The Master and Margarita (2023) Movie Script

What's there?
Where are you going?
[Apartments index]
Why are you standing still??
Comrade Latunsky, open the door!
Do something!
Step aside
Dont break anything!
Whats happening here?!
Youre flooding us, thats what is happening!
When will there be peace and quiet
in this building?!
Call the police!
Dont be afraid
Dont be afraid, little one
Its some boys breaking windows
Where are you?
Im nowhere
Im your dream
Lie down now, put your hand under your cheek
and Ill tell you a story
Once there was a certain lady...
And she had no children,
and generally no happiness either
And so first she cried for a long time,
and then she became wicked
Margarita quietly placed the hammer
on the window-sill and flew out the window
There was turmoil by the building
On the asphalt pavement
strewn with broken glass,
people were running and shouting something.
shouting something.
In the building
on the other side of the street
behind all the windows
dark silhouettes of the tenants appeared,
trying to understand....
Youre still going on writing, huh
Is it about love at least?
Not only about it
Lie down
Oh, its good its about love
Youre in there too, Praskovia Fyodorovna
You dont say?
And is Dr Stravinski in there?
Of course. How are we gonna do without him?
He has a whole plot line with the patients
Which patients? You?
With one proletarian poet
Lately here its been another day
another poet
Its not a madhouse anymore, its
What do they call it on the radio?..
The Union of Writers
Quiet, quiet
Give it to me to read!
Im curious what you
have scribbled about us there
Of course! I only need to finish,
its not much
Here you go
Oh, Im such a klutz!
Hes been writing and writing
Thats okay, well read everything
sleep was just about
to come over the poet,
when the grille suddenly moved
noiselessly aside,
and a mysterious figure
appeared on the balcony,
bathing in the moonlight,
and shook its finger at Ivan.
May I sit down?
Your profession?
And what is your name?
What, you mean you dislike my poetry?
I dislike it terribly
And what have you read?
So, how did you wind up here?
The thing is that a year ago
I wrote a novel about Pontius Pilate
Youre a writer?
Im a master
She sewed it for me with her own hands
And what is your name?
I no longer have a name
I renounced it,
as I generally did everything in life
A year ago
Oh, good afternoon!
Good afternoon!
Will you sign it, please?
Are you interested in modern drama?
Oh, Gala!
Well, its the main show of the season
I havent been in Moscow long,
and by the way Im an actress
I wanna work in your theater
Its not really my theater
Have a good day!
Good afternoon!
Im sorry for being so forward
Are you in the Union of Writers?
So what?
Tonight at their restaurant
theyre playing real American jazz
You probably want me to invite you?
I do
Moscow is your city!
Thank you!
The guard is tired, comrade playwright
Excuse me
See you tonight! It starts at 8 p.m
Everyones waiting for you!
Is Efim Romanovich here already?
He wont be here
-And how are we gonna
rehearse without the director?
-Ill come back later
Actors learnt their lines,
and you as an author will correct them
if something is wrong
You know better
Pilate is already on the stage, waiting
its the accused from Galilee
Move it, the accused, move it!
So it was you, Yeshua Ha-Nozri,
who incited the people to destroy
the temple of Yershalaim?
Good man! Believe me
The Roman procurator is called Hegemon
Do you understand me, or do I hit you?
I speak your language, Hegemon
So it was you who was going
to destroy the temple building
and called on the people to do that?
Never, good
Never, Hegemon, never in my life
was I going to destroy the temple building,
nor did I incite anyone to this senseless act
Youre a liar
People have testified to it
These good people, Hegemon,
have confused everything I told them
Generally, Im beginning to be afraid that
this confusion may go on for a very long time
Stop pretending that youre a madman
Theres enough written in your record
to hang you
No, no, Hegemon
Theres one with a goatskin parchment
who follows me and keeps writing all the time
But once I peeked into this parchment
and was horrified
I said decidedly nothing
of whats written there
And what was it in any case that you said
about the temple to the crowd in the bazaar?
I said, Hegemon,
that the temple of the old faith would fall
and a new temple of truth would be built
What is truth?
The truth is
that your head aches,
and aches so badly
that youre having
faint-hearted thoughts of death
You lost faith in people
But your suffering will soon be over,
your headache will go away
Well, there, its all over
And Im extremely glad of it
Unbind his hands
What? Sorry, whats this?
Comrades, whats happening?
Dont you see were rehearsing?
Weve been told the performance wont happen
What? I dont understand!
How can it be possible?
Good people, put the props back!
Have you gone crazy?!
Dont you see theres
a Peoples Artist of USSR on the stage?!
Whats happening?!
Weve been told to dismantle the set
Who told you this?
Here, comrade Rimsky
Of first freshness
Grigory Danilovich!
Its okay
They are dismantling the set right now there
The play was shut down by order of Narkomprom
But we passed all the commissions
Dont worry that much
Today it was shut down,
tomorrow theyll bring it back
But whats the reason?
I'm only in charge of the financial part
Comrade Rimsky
Oh, yeah yeah
Go to comrade Likhodeev
Yeah, but hes not at the office
Hes on a business trip
[he's binge drinking]
For one week and a half
How do I find him?
You know the building on Sadovaya street
Apartment 50
Thanks even for that
Fear, you white bastards!
The day of reckoning has come!
Youll remember commander Sitnik
Ive come to see Stepan Bogdanovich
Comrade Likhodeev isnt here.
Ive been told hes here
He isnt. Hes in Yalta
Grunya! Water!
Stepan Bogdanovich!
He took some time off
[incoherent drunken mumbling]
Mikhail Alexandrovich
How did you find out I live here?
I didnt, I came to see Likhodeev
Im neighbors with him now
The manager of the theater and your editor
live in the same apartment,
how convenient!
He took some time off
Off what?
Off his ass?
Made a real den of horrors here
Why are you sitting?
The session begins soon
What session?
Ah, this one
I moved in recently
Previous tenants moved out to somewhere
And you will move out soon,
you scabby intelligents,
having hogged three rooms!
Thats okay, you wont be all comfy here
for much longer!
Its a wicked apartment. Wi-cked
It's Annushka, mad woman
Took the proletarian struggle personally
Mikhail Alexandrovich, Pilate was shut down
Dont you worry!
Us and theaters have always been
different departments!
If a performance is shut down,
everyone will rush to read
a play it was based on
And here you have it, dear comrades!
In the latest issue of our magazine
With all responsibility,
as the chairman of the Union,
Im telling you: if you had problems
I would be the first to know
We thank you, Nastasia Lukinishna,
for your report about work
on the collection of sea stories
The Navigator George
We cant wait to read it
The next matter on the agenda
The dispute about the artistic
and political component of the play Pilate
We welcome the author to the stage
Please, take a seat
This one?
We welcome critic
Osaf Semenovich Latunsky to the stage
Before I start,
Id like to remind
all the comrades writers present here
that the main goal of the Soviet criticism is
to reveal the objective,
class meaning of literary works
And now to the actual point
While the Party and the Government
are putting incredible efforts
into rid the country of reactionary
and religious prejudices
once and for all
a member of the Union of Soviet Writers
is engaged in creating
an apology for religious obscurantism
He writes a play
about Pontius Pilate and Jesus Christ
who he bashfully refers to as Yeshua Ha-Nozri
Thus by hiding
behind the historical material,
he criticizes the Soviet government
Let me
Im not finished
Sit down, please
I will quote this Ha-Nozri
All authority is violence over people.
