The Memory Book (2014) Movie Script

This is the house I grew up in
on Staten Island.
The house I left when I went
away to college.
The house my parents
were divorced in.
Relationships never last
in my family.
Could it be genetic?
And why put your heart out
there just to be broken?
I learnt that lesson
often and early.
And this is where I had
my first kiss.
Behind P.S. 53 at recess
with Tommy Nolan.
Who pushed me off the swings
when the other boys
made fun of him.
I sprained my wrist
and chipped two teeth.
This one is called "Love
I've been revisiting
my life lately.
Through my art.
Yeah, I see that.
And it's very interesting,
but umm...
Oh, you should also mention that
I am opening my own art studio
here in San Francisco
later this month.
I hate to stop you,
but I think you've confused me
for someone else.
Aren't you a critic?
But you said you were
a critic.
Back there someone
said "everybody's a critic"
and I agreed.
You just assumed.
Oh, oh.
I work around the corner,
actually, and I saw the crowd.
And to be honest, I saw you,
I'm sorry if I disappointed you.
No, no, I'm not disappointed.
It's the public's opinion
that really matters.
Just for fun, though,
if you were a critic...?
Oh, you don't want to hear
my opinion.
I'm just a guy off the street.
Well, what?
You don't like the photos?
No, no, I do.
They're um, they're
all in focus.
I'm sure they'd be great
for someone.
I'm sorry, this isn't
coming out right.
They're really nice.
And clearly I was aiming
for nice.
I hate to do this, but I
actually have to get to work.
The best of luck
with everything.
Hey, roomie.
I definitely need to come to
more of these gallery openings.
Champagne, free food.
Cute guys.
See anything you like tonight?
Now that you mention it...
I think he means
something that's for sale.
What, the art?
Way out of my league.
Excuse me, waiter!
how's business over here?
Well, no one seems to be
much impressed
by photography these days.
It's all the digital cameras
and photo programs.
When everybody can
do something
it stops being so special.
Not that everybody can do
what you do.
Oh God, that came
out so wrong.
No, no, I know
what you mean, sadly.
Well, gotta go.
Polo shirt, perfect hair.
So not interested.
C'mon, it's been months,
hasn't it?
The whole "Love" thing
is just so depressing.
I mean, who needs it?
Me, for one.
How do I look?
Well, I'm guessing 'desperate'
isn't the look
you're going for.
Don't wait up.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Oh, it's you.
"Chloe Davenport, Moments
in Time"?
So this is the place
around the corner?
Gabe Sinclair.
I really put my foot in it
earlier, didn't I?
Did you? I didn't notice.
Yeah, um, let me make it up
to you.
A drink on the house.
Soda water?
Soda water it is!
A little wild.
I may need to see some i. d.
I like your photos.
Yeah, it's the city
over the years.
Customers seem to like it.
Lime? Too crazy?
So tell me, what was it
about my work?
The truth.
I can take it.
I don't know.
All those pictures of a bench,
The full spectrum of
human emotion.
Well, excuse me but I find
beauty in everyday objects.
And there's nothing wrong
with that.
I happen to prefer people.
It's hard to cozy up
to a wall.
Excuse me, can you
top me up?
Ah well, at least the wall's
always there for you.
I did it again, didn't I?
I'm not that good
with first impressions.
I'm waiting.
Just, excuse me.
Are you interested in anything
in particular?
Just looking.
You never know.
No, you never do.
What's all this?
Oh, just a bunch of stuff
I've had too long.
I could give you a deal
on the whole lot,
if you're interested.
The time someone put
into this.
These photos,
a Valentine.
Tickets to a Ricky Nelson
Before your time, but oh my
I had such a crush on that man.
If he'd played
his cards right...
Oh, I had a dress
just like that.
'Course, that was back when
I had a figure like that.
But who's ever going to buy
someone else's memories?
How much do you want
for this?
Oh, well, a valuable personal
item like that?
These don't come along
every day.
Look at the binding.
All the work that went
into it...
I couldn't let that go
for any less than, say...
I'll give you ten dollars.
These two, Sarah and Jonathan,
they're so sure of each other.
Look at the way
he looks at her.
There's this one in front of
a roller coaster.
Here, at a carnival or a state
fair or something.
But you can just feel the love
in their relationship.
You don't believe in this stuff,
True love and all?
But these people look like
the real deal.
Oh, hey, didn't the waiter
take you to dinner tonight?
Although, he's not just
a waiter.
Would you believe
he's also an actor?
A waiter and an actor?
What are the odds?
It's late and I gotta turn in,
but a word of advice?
Find someone.
Like Sarah and...?
Find someone wonderful,
pick a date, rent a church,
and be insanely happy
instead of just...
you know.
Good night.
Good night.
I know the price was right,
but you really think
this place is going to work
for a studio?
Seriously, Chloe.
What is their secret?
I don't think there's really
a secret.
I think it'll work or it won't.
Man, you seriously have
a lot of equipment.
Did you leave anything
in New York?
It's so obvious in every photo.
They know something I don't.
Well, I'm obviously talking
to myself, so...
Break time.
You planning a trip
to the mountains?
This is what I want.
Backpack, blisters?
Entire book.
Look how happy they are?
That's pretty much how
love looks.
Especially when someone's
pointing a camera at you.
Even biking along a lake.
