The Meddler (2015) Movie Script

Today I went across the street
to the apple store,
and I got one of the new
iPhones with the 64-gigabytes,
'cause I wasn't sure if I
should get the 16s or the 64s,
but the 64s look good,
so there you go.
The genius bartender showed me
how to make things bigger,
but I already forgot.
God, my eyesight is so shot.
But I got on Google before,
and I looked up my apartment,
and it said they'd filmed the
hills there for two seasons.
Isn't that neat?
And they used to do the extra program at
the grove every day with Mario Lopez.
He seems nice.
And who wouldn't love
an outdoor mall?
I can't believe it,
me in Los Angeles.
If only daddy could see me now.
Today they played
"come fly with me,"
and I almost started crying,
thinking about him.
But I didn't 'cause,
basically, I feel great.
It's like living on main street
in Disneyland.
Every day is sunny,
and I wake up and I think,
"thank you, Joey,
for making it possible."
I swear, if I get hit by
that trolley, I'll die happy.
Just wait till you see
my apartment.
I have a balcony that's far enough
away from other people's balconies,
so nobody could jump down
from the roof or whatever.
And I have a parking spot
next to the elevator,
so I can just run
right in there.
And I got everything shipped
out from Jersey,
all my artwork,
the doll I had made of you,
and, of course, the pictures of
me and daddy in his red car.
God, we had the best times
in that thing.
Anyway, call me back. Love you.
Oh, god...
I brought you bagels.
You should have called.
I did.
But I didn't answer.
Oh, I figured you were working
or something.
Say hi to your grand-dogs.
Hi, doggies. How you doing?
Okay. Stay there.
All right, bye.
Six bagels, all salt.
Those are the best kind.
Oh, Lor, you let
daddy's bonsai die.
Oh, yeah. Sorry, ma.
I tried, but they're, like,
crazy delicate.
It was crazy.
Sorry, Joey.
See, this is why I asked you
not to put me in charge.
You can't just leave someone
with a bonsai and orchid
and put all this pressure
on them.
You let the orchid die, too?
I watered it every day.
Well, Lori, you're not supposed
to water it every day.
Well, I watered it the right
amount, okay?
Please, don't make me
feel any more bad about it.
Okay, forget it.
Oh, what's this?
It's Emily's baby shower.
Do you get to bring somebody?
Why? I probably won't go.
Why not?
Because I'll have to get
all dressed up,
and everyone I know
will be there.
I thought you gave up smoking.
You said this was better.
I said it was okay after your
father died when your stomach hurt.
Well, it's after my father died,
and my stomach hurts.
Well, have you heard from Jacob?
You shouldn't call him.
What's going on at work? Did
they call you about the pilot?
You shouldn't be smoking
if you have a deadline.
Mom, don't say "deadline."
Don't say "pilot,"
and please don't ever
say the word "Jacob" again.
I just think you
shouldn't call him.
Especially if you have a deadline for
your pilot. Jacob... I mean, I just...
I think we should get you
a hobby.
I thought you were gonna
volunteer at the hospital.
Yeah, I've been meaning
to do that.
Or maybe you could be my hobby?
And then, you just touch
the screen like that.
Look how you magnified that.
That's gre...
Okay, say you wanna find
an address for a baby shower.
Well, then you just
open safari here,
and then you type it in.
Or Google it.
Yeah, you Google it,
and if you ever need it again,
it's right there in your
search history.
Oh, my god. Freddy,
you are a genius.
It's just a label.
My daughter's a genius,
but she's too old for you.
How old are you?
I'll be 23 in October.
Get out of here. October...
That makes you a Libra, right?
So scales, justice...
You're probably very diplomatic.
You should be a lawyer.
You should be.
You should.
Oh, my god.
No, no, no. I'm not even
a candidate for Lasik.
They said they had to slice my eyeball
open and put in a little... a lens.
Well, you should get
what I have. Transitions.
They go from regular glasses to
sunglasses when you walk outside.
And you can get them anywhere.
Want me to make you
an appointment?
You should try Zillow.
They have a lot of places to
rent and... or just get advice.
I mean, that's how I found
my condo.
What you have to do is have him
tip you upside down.
That's what Joe and I did
to conceive Lori.
It'll be easy. She's so petite.
It's another pink bunny!
I love it. What's next?
Is this a baby monitor?
It's from Mrs. Minervini.
What is it?
Oh, my god.
It's an iPad.
What? What?
Wow. Oh, my god.
This is crazy generous.
Well, I know it wasn't
on your list. No.
But, I was in the apple store
the other day,
and I saw this little Filipino
boy, practically a baby,
and he was playing
with one of these...
I mean, what do you...
IPad, yes.
And then Freddy came over,
and he told me
that you can load in programs...
Like Nemo and Barney's circus...
Brilliant. Marnie, thank you.
This is so nice.
Lori has the best mum ever.
Apart from my mum.
Did you get that down?
I'm gonna write it down.
Write it down. Yeah.
Hey, where is Lori?
I think she's working.
She had a deadline.
I mean, a countdown.
Yeah, she said she'd watch
Tehya for me tonight.
Dani and I haven't been able
to get out in, like, a year.
Oh, I could do it.
I thought she was out of town.
She told me she was sick.
Well, she was sick.
She was.
I'd be sick too with everything
Jacob puts her through.
She's so pretty.
Why can't she just get over him?
Well, he was the last person
to meet her dad.
Oh, yeah, he really loved her dad.
That's tough to get over.
She's not gonna get over him if she
keeps giving him what he wants.
What does he want?
Oh, my god!
I'm dying.
What does he want?
It wasn't on the list either.
Marnie? Marnie?
This is Greg's dad.
He came out to help us
with the nursery.
Hi. Mark.
He's in town till Thursday, so...
She's a character, huh?
So you came out, um,
to see your son?
Yeah, Emily said it was
very important that I come,
but I think I'm just here
to carry gifts.
Yeah. Well, his mother's
not around anymore, so...
My husband died a year ago.
Oh, she's alive.
She lives in London.
But, you know, we're divorced.
Oh, sorry.
Emily tells me you grew up
in Brooklyn?
Which... which part?
Sunset park.
I grew up on the corner of 48th and
7th Avenue, right by the church.
Get outta here.
I grew up at 43rd and 4th,
by the other church.
Yeah. We used to go
to the public pool there,
before it became a parking lot.
Get out of here,
I went there all the time!
I'll bet we moved
in similar circles.
Oh, absolutely.
That's crazy.
Yeah, yeah.
That's funny.
Hey, you know,
before I leave town,
we should go have lunch,
you know, with the girls.
Or, there's this holocaust museum I've
been really wanting to check out.
Have you been
to the holocaust museum?
No. It sounds like fun,
but I can't.
I really can't because
I've just moved in, you know.
