The Meg (2018) Movie Script

Submarine 4 to headquarters. The situation gets worse.
D'Angelo, Marks, talk to me.
We move to the separation room.
So far only 9 rescue.
It's very messy here, man. This is the worst I've ever seen.
Somebody help me.
Who is there?
Are you the only one who survived there? We're going to the rescue ship now.
D'Angelo, what was that?
I do not know.
Jonas, there is something else on the boat.
There is something out there.
Are you okay, friend?
Oh, my God.
Something hit the palkanya.
Return to the rescue ship, now.
We are there now.
Lift him up.
- Marks. - D'Angelo, we have entered.
You almost arrived.
Jonas, listen to me, we're stuck.
- What? - Close the pan.
I will be back.
Not enough air.
Marks! / Jonas, you have to leave here before it's too late.
The stomach is leaking.
There is water everywhere.
Jonas, things will get worse.
You have to close the line so you can get out of here. Come on Jonas.
Go away from here. Don't waste time anymore.
- Go, hurry! - There is no more time!
Boss, are you crazy?
Back off, if we come back, we will all die.
What have you done?
Are we here a team or what?
Welcome to Mana One, Mr. Morris.
Get rid of it in front of me.
What are you doing? Come on. Hug me. So that's it.
Nice to see you again, Mr. Morris.
Please pass here.
It's always good, what is it, sandalwood?
I admit, it's very impressive so far.
Oh, here they are.
You remember my daughter, Suyin, chief marine expert.
You are beautiful than I saw first.
What is he talking about?
Sorry, what are you saying?
I do not understand.
She said that she likes your hat.
- Oh, yes. - Yes.
- Come on. -Ayo.Yes.
Your granddaughter is very smart.
Okay. What we have here.
This is ...
...very bad.
You know I realize I don't know much about construction ...
... but I believe that world-class research institutions deserve a world-class entrance.
Yes. I agree.
O floor.
Oh my goodness.
Welcome to the O floor.
This is our observation center.
Where the researchers can access the five levels after they are finished.
Look at that.
That's not what you usually see every day.
Do you order the pope according to your orders?
Maybe I pulled them with the "whale song".
That's Ruthie and her daughter Gracie.
- Please him. - Please.
Quickly follow me.
I hope we have time.
Please come in.
Wow. / I want to introduce you to our program designer.
- Jaxx. - Hi, Doctor.
Doctor Heller, chief medical officer.
Nice to meet you.
You're like Bones, huh?
The DJ here is a pilot of our cruisers.
How are you?
Like millionaires.
- And of course the Mac head of the station. - Mr. Morris, on time.
That's what I keep hearing.
Hold this.
What is the right time?
Good morning, Mr. Morris.
Lori Taylor, our mission pilot.
Hello, Mr. Morris, welcome.
Hey. How are you down there?
Where did you learn to drive a submarine?
I spent 10 years with an environmental rescue group that cannot be named.
Ask him if he ever detonated a whalership with homemade torpedoes.
- Hey. - No.
That's great recruitment.
6 degree water temperature.
Our Mac has passed the limit, we are approaching 11 thousand meters.
100 meters from the sea floor.
Maybe from the bottom.
What does that mean, "maybe"?
Come on.
Look at this.
Since 1875, we all believe that the Marianas Trench is the deepest place on earth.
I have a theory that what we think is the seabed is actually a layer of hydrogen sulfate.
Under the cloud, there is a very cold climate.
Which can be a new world.
At first we just wanted to find out if my father was right.
If there is warm water down there, we will be the first to see it.
And what if you're wrong?
Then you waste 1.3 billion dollars.
Are you kidding?
He's kidding, right?
I heard that.
Wait, what?
10 meters, close to the limit.
Float at 5 meters.
Total stop.
- Final check. - Yes.
Ready to continue.
- Doctor? - Crew please continue.
- DJ? - Submarine rover is ready.
Origin crew, we are ready to enter.
Do you always think dirty?
Sex, food, strength, and money.
Dive Control, we are ready to enter.
We have entered.
Hey, we've entered.
This is a cloud.
This is not the basis.
Lori, be careful, we don't know the depth on the other side, stay alert with your surroundings.
Understood, Mac.
We are ready.
Comrades, we enter.
