The Medic (2012) Movie Script

Close your eyes.
Make sure you're in
a comfortable position,
either sitting
or lying down.
Somewhere quiet,
where you won't
be disturbed.
Somewhere you can feel
safe and relaxed.
You should not
listen to this recording
or operating
heavy machinery.
Now, let's begin by
taking a deep breath in.
Feel your chest and your lungs
fill with air as you feel
a wave of relaxation
wash over your entire body.
Hold it.
Now, slowly exhale.
As you take another deep breath,
I want you to picture yourself
in a beautiful forest.
The leaves and the branches
dance faintly
in the breeze.
Rays of sunlight
peak through the forest canopy,
warming the ground below.
A long, slow, winding river
weaves its way carelessly down
through the forest.
I want you to imagine yourself
in the river.
The clear water
surrounds you.
You submerse yourself completely,
allowing all the sounds
of the world
to fade away
into gentle relaxation.
As you reemerge, you leave all
your stress and fears behind you,
to be carried away
with the current.
Continue to breathe deeply,
allowing yourself to relax
more and more
with every breath.
[birds chirping]
[automatic gunfire]
[whizzing bullets]
[automatic gunfire]
[gunfire continues]
In... and... out.
Nice and slow.
Allow the forest
to slowly engulf you.
Take a moment to listen
to the beautiful sounds of nature,
of all the life
that surrounds you.
[soldier screaming]
[intermittent gunfire]
[birds chirping]
[screaming continues]
[gunfire, screaming]
[birds chirping]
You feel the energy
of each and every tree
flowing through your body
as you walk between them.
And as the positive energy
of the forest
passes through you,
you feel all your negativity
and bad energy fade away.
[whirring rotors]
[soldier softly muttering in Vietnamese]
[birds chirping]
[automatic gunfire]
Imagine birds,
gliding by carelessly
in the sky above.
You become one with them,
and all the other
creatures of the forest
as they impart
a sense of carelessness
onto you.
[birds chirping]
Allow your breathing to become more natural
as relaxation takes over completely.
All the way from your toes and your shins
through your knees and your thighs.
It surges up
through your hips and your waist,
moving calmly into your stomach and chest.
You feel your fingertips tingle
and your forearms rest heavy.
It moves through your upper arms
and your shoulders,
into your back and your neck,
relaxing you deeply.
It continues to your mouth and your nose,
through to your eyes and your ears,
all the way to the tip of your head.
[distant gunfire]
[birds chirping]
Now, as your body lies completely relaxed,
and your mind is quieted and wandered free,
you feel like the first man or woman
to ever walk the Earth.
You, too, have become an animal.
[rustling grass]
As I begin to count backwards from ten,
I want you to
picture yourself as that animal,
whatever it may be.
I am going to relax you even further,
even further than you ever thought possible,
as we begin to explore
who you are, who you want to be,
or what you want to achieve in your life.
[stabbing sound]
[pained groan]
[heavy breathing]
[struggling continues]
[light squish sound]
[helicopter rotors]
[distant screaming]
You are completely relaxed.
[ferocious yell, echoing]
of all the things you have in your life...
Shit. Sorry.
That's all good.
What's up?
More nightmares?
Fuckin' pussy.
Yeah, I was like a...
...soldier, in a war...
I don't really remember.
I can't even imagine that.
I mean, I could take a life.
I just prefer saving 'em.
I don't know what my problem is,
I just haven't been sleeping lately.
Nah, it's the shift work, man.
It fucks you up.
Yeah, I guess.
I don't know.
You hear from Tracy yet?
No, not yet.
I think I'm going to call her again.
Two more hours, shift's over 'til tomorrow.
Yeah, never ends.
[gentle arrangement ]
[phone beeps, dialing]
I'm either at work, sleeping,
or partying with my girls.
You know what to do.
Copy that, dispatch.
We're on our way now, over.
[engine starts]
Ah, we got a three-month-old
fitting on the north side.
Let's go.
