The Mental State (2022) Movie Script

[ominous music playing]
[pastor] Sometimes it feels like
-the enemy's at the gates.
-[congregation] Amen!
[pastor] So often that comes
with the bitter knowledge
that we are that enemy,
and we've done this
to ourselves.
pain, tragedy,
they keep knocking us down.
But we've got to remember
there is help.
There is hope.
There is a higher power
that will see us through
the darkest of times.
You know his name.
-Praise Jesus!
-[congregation] Praise Jesus!
-[pastor] Hallelujah!
-[congregation] Hallelujah!
Right now, I want you
to reach out with your voices...
and reach out with your hearts
and say, "Welcome."
-Say, "Welcome."
-[congregation] Welcome.
Welcome one of our own.
This woman has seen more loss
and more pain than most.
This woman...
turned around
and screamed, "No!"
when her devils came.
[congregation cheers, applauds]
Listen to her.
When my son's daddy passed away,
I backslid.
I lost the Lord.
My alcoholism
was tearing my life apart.
They tried to take my home
and my boy.
He was off
living with his aunt,
-but a boy should be living
with his mama.
[pastor] Holy Spirit
into this boy.
Let Him in.
[Angie] I got him back now,
He's back with me now, y'all.
Because today,
today with God's help,
-with Pastor Shane...
-[pastor] Hallelujah!
...we know it,
and all y'all's help.
[pastor] Hallelujah.
Ah, I have been sober...
-for three years.
-Yes, you have.
-Yes, you have.
-[congregation cheers, applauds]
-Praise Jesus. Glory be.
-Praise Jesus.
This retreat saved my life.
-[congregation cheers, applauds]
Imagine what it can do for you.
Put your hands together.
Come to Jesus.
When I come to Jesus
When I come to Jesus
You should try looking up.
See the world.
[pastor] We are all praying
for your family.
Don't make any mistake.
You are doing the Lord's work
and we all know it.
How's it looking here?
Pastor Shane?
Hey, there she is.
Wasn't that hard
working up there, was it?
[Angie] No. No, I guess not.
Uh, can I reserve my spot
on the retreat?
Look, it's a,
uh, it's a surprise
for Michael and Andy.
To bring us closer as a family.
No-- not for free.
I took your advice,
I-- I set a goal.
Oh, look at you.
what are you asking me for?
Go ahead.
You-- you see, I don't have
all the money yet,
but I am so, so close.
I just have
a few more weeks of saving.
Andy, what you doing
sitting there all by yourself?
Just sitting.
This is a community.
You should commune.
Hey, have you seen Michael?
His back's still bad, huh?
[Angie] Well, uh, you know,
they got him bent over
that conveyor belt all day long.
how'd you like to do me a favor?
I need some help
with the hayride.
Brian Ward was supposed
to drive the truck,
but his folks tell me
that they, uh,
moved the JROTC drill
back again.
And surely
we can't let Bethany
handle all that
by herself, can we?
One slow lap around the field
and load up
the next batch of kids
and go again.
-Sound good?
Let's get your family
on the list.
[Mike] Hey, how much longer
did she say?
Get on up, I think
there's a spot right there
you can take.
Your turn, sweetie.
Up all the way.
There you go. Nice.
Andy, of course.
Yeah, uh,
we've actually
been going to get, uh,
school together for a while now.
Uh, yeah,
uh, I-- I knew that.
Um, well, cool. You drive.
I'll ride with the kids
and yell up
if there is a problem.
All right.
[chuckles] Andy.
[kids giggling]
All right, uh,
get ready for a good ride,
you go-- you guys, uh...
[Bethany] This is gonna be fun.
Stupid sweaty handshake.
That's the best you got.
[sighs] Okay.
-All right. You guys excited?
-[kids giggling]
Here we go.
Did you see them?
[Bethany] Yeah, yeah,
wave for them in the window.
Everything okay back there?
[all] Yeah.
[Andy breathes deeply]
[Bethany] Hey, what was that?
[suspenseful music plays]
[engine cranks]
-[engine revs]
-Get down, he's shooting at us!
We're okay. We're okay.
Heads down.
[glass shattering]
[ominous music plays]
-[Andy groans]
-[Angie] Andy?
-[Andy] You all right?
-[Bethany] Come on.
-Come, we need to get out.
-Get everyone inside. Come on.
[Bethany] We need to get inside.
Come on.
Go, get inside!
[Bethany] Hold my hand, sweetie.
Let's go.
Everyone get inside now!
[siren wailing]