We get little sun contact.
There is a light below here.
Release the lamp.
The lamp has been released. We will rotate.
- Wow. - very easy.
Mac, tell me you are them.
We are watching directly, Lori.
There are lots of smiling faces up here.
DJ, we got a suitable place to release the rover.
Release is in your hands.
Okay. Rover is free.
How could it be?
This ecosystem is completely released from this ocean ...
... except for cold clouds.
We will find a species that is completely unknown.
Sounds like a good investment.
Lori, I got contact.
Go to, E-0 to 0.
Oh, that's big.
Oh, that's great.
And it moves quickly.
DJ does Rover see this?
Negative. I will highlight more lights.
Wow! I just lost his telemetry.
What is this?
Origin, please turn sharply right 310, it should only shift.
The last time I checked, the shift did not turn 90 degrees.
It's behind us, right behind us.
What is that?
Lori, what happened down there?
Hey, guys, look at this.
What can make it on a rover?
I don't think I want to know.
That's back.
Oh, my God.
Get out of here, we have to go back.
I've tried, this doesn't work.
- I lost control. - I also.
Oh God, DJ, Mac, what's happening down here?
This isn't good.
There's something behind us ...
Lori, enter.
Origin, can you hear me?
Origin. Please answer.
- Come on. - Lori, enter.
Wall, can you hear me?
Not good.
I know they are still alive.
I still get telemetry from their vital signs.
How long do they have?
Maybe 18 hours.
The communication pole is broken, so the camera is dead.
If we try to tow it there is a possibility that 50-50 tanks will explode.
And punch the capsule.
- Suffers it from the hold? - Impossible.
That will cause severe damage to the ship.
- We have to try something. - They are 6 miles under the sea ...
And no one has ever tried to save at that depth.
Well, that's not true.
No, it's impossible.
We can't handle this.
Never as deep as 11,000 meters.
We've been 5,000 meters, 8,000 meters long, and one point will only be a number.
What if with this number, 3.
That's the number of people who will save under 10,000 meters deep.
And number 1.
Only 1 person lives and can tell it.
You know right?
And see what happens to that one person in the depths ...
He saved 11 people including you, Heller.
That's what I mean.
My friends died, because he experienced madness in depth.
Come on, Heller, that's your diagnosis.
Jonas said something attacked them.
Something big enough to destroy a new submarine.
- He's a drunk, he's lazy in Thailand ... - You didn't hear me, you were there.
It is enough.
We all hear, Lori's last message, we have to think ...
... that it's possible that Origin met something in common, with what Jonas Taylor described.
Something that can be avoided by him.
Dad, please.
Prepare a helicopter.
We have to go to Thailand.
Basic rubbish.
Your ship killed me.
Number 1 machine dies.
- And there's a leak in ... - I'll take care of it, tonight.
That's what you said last night and the night before.
And the night before.
And what can I do?
You drink too much.
And you just say that because I hold a beer in my hand.
You're always happy in your hands.
- Do you know why? - Because I drink too much?
I think it's a quiet Tuesday.
You know I like to enter lively.
Do you think that suddenly coming here after 5 years makes you accepted?
You live in a remote place, really?
I think you won't come to visit.
- Jonas. Let me introduce you to ... - Nice to meet you, Doctor Zhang.
I always admire the results of your work.
You're too good, Mr. Taylor.
No, no. You're a good person.
Hey, can I offer you two beers?
Because I will drink beer.
This isn't a social visit, Jonas.
I know you don't use a helicopter for fun.
You surprised me, Mac.
- We have a problem ... - Seriously.
Sorry, as you know ...
I don't dive anymore.
I am not responsible to others ... / Mr. Taylor.
Do not mean to offend Doctor Zhang.
There are 2 types of people in this world who force me back into the water.
Maybe you two.
But you can't.
You will say your problem, and I will reject it.
You will offer me money. I will still reject it.
You will pull me back to me first, and I will reject it.
Because I'm sick of that.
So what if we enjoy this beer, and I'll take you home.
This happened this morning.
Let's leave here!
Close the pad.
This doesn't work.
- I lost control! - I also.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Do you see this Mac?
There's something down here.
We have to turn right.
There's something behind us ...
That's Lori.
Your ex-wife and crew were trapped at a depth of 11,000 meters.