What does the author mean by this?
That the power of the proletarian
dictatorship is violence too?
Yes, it is
But it is forced
and necessary
And it's like that throughout,
Pilate is a politically harmful
and extremely dangerous work
that doesnt belong in Soviet literature
Were continuing the debate
Comrades! A small impromptu!
Once our Pilate
Went for work to Narkomat
Comrade Bezdomny,
we dont have time for impromptus,
we have an approved schedule of the session
Okay, one more very quick
Why do we need heaven
If we can go to the Crimea region!
What about vouchers to Crimea?
Comrades, Id like to get
more clarity on the housing issue
Oplykhin, will you calm down
or do we need to remove you?
Im calming down
Thank you
Were continuing the debate
Boris Petrovich Meigel has the floor
How did it happen
that a reactionary play Pilate
was published
and then staged?
Because beggars cannot be Pilatees
But our mission is not to ban it
only to bring joy to our enemies
who can't wait to get the proof
that theres no freedom of speech in the USSR
Our mission is to help the author,
guide the author to the right path
towards serving working people
What did comrade Lenin say?
The smart one is not the one
who does not make any mistakes.
The smart one is the one
who can quickly fix them.
Comrade Meigel! Comrade Meigel!
Let me speak
Please, comrade Berlioz
First of all, as the editor
who allowed this play to be published,
I would like to extend my sincere
apologies to my colleagues
for exercising political
Forgive me
Im offering to withdraw the circulation
of the issue at once
Im sure that by properly working
with the author,
well be able to refine the play
in order to achieve
the ideologically correct direction
Thats right!
Now the only thing remained is
to hear the author's opinion
I can speak?
Of course
Please, speak up
Well, Ive already written my play
Very well
Why wont you use your talent
to write something
that will actually catch
the Soviet readers interest?
For example, something about
a labor feat of the people?
Well, it just happened that
I havent worked in a factory or mines
I havent mowed oats
How am I supposed to write about
something that I dont know?
As far as I know,
you havent been to Ancient Judea either
Well, if you dont mind, Im a historian
Then write us the history of the revolution
Im afraid you wont like it either
Comrades, I have another short impromptu!
Comrade Bezdomny, will you stop?
But its short!
A Soviet poet isnt interested in Christ
A Soviet poet is interested in a pump!
Gasification, electrification, oil production
That's our spiritual nourishment!
Quiet, comrades!
Where are you going?
Everything you said is right
I wanted to step up for you
but didnt make it on time
That was powerful
Or stupid
Depending on how you look at it
Dont look at it!
Well, if they nail you,
write them a novel about a collective farm
How the rye was harvested
I think you can whip up something
like that in a week
Wow, you have a real resort here
People back then knew how to live!
Ha, what a fat cat!
Whats its name? Bourgeois?
He visits me sometimes
Just like me!
Watch your head
And in my communal apartment
they hung up a crapper schedule
Can you imagine?
And Im an artist,
I cant go to the crapper on schedule!
You have a writers heaven here
Im afraid after todays purgatory
they wont even let me
translate poems for kids
And I wont have anything to pay for heaven
But please, dont bury yourself too soon
Their strength lies in our fear
In a week or two everyone
will forget about everything
You just need a distraction
For example, tonight at the restaurant
they play this
tss tss tss
Ah, I promised to take her there
One extremely ambitious young actress
who came to conquer the capital
My favorite type
But not mine
Ill save you
Ill take over
What you wont do for a friend!
Please, welcome Harlem Swing
with the song Hallelujah!
-Good evening!
-Good evening!
Good evening! Please, come in
This is Aloizy Mogarych, a movie playwright
and this is Gala
Pleased to meet you
The pleasure is all mine
Please, sit
Yes, but only a little bit,
If I drink too much champagne,
demons take over my mind
Im ready to take my chances!
Please, wait for us
for a couple of brief moments
Champagne, please!
Listen, I whispered around here,
everyones literally shocked
Theres a lot of sympathizers
In short,
a suggestion to go out was raised
Go out where?
To the protest against censorship
For freedom of literary creativity
I'm sorry, I stand by you
Thank you
Tomorrow at 10 a.m.
in front of the Unions building
But tomorrow at 10 a.m. theres the May Day,
God forgive me, Parade
Exactly! When, if not now?
If we dont say anything now,
itll happen to everyone
How Dumas said,
Un pour tous, tous pour un!
Let's drink to our beauty
which is the only thing
that can surpass our talent!
Everyone, drink!
Oh, its the manager of your theater?
Yeah, its Stepan Bogdanovich
I just need to talk to him
Show your card
Starting today, its nullified
Im asking you to leave
What do you mean?..
Im asking you to leave
Thank you
Are you by any chance a writer?
Ive been told that
its a restaurant for writers
I am
And you are from Germany,
judging by your accent?
Yes, and from Germany too
So what are you doing here?
Ive come to learn about this
fascinating Soviet experiment of yours
Is it for your work or for your soul?
Its the same thing to me
Tough day?
My play was shut down today
The magazine where the play
was published is withdrawn
And they just took away from me
my Union of Writers card
But otherwise everything is fine
For what did they do this to you?
For what was permitted yesterday
and today already isnt
New country, new rules
And what about people?
Are they all new?
New people
New people are well-forgotten old ones
You know, as far as I know
no country in the whole history of humankind
has tried to get rid of god
and to build a society
that would preach atheism as a religion
It has to change people somehow,
dont you think?
I can imagine now how it all looks
through the foreigners eyes
Now imagine how it all looks from there
Or from there
Kha! It could be a great plot for a story
Devil in whom no one believes
decides to visit Moscow
He would restore the order!
They will never publish it
For whom should I write?
Write not to be published
but to be republished
You know who you remind me of?
Good night!
Professor, we should go
Im coming, comrade Koroviev
By the way, dont you wanna
go with me to the party?
Not today, if you dont mind
Thats too bad
Id love to talk to you more on occasion
Think about it
Im planning to be in Moscow for a while
Are you coming with us?
Wheres everyone?
Everyone promised to come
One for all, all for one...
Probably, theyre sleeping off
after yesterday
Ill come by your place soon
So I was walking along this May boulevard,
and thoughts were racing in my head
Maybe I should start writing opera librettos?
Well, so be it
I bitterly regretted that
I had abandoned science
and condemned myself to a miserable existence
But God knows
only my love for literature
was the reason for it
Sorry, can I get through there?
Tverskaya street is occupied
until the parade is over
A flag or a flower?
Maybe I should write a letter
so theyll allow me to leave the country?
Why will they keep a writer
whose works cant exist in the USSR?
The passage is closed
Yeah, but the thing is
The passage is closed
No writer can be silenced
If they can, it means
they weren't a real writer
And if a real one shuts up, they die
Catch him!
Comrade, stop!
Imagine that thousands of people
were walking along Tverskaya,
but I can assure you that she saw me alone,
and looked not really alarmed,
but even as if in pain.