Looks like the Stow Lake
at Golden Gate Park.
Whoever they were...
Wait, they lived right here
in San Francisco?
My days are filled
with mistakes,
some that I didn't make,
I carry them around.
Some people don't feel
a thing,
some kind of
blissful dream,
I wish I could live
that now.
Oh I wish I could live
that now.
Oh yeah, those two are reaching
out to tell you something.
Definitely a sign.
Definitely a sign!
Ok, read it for me.
Ok, well the sign says
that contrary
to everything you seem
to believe,
lasting love is possible.
That scrapbook proves it.
Bits and pieces.
But maybe
there's more to it.
I wonder if I could
find them.
You know, get the whole story.
What, play Nancy Drew
and track them down?
Yes, is that such
a crazy idea?
Only when you say
it out loud.
No last names, addresses...
An old phone number.
I wonder if it's still working.
July 29th 1971.
Where is this?
Huh. Vito's.
Do you really think the answer
to your mystery
is in those photos up there?
This place has
to be somewhere,
there's no listings online,
there's nothing with
the phone company
so I figured why not
try your wall?
Is this a thinly veiled excuse
to flirt with me?
Oh, it must be so crowded
in your head
with an ego that size.
See, now we're talking,
light banter back and forth.
While I'm on a roll, what
are you doing Saturday night?
Only if it's at Vito's.
Hey. Right in front of you.
What does that say?
Right up there,
doesn't that say Vito's?
That's about thirty years ago,
looks like the Mission district,
Around 24th.
You know it?
I mean, if it's the place
I'm thinking of.
Changed owners a couple
of years ago.
Still an Italian name.
I'll tell you what, I get off
in ten minutes,
I'll take you there, we can
check it out together.
Why would you wanna do that?
Well, you know,
you'll have a hard time
finding it on your own.
And, well, you've kind of
peaked my interest.
So what do you say?
You wanna go?
But this is not a date.
It's not a date.
This is research.
Whatever you need
to tell yourself.
If this is the same place
and they have the old
reservation records...
From what, forty years ago?
That's kind of a long shot.
It's better than no shot
at all.
So if they have them, I might
be able to find a last name
or maybe even
a phone number.
Woah, you know it might not even
be the same owners.
Better slow down there.
Yeah, you flew through
that stop sign back there.
I almost stopped.
So how do you feel about
stop signs?
I see it.
Do you see it?
Do you?
I see it, and here we go.
What are you doing?
I get the impression that
you'd be more comfortable
behind the wheel.
Gabe, get back in the car.
Sorry, don't keep
the nice people waiting.
[Horn honking]
Are you out of your mind?
I've actually never had
an official diagnosis.
[Horn honking]
I cannot believe this.
[Horn honking]
You are crazy.
You're crazy.
I can't believe I got in the car
with you.
This is ridiculous.
Still the best Italian
in the city.
When you use your father's
recipes, Vito.
If only he hadn't kept
most of them in his head.
Oh, hi, welcome, come on in.
I'll be right with you.
He had a gift, alright.
See you soon.
Take care, Jack.
Gabe, that's the booth.
I'm Vito Marino Junior.
Owner, manager, chef,
head waiter and host.
Wow, all that.
Well, it's all I can afford.
Didn't this place used to be
called Vito's?
Yes, when my dad owned it.
And when he passed it down
to me I figured
new generation, new name.
Might have been a mistake.
Can I get you two a table?
Perhaps this romantic corner?
No, no, we're not-
Don't argue with the nice man.
You know, I'm never wrong.
It's the body language.
No, we're not here
for lunch.
Oh, well it's a restaurant,
and it is lunch.
You get my confusion?
I'm here because I am
trying to find-
We're trying to locate these
people in the photos here.
Oh, like in a
"Where's Waldo".
No, not exactly.
You mind if I take a look?
Sure, please.
It certainly is this place.
It hasn't changed much,
has it?
July 29th, 1971.
My dad was a master chef.
Me, not so much.
My wife did all the cooking,
God rest her soul.
I'm only telling you this
because you're not eating.
Pizza delivery is the only thing
that's keeping me in business
these days.
But lucky for you guys,
my dad was also a nut
for keeping records.
Never threw away a thing.
Wow, all these?
Every reservation,
every stock order,
every bill in one of
these boxes.
So I'm gonna leave
you guys to it.
I'm gonna go upstairs
and see if someone comes in.
It could happen.
Well, this is more than
I had hoped.
You sure you're up for this?
I mean, it's not exactly how
I pictured my afternoon going,
but yeah. Let's do it.
1971, May, June, July.
July 29th.
Birthday dinner, 8:00 pm,
cake to read
"Happy Birthday,
And that's all.
There's not even
a phone number.
But we know her birthday,
the month and the day.
Hey, find what you needed?
Well, no, not everything,
but something.
It was a birthday dinner.
Ah, well, people
used to come here
and celebrate a lot of things.
Now they come at all
and I celebrate.
I've been taking a look
at your book.
These two really got around.
Take a look at this fish.
Now that's a winner.
Yeah, I mean, it could be
a clue.
The park, the ranger,
I saw that, but it could be
any park in the country.
That's odd.
[Phone rings]
I'm closing up and I wanted
to say thanks for today.
Ok, seriously,
why'd you call.
I had a good time and I wanted
to tell you that.
