The Menkoff Method (2016) Movie Script

Morning, Philbs.
This is David Cork.
He works for Endobank,
a once successful bank,
now in decline.
David Cork is a data
processing assistant, level 2.
But actually, he's an artist.
A comic book artist.
- It's manga.
- Ah.
- So tell me, David Cork...
- Uh, yes?
..who's the hero?
Foxy Chaos, seventh
daughter of the Storm Nebula.
Spreading love throughout
the second universe.
And who's the bad guy?
You've got to have a bad guy.
Senior Customer
Relations Officer.
- And you live in New York?
- Yeah. It's beautiful.
- And you?
- Endobank, Australia.
Guy Curry,
head of Business Banking.
- Your CEO spoke earlier.
- Yes, Clive Struthers.
Perhaps a little conservative.
We should be doing
twice the business.
Our data processing centres
are inefficient.
We need to be far
more aggressive.
- You mean reckless.
- I mean ruthless.
There's a difference?
I can show you later,
if you like.
- I don't think so.
- Your loss.
I think I'll say hello
to Clive.
Every Tsar falls one day,
Mr. Curry.
Excuse me?
Max Menkoff.
I can help you.
Business is revolution.
Revolution is business.
Menkoff Management System's
revolutionary system
can deliver increased
and efficiency gain
for your bank.
- Mm-hm.
- Total commitment.
Total engagement. All staff.
Look, this is all very well
but I don't have
the authority.
Don't you want success?
I can offer you success.
Performance-enhancing regime
with minimal adverse
side effects.
- Clive would never agree.
- Clive is not important.
If only that were true.
I can get rid of Clive.
It's part of Menkoff Method.
First, PowerPoint.
Then we talk.
One moment.
Room service!
Da, da, da. Da, da.
Here, please. Please.
Business rival.
that's not strictly correct.
Max Menkoff is an evil genius
who stole money and
deadly Polonium 210
from the United
Mongolian Bank.
And they want it back.
Look, I just came for
a presentation...
Please. I have PowerPoint. Hmm?
Menkoff Method - unique,
once-only opportunity
to improve your bank's
Our success speaks for itself.
National Bank of Ragastan -
before Menkoff Method,
no profit.
After, 360 million rubles
in first year.
Menkoff Method - all data
processing workers receive
injection of supplement.
Better staff performance
equals better profit.
You can have wealth,
success, respect.
Sign up now to Menkoff Method.
Alice, make sure that includes
CMEs this time.
Yes, Phil.
David. You fixed the database yet?
Okay, no, you haven't.
I already checked.
- Got an ETA?
- Thursday.
- Thursday?
- Thursday morning.
Or... today?
- Uh...
- Make it 11.
After 10, before 12.
Get a thesaurus.
Template database printout
on my desk - 11, okay?
Can't be done.
You'll need Mynix.
You'll need Mynix.
Mynix is down.
I'm working on it.
But yeah...
...Sorry about that.
Gary Barrett. IT.
Short-term contract.
Just get it done.
When you can. And stop doing
whatever it is you're doing.
Or you'll be talking
to Marjorie.
I use Mynix every day.
There's nothing wrong with it.
Is now. Can be for
as long as you want.
Us against them, mate.
Hot chick. Smoke?
Uh, no, thanks.
- No, no, I-I don't smoke.
- That's a bit antisocial.
I'm not a very social person.
You don't need
to smoke to take a break.
Marjorie doesn't allow breaks.
Yeah, I'm sure she doesn't
allow cartoons either.
- It's manga.
- Of course it is.
It's huge in Japan.
I'm entering a contest there.
'Foxy Chaos'.
Oh, hey, Dave.
Um, I just brought in
some biscuits
and thought maybe you would
like some biscuits too.
So I've got some for you here.
Would you like some? Biscuits?
Sure. Thanks.
- I don't mind comics.
- Hey.
- Morning, Mr. Curry.
- Morning... Ruby.
Did you two have a good trip?
I did. Great trip.
I was hoping to include your
report for the board meeting.
- I have Clive's.
- Of course you have.
You know, it's not all about
pieces of paper.
No! No, I understand.
We need to move this bank
into the 21st century.
And you can be part of that.
I'll see you up there.