Scene seems to be clear.
Heading back
for witness statements.
Okay, so you heard the shot.
You get a look at the shooter?
Uh, no.
But Andy saw him.
He did?
Yeah, well, he--
he said he did.
[ominous music plays]
[Dana] All right.
You're free to go, Ms. Forrest,
but I'd prefer
if you saw the paramedics
Okay? Thank you.
Aunt Dana.
Angie, Mike.
Thank you for coming.
Just doing my job.
You're clean and unscathed.
I'm proud of you.
Your daddy would've been too.
[news reporter] We have
breaking news today.
Residents of a Kentucky town
are on high alert
after an armed gunman
opened fire
at a group of children
outside of the community
family church of Havenville.
Responding officers were unable
to locate the gunman
who immediately fled the scene
after the incident.
Lee County Sheriff's Office
provided a statement
on the investigation.
Fortunately, no fatalities.
And I think
we can thank both God
and the quick actions
of the young man
driving the truck for that.
We're investigating
a number of possibilities,
and we'll go
where the evidence takes us.
With that said, we urge anyone
with any information
to come forward.
Hey, now. Hey. Hey.
I could have lost you.
I will tell you one thing...
I'm definitely carrying
next Sunday.
You ain't bringing
a gun to church.
I'm trying to protect
this family.
Oh, sure you are.
You know,
you can't just mouth off
when the world goes to shit.
You've gotta protect
what's yours.
That's exactly
what Andy did today.
Protected everyone.
Where are you going?
To Africa.
You-- you should work
on your comic book.
-Take your mind off of it.
-Graphic novel.
-It's a graphic--
-[Andy] Graphic novel.
-Yeah. I'm sorry. Yeah.
-[pills rattle]
[tense music plays]
[knocking on door softly]
[knocking on door softly]
-[Angie] Andrew?
[Angie] Get your butt up.
I got work soon.
[birds chirping]
[ominous music plays]
[Bethany's voice echoes]
Andy saw him.
[Dana's voice echoes]
Your daddy would've been too.
Andy, people are gonna be
looking at you different now.
You have a chance
to make something of that.
Yeah, okay. Thanks, Mom.
Love you.
[students chattering]
[students chattering]
Hey, hero.
Thank you.
Um, yeah.
Uh, no worries.
Don't worry about it.
Um, have-- have you heard
anything about the shooter yet?
Uh, I haven't.
[woman over PA]
Uh, Andrew Cady,
please report
to Counselor Hansen's office.
Uh, so is this about
the shooting?
Oh, right. Was that you?
if you wanna talk about that,
I'm here to listen.
Um, but the reason
I called you in here today was,
you've not applied
to any colleges.
And why is that?
Well, I've just been trying
to finish
this graphic novel of mine.
Maybe I can get a scholarship
or something.
Oh, you've been working
on a novel?
No, it's a graphic novel.
It's like a comic book.
Wow, um,
it does say here
that your grades
have been slipping,
-and I don't see anything...
-I know. about your SAT,
your ACT score.
-So, I--
-Please, I-- I'll figure it out.
I just have been going through
a lot.
Yeah, of course.
You know, I just wanna help.
-[bell rings]
-[ominous music plays]
[man over radio]
Searching Alpha, come back over.
Over search.
Y'all find anything out there?
[man over radio] Just about
every rifle bullet case
you can imagine.
A couple dozen.
Typical [indistinct].
Heading back to the station now.
Mr. Winters, how can I help you?
I need to speak Sheriff Dale.
Oh, shoot.
You just missed him.
Ain't you got
like a conflict of interest?
Unless you're looking
to report me for something
I don't see how.
My daughter Kimmy--
Spit that junk
out of your mouth
and sit down
while you talk to me.
I was saying...
she was in the, uh,
in the trailer during the crash.
How is she?
Not good.
Wrist all fucked up,
neck stiff.
I mean, she's six years old.
Hobbling around
her goddamn grandmother.
Sorry to hear that.
So, we gotta pay
for her hospital bills.
It was your nephew
driving the truck, right?
He was driving
when he saved your daughter.
Saved her.
That's right, save. Yeah.
Listen, I've been hunting,
shooting on the range
my whole life, yeah?
There were no gunshot.
[ominous music plays]
What the fuck
are you doing, Cady?
[phone beeps]
[Dana] Has Rose fallen
for Amphibaman yet?
[Andy] Not quite yet.
-He's working on it.
She will someday.
I got called in
the counselor's office today.
About the shooting?
About college applications.
How's that coming?
Did you find him yet?
Not yet.
That shot you heard,
you sure it was a gunshot?
What else would it be?
Uh, one of the parents thinks
it was a truck backfiring.
I know--
What's that?
I know what I heard.