That's it?
That's it.
good night.
Ok, good night.
Thank you for
your help today.
Any time.
Well, it's too big for
a post office box
and too weird for a house key.
Something sentimental maybe?
Did you show this to Gabe?
Why would I do that?
It seems like you two make
a good team.
Holmes and Watson,
Batman and Robin.
Matlock and...
whoever he had.
I don't know, look.
He found the restaurant,
you couldn't,
and let's face it,
he's kinda hot.
Can we change the subject
You've got an old restaurant
and a key that doesn't
fit anything.
What next?
Taylor, I'm overlooking
the one person
who probably knows exactly
who this book belongs to.
It's so obvious!
I need a clue.
Sounds like...
how many syllables...
what are we talking?
What's with you
and that book?
I want to find the original
owners and return it.
Well, don't you think
if they wanted it
they might have kept it?
Maybe they lost it.
I mean, in any case it's a story
I really want to hear.
How did it end up in a discount
bin at a flea market?
A swap meet.
It's a fine line.
Can you help me or not?
I suppose I could spend
my free hours
digging through months
of receipts
and come up with something,
but it's a lot of work.
I'll do it for a hundred bucks.
A hundred?
Take it or leave it.
I do not need her help.
I'm doing just fine
on my own.
What've you got so far?
I know their first names,
I have a birth date for her.
Well I have the date that
they went out for dinner
so it has to be close.
I know that they were local
when the photos were taken.
That is it.
Pay the hundred.
[Knock on the door]
So this is where
the magic happens.
Not yet, but soon.
So what's the concept here?
Portraits, wedding photography,
that sort of thing?
Oh, that's not really
your style, is it?
It's my art studio, and I do
real estate photography
on the side.
Sales brochures,
architectural portfolios,
that sort of thing.
Yeah, that makes sense.
This must be Gabe.
Oh, you've been talking
about me?
Well, Reggie and I also had
a long discussion
about termites this morning.
But you might change
your attitude
when you see what I found.
I went to the library
this morning.
Old school, I like it.
That fishing photo.
My dad and I used to go camping
every summer.
Something about the badge
on the ranger's shirt...
it's not very clear,
but is that a match?
Why yes, Gabe, I think it is.
Which tells us that he is
a wildlife specialist
at Yosemite National Park.
Is that close?
Did you do any research
on this part of the country
before you moved here?
Ok, well what are the chances
that this guy
still actually works there?
Way ahead of you.
Yosemite National Park
staff photo.
Oh, that is absolutely
the same guy.
Look at the ears.
Stan Benwick.
Stan Benwick.
So when do we go?
What, we?
Oh yeah, you can't go
by yourself,
it's too dangerous.
To begin with, you don't know
the way,
and then there's mountain lions
to contend with, rock slides,
fresh air.
You want to protect me
from fresh air?
Oh, yeah.
If you're not used to it, it can
go right to your head.
Isn't that right, Reggie?
It's a silent killer.
Pack a bag.
We leave at dawn.
No, no.
You can't just go,
we need to call ahead,
I need to clear my schedule,
we need to check the weather...
Or we could just go.
The book says he's there,
the internet says he's there,
we know the park's there.
Let's roll the dice.
What do you say?
Are you in?
What's all this?
A tent, stove, provisions.
And a canoe?
We're just going up
and back.
Yeah, it's called be prepared.
The motto, Boy Scouts.
Anyway, it's a great motto,
a motto to live by.
It's six am, so it's just
too early for this conversation.
So that means I win?
You win.
We'll have a great day!
Great day.
The cold, the sky,
the dark.
and time stands still
everything is moving...
So fast, you lose,
your will
but everybody knows
the shape you're in,
everybody runs away
We all want to say that
everything is all right.
in the meantime.
So all this gear, you just
happen to have it on hand?
Oh yeah, we loved camping.
The whole family.
Mom, dad and me.
Oh, you're an only child.
Hard to believe?
Not to anyone with a passing
knowledge of psychology.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Of course you would.
Alright, what about you?
You have any siblings?
Uh, just my sister.
She's pretty, smart,
incredibly successful.
You're not close.
How did you know that?
A passing knowledge
of psychology.
It's closed.
I guess we should
have called ahead.
Well, then we'll come
back tomorrow.
What're we going to do
for an entire day?
I bet this canoe doesn't look
so silly now, right?
Ok, I need you to pick a side.
I'm gonna stay
on the right here.
Stop telling me what to do.
I know how to canoe a canoe.
Ok, just stay there
on the left.
Ok, I'm paddling like crazy
and we're getting nowhere.
That's because your stroke
is all wrong
and we're not in sync.
Ok, excuse me.
But this is not exactly
something I do every day.
Ok, look, you're tired,
why don't you just put
the paddle down
and let me do the work.
Not a chance!
I'd never hear the end of it.
You have a stubborn streak,
you know that?
It's kind of attractive.
I have to say this.
Has anyone ever told you
that you can be
extremely condescending?
Yeah, all the time.
Say cheese!
Put that down.
That is incredibly
expensive equipment.
Oh, interesting.
When the camera is
on the other foot...
that didn't come out right,
but you know what I mean.
No, I don't.
Switch places with me,
because I've figured this out
and you have the easy end.
So you need to switch with me.
No, it's a canoe,
there is no easy end.
