Now shut the fuck up.
All right, let's roll.
Excuse me?
Listen, motherfucker:
We roll when I say we roll.
Is that fucking clear?
Got it.
What the fuck's wrong with you?
Jesus Christ.
Ren, fellas.
- You guys already know Tony.
- Ren...
This is one of
my new guys, Adrian.
- How's it going?
- Good, you?
Jerry told me about the situation.
I wanted to help out.
I know you.
Used to run a business with Troy,
huh, a side hustle, back in the day.
Yeah, I know Troy.
He used to look out for me,
paid a lot of money on the side
with Hector and Reuben.
It's been a long time
since I've seen those guys.
Last I heard,
Troy had to leave town,
had a death wish on his back
with some guys from
the Southside of the city.
That does not
surprise me one bit.
Yeah, well, he wasn't
the smartest guy,
- if you know what I mean?
- Yeah.
He owed a lot of people
a lot of money.
There's only so much time
where people can
take that bullshit.
Well, Ren, I got something
you might want to check out.
Y'all fucked him up.
Uh, we found him
by himself at his usual bar,
picked him up
not too far from there.
I see you guys
tuned him up pretty good,
just like the other guy, huh?
Yeah, pretty much.
Anyone see you tune this guy up?
It went real clean.
One punch, one knock out,
picked him up,
threw him in the trunk.
Real smooth.
Well, we'll take it from here.
Thanks for all your work, man.
- Anything we can do to repay you?
- No, no, we're good.
Like I said before,
I'm just scoring things
- up with Ren.
- Well, thanks, man.
Hey, yeah.
Hey, look, before I go though,
you guys sure you
don't want any help
questioning little Diego, here?
I, uh, kind of miss
doing that kind of work.
- We got it.
- And if you need us for anything,
you know how to reach us.
Yeah, yeah, no problem. Will do.
Well, he's all yours.
All right, boys, have fun
with that piece of shit.
I'm gonna grab his arms.
You grab his legs.
Oh, yeah.
Take him out.
Come on.
What's going on, bro?
Which of you fucks
killed my little brother?
Yeah, sorry, you see
we were the other guys
from the Westland Bank downtown,
and then you guys show up
and you fucking shot at us!
You see we need answers.
So are you gonna tell me
what I want to know
or are you gonna be like your bitch friend
in there and tell me fucking nothing?
That shit's funny, huh?
He ain't gonna talk either.
I got something for him.
Get the fuck off me!
- Get the fuck off me!
- It's going down.
- You first...
- Mm-hmm.
- Him second...
- Mm-hmm.
- And bitch last.
- Mm-hmm.
You gonna talk now?
(LAUGHS) I know you got more.
- More?
- That's it.
Hold him down.
Bandage him up
so he doesn't bleed out.
Yeah, that's good.
All right, so what
are you thinking, huh?
You want to give him
a minute to think it over
- and then come back in and finish him off?
- Yeah.
Gage! Gage!
Let's get this other
fucking guy.
Ren doesn't want
to give you the money.
Him and his brother Jesse said
they never got the money,
which I know is a lie.
- When did you see them?
- I already told you.
They didn't want to hand over
the money when I asked them,
and said they never
got the money.
Did they say anything
about Cyrus?
Ren did over the phone
before I went there.
You know, I never saw
Cyrus while I was there,
but I know they have him
somewhere in the warehouse.
At least that is what Ren
told me on the phone.
- So they do know about him.
- Yeah, they know.
I told them, and I told them
that they are fucking crazy.
They know where he's from.
Well, I don't give a shit about
Cyrus, Diego, and their crew.
The money is my concern.
I know. That is why I
went there for you.
What else did Ren say
about the job?
Nothing really...
More than what
he told me on the phone.
He said that when they
went there to do the job,
and were grabbing the money,
Cyrus and the two guys
you hired came in the back.
Then they start shooting at Ren,
Jesse, and the rest of them.
His brother was killed
and they never
walked out with the money.
Cyrus and the two
other guys were guilty of it.
That's it.
Well, I know they
grabbed the money.
Ren's not that dumb.
If I have to go
to his warehouse myself
and get my money,
that's what I'm gonna do.
Or just get someone
else to do it.
Like who?
I have someone in mind.
I'll just give Ren
and his boys a few days.
Hey, wake up.
Wake up!
Oh, fuck.