Ruby. Good weekend?
Yes, thank you, Mr. Struthers.
- Harold.
- Clive.
- Guy. Dubai went well?
- Certainly did.
So what do you get if you win?
Uh, they publish
the winning entry.
And you get an internship with
Takuya Fujimoro.
A samurai?
No, the creator of Foxy Chaos.
- He's a master.
- Ah! Cool, man.
Please don't get ash on that.
Bet you you give good Excel,
though, don't ya?
Hey? Shit-hot spreadsheets.
I bet you it gets Phil nice
and hot under the collar, hey?
What a shame, life isn't a comic book.
I mean, what's it really
all about, Dave?
Is it really just all about sex?
You got a lady? Biscuit girl.
She seems keen.
- Who?
- Ah, me neither.
Too career-focused.
I'm a singer.
'Gary Barrett and
the Instruments of Death.'
You can keep that.
- Hey, good luck.
- Thanks.
Hey, Trev! How you goin'?
Since you been fired.
Help me, Takuya Fujimoro.
You're my only hope.
Get out of my cubicle!
- Get out of my cubicle!
- Trev.
- They made me move.
- Wait.
- I liked my old cubicle.
- Get out!
This cubicle was my life!
Oh, shit! Fuck!
Melting Moment?
You'll be fine, Trevor.
- Insider trading.
- They are just allegations.
By whom?
The evidence requires us
to investigate the matter.
This is absurd.
I'm sure they'll come
to nothing.
Until that time...
...I've no choice
but to stand down.
I appreciate that.
One piece of advice.
Don't even think of making him
acting CEO.
- I don't think it's app...
- He's not up to it.
- Excuse me!
- You're not up to it.
Harold, you know me.
I'm sure you can see
this is nonsense.
Our hand is forced.
For heaven's sake,
I told you I'd step down.
The king is dead.
- Long live the king.
- Na zdrowie!
The pilot program
is all yours, Max.
- And then, the full rollout.
- Thank you, Mr. Curry.
We are very happy to be here.
Our method is simple,
yet effective.
Svetlana, Karpov are
experienced practitioners.
I welcome you to my country.
Your supplement program
is groundbreaking.
It could make
all the difference.
Please keep in secure location.
Uh, yeah, what is it?
Most of my recipients become
very good workers.
Some - very few - have
negative reaction. Not many.
Supplements make them
like zombies.
This will reverse.
It is, how you say, antidote.
- Uh, what?
- Please, keep safe.
In wrong hands,
could destroy all our work.
Pretty numbers, Max, pretty
numbers, I can sell anything.
- Just make them pretty.
- Of course.
- The Menkoff Method.
- Menkoff Method.
Now, I'd like to avoid
this becoming
some sort of worker's
compensation situation
so, um, I can offer you
stress leave.
If you wish? Though,
we're seriously understaffed.
Would you like, um,
stress leave?
Uh, no, I don't think so, no.
Alright. Good. Good.
Now, a counsellor?
I can offer you a counsellor.
A good one.
- No, that's okay.
- Ah, good.
The bank is here for you,
If there's anything
that you might need...
We do wish to contain
this situation.
- Anything?
- Well, within reason.
I'd like a 72-set limited
edition Copic marker pen pack.
From Japan.
They're quite expensive.
Oh, sweetie!
Oh, sweetie, sweetie,
sweetie, sweetie...
Mummy's here.
- He's had an eye operation.
- Hmm.
Poor little thing.
We'll see what we can do.
Thank you.
If you could just
sign this here for me.
What you did today, David,
was very, very brave.
Now let's never
speak of it again.
Go out, have a drink.
You'll be fine.
Fuck, take that mask off
and stop drawing comics.
Place is crawling
with Endo workers.
- Corporate chicks from HQ.
- They're not comics.
Put it away. Mate, you're
a hero, start acting like one.
- I shouldn't even be here.
- And put that away too.
- Fuck me!
- I have a deadline.
Karaoke time,
ladies and gents.
Just shut up and drink. Relax.
First up... Gary Barrett.
Watch and absorb.
Workin' hard
to make a livin'
Bringin' shelter
from the rain
A father, son
left to carry on
- Blue denim in his veins?
- Get a real job, mate!
He's a workin' class man?