You just do it.
Woah, woah!
It's fine!
I can't swim!
Is this the part where I said
I told you so,
or do I wait for you to dry off?
Shut up and help me!
Good news, I saved
the camera!
I can't swim, I can't swim!
Stand up.
I hope you have an appetite.
You made this with a can opener
and a pan?
Yeah, it's just salmon.
And risotto and broccoli
and pine nuts.
What is the sauce?
The beurre blanc.
Nothing to it.
I couldn't make this if I had
Martha Stewart on speed dial.
Where'd you learn to cook
like this?
I always loved food.
I was the only kid on the block
who preferred risotto
to mac and cheese.
But I couldn't afford
the four star restaurants
when I went off to college
so I taught myself.
See, there's something else
I didn't know about you.
You went to college.
It's kind of a prerequisite
for law school.
You have a law degree?
Yes, I was an attorney.
I hated it.
So I saved up a few bucks
and took a few years off
to figure out what I really want
to do with my life.
And you chose bartending?
As a temporary calling.
Haven't you been doing it for-
A couple years.
Actually three years.
Hey, save room for dessert.
So did you always want
to be a photographer?
Uh, yeah.
I got my first camera
when I was seven
and haven't looked back.
So you're always comfortable
putting a lens
between you and life?
Look, it's late and I'm tired.
Can we just turn in?
Do you need some help there?
It's just a little hard
to navigate in here.
There's actually a zipper
right here-
I'm good, thanks.
Do I make you uncomfortable?
No, but don't try anything funny
'cause I know a lawyer.
What's that smell?
The pine trees?
I have a room spray like that.
Didn't know this is
where they got it.
You know, you being
from New York and all.
[Owl Hooting]
What's that?
You've never heard
an owl before?
Hoo hoo!
[Owl Hooting]
Sounds like a cartoon.
There's Wile E. Coyote.
What was that?
I actually don't know.
Was that a bear?
No, no, no.
Bears are afraid of humans,
especially when
there's a fire going.
The fire is still going?
It is if you put logs on it.
That was your job
because fire is a man thing.
I think that you're thinking
of caveman culture.
Relax, just go to sleep,
you'll be fine.
Besides, this tent
is bear-proof.
It's been lab tested.
I won't let anything happen
to you.
I promise.
Good night.
Good night.
Goreng Pikus.
How's that?
Goreng Pikus.
Rainbow Trout.
One of the biggest ever
taken out of the lake.
July 1971.
You remember.
Twenty nine inches,
eight and a half pounds.
Wow, what a memory.
Not me, can't remember
what I had for breakfast.
But this fish is right here.
Right up there.
I see it every day.
You'd remember it, too.
Who caught it?
Is there a name?
Well, there was a name plate
on it,
fell off back some time
around Reagan.
So you don't know
who caught it?
Sure I do.
These folks right here,
the photograph and all.
Whoever they were.
Tori, is that her name?
Why do you say that?
This picture right here says
"Tori in her garden".
That's just a friend
or relative,
I don't really know.
Does it mean something
to you?
There's this place right around
the corner from where I grew up,
my mom would go there
every Sunday and get flowers.
I haven't thought about it
in years.
Tori's Garden.
The girl would be grown now,
maybe about your age.
Where did you get this?
I found it at a swap meet.
We're looking for the owner,
a woman named Sarah.
We want to return the book
to her.
And the memories.
There's a beautiful
love story here
and I really think that
she deserves to relive that.
You don't have a last name?
Just Sarah and Tori here.
I don't suppose that
this could be you.
She's very sweet, but no,
I have no idea who she is.
It's just such a coincidence,
I mean, Tori and her garden.
Your place, Tori's Garden.
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
How about I leave my number
if you think of anything.
I'll be glad to call.
So this is where you grew up?
Yeah, haven't been back
in a long time.
With mom and dad gone there
really hasn't been any reason.
Well, since we're so close,
why don't you take me
by the old place?
It's only fair, you saw photos
of where I grew up.
Aunt Sarah? Hi, it's Tori.
I hope you're sitting down.
Wow, hard to believe
this is the same house.
How long has it been?
Eleven, twelve years.
It's so much smaller
than I remember.
Oh, hello.
I decided you weren't coming.
Bill and Monica?
Oh, no, I'm actually-
Yes, we are.
You must be Shirley?
The realtor, yes.
Sorry to keep you waiting,
is it too late to see the house?
Not at all, the seller's
not home.
Come on in.
Coming, Bill?
Right behind you,
I have to say, you don't look
a thing like your voices.
I'm usually so good at that.
[Phone vibrating]
Sorry, I have to take this.
Would you mind showing
yourselves around?
There's an information sheet
on the table.
Yes, this is Shirley.
This all used to be wallpaper.
Chinese birds, I think.
No wonder they took it down.
We had a grandfather clock
in that corner.
Dad used to have
an easy chair,
listened to the radio
on Sundays.
This was our breakfast room.
Mom used to make the best
pancakes from scratch.
Good memories.
Yeah, good.
All kinds.
What is it?
It's my parents' room.
It's so weird.
It's like I have this feeling
that if I just turn the knob
and open the door
they'll be there.
Dad dozing and mom reading.
You can't go home again.
You can, it's just different.
[Shutter snaps]
Hope you don't mind.