And I was struck not so much by her beauty
as by an extraordinary loneliness
in her eyes,
such as no one had ever seen before
Do you like my flowers?
No, I don't
You dont like flowers at all?
I do like flowers
But not this kind
What else do you like?
Though Ive never been to one
How can you love something youve never seen?
Are you a writer?
You guessed right
And who are you?
An angel?
An angel
More like a witch
And I suddenly understood
that I had never liked and would never like
anyone precisely like this woman
I knew it that same day when,
without having noticed the city
we found ourselves by the Kremlin wall
on the embankment,
and talked as if we had parted
only the day before,
as if we had known each other for many years
Arent you afraid of telling this
to a stranger?
To speak the truth is easy
and pleasant
So, youre a writer
What do you write?
Now nothing
I have an idea But
Its foredoomed
It makes it more interesting
Will you tell me about it?
Its one of my most favorite places in Moscow
But soon itll change too
Imagine when all these
great constructions end
there will be enormous
buildings and monuments
And there, on Bronnaya,
they will launch trams
And right here,
along the new Patriarchs Ponds,
are walking an editor of a literary magazine
Mikhail Alexandrovich Berlioz
and his young companion, a poet Ivan Ponyrev
who writes under a pseudonym Bezdomny
After we walked through Alexanders garden,
I invited her to the Patriarchs Ponds
The Patriarchs Ponds!!
Thats the place where it all happened
What exactly?
We met him there
A consultant
Im begging you, tell me everything
They are walking up to the water booth
They want to buy seltzer, theres no seltzer
Theyre drinking an apricot soda
And here they are meeting him
Who is he?
The thing is that long before
Jesus had been born lots of
Berlioz had commissioned from the poet
a long anti-religious poem
for the next issue of his magazine
He was now giving the poet something
of a lecture on Jesus
to provide the poet
with some kind of guidance
None of these ancient historians
never mentioned a word about Christ
even though they lived
allegedly at the same time
Theres not a single Eastern religion
in which, as a rule,
an immaculate virgin
did not give birth to a god
And in just the same way,
without inventing anything new,
the Christians created their Jesus,
who in fact never lived
Its on this that the main
emphasis should be placed!
Youve opened up my eyes!
I will rewrite everything!
Excuse me,
Excuse me, please,
if not being your acquaintance,
I allow myself...
but the subject of your learned conversation
is so interesting that I just couldn't
May I sit down?
Unless I heard wrong,
you were pleased to say
that Jesus never existed?
No, you did not hear wrong
That is precisely what we were talking about
Ah, how interesting!
And you were agreeing with your interlocutor?
A hundred per cent!
So it means you both are
But of course!
Were atheists
Allow me to thank you
with all my heart and soul!
Wait, what are you thanking him for?
For some very important information,
which is of great interest to me
as a traveler
What, then, about the proofs
of Gods existence,
of which, as is known, there are exactly
Kants proof!
But it is equally unconvincing
They ought to take this Kant
and give him a three-year stretch in Solovki
for such proofs!
Ivan! Hush!
No no no, hes right!
Send him to Solovki!
But if you say that there is no God,
then who governs human life and,
in general, the whole order
of things on earth?
Man governs it himself! With his own hands!
Man? Come on!
Man isnt able to plan anything for certain,
at least somewhat decent length of time,
lets say, a thousand years
He cannot even vouch for his own tomorrow
Imagine that you got sick
Lets say it's...
[creepy Woland sounds]
lungkhhhh cancer
And now youre not having much fun
Sometimes its worse:
the man slips and
Falls under a tram-car
Are you going to say it was he
who governed himself that way?
Man is mortal!
No one disputes that
Of course, of course man is mortal,
but that would be only half the trouble
The worst of it is that hes sometimes
unexpectedly mortal!
And he has no idea what hes going to do
this same evening
Well, theres some exaggeration here
About this same evening
I do know more or less certainly
It goes without saying,
if a brick should fall on my head
on Bronnaya
A brick, ha-ha!
No, nothing will ever fall on your head
so dont you worry
You will die a different death
Maybe you know what kind precisely?
Your head will be cut off!
By whom?
Tonight Ill stop by my place on Sadovaya
No, thats out of question
Because Annushka has already bought
the sunflower oil,
and has not only bought it,
but has already spilled it
What has sunflower oil got to do with it...
and which Annushka?
Listen, Misha
Comrade, have you ever happened to be in
a hospital for the mentally ill?
Yes! Yes, I have, Ivan Nikolaevich
How do you know my name?
Gracious, Ivan Nikolaevich,
who doesnt know you?
Youd like to smoke, I see?
What do you prefer?
Our Brand, blue ones
So what?
You're welcome
Thats when I thought that this consultant
was no foreign tourist
but a spy
Are you German?
You speak Russian well!
And what is your field?
Where are you staying?
Where are you gonna live?
In your apartment
And theres no devil either?
Enough already!
There isnt any devil!
That is positively interesting!
What is it with you
no matter what one asks for
there isnt any!
Professor, please, sit here
for a minute with comrade Bezdomny,
and Ill just make a quick phone call
And then well take you wherever you like
Of course, of course go make your call
But before you go, Ill tell you:
the devil does exist, believe me
I no longer ask you for anything more
Mind you, there exists a seventh proof of it
And it is going to be presented to you
right now
Very well!
Keep an eye on him,
Ill go make a quick call and get help
Looking for the turnstile, citizen?
This way, please!
Straight on and youll get where youre going
Straight on, straight on!
Straight on!
How about a little pint pot
for my information?
Move, you fool!
The head had bounced so far away
they found it only when it got dark
You werent lying, you indeed
have a rich imagination
Whats next?
Next, next
I havent come up with it yet
You just have to write it
Thanks for walking me home
I live on Mansurovski alleway,
theres this wooden house,
its the only one
Im married
the entrance is through the gates...
Keep writing
Keep writing
Chapter 1. Never talk with stranger
At the hour of the hot spring
sunset in Moscow
two citizens appeared
at the Patriarchs Ponds...
One of them, approximately forty years old
Chapter 4. The chase.
The poet had rushed to the turnstile
as soon as he heard the first scream
Step aside! Step aside!
I rushed to the turnstile as soon
as I heard the first scream!
Of course, I forgot about the mad German
and tried to figure out one thing only:
how it could be
that I had just been talking to Berlioz,
and a moment later the head
Have you seen the head?
Has anyone seen the head?
Someone spilled the oil around the turnstiles
Its Misha!
Don't come close to the body!
5 metres!
Its Misha!
Go the hell away from here!
Its him! There!
Its the consultant!
He killed him!
Catch him! Catch him!
Why are you standing still?
We need to catch him! Police!
He is getting away!
You stop!
Citizens! Hes getting away!
Stop him!
There he is! There he is!
Heres my ticket
No cats allowed! Scat!
Get off, or Ill call the police!
No, youre rude! Where are you going?!
Theres a cat on the top!
You have a cat on the top!
Stop! There's a cat!
Stop! Its a spy!
Comrades! Help! A spy!
Catch up and overtake, young man.
Comrades! Comrades!
Let me in!
How did the police let him walk like that?
He has appeared
Who has appeared, comrade Bezdomny?
The consultant
And this consultant
just killed Misha Berlioz
at the Patriarchs Ponds
He killed our Misha!