[wailing siren]
[sound from television, indistinct]
we interrupt this program
to, ah...
How was your night?
What'd you get up to?
I told you I was going out with Tay.
How was that?
Fine. my 25 years
of reporting,
I have never seen
anything like this before,
in our city.
We are follow up
the reports of some...
I'm just trying to finish something.
How was your night?
Ah, it was okay, I guess.
Kind of slow.
I listened to that relaxation tape you got me.
...multiple impacts
across the globe, as well...
Hey, um...
How come you didn't answer
any of my calls or texts?
...keeping people away.
They're barricaded from the impact zone.
- Babe?
- Shh.
...I understand with
a ten kilometer radius
outside the area,
until the military arrives.
You can see the military
has been deployed, uh,
to patrol the impact zones.
Now early-
There have been early reports
of a world wide
terrorist attack.
Uh, we can...
...again, this is the first time
I'm seeing this,
uh, wow.
So we can say that this
is not a terrorist attack
Ah, and we do believe
that the origin of these objects
may be from outer space.
And again, I'm looking at this
for the first time,
what appears to be
some kind of an alien craft
or alien pods...
Oh my God,
there's three of them, there.
We have our live reporter
on the scene
just outside the impact zone.
Right now, it's Tom Rolston.
Ah, Tom, can you tell us
what you're seeing right now?
Tom, it seems that we're seeing,
or at least we're hearing,
some static, and, uh,
we can't hear you.
Can you-
can you still hear us?
Tom, can you hear me?
Are you all right?
[muffled energy pulse]
[alarm buzzing]
[dramatic arrangement ]
[helicopter approaching]
[male pilot]
Clearing the city now.
ETA to crow's nest,
approx three zero mikes, over.
Don't point that thing at me.
Use your head.
[female pilot]
We have ground movement.
Possible hostiles on deck, our ten o'clock.
Ident request, over.
No friendlies in your vicinity.
Assume hostile.
You are weapons free, over.
[soldier vocalizing "Ride of the Valkyries"]
Just like Saigon, eh Slick?
Hey, you ever seen Full Metal Jacket?
Keep your eyes peeled and your ears peeled.
[intense, drum heavy music ]
Taking fire.
Evasive maneuvers.
Get that rifle up.
Think not that I am come
to send peace on the Earth
I come not to send peace, but a sword.
Yo, Watts!
Wake up.
We got ground mobiles.
[automatic gunfire]
What are you shooting at?
Gonna bag me a fuckin' squid.
Get some, whoo!
[whoosh sound]
[whistling armament]
Everyone okay?
We gotta clear this valley.
Everyone, eyes on deck!
[automatic gunfire]
[electric crackling]
[loud whoosh]
Everybody brace for hard landing.
[muffled splash]
[water gurgling]
[muffled splash]
[deep inhale]
[tense note ]
[distant yell]
Doc, we need you.
There's wounded.
Doc, come on.
Move it.
Help me out here.
Move, Doc!
Move it, Doc.
Pass him over, pass him over to me.
Come on.
We get him to shore.
Help me get him to the shore.
Get it together or he's gonna die, come on!
Every... everyone's bad.
I don't know where to start.
No time.
Figure it out.
No, keep your hands in.
Help me out here, Doc.
- Check his vitals.
- Move it, Doc!
Come on!
Medic, right up here.
Oh, fuck...
[indistinct yelling]
Check his vitals, Doc.
[pained groan]
I'm gonna have a go back,
to check for more survivors.
- Medic!
- What?
Doc, I'm hurt.
Are you dying?
I don't know.
I'm numb, man.
- Doc!
- You're just cold, you'll be fine.
Doc, I got another one.
Pretty bad shape, man.
He got no pulse.
Help me out.
Doc, do something!
Start CPR or something, come on!
Lapierre, sit rep!
Got two critical wounded.
Doc is dealing with it.
All right, where's Watts?
He didn't make it.
All right, Doc.
What's goin' on, man?
Everyone's beat to shit.
I've never done triage before.
All right, assess the situation.