Fear they also face the species that you meet down there.
I have divers who have little experience to go.
But I feel indebted to my crew, to give this best chance of salvation ...
Please ...
Lori, give me the key.
Okay, if we can turn on the firewall. I can...
Maybe I can restart the computer.
Try turning it on.
Backup power is recovered.
The heater is on.
There's no way we can turn on the engine, but maybe we can get thrust.
What are you doing? Record something?
Letter to my wife.
Just in case.
Hey, we will be fine.
One by one.
Come on, give me octopus greetings.
Do you see? Always successful.
-No. - What?
We have to turn off the lights.
Turn off the lights.
There is something down there with us.
How can you be sure while there is no window there?
Whatever it is, he can destroy nuclear submarines.
That's not my imagination.
Is that why you destroyed the hold?
Look, I brought 11 survivors back with me.
And let the others die because of panic.
If I don't blow the hold, we will all be killed by that creature.
There are no creatures.
There is no evidence of anything.
Because it was destroyed in the explosion, Heller.
Look, there's no time at the time.
So I made a decision.
And you leave our friends there to die because of your cowardice.
What do you think happened down there?
He lost consciousness.
And now we will send him into the same situation.
Excuse me, Suyin, sorry I'm annoying, but we need you. This is an emergency.
What's wrong, Jaxx?
Now they are leaking oxygen. Their time is only a few hours, maybe more.
I will go.
- No. - Wait, what?
I will bring one Glider, connect it to Origin, and pull it up to the top.
Wait, if the Origin tank explodes, you will also die.
We have to try it.
Ready to leave.
Suyin, you have been allowed to glide.
Automatic decrease setting is turned on.
- Hey, Meiying. - Hi.
Sir, we have a new problem.
Your daughter.
He climbs the Glider and tries to save them.
Why did you let her go?
Believe me, I don't let her do anything.
I have an impression you should try to save anyone dying on the seabed.
Who is he?
I'm the one who pays for all this.
You know, he looks heroic, and the way is fast, but ...
... he has a negative attitude.
What is our window of time?
- Who are you? - I designed all this.
So my life is in your hands.
More or less.
Is that a problem?
No. You look like you know what you're doing.
Oh, sorry.
Mac, ask Doctor Heller to meet us in the treatment room.
Did I not mention it?
He is in good health.
It's like the last time you checked me.
Suyin brought Glider 15 minutes ago.
He planned to bring Origin up.
Take me to the ship.
- I'm still not finished. - Yes, we're done.
Lori runs out of air.
And we are in international waters, which means ...
... I can beat you without breaking the law and being free.
That's right.
Legal problem.
Thankfully he did not hold a grudge.
Jonas, you know the submarine is at a depth of 12,000 meters, right?
What's leaking at the bottom of the ocean?
Good points.
- Are we ready? - Yes.
When you turn off the security system, the machine will be fully manual.
I know that's what you will do.
The system does not matter, try to survive with changes in pressure.
Try not to blow yourself down there.
Thank you, man.
Hello, guard.
You must be crazy.
Who called me that?
My mother, Doctor Heller.
You know I'm not crazy.
I only saw something that no one else saw.
That's the definition of crazy.
Backup power, backup power.
So where are your parents?
My mother tried to save our friends from the ocean floor.
My father is an instructor in Taipei.
Grandpa says mother needs to continue life.
But mom says she needs time because she has married a bastard.
Sounds like your mother has a point.
You know a lot of things.
An 8 year old child hears everything.
Do you mind if I try it?
See you later.
Hey, crazy.
Will my mother die?
I will bring Captain Bubble and your mother back in no time.
I promise.
- Thank you. - Evolution 1 will be ready.
- DJ? - Yes.
Jaxx? Are we ready?
We are ready for diving.
The system is ready for diving.
The system is ready for diving.
Hey, man, we're ready to leave.
The system is ready for diving.
The system is ready for diving.
- Jonas. - The system is ready for diving.
Evolution slid successfully.
Evolution turns off the security system.
Warning, the second engine Evolution is turned off.
Why does he manage so fast?
He turned off all support systems such as heating and life aides.
He will faint.
Blood gas decreases.
Tell Heller I won't slow down.
Suyin, know that Evolution is behind you, you are asked to return to Mana One as soon as possible.