Shut up!
Hey, none of that!
- Off!
- Ow!
- He broke the foldback!
- I'm sorry. Can I just...
- Get off stage! Off!
- Let's get out of here.
Excuse me.
- Get him out!
- Can I finish my song?
- Oh, my shoe! My shoe!
- You're grabbing me, mate!
Mate, I just wanna finish
me song!
- Wait.
- Come on, mate.
Stay out.
My shoe!
I left my shoe behind.
Let me guess - Cinderella?
Mr. Curry?
- Mr. Curry?
- Hmm.
So, you're with the management
training program.
You'll be shadowing me.
We need good, sharp minds
in the bank.
I came through
the MTP myself.
First of all, anything you see
or hear in this office
is strictly confidential.
- Hmm?
- Of course.
Second, you will not discuss
anything related to DPC2
with anyone, least of
all board members.
Past and present.
Third, any correspondence
from a consultant named
Max Menkoff - emails, calls -
is really,
really confidential.
- Understand?
- Yes, Mr. Curry.
And if Rita or Heidi call,
tell them I've been
transferred to Dubai.
- Permanently. Uncontactable.
- Yes.
Actually, don't write that down.
Right, of course, Mr. Curry.
Call me Guy.
- Guy?
- Relax.
Watch and learn.
- Is that all?
- Is that all... Guy?
Right. Of course. Guy.
Bye, Guy!
Look, this may come
as a very big surprise to you,
Mr. Menkoff,
but I have been with this bank
for 25 years.
I have outlasted eight CEOs,
five rebranding exercises,
two mergers and
a hostile takeover bid.
Y-you cannot just fire me.
Ms. Werne, I served in
Afghanistan in 1980s.
I see many people get 'fired'.
And dogs is not acceptable.
Mr. Menkoff,
this is not Afghanistan.
And if you touch my dog,
I will set the RSPCA
on to you.
Let me make myself very clear.
In English.
Redeploy me
or I will report you
to the Fair Work Commission
Tribunal for unfair dismissal.
Very well.
You will proofread
every document in system
from June 1987 to today.
You'll log all typographical
and grammatical errors.
You will report daily progress
update to Svetlana directly.
One hundred document per day.
Failure to meet quota three
times, you are dismissed.
- That's impossible.
- Take her.
So to get the girl -
employee database.
The mother lode.
Tonight, when it's quiet, just
start going through 'em.
Everyone's got a mugshot
but it has to be my computer.
- Hey, Dave...
- Pretty busy, Louise. Yeah?
Has to be my computer because
of the admin privileges.
Not just a simple case
of breaking a code.
No, this is a bank.
Security is paramount.
MENKOFF, OVER PA: Workers of
data processing center #2,
Credit Card Application
and Approval Division.
My name is Max Menkoff.
I am here because
you have failed.
We must repeal workforce plan.
Then review.
I will make change.
Do not resist.
Compulsory vaccinations
will commence today.
But now, please,
enjoy some cake.
- 'Barnsey.'
- Okay?
Workforce reviews?
What is that about?
At least they've got cake.
Who is he, Charlie?
Ah... Who is he?
Ooh, Charlie.
We've got ourselves a doozy.
If all else fails,
polonium 210.
My insurance policy.
Ruby Jackson.
'75, Clowes Street, Prahran.'
- Charlie. Hello, David.
- Hi.
Charlie, Charlie,
it's okay, it's okay.
I can give you a lift, David.
You'll be pleased to know
I received
a purchase order
for your pens,
and Finance sent off
a wire transfer
to the manufacturer in Japan
...should receive them in about
five to ten working days.
You're going to drive,
are you, David?
Oh, sorry.
- You alright.
- Uh, yeah.
Just think we should go.
Something weird is going on
up there.
- The water coolers?
- All of them.
- But she didn't see you?
- No.
Oh, that Mr. Menkoff,
he's an elusive man.
His methods are questionable,
probably illegal.
- Maybe he's KGB.
- Well, he's certainly not HR.
We need to go to the police.
Oh, what, and complain about
a consultant? Please.
No, if you see anything else,
you come directly to me.
Or if I'm unavailable,
straight to Head Office.
Mr. Menkoff may have the DPC
but we can always go
over his head.
