The Maus (2017) Movie Script

Ya Hafizu.
Ya Hafizu.
Ya Hafizu.
In You I trust above all things.
You are my only protector,
the guardian of my family.
You hear my words. You see me.
You know my secrets.
Ya Hafizu. Answer my prayers.
Ya Hafizu.
Protect me from evil.
This is great.
It's the axle. It's...
It's broken.
So, is
Well, let's just say
we no longer have a car.
So, now, what?
Come on. Fuck!
I told you that the GPS was wrong.
Now look where we are.
What, we're in a beautiful forest
in Bosnia.
Alex, we are going to miss the plane.
No, because...
The next town is really not,
not far from here. It's really close.
So all we have to do is we have to
find somebody with a tow-truck
and get them to tow us
to the airport in Sarajevo.
We've got all morning.
We'll get there on time.
It's a piece of cake.
Bad, lazy mutt!
You have been barking all day
so I take you out for a walk, haven't you?
Bad mutt!
Bad mutt!
Come on, come on!
What's the matter?
I'm not going into that forest.
It's dangerous.
There are mines out there, Alex.
Honey, the map says
there are no mines in this area.
You think we are in some park in Berlin?
No, but...
All we have to do is walk south
and we'll be fine.
All right, look.
If we don't make it to the next town in...
30 minutes,
I promise you, you'll never have to watch
another Bayern Munich game.
My word.
I give you my word.
Liar. Try me.
Are you ready?
Did you feel that?
You know, sometimes I feel like
you love that kamajija necklace
more than you love your boyfriend.
How did you just call it?
What? Jamajija.
It's what I said, jamalja.
You know, seeing,
as you have a Bosnian girlfriend,
at least you can learn
some of the language. Huh?
Oh! OK.
That's coming from somebody
who's been living in Berlin for two years
and knows only how to say bitte
and maus, yeah?
Mouse in English, maus in German.
It's easy.
OK, maus.
You'll be safe with me.
I promise.
Yesterday, at the funeral,
they said it helps to talk about it.
-I'm not trying to rush you. It's just...
I want you to know that I'm here for you.
Whenever you want.
I want to understand.
Uh, you know most of it.
Yeah, but sometimes I feel
like you're keeping things from me.
Like your necklace.
Or this forest.
I'd like to know
what they actually mean to you.
Alex, there's something there.
-Stay here.
-Please don't go. Please.
-Just stay there. Relax.
-I beg you.
It's hiding. What is?
Just there. In that fog.
What fog?
There's something here.
Where are you going?
Just get over here. It's perfectly safe.
What are you doing?
What does it look like I'm doing?
I am trying to get us out of here.
It wasn't locked.
I see. I knew there'd be something here.
Alex, just--just leave it.
You will get us into trouble, Alex.
Who's this?
Uh, we need help.
We're, uh, we're stuck in the forest.
We're, we're next to the LADA car.
Can you help us?
You--you talk to them,
they'll understand you.
Selma! Selma, wait!
Selma! Selma.
Hey, hey.
I know this must be really hard for you.
But, baby, I hate seeing you like this.
Did you put the walkie
I'd never do anything to upset you,
you know that.
And you are right.
I should've listened to you.
I promise.
I will be more careful from now on. OK?
And I'm sorry.
My father gave it to me in Srebrenica.
It's..."Ya Hafizu," it's from Quran,
means "Great Protector."
It's like my guardian angel.
Hey, I'm your guardian angel.
-Stay here.
-Please don't go.
-I'll only be a minute.
-Alex, you promised me.
Maus, come on!
Bobby! Bobby!
I think this is ours.
Hi there, sexy?
Are you lost?
Watch your step.
This place is littered with mines.
She doesn't understand shit.
Europe, eh?
Where are you going?
Don't be scared.
Hey, stop!
Don't go there! Don't go there!
Listen to me, don't go there!
Stop there, I said!
There's no possible escape.
I'm going to kill you.
Be quiet, be quiet.
Be quiet, be quiet.
I know that smell.
Welcome home.
You OK?
Breathe. That's right. That's right.
Maus, breathe deeply.
Deep breaths, Maus. OK?
You have your guardian angel
watching over.
Come here.
I know. I know, I know.
I know, I know...
We're OK. We're OK.
We're OK. Yeah.
I'm sorry, but it is dead.
What's he saying?
It's dead, my friend. Sorry.
It's better for him, believe me.
-Better, yes.
Hey! It's my dog, man! What the hell?
Calm down.
That's my dog!
Get your fuckin' hands off me!
Don't touch him!
Are you from here?
Tell your boyfriend
it was the only solution.
The dog was dying.
Dog, kaput!
let's get out of here.
Alex, we have to go.
And now what do we do?
OK, Maus.
Ask them if they can get us out of here.
Ask them, Selma!
Selma, sorry about before.
This forest is full of mines.