I've got all my paperwork
I gotta do, and, you know...
Plus, I'm volunteering
at the hospital,
and I might also be babysitting.
I'm not sure, but it looks like
pretty soon I might be babysitting.
But I've never been so busy.
Okay, so I'm just calling
to tell you that I'm on my way
to the hospital to volunteer.
And so, call me back and, soon,
because once I get in there,
then, I mean, I'll be in there
and you won't be able to reach
me. So...
Oh, and did I tell you
about this new Beyonc song?
Listen to this.
Yeah? Right? So, anyway, yeah.
So call me soon
because once I get in there,
then you won't be able
to reach me. Okay.
So, bye. Call me.
Discovered in the Angeles
national forest
within 10 miles of where the
skeletal remains were found.
Police suspect this could be the work of
a serial killer that's been targeting
young women in the area
since 2005.
Well, we've got dangerous
riptides in Malibu.
What do you need to know if you're
headed to the beach this weekend?
Well, it may be sunny...
Don't you bring your mail in
You're not bringing the mail in?
Mom! You have to ring
the doorbell.
But I've got the key.
Well, what if I had company?
You mean like Jacob?
Who told you that?
Your friends at the baby shower.
Mom, please don't talk
to my friends, okay?
And you're not supposed to go as a "plus
one" if there isn't a one to plus.
But you never told me
if you were going or not.
Oh, did you get my message
about the serial killer?
The guy that's going all around Southern
California targeting young women?
Well, we should be fine, then.
Well, I was thinking that we
should get a system in place where
every time you're leaving
the house, you call me,
and then you text me
when you're home.
That's crazy.
Well, I just mean until, you
know, until they catch the guy.
And if you run into him, you
know what you're supposed to do.
It's, like, eyes,
throat, crotch.
Mom, maybe you shouldn't drop
around here all the time.
But I barely see you anymore.
Well, you know,
I've got a ton of work to do,
so, you know,
it requires a lot of research.
I'm just saying,
I'm not in the position to be
very entertaining right now.
I don't have any good stories.
Is there anything
you wanna talk about?
Didn't you hear
what I just said?
What I need right now
is to write.
This is my office.
This is my desk.
These are my co-workers.
If I was in a real office, you
wouldn't come in and sit on my desk
and pet my co-workers,
would you?
I've been talking to my
therapist about this, and...
I think it's time that we...
Set some boundaries.
I get it.
You need to write...
And I need to...
Get out of your office.
But you don't have to leave
right now.
No, it's fine. It's fine.
I don't want to be crossing
anybody's boundaries.
I don't know. She seems
so angry all the time.
You've been seeing her
for a while.
Has she always seemed so angry?
And I just, I don't...
I don't want her to hurt
herself or anything.
I mean, does she talk
to you about that?
I'm not saying that I want
to know what she says.
I'm just saying that if she
talks to you about stuff...
I hope she talks to you
about that stuff
and that you talk to her
about that stuff,
and that you make sure she doesn't
hurt herself or anything.
And, you know, maybe also tell her
to stop smoking so much grass.
I know she's in... Some stage
of grief or something, but...
And what about you?
What about me?
How do you feel?
Well, I feel she should find
some other way to feel better
besides marijuana.
No, I mean how do you feel
since your husband died?
Well, of course I feel sad.
But I don't think I'm
as stressed as Lori,
because I don't have to worry
about my career or money
because Joey, god bless him,
he set me up for life.
So I can do...
I can do anything.
I mean, like, when I go to an
action movie, I get three tickets,
one for me, one for Joe,
one for my mother.
And I don't even have
to think about it.
I don't have to worry about it.
I spend...
A lot of time by myself.
And, well, there are
a lot of hours in the day,
and so sometimes I don't know
what to do with them,
and I call Lori...
But she...
Well, she doesn't...
She doesn't want my advice
or anything.
I mean, I have nothing...
Important to say.
But basically, I feel great.
I love my apartment.
You can't beat this weather.
And who doesn't love the grove?
I mean, it's like living
on main street in Disneyland.
Anyway, call me and let me
know you got in safe.
Oh, and remind me to tell you
what your therapist said.
Very little information about the
message left behind by the serial killer
who is asking to be called
the "red ripper."
It's so good to see you
out of the house...
And on such a nice occasion.
Ah, pretzel bread!
Reminds me of my father...
Well, pretzels.
Mmm. So good.
So, listen, mom,
I have to go to New York for a
few weeks to shoot the pilot.
New York? Why?
Well, 'cause the show is set there,
so it's... it's actually good,
but I'm not gonna be reachable
for a few weeks, like, at all.
Like, somebody else is gonna be
holding my phone for me.
But I was thinking at the end
if you wanted to come
and visit the set
and we could finally think about
getting a headstone for dad,
or, you know, at least figure
out what to do with his ashes.
Yeah, well, we don't have
to talk about it now.
We can wait until, you know,
before you go and then...
I leave tomorrow.
That's really soon.
I know.
But maybe you could come over
tonight and help me pack,
and maybe even crash so you could give
me a ride to the airport tomorrow?
That'd be fun.
How about if I go with you?
If I go with you,
I could be like your assistant.
No, no.
I think, if anything,
I'd need you here,
you know, to watch the house
and look after your grand-dogs.
It's my job, mom.
Yeah, yeah. Sure, you're right.
You're right. It's great.
It's a good idea.
It's a good opportunity.
It is, you know.
It's good.
And it's really good timing
for me, you know?
I can get out of town and be busy,
and finally take my mind off things.
Excuse me, can I get a picture
with you?
Thank you so much.
Hey, you two.
Hey, you two!
Hey, Marnie.
Jacob, it's good to see you.
You know, I never said
anything bad about you.
You know, Elise, right?
- Yeah.
- How are you doing?
Well, we don't want
to interrupt your...
Your girl time.
No! No, no, it's fine.
We're just doing a drive-by
until I go out later.
I didn't want her to have to
spend Valentine's day alone.
I didn't want her to spend it
alone, either.
I'm not alone.
No. We're together.
Until later,
when I'm meeting other people.
I thought we were having
a sleepover?
That's so cute!
I wish my mom and I
were that close.
Aw... well, maybe,
when you get older.
What would make you happy?
If I could be stuffed
into a Cannon
and shot into outer space.
Should we go get milkshakes?
I'm going to kill myself.
Don't say that.
I can't live here anymore.
There's no safe place.
I mean, just when I want to hit
the eject button, you move here.
What does that mean?
It means that I tried to book
a session with my therapist
to talk about my mother,
and I couldn't
because my mother was there!
You told me to go talk to her
after daddy died, so...
Do you understand?
Eighty percent of the time
the phone rings, it's you!
The phone rings and I think it could
be a job, or a guy, or a friend,
and it's my mother!