Mikhail Alexandrovich died?
He was killed!
We need to catch the consultant,
do you understand?!
He is going to cause indescribable troubles!
Im sorry, can you be more precise?
What do you mean kill?
Who killed?
The consultant!
He has to be caught!
And you are sitting around here! Dancing!
Heres what, citizens:
call the police at once,
demand to send out five motorcycles
with machine-guns
Comrade Bezdomny, calm down
Im calm
Pardon me
No, anyone else, but you
I will not pardon
And thats my brothers in literature!
Thats how I wound up here
You yourself, dear heart,
are to blame for it all
You shouldnt have behaved so casually
and even impertinently with him
But who is he, finally?
Yesterday at the Patriarchs Ponds
you met Satan
No, it cant be!
Satan doesnt exist
Anyone else might say that, but not you
Youre, as you yourself understand,
in a mental hospital
yet you keep saying he doesnt exist
But hell be up to devil knows what here!
We have to catch him somehow!
Youve already tried,
and that will do for you
And as for being up to something,
rest assured,
he will be!
But how annoying that it was you
who met him and not I
But what do you need him for?
Im coming!
Are you writing?
I am
I just finished a new chapter
We have construction going on here
Well, there's construction
going on everywhere
And here we have roses
Sorry, its this way
Sorry for the mess
Would you like some tea?
Okay, I dont have tea
Im out of tea
Will you let me read it?
As you will!
Have you come up with the title?
For now its The Dark Lord
Its good its for now
The Grand Chancellor?
Ill think more about it
I know why you called him Woland
Its from Goethes,
one of the Mefistofels names
Im a part of that power which still
Produceth good, whilst ever scheming ill
Ill leave you to it
Excuse me, please
if, not being your acquaintance,
I allow myself...
but the subject of your learned conversation
is so interesting that
...their Jesus, who in fact never lived...
Please, take it
Bear in mind that Jesus did exist
But theres need for some proof!
Theres no need for any proofs.
Its all very simple:
In a white cloak with blood-red lining,
with the shuffling gait of a cavalryman,
early in the morning of the fourteenth day
of the spring month of Nissan
there came out to the covered colonnade
between the two wings
of the palace of Herod the Great
the procurator of Judea,
Pontius Pilate
Four criminals,
arrested in Yershalaim
for murder,
incitement to rebellion,
and outrages against the laws and the faith,
have been sentenced to a shameful execution
by hanging on posts!..
So which of the two criminals the Sanhedrin
intended to set free:
or Ha-Nozri?
And this execution will presently
be carried out on Bald Mountain
The names of the criminals are
and Ha-Nozri
Bar-Rabban! Bar-Rabban! Bar-Rabban!
What is truth?
Are you a great physician?
No, I am not a physician
And now tell me,
why is it that you use the words
good people all the time?
Do you call everyone that, or what?
There are no evil people in the world
But only three of them will be executed,
for, in accordance with law and custom,
in honor of the feast of Passover,
to one of the condemned,
as chosen by the Lesser Sanhedrin
and confirmed by Roman authority,
the magnanimous emperor Caesar
will return his contemptible life
The Sanhedrin asks that
Bar-Rabban be released
Their crimes are quite incomparable
in their gravity
If one is guilty of murder,
the other one, Yeshua Ha-Nozri,
is only guilty of uttering
preposterous things
Its sultry today, isnt it?
Do you know a certain Judas from Kiriath?
Yes, I met Judas from Kiriath
He is a very good and inquisitive person
The name of the one who
will now be set free before you is
What? Even after my intercession?
And a third time I repeat that
we are setting Bar-Rabban free
So what did you say about the temple
to the crowd at the bazaar?
Among other things I said that
all authority is violence over people,
and that a time will come
when there will be no authority
of the Caesars,
nor any other authority
Your story is extremely interesting,
though it does not coincide at all
with the Gospel stories
You know, I was personally present at it all,
only secretly, incognito, so to speak,
and therefore I beg you
not a word to anyone, total secrecy
Seems like hes a bit shy in front of you
When they dont want to upset an author,
they usually say theyve done a great job
Yershalaim, Pontius Pilate
popped in out of nowhere...
You havent told me about him
Its from my play, its called Pilate
After our meeting I thought
it was all connected so
Weird, right?
Its weird, yes
Do you know how it all will end?
I have no idea
I have some thoughts about a new chapter
but I havent thought that far ahead
Im listening
Yes, its me
Okay, Ill be there
They asked me to be at the theater asap
Seems like they decided
to bring the play back
Let me walk you to the theater, then
And youll tell me about the new chapter
By the way, the next chapter
is related to the theater
To be more precise,
to Stepan Bogdanovich Likhodeev
Once he came to his senses in his apartment
in this building
ex-owners were compacted
and now there are communal apartments
for modern elites
It must be said that
this apartment had long had,
if not a bad, at least a strange reputation
Two years ago people began to disappear
from this apartment without a trace
So this chapter will be dedicated to
the mysterious Stepan Bogdanovich
Likhodeevs disappearance
from the wicked apartment
A heavy bell was booming in his head,
he was nauseous, and this nausea,
as it seemed to him,
was connected with the sounds
of some importunate gramophone.
Styopa passed his trembling hand down
his hip to determine
whether he had his trousers on or not,
but failed.
Why no ones home
Guten Tag, my most sympathetic
Stepan Bogdanovichhhhhhh!
I am so sorry for my appearance
Follow the wise old rule
Cure like with like
Im sorry
Ew, Stepan!
Dear Stepan Bogdanovich,
I get the feeling that you followed vodka
with some port wine, didnt you?
- I'm sorry
- Tsk tsk tsk
I didn't mean to
I hope now you remembered who I am
Professor of black magic
We signed a contract
for seven performances yesterday,
and agreed on meeting at 10 a.m.
And, as you can see,
I have come
Stepan Bogdanovich?
Yeah, it's me
Theres a certain matter...
I have this...
Woland sitting here...
asking about tonight
Ill be there in half an hour
Don't worry, Stepan Bogdanovich
The cat is mine
Ah, yes
Grunya's not here
I sent her away to her hometown
She complained
you diddled her out of a vacation
Thats better
Are you blind?!
Watch yourself!
I see youre somewhat surprised,
my dearest Stepan Bogdanovich?
And yet theres nothing to be surprised at
This is mon entourage
And this retinue requires room
so theres just one too many of us
in the apartment
And it seems to me
that this one too many is
precisely you!
Yes, that's them!
They've been up to some
terrible swinishness lately
using their position
to have liaisons with women,
because they dont know anything
of what theyre supposed to do!
Drive around in an official state car
I dont understand how he got to be a manager
He's as much a manager as I am a bishop
Time to vacate the living space
Allow me, Messire,
to chuck him the devil out of Moscow?
I allow :)
Scat! Get away from me, unclean power!
Everythings fine, calm down!
Im begging you, tell me, where am I?
Comrade, youre in Dr Stravisnkis hospital
What city is this?
Come on, Alexander Nikolaevich
[patient screaming in the background:
I'm healthy! They don't treat!..
50 in a week!..
Rubles! Dollars! Rubles!
Professor, Ive never in my life
seen that money!
