The Maze (2010) Movie Script

Come on.
What happened?
The mortuary called the hospital.
Said she had made one mistake.
They almost were trying to anoint him.
They buried my grandfather last spring.
What if he was still alive.
Will, he was 95 years old.
Of course he was dead.
If it is not dead, then he does that
After spending five hours with her mother.
They get all of your guts
before you show a box stop.
No one is currently alive
You did it.
I told you, it is on your key,
the lock is in order.
It is a copy, right?
- I do not know.
Let's go.
Okay, I got one.
Does it have anything to do with the terrible
accidents or robbing of corpses?
No. But it's true.
- Sure.
No, it's true
- I want to hear it.
It is early in the morning.
Very early.
And a couple comes from a store.
It was probably a restaurant,
one of those 24-hour breakfast eateries.
You are bad at telling stories.
It must have been a restaurant,
otherwise it has not been opened.
They had stayed up all night and decided
breakfast instead of going home.
You know how that goes.
Most importantly, it was very early
and there were very few people.
As they walk to their cars, are
they passed a guy.
None of them had ever seen.
But as she passed him, they walk
literally against him.
And that unknown squeezes past them
back and mumbles "sorry".
And before anyone can react, remove
He scissors from under his coat...
and starts them in their face and neck
to stabbing.
What was their friend?
- She was screaming, probably.
She watched her friend was stabbed,
without reason.
Anyway, there was a cop,
out of service in the restaurant.
Its just on Sat night. He pulls
his gun and shoot down the psycho.
And that's the real story?
There are these crazy people out here.
Can you imagine a
restaurant and you will be stabbed?
Will we get it in time?
What time do these things closed?
Will it give the blame if we do not
on time.
He was the one that our poor road
That's not my fault. No one showed me
told that we do not have coverage.
This was my GPS useless.
Why are we here?
There is no labyrinth closer to home?
As this is the biggest grain labyrinth
in the province.
Sometimes it takes hours to get through
to come.
I went as a child often used to
a labyrinth.
I do not think we have time hours.
For the same money, kick them out now
all people.
We'll just have to wait.
After all it is only seven hours.
We can always do something else.
Here, something else? Maybe if you
enjoy looking at cow scare.
I'm not boerrinetje.
No one says you are, Klara.
Wait, Trientje?
Wait, or Suurtje?
Those things you are dead.
I mean it.
The Rabbit Hole''''
They're cute.
I just wanted to help get out.
- Liar.
I did not really scare.
It is closed.
Thank you. We knew that already
What do we do now?
Still a little early, huh?
- Yes, the days are getting shorter.
It is cold here, when the sun is.
Thank you. We knew that already
What are you doing?
I'm going to see the maze.
Do not be stupid.
That is off limits.
It's a corn maze, we will not
steal or something.
I thought you wanted sleeping cows
Come on.
Look, this is great.
Did you hear that?
Stop, you're paranoid.
Come on.
If we are arrested, I say that
I was forced.
You know Bonnie shot
he teamed up with Clyde, eh?
Bonnie was a jerk.
Never leave a man planning a robbery,
He will always exaggerate.
He thinks that if he 'wields a weapon,
and "wearing a mask, he is invincible.
You do not know what you're talking about.
Weapons are sexy.
And why did you not have a girlfriend.
That looks scary.
Walking around in 'n labyrinth but
for a while fun.
How long are we going to do?
Can I have your necklace look like?
You're it.
You're it.
This is pretty fun.
Yes. It sure is.
Until Cole and Jordan do not finish
for the evening is over.
Come on, you know that Jordan is not considered.
She would never say something Cole
deliberately hurting.
She broke up with him,
that seems pretty intentional.
That's not fair.
Okay, you go this way,
and I'm going that way.
No. Do not leave me alone.
It's more fun when we split up.
Okay then.
Turn that thing off.
You look like a buoy.
You... are .. him.
It suits you.
Give me a few seconds to get away.
Who has not vanished...
Who was that?
That was not funny.
That had me fall.
Hello? Will?
I can not...
I've dropped my glasses. I see nothing.
Collin, is it you?
Collin, if it's you, do you want
first help to find my glasses.
Come on, I can not see.
He must be here somewhere.
What are you doing?
Stop it.
Dude, just come forth, so
I can type.
Haunt me is not funny.