Almost every single time.
Do you understand how terrible
that makes me feel?
I can call less.
I can. I can just...
Well, like if you
don't get back to me,
I'll just text.
I'm never gonna get over him.
How can I help?
What can I do?
Well, then who are you texting?
Don't act out.
I need to have sex with someone
else, and you can't be here for it.
Okay, but just not Jacob.
Please, mom,
I can't do this anymore.
I need to get a life
of my own, okay?
And so do you!
I still need a ride
to the airport.
You have everything?
I have no idea.
Passengers only. No parking.
Love you.
Love you.
Blue team to ICU, please.
Blue team, ICU.
Hi. Hello.
You all by yourself?
Because your thing's beeping.
There's nobody with you?
I think, maybe, you got tangled.
Let me look.
I don't know.
The wires or something here?
Ah, there you go.
See? Is that better?
You seem like you...
Ah, okay.
Well, I'll go get somebody
that knows what they're doing.
Um, you can keep the little bunny.
He likes it there.
The woman in 317, she's in pain.
Oh. Mm-hm.
Marnie, hi!
What are you doing here?
You said you needed
a babysitter.
I brought bagels.
Oh, come in, please.
All salt.
You know what nobody ever tells
you is how lonely it is.
I swear, I feel like
there are some days
where I go an entire day without
seeing another grown person.
Like, by the time Dani
gets home,
I don't even know how
to shut off the baby-talk.
That is so normal.
But, you know, you have to
remember that she's gonna grow up.
She's not gonna stay
a little kid forever.
And then you'll be having
real conversations.
You'll talk about everything,
the way me and Lori do.
Yeah, I know...
Well, you're right, I know.
God, I don't know why I'm so worried
about, like, doing it right.
I... I lost my mom
when I was young,
so I'm... I'm flying blind.
Lori told me something about that.
I'm sorry.
But you can call me anytime
to babysit if you want.
God, Lori is so lucky to have you
so close if she ever has kids.
My dad couldn't even fly in
for my fake wedding.
You know, I had to walk myself
down the aisle.
Oh, why was your wedding fake?
Oh, because, yeah,
it was at city hall.
And, like, we'd just found out
the adoption was going through.
And so, you know, I convinced myself
I just wanted a quickie wedding,
and then I thought we'd have a
real wedding once Tehya came home,
but now it just... it feels
selfish to spend any money
I'd spend on her on, like,
giving us a special day, so...
But what about Dani,
is he working?
Oh, she.
Yeah, she's a chef at Bouchon,
but she's, like, fifth in line
and works crazy hours.
She does.
What if I gave you the money?
You know, I can gift a certain amount
of money every year to a person
without having to pay taxes,
and I...
I don't know if it's gonna be enough
for your dream wedding, but $13,000...
Marnie, that's crazy.
No. What's crazy?
I have it, you need it. I mean, you just
don't want to leave it sitting around.
Well, no. You should save it.
Spend it on yourself.
I mean, wouldn't Lori be upset?
Why? She's not getting married.
Why would you even want
to do that?
It's romantic and, you know,
renewing your vows.
Joe and I talked about that.
Who doesn't love love?
Oh, my god! Marnie!
This is amazing!
I mean, well, obviously, you're gonna
be involved in all of the planning.
Only whatever you want me
to be part of.
What do you think you want?
Oh, my god.
Nothing, like, extravagant.
Dani was in the Navy,
so maybe like a nautical theme.
You could wear
a little sailor dress and he...
She could wear her uniform.
And it would be like
officer and a gentleman.
Or you could do it
on a submarine.
Well, I don't see
any submarines for rent,
but there are a bunch of boats at
the yacht club in Marina Del Rey.
That you can rent for a party?
Yeah, looks like it.
Freddy, you are a genius.
Oh, jeez, it's $10,000
just for the venue.
Look at that.
I should get one of these
for my daughter.
Here, why don't you ring me up
another iPad?
Yeah, sure.
You know, I decided
to take your advice.
You're gonna be a lawyer?
Well, no.
But I am going to school.
I mean, it's night school,
but maybe engineering
or programming or something.
See how far I can get.
And work's gonna pay for it,
Oh, Freddy, you took my advice.
Yeah, now all I have to do is figure out
my work schedule and the bus schedule.
You don't have a car?
Nah, my mom uses it for work,
but it's okay.
I don't mind taking a bus.
Meet a lot of freaky people
on there.
No, I could drive you.
What are you talking about?
I'm in the neighborhood.
You're always
helping me out all the time.
This will be my chance
to pay you back.
Oh, my god.
Do we have to take the freeway?
I mean, we could avoid it,
but are you sure?
I mean, it's kind of late.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, no, I...
Don't worry about it.
I don't sleep much.
Cut! Cut!
Hey, are you...
Are you supposed to be here?
Here? Okay.
Background, cross over, talk
to the woman in the blue hat.
Yeah, killing the flowers.
Take that from you.
Okay, losing the sweater.
Losing the sweater.
Sorry about that.
Take your time, chance.
Okay. Great.
Great. All right!
We're gonna go again!
All right, background!
Anyways, I was just walking...
So, we do it this way...
The craziest thing happened.
You would not believe.
I wandered onto a Hollywood movie set and
ended up being a part of the action.
Isn't that wild?
They say movie stars aren't nice
people, but they really are.
Half-day today?
I don't think I'll go back,
but I'm glad I did it.
Then three nights a week
I take Freddy to his class,
and we talk the whole way.
And they're alive
when he scalps them.
No way.
And then, he eats their brains.
Oh, no! That's sick!
I know.
That's sick!
I know. I know.
Three, two, one. And I've
been having a great time
doing wedding plans
with what's-her-name.
Oh, my god!
She seems really excited
and loves all my ideas.
And I know who
the flower girl is.
Oh, I wonder who?
And I've been really getting into
volunteering at the hospital.
You should come down here with
me sometime and meet the staff.
And not married.
That's so funny.
My daughter's
not married either.
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that
I'm keeping busy with all my stuff,
and, basically, I feel great.
So, give me a call, and let me
know you're safe and sound.
And I hope you're not thinking
about Jacob too much.
Love you...
Hello, is...
- Is that you? Hello?
- Marnie, is that you?
It's Tony.
I'm here with cos and Dominic,
and we all wanted to say hi.
- Here, talk to Dom.
- Hey, Marnie, how are you?
Hey, Dom.
How are you feeling?
Are you coming back to Jersey
for Joe's anniversary?
Yeah, sure, but maybe not
actually on the actual day.
I have to get settled first, and then
as soon as I feel a bit more settled,
then I'm gonna come and,
you know, I'll book a flight,
and then I'll come see you guys.
How's Ange? How's she doing?
She's good, she's good. Yeah,
you want to talk to her? Angie!