Oh, man, how long you been here?
A few days.
Wow, man, what the fuck
did they do to you?
Heh, what does it look like?
Where'd they find you?
At my house. And you?
Pulled up in this
piece of shit ass car,
hopped out, starting
whooping my ass.
It was an Asian guy
and two others.
Not these guys.
It's the last thing I remember.
Yeah, same here.
So, I take it these guys
are the motherfuckers
we got into it with at the bank.
Yeah, that's them.
At the bank, they had masks on,
but the guy we shot
was their brother.
Well, fuck 'em.
They should all be dead,
along with their
punk-ass brother.
That's what I'm saying.
It was a fair fight.
It ain't like they
didn't all shoot back.
Yeah, but fuck 'em.
Next time, they better kill me.
Check it out, though.
I got two.
My man. Oh, shit.
Look, the next time
they try to come here
and do some shit,
I'll shank one,
you hit the other,
and I'll take care of the third.
Yeah, man, we got
to get out of here.
We should have taken them out
when we had a chance
at the bank.
I know, right?
The one guy, the buffer one with
the Pee-Wee Herman haircut,
he's the head of the pack.
The other two are
just his little bitches.
- So take him out first.
- I got you, I know.
Damn, man.
When we were in the bank,
why didn't we grab
the money, though? Fuck!
I know it.
See, but look. These guys
have some motherfucking heat.
All we had was some
pistols that your boy gave us.
Think about it.
We would've been rich
and left the city,
and Fredrick
wouldn't have got shit.
Look, see, everything
was going good with the plan,
then all of a sudden
two others come
from the back of the bank
and we had to get
the fuck out of there.
We did it right.
We went in right after they did,
through the front,
which we thought was best,
catch 'em off guard
while they're doing their thing.
There's an emergency exit
on the side too,
but I hear it's hard
to break through.
No, see, you were right.
The front entrance
was the best, like you said.
They never expected us coming
in like that, blasting shit.
The money, though.
We didn't get anything.
It's whatever.
See, something's up.
Fredrick never told me
there was gonna be four of 'em.
He just told me some guys
were hitting a bank.
It ain't like we haven't been
shot at by four guys before.
Yeah, I know,
but it's always good
- to have a heads up.
- Either way,
we didn't get shot and they did.
So what are they paying you?
What are they paying me?
Look, man, we have
our own agreement.
I owed them some favors
for some things they
did for me in the past,
but why?
Well, I can pay you double
what they're paying you.
I'm sure they're
paying you something.
Look, they're not paying me.
Like I said, I owe them a favor.
Is this why you
called me in here?
No, Ive heard a lot of good things
about you from other people.
I think we can work
with each other on this one.
How did you find out
about the guys I contracted
for Ren's bank job?
I have my ways.
How did you meet
Ren and his crew?
I know you mentioned
that you owed 'em a favor,
but how'd you guys meet?
Jesus Christ.
I met 'em a few years ago
through mutual acquaintances.
Done a few jobs
with him and his crew,
a couple business deals
off and on.
We basically have
a business relationship.
So you feel close to him
as a business associate.
Close? Did I say that?
Hey, listen, man.
What exactly do you
want me to do for you?
You mentioned something
vaguely over the phone,
but, uh...
I'm gonna need more details,
otherwise you're just
wasting my time.
- What do I want?
- Yeah, that's what I said.
What I want is for you
to go to Ren's place
and get my money.
I'd do it myself, man,
but, uh, you have
a special relationship with him.
It'd be a lot easier
if you do it.
Plus, you'd have a better idea
where he's stashing it at.
I see.
So you want me to do
all the work in this situation
while you sit there and watch.
Yeah, watch you make
a couple million bucks.
You think I can just go in
there and make the demand?
You think he's just
gonna hand over the money?
I expect you to do some
of your investigative skills,
find my money,
and bring it back to me.
You and I know that Ren's not
gonna give me any answers
if I call him myself.
Look, he's not gonna
give me any either.
You have a better friendship,
business relationship,
or whatever you want to call it.
You know him better...
and he trusts you on a certain
level from what I hear.
Who told you that?
Look, man.
I will pay you double
of what they're paying you.
Or give you 30 percent
of the bank money.
That's 30 percent of
$10 million, man.
Do the math.
Do we have a deal or not?
Hey, listen,
I'll think about it.