Hey, you're not...
Who are you?
We are doing nothing wrong here.
Will, I'm glad I found you.
I shall be very afraid of this labyrinth.
You're it.
I am sure him.
Have you seen the way Collin?
He is doing very scary things.
Allison, there is someone else in the maze.
What do you mean?
Someone else outside our five?
Yes, I just saw him, he was just here.
I saw him, Will.
What do you mean? You just saw him?
- I just saw him.
my glasses fell, I could not see anything and then
someone came to, I'm Collin.
Allison, what happened?
He grabbed me and hit his arm
around me.
I just thought it was Collin.
Come on, let's go find him
and we will organize this.
If anyone here, then I
not find him, Will.
Listen, I have the keys. Why do
we will not leave here, to the car?
So you think we are all here
to leave behind?
No, I think it is safer if we
go to the car.
No. It is safer if we all
stay together.
Come on.
I'm not him.
I would have tapped.
- Let me see your neck.
What if you do not have stopped somewhere else?
- Is not that cheating.
I do not know the rules that we use.
If I had to, I would have long since caught up.
I'm faster than you anyway.
But, if I'm not me and we walk
you know you're always safe with me.
Yes, but then I walk with you.
That's like have to choose between two bad ones.
I bake anything from this game.
Will, what is it?
- Nothing. I'm just around.
Do you think this is real?
I do not know.
Will, I really think we should leave here,
What are you doing, dickhead?
You people can not be intimidated to walk.
Boy, Allison.
Will have to catch her.
- So Will is it?
I had told you that.
What about her? Even if they want,
she can not make noise now.
Being afraid is not always a bad trait.
Sometimes it's even more fun.
If we are arrested by,
it's a bad habit.
She must learn to control themselves.
Will and Allison still play it?
Or are they're not 't have sex?
They're probably behind one another,
and are not looking for one of us.
Brian, Sarah.
I'll call just because I thought we
would see each other about nine hours...
so I think I call you later.
I'm sorry. I have nothing from him
We could go a few hours ago
and he is never coming days.
Yes, definitely.
Let me know if I hear something from him.
Okay. Goodbye.
Police officer you speak with Larson.
- Mark, you speak with Sarah Turner.
Hi, Sarah. How are you?
You okay?
I think so. I hope so.
I make me a bit worried about Brian.
Brian McKinley?
- Yes.
Yes, we would meet a few hours ago
meet, but he is not showing up.
We can give him as missing
if only a few hours to go.
I know.
I was just wondering if you've seen him.
I have not seen him.
Eric has seen him?
His service is over.
Have you tried Mim's?
I have already phoned the bar and he is
not been.
That is strange Brian.
When did you last see him?
Something for seven hours,
by Sam Hunt's corn maze.
You know what?
why do not you call him tomorrow...
If you still can not find him go
we make some calls. Okay?
Yes, that's fine, I guess.
'm Sorry that I respond so.
That's okay. Have a good evening.
Talk to you later.
Okay, good night.
Is anyone there?
You bother me when watching TV.
If you come now,
I call the police.
If they vote out the blonde,
I'm going to shoot someone.
I'm sorry there just.
I'm not there after.
It does not matter.
You're the one who knows how I am
with relationships, so...
Do not.
I try to make my excuses.
Well, it's not so well off.
Than not.
Your love life is nothing to me.
For me go old and die alone.
Johnson's weather if you are...
I hang you up,
as the ugly pig scum that you are.
This is not a game.
I'm tired...
I'm cold...
and I got a gun.
I trust anyone under 30.
We have to leave.
You were always smarter than the other
Let's wait a few minutes,
so we know that he is gone.
I hear you.
Do not make me use it.
What was that?
Was that a gun?
No, I can not.
He would not really shoot one of us.
Maybe we should go forward,
We do not want the rest has gone before.
Allison has the keys?
Yes, and if she is so afraid as I think,
do you think they are waiting for us?
The keys?
The keys.
I thought Allison had the torch.
Do not touch him.
Who did this?
I do not know, but we have here
really gone.
How? My necklace.
I do not know.
I gave it to Will.
Where's Will?
- I do not know.
Will has not done so.
We have to leave.
Where's Will?
Where's Allison?
Where's Colin?
- Everyone needs it shot heard.
We must from the labyrinth.
And back to the car.