Who's got the best chance
of surviving, all right?
Okay, go.
Johnson, you start CPR on the pilot.
Help him out.
Lappy, I need you on the bank.
We gotta move right now.
What about my arm, man?
What about my arm?
You, trooper.
What's your name, man?
Okay, Brian.
Are you hurt bad?
I think I'm okay.
Okay, I need to know
if your shit's wrapped tight.
and don't do anything without calling it out.
We need to set up a perimeter.
You got it?
Okay, let's go.
Come on, come on.
[yelling continues]
Sarge, you're wounded.
We'll fix you up, okay?
Sarge, you gotta sit still
and we'll fix you up, okay?
Doc, shut him up, man.
He's gonna give away our position.
Just give him something
to bite down on, or something.
[automatic weapons firing]
Too late.
Move up.
Secure the right flank.
- Covering fire!
- Move up.
[automatic gunfire]
[energy pulses]
Contact front.
- What do you see?
- Call it out!
Get Lapierre on the tree lines, dead ahead.
Roger that.
We got movement on the right two over there.
I hear 'em.
Oh, it hurts.
How's he doing?
Man, my arm...
It's fuckin' killin' me.
I'm almost done here, just keep him stable.
[dramatic, drum heavy arrangement ]
Cover Hatfield.
Get on him.
Suppressing fire.
Contact on the left.
Move out.
Move this way.
Move up.
Follow him.
Stay low.
Eyes open.
What do you see?
I've got a pulse.
Is he breathing?
Good, keep an eye on him.
Just two more seconds.
Moving left, moving left.
[indistinct vocalization]
Bring it up.
Keep your heads down.
Pour it on 'em!
Trooper, bring it up.
Coming left.
[helicopters approaching]
Tango down.
What do you see, Lappy?
What do you see?
Got movement to the left.
Three units.
- Look sharp, boys.
- Maybe 100 meters up.
Don't have a clear shot from here.
Move your head.
Cover him.
Get a shot.
Take it.
Stand by to support the warrant officer.
- You guys cover me.
- Call it.
Keep laying it down.
Lappy, how you doin', buddy?
Left is clear.
- Roger that.
- How's the right?
Eyes on the right.
How's the right?
Don't leave me hanging.
Trooper, bring right.
Switch right, now.
Movin' up.
[tense note rising ]
[music cuts]
Too damn silent.
You guys got anything over there?
Talk to me.
Clear on the left.
All clear right.
[somber music ]
What about my arm?
How's it goin', Doc?
I don't know.
Everybody okay?
- You wounded?
- No.
The pilot didn't make it.
I couldn't keep him going.
I'm sorry.
Are you guys okay?
Oh yeah.
What a treat.
Oh man, my arm is bleeding real bad.
All right, everybody stay low.
Lappy, I need you to find
the airman's tracking beacon
and activate it.
There you go.
Just keep an eye on the sergeant.
Tell me if anything changes.
Hey, are you okay?
I ripped my pants.
Can I look at your head?
Can I ask you a few questions?
What year is it?
What's your full name?
Brian Keith Leise.
Okay, who is the current prime minister?
I don't know.
Yeah, me neither.
Just take your glasses off for a second.
Okay, look into this.
Follow my finger.
All right.
Here, you can put those back.
Yeah, you're gonna be all right.
Are you all right?
[tense arrangement ]
[retching, gagging]
[woman screams]
Does anybody else hear that?
[woman screams]
Anybody at all?
[woman moans]
[woman moans]
Does anybody copy?
[woman moans]
Anybody, over?
[woman moaning]
Oh, oh, oh. Mm. Ah.
[pleasured moaning continues]
[Johnson] Ba-a-ker
[moaning continues]
Baker, where are you?
[moaning intensifies]
[climactic moaning]
Baker, wake up.
Hey man, how ya doin'?
Sorry, I passed out.
No shit, you fucker.
Everyone's looking for ya.
All right.
Let's go.
About fuckin' time.
would have knocked out the containment field.