Negative, he can escort us on the way up.
Tell her to get out of my way, Mac.
More people mean greater risk.
Jonas, you just told her herself.
What? / The green button there is for one channel communication channel.
Enter the thermocline.
Okay, Mac, I'm past.
Warning, the pressure reached 16 thousand PSl.
With this speed I have to dive by turning everything off, until it's finished.
I'll contact from the other side.
Do you have WLFl here?
Okay. Bro.
Toshi, is he still out there?
I do not know.
Right now I can't see anything.
That's him.
I got Origin's visual.
I can see the hook.
Alright, they are still alive.
I will tow it.
Distance to target ... 6 meters.
4 meters.
The target is locked.
Shoot magnetic hooks in ...
3 ...
2 ...
You are okay? What happened?
There's ... something down here.
Something just hit my boat.
- What happened? - Giant squid.
He managed to catch the Glider.
Warning of dangerous pressure!
Mac, he tried to destroy me.
He destroyed me.
My glider won't be able to hold it back.
The ship will not survive.
Suyin, remove the compensator retainer.
The compensator does not work.
The ship will break in 10 seconds.
The ship will break in 9 seconds.
The size is approximately 25 meters.
That's Megalodon.
I'm so glad I'm not crazy.
Suyin, turn off your ship power. He is interested in light.
We must stay in a state without lights.
Turn off the engine in 30 seconds.
I turned everything off except the communication tool.
Get ready he will come again, Suyin.
Turn off the engine in 25 seconds.
Suyin, there's no time. Turn off your lamp.
Turn off the engine in 20 seconds.
Turn off your lamp. Right now.
Turn off the engine in 15 seconds.
Mac, I have no control.
- Hurry up. - 10 ...
9 ... 8 ...
7 ...
6 ...
Now is your chance, blow your rod.
No. I can help you save the crew.
Your Gliderm is broken, there's nothing you can do.
Blast your rod, now.
Doctor Zhang, your daughter is safe.
Now I'm heading to Origin.
Distance to target 3 meters.
Water discharge is complete.
Come on.
Looks like this is the worst of "I told you, right ?:
You come all the way here just want to say that to me, right?
More or less.
Extend your hand.
That doesn't look good.
In the third count.
He came.
Come on, quickly.
We can't do anything if the ship is still connected.
Then we will all die.
Come on, I've held you.
He is close enough.
Come on, fast, fast.
Hurry up.
We won't have time.
Toshi, fast.
Toshi, no!
Sign in, Evolution.
Jonas, come in.
Are you all ok?
Doctor Heller detected Lori's vital, and The Wall, but we didn't detect Toshi's vitality.
Is Toshi alright?
Jonas, is Toshi okay?
Don't move her neck.
Watch Out. Nice.
You can't save Toshi?
- Why not? - He closed the palkanya.
He saved us.
You leave him.
You leave him.
That's why you are.
You're the one who left friends behind.
When you go to that depth ...
... you carry the lives of people in your hands.
You are the one who chooses to lower them.
This is why I don't do this anymore, Mac.
How is the condition?
It didn't hit her vital organs, but she lost a lot of blood.
But the condition is stable.
I am wrong.
You saved Lori.
I consider it even.
I just want to apologize. I'm angry, I lost patience,
... and you saved ...
You're naked.
I know you do everything you can, so ...
Yes. You are welcome.
I know it's not easy to be a survivor.
I will go.
- You better get dressed. - Yes, that's the plan.
Okay, continue.
- Hi. I am alright.
Jonas and Lori are the worst couples.
Oh / All experiments are over.
I did not ask anything.
I know.
This is what attacks us. A Megalodon.
- How big is that creature? - Between 70 and 90 feet.
21 to 27 meters.
Megalodon is the biggest shark ever.
It's not afraid of anything.
It has no predator.
The jaw is stronger than any animal.
Meg can bite the whale in two, destroy the bone.
We are in an unmapped area.
To this day, Megalodon is considered extinct more than 2 million years.
- wrong. - A living fossil.
The living fossil killed my friend.
I can't express my sadness at Toshi's death.
We find the greatest discoveries of a lifetime.
This is what Toshi did.
This is what we all do, but we have to do it slowly.
Yes, it won't work for me.