Thanks for the drink.
All right.
- That's it?
- That's it.
MAN: Hey, guys,
my car's battery's out
about a mile up the road
and my phone's out too,
so will you help me out
with some jumper cables?
Yeah, maybe.
Motherfucker, Lance.
- Yeah?
- Gage Teller from Temple Street, baby.
Oh, shit!
(LAUGHS) Oh, buddy!
- What's up, man?
- Gage, man.
- What's up?
- I hardly recognized you in the dark.
- Same here, man, I almost fucking stabbed you.
- Oh, shit.
This is my business
colleague, Ren, man.
- Oh, hey, Lance.
- What's up?
What's been going on, man?
What's up with you?
Same old just,
you know, working,
taking care of
my girl and the kids.
- Kids?
- Yeah, kids.
- Lance has kids?
- Lance has two kids.
We just had our
second one like last week.
Cool, man, that's good to hear.
- Same girl?
- Ah, same girl next spring.
Okay. Can I get an invite?
Are you kidding?
Of course, yeah.
All right, I'll be there, man.
- What... what about you guys?
- Ah, you know,
we're working, man,
working a little hustle,
- here and there. Yeah.
- Oh, yeah?
Like Temple Street,
that type of hustle?
Uh, yeah, a little bit,
a little bit.
Call me a private contractor
for the banking industry.
(LAUGHS) Nice!
Whatever that means!
- Come on, man, what are you doing?
- Oh, you know,
it's the same kind of hustle,
the same kind of shit
- going on on Temple Street, man.
- Okay, yeah, man.
- Just like back in the day.
- Yeah, just a little... Better.
- All right, man.
- Yeah, what about you?
Okay, I'm cool, all right.
Y'all got a side hustle
still or not?
It is a car shop, so there's
opportunities everywhere.
- Business...
- Yeah. With your, um, brother?
Yeah, with my brother,
and he's a good
business partner.
Business is... It's booming.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Cool, man. Well, shit You know,
actually, my car's all fucked up.
- What?
- Just a favor right here, can I bring my car to your shop?
Are you kidding?
Yeah, bring it by.
Dude, this motherfucker's
always complaining about me.
My check engine light's been on and
off for fucking 10 years, man.
- So I can bring it in?
- Yeah, bring it in.
I'll take care of it personally.
So you say your
battery's broken, right?
- Well, yeah, it's dead.
- Dead, broken, whatever, man.
You don't got jumper cables yourself?
You're a mechanic, boy.
Come on, man.
All my tools are at the shop.
All right, it's a dead battery.
It just needs a jump.
So are you gonna give me the jumper
cables or you gonna bust my balls?
- No, I'm just busting your fucking balls, man.
- Okay!
- I think I got that shit inside, actually.
- Oh, my hero.
What street you parked on?
Whatever street this is. I mean,
make a right out the parking lot,
go up a mile, you'll run
right into my truck.
I mean, not a gas station
in the area
or anyone else
with jumper cables.
My luck, my phone's out.
I couldn't call
Triple-A or anyone.
Been getting aggravated, man.
All right, man,
I'm gonna go check inside.
Okay, cool, thanks.
I see they got this duffel bag.
It looks pretty heavy.
Nah, man, they don't
suspect a thing.
So, this is just
for Fredrick, right?
- This is the 25 percent cut?
- Yeah.
- 2.5 million, huh?
- Yeah.
That's a lot of money for a small
contribution in my opinion.
Well, that's because Ren has a soft
spot for this guy for some reason.
He's just a little bit too generous
for this guy for some reason.
- I know. I know.
- I wouldn't be giving him shit, you know why?
Because we barely even
know this guy that well.
Well, I guess I'm a nice guy.
JESSE: Well, yeah, that's
what I'm saying. You're a...
- You're a nice guy.
Yeah, too nice.
Both of my kids could go to
college with this money, man.
You know, it's a funny
thing, is, um...
Me and Ren and Orion,
we had like two million dollars
on us from this one job.
This was like five,
six years ago.
This was when
we first started out,
and we were working
with this other crew.
And at the end of the day, we
owe everybody this other share.
- And so, like, we walk away with almost nothing.
- Mmm.
Right. Now, that...
That was my bad
because I did
recommend these guys.
But see, I was hoping that
we were gonna get more work.
See, we didn't really give a
shit about money back then.
What kind of job?