Today I also need to go the Commitee,
you know that?
Are our rooms...
I see, youre not going to take off your hat
Praskovia Fedorovna, lets double the dose
Symptoms of schizophrenia dont go away
Do you understand they need to catch him?
Hell kill someone else!
And whos this newbie?
A poet!
Stepan Bogdanovich,
how do you like our Yalta?
Why Yalta?
When Lihodeev is gone on a drinking binge,
he says to everyone he went to Yalta
Woland was kinder to him than to Berlioz
Stepan Bogdanovich deserves some mercy
He drinks only not to see everything thats
happening to the theater
Well, here we go
Im so sorry
But now you can dedicate
all your time to this novel
Maybe, lets have dinner?
Ill be back in the morning
to read the new chapter
and here
What is this?
Your fee
And he dares to be discontent!
They dont always pay you
when a play is shut down before the premiere
And you received at least something
For a half a year's work?
One second
Ivan Savelevich
Tickets to the premiere
No, thank you
Tickets are impossible to get
You can
profitably sell them
Yeah, full Sytinskaya...
You can put it down next to mine
so it won't get dirty
Thank you
This way, stand here
I thought why not have dinner in the morning?
Where does all this luxury come from?
Lets say
I won a lottery
I never would have thought you could dance
I thought you knew everything about me
After all, youre a witch
Our family legend says
that my grand-grand-grandmother
was put on trial for relations with the devil
I can imagine how youre flying
over Moscow at night
On a broomstick?
Lets say yes
What if Im shot down
as an enemy flying object
by our valiant Soviet aviation?
Well, to them youre invisible
So, it means you dont see me neither?
Well, I see you
And you're...
What if I make you a character in my novel?
Well, it wont really be you,
but she will have the name Margarita
Then let her have a paramour
A writer who writes a novel
about Pontius Pilate
Is he a good
She likes him
Thats the most important thing
She has a husband?
Hes a prominent specialist
who made a big discovery
of national importance
Young, handsome
Kind, honest
Adores her
But shes never loved him
Button it up
And one more thing
That day they met
she wanted to kill herself
I need to go
Soon, very soon,
this woman became my secret wife
She was coming to me in the morning,
and leaving me in sunsets
Her first action on arrival was
to put on an apron,
and she was cooking breakfast
in the cramped hall
The administrator was agitated
and full of energy.
After the insolent phone call
he had no doubts
that it was a band of hooligans
playing nasty tricks,
and that these tricks were connected
with the disappearance of Likhodeev
Nobody knew about our liaison,
I can swear to that
Her husband didn't know,
her friends didn't know
When the May storms blew
and the water slashed noisily
past the dim little windows,
threatening to flood my last home,
we stoked up the stove
I wrote, and she re-read
what had been written
She was reading out in a loud sing-song
random sentences that pleased her
...with the shuffling gait of a cavalryman...
I don't know, something different
She was promising me glory and hurrying me up
That was when she started calling me
She was saying that the novel was her life
We loved each other so strongly
that we became utterly inseparable
We were sure that fate
had brought us together
on the corner of the Tverskaya
and that side-street,
and that we were made for each other
for eternity
What is it?
Reviews of Soviet critics on my works
Why do you collect them?
Im proud of them!
Theyve never written so much about me
The icon-dauber under the guise of a writer
O. Latunsky
Thats my favorite!
With a hot iron we must
burn out of the Soviet media
this ugly abscess of the disgusting
White Guard,
covered with a fig leaf of literature
Do you know where he lives?
In the Writers Building
on Lavrushinsky alleway
Margarita Nikolaevna!
What are you going to do?
Going to break Latunskys windows
With a hammer?
What if he lives on a high floor?
You can't take offense
at critics and executioners
He isnt malicious, he is just doing his job
What are we supposed to do then?
Write a funny scene about him?
Thats actually a great idea
You have your methods, I have mine
Margarita Nikolaevna!
I hope hes at home
Good afternoon!
Meet each other
This is Aloisy, a playwright
A screenwriter
Margarita is
A mistress
A muse
I wonder what novels you can write
with such a muse
Did he try to preach anything
in the soldiers presence?
The only thing he said was
that among human vices
he considered cowardice one of the first
He has to be buried in a secret place
This land is full of superstitions
They expect a messiah every other day here
Youre no doubt right
And so, the second question
It concerns Judas of Kiriath
He is responsible for Yeshuas detention
I have received information that
this Judas is going to be stabbed tonight
Therefore I ask you to occupy
yourself with this matter
that is, to take all measures
to protect Judas of Kiriath
But tonight
Im pretty sure hell be stabbed tonight
Im counting on you
The third squatted down by the murdered man
and looked at his face.
A few seconds later there was not
a living man on the road.
The lifeless body lay with outstretched arms.
Its not just about Ancient Judea
Its all about now.
Thats how they talk.
They understand each other with a half-word.
its obviously clear who is
the head of the secret service
And is Pilate..?
People disappear every day from our studio
No one asks anything,
they are too scared
Maybe he got sick?..
Just like in your wicked apartment
In your place I wouldnt read this out
to anyone else
You never know what might happen
Even to you?
do you wanna read my new script?
Of course, its the directors idea
but I managed to come up
with something really interesting
Its a musical comedy about a collective farm
Hollywood style
Are you listening?
Oh yeah, so whats that about?
A young tractor driver falls in love
with a milkmaid
She sings in the local singing and
dancing group
But suddenly an audit committee
arrives at the village
everyone is dekulakizated
and they all dance merrily at the end
I hear you.
Not everyone can afford being so relentless
You dont have to pay alimony
Im sorry!
Maybe you want to go to the theater
this Sunday?
Instead of my Pilate
they perform a musical
Forward to the future!
For inspiration and all that
Next time
I have a deadline
To the future
I should note that Ive never seen
such confidence in the future
anywhere else as in this country
You can think less about the present
if you live in the future
Thank you so much for the invitation
Its the perfect place to observe
as you now call it,
You are greeted by a simple
machine tool worker
Im joining the Party,
Im the son of our Soviet country!
The old world is destroyed!
But the new one we only have yet to build
Ah, I want so much to see
this new world right now!
Which year should we travel to
to see with our own eyes how
our great country lives?
Im setting 30th December 2022
Lets go!
100 years since the foundation
of our great and indestructible Soviet Union!
Dear girls,
where are we now?
In the Soviet Union of People's Republics!
How many republics does it have now?
All of them!
All republics of the world!
Then tell us how you live here,
in the future!
We better sing about it!
You can go around everywhere
But you wont find a country
Where people are just as equal
to each other as here
Ill be right back
In our magical country
We have enough of everything
We have everything equally
We have everything...
Both what to wear and what to eat
Good evening! Good evening, comrades!
Whats kickin, chicken?
Im sorry, who are you?
Please, read it out loud!
Its from the Leader himself!
D-dear guests,
we have slight changes in our schedule
Now before you will perform a famous
foreign artiste monsieur Wolnd
Wland, Wland, Wland!
with a seance of black magic.
But theres no such thing in the world,
and Maestro Woland is simply a perfect master
of the technique of conjuring,
as we shall see from
the most interesting part
that is, the exposure of this technique.