What is Magnum One?
- The station? - Yes, and what does it do?
Hm? Recently?
Exactly. There is no.
A machine of 20 million dollars, lost. The 30 million dollar submarine is gone.
You sit in the most expensive underwater biology camp in human history.
Hey, crazy people.
And now we find something amazing.
- We can't work slowly. - Thank you for keeping the promise.
You don't stop going to the moon.
Because you lost an astronaut.
You go ahead, or someone else will arrive first.
Others will want this.
Whether we like it or not.
It looks like you like it.
- Excuse me? - I say...
... looks like you like it.
- Sorry, is he part of this team? - Right, he's part of this team.
Maybe you think nature knows what he is doing.
The weather changes may exist for a reason.
If you want to explore, please do it.
If you send people there, don't call me to save you.
If only what I did was not clear to you.
So that makes us hostile.
That's the order.
Come on.
What you find is a gold mine bigger than we thought.
We are not ready to face creatures like Megalodon.
We can get ready in one week.
- We need a long time ... - Are you crazy?
That will be another alternative.
What is that?
My daughter.
- Jonas! - Do you see Meiying?
- Meiying! - I'm right.
- Mother! - Meiying.
It is okay.
Are you okay?
There is a monster watching us.
It's okay, it's just a whale.
Wait. Where is Susy?
Where are the others?
Is the station okay? Report it.
No leakage, no damage.
Team, run an emergency protocol.
- And no one is approaching the water. - Do you want to sit down?
Turn on the water lamp, especially the important area.
You said it was impossible for him to get here.
- It should be. - Everyone, look at this.
When the accelerator rises, everything is installed, the temperature is 1 degree Celsius, right?
-Yes. -But a minute later ...
... when the evolution occurs, the temperature rises by 25 degrees.
A shark can't use it.
In fact, 20 sharks.
The megalodon comes from the heating vent.
That can cost millions of gallons per minute.
The heat from the vents clears the road from the cold.
You said we paved the way for giant sharks?
Not really, it's like a stopover vent, the temperature is back to normal and the gap is closed.
Yes, but that was before the pre-historic killing machine came to say hello.
We waste time and it's out there.
We have to find and kill him. /No!
We can't, we must take harmless choices first.
For Megalodon or for us?
I got an emergency signal. 20 miles southwest.
- What does it mean? - This means that a ship sank.
- Three ships. - That's a Megalodon.
I have to go there, right now.
Back off! I saw something.
- This shark doesn't have fins. - It was killed by a shark catcher.
They cut off the fin and release the shark to death.
All for a bowl of soup.
Looks like Megalodon avenged him.
One fish doing all this?
You just see it yourself.
Okay. We have shark cages and spears on his ship.
If we can shoot Megalodon in a weak spot like the mouth or gills,
... we can inject it with something dangerous.
Waw, waw, it takes at least 20 minutes to prepare the cage.
And the creature will soon disappear.
I will just put the tracker.
Have you never watched "Shark Week"?
They have GPS trackers.
Keep an eye on the shark until the cage is ready.
We can put the tracker on the fin.
Thank you again.
Yes, but somehow we have to put it on Megalodon.
No, we can't. The creature proved aggressive towards the ship.
The safest way to approach it is without a vehicle.
- Wait! Wait. - Do you want someone to swim there?
Two prehistoric sharks that eat our friends?
Actually, one of us in the water is not a threat.
Okay, who will swim?
Let's choose.
I can't swim.
Sorry. My body makes me say that.
Are you sure about this?
Not really.
If I'm eaten, you will regret it.
This tracker has a distance of 100 feet.
- 100 feet? - Come close before you shoot.
If I know how, I will do it.
We can overcome this.
You're a great liar.
- Be careful. - Yes, thank you, friend.
I hope you are right about this. /I also.
Maybe I will need it.
I'm heading there, to the killer shark.
Yes, I saw you, Jonas.
Sharks react to panic movements.
Keep calm.
Everything will be alright.
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.
Gosh, it's shark diving.
- Successful. - Mac, tracking it on!
Good. Pull him, DJ!
Stop! Stop! There is no vibration!
Damn, I'm having a problem.
- Jonas, it's heading towards you. - It's heading towards us!
Run the boat, run the ship!
Pull him!