[Andy] Mom.
[Angie] Oh, geez.
[Andy] Sorry.
[Angie] It's all right,
you just, uh, you scared me.
What's up?
I just need some more
pens and paper.
We bought some
like a week ago.
Okay, uh,
can we get the ones
from the Dollar Store this time?
Those suck.
The-- the pen strokes,
they-- they just
come out all uneven
and they dry up real fast,
Fine, we can get those ones
just maybe more this time.
[Angie] Okay.
-Can we go?
Andy, I just--
I just go home.
[Andy groans]
Okay, uh, um, just--
just let me get changed first.
I smell like a burrito.
Is that what you want?
Just tell me to get changed
out of my work gear.
Are you smiling?
-Did I make you laugh?
-No, I'm not smiling.
Are we in a good mood today?
I think you are.
Just a little bit.
Five minutes.
Better be a smile on your face
in five minutes.
-[birds chirping]
-[wood creaks]
[ominous music plays]
[school bell ringing]
[chair creaks]
Damn, Cady,
these are actually pretty good.
Can you sketch me
for my Instagram?
No, just give it back.
-Do you do nudes? Let me see.
-[girl laughs]
-[girls laugh]
-Stop. Stop.
I'm sorry about them.
[alarm blaring]
[teacher] Okay, students,
active shooter training.
Get against the inner wall
away from the door.
[man over PA]
This is only a drill.
Listen carefully and follow
the voice's instructions
so that you'll be better...
[teacher] Hey,
get the blinds, Andy.
should an emergency occur.
At the conclusion
of this drill...
[teacher] Come on, Andy.'ll hear
an all-clear message
indicating that you may resume
normal activities.
-[alarm blares]
-What's he doing?
[ominous music plays]
[man over PA] Attention!
Lockdown! Lockdown!
Block the doors,
turn off the lights,
and stay away
from the doors.
You're dead, Cady.
Everyone else, good job.
All right, Mr. Dez's room.
[man over PA] Attention!
The emergency has passed.
-[man over PA] Emergency
has passed. All clear.
You may resume
normal activities.
Uh, hey,
you should come
to the amusement park
this weekend.
It's the last day
of the season.
It'll be fun.
I-- I've got a...
few things going on.
Oh, yes, uh,
don't worry about it.
No big deal either way.
Uh, I-- I'll--
I'll-- I'll be there.
Cool, well, uh,
give me your number.
[soft guitar music plays]
-This kid's living in Stone Age.
I don't--
I don't know how to--
Uh, yeah, sorry, just, um,
just type in your number
and then give me a call
or give, uh,
yourself a call.
-Okay. Yeah.
All right.
-Okay. Cool.
Cool, all right, uh,
got your digits.
Nice, um, I'll--
I'll text you.
[suspenseful music plays]
[calling tone beeps]

[metallic creaking]
[twig cracks]
[metallic creaking]
[metallic clanking]
[Dylan] So, what's your plans
for your future?
To help.
I wanna make a difference.
[Dylan] How do you expect
to do that?
That ain't gonna do shit.
We're different.
Those ain't cut
from the same cloth as us.
You got a lot to learn.
Why did you do that?
Be specific. Be assertive.
Why'd you shoot at the hayride?
Right at me?
You scared the shit outta me.
You weren't the one supposed
to be driving that truck.
Yeah, Brian was supposed to.
You know why I'm here.
This whole town's going to shit.
[sirens blare]
Going to shit.
Once the coal mines
closed down...
you came home to mediocrity.
Then pharma lords came in...
took advantage of the kids.
Yeah, okay, but what's Brian
got to do with any of that?
[Dylan] He's JROTC.
A group with weapons training.
So, if you wanted
to run drugs in this town,
could you think
of a better source
than eager little foot soldiers?
But this is good,
this fuck up.
Turned you
into a bit of a hero.
She trusts you now.