- Bank job.
- Bank job.
Bank job, yeah. Arizona.
Yeah, I knew a guy down there
with some really good intel.
So we go down there, we check it out
and walk through it, plan it out.
We execute it. We do it.
Everything is super good.
Except for when it
comes time to the split
because then we got eight hands in
on a two million dollar honey pot.
Moral of that story is that you keep
it to a minimum amount of people
as much as fucking
humanly possible.
You trust your own
and fuck everybody else.
But Ren, here...
He's got principles.
You know, Ren, here,
he's too generous.
He wants to give everybody
a good chunk of the take.
Hmm. And what was that chunk?
Do I even want to know?
Don't wanna know. (GAGE SIGHS)
It was $250,000 each.
It's embarrassing.
- Yeah.
But then you got to watch out
for the six percent, right?
- That you give to the government?
- Oh, taxes.
- Yeah, yeah. Taxes, taxes.
- Yeah, no, I'm a good citizen.
Man, I make sure to do that.
- I, you know, like, file my 1099s.
- Mm-hmm.
Orion would've liked that joke.
That's a bad joke,
but he would've liked that.
Um, so when... When are
we dropping this off to the guy?
All right, so then, should I
just go into the other room?
I mean, are you ready for us
to take care of these guys?
Are you ready for us
to get the hell out of town?
We wait.
I didn't... I didn't hear you.
What part?
Because I want to know
for certain it was them.
Okay, Ren...
These were the guys,
all right, because Jerry,
he did all of the fucking
footwork for us,
and he laid it out
for us. All right?
Now, the guy in there,
he's got a scar on his hand,
and there's not gonna be
another person in LA
that has a scar
on his hand just like that.
Now, the other... The other guy in
there, okay, is just as guilty.
So it's time for us to go in
there and take care of them.
I need you to forget about the
fact that they have a couple of...
they had a couple
of fucking black ski masks on,
and it's time for us to clean up
and get the fuck out, all right?
Because I know it was them.
I know it was them!
You know, he's right, Ren.
I know you know he's right!
Let's dump these guys right now.
Why do you doubt yourself?
Where's he going?
What about the cops, man?
Or the rest of their crew?
What if they show up?
We're just sitting
here, waiting.
Where's he going? You pissed
him off and so he left.
- I pissed him off?
- You pissed him off.
All right, well, I...
You, you're funny.
Yeah, all right.
Well, we pissed him off.
Seriously, though,
it's time that we go in there
and we grab Cyrus and Diego
and we fucking put 'em down.
And then we got to get
the hell out of town. Right?
Oh, I... Completely agree.
But you know
Ren calls the shots.
See, I do whatever
the hell I want to do
whenever the hell
I want to do it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You know what I mean?
Hey, why don't you boys
go ahead and get up?
Come on up.
No, whoa! Lean up against
the fucking wall, all right.
I don't want y'all
comfortable in my space.
I mean, uh...
Unless you guys are ready
to make a confession. Right?
Or do you guys want to both continue
to be a bunch of dumb-asses? Right?
- Hmm, we've been generous.
- Absolutely.
Ah, yeah, we've been
real generous.
It could be worse, fellas. You
guys killed my little brother,
so this shit could
get a lot worse.
It could get a lot worse.
Hey, look, bruh...
We were at the bank,
that was us.
But, uh, I don't know
who shot your brother.
We were all shooting.
So, if you're gonna kills us,
then fucking kill us.
Ah, see, but, look,
I know you won't.
At least not without your
boyfriend giving you the say-so.
Look, man,
some shit's just business.
We just happened
to run into you guys
at the same time
we were gonna hit the bank.
- It's just a coincidence.
- Hmm. It's just a coincidence?
Like me having this
fucking gun to your head,
that's just a fucking
coincidence, right?
And this little finger right here,
I put that shit on the trigger
and I pull back and a bullet
goes through your fucking head,
and that's just
a fucking coincidence, right?
'Cause it's just fucking
business, right?
Hey, bro, he's right, man.
We've had that place
scoped out for a while now.
When we went in there
and seen you guys with guns,
we thought you were
gonna shot at us.
You guys seemed on edge. We
didn't mean to kill your brother.
It was self defense.
- Self defense.
- Hmm.
Why are you lying?
Why y'all fucking around?
I don't like fucking around.
Well, who sent you?