No, if she's busy, it's okay.
Marnie, where are you?
When are you coming to visit?
Soon. I just...
Right now I just have
an awful lot on my plate, so...
Have you thought about what kind of a
headstone you want to get for Joe?
We were talking and Tony thought
it should have a quote on it.
Just... I'm really busy right
now, you know.
I'm planning a wedding
and I'm dog-sitting.
And then, then I have this
friend that I'm driving places.
And so it's, it's...
You know, I really got
a lot going...
Oh, shoot, Ange, I just...
There's a problem I got to fix,
so, you know,
can I call you back?
I'll call you back, okay. Bye.
You don't have to say anything
if you don't want to.
Is it something that happened
at work?
He just always does this to me.
Your boss?
No. No, my brother.
He sends this e-mail saying
he wants to see me.
I'm not even talking to him, but
he's still telling me what to do.
Why aren't you talking to him?
He's always getting me
in trouble.
It's the same thing
since we were kids.
As soon as I get
something good going,
he goes and just tries
to wreck it.
You know, Freddy, sometimes a person
seems like they don't really care,
but really they're just
not as strong as you are.
I bet your mother would be really
happy if you gave him another chance.
Anyway, thanks.
Be extraordinary!
I just... I will wear anything, but
I do not look good in strapless.
No. I mean, I don't look good
in anything, so I don't know.
That's crazy. But everybody
looks good in a wrap dress.
Excuse me,
how many bridesmaids are there?
Oh, well, there's me,
Emily, Trish, Stacy, Casey.
Katie m., Katie p., Molly,
- Gina, Amy, fern...
- Fern.
Oh, and Wendy.
Who am I forgetting?
Oh, Lori.
If she's even in town.
Oh, she'll be there.
Are you sure?
'Cause the dresses are color
coordinated, and we need an odd number.
She'll be there.
I'll make sure.
Okay. Did you really
book blues traveler?
The guy with the harmonica?
Yeah. He's fantastic.
Very cool.
Yeah, really cool.
Okay, you guys...
That's it.
It's really white.
This is the one.
I could murder you.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
You look so skinny.
Well, no, don't fall so in love
yet, because I'm actually,
I'm not gonna get
this exact dress,
but I am gonna copy the design
and buy cheaper fabric, and then
have it made at half the price.
Oh, Jesus.
You look so beautiful.
I'm so happy for her.
Are you okay?
Don't do this. She's so skinny.
She looks fantastic.
Don't do that.
Happy for her?
No, I'm really happy for her.
Do you really love it?
Oh, Marnie, of course,
but, you know...
She looks great.
She looks really lovely.
- What...
- No!
What did... no!
What did you do?
Marnie! No, Marnie!
Oh, my god!
No, you should have it.
Okay, I know you're not
my birth mother,
but will you please
be my earth mother?
My mom's not dead,
but will you be mine, too?
- And mine, please!
- Mine, too!
Anyway, I just wanted to make
sure you're gonna be back in time
for what's-her-name's wedding.
I don't think
you're gonna want to miss it.
For making squished sandwiches
with it...
Oh, Paninis.
Paninis, yeah.
It's gonna be the party
of the century.
So hopefully, you don't have
to do re-shoots or whatever.
I hope you're having fun.
I'm kind of dying
to find out how it's going.
I miss you, but, basically,
I feel fine.
So, give me a call,
but if you can't...
What the hell, lady?
Okay. Love you.
And then I realized that Freddy
didn't have anyone to study with.
So, I found out what classes he was
taking and what books he needed,
and I got them on Amazon,
So now I can help him study.
Hmm. Why do you think
you're helping him?
Well, he comes from a poor neighborhood,
his mother works all the time,
and, you know, education is
the most important thing to him.
And Jillian?
Well, Jillian, she never had
a proper lesbian wedding.
And... I had the money
and so I thought,
"I can do that."
What's Jillian's last name?
Begins with a "g"...
Or a "k".
It's a consonant.
A consonant.
A consonant.
Do you think there's
a part of you
that maybe feels guilty that
you have your husband's money?
Like you've been given
this consolation prize...
You don't know what to do with?
Or maybe there's
a part of you...
That feels like maybe money
is the way to save everybody.
Or possibly even a way to stay
in people's lives and be needed?
And that this relationship that
you have with Freddy and Jillian,
it's really all about just replacing
your own husband and daughter?
So I told her, "I don't need
to replace anyone."
And why would I feel guilty
about Joe's money?
I mean, he started out from nothing.
He worked hard all his life.
He would have wanted me to do
something good with it, right?
Like Cinderella.
But she kept asking me
all these questions
and saying all this stuff.
And I was like, "you're a therapist.
Aren't you supposed to listen?"
You know, this is one of the
best hospitals in the country.
No. Well, it was my husband's.
So, yeah, I guess it is.
Got room for one more?
Marnie, this is my brother,
Yeah. Well, oh, my.
So nice to meet you.
I kinda promised him we'd give him
a ride someplace. Is that cool?
Actually, I have one stop
to make first.
Oh, sure, sure.
Any brother of Freddy's
is a friend of mine.
Hey, does the top
come down on this thing?
See, this the kinda car I want.
Except I'll paint mine black,
you know, like a matte black.
Ooh, that's an idea.
Hey, you remember that time
Tre stole that car,
but it turned out to be
a hearse,
and you were so
scared you pissed your pants?
He was so scared.
I'll just be two minutes.
Sorry about this,
but thanks for taking him.
Of course, it's nice to see
the two of you together.
Hey, man.
You know, if you want,
we could stop for ice cream
on the way back.
And the difference between
a veto and a pocket veto?
A pocket veto is when the president
doesn't sign a bill for ten days,
but congress can't overrule it.
Yes! You are ready, Freddy.
Oh. "Ready Freddy."
I like that.
That's funny.
What's that?
Fredo... he's...
I'm sorry.
Is that marijuana?
It must have fallen...
What's it doing...
Oh, my god.
Okay, okay, what do we do?
What are we gonna do?
Sorry, Joey.
What are you doing?
What are you...?
Are you all right, ma'am?
How did all these people
get in my room?
And don't tell your papa!
Can I help you?
How much are the pies?
They're all $12.
I can have all of them for $12?
Hey, I know you.
Sure, I do.
You're an actress, right?
You're a police officer man.
Yeah, well, retired,
but they still need us on set.
You know, in case a director
starts throwing stuff.
Everybody calls me zipper.
And you are miss...?
Miss Minervini.
Mrs. Minervini.
Well, actually, I don't know
if it's still missus
because my husband died,
and I... I'm sorry.
Thank you.
It goes back to maybe
the maiden name, or...
'cause when you're divorced
I don't think that you still...
I mean, that's... of course that's
different, but I think maybe...