No, we don't mind.
You look really happy
in these shots.
I mean wet, but happy.
We had fun, surprisingly.
No, I mean like moment
in your book happy.
You think so?
ave the same
phone number.
Can I ask, is this you?
That was me, alright.
And that's Jonathan and Sarah
you say?
Please tell us
you remember them.
Never saw them
before or since.
But I do recall that car and
how much this fellow wanted it.
He wanted to test drive it,
so the four of us went for lunch
down to the waterfront.
Jerry and I weren't married
at the time.
This couple, they were so much
in love.
Being around them
got us thinking.
A month later we tied
the knot.
You wouldn't happen to have
any old paperwork,
like a cancelled cheque
or something?
That was a lifetime ago.
A happy lifetime.
Because of them.
So many people passed through
Sarah and Jonathan's lives
and there's not one single lead.
How is that possible?
There must be something
we've overlooked.
What about this?
The skating rink?
Yeah, it's over on Bayview.
I used to go there
when I was a kid.
Sort of a local landmark.
Thousands of people must have
skated there over the years,
what could we possibly
find there?
Look what she's got.
That's not so unusual
at a skating rink.
No, in her hand.
It's the key!
Sorry, this hasn't been a roller
rink in a couple of decades.
37 doesn't mean anything
to you?
My son is 37,
does that help?
Not really, but thank you.
Wait a minute,
come to think about it
they used to rent
personal lockers back there.
Could it maybe be
a locker key?
It's so damp.
Yeah, we flooded it
a few years back.
Nobody uses this area.
That's the thing
about the past.
Once it's gone, not many take
the time to look back.
Well, they're not in order.
What a mess.
You know, I can't imagine
what you'd be looking for
after all these years.
A pair of old socks,
Oh hey, Chloe.
Number 37.
An extra pair of...
old socks.
Wow, Nixon is president.
Think he'll last?
Woah, what's that?
Dear Sarah, my darling
Beautiful Sarah.
They're love letters.
Why would she leave them
in a locker?
Maybe she lived at home
and didn't want her parents
to see them?
The guy had a way with words,
that's for sure.
I thought I was happy
before I met you,
but in meeting you
I realized how I had no idea
what happiness meant.
You're not only
everything I want,
you're everything I ever
knew I wanted.
I thought the photos
were special.
No one writes letters like
this anymore.
What's this?
Your presence is requested.
Chloe, look at this.
It's a wedding invitation.
Yeah, but I can't make it
all out.
There's water damage.
Sarah Lunde and
Jonathan something.
Sarah Lunde.
She has a last name.
It's her maiden name,
so that's not going to help.
What about the groom?
It's just Jonathan, it's water
damaged, washed away.
I can't see.
[Phone rings]
Chloe Davenport, hello?
If you're selling something-
I know who you are,
and I want you to stop
what you're doing.
Oh my god,
is this Sarah?
Stop this search and leave
me alone, please.
Tell me, is this Sarah?
Leave me alone.
I have read romance novels
that weren't this steamy.
You're sure it was her
on the phone?
Did you check caller I.D.?
It was a private number,
and she's definitely onto us.
How could she have
tracked you down.
Somewhere along the line
someone must have known
more than they were letting on.
Sarah wants us to give up
the search,
she was very clear about that.
Did she sound angry?
I don't know, she kind of
caught me off guard.
She was firm, I guess.
You know what, maybe we should
just let the whole thing go.
Let it go?
Have you never read
a detective novel?
This is where it gets good.
I mean, why doesn't she want us
to find her?
Do you think maybe
she murdered him?
That's how it turns out
on CSI.
No one murdered anyone.
Ok, Sarah is definitely
hiding something,
and we finally have
our first real lead.
The wedding invitation?
Yeah, but I mean there's
no groom's last name,
which means there's no Sarah's
married name.
But there would have been an
announcement in the newspapers.
Oh, I'm way ahead of you.
I have already Googled
and Bing-ed her
and there's no record anywhere.
It's been erased.
You know what though?
I mean, we have the date
of the wedding
and the address of the church,
why don't we go there?
I hate to interrupt.
Is this about a wedding?
Why does everyone
assume we're together?
Uh, it's about a wedding, yes.
But one that already happened.
So it's about marital
counseling then.
We could use that.
We're not together.
We're not getting married.
We're not married.
It's about a wedding that
happened 40 years ago.
That was a little
before my time.
Keep your eyes on your card.
You have that one, too.
We're actually looking for a
couple that was married here
in 1971.
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
There was a fire in '93 and
all the files were destroyed.
This is really starting
to feel hopeless.
Nothing is ever hopeless.
Have faith.
I won!
I won!
Well, it looks like
you're a $100 richer.
That's exactly what Mabel wanted
to go through her records.
You think she'll do it for us?
last time you said you'd
do it for $100.
I have a right to be compensated
for my time.
It's not a crime, is it?
Uh, no, but here's the hundred.
The price has gone up.
I couldn't even consider it
for less than200 bucks.
200 now?
Miss Potter, I shouldn't be
showing you this,
but you leave me no choice.
What was that?
Was that a gas card?
You've already seen
too much.
A badge?
Was it a badge?
Who are you two with?
The police?
The FBI?
The IRS?
We can't discuss it.
The IRS?
Oh, shhh.
Please keep your voice down.
The IRS?