Lets bring on Maestro Woland to start
the seance of black magic
Bravo, bravo, bravo!!
Tell me, my gentle Fagott
what do you think,
the Moscow population has changed
significantly, hasnt it?
That it has, Messire!
The city folk have changed greatly...
externally, that is,
as has the city itself, incidentally
Trams, automobiles have appeared
But I believe the question
of much greater importance is
if the city folk have changed inwardly
Yes, that is the most important question, sir
However, were talking away, my dear Fagott,
and the audience is beginning to get bored
Show us some simple little thing
to start with
Some simple little thing!
Yes, Messire, bravo, bravo!
I see nothing
I hear nothing
Fly, little ball, fly,
bring people joy!
Money, money, money!
More, more!
Grab it!
Money, money, money!
Dont be shy!
Theres enough for everyone!
Take it!
Please, stop! What are you doing?
Stop it!
You and I have just beheld
a case of so-called mass hypnosis
proving in the best way possible
that black magic isn't real....
Go away!
The notes are real
This one
has annoyed me
Im sorry?
Keeps poking his nose
where nobodys asked him,
spoils the seance with false observations!
whatre we going to do with him?
Imprison him!
Fire him from the theater forever!
Tear his head off!
Tear his head off!
Tear off tear off tear off
Don't worry
Step right here, on your favorite spot
Here, here
Stand here
Its not...not funny
Are you ready?
Always ready
I caught it, I caught this little head!
Will he lie in the future or wont?
For Gods sake, dont torture him!
Forgive him!
What are your orders, Messire?
theyre people like any other people
They love money,
but that has always been so...
Mercy sometimes knocks at their hearts
In general, reminiscent of the former ones
Only the housing problem
has corrupted them, yeah
Take my apartment,
take my paintings,
only give me back my head!
Put the head back on
Its outrageous!
All righty, now that weve kicked
that nuisance out
and you have pockets full of money,
lets open...
a ladies
Eleganza, magnifique
Bonjour, Moscow!
Our humble boutique is offering
perfectly gratis
an exchange of the ladies
Soviet old dresses and shoes
for Parisian models of the last season
Chanel No. 5,
Narcisse Noir
Evening gowns,
cocktail dresses
Who? Dont be shy!
Come on in our boutique!
Come on!
Its not worth it.
Dont be shy!
Bravo, bravo, bravo!
Oh, well turn you into a diamond!
Welcome to the stage!
Aaaand close it!
Please, come in
Well, please, come in
Abracadabra, voil!
Line up!
Let me go!
What do you need?
My wife has the flu,
can I also go there?..
As you please, come in!
Wait wait!
Attention, monsieur and madame,
due to the late hour the shop is closing
Yes, yes, yes, its sad, I understand,
you didnt have enough time
but what can we do
Theres some good news:
all the goods in the showcases
are yours!
Let me go, despot and philistine!
We have evertyhing equally
We have everything,
Both what to wear and what to eat
Yeah, but itll be harder for them
to get rid of money than from God
We have everything equally
We have everything
Both what to wear and what to eat
[Master hums along]
Is that her?
Your Margarita?
She is mine from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m.
5 days a week
How can you not sing
Satan is leading the ball here!
How did you like Forward to the future?
Theyve done a great job
Why do you go to things like that?
To inspire myself
And this
is this for inspiration too?
But I wrote a new chapter!
Do you wanna listen to it?
Black magic!..
Lets do it somewhere else
You need a change of
I had a dream tonight
I dreamt of a strange unfamiliar place
Half-bared trees,
and in between them there is
some kind of a log cabin
And here swings open the door
of this log cabin,
and you are coming out of there,
wearing ragged clothes,
with messy hair,
eyes looking ill
Youre beckoning me with your hand,
and Im running to you across
these swamp hummocks
And then I woke up
Its just a dream
Margarita Nikolaevna, is this you?
And here Im walking and thinking,
is this your hat or not yours
But you said...
Natasha, its not me
Its some other woman
that looks exactly like me
Do you understand?
Its Natasha
Our house maid
I wish we could fly somewhere
To the sea?
To the place where theres no one but us
Everytime I come to your place,
Im scared
I dont want to come here someday
and not find you
Ive decided
I love you more than life
and I don't wanna lie anymore
Id stay with you right now,
but Id rather not do it that way
I'll explain myself to him
I wont allow you to do it
Things wont go well for me,
and I dont want you
to perish with me
Is that the only reason?
The only one
The last thing I remember from my life is
a strip of light from my front hall,
and in that strip of light
an uncurled strand of hair,
and her eyes filled with determination
Tomorrow morning Ill be with you.
Well fly away from here
Ill meet you at the airport
Those were her last words in my life
I love you
What happened next??
Thats it for now
Im emptied out
What?! No, wait!
But its perfect!
You just have to finish it
Maybe you could suggest what
Woland would do next?
Are you asking me?
Well, I dont know
I think hed throw a party that night
and bring all the sweet unclean forces
together in one place
I like this idea
I know where well go tonight!
To the great event
at Likhodeevs!
No, no, please!
Yes! Yes!
For inspiration!
Not tonight
I need to get some sleep
before tomorrow's departure
A novel requires some sacrifices
A great novel great ones
Yes. Lets go
Good evening!
Stepan Bogdanovich,
meet your guests!
Your Gella is really a vampire
Dear Emma, do you like black caviar?
Very much
Then please, help yourself!
What a surprise
Why so shy, my dear fellow?
Come on in!
Take off your jackets!
Dear Gala, please take care of our guests
A toast!
At Styopa Likhodeev's ball,
the usual laws do not work
Hoorah, comrades!
Oh, this is Berliozs room!
He isnt here?
Well, he hasnt been with us for a long time
I'll open
Youre talking about Hector Berlioz,
arent you?
A French composer
who was buried in Montmartre cemetery
in Paris
I dont know any other Berlioz
Oh, Osaf, dear!
Stepan Bogdanovich!
Hello, dear!
More narcoms have gathered here
than in the Kremlin
Do you recognize this one,
behind me in the corner?
The narcom of State Security
Yes, he is
And you were worried itd be boring
Look, comrades, who is here!
Oh, glad to see you!
Lets go
One minute
You understand, right,
that I was just doing my job?
Nothing personal
I understand. Everything. Perfectly
A toast!
Come here
Let's drink to...
For people who are trying
to destroy the bourgeoisie
they became too alike to it
What do you think?
Maybe thats how they see communism
And one more thing!
We have a little surprise for you!
Here, right on this stage before you
will perform a new star
of theater and cinema,
You thought Orlova?
No, comrades
Lyubov Bengalskaya!
Lets welcome her!
Oh, baron Meigel!
Sorry, comrade
Comrade Meigel has a very interesting story
he indeed was a baron
and rumors have it he was offered a choice:
he either spends 3 years in Solovki
correctional camp
Guten Abend
[embarassed Woland sounds]
There you are!
Is it our writer?
Who asked for permission to go abroad?
What does his letter say?..
He is responsible for recruiting
secret agents in the cultural community
What a character!
This is the ball of the dead
who just dont know yet they will die soon
A toast!
Lets drink to communism
that was built
in this particular apartment!
Hoorah, comrades!
The fire roared in the stove,
rain lashed at the windows.