Just... it would be...
Less confusing if you call me...
Okay, Marnie.
Well, Marnie,
do you wanna join us?
In a different language.
So, we get to the area and,
sure enough,
there is this naked guy,
and he's just walking
up the street...
refuses to put on clothes
or get in the car,
and Bernie suggests that we...
He would not go down!
He just stands there, vibrating!
Just pointing north!
Oh, pardon my language.
Were you talking?
Thank you.
Sorry about that. Those...
Those guys are...
They're good guys,
but they do like hearing
themselves talk.
Well, if I had those stories,
I would listen to myself think.
I gotta get going.
I have to... dog-sit
my daughter's kids,
and, you know,
my hands are... loud.
Do you maybe need a ride or...
No, I can't drive that.
How about just this
once I drive it,
and you can sit on the back?
That's crazy. I would kill my
daughter if she died on a motorcycle.
Oh, this isn't a motorcycle.
This is a Harley Davidson.
It's a world of difference.
Come on, it'll be fun.
The safest place you can be
in Los Angeles
is on this seat right here.
I promise.
I'll go slow.
So tell me about your daughter.
Not now!
So why do they call you zipper?
It's my name.
My last name.
Then... that makes sense.
What's your first name?
Randy. Or Randall.
And are you from around here?
Am I asking too many questions?
I'm from outside
Oxnard originally.
And then I moved to Ventura
when I got married,
and moved to Topanga
when I got divorced.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, don't be sorry.
She's not.
You know, she never smiled
with her teeth.
I should've known.
Is Topanga on the beach?
No, not on the beach,
by the beach.
I wouldn't mind living
on the beach.
But I don't know
where I'd keep the chickens.
Yeah. Yeah. You got your dog
people and your cat people.
I am a man with chickens.
Get outta here.
How many?
Well, you know what they say
about counting chickens?
You don't know what they say
about counting chickens, really?
Didn't your grandma
ever tell you that?
No, we didn't... my grandma
didn't have chickens.
Oh, yeah. You are a
city girl, aren't you?
Well, my chickens and I have
a very symbiotic relationship.
I give them a Coop
and some feed,
once in a while, a little
Parmesan cheese for a treat,
and they keep me in eggs.
Matter of fact... excuse me.
Oh, I can't believe
it didn't break.
Yeah. That's from the Ameraucana.
She's my only Easter Egger
You wanna meet her?
At your house?
Well, she's been out at the bar
most of the night,
but she's probably home by now.
Watch your step there.
Here, let me go in first.
Make sure we don't let
anybody escape.
Well, now here's...
That's patsy, and Kathleen.
Over here is, that's Ayla.
Katie and Ruth.
That's Gayle.
And... the golden girl there
is Henrietta.
And now don't let her sass you.
She gets a little attitude on
account of she's so damn beautiful.
So beautiful.
Girls, this is Marnie.
Was out here
a couple months ago,
and I brought that boom box with
me and I was playing some tunes.
And I looked at their faces, and
I swear they just looked happy.
So I did a little experiment
to try and find out what kind
of music they dig the most.
Turns out, rock 'n' roll
makes 'em lay eggs like crazy,
but it does stress 'em out
a little bit.
Oh, I understand.
Classical's good.
They like that.
Reggae, not good.
No. Don't know what it is.
Turns out, for the optimal combination
of happiness and productivity...
All roads lead to Dolly.
How can you tell
if it's working?
Don't they look like
they're smiling?
Yeah, they do.
Joey didn't want to know how
much time he had left,
but Lori and I knew.
And he asked her to throw us
a wedding anniversary party
in August.
But... she knew he
wouldn't be around that long,
so she said,
which was so brilliant...
"Why don't I throw you
"a '40 years from the day
you met' party?"
And she decorated
the whole house like 1969.
And the music was 1969,
and all her friends
came dressed like the '60s.
And his brothers flew out,
and we had fondue.
It was a spectacular day.
What about you?
You got kids?
Two beautiful girls.
Aw, nice.
The one that likes me lives
halfway across the country,
and the one that doesn't
is just over in palm Springs.
Of course.
Lizzie was...
She was still in high school
when her mom and I fell apart,
which was my fault, mostly.
Sixty-forty maybe.
I was working all the time,
you know.
And then I brought it home
with me.
And then, when she started to slip
away, I was just gripping and...
She's in a reha...
In a program now.
She's in a program.
Kept hoping one of those steps
would lead her back here, but...
I think I just made her
scared to tell me things.
Sure, what...
Look what you were
seeing every day,
all that serial killers
and stuff.
I mean, I watch the news,
never mind being part of it,
it's like being in
an action movie or something.
Yeah, well...
Not anymore.
It's not your fault
the world's a scary place.
Thank god you're retired.
Yep. Yeah, it has its moments.
And I have learned to calm down.
You know, I mean, if...
Lizzie doesn't want me
to call her anymore,
I have to respect that.
No. You don't... I mean...
You can't not call.
Well, I mean, I...
I left messages
until it was full.
I mean, it's not my business,
but you have to call her.
Well, I...
I really wouldn't know
what to say.
You just tell her that you love
her no matter she's up to.
You know, everybody knows their
mother loves them unconditionally,
but fathers have to
say it out loud, I think.
What time is it?
Here you go, I'll trade you.
Take that, too.
Wow, thank you.
Hang on here, let me...
Let me give you this.
You know,
in case you need to get out
of a speeding ticket
or something.
Here, doggies.
Anyway, I'm landing
at JFK at 5:30.
Just thought I should head
back east for a little bit,
see daddy's brothers and maybe
get to visit you on the set.
Don't worry about the dogs.
I dropped them off
at Jacob's house
so they'd be somewhere familiar.
To be honest, I can't wait
to be back in the city.
Seeing the old stomping grounds,
walking through midtown
in the garment district,
and seeing daddy's old building.
But mostly,
I can't wait to see you.
So, let me know
when's a good time.
We skip that, because that's,
like, the whole point.
That's like the only real thing.
Know what I mean?
It just feels like none of these
things my character would say.
Is there any way
we can get some new pages?
What would you like to say?
Just something less jokey.
Nice to meet you.
I'm gonna find you and...
Um... hi. Hi, mom.
Hi, sweetie.
This is your chair, okay?
Okay. Yes.
And, uh...
These are your headphones.
Okay? And...
Don't talk to anybody.
Just... and the safe word
is "cantaloupe."
On the bell.
And, action.
All right. Call me, okay?
Good night.
Oh! Jesus! Mom, you scared
the crap out of me!
Come on, don't you have
ice-cream in the guest house?
Well, yeah, but I already picked
all the cookie dough out of it.
What are you reading?
Is that my journal?
Is that what this is?
I thought the character
was a little slutty.
Give me that.