You are clearly an
intelligent woman,
so you've no doubt surmised
that this is an issue
of some importance.
Is there a photo of something
in that book
that there shouldn't be
a photo of?
Or someone?
A big time tax evader?
We cannot confirm or deny.
We can only ask
your country's help
in locating the donor
of that property.
Not here.
Big ears.
Prying eyes.
Come with me
to my office.
This is your office?
Excuse me if I don't meet
your federal standards,
but this works for me.
Ink and paper, that's what
I put my trust in.
How do you find anything?
I have a system, it's called
"it's in here somewhere".
And I pay my taxes,
every penny.
1993, '97...
I'm closing in here.
Hold this.
I'm getting closer.
I'll know it when I see it.
You found it?
Key lime pie recipe!
I thought it was gone
for good.
Ok, ok, here we go.
Name, address, phone.
I think you'll find
it's all here.
Can I see-
I feel pretty weird
about this.
Well, do what you think
is right.
I am bound by law, however,
to inform you
that you've been under
constant surveillance.
Oh, don't, don't look around.
Just keep your eyes
on me.
There's a half dozen cameras
trained on you right now.
Here, take it.
We thank you.
Your government
thanks you.
Take it and forget
you ever saw me.
Is this the info we've been
looking for?
Sarah Lunde...
That can't be right.
Why not?
Lunde is her maiden name.
Well, that's what it says
right there.
Sarah Lunde.
Maybe we couldn't find a wedding
announcement because...
There was no wedding?
Where are you?
You'll never guess
what I'm doing.
At this point,
nothing would surprise me.
I'm in the car tailing
Sarah Lunde.
I thought you were gonna
wait for me to be done work.
No, no, I know
that was the plan
but we're so close
I couldn't wait.
So you're in a car chase.
Is this the same woman that
quoted me the speed limit?
It's not a car chase,
she was driving away
when I got to her house
so I followed her
at a sensible speed
keeping a low profile.
The target has pulled
into a flower nursery.
Wow, in a few short weeks
you've turned into Sam Spade.
What do I do?
Introduce yourself.
Talk to her.
I'm nervous.
I think I'm having
second thoughts.
Chloe, if you get a chance
just talk to her.
Ok, I gotta go.
She entered the store.
Do you need back up?
Stay by the phone.
Stop following me.
I'm not, I'm shopping.
A plastic owl?
Yeah, I had a real one
but he died.
I saw you outside.
And here in the shop.
Ok, I'm following you.
You're that woman,
aren't you?
Chloe Davenport,
nice to meet you.
There is nothing nice
about this at all.
I know it was you
on the phone,
but if you only knew why
I was trying to find you,
I have-
If it's about that book-
Yes! Yes, so you know!
If you had any idea
what we've been through
to try to find you, we found
your fish on the wall,
the park ranger, he sent us
to the flower shop.
That was your Tori,
wasn't it?
It was.
Then we went to the skating rink
and we found your old locker
with the box of old letters...
Why are you doing
all of this?
That is what I would really like
the chance to explain to you.
I don't want to hear it.
Then why did you ask?
It was rhetorical.
Please, I just really need
to know about the wedding.
We couldn't find a wedding
Because it never happened.
There was no wedding.
And I have no intention
of reliving all that
in the middle of
a garden center.
Or anywhere else,
for that matter.
What do you mean,
there was no wedding?
So what exactly do you think Or anywhere
else, you're going to find there?
If there is even a trace
of ink left on this paper,
I'm going to find it.
And if I can get Jonathan's
last name, we can find him.
And if I find him-
Chloe, we were right.
I mean, there was
no wedding.
She told you so herself.
Well, I don't care what
she said.
Those people in those photos
are the only truly happy,
loving couple I've ever known.
I put my faith in them.
And if this perfect couple
couldn't make it,
what chance do I have?
A little melodramatic,
don't you think?
I need to know what happened,
and if Sarah won't tell me
then it's up to Jonathan.
Wait, wait!
Is this a D?
O, D, D?
Yeah, Jonathan Dodd.
One, two, three.
[Knocks on door]
[Knocks on door]
Can I help you?
Mr. Dodd?
Who's asking?
You don't know me.
No, I don't.
I've been looking for you
for a very long time.
Are you bill collectors?
No, no.
We're old friends, Mr. Dodd.
Not really good friends
I guess,
since I'm not the guy
you're looking for.
We're neighbours.
Do you know where we might
find him?
He's gone for lunch probably,
same place he always goes.
Do you know where that is?
I can't tell you exactly,
but he's nuts about some place
called Vito's.
Got some sentimental
Jack's odd that way.
Odd about a lot of things.
Not Jonathan?
Everybody calls him Jack.
What kind of friends
are you?
Thank you.
Hey, that first day
at the restaurant.
Yeah, the guy that was
just leaving.
Wasn't his name Jack?
This Jack?
This is the guy you've been
looking for all this time?
He can't really be
the same person.
We'll, there's only one way
to find out.
Gabe, you can't just go out
and ask him.
Sure I can.
Ok, well be careful
how you do it
because if he reacts the same
way Sarah did-
You're forgetting
there's a difference.
I know what I'm doing.
Hey there, Jack is it?
Yeah, who are you?
Name's Gabe.
Sorry to interrupt.