- Who to?
- The top.
Mr. Menkoff has no idea
who he's dealing with.
Consultants come and
consultants go, believe me.
No, it's Head Office... or me.
Direct line.
We've got the bank's
reputation to think about.
I'll give you my number too...
Oh, David. I know
everything about you.
Fury love.
Happy power.
Oi! Enough!
- Hello?
- Uh...
- That's my shoe.
- Uh, yes.
From last night at the pub.
And a rose.
- Rubes, who is it?
- It's just some guy!
You didn't think a rose
might be a bit creepy?
- How did you know my address?
- I-I work at Endobank.
At the DPC2.
But I'm actually
a manga artist.
I draw Foxy Chaos.
And you were dressed like her
so I-I thought you must be
a fan as well, like me.
I-It was a dress-up party. I
hired the last costume there.
What's your name?
- Uh, David.
- Ruby?
- Cork.
- What's going on? Who's this?
- Uh...
- What's your name, bro?
David Cork.
Thank you for the shoe.
Brought my shoe back.
- Amelia! Enough!
- Jason, your dog!
- Amelia!
- Jason! Hold her!
- Down! Stop!
- Stop her!
- Jason, pull her back!
- Desist!
I fucked up, Philby.
I fucked up.
Sensei Fujimoro,
I have something to show you.
I have already seen.
You are eighth son
of the Storm Nebula.
Do not kill the child
to become the man.
Do not eat the breeze.
Don't drink that, it's spiked.
I must finish work plan.
- What?
- KPIs will be met.
Gary. I found her.
New data. Must upload.
- The girl... with the shoe.
- Shh!
'Bank-owned life insurance.'
All these people.
Beneficiary - Max Menkoff.
The patient's going to need
a full blood transfusion.
Yep, and can you include
an I&R with that?
Brilliant. Thanks very much.
Right, love. You wanna just
take your jacket off for me?
Your jacket. You want to
just take it off for me?
Alright, here we go.
Oh, I didn't sign
a consent form.
Oh, don't you worry
about that, darling.
We're all friends here. It's
just a compulsory vaccination.
A consent is a regulatory requirement.
It's procedure.
'Need consent'?
It's an offense under
workplace health
and safety legislation
to administer a vaccination
without the explicit
written consent
from the employee concerned.
Look, I'm just doing me job.
Not only are you in breach of
National Health Practitioner
Regulation law
but you're exposing the bank
to potentially significant
I will raise this
with Mr. Menkoff.
Whoa! Alright, love,
I'll tick your name off.
You just take yer
fuckin' lollipop and go.
- Language.
- I'm Glaswegian, woman!
What the fuck did you expect?
Phil... Phil!
No. Phil. Phil.
- Name?
- David.
David Cork.
You look tired.
- Why you tired?
- He draws, Mr. Menkoff.
- He always draws...
- Shh!
You have not had vaccination.
Take him away. Watch him.
We cannot afford problems.
Alright. Off we go, come on!
Bad reaction.
He needs antidote.
No, no, no, no waste antidote.
It's no problem.
He looks alright.
- Uh, can I have that back?
- No, come on.
Wait, wait. Wait!
Yes, Max.
Yes, Max.
Yes, Max. Okay.
Go on. Go on.
Okay, I do it right now, Max.
Don't worry.
- Hi.
- What is it?
I-I need to get an injection?
Aye, well, I'm meant to be
knocking off.
And I need
a fucking cigarette.
Look, I'm coming back
to cover people on leave.
You'll have to make
an appointment.
Well, go on!
The books are there.
Go put your name down.
Ah, Jesus, it's only a vaccination,
ya stupid little shite,
no big fucking deal.
Attention all staff,
this is Max Menkoff.
Report immediately
to car park evacuation point
for compulsory callisthenics
with colleague Svetlana.
- That is all.
- 'Avoid vacc. Need consent'
That should work.
Excuse me, Marjorie.
Go! Hide, hide, hide. Go. Go!
Good morning.
Thanks for meeting with me.
- You've had vaccination?
- No, I haven't.
Please, take a seat.
I'm not a fool, Mr. Menkoff.
I know you're up to something.
- Ms. Werne...
- I don't understand it.
I don't want to understand it.