Aren't you too old
to keep a journal?
Aren't you too old to be reading
your daughter's journal?
That's a violation
of space and time!
Hey, hey, hey! Now, what's
all the yelling about? Huh?
I violated space and time.
Ah. So, what, you... you peed in
the upstairs, shower, too, huh?
What's wrong with the shower
in the guest house?
Well, it's got this,
weird smell.
Mom, dad, when I said you should
move here after you retire,
I didn't mean mean "here," here.
Okay? I need to get a life.
I need to meet a guy and get married,
so I can give you grandchildren, so...
Wet towel, dad.
Here, and jump
straight to there.
I just feel like we could
land it a little better.
And we need another option for that.
All right.
I think, definitely,
write that down.
Hey, you. That was so good.
Not too big?
Did you love it?
- Perfect.
- Space and time...
Great, great, great, great.
Awesome, man. Thanks.
You look so much like him.
I'm sorry?
The... character that
you're playing, it... it's...
You look so much like
the man that it's based on.
I didn't realize it was,
you know, based on...
So much like...
Would you like some cantaloupe,
because we have
a fresh tray going around?
And then that's when,
that's when he looks down
and sees this giant snake right there.
No, no, no!
And he's like... he's like,
"jock! What's this
huge snake in the plane?"
And, and jock's like,
"oh, that's just Reggie."
And, and Indy's like,
"I hate snakes!"
And then they just fly off
into the sunset.
Yeah. And that's
the first 20 minutes
of Indiana Jones and
the raiders of the lost ark.
Yeah. Yeah.
Thank you.
I never saw it.
No. I feel like I've seen it
now, but I never saw it.
Well, we gotta watch it
before you leave town.
All right.
Movie night.
I like it.
Thank you.
Drink it, drink it, drink it,
drink it, drink it...
- You two meet on the set?
- Mm-hm.
Yeah, just two weeks ago.
Like I was telling you, right
before you asked him to dinner.
I think it is so romantic,
meeting on a movie set.
Well, not really, I mean, plenty
of people meet on movie sets.
It's usually scandalous
and home-wrecking.
That's so true. So true.
I met Lori's father
in Atlantic city.
It was pretty romantic.
And then we got married
six months later.
Six months?
Yeah. I think when you know,
you know.
I totally agree with you,
you know something...
You know, I'm just gonna
run to the bathroom.
Tinkle time.
Okay, hurry back.
Dinner's coming.
Oh, you...
Yeah, there we go.
She's so lovely.
Good job.
She is lovely. Thank you.
Yeah. So, hey...
Oh, my god.
I got that the day after we met.
You know, when I know
I want something, I go get it.
That's how I got this far
in my career.
Russell Boyd, Rodney charters,
don Mcalpine.
When the top cinematographers
need a b camera operator,
do you know who they call?
You? Boom! When you
know, you know!
It's so fast.
But, if Lori's happy...
I was thinking we'd get
everyone she knows together,
and we... we put together
one of those YouTube videos.
And everyone she knows
comes out one by one,
doing a choreographed
dance number.
And then it ends with me
appearing with the ring...
This will all be one
tracking shot, of course.
I love it. Oh, my gosh.
That's so beautiful.
I'm gonna propose to her...
She's gonna love it.
I just feel like the whole thing
is getting bastardized
by everybody's notes, you know?
By now, I can't even remember what I
was trying to say in the first place.
Why are you so hyper?
I'm not.
I'm just excited for you.
And... Ben seems nice.
Yeah, well,
do not get used to him, mom,
because that's not gonna last.
I'm not so sure.
No, I'm telling you,
I'm just rebounding.
But, you know, sometimes people think
that they're having a rebound,
and then it evolves
into something more.
Actually, there's something
I have to tell you.
Come here.
I was engaged to someone else
before daddy.
Yeah, you told me that before.
I did?
Yeah, his name was Matteo,
and you weren't
that attracted to him,
then you went to Atlantic city
with your girlfriends,
and that's where you met daddy.
You have, like, three stories,
All right, all right,
so you're rebounding.
Well, then, why don't you
and Jacob give it another go?
Because that's not up to me.
Well... maybe if you tell him
how you feel.
See that's the great lie
of your life, mom.
You think if you dream it,
you can do it.
The world just doesn't work that way.
What are you talking about?
You dreamt that you would be
a writer, and you did it.
You dreamt you would come
to Hollywood, and you did it.
You dream up lots of stories,
all the time.
Oh. That reminds me,
I met the cutest girl
in the bathroom at JFK.
She's, in a wheelchair
and she's a blogger.
She empowers young women.
And, I told her you were
a writer.
She didn't know who you were,
but she was very, very excited
about the possibility...
I told her you would have
coffee with her
and give her some industry tips.
I don't have any industry tips.
Well, it's just coffee.
She's in a wheelchair.
How do you take a selfie?
What do you mean? You just
take a picture of yourself.
Yeah, but, how do you
take a picture of yourself?
Who are you sending a selfie to?
Shh! Shh!
Just never mind.
Never mind.
Do you have a new friend?
My... I'm not talking about it.
I'm not talking about it.
Who's your new friend?
I'm not talking about it.
It's not funny.
I'm not talking about...
Can I meet him?
Where are the bottles? They in here?
Did you meet him at the grove?
Oh, stop it.
Stop it.
This is obviously me.
Hi, zipper.
It's, Marnie Minervini.
I'm calling from New York,
with my daughter.
She's doing her TV show.
And... today I saw the set
and it made me think of you.
I mean, 'cause of your job.
Also, I mean, what you do
for a living.
Anyway, so, I ordered some scrambled
eggs at the hotel this morning,
and they were nothing
like what I had of yours.
I mean,
the eggs that you gave me.
I had one.
And so I just thought I would...
Check in on the chickens.
Also... oh, yes, my daughter
has a new boyfriend.
Or should I say fianc?
Yep. So, okay.
So, call me.
Okay, love you... bye!
You look very good. California.
You look very good, very well.
So, Tina, Pina,
how are you feeling?
Hey, how's the TV show?
So funny.
You would not believe.
I don't know where
she gets her characters from.
She's a very smart girl.
Good imagination more than anything.
That is mine.
Salute. Eh?
Very sweet grapes.
You don't...
You don't remember?
- No.
- No.
You're two years younger than me.
You don't remember?
I remember the grub.
That smells good.
So, the first time I cooked
for Joe, I wanted to make pasta.
And my mother told me that the
way you know if pasta's done
- is you throw it against the wall...
- Oh, no.
And if it sticks, then you
take it out of the water.
So I boiled the water.
I break the pasta in half...
I know. I know.
And I start cooking it.
- And... and then I...
- Throw it against the wall.
Nothing. Nothing.
So then I cook it a little bit
more, cook it a little bit more.