So they'll be able to track it
and we'll be susceptible.
EVAC on its way?
- No EVAC.
- What?
There is no long range radios in this valley,
and the EMP blast took out the tracking beacon
and the SAT phones.
So they don't even know if we're still alive.
Well, this is some
weak-ass shit.
I'm not equipped for this kind of survival op.
Fuckin' forces, man.
Well, your LCF is fuckin' tops, though.
Seriously, what the fuck
is all this shit, anyways?
Or whatever, brah.
It makes me look fierce.
Gotta intimidate the squidlets, you know.
Make 'em ink.
Oh shit, I think I just did.
Seriously, where the fuck
did you find this shit pump?
He's not that bad.
He's a good laugh.
Still awaiting parts, though.
Well, that's great.
So what about the EVAC?
Ah, it's gettin' pretty dark.
And they're not gonna fly at night.
It's too hairy.
So, what's the plan?
First off, we gotta get off this beach.
We're too exposed.
Then we're gonna send a team up
out of the valley,
try to make contact with HQ.
Then we just gotta standby to standby.
What about the sarge?
We can't move him far.
We'll figure it out.
we gotta get outta here before nightfall.
This place is gonna be teeming with squids
before the sun sets.
What's up with him?
Ah, few cuts and bruises, nothing serious.
Ah, I don't think he has a concussion, ah...
...shock, maybe?
All right, Lappy...
You take the kid up the valley,
try to make contact with HQ.
Radio when you're close,
and we'll give you the grids.
- You copy?
- Roger that.
Doc, I need to make sure that Mikusek's mobile.
Johnson, help the doc out.
- We gotta move.
- Okay.
Let's move out.
Radio check.
How copy?
Solid copy, over.
Cover my flank.
Crow's nest,
this is Coyote two three, requesting actual.
Crow's nest,
this is Coyote two three, do you copy?
Crow's nest,
this is Coyote two three, requesting actual.
Copy that, Coyote two three,
this is Crow's nest, actual.
Requesting sit rep, over.
I copy.
We have a situation.
So what'd you get?
Um, chili and beans.
Spaghetti and meatballs.
Do you want to trade?
No, man.
Remember New Dayton?
Eight-seventy-one, right?
They dropped, like, fifty crates
of chili and beans,
and nothing else.
I had to eat that shit three times a day
for a whole week.
You know, we lost a guy.
Private Packer...
...shot himself in the face.
Not because of the chili, though?
No, man, I was there.
It was 'cause of the chili.
Soldier bar.
Hey, do you have a heating pad?
Yeah, I only have one though.
You can use it after I'm done.
You know...
I think they should just give us, like,
two dozen of these.
It's got everything a growing boy needs.
Lots of protein.
And calories.
- Hey, Doc?
- Mm-hmm?
You ever think about...
...what the aliens eat?
Not rally.
Or how they fuck?
- No.
- Oh, come on, man.
Expand your fuckin' mind.
You know, when you think about it,
I bet those aliens give really good head.
All those little tentacles...
licking your balls.
[louder moan]
All right.
What, you're not gonna have yours?
Then, can I have it?
I thought you were sick of chili and beans?
I'm hungry.
[coughing, sputtering]
[heavy, deep breaths]
Hey, do you have a SAT phone?
Yeah, it's busted since the EMP blast, so...
I might be able to use some of your parts
to fix one.
Yeah, sure.
Who you gonna call?
My wife.
Ghostbusters, man.
Come on.
Long day.
Where did Szwedowicz and Hatfield go?
Those CSOR guys, they're gone.
Szwedowicz, Hatfield, do you copy?
when you need to talk to somebody.
Fuckin' special forces, man.
They think they're so much better than us.
That fuckin' Szwedowicz is such a cock smoke.
Yeah, well...
They couldn't have gone far.
Yeah, they wouldn't just leave us here, right?
Their box is still here,
they've been keeping that pretty close.
- Any idea what's in it?
- No.
Gotta be important, though,
the way they've been protecting it.