Whatever it is, it's highly
irregular and unorthodox.
Such things should be avoided.
What is your point, Ms. Werne?
I want a guarantee
that whatever it is
that you are up to, I will not
be dragged me down into it.
I have a reputation
to maintain...
I'm sorry...
I am part of the furniture
here, Mr. Menkoff.
I know people in very high
places in this organisation.
And I am known.
I will be accommodated
and I will be protected.
And I will not be
I'm sorry,
this is about your work?
Oh, you find this amusing,
do you?
No, is not amusing. Is, uh...
Is waste. Waste is problem.
Then we understand
each other.
Time to go, Ms. Werne.
Max! Down!
Shoot him!
- Got him!
- Not him, the other one!
- There is other one?
- The other one!
Fucking idiot!
Eh, Max? He's fucking idiot!
I think I got him.
- Ah!
- Okay!
Okay, Max, I think we did it.
- Fucking hate this guy.
- Eh?
I had good line,
he ruined my line.
- What was line?
- Ms. Werne, you're fired.
Yeah, not so good line.
Okay, uh, Ms. Werne,
under-utilise this!
Yes, is better.
- Find dog. He knows too much.
- Sure, Max.
- I need drink.
- Don't worry, Max.
I will clean this up and
I will find your little doggy.
Here, doggy, doggy,
doggy, doggy.
Here, little doggy,
doggy, doggy...
Here, little doggy, doggy,
doggy, doggy.
Here, doggy, doggy,
doggy, doggy...
Here, doggy, doggy,
doggy, doggy...
- Guy Curry's office.
- Yes.
I'd like to talk
to Mr. Curry.
Can I say who's calling?
- Uh, it's about a consultant.
- Which consultant?
Uh, Max Menkoff.
Right, yes. Who's speaking?
I really need to talk
to Mr. Curry.
I can take a message.
- Or we could... meet?
- Meet? Um...
Tonight. I could meet you
after work.
You can trust me.
You choose the venue.
Somewhere safe. Okay?
Uh, 114, Chapel Street.
7 PM. I'll carry a red handbag.
See you then. Okay? Bye.
Holy Toledo!
Why don't you take a picture?
Why don't you get into
some lycra and we will?
Go on, use your phone.
Tweet it.
- I use Instagram.
- Oh.
I don't do lycra.
Gotta be kidding me.
I didn't know it was you
on the phone.
- Yeah, sure, whatever.
- Please.
Piss off.
You're the one who wanted
to talk to me.
Yeah, well, I didn't know
it was you at the time.
I didn't know it was you either.
This Menkoff, do you know him?
What do you know?
- Marjorie Werne. DPC Admin.
- HR.
She coordinates the data
processing training program.
- What about her?
- She's dead.
- What?
- Deceased.
They killed her
and now she's totally dead.
I hid and when I came out...
I don't even know what
they did with her body.
- I want to talk to Mr. Curry.
- I said you could trust me.
This was a really weird place
to meet. Do you know that?
You said you wanted
somewhere safe.
Come on.
Whatever it is they're putting
in the water coolers
seems to trigger them
into droids.
- Droids?
- Yes.
Gary doesn't talk to me
anymore, he just... works.
- You can't go back there.
- I have to get my manga back.
I can't start again.
If they find out what you saw,
they will kill you too.
I need my manga.
And someone has to feed Charlie.
Marjorie's dog.
Well, be careful.
Find out what you can.
Is it okay if I Facebook you?
- Sure. Facebook. Whatever.
- Great.
- I'm gonna go now.
- Okay.
- Ruby.
- Clive. I need...
I can't speak to a bank staff
while I'm under investigation.
- I'm sorry.
- Can I come in?
- Absolutely not.
- Clive, it's Curry.
He's taken out bank-owned
life insurance policies.
He's named a consultant
BOLI policy? Endobank?
It's impossible.
Harold would have no part
in that.
I've seen the policies.
The consultant
is a guy called Max Menkoff.
He's been injecting
the employees.
They end up like robots.
And Marjorie Werne is dead.
- What?
- There was a shooting.
She was killed.
You saw that?
No. A guy at the DPC
told me.
- Right. Right.
- You've got to help us.
This is incredulous.
All this in a matter of days?
This place is probably
under surveillance.