And then finally I throw it against
the wall, and it stuck to the wall.
And it stuck to itself.
And it stuck to the pot.
And it stuck
to everything it touched.
So, Joe takes his first bite.
So, it seems okay.
Takes his first bite.
And then I see him take a little
bit of the pasta off the plate,
and he puts it in a napkin.
And I say to him,
"what are you doing?"
And he says, "I just gotta
show this to my mother."
Yeah, it was a lucky thing we
were married already. Right?
I would have had a problem.
I can't believe...
I can't believe it's
his anniversary already.
I know, already a year.
You mean two years.
Yeah. A year from last year.
- Right.
- Mm-hmm.
Time flies, huh?
- Time flies.
- Time flies.
So, Marnie...
We were thinking that...
You can keep half of his ashes
with you and Lori in California,
and, the other half
could be buried in Elizabeth.
- That way...
- We have some place...
Yeah, we all have some place to go.
Yeah, we'll visit, you know.
Yeah. Um...
You know, I really think that
I want to talk to Lori about it,
'cause she's been very sensitive
about the whole thing.
We already talked to her and what
did she say? We talked to her.
She says it's up to you.
Up to you.
Since we're all
on the east coast, for a change,
we could at least pick out
a headstone.
Lori said you wanted
to use a quote, maybe.
Yeah, something
from "my way."
It doesn't have
to be "my way."
How could it not be "my way"?
As long as it's Sinatra.
Well, of course, it is
Sinatra, obviously.
It should be "my way."
That was his... it should be...
Marnie, it is all up to you.
If you want to bury
his ashes here, okay.
And if you wanted to
just sprinkle a little here,
sprinkle a little
over there, fine.
Boom, boom, boom.
Up to you.
How could it not be "my way"?
How could it not be "my way"?
Of course.
It has to be "my way"!
We talking about Joe!
Joe did it his way!
He lived his way!
It has to be "my way"!
No "strangers in the night."
"My way"!
"Joseph Minervini"?
I... I handed you
my husband's license.
"Marnie Minervini."
That makes more sense.
And where you headed today,
Ms. Minervini?
Los Angeles.
I live there now.
How was your time in New York?
My daughter shot a pilot.
No. It's...
Welcome to Los Angeles,
where the local time is 10:37.
Please remain in your seat
while we taxi to the gate.
If your cell phone is within
reach, you may use it now.
Hey, Marnie, it's your
new friend, zipper,
or Randy, I guess,
depending on who you ask.
I just saw that you called.
Sorry I'm just getting
back to you now.
There's, just terrible
reception in the canyon.
I could barely hear
your message.
But... just wanted
to try you back
and see how the east coast
is treating you,
and also let you know that the chickens
have expanded their musical library
to include Peggy Lee now, as
well as, Dolly Parton covers,
so I guess you've got that
to look forward to,
if you ever make it back
this way. But...
Anyway, give me a call if,
you know, if you get a chance.
And, yeah, there you go.
Okay. "Love you." Bye.
Hey, Marnie,
it's your new friend zipper...
Anyway, just wanted
to let you know
that I made it back
to the west coast,
and... it's a shame you're gonna miss
the wedding because of reshoots.
Oh, and sorry to hear
you broke up with Ben.
I guess you didn't like
the YouTube video?
Anyway, I know you're busy, so
don't worry about calling me back.
You didn't hear any, kind of,
music-type sounds coming
from inside, did you?
That wasn't you, was it?
Just a little Dolly cover band
I'm putting together.
Thus far we have a largely
avian fan base.
What's this?
Oh, nothing, I just...
I picked this up...
To help... well, play music,
for, you know,
Henrietta and Susan and Gayle
and, you know, all your gals.
You just plug it in your iPhone.
God, do you have an iPhone?
I've been meaning to get
one of those.
Thank you.
It's... it's really nice.
Um, you want to come inside?
You can help me, whatever,
plug it in, figure it out.
No, I'm supposed to go
to this wedding.
Well, that's fun.
You know...
I missed you.
I guess that sounds funny.
Oh, I called her, by the way.
Lizzie, my youngest.
Zipper, that's great.
She yelled at me.
A lot.
I was actually thinking
maybe tomorrow
I might take a ride out there
and let her scream
in my face a little.
That's a good idea.
You think?
D-do you...
Do you wanna come with?
Just a day trip.
Nothing overnight, or...
I thought maybe you'd like
to see the desert. It's...
It's beautiful.
I can't.
I can't right now. I...
You know, I just...
I wanted to stop by
and just drop
off the speakers, and...
tell you that I'm
not gonna be around much
because I've got to go
back east,
and so I'm not gonna be
around much, for a while.
One more.
I'll take her, it's all right.
Come here, sweetie.
Um... oh, wow.
Thank you all so much.
There are just so many people in this
room who made this day possible.
I can't... I can't believe it.
Um. First, my incredible wife...
Stop it.
Who married me one year ago
against her better judgment.
That's... well...
And agreed to do it again, in front
of our loved ones... Well...
Because she knew it was
important to me.
To my bridesmaids.
Nobody could ask
for 13 greater friends,
and I just love you guys
so much.
And I wanna thank my family for flying
in from all across the country.
Daddy, I love you.
And Marnie...
I mean, words cannot even begin
to express my gratitude to you.
After my mother died, I just...
I couldn't even imagine
that I could feel
loved so unconditionally
by someone who wasn't my family.
I mean, you are,
you are real proof
that when one angel
leaves this earth,
another one takes its place.
And I love you.
- To Marnie!
- To Marnie!
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
Now we're gonna do a new one.
It's a slow song.
I honestly don't remember the
last time I danced that much.
I know, right? We used to dance
all the time when I was a kid.
I tell Lori,
"why don't you go out dancing?"
I mean, go out. Dance.
You know, this is an amazing
thing you've done here, Marnie.
They look really happy,
don't they?
So, look, about that lunch...
No, excuse me, one second.
Jacob, hi.
She loves you, you know.
Lori loves you.
And I know because I see
how unhappy she is
since you guys split.
And, I know everybody's supposed
to make their own happiness,
but she's never been like that.
Well, I mean,
maybe she was like that before,
but she's not anymore,
and I don't know if it's
too late for you guys,
but I know it's
also totally awkward
and I'm overstepping
my boundaries maybe...
Well, I know I'm
overstepping my boundaries.
But if there's just even
the slightest little chance
that you could go back with her
and make her happy,
well, then it doesn't matter,
because all that matters to me
is that you make her happy
and that she be happy.
That's all that matters.
So, what do you say?
Marnie, I'm...
I'm sorry, I...
Oh, hi.
So I'm... I was... going.
See you.
Marnie, why don't you stay
for one more drink. Huh?
I got dogs to feed
and I've got a...
All right.