Then the final thing happened.
Thank you, thank you for the great night!
Now I know how to finish the novel
Then write it down until you forget
Thats a good idea!
And I'll help you with packing
Tell me,
will you take little Pilate with you?
Its not certain its Pilate
No one knows for sure what he looked like
This is definitely the procurator
of Ancient Judea Pontius Pilate
How do you know?
How do I know?
I saw him myself.
Just like Im seeing you now
Im sorry!
Your novel got stuck in my head so firmly
I decided to be Woland for a bit
Are you expecting visitors?
They might be interested in your manuscripts
Comrades, hurry up!
The departure is in two minutes!
You decided to get rid of physical evidence
for anti-soviet propaganda?
It was useless
Weve known for a long time
what was written in that manuscript of yours
You didnt have to burn it down
We know about the tram
that cut off the chairman
of the Union of Writers head,
and about vilification
of the highest echelon
of Soviet power
Who told you all these things?
Dont interrupt me
Lets say,
your mistress
What was her name?
Thats not true
What is truth?
The only single truth
is the contents of this folder
Hes been seeming unreliable to all of us
since day one
One look at him and you can clearly see:
hes not one of us
I had no idea it was Jesus!
Who do you think he was?
He told me it was Yeshua
Im just an actor,
I play what I am told!
Who else is in your
counterrevolutionary group?
Was it the manager of the theater Likhodeev
who talked you into
writing this harmful play?
You recently visited his place?
He has nothing to do with this
I was invited by professor Woland
Stop misleading the investigation
We checked out everything,
you were alone at Likhodeevs,
and no Woland exists in real life
Believe me, he does exist
I will simulate such madness now
that Kolyma will seem like heaven to you!
Your novel has been read
And they said only one thing:
Unfortunately, its not finished.
I hate
this novel
Ive suffered too much because of it
Nothing is of interest to me
Except for her
She told you herself that
this novel was her life
And shes right
There, the master and Margarita
can be together forever
But yeah, it all depends on you
To achieve this, you need to finish the novel
Unfortunately, Im not able to do this
You saw that I burnt it down in the stove
Manuscripts do not burn.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Im a part of that power which still
Produceth good, whilst ever scheming ill
Thats how it goes in Wolfgang Goethes?
Youve got into a very dangerous situation
Section 58
Treason and espionage
Among leaders of our country
there are people who watch
your creative work very closely
Up there
They like to be stroked the wrong way
Key word: stroked
You understand
Well restore your membership
in the Union of the Writers
Youll get paid,
then youll get a summer house,
a state official car with a personal driver
You will have everything
Your sacrifice is
And yours isnt
You will be sacrificed
On the ball
What ball?
Satans ball
You will be the main entertainment for guests
And Queen of the Ball herself
will drink your blood
out of Berliozs skull
What kind of nonsense is this?
What the hell are you talking about?
Woland is already waiting
for you
Youve gone crazy indeed
Dear fellow,
did you suffer hallucinations before?
What about those unclean forces
you wrote about in your novel?
Do you think they really exist?
Where are proofs then?
She told you herself that
this novel was her life.
And shes right.
There, the master and Margarita
can be together forever.
But yeah, it all depends on you.
To achieve this, you need
to finish the novel.
Well help you
Well start with 30mg of morphine
You will sleep so well tonight
Youll feel better
Can I ask for
What, sweetie?
A pencil and some paper
Its not allowed
Diagnosis: dissociative personality disorder,
paranoid schizophrenia.
We prescribe a course
of electroconvulsive therapy.
Lets start with 100 Volts
Chapter 1.
Never talk with strangers
At the hour of the hot
spring sunset in Moscow
two citizens appeared
at the Patriarchs Ponds.
Its for your story,
so you wont lose sheets of paper
The poet had rushed to the turnstile
as soon as he heard the first scream...
Chapter 19.
Youll feel better.
Hide it!
Thats enough for today
The master and Margarita
She doesnt know where I am.
And she will never know.
But you could have let her know.
Before her there would lie
a letter from a madhouse.
How can one send letters
from such an address..
a mental patient?
Youre joking, my friend!
Ill see you on the parade, dear
Make her unhappy?
No, Im not capable of that.
Left, left!
1, 2, 3
Left, left!
1, 2, 3
What happened to him?
I dont understand what youre talking about
Is he alive?
How would I know?
You told someone about the novel?
Youve gone mad, go away
Hey, leave!
Tell me, where is he?
Praskovia Fyodorovna,
I finished it
I have one request for you:
if someday a woman comes here
and asks about me,
give this manuscript to her.
Her name is
And youre the master?
I read it
Lie down
Tomorrow were gonna go to the procedures
when you wake up
Ive come to you only to say farewell
Unfortunately I cannot be
your neighbor any longer
Ill keep my word,
I wont write any more poems
Im interested in something else now
I want to write something else
You know, while I've been here,
a lot became clear to me
Ah, but thats good
thats good
Do you hear?
The noise of the storm
Im being called
Its time for me to go
Full moon, just like back then
When the full moon comes,
he is tormented by insomnia
He says one and the same thing
That even the moon gives him no peace,
and that he has a bad job
He says it every time he can't sleep
And when he sleeps,
he dreams one and the same thing:
there is a path of moonlight,
and he wants to walk down it
and talk with the prisoner Ha-Nozri,
because, as he insists,
he never finished
what he was saying that time,
long ago
Now you can finish your novel with one phrase
Youre free.
Im telling you,
your novel will bring you some surprises
Youll see
Its very sad.
No, its not sad.
Its not sad at all.
I don't know how this hospital
would do without you,
Praskovia Fyodorovna
Maybe you should become a head?
Get promoted!
Professor Stravinski!
How did you get in here?
Im listening to you.
You have a patient in custody
Hes a writer
Im sorry
I forbade the disclosure of information
about our patients
How did you get in here?
I really need to see him
Im sorry, I cant help you
Im asking you to leave
the hospital immediately
Escort her out, please
I know hes here!
Get your hands off me!
You ruined him, didnt you?
Insults are
the usual reward for a good job
Praskovia Fyodorvna
Ill be back quickly
Ill escort her out, go back to work
Youre Margarita, right?
How do you know me?
I recognized you at once
I was asked to give you something
Who asked?
The master
I have to see him
Margarita Nikolaevna,
Vyacheslav Sergeevich called to say that
his train will depart only tomorrow
Youre dismissed for today
Thank you, Natasha
At the hour of the hot
spring sunset in Moscow
two citizens appeared
at the Patriarchs Ponds
The thing was that the editor
had commissioned
from the poet a long
anti-religious poem
for the next issue of his magazine
She was facing the Manege.
Margarita squinted in the bright sunlight
remembered how, exactly a year ago
to the day and the hour,
she had sat next to him on this same bench.
A funeral procession appeared ahead.
It would be interesting to know
who theyre burying
with such surprised faces.
Berlioz Mikhail Alexandrovich
Chairman of Massolit
So it means that those are writers
following the coffin?
Well, naturally they are!
Tell me, is the critic Latunsky among them?
And I can see that you hate this Latunsky,
huh, Margarita Nikolaevna?