Just go.
'All it takes for evil
to triumph
is for good men
to do nothing.'
You taught me that.
We pledge ourselves
to Endobank
We pledge ourselves to thee
Colleagues one and all,
we strive for productivity!
Every hour of every day
Every heart flies high
As every moment
we must think of our KPIs
We pledge ourselves
to Endobank
We pledge ourselves to thee
Colleagues one and all,
we strive for productivity!
Alright, now, very careful
with your... Steady.
Make sure... Make sure
you don't drop anything.
Wait for lift. Careful.
Steady, steady.
Wait, wait for lift.
Ah, David.
David Cork.
Excuse me, excuse me. Please.
Okay, everybody, in the lift.
There we go. Down to four.
You're into the lift.
That is right. Hey!
Come on, idiot.
Get in there. Get in there.
When you go into the foyer,
do not come back.
Keep going, do not come back.
You are fired.
Okay? You're fired. Goodbye!
Pst! Tell me,
what happens in the end?
Must attain KPIs.
No, no, no,
I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about comic.
Foxy Chaos. Right?
Look, the last few pages.
It's not finished.
What happens?
Listen to me, David Cork!
Does she get away?
Yes, I knew it!
I knew it!
Yes, you make me so happy.
I knew it here.
You're good man.
Ah... Good.
I wonder...
Would you like to finish it
for me?
I would like to see ending.
Must attain KPIs.
Yes. Right.
No, yes, no, you're right.
Shit. Shit. I don't know
what am I thinking.
Okay. Okay.
- He's here, Mr. Curry.
- Good. Out.
- Drink?
- No, thank you.
Ah. So, how's it going?
Implementation is very smooth.
We will proceed with planning
for full rollout.
- Many logistical challenges.
- I see. I see.
- The Method is effective.
- Yes, I can see that.
It's... it's admirable.
I'm not so sure
we can go through
with the full rollout, though.
Why not?
I have to consider
my position, Max. It's risky.
The Method is effective.
The 4-7% rapid and permanent
loss of cognitive function,
we can maybe get away
with that in the DPC
but the whole bank...
The error rate is acceptable.
This is simply turnover.
- This is not problem.
- It's not personal, Max.
It's business.
You drove a hard bargain -
the BOLI policies for
your kids, your grandkids.
You've provided. I just
can't back a full rollout.
- It's just prudent.
- That is your final position?
- I'm sorry.
- Hm. So am I.
Shh, it's only little needle.
Fucker! You mad fucker!
You know I've got
the antidote...
Your contract is terminated.
You'll not use antidote.
You'll keep antidote
in safe, secure location.
I will not use antidote.
I will keep antidote
in safe, secure location.
At tomorrow's management meeting,
you will recommend
full rollout immediately.
Yes, Mr. Menkoff.
- Thirsty?
- Yes, Mr. Menkoff.
Keep antidote
in safe, secure location.
Oh, uh, I'm sorry, uh...
I was just leaving.
- I am, uh, consultant.
- Ah.
Oh, shit.
Hey. How's life?
How much do you know
about computers?
Uh, the first computer
dates back to the early 1940s
when Konrad Zuse invented...
- David.
- Yes?
Cease. I need to access
some files of Curry's
but how do I get in
without a password?
Uh, you'd need
admin privileges.
How do I do that?
Can you get them?
Can you?
So, how's your day been?
Okay, I can log in remotely
and change the password.
- I'm in.
- Be quick.
Curry is at a short meeting.
There's an antidote. We just
need to find out where it is.
Okay, the new password
is 'Foxy'.
- Holy mackerel.
- What?
Um, encrypted. The files.
I can see 'em
but I can't read them.
Can you uncrypt them?
- That's my workstation.
- David?
I have
instructions from Mr. Menkoff.
What's happening?
David, come on.
We've got to hurry!
- Amazing!
- Nearly there.
Got it!
Mr. Curry! How was the meeting?
Water. Water. Water.
Work. Work. Work.
- Coffee?
- Of course, Mr. Curry.
Excellent idea.
'Cork. David Cork.'
'Marjorie Werne.'
A little doggy.
They make no sense.
Some kind of codes,
What do you think?
Shouldn't be too hard, right?