But that's why we're here.
For your safety.
It's not necessary.
Right here and now,
you two are our responsibility.
-Nothing. They want us to go with them.
Well, tell them we'll go. Yeah?
You can take us to
Selma, anybody who doesn't fear mines
in Bosnia is a dead man walking.
There are almost 8,000 hectares of forest.
We are here.
You and us, you and us...
Stop it, fuck's sake!
Can't you see this is serious?
This is serious...
The whole place is littered with mines.
Mines... Mine.
-Kaput, yes.
Translate, please.
Mmm-hmm. Alex, listen to me.
I'm not going anywhere
with these two guys.
Can you please stop worrying?
I am handling--
Can you please just listen to me?
It's been raining.
The earth has moved.
The mines have moved too.
That's no use at all.
You have to come with us.
Alex, we are in trouble.
In real trouble here. OK?
Would you just calm down
and talk to them, huh?
Can you listen to me
what I am saying to you?
-I am listening to you!
Maus, what's wrong?
Are you OK?
Listen... Listen...
We are in danger.
Selma, what's wrong, baby
Help! Help!
OK. Relax, relax, relax.
Oh, fuck!
What's the matter with her?
Be careful, be careful, be careful!
She needs a doctor. OK, relax.
Lie still, baby.
I'm gonna get help. I'm gonna get help.
Relax! Relax, relax.
I'm gonna get you out of here, OK?
Stay there.
Shit! OK.
I'm just gonna go get help, OK?
You stay here.
I'll be back, OK?
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Yeah, we--we have an emergency!
My name is Alex Maschwit, I'm German.
Um, we are lost in a forest
in eastern Bosnia.
My--my girlfriend is badly wounded.
She needs help.
Yes, uh, somewhere near Srebrenica.
West, I think.
No, no, no!
Hey, friend!
No, no, no. I got this!
We're going to take her
to our hide-out. Everything will be fine.
What the hell is the matter
with him
I bet you 20 marks the line goes dead.
Trace my call! If I'm calling
it's because I have a fucking emergency!
Fuck this guy.
What the fuck, man?
Goddamn fucking Bosnians!
We are not Bosnians, my friend.
We are Serbs.
So let the fucking Serbs
help your Bosniak girl.
Can we hurry up, please
Europa... Stay on the path!
Stay on the path!
You're gonna blow us all to hell!
What... Are there mines here?
Check your map!
You know what a woman is?
The decoration around her pussy.
Can you please be more careful
Hey! Hey, why are we stopping?
Fuck this guy, eh?
Who does he think he is
Guys! This isn't a picnic!
Take it easy, my friend.
Enjoy Bosnia.
Sunshine... Fresh air...
Minefields... Relax.
Our residence.
Uh, wait a minute.
This is your post?
I am not taking my girlfriend in there!
We apologize 'cause this is not Hilton.
But you're not
on your fucking honeymoon, OK?
-Hey, baby.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
I am on top of everything, OK?
Don't worry. OK?
-I'm gonna take care of you. Don't worry.
I'm your guardian angel.
Scream all you like, nobody can hear you.
Shut up!
Shut your fucking mouth!
Put her down there.
Give her it.
Shut up!
Look at her...
This is no time for prayers.
See how she is spoiling our fun?
Princess, this is just the beginning.
Come on.
Let's go from here.
-Shut up, you bitch!
Stay still, for God's sake!
Shut up!
Hit her!
We're here.
Say goodbye to daddy.
See you never.
Greet your father.
Go with God.
Say goodbye to daddy.
Calm down.
That was just a bad dream.
I have good news and bad news.
The good news
is that you're going to be fine.
The bad news is that we missed the plane.
They dressed the wound.
It's nothing serious.
No, no, no. No, no, no
Don't move. Don't move. Don't move.
Don't move.
We had to bring you down.
For the first aid kit.
I am so glad you're OK.
And don't worry.
I'm here for you.
We're here for you.
It's a trap.
Good morning.
What is that?
Holy water.
Here... Your father liked it.
Fuck your Bosnian mother!
Be still, be still!
Shit. Fuck you!
Leave me alone!
Let's smoke.
Selma, no!
What's the matter with you?
Have you gone completely nuts?
Do you realize what would have happened
if you had actually used this, huh?
Jesus Christ, Selma,
they're just trying to help.
Scum like them killed my whole family!
The war is over!
Not all Serbs are bad people!
Yeah, sure! You're so naive!
And you're paranoid!
Don't ever...
do that to me again.
You understand?
You'll end up getting us both killed.
You got us into this.
Now do something to get us out of here.
Um, guys...
I'm really sorry about what just happened.
My girlfriend, you know, she's...
under a lot of stress.
OK. Her parents and her brother. They...
They were, uh...
Well, they were killed.
They disappeared...
in this area during the war. Um...
And their remains
just turned up a month ago,
in a mass grave,
you know, after those floods.