That's all we want to know,
is who sent you.
Look, I already told
you everything.
Nobody sent us.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, but see, I look at the two of you guys
and I just know
you're not smart enough
to be able to pull off
a fucking bank job on your own.
You know what I mean? Like you
bitches tying your own shoes
is gonna require
a group effort, right?
I know where you're from:
Eastside, Westside,
Northside, Southside,
Bayside, fucking Disneyland.
I don't give a shit where the
fuck you're from. You get me?
Yeah, that's nice. We don't give
a fuck where you're from either.
Ah, good, all right.
Well, we got that shit settled.
Why don't both you fucking
bitches get down on the ground?
- Gage, give 'em a little incentive.
- Mmm.
- There you go. There you go.
- Both of you. There you go.
Good dogs. Good dogs. Good dogs.
All the fucking way down,
all the way down.
Now you tell me
right the fuck now
why I don't just fucking put a
bullet through your goddamn head
and then put one through your fucking
boyfriend's head right afterwards?
Shoot me, pussy! Yeah,
you ain't gonna do shit.
- Right.
- Yeah, you ain't...
- Ow! Motherfucker! Ow!
- Mm-hmm.
- Shoot me, motherfucker!
Shoot... (GRUNTS)
- Hold this for me for a second, please.
- No problem.
You, look at me. Look at me.
All right, now are you gonna
tell me what I want to know
or are you gonna be a smart-ass like
your little fucking friend here, huh?
Huh? Oh, you're gonna
go fucking quiet, huh?
That's fucking good because I'm
gonna be right the fuck back.
All right, Ren.
Ren, what's the deal, huh?
We gonna kill these guys
and get out of town?
We're just wasting time by
chilling and waiting, man, right?
These guys just made a joke out of the
fact that they killed Orion. Okay?
So let's get the fucking
killing revolvers,
let's kill these guys, and let's
get the fuck out of town.
Hell, yeah. Okay!
Come on, bro. Get up. (LAUGHS)
DIEGO: Oh, look who it is,
the three bitches.
Y'all gonna shoot us or what?
- I mean, if y'all gonna do it, then do it.
- Shut the fuck up, okay.
Nobody told you
to say a goddamn thing.
Fuck you, pussy! Shoot!
- Whoever said we were gonna shoot you?
- DIEGO: Yes, do it.
You can't do it. Show me!
And you ain't gonna
do shit eith... (GROANS, COUGHS)
How do you like that, huh? Now are you
gonna be like this worthless piece of shit
or are you gonna tell us
what we need to know?
Now who set us up
at the Westland Bank downtown?
Fuck you.
- REN: What the fuck was that?
I don't know.
Did you invite somebody?
Is it the fucking girls?
What the fuck you doing?
Where's the money, Ren?
What money? (LAUGHING)
You know what I'm talking about.
Don't play dumb with me.
Jerry, are you losing your mind, man?
We're all friends here.
Shut up, Jessie.
I'm talking to Ren.
This is between me and him.
- Who you working for?
- Who am I working for?
I work for myself, motherfucker!
Where's the money
from the goddamn bank?
It's not yours.
You're not gonna get any of it.
You're not even gonna see
a fucking dollar of it, Jerry.
Didn't I tell you
to shut the fuck up?
Look, Jerry, I don't know what's going on
with you, but I got a couple of good ideas.
Right now, you've got a gun on him
and I've got a fucking gun on you,
so unless you want to get hurt, you
better put your fucking gun down!
You know what?
I don't really give a fuck.
It was Fredrick... He sent me.
He wanted his money.
I couldn't say no, man.
He offered me three mil.
It's just business, man.
Just business.
Looking for someone?
What up, kid?
I knew you were smart enough to come
deliver my fair share of the money.
After all, you owe me.
Where's your strap?
You're just trying
to shoot me or what?
And here I thought Jerry
and those two fucking idiots
would've taken care of what I wanted.
I guess not.
Knowing you, my guess is that
they're all dead, aren't they?
Some people never change, man.
Well, you better lighten up because
you're in my house now, motherfucker!
You've taken this shit too far.
Nah, man, you've
taken this shit too far.
Who did you come with?
Oh, you don't want
to answer my questions, huh?
I want what's in the bag, man.
Open it!
Put the stacks of cash
on the couch, man.
One by one, motherfucker.
Fuck yeah.