- Come on! - Come on!
Maybe you are a bastard, but you know how to do it. Nice.
I prepared his spear to inject endorphins.
A faint killer whale with a dose of 10cc.
Dead with a dose of 20 cc.
What do you think?
I think we just use the whole bottle.
Remind me again why this is a good idea.
What? This is a shark cage.
Plastic shark cage.
I assume you never said that.
This object is made of polycarbonate, specifically designed not to crack,
... not broken, but can be damaged. And in this case, with its thickness,
... it takes 2,000 pounds per square inch.
When it comes to solving it, it takes 8 to 9 thousand pounds.
I don't like it.
- He doesn't like it. - I won't go there.
It is enough!
- Hi. - What do you think?
He said be careful. It was him version of "I love you".
He is very sure of you.
I have dived with sharks hundreds of times.
- I don't like this. - Yes.
But I know the anatomy of sharks.
And I know this can penetrate the skin of Megalodon.
- Suyin, let me do it. - Hey, don't worry about me.
Let me do the best I can.
Is everything okay up there?
Suppose it's fresh, so you, you know, tastes good.
- I'm glad you took care of me. - Thank you. See you, good luck.
What happened down there? Are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
There are only a few 8-foot sharks.
This is it.
- We get shark's attention. - Suyin, that's on the way.
- 50 meters! - 50 meters.
10 meters.
Wow ...
I'll try to hit it in the eye.
Damn it!
Damn it!
Yes, the poison comes in!
Okay, you hang on there.
I'm stuck, I'm in shark's mouth.
The cage won't break.
That's the problem, the cage is swallowed!
- Don't do this anymore. - Oh, no, friend.
New problem, my mask broke.
I lost air.
Come on!
You are welcome.
No more, go! Take this to the ship.
It's not safe for you.
Jonas, come back ...
Jonas, the crane is in the water!
The rope will attract you, hurry up!
Swing the sack and lower it.
We will lower it. Friends, I need help.
Come on ...
Over here!
Throw the rope!
She does not breathe.
Wow, wow ... just slowly.
You died a few minutes ago.
You make me owe.
Closer than I like.
Can I speak privately with Jonas?
You saved me again.
But I would rather you live.
There is something you might want to see.
Hey, you are safe.
- How are you? - I'm better.
Jonas, take a picture of me with this big monster.
Oh, for a moment. this.
If you want good photos, tilt your head sideways again.
Closer. Come on, come on in.
Are you okay?
Yo, Jonas, did you get that before?
I got everything.
That's not funny, man!
No, seriously it's funny, look at this.
We can prey on water ...
We can prey on water ...
We can prey on water ...
Hey, look at this.
This is kind of weird.
Look, remember the bite mark in Holland?
Well, do you like that? That's really an extraordinary natural moment.
I'm glad the problem is over.
You don't end it all.
Not for Toshi, not for science.
We do what people always do.
Find then destroy.
Hey, I tell you, at least you can use this for sports.
Make your feet big, you know?
Oh yeah, jellyfish!
What? There are 2?
Nobody says there are 2!
How can there be 2 ?!
I'm in the water, please! Somebody help me!
- Please! - What are you doing?
I can't swim.
Seriously? Really? But you are swimming racing.
Come on guys! You don't realize, you work in the middle of the ocean!
This is not part of the agreement, this is not part of deskjob.
And I'm not happy!
No! Sir!
There is something very big.
Yes, of course.
I can not take it anymore.
Mac, give your hand.
Hey, I want you to find my location.
Search from sat in this section.
Yes, you.
How should I know ?!
Hurry up, I need help.
Thank you, thank you.
Relax, relax.
This isn't good, he needs a hospital right away.
Let's find a doctor. Who is the doctor here?
- Are you okay? - Yes.
Comrades, we can do this.
Swimming calmly to the boat.
Slow slow and calm.
Shark is coming!
We will not succeed.
Jazz, you will be fine.
- You're a good person Jaz. - What is the moment?
Be careful.
It's okay, Jazz.
Are you okay.
What was that before? What is that?
- Okay, come on, Dj. - No, no!
This is the reason we don't leave the station, okay?
That's why you didn't do it.
You're down there, and you make him angry. Now he will kill us.
Now what should we do?