[man over radio]
Searching Alpha please advise.
10-60, tip of white male,
near the Gas n' Go.
[country music playing]

[walkie-talkie beeps]
Not the best time.
[Dylan over walkie-talkie]
I know where you are.
Remember the mission.
Stay confident, poised.
-Now position.

-[wood knock]
-[bell dings]
[bicycle bell rings]
[bell rings]

[Bethany] Hey. [chuckles]
Uh, um...
well, this way.
[Andy] So, got any plans
for next year?
[Bethany] Yeah, I, uh,
I applied early to the UK.
Will get on the swim team.
-Not sure.
Well, actually,
I-- I've been, uh,
working on this graphic novel.
It's sort of like
a long comic book.
Uh, it follows,
uh, Amphibiman
and he, uh, he's, uh,
I don't know, it's...
I'm hoping it'll give me
some ki-- kind of scholarship
-or something.
I mean, but art around here,
I like it, but...
I feel like it's no way
to make a difference.
Yeah, but if you're talented
then you shouldn't waste it.
But I wanna help.
[Brian] Bethany, get over here.
[arcade machines beeping]
[girl] Hi! Hey, girl.
-[light chatter]
-Oh, my God, it's Cady.
[boy] Yeah, she-- she got him
somewhere around.
That's some muscle on you!
Been working out or something?
-Uh, you should play.
Uh, all right.
[man] Five bucks, young guns.
Oh, it must be
a hell an after-school job
y'all got.
-[boy] It is.
-Doing what?
Minding our fucking business.
I don't really wanna play
-[Bethany] Hey, I got it.
-No, you don't have to.
No, it's fun.
It's an investment.
Bethany's giving handouts again.
-[Bethany] He'll play.
I'll pay you back, I swear.
[dramatic music plays]
[bell rings]
[cartoony gunfire
sound effects play]
[bell dings]
[ominous music plays]
[buzzer buzzes]
[Brian] I bet his daddy
taught him to shoot like that.
[vendor] Pick a prize.
Anything on that wall.
You pick.
Oh, um, no,
I-- I couldn't take your prize.
Hey, uh, I insist.
I gotta pay you back somehow.
All right.
Anything off the back wall.
that one.
Thank you.
-[both laughing]
[tense music plays]
[fireworks popping]
No hot dogs like last time.
Bethany, get back over here.
[Bethany] Hey! Ow.
Brian, what are you doing?