I mean, you got through
all that encryption.
Surely, this is...
Ruby, I don't know.
- Go away!
- You have to see these!
I will not!
I will stay here all night
if I have to.
For goodness' sake!
All of the staff have been
with a performance-enhancing
drug. There's an...
Leave now or
I'll call the police.
I saw Marjorie Werne killed.
She was shot.
By a window cleaner
who was shooting at
Mr. Menkoff.
It was really weird
but she had told me
to call Head Office if...
And I did.
But we can't trust Mr. Curry.
Please, Clive.
Good Lord...
This sequence pertains to
an underground vault complex
at HQ.
Where the antidote is stored.
You're the only person in
the world who can get to that.
I'll have to get
into the building first.
Only way in is through
the main foyer.
There's no way not to be seen.
I'm not supposed to be
within 200m.
You go in, you get it and you
take it to David at the DPC.
They'll recognize me.
Not if you're dressed
as a technician.
Spare me.
- Clive?
- You can crash here tonight.
- If it's easier.
- How could I refuse?
Do you snore?
I'm 56 years old and...
..I've been drinking.
You take the couch.
And you, don't get any ideas.
To Karpov's incredibly fat mother.
And his stupid father.
Karpov, did you find
your little doggy?
The little doggy, it is a spy.
And the boy with the comic,
he has not had vaccination.
But I sent him with you.
Yes, he went in
to see the nurse.
But now I think he is
connected to Marjorie Werne.
W-What? I-I sent you with him!
He went into sick room but
then you called me away.
Remember, Max?
Look here. You see?
The doctor, Dr. Mishi.
And here is a little doggy.
And here they are shooting
and she runs away
with the little doggy.
I have discovered a spy!
- Karpov. Karpov.
- What?
Ah! Max!
Why you do this to me?
- Fucking idiot!
- Max.
W-Why do you say Marjorie?
Because of the register.
The vaccination register.
You believe he saw?
Here, the dog,
the dog biscuits.
- Where?
- In the storeroom.
On the top floor,
on Marjorie's floor.
And what is this?
Hmm... I do not know.
Sorry. It's a bit of a mess.
We'll fix it.
Clive will get the antidote,
we'll rescue the workers
and they'll tell their story.
- I meant the room.
- Huh?
The room,
it's a bit of a mess.
You know, your work...
..It's really good.
We should get some sleep.
Big day tomorrow.
Which side
did you want to sleep on?
Uh, don't care.
I think I'd better take
the Philby side.
He might get a bit...
freaked out if I didn't.
How long have you been
doing this?
Since I was a kid.
You should get a job
You're wasted at the DPC.
You should see my new book.
It's much better.
I actually do my best work
at the DPC.
Well, I did until
the Russian people arrived.
Oh, shit.
Sorry, no, I'm fine, I'm
just... staying at a friend's.
Yeah. Yep.
See you tomorrow. Bye.
- Ruby? Was that...
- Jason?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Very concerned
for my wellbeing.
I'm cool with that.
- You met him. Briefly.
- Sure.
Do you have a brother?
I'm lucky, I guess.
Goodnight, Philby.
You're fucked.
- Black belt?
- Third dan.
Oh, shit.
Morning, Guy. Walk and talk?
Just want to get the lowdown
on this HR system rollout.
Um, Menkoff?
- Rollout.
- Feeling better this morning?
Rollout. Must order rollout.
- Sure. Let's walk and talk.
- Rollout.
- Maintenance - vaults.
- What?
You've got a Binkley 52
multi-locking system, right?
It's due for routine
maintenance. Overdue.
- Do we?
- You mean the empty one?
I thought they checked
that one last month.
- I'll check the register.
- Cancelled.
Meant to be. Got cancelled.
No, I'm sure they did it.
Listen. It's a fuck-up.
I had some woman troubles,
if you know what I mean.
You'd be doing me
a big favor.
I mean, we all know
that Simon would be pissed off
if he knew about it, right?
That's for sure, yeah.
It's Friday, right?
So he's not on today.
We get in, we get out,
no-one's any wiser.
Just a couple of minutes.
If you want while
I'm down there,
I'll check the Felton 2000.
I'll go with him.
You right there?
Um, on this third
recommendation here,
I'm concerned about the data
that's going to perhaps
be lost in...