They're not here now.
Why don't we, ah, have a little looksie?
Ah, I don't know, man.
You know what those symbols mean?
Uh, nuclear?
No, biohazard.
You mean like needles and shit,
in the hospital?
That's fuckin' rank, man.
It also says,
"Do not open."
[unearthly roar]
Well, that's terrifying.
Roger that, Crow's nest.
Looking forward to seeing your boys soon.
Coyote two three, out.
Let's move out.
Shit, doc.
Yeah, you said it.
What do you say?
Wanna take a look?
I think I'll pass.
[voices murmuring indistinctly, ethereally]
God dammit, Johnson!
This ain't Vietnam.
Ah, what the fuck, man?
God dammit.
[Baker, whispering]
Where the fuck were you guys?
We were just checking something out.
You couldn't let us know?
to provide escort and fire support
for CSOR team members until we reach Brigade 42.
FOB, Crow's nest.
you will be relieved of duty
until further instruction.
If I or warrant officer Hatfield open our mouths
and you happen to hear words come out of them,
consider it a privilege.
maybe it's not the best time to
split up right now.
There's something out there, watching us.
What if we got attacked?
Is that what you wanted to happen?
Use us as bait, or something?
Listen, we've done this before.
How many times have you been in the field?
You probably think bright lights, loud noises
are the best defense against these things.
Listen, just don't talk about tactics
with me, all right?
You two are fuckin' virgins in a whorehouse.
All I know, is that using the only backup
you have as bait, is fucked.
Seriously, do you think we'd risk our only medic
at a time like this?
Chances are, we're gonna need you again.
Fine, I think we deserve
a little more information, then.
Like with the box.
What's in it?
Fuck that.
Is it a bomb, a weapon,
something we need to worry about?
All you need to know is that we have it,
and the aliens want it.
And we do not want that.
Do not fuck with this.
[under his breath]
They're out there.
Watching us.
[grass rustling]
[twig snaps]
[rising tense note ]
[two clicks]
[Leise gasps]
Where's Lappy?
Lapierre, what's your position?
Give me your grid, over.
Lapierre, how copy, over?
[radio response muffled]
Retransmit last message, over.
He's alive, he'll make it back.
Did you make contact?
They're gonna send EVAC at first light.
They're gonna shell the hills and try to...
...try to keep 'em
off our position.
- Fuckin' A.
- Coordinates?
- Is that a bad thing?
- What do you got?
That's not gonna keep 'em at bay.
This is gonna funnel 'em down from the hills,
right on to our position.
Fuckin' fobbits, man.
Lapierre, if you read,
return to base immediately.
Grid D-A-four-six.
Did they give you a time?
I don't know when.
Lapierre, copy, over.
[radio echoing]
Lapierre, copy, over.
[tense drum arrangement ]
Is that you?
Oh, shit.
I almost fuckin' shot you, man.
What's with the gas mask?
Protects against biological warfare.
Um... okay.
Well, just keep an eye out, all right man?
[lighter click]
[twig snaps]
Leise, is that you?
[tense ambience ]
We gotta get him down.
What's happening?
Take cover!
[loud whoosh]
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Oh, shit.
[alien growl]
God dammit, Baker!
What the fuck?
[distant gunfire]
[gunfire approaching]
[intense drum-heavy music ]
[automatic gunfire]
Cease fire!
What the fuck is going on?!
Where's Johnson?
Jesus Christ, Johnson!
Hey, what the fuck, man?
Hatfield told me the cherry was a target.
I was trying to conceal myself
to avoid detection, man.
Don't shit on my chest and call it a tuxedo.
Man, I'm going crazy out here.
I need to get out of this place.
Oh, you're going crazy?
I'm fuckin' going crazy.
What the fuck is the matter with you?
You think you got somewhere to go
to survive?
Somewhere you can hide?
Somewhere you can be safe?
This is their world now!
And you've gotta fuckin' pull your shit together
and start believing that,
because that's the only way
we're gonna be able to operate and engage them.