What was that?
- I heard nothing.
I thought I heard someone.
Come on, we're almost there.
- No, I heard someone.
Jordan's go.
Do you already have coverage?
No. And we do not as long as we
In this labyrinth are.
There is just nothing.
Okay. Let's try mine.
Can you see something?
- Of course not, it's corn.
Yes, I know, but it feels like
We get closer.
That was Will.
- I know.
Will if he has to address,
then he too Allison.
That was her flashlight,
that the old man had.
Where's Colin?
- I do not know.
He's hurt, but that guy is fast.
Can you walk?
- I do not know.
This is not the time to experiment,
I can distract him...
No, do not be stupid.
We do not know what we have been in the labyrinth.
Okay, I'm going.
When the coast is clear, try
to get away.
Go to the farm and use the phone.
Call the police.
Make sure they come here.
Cole, wait.
I'm sorry.
Still fun?
Where you going?
I'm not done with you.
Off with his head.
Jordan, running.
Where is the exit?
What happened?
- I killed them.
Okay, I understand.
We're ready.
Sam's corn maze is burned.
Is anyone hurt?
Until now there was only
a young woman, screaming.
She comes in for questioning after they
the ambulance looked at her.
Is she from here?
Joel did not recognize her,
it probably comes from the city.
What do you think? Lighted or accident?
Who knows. That corn mazes
are like matchboxes.
A potential slaughter.
And arson is perhaps only
the beginning of the night.
What do you mean?
The girl came out,
screaming, I killed them.
She was covered in blood, the ambulance
said they had cut.
So you mean that murder is involved.
I do not know, but I'll go to
forensic team call.
You mean Joey?
Yes, he will be excited to meet the
get started.
Well, not me.
Should I call someone else?
No, let them sleep.
The province takes the matter anyway.
With the competence.
And we only know something about a murder,
if they have scoured field.
And what about Sam? He is pretty good
upset about his cornfield.
Yes, we have an agent sent by
to knock, but he did not open.
The lights were on in the house.
Call him and ask him here past
want to come.
He must ultimately a statement
Can I bring you somewhere?
It's cold outside.
You must be crazy...
in this weather to walk.
With that coat.
It's a sweater.
You should have seen your face.
I could not see it, but...
I'm not often in the company car.
Have patience with me.
Where do you go?
I said that hard?
I do not come anymore.
Is it a night, huh?
Tell me about it.
Just kidding. Tell him not.
Better for me.
I do not want to be accomplice
something that you did.
How can so much blood on her
There's more than just happened
The province will pass to the evidence
to retrieve.
We do not have the equipment to such
amount of blood examination.
They do not talk to me.
Did she say anything to you?
What happened, who she killed?
I do not think we have something out of her.
Who you gonna call?
- I am Sam Hunt try again.
I think all this is worse
than we think.
You must let me know where
police station is.
For the last time I was there,
I was about 15 years.
I do not judge you, eh ..
Not me.
Hear that sound?
This is awkward silence.
Just kidding.
Okay, thank you.
We keep in touch.
They found two bodies.
- Sam and Brian?
They are still searching for the head of a
of them.
The other body is complete, only
badly burned to be identified.
I'll give you five minutes to
For answers to provide.
You know what they do with corn fields,
At the end of summer?
I recently drove by and I saw only
but wheat fields...
all that corn, it just stands there,
Just to rot.
You know that colorful cereal that...
You know, the primary school.
What's that again?
What now?
Come on.
I rode too hard.
I drove too hard? No, right?
This city should always have me.
I killed my sister.
Pull over.
- He is not even registered.
Shut up and go to the side.
Colored corn.
Yes. Colored corn.
I drove past there last week.
You know what they do with it?
They cut away everything, absolutely everything.
They chop it fine, corn, steal,
everything, absolutely everything...
and they use it as fodder.
My cousin told me.
They waste nothing in this town.
They've learned from the Indians.
Sorry, Native Americans.
You know...
God, I hate this city.
So do I.
William Taylor.
Did you know him?
There was a body...
Did you know that person?
Will we find more bodies?
Make sure you get a ride home.
The team spot.
You want me to pick?
No, I take him though.
Okay, we have someone here who
may have on research?
Yes, keep me informed.
They have three bodies were found.
And head.
Eric, good to see you.
It's been a terrible night.