Um, and has this all
been put into place already?
Because I really don't think
this follows normal protocol.
Rollover. Must order...
Yeah, I got me own
woman troubles.
I don't know what goes on.
Sometimes, you know,
the brain they have,
I think it's smaller than
a male brain.
The shit they worry about.
Shouldn't you have more tools?
No, my friend.
It's all digital these days.
..five, six, one.
Weird bottle.
Oh, special oil for,
you know, lubrication.
Titanium tumblers, so...
- What's it doing in there?
- It's volatile so, um...
Yeah, right.
Now, it needs to be kept
at a stable temperature.
- Yeah.
- Um...
I think it's a little unstable
right now so...
- I'll step out...
- No, no, no.
Stay. I'll just step
into that corridor there
and create a shield, so...
Uh, give me your two-way.
Just in case
I got to call Central.
Is it okay?
Jesus Christ, Terry!
Get up here!
Guy Curry's fallen down
the fucking lift well!
On my way.
Hey! Quick!
Shit! Shit! Idiot!
Who the fuck was that?!
Girl, hit boy.
What is this, this Foxy Chaos?
She spreads the Love Force
the Second Universe.
You wouldn't understand.
Do you understand
radioactive isotope?
Polonium 210.
Median lethal dose -
0.089 microgram.
250,000 time more toxic
than hydrogen cyanide.
Put in air conditioner, people
breathe in, people get sick,
people die slow.
One month or two month, three,
maybe a year.
Nobody knows how.
Nobody can trace.
When all else fails,
it is good to be insured.
Da, Svetlana?
Svetlana wants to do you
old-fashioned way.
We convene in car park
five minutes.
- Uh, Mr. Menkoff...
- You. Stay.
You don't have
an insurance policy on her.
- S-She doesn't have to die.
- I don't care. Hm?
Have fun! Karpov!
- You. Stay.
- Ruby... Ruby...
I said stay.
Hah! Ah!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop!
I said stop! Stop!
Fucking idiot.
Poor fucking idiot.
Ruby, are you okay?
We have to hurry.
- Hey!
- Everybody needs to get out!
- Out!
- You need to get out.
- Gary! Gary!
- The antidote! The antidote!
No time!
There's too many of them!
Dear DPC staff,
this is Max Menkoff.
What the blyad?
Report for usual
callisthenics class.
No! No, no, no!
Please use emergency stairwell only.
That is all.
Attention all staff!
This is Max Menkoff!
Return immediately to office!
Exercises cancelled now!
No, no, no, wait.
No, no, no, no.
That is all!
I'm shaking in my botinki.
Hey, look,
it's your girlfriend. Get him!
- Now finish him up!
- Play along.
- I don't like this game.
- Hah!
Harder! Harder!
- Wait, I ordered you to stay.
- Whoops.
Nyet! Nyet! Nyet!
Bad doggy! Bad doggy! Ow!
I hate this guy!
- Ruby, watch out!
- Ah!
Where he go?
Quick, press that!
Ruby? Okay...
What, idiot?
Let go!
- Let go!
- Under-utilize this!
'Under-utilize this'?
I-It's a window-washing term.
Wow. Tough day at the office.
- I quit.
- Good for you.
Not like a Rottweiler at all.
Great. Good.
Young man.
Go get 'em, fella.
Corny, dude. Corny.
- You permanent or contract?
- I'm a singer.
And that's the story
of David Cork.
Data processing assistant,
level 2.
But what of David Cork,
manga artist?
Anytime you want, babe
You can come around
But only six days separates
me and the great Top End
I been working hard
Twelve hours a day
And the money I saved
won't buy my youth again
I'm goin' for the heat, babe
And the tropical rain
In a place where no man's
puttin' on the dog for me
I'm waitin' on the weekend
A set o' brand new tyres
And back in Bow River,
just where I want to be
Listen now for the wind,
Listen now to the rain
I feel that water
lickin' at my feet again
And I don't wanna see
this town no more
Too many years made up
my mind to go or stay
Right till my dying day
And I don't wanna see
another engine line
Too many years
and I owe my mind
First set o' wheels and I'll
be back in Bow River again
First thing you know, I'll
be back in Bow River again.