Ive been sent to invite you
for a visit this evening
to a very distinguished foreigner
Not a single soul will know of this visit
And youd better use the opportunity
Youre hinting that I may
find out about him there?
Take it
Itll come in useful
Margarita Nikolaevna sat
in front of the pier-glass,
with just a bathrobe thrown
over her naked body.
On a page torn from a notebook,
she penciled a note quickly
and in big letters,
without any corrections:
Forgive me and forget me as soon as possible.
I am leaving you forever.
Do not look for me, it is useless.
I have become a witch
from the grief and calamities
that have struck me.
Its time for me to go.
Tonight, at exactly half past nine,
be so good as to take off all your clothes
and rub your face and your whole body
with this ointment.
With the tip of her finger
Margarita put a small dab
of the cream on her palm,
the smell of swamp grass and forest
grew stronger.
The cream spread easily and,
as it seemed to Margarita,
evaporated at once.
Having rubbed several times,
Margarita glanced into the mirror.
Margarita Nikolaevna, is everything alright?
Allow me to introduce myself to you:
You are surprised theres no light?
Economy, so you think?
Messire simply doesnt like electric light
Please, come on in!
No, most of all Im struck
that theres room for all this
The most uncomplicated thing of all!
For someone well acquainted
with the fifth dimension,
it costs nothing to expand space
to the desired proportions.
The tradition has been established
that the hostess of the ball must
without fail be named Margarita, first,
and second, she must be a native of the place
I hope you wont refuse to take
this responsibility upon yourself?
I wont refuse.
Follow me
Messire apologizes for receiving you
in his bedroom with no ceremonies.
Come on in, please!
Dont be shy!
It doesnt look well, dear Behemoth!
The situation is tough
but not hopeless at all!
Please, enter the bedroom
my fair queen
Come on in, please
I beg you to excuse my homely attire
Greetings, Messire
Blood always has an impact
Margarita was nervous.
Her head was spinning
and she couldnt see
the surroundings clearly.
She could only discern that the room
where they were preparing her for the ball
was either made of onyx or smoky stone.
It will be hard
You must be kind to them all
If you don't like anybody
you mustn't even think about it!
They'll notice it instantly
No one forgives inattention
Please, put your foot here
Your beautiful foot
Yes, just like that!
Where are the guests?
Ten seconds to midnight
It will begin in a moment
allow me to give the signal
Ja ja, do it!
The ball!
Monsieur Jacques and his wife!
I recommend him to you, your majesty,
a most interesting man!
He was famous for having poisoned
the king's mistress in 1458
Your majesty
You're welcome
Her majesty is charmed!
Her majesty is charmed!
Signora Toffana!
She was extremely popular among
the young and attractive ladies of Naple,
especially among those who
were tired of their husbands.
Women do get bored with their husbands!
Well, yeah
Well, Signora Toffana sold them
some liquid in a bladder.
A woman poured the liquid
into her husband's soup
and then the lady was as free as air!
Her majesty is delighted!
Her majesty is charmed!
Her majesty is charmed!
We are charmed!
This is someone new!
Fresh meat
He wanted to get rid of a man
who was threatening to denounce him.
So he made his secretary spray
the other man's office walls with poison
We are delighted, Black Queen!
We are delighted! We are charmed!
Enchant! Enchant!
On and on poured the stream from below.
Its source the huge fireplace
showed no sign of drying up.
An hour passed, then another.
Margarita showed no interest
in the procession of dukes,
poisoners, gallows-birds,
procuresses, jailers, card-sharpers,
hangmen, informers, traitors and seducers.
Her head swam with their names,
their faces merged into a great blur.
Margarita's legs were buckling
and she was afraid that
she might burst into tears at any moment.
And this is Frieda.
When she worked in a cafe
the owner enticed her
into the storeroom
and nine months later
she gave birth to a boy,
carried him into the woods,
stuffed a handkerchief into his mouth
and then buried him.
I am so happy to be invited
to the great ball of the full moon.
By the way!
Take it!
Your handkerchief!
Please, come on in!
My name is Frieda!
Lady, please, come on in,
theres champagne!
Escorted by Koroviev,
Margarita returned to the ballroom,
but now the dance had stopped
and the guests were crowded
between the pillars.
At the last chime of the invisible clock
silence fell on the crowd of guests.
Then Margarita saw Woland.
It all came true, Mikhail Alexandrovich!
The meeting didn't take place, didn't it?
Your head was cut off by a woman.
That is a fact.
And a fact is the most
obdurate thing in the world!
You have always been
a fervent proponent of the theory that
when a man's head is cut off his life stops,
and he ceases to exist.
What a stupid theory!
But one theory
deserves another.
My theory is that a man
will receive his deserts
in accordance with his beliefs.
You shall depart into the void,
and I will drink to life
from a cup you will become now.
Here he is!
Im coming!
Where are you leading me?
Let me introduce to you,
the most sympathetic baron Meigel!
Everybodys been waiting for you!
Come on in!
Come here!
Please, come in!
By the way!
Herr Baron,
rumors have been going round that
you have an unquenchable curiosity.
What is more, tongues have let slip the words
spy and rat.
This may bring you to an unhappy end
in less than a month from now.
So in order to save you
from the agonizing suspense of waiting,
we have decided to come to your help.
Ladies and gentlemen!
To your health!
Drink! Its wine.
Don't be afraid, my queen
The blood has long since drained away
into the earth
and grapes have grown on the spot
Please, Queen
Take a seat
was it very exhausting?
Oh no, Messire
The night of the full moon
is a night of celebration,
and I dine in the company
of my close friends and my servants
and my guests
Drink it up!
Pure alcohol
Perhaps you want something?
Nothing, Messire
However, if you still need me
I am ready to do anything you wish
That's how you do it!
You passed the test
you should never ask anyone for anything
Nothing, no one
Especially from those
who are more powerful than yourself
They will come
and they will make the offer
So, Margot
For having been my queen tonight,
what do you want?
Don't be shy!
Speak without constraint
because I made the offer
Tell me
your wish
So, it means
I may ask for one thing
You may demand it
I want them to stop giving
Frieda back the handkerchief
she used to stifle her baby
You seem to be a good person
No, Messire
I tell you frankly that
I only asked you about Frieda
because I was rash enough to give her
a firm hope
All right, that didn't count
what do you want for yourself,
you proud woman?
I want you to give me back my lover
the master
And I want everything to be as it was before
Im asking you to bring us back
to the basement on Arbat
You can't just make everything
as it was before
But well try
Its you
Have no doubts,
its me
Youve indeed become like a witch
I am a witch
And Im very happy about it
Aint misbehaving,
aint bothering anybody,
just repairing my primus
And I also consider it my duty
to warn you
that the cat is an ancient
and inviolable animal
Well, you inviolable,
ventriloquous cat
Come right in
Shoot him!
Its all over,
step back from me for a second,
let me say farewell to the earth
Bring the net!
Hey, gas will explode!
[Gas to every Soviet house!]
Such an interesting city, is it not?
I like Rome better, Messire
The darkness that came from
the Mediterranean Sea
covered the city hated by the procurator
Are all duties paid?
Its time to go
Listen to the stillness,
listen and enjoy
what you were not given in life
peace and quiet
Im a part of that power which still
Produceth good, whilst ever scheming ill