- Tell me anything.
No, I saw the fire and thought you
could use some help.
The fire is just the beginning.
They found five bodies.
And the only survivors,
is our only suspect.
And she does not want to talk.
Have you collected all the evidence?
Of course.
Despite the evidence and
shouted confession...
I feel that something is wrong.
Do not you think they did it?
Her cigarette lighter and its ways
that she is the arsonist.
Accidentally or not, but...
I do not think that a person's head
can cut off.
She knows what happened, she knows who
did it, but she says nothing.
What do you want me to do?
You can guard the fort.
Marcus and I go to the field,
see what else we can find.
Think you can handle it?
I am Agent Eric Schroeder.
I'll get some more evidence.
You've been through a lot tonight.
They find quite a lot of bodies out there.
They were your friends, right?
They were.
Besides Sam Hunt
the owner of the labyrinth.
He was no friend of yours, yet
is also dead.
Did you kill him?
Of course not.
To tell you the truth, I think
you have killed nobody.
I think you and your friends...
alone are guilty, in the wrong
his place at the wrong time.
But, I'm just new here
In a small town.
It can be anyone here cares
what I think.
I can not help you...
unless you tell me exactly what
happened there.
I know it's difficult.
I know.
But I gotta know what you know,
so we can leave behind us.
Would you tell me what happened there?
Yes, I will.
Let's start with the first thing.
Who did you kill,
or do you have to kill?
The man in the red sweater.
Is this man a name?
We have never spoken.
But you have good look at him,
You can...
identify him as you would see him
suspects in a row?
I do not know, it was dark.
Why were you so late in
the labyrinth?
Because we arrived late and...
we still wanted to see.
So you found you are trespassing?
And you have Sam Hunt, the owner,
there too?
The man with the gun?
Has he found you and your friends?
We played...
We got lost during each
Playing a silly game.
What do you mean...
What do you mean stupid game?
Has a special version of Tag...
and who it is...
Wearing something...
For example, a scarf or a headband.
- An ornament?
The chain.
Like tonight.
So we got rid of each other.
And he found us.
Who won?
The game.
Who won the game?
I'm sorry, I do not understand.
Excuse me.
Yes, I understand, sir.
I will make sure that they
completely at ease.
I do not think they did it.
The evidence does not lie.
You can shape yourself.
They have found a body.
That's number five.
But they still have no husband
found in a red coat.
I know you've killed anyone.
Help me figure out who did it.
It's all my fault.
They're all dead by me.
I've lit the grain.
The farmer shot my friend down.
Jordan, are you sure?
It's all my fault.
I will now write.
I admit in court.
I can not take it anymore.
I can not handle the guilt.
It's okay.
You do what is right.
That's it.
You killed my friends.
You got me stung several times,
we are right, do not you think?
I'll kill you.
- You've done much more than that.
You have all been murdered.
With the DNA that I've left you,
and you signed declaration...
I would say that you all for everything
have provided.
See, I told you so.
You did not kill anyone.
You thought I would give you the gun
with bullets?
You've shot with that gun,
at the police station.
Lucky for me...
You can focus evil and counting.
And so...
When you brushed my leg...
I could attack you...
and I shot you down.
At least that is what is
The police report will stand.
All right, fights back.
That makes it all believable.
That gun is loaded.
What do you say,
after you have shot me?
I've killed your friends?
Who will you believe?
If you kill me, you go there too.
That I do not care.
I think so.
I think you're like me.
You're a survivor.
I look at anything on you.
What do you want?
An apology.
An apology?
Keep your hands up.
I'm sorry.
- For the murder of your friends.
For the murder of Sam Hunt
for the murder of Brian.
You did not know about him, but
I'm sorry anyway.
You're a monster.
You know what I regret most.
I did not kill you.
What happens here, damn.
The lights went out and they attacked me.
I could even see anything when I told her
She's alive.
Call an ambulance.
What do you say
after you have shot me?
I've killed your friends?
Who will you believe?
If you kill me, you go there too.
- That I do not care.
I think so.
I think you're like me.
You're a survivor.
put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
Keep your hands up.
I'm sorry.
- For the murder of your friends.
For the murder of Sam Hunt
for the murder of Brian.
You did not know about him, but
I'm sorry anyway.
You're a monster.
You know what I regret most.
I did not kill you.
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