And yesterday we buried them
in Srebrenica. So...
I guess you can see why
she's in such a nervous state, I mean...
I keep trying to get her
to move on, but, uh...
Anyway, I'm--I'm really sorry.
Truly, I am.
It's OK, my friend. I--I understand.
It's a... Bosniak thing.
Yeah, right?
I mean, they are, uh...
They are complicated, you know?
She never even told me that she lived
through the war as a child, you know?
And we've been seeing each other
for a year, I mean...
It's crazy, right?
Welcome to Bosnia.
What is he laughing about?
Leave him, he's a nice guy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I like you, my friend.
You are a really nice European.
It's a pity I don't feel the same
for your woman.
I really appreciate all your help
and all you've done for us.
Uh... Oh!
And if there's ever anything you need...
You know, here's my, uh...
Here's my--my card.
You know.
And that's my email.
But right now, I think it's best
if we, if we separate, you know.
My girlfriend will feel more comfortable
if we continue on our own.
So, um...
If that's OK?
Thank you.
Hey, man...
I don't want any problems, man.
We just want to go home.
Luckily for you,
that's what we're here for.
Remember the area is full of mines.
Look, you go down the road...
a mile or so.
Follow the signs, left and right.
Do not stray
or you will enter a minefield.
You get to the mountain and you go...
about 800 or 900 meters uphill.
You will see a small bridge.
You cross it and...
Sorry. Sorry. I forgot...
Ten thousand euros for the...
simultaneous translation.
Excuse me?
You heard me, my friend.
Ten thousand euros and we're OK, huh?
Is this some kind of joke?
The mountain rescue work
costs money, you know?
The recession...
The economic crisis...
We have to live.
Of course, yeah.
Well, um...
Don't worry about it.
We'll have to try
and work it out ourselves.
Thanks for all the help, guys.
Please, my friend...
Just pay...
and everything is OK.
I'm a little bit upset.
You fucking bastards!
Let's not make things complicated, OK?
Be wise and nothing will happen to you.
Run! Run!
What's the matter, German bitch?
Ya Hafizu.
Ya Hafizu.
Ya Hafizu.
Ya Hafizu.
You haven't been very nice to me.
It doesn't matter.
I forgive you.
Fuck your dead family!
Fuck your Bosnian mother!
Fuck you, bitch!
Ya Hafizu.
Ya Hafizu.
Ya Hafizu.
Where is Milos?
You're not going to escape.
Answer me. Where is Milos?
I'm a little disappointed, you know?
I thought you would defend yourself.
But you are all the same.
You like being victims, don't you?
Hey, little mouse?
Has the cat got your tongue?
But that doesn't mean we're not going
to enjoy ourselves for a while.
Five... Four...
Run, mouse!
Three... Two... One... Now!
Don't you want to play?
We're going to play a little!
Stay still, mouse!
I'll find you.
You can't hide!
Little mouse!
Little mouse!
Where have you got to?
When I'm finished with you,
I'll go and play with Europe.
Little mouse!
I'm going to bury you so deep,
no one will know you even existed.
Ya Hafizu.
Ya Hafizu.
Ya Hafizu.
Ya Hafizu.
Are you OK?
It's OK, it's OK, it's OK,
it's OK, come.
It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.
You've to get away
before, before they come back.
Baby, listen to me!
They are dead both of them!
It's over.
We're safe! You're safe!
You said you wanted to understand me.
Didn't you?
You can't even imagine
what they did to my family. Just...
Just because we are Muslims.
You know when I was...
a child...
they told me to scream?
Because somebody will come to help.
Did you hear me scream?
Did you?
Where were you?
Where were you?
Get out of my way, Alex.
put the gun down.
It's over.
Do you hear me?
Get out of my way.
Listen to me.
We are going to turn him over
to the police.
Take a good look at him.
That man can no longer hurt us.
You're the woman of my life.
And I want to go home.
I wanna go home with you.
But if you fire that gun...
if you pull that trigger...
I can't. I just can't.
That's not who I am.
Please. Please!
We have to move him with the stretcher.
we're doing the right thing.
Trust me.
I'll be right back.
Little mouse...
Maybe it was me who killed your family.
It's OK.
I just... I had to do it.
Alex, please!
Don't go.
Please, I beg you.
Please... Alex!
-I thought you wouldn't come.
-Sorry, I'm late.
You know, my friends are gonna think
you don't like them.
You know that's not true.
I know. I forgive you.
But only if you help me grab the beers.
Sure. Where are they?
Julian's got them in the car.
You want to come with me?
No, you stay here with the guys.
I'll--I'll get them.
-Of course.
OK. I'm so happy you came.
We're gonna have fun.
Trust me.
-See you in a bit.
Hello, Jule
Yes, I just got here.
Is Billy there too?
Where are you?
OK, I'll be there in just a minute.