I didn't like this from the start. Swim in the middle of the sea.
Those who eat something else, others eat that.
Friend, this ...
He just killed Heller, he killed Wall.
He killed Toshi.
They are all our friends.
Okay, can I say that this thing sank?
- What are we doing now? - Where is Mac?
What's with your hair?
What's with your hair?
That creature is a demon!
Is your friend still with us?
Do you get our position?
Ocean? We are in the middle of the sea!
Maybe to slow down the shark, we throw him away?
You're really crazy.
Okay, good news. This is the time for retribution.
Yes, good!
Do you really think the rifle will hurt the creature?
I don't have many choices, okay? I just want him to leave.
Good friend.
No, father.
Welcome, mother.
Forgive me.
He is sad and confused.
And you?
I really don't want to think about that.
So bad things happen then, change lives forever.
While the earth continues to spin.
We hope to stop for a while.
But that didn't happen
I will be able to live with that.
Then don't, my 2 friends die.
Did not have time to say goodbye.
We play, we are together.
And die silly.
It's not just you who lost.
This is losing him, the person you saved.
I'm glad you are here.
I have informed the Chinese government about Megalodon.
Likewise with the authorities in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & Australia.
China sent 2 destroyers to kill Shark.
So this is now officially beyond our ability.
I closed MOT 1 until the megalodon died.
And the evacuation ship arrived the next morning.
You're right.
And finally, I want to say ...
...Forgive me.
For your loss.
Your friends.
I was here to celebrate with you.
But now I grieve with you.
Take care of yourself.
What do you get for me?
This high-power explosive.
I have arranged to have a delay when sinking.
Basically this is a marine mine.
It is true.
I'm not sure this is the right thing to do.
Every person killed by the creature has the potential to file a lawsuit.
Potential victim.
Relaxing friends, everything will be fine.
- I can see your card. - Oh you two here.
How do you feel?
Better than all of you.
- Hmm? - What do you have?
- 3 Kings ... - What? Come on.
Every time. You owe me the trick.
- Let's get ready when you're back, OK? - Good, good, good, good, good.
- I tried to distract her. - Very tough child.
Sorry, don't trust you.
- You don't call me crazy. - Yes, I don't call you sane.
Sane is not a word I often hear.
So what?
Well ... I guess I went home to Thailand.
Mac tells me about you and Suyin.
- Nothing. - Well, maybe there is something.
- You and Mac can't be trusted. - How did you try something just now?
The rest of your life in the sight of big grass ... Suffering and loneliness.
I thought that was a good idea.
You think so, huh?
Thank you for everything.
Jonas ...
... my mother likes you too.
She imitated the most severe mother of my life.
Approaching dangerous areas ...
Confirm visual.
Let me explain myself!
We are not a mile from the monster.
Until the helicopter kills the monster!
- We have visuals on the target. - Stop the boat!
Stop the boat!
Launch Delta Load.
We get shark!
Attack again!
- Sir, it's impossible ... - Attack again!
The target is dead! Repeated, the target is dead!
Are you absolutely sure? Because I don't want to be eaten by prehistoric fish!
Sure, sir ... There are ... scattered pieces.
Shark meat pieces!
That's a good sign. OK.
Take us there!
Get down there, get some teeth, big teeth for my office desk!
- OK. - Take it for yourself.
Do you see this?
It's crazy!
It's crazy!
Very weird.
Ouch, buddy. Don't do that.
This creature has no teeth.
- What? - I thought we killed the pope.
That creature is just below us.
Get us out of here!
Wait, wait, you idiots! Wait! I'm here! Hey!
Oh no! No!
No! No!
Hey! No!
Yes, I understand, I understand. Thanks.
Let me guess, Morris never called someone.
Don't call anyone. No one knows I'm out there. No one.
Even Australia, Chinna doesn't know, no one.
What did he think?
He wants to take care of it as secretly as possible.
- Mac, we need to go. - And everything goes, huh. Good.
- Jack. Can you find that creature? - Wait, wait, why did you ask for that?
I like the fact you ask about the creature.
Do you want me to illegally touch Morris's satellite tracking system to look for the black shark?
- Yes. - Good.
Using a tracker from Meg. We killed him.
Bro ...
... we really will do this?
Many people will die if we don't kill him, Mac.