Do you fucking copy?
And get that second hand piece
of shit off your face, Trooper.
We need to protect ourselves
against their pheromones.
What did you say?
talking about the effects
of the pheromones on humans.
I don't know what you're talking about.
But I need you to be operating
at maximum efficiency.
Now take that fucking gas mask off.
That was just a scout.
There'll be more.
Like, how many more?
Johnson, I don't want to see your face
for the rest of the mission, okay?
[rockets whistling]
They're going to be confused for a while.
We've got to redeploy, right now.
Johnson, help me move the Sergeant.
Leave him.
He'll slow us down.
We can't just leave him here.
They'll kill him.
You think leavin' him here
will buy us some time?
You talk about being soldiers,
what's the point
if we can't show some fucking compassion
to one of our own?
Yeah, Sarge?
[pained groaning]
Can't save everyone, Doc.
Grab your gear.
Johnson, grab the box.
Let's move.
Sorry, Sergeant.
Thanks, Doc.
Fuck, this thing is heavy, man.
What do you guys got in here, anyway?
Alien dicks.
Hundreds of 'em.
We're doin' a study
on the alien reproductive system.
And it's crucial we get those dicks.
Hey, Leise, did you hear that?
Yeah, you hear them too?
[Leise whispers]
[ethereal, indistinct voices]
[Baker groaning]
What's going on?
I'm fine, just...
Take a break.
All right, five mikes, gentlemen.
[ethereal, indistinct voices]
[phone ringing]
[woman on phone]
Yeah, it's me.
It feels so good to hear your voice right now.
[man, in background]
Who is it?
Who was that?
It's no one. Where are you?
I don't know.
Our chopper went down, I...
[man, in background]
Tracy, it's time to go.
Tracy, what's going on?
Tracy, talk to me.
I... I hav... I have to go.
No, ah...
Tracy, I just need to tell you that I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for the way we turned out.
I'm sorry I'm not there with you right now.
I'm scared, Tracy.
what's gonna happen to us out here.
I-I just need to hear
that you'll wait for me.
I need to hear that you still love me.
[man, in background]
Come on, honey.
We've got to go.
[man screaming]
No, aaah!
Oh God!
[screaming continues]
You wanted to buy some time?
We should move.
[screaming continues]
Oh, why?!
Oh, God, aaaaah!
[automatic weapons fire]
Take cover!
Hold the line!
- Keep your head down!
- Protect Johnson and the box!
Bring it down.
Covering right.
Who's on the right?
You stick with the box.
Anybody see anything?
We got any visuals?
No, nothing.
[overlapping voices]
[alien weapons firing]
[indistinct soldier chatter]
Move forward towards the river!
- Forward and left.
- Where the fuck are they?
Johnson is gonna be our pivot.
Protect him.
Johnson, let's move!
No, I don't want to get my head blown off.
Go! Move!
Keep moving.
Push 'em back!
Keep your head down.
Get up, Doc.
Keep shooting.
Don't stop, don't stop.
Come on!
- Let's go!
- Covering fire.
[overlapping voices]
Push them back!
Push them back.
Move. Keep moving.
Push 'em back.
Pour it on 'em.
Come on!
Don't stop!
We gotta go.
We gotta go right now.
Move up, move up.
- Reload!
- Keep shooting, let's do it.
[indistinct yell]
Keep your heads down!
- Move up!
- Covering fire.
Move your ass.
Come on, Johnson!
Let's go, let's go.
Keep shooting, keep shooting.
Let's go.
Keep moving,
we gotta keep moving!
they're everywhere!
Get over there,
on the left.
Don't give me your bullshit,
let's go!
We gotta go!
Move it, move it.
[rising ethereal voices
drown out all other sounds]
[voices cut out]
[soldiers' chatter]
We gotta make it
to the river, let's go.
Where's Johnson?
[intense, drum-heavy music ]
[automatic gunfire]
Cease fire, cease fire.
Why'd they stop shooting?
Where the fuck is Johnson?