Well, thank you very much.
Well, it looks like
my car was stolen.
My god, the crime
in this city...
I'm sorry this is
how your night ends.
It's crazy, yeah.
Can't remember
when I had that much fun.
You know?
It was nice. Couple of
Brooklynites, we are.
Yeah. Yeah.
And that dress is... it's...
It's just a knockout.
Thanks. It's actually
my daughter's.
Get outta here.
The color, like blood red.
Blood... oh, yeah.
I guess.
And the hair to match.
- Eyes! Throat!
- Ow!
No. Out, out, out.
Marnie! What...
What are you doing?
What the fuck?
Yeah. I mean,
we have mostly apple products,
'cause it's an apple-based
Wait, are you a student?
Me, too.
You can probably get
a student discount.
Wait, you're really a student,
You'd be surprised how many
times I hear... no.
I'm joking.
Oh, shit. Sorry.
Anyway, every year the writer's
pitch the studio their ideas.
And the studio picks
a small percentage of those,
to pay the writers
to make scripts.
And then out of those scripts,
they pick even a smaller amount
to shoot the pilot, to...
I mean, shoot the film.
And then out of those, a handful
actually make it to the air.
And then an even smaller amount
actually stay on the air,
like Seinfeld or something,
Oh, you want the TV on?
Mom, I need you.
Did you bring them?
Yeah, yeah.
What are these?
This is the pregnancy test.
Why did you get the jumbo pack?
I didn't know how many times
you have to do it.
It's just the one time.
Please don't watch me pee
on a stick.
Not really that late, for me.
It's probably just stress.
I can't stop sleeping,
but that's about it.
I just hope you know
who the father is.
I can't believe
you just said that.
Well, I didn't mean it
in a bad way.
I slept with Jacob once
when I had to go to his
house to pick up my dogs.
Thanks to you.
And besides,
I'm probably barren.
That's something
you should worry about.
I've a lot
of testosterone in me.
There, see? Single line.
No grandkids, congratulations.
What the... what?
Maybe we should Google it.
Google what?
For false positives, you know.
It doesn't work like that.
It's not aids.
I need to get a blood test.
For aids?
No! Mom! For this!
Are you here?
I'm pregnant! Okay?
I'm too old to get
an abortion. I can't...
This is real.
Well, don't be sad.
Oh. Don't be sad. Lori?
Don't be sad.
I'm not.
You're not?
Ha! Ha!
Okay, we're happy!
My daughter was a surprise.
I'm gonna have to sell my house.
Get something bigger,
with carpets.
I've gotta tell Jacob.
I can't believe
dad's not around.
Well, I'm around. So...
I'm here.
Yeah, I know. I know.
Hey, it's Anna
in Dr. Seagal's office.
It's negative.
What about all those tests
that I took?
I don't know, but we tested
your blood and urine,
and you're not pregnant.
Okay. Well, thanks
for calling.
I don't understand.
Google says here,
that "a false positive could be
certain types of stomach tumors."
Do you feel sick?
Maybe you could ask the
doctor to test your blood
for other things like aids.
I don't have aids.
Well, I said "like" aids.
I don't get it.
It says here,
"if you have two lines, then
it means you're ovu... lating."
I've been peeing
on ovulation sticks?
What the hell?
You bought me ovulation sticks!
You understand
what you just put me through?
I thought I was pregnant, and
then stomach tumors, and then...
Oh, my...
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god!
Lor, I wasn't laughing at you.
Oh, honey.
It's better anyway.
You didn't plan it, right?
I know, I just...
I was so relieved to have
that decision made for me.
Oh, god, I'm so sorry.
For what, sweetie?
For the way I am.
I love the way you are.
I just...
I just really miss him.
You know, maybe he's not
the guy for you.
No, not Jacob.
I miss dad.
I miss my dad.
Yeah, me too.
You know, it's really hard
to look at you sometimes.
Because half the room's missing.
And we're both alone.
We're not alone.
You're not alone.
This is what you get for following
the black sheep across the country.
Well, if you're black sheep,
then I'm a black sheep.
We're two black sheeps.
It's me.
It's ringing.
Thank you.
Hi. I didn't know...
Joey, I don't know
what you want, but...
This is all I can do.
You gotta be kidding me.
What is that you're doing
down there?
Ma'am, it's illegal
to be doing what you're doing.
I need you to step
out of the water, okay?
I'm a resident
of greater Los Angeles,
and if you want me
to get out of this ocean,
you're just gonna have to come
in and drag me the hell out!
You think about who
your one phone call is.
Well, thank you very much.
It was my absolute pleasure.
Here, I'll take that.
Do you ever listen to Beyonc?
Yeah, you know, she has
this song, "I was here."
Do you know that one?
I don't think I do.
Well, it goes,
"I wanna leave my footprints
in the sands of time.
"Know that I left
something behind.
"When I leave this world,
I leave no regrets.
"To know I left something
to remember,
so they won't forget."
That sounds like a good one.
Well, um...
When you bailed me out,
did you do that
because you're
an officer of the law?
No, that's actually the
opposite of what I usually do.
I bailed you out as a friend.
You wanna go
to an action movie sometime?
Mom, where are you?
You left in the middle
of the night and I got worried.
Are you okay? Can you call
me when you get this?
Love you.
Hey, it's me.
I hope you're not mad at me.
Maybe just text me and let
me know that you got this.
Okay, love you.
Okay, I'm officially worried.
Where are you?
Call me. This is weird.
This is your daughter.
Hey, Marnie, it's Jillian.
I was wondering if you could
watch Tehya for me today.
Dani and I have
a thing at 7:00.
You're a lifesaver. Thank you.
Dani, we're leaving.
Grandma Marnie's here!
Here she is. Here's my girl!
Guess what? We're gonna get
to play all night.
Oh, bye.
She's so sad to leave us.
- She's distraught.
- Yeah! Yeah!
Well, we're matching.
This is like the second time.
What should we do?
How about a story?
Yes, would you like that?
Hey, it's Lori.
Leave a message.
I just thought I'd check in
and see what you're up to
and how your date
went last night
or whatever it is you
wanted me to call it.
I don't know how much longer I'm
going to have cell phone reception
'cause I'm going to Topanga to
see my friend with the chickens.
And then, a Jason Statham
movie... his new movie,
the one where he plays
the guy who stops time.
It looks fabulous.
And then tomorrow,
I told Jillian
that I would babysit for Tehya,
so I'll be in the neighborhood, if
you want me to bring by bagels,
or look at whatever you're working
on or whatever, you know.
Because next weekend, I think
I'm gonna go to the desert.
I'm thinking... I don't know...
If I'll actually stay the night,
but I'm thinking I'd maybe
like to see the desert.
I mean, it's right there, right?
Anyway, call me.
Love you!