- I participated. - I also.
Let's do this.
What do you think if the creature eats an evacuation ship?
Well, let's say, a sunny day for fishing.
Then let's prepare everything. Explosives and weapons.
- Whatever, all of it. Everything. - Because we will evacuate, right?
Like evacuation? Like leaving a dangerous area and going to a safe place?
Like normal people?
- What do we get? - Yes, this is what I saw from the shark.
But here, where the creature is headed.
- Sanya Bay, what's there? - Nothing.
It only has one of the most famous beaches with a high population in the world.
Success with the authorities?
No. Prehistoric sharks, sound like a fad phone.
We cannot depend on them for anything.
How long does the shark reach the beach? / 20 minutes.
- Can we get there first? - doubtful.
- Yes, we have to. - We were not useful until first.
If we don't have a plan.
Maybe we have a plan.
This is what we do, right in shallow water.
- There are lots of corals! - So, how do we bring it here?
When there are many people who can be preyed here?
He invited her to night.
So, how do you want to do it?
Do you ask my opinion?
No. I'm trying to be polite before you really do it.
So you will feel better for yourself.
Appreciate that.
- What? - There is no.
We are ready.
Oh, my God!
We are approaching. Stop here. Jaxx, DJ, must sort the tool.
Yes, it is being cultivated.
What is this?
Watch out!
- Sharks! Shark! - Sharks?
- There are sharks! - There are sharks!
- Is there a shark? - Hurry to the beach!
Hurry up! Get up!
- Hurry up. - Hurry up!
Hurry up!
- My child! - Mother!
My son!
Help me!
Do you see the sharks?
- No, haven't seen it yet! - Help me! Come on!
Come on, quickly!
- Mother! - My son, hurry up!
To the beach!
- Quickly swim! - Hurry up!
Has anyone changed their mind about our plan?
Not being killed is a good start.
Finally there is a joke. Let's make it happen.
Suyin, watch out, get out of there.
- Damn it! Can't shoot! - What's wrong, Jonas?
Too close to the ship!
- Jonas, the shark is after you! - Mac!
- Jonas, what's there? - Try to move away from shark's mouth.
- Suyin, your turn. Lead to you. - I'm in position.
The shark is approaching.
Need a little taper.
- I'm ready to shoot! - Shoot it!
Avoid! Avoid!
What happened under there? There!
Has anyone seen it? / Can't see the shark, what's down there?
Fine, I got shark's attention.
Bawake my direction!
Your turn!
I thought we both saw the shark.
Dead you ugly bastard!
- No, no, no! - Damn it!
Look ahead!
No, no, come on, come on! Come on!
- Where is DJ? - I have no idea!
- Where is Meiyang? - I have no idea! I can't see her.
- Jonas? Sorry, I ... - Go, take care of Meiyang.
- Jonas! - Good. Get away from the ship!
- Oh, my God! - Stop splashing!
You wear a rescue jacket!
- Rescue jacket? - Yes? Oh, yes!
I wear a life jacket. That's why I'm here, I'm ...
Monsters are here! / Monsters here? No. Don't worry about the monster.
- I take care of you! - Stop talking!
- Meiyang? - Mother?
You ... / Suyin? Wait! Wait. Wait for me.
Wait for me ... Wait for the DJ. Wait for the DJ.
- Meiyang? - Come on!
Mother, are you okay?
I am fine.
I am okay, too.
Come on, go up.
- All right. - here.
Watch Out.
- Friend! - Oh, my God!
- Next up. - shark came!
- Shark headed here, Jonas! - Shark came!
- Did you hear me, Jonas? - Meiying? Hold on!
- Suyin, we have to ... Suyin. - Jonas! We don't have anything!
Nearly gone.
- How will you kill shark? - Evolution!
I will make this creature bleed.
Suyin, what you said to me is true, not losing people,
... about the person you saved.
- deadly. - Jonas, don't!
Let's begin!
To the end! Bloody!
Come on, come on, come on!
- I am sad! You see Pipin eaten! - OK. OK.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
Hey. Hey!
- Beep, want to pass. - Look at who comes.
- Good. - Happy to be happy!
And for our friends ...
- Cheers. - Cheers.
I don't know about you but, uh ...
- I need a vacation. - Should we ask my mother?