Saw him go off in the woods,
like three o'clock, over there.
I thought he was
right behind me.
He's got the box.
We gotta find him two minutes ago.
- Let's go!
- He's probably stoned.
Get out of here.
[indistinct, ethereal voices]
[gentle hiss]
[dramatic arrangement ]
[voices continue]
Over here.
Doc, you gotta help me, man.
Help you with what?
This thing.
It's the key to saving us,
to saving everyone.
What is that thing?
Look, you gotta trust me, man.
I overheard them talking.
It's not what they'll tell you it is.
The EVAC isn't for us.
It's for this.
Put the system down.
You have no idea what you're holding.
I do.
It communicated with you?
And you were there.
- And you.
- Where?
You were there too,
at Omega Day.
You two were there on Omega Day,
when the ship crashed into the ocean.
You killed them.
What's he talking about?
I have no idea.
Don't move.
Nobody moves until we sort this out.
Why would he make something like this up?
I don't know.
This is all very sensitive shit
we're dealing with, here.
Fuck it.
What is that thing?
It's their mind.
And we need to give it back to them.
No, we need to keep it intact,
and secure it at HQ.
No, if we give it back,
they'll let us go.
Give it to me until we sort this out.
I can't authorize that, Doc.
It's already compromised Johnson,
and I will not let it happen to my only medic.
They were there.
Th-th-the aliens
weren't the ones that were hostile.
We were.
They killed them.
We wanted their weapons and their technolo...
[rising bell tone ]
[heavy breathing]
Omega Day.
Johnson was telling the truth.
The truth?
Is that what you saw?
And you believed it?
I don't know.
You wanna know what I saw
when I first touched it?
Don't come any closer.
I saw my fuckin' death.
I saw my fuckin' life
end at the hands of one of those fucks.
The last thing I saw was my face...
...reflecting in its eyes
before it crushed the life out of me.
Was that the truth?
You want to know what that thing is
that you're holding?
It's a psychic database.
It affects the behavior and communication
of the alien specimens.
It telepathically organizes and coordinates
When are you gonna let him
finger fuck it, now that
you've told it's entire
What he's trying to articulate
is that it's dangerous.
It has an effect on the human mind
at a level we can't understand.
But to us, it's a key
to their tactical and technological secrets.
If we have it, we control it.
If we had control,
why'd we have to leave Mikusek behind?
Why couldn't we use this thing
to get the aliens to do what we want?
You knew what was gonna happen to him,
brain or no brain.
We didn't have to leave him to die.
It was a tough call, sure.
You made the wrong one.
Nobody chose this.
Nobody chose to have those things
and destroy everything
you'd loved and cherished.
They took everything.
When they came and ripped apart
everything you loved...
When the forces found you
in whatever piece of shit hole they found you in
and taught you how to be a soldier...
There is no choice, no control,
no fate in this world anymore.
Only sacrifice.
Then why don't you just give up
and kill yourself?
We have hope.
We're out here fighting right now
because we do have choice.
taking responsibility for your actions.
I know you still believe that.
You're just making excuses
for all the bullshit you've done in your life.
Like leaving the Sergeant.
Do me.
Is that what you fuckin' want?
Do me.
Do me!
[pained groans]
It showed me my wife.
The war was over, we were happy.
It lied.
Get the system.
[distant low growl]
[ethereal, indistinct voices]
[alien screeching]
Everybody follow me.
[weapon locking]
[weapon locking]
[weapon locking]
[alien shriek]
[distant alien howl]
Thanks, Doc.
We gotta move, now.
[various alien sounds, distant]
All right.
Lock down your gear.
We don't want anything floating down the river.
Two mikes.
Hopefully they lose our
[water running]
Gotta keep my carb intake.
How's it going, Doc?
Not bad.
Ready for this
to be over with.
No doubt, man.
This shit's hard.
Yeah, I know.
you didn't choose this life like I did.
I chose this
so people like you didn't have to.
Plus, my parents told me to pay rent or get out.
The point is, I stuck with it though.