I've been thinking about
investing some money in here
and Vito told me
you're kind of a regular.
Ever since his father
ran the place.
So you're in the restaurant
game, huh?
I'm thinking about it.
Well, you couldn't find a better
place than Vito's.
Sorry, Adoraddo.
Never did get used
to the name.
Way to fancy for me.
What's in a name?
Yours for instance,
it's not really Jack, is it?
Jonathan, Jon, Jack.
Call me anything, just don't
call me late for dinner, right?
Sit down if you like.
So what's so special
about this place?
Well, more than the food.
For me, it's the memories.
Back when it opened I proposed
to my girl here
at this very table.
Your wife?
Well, it didn't work out
that way.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, well, it's a long story.
Well, as it happens,
I have some time.
Hey Vito!
A bottle of wine over here.
It's on me.
Her name was Sarah.
Prettiest woman I ever saw.
Stubborn maybe,
everything by the book.
But where it counted...
I was so crazy about her.
So what happened?
Well, she had been hurt
in the past,
afraid it wouldn't be perfect.
Perfect is asking a lot,
especially with a guy like me.
She needed guarantees
nobody could give her.
Life's a crap shoot,
same with love.
You close your eyes,
you take a leap
and trust the feelings to last.
But I would have bought her
the moon if she had asked.
When it came
right down to it...
So the wedding...
She opted for safe.
So Jack has been
coming in here for years.
I've never heard
that story once.
Not a clue.
How did you do it?
Trade secret.
You're a bartender?
Bartender, attorney, chef.
You're a chef, too?
He's terrific, actually.
You are going to try a slice
of this pizza
and tell me what you think.
One for you.
And one for you.
It's hot, be careful.
This is really good.
Be honest.
Yeah, this is your recipe?
It's my dad's recipe.
It's great.
I feel so badly for him.
Look what it cost them both.
Hey, your show is still up.
Until this weekend.
Let's go in.
It hasn't changed.
Humor me.
You know, maybe I spoke
too soon last time.
I look at your pictures now and
I don't just see an old house,
chipped paint, empty swings.
I see you.
They're really beautiful,
The light and the composition.
You know, looking
at these now
after the past few
weeks with you,
it seems like the work
of someone else.
It does lack the full spectrum
of human emotion.
Just think of all the people
we've met
over the past few weeks,
the couples, the faces.
It's been quite a journey.
Chloe, I don't want to live
my life like Jack.
Wishing things had
worked out differently.
He knew what he wanted
and he lost it.
It's not the story I had hoped
to hear.
I thought that they could change
my mind about relationships
and if they couldn't
make it work-
No, Chloe, you can't live
other people's lives for them,
you have to find what you want,
what you love,
and live for that.
Chloe, I think I'm
falling in love with you.
I'm sorry, did you hear
what I said?
Yes, yes I did.
And that's so flattering and
I like you Gabe, I really do,
but it's never going to work
out between us.
It's just not.
Because you won't let it.
Because I can't.
Because it would end.
It always does.
Love never works out.
And the only thing worse
would be
having it not work out with you.
I guess I should have seen
that coming.
No, I...
I get it, Chloe.
I do.
Um, can I walk you home?
No, I think I'm going to stay
here for a little bit actually.
[Knocks on door]
Not you again.
I just need a minute.
I am perfectly capable
of calling the police.
Just please look.
I told you I don't want
to see it.
Now why won't you listen
to me?
Because I need to understand.
This whole thing, it started
out as a mystery,
something to do...
Well, have you considered
It's become so much
more than that.
I really need to talk
to you.
Please, Sarah.
I cleaned the attic a year ago
and found this.
I didn't have the heart
to burn it or throw it away.
I guess I thought maybe somebody
could use the pages
or something.
And now, like it or not,
here it is again.
Maybe some things are just
meant to be.
The roller rink.
You were there, you say?
They still play that
terrible organ music?
I don't know.
Our trip to the mountains.
Our boat overturned.
I almost drowned.
You can't imagine.
Actually, I can.
None of those shots
are in here, of course.
Only smiles.
Happy memories.
Decades in the attic
gathering dust,
where I thought it
should remain.
So you really don't want
it back?
I really don't.
Memories are too hard
to look at.
See, I don't get that.
When you look at these photos-
The photos don't show
how it turned out.
Jonathan's car.
He drove us around all day
hoping someone would notice.
And that's the sweet couple
that sold it to him.
You know they're still together?
They say you two were
the reason.
Well, I'm glad something good
came of it.
Whatever possessed you
to buy this?
I thought it was inspiring.
A real life storybook romance.
There's no way you could
have known, I suppose.
How do you take your tea?
It was all my fault.
Something I have to live with.
We got to the big day and I just
couldn't go through with it.
What stopped you?
What caused that doubt?
I didn't believe in love,
I guess.
I wanted to spare myself
some imagined heartache.
So I panicked.
I ran.
And I thought if he came
after me,
that would prove something.
But he didn't.
He was the one who was hurt.
And I have missed that man
every day of my life.
Did you ever tell him?
After standing him up like that?
I chose to leave mad
enough alone.
And you never found
anyone else.
Not another his equal.
So I made my life about
my friends, about my work.
And it hasn't been unpleasant.
But it might have been
What have I done, Taylor?
If I heard right, Gabe
pretty much said he loves you
and you pretty much
dismissed it.