And when all this shit is over and done with,
and I'm still doing what I do,
people like you can go home.
It'll work out.
you're a good kid.
Just keep your powder dry.
I got your six.
Well, I guess
we should stop sucking each other's dicks
and get this Charlie Foxtrot on the road.
What do you say?
Sounds good.
Cold, Doc?
I'm good.
They beat us here.
This place is gonna be swarming with squids.
They haven't found us yet.
Where's the LZ?
Best bet is beyond those trees,
right over there.
The sun's gonna be coming up in about 20 mikes.
So are our choppers.
What are we waiting for?
[ambient electric guitar ]
[automatic gunfire]
Contact right!
What do you see?
What do you see?
Talk to me, what do you see?
- Anybody got a visual?
- I don't see anything.
Five hundred meters up.
You got a target?
Keep moving down,
we gotta make the LZ right now.
- Moving left.
- I'll cover ya.
Stay low.
Anybody got anything?
They're movin' right.
Movin' left.
Fuck, they're trying to get around us.
Four Eyes, bring it up.
Come on.
Cover me, Doc.
Cover Hatfield.
Contact front.
[indistinct vocalization]
Reloading, reloading.
Four Eyes on me, let's go!
Go, go.
Get up there, Doc.
Spread out on the line.
- On my left.
- Contact!
What do you got?
What do you got?
What do you see?
Anybody see anything?
Duck your head down.
Keep firing!
They're trying to suppress.
[Baker yelling]
Baker, go!
Keep moving.
Come on.
Get up there, Doc.
Lay down cover fire for Hatfield and Baker.
Four Eyes, on that hill.
Get on those logs.
On the left,
on the left.
They're trying to
get around us.
Bring it up.
- Reloading!
- Reload on the flank.
Reloading, reloading!
Coming up.
Contact here.
Get your heads down!
They're surrounding us.
- Fuck.
- Keep shooting!
Keep shooting!
Hatfield, kill the system!
Do it!
Keep shooting!
Keep firing!
Keep up that suppressing fire.
Keep firing, you pieces of shit!
[pained yell]
Don't stop, boys.
Don't stop.
We got a chopper, boys.
We got a chopper.
Stay low.
Move to the LZ, let's go!
[automatic gunfire]
Hatfield, we're coming on your left.
Any time you're ready.
Contact front, contact front.
Two targets, moving left.
See 'em.
Don't let 'em get around it.
Let's go.
[gunfire, explosions]
Ah! Aah!
[shouts of pain]
[pained yelling]
Sweaty, Sweaty!
Sweaty, are you okay?
Are you okay?
They're trying to get around us,
we gotta move!
Can you walk?
- I don't know.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Contact up front.
[agonized yelling]
I think my leg is broken.
Fuck. Oh, God.
Okay, come on.
I'll carry you.
No, Doc, no.
We gotta go now!
I'll only slow you down,
and I really don't want to be your meat shield.
The LZ is right there, we can make it.
No, fuck it.
This is one of those choices, man.
I've gotta make it for myself.
Hatfield, take 'em out, man!
- Go!
- Let's go, Doc. Let's go.
Fuck off!
- Move it, move it!
- Fucking go!
Two up here.
Cover me, I'm moving up.
Cover me!
- I'm surrounded!
- They're moving in on the right,
moving in on the right.
You look over there, Doc.
That's your job, Doc.
You keep on it.
I'm movin' up, all right?
[dramatic music ]
Hatfield, hold position!
Get down, Hatfield!
I'm coming back, cover me!
[indistinct vocalization]
[automatic weapon fire]
[choking sounds]
Fuck you!
- Go!
- Fuck off!
Fuck you! Move!
[somber music ]
Go, go, go, go, go!
[battle continues]
[indistinct soldier chatter]
Get on board, get on board.
Get on board, get on board, go!
Take off, take off!
Leise, come on!
Fuck, get 'em out of here.
Go! Take off!
[music fades]
[ Shaela Miller: "Lonely"]