It's because everything
about the man is wrong.
He's cocky, he's impulsive.
He got...
he got a law degree to be
a bartender.
He is impossible.
Then you did the right thing.
Yeah, I guess.
So the whole adventure was
for nothing?
Not if Gabe and I can get Sarah
and Jonathan back together.
Well, there's a challenge.
You think he's up for it?
I think Gabe will want to see
this thing through.
And I have an idea.
So you want me to offer
a free meal to some woman
I don't even know?
Yes, but think of it
as a promotion,
or just helping out
your best customer.
What are you up to?
I'm begging you.
Look, Gabe and I we're trying
to fix something
that's really overdue
for fixing.
I'll dial, all you have
to do is talk.
I hope this is legal.
What do I say?
Sarah Lund?
This is Vito Marino of
the world famous
Adoraddo restaurant downtown.
Nice touch.
I've got good news for you.
Your name has been chosen
at random
to receive one complimentary
What night?
Friday night.
How about 7:00 pm?
We look forward to seeing you.
Wow. That felt good.
This is going to be great.
Roller coasters, boy
how I hated those things.
I'd ride with her all day
if she asked.
I knew how much
she loved them.
Jack, when was the last time
you wore a tie?
I'm not a tie kinda guy,
check the book.
A beauty, wasn't she?
She still is.
Are you sure you're alright
with this?
Is she ok with this?
That's the real question.
Hey, she sounded great
on the phone.
Sure she did.
Sarah was always great.
Where'd you say you found this?
At a swap meet.
It's a shame, isn't it?
Anybody's memories
should wind up for sale.
Hey, Vito, we have a customer.
She's here.
Some advice from an old guy.
If you find love,
hold onto it.
Trust your heart.
It never lies.
Excuse me, miss.
Is this seat taken?
You haven't changed a day.
Oh, well...
your eyesight must be failing.
But my memory is working
up here.
It's like yesterday.
Wherever my father is tonight,
I know he's smiling.
It's like they've never
been apart.
Makes the whole search
worth it.
What are you doing?
Well, it's a special meal.
You didn't think I was gonna
trust it with Vito, did you?
Ok, still, you should
probably ask.
He knows.
You know that nest egg
I've been sitting on?
That career I've been
looking for?
What, you're going to buy
the restaurant?
We worked it out this morning;
Vito and me, 50/50
The kitchen, that's my 50.
Hand me those tomatoes
over there.
In a way, this is all your idea,
so it better work out.
Speaking of ideas, do you
think we could talk about
the other night at the gallery?
It was all my fault.
Huge mistake.
I was jumping in without
thinking things through
as usual.
We just found Jack,
anything seemed possible.
Truth is, some things,
they just aren't possible.
They just aren't.
Yeah, you were clear from
the start, never lead me on.
Whatever I thought was going
on, it was all in my head.
Let's just leave it at that.
No harm, no foul.
Here's to us.
Over the past few weeks,
I've developed a new
appreciation for faces,
for relationships.
Old ones, new ones, and
relationship rediscovery.
It's an exciting
new direction for me.
Very nice, Miss Davenport.
Your work is stunning.
It demonstrates a
deep understanding
of matters of the heart.
I'm impressed.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, Mr...
Art critic for the Chronicle.
Give me a call
this coming week.
I'd like to do a profile on you.
If you don't mind.
No, I don't mind.
Thank you very much.
Was that somebody?
That was Jeffrey Crestor,
wasn't it?
The critic?
He specializes in
I read.
Sweetie, would you mind
getting us something to drink?
Anything wet.
what did he say?
He loves my work.
And you know who else does?
My fianc.
Your what?
I know, I wouldn't believe
it either, except I have proof.
I am absolutely...
Me too.
And he wants to buy a
framed copy of that one.
The couple in the restaurant.
He finds it inspiring.
I've gotta go.
Hey, we'll be closing up soon.
Do you want me to start
packing stuff up?
Just one more minute?
My days are filled
with mistakes
some added in make.
I carry them around.
Some people don't feel
a thing
Some kind of
blissful dream
I wish I could live
that now.
Oh, I
Wish I could live
that now.
What are you doing here?
It is your first day
with the new business
and I thought that deserved
a celebration.
Yeah, um...
how did you get in?
Oh, just a suggestion that
the first thing you might need
is a new alarm system.
Hey, um... listen.
About the other night...
There's plenty of time to talk
about that over breakfast.
What is this?
It's only breakfast.
And I microwaved half of it, so
don't worry, your job is safe.
there's something I want
to say,
and I want to get
all the way through
so please don't interrupt.
You and I could not be more
wrong for each other,
and you have no concept of
the rules of the road,
you choose your adventure
at the drop of a hat.
You nearly drowned me
and fed me to wildlife.
Is that it?
That is the tip of
the iceberg.
But the thing is, Gabe,
I love that iceberg.
I really do.
And if it melted, I don't know
what I would do.
So just so you don't
forget that...
What's this?
A peace offering.
Sarah had a great idea.
This is just a start.
There's plenty more pages to be
filled in if you're game.
And do you Gabe, take Chloe to
be your lawfully wedded wife,
to have and to hold,
for better or for worse,
for richer or for poor,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish
from this day forward
for as long as you both
shall live?
I do.
I now proudly present you
as husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.