[Dylan] He's JROTC.
A group of weapons training.
That girl, she gonna need you.
-Were you even listening to me?
Uh, yeah.
[indistinct whispering]
Hey, uh,
do you want the rest of these?
Will you be all right?
Yeah, I, uh, have my wristband.
[Brian] You do what I say.
All right?
[man talks indistinctly over PA]
[country music plays
over speakers]
[rollercoaster buzzing, hissing]
-Tell me what's going on.
-This is gonna be so fire.
Amber bet me
I wouldn't do it up here.
I-- I really don't think
Shh. Just relax.
-Bethany wouldn't want me to.
Pretty sure Bethany has
her hands full with Brian.
Or her mouth.
[both laughing]
You don't have to do this.
I can help you, girls.
-Fuck you, dick.
-Ky, are you okay?
No, this asshole
is trying to slut shame me.
Stop. No, I'm not.
I'm not trying to--
[Bethany's voice echoes]
Someone help me.
Hey! Hey! Stop the ride!
-Shut up!
-Stop the ride!
You're fucking ridiculous,
you asshole.
[indistinct argument echoes]
[ominous music plays]
[disembodied voices whispering]
She doesn't love you.
[soft whispering]
You're a liar.
You don't mean anything to her.
You can't do anything.
[overlapping whispering]
[Bethany's voice echoes]
Someone help.
What the fuck are you doing?
-[Andy] Get off of her!
-I'll hurt you, son of a bitch.
Bethany, I'm here for you.
-[Brian] Get back!
-[Andy grunting]
-Hey, what are you doing?
What am I doing?
What are you doing? Arrest him.
-What? For what?
-He's forcing her, Auntie.
-He's forcing her.
[carnival din]
Where is she?
Her boyfriend's taken her home.
-He's not her boyfriend.
-Andy, you need to calm down.
I spoke with Bethany.
She's fine.
She's not under any duress.
She's not being forced
into anything.
He's gonna kill her, Auntie.
Have you taken anything tonight?
Smoked anything? Take a pill?
[line ringing]
[TV din]
[pills rattling]
What the fuck, Ange?
You got any other stashes
hidden around here?
I don't have stashes.
I have a prescription.
You think because you roll
into some pill mill
that makes it okay?
You act like I'm taking these
just to take 'em.
I care about
my son getting into them.
Yeah, Michael, I do.
Hold on. Just hold on.
Hold on.
He ain't been in these.
Dana said--
Nothing your sister-in-law says
changes how math works.
-[pills rattle]
-You think I don't count 'em?
[door creaks open]
Piss in the cup.
You don't believe me neither.
Have you been in Mike's pills?
-No, I--
-Have you?
-Piss in the cup. Go on.
-[glass shatters]
-[Angie gasps]
-Fuck you.
[Dana] Andy!
You were supposed to be
on my side.
[footsteps departing]
[door slams shut]
[glass shards clinking]
If you wanna get him tested,
I can set something up.
Maybe you should talk to him.
He won't listen to me.
You are his mother.
He needs you.
[cries] Thank you.
[door clicks open]
[pencil scraping on paper]
I wanna show you something.
Okay? Here.
Go on. Take a look.
I've been putting
my tips in there
after every shift
for the last few years.
For college?
It's for the retreat.
So we can go as a family.
And so that we can-- we can deal
with whatever this is that--
that we need to deal with.
I think I wanna go to bed.
Baby, you know
how much this retreat helped me.
It's given me
a stronger compass...
in a community.
A real community
that is not gonna
turn their back on you.
[scoffs] All right, fine.
I'll think about it, just--
Just can I please
just go to bed?
-Yeah. Okay.
[street din]
I'm sorry. Sorry. I just--
I just want to apologize.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry I embarrassed you.
That's what you're sorry about?
-I thought you were in trouble.
-Why would you think that?
-Because Brian--
-Brian is my boyfriend.
But you invited me to the fair.
Yeah, because Kylie
wanted you there.
Kylie? I thought that--
Between me and Kylie,
which one of us tried
to touch your dick?
Andy, I-- I appreciate
what you did at the church.
But I think it's best
if you keep your distance.
[tense music plays]
I just-- I just don't get it.
Did I really
misread things that bad?
Nah, you read it right.
He is her abuser.
She's terrified of him.
She's telling you
the only way she knows how,
by sending signals,
that's what you picked up on.
So she doesn't like me.
Hey, this ain't about
getting your dick wet.
It's about doing
the right thing, right?
[sighs] Yep. Of course.
That's what I like to hear.
[voice echoes] Whoo-yah.
[Dylan] Your choices.
Why would I need a weapon?
[Dylan] Well,
they're not just gonna stop
because you asked them to.
They need to be stopped.
Let's call the police.
You think they're gonna
believe me if I roll in there
with accusations?
Who the hell am I?
I'm the guy
that shot at the truck.
How long before
they figure that out?
[sighs] Well, I--
I could--
I could-- I could say
that I was wrong
about the truck.
That it really was
a truck backfiring.
You'd have no credibility.
That ship has sailed, amigo.
What if there's a way...
that I could do this
without killing anybody?
[dollar bills rustling]
[tense music plays]
Um, can I see this one, please?

-[Bethany] I'm done.
-[Brian] I'm not done talking.
Well, I'm done with you.
I really wanna talk about it.
[Bethany] Been over it
so many times.
-Don't touch me.
-[Brian] You need to calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down.
I am calm.
[Brian] I wanna talk
about this kid right now.
[Bethany] Stop.
[Brian] You fucked up
by inviting that Andy kid
-and hanging out with him.
-[Bethany] I apologized to you.
[Brian] You said you apologized?
You didn't apologize.
What do you want me to say?
[Brian] You don't know
who the fuck he is!
[Bethany] Keep your voice down.
I'll talk as loud as I want.
I told you
not to bring that asshole.
You don't respect me.
You don't respect me.
-[Bethany] I do respect you.
-[Brian] No, you don't.
I'm sick and tired
of you thinking
you can do whatever you want.
That asshole
wants to ruin my life.
-Ruin my plan.
-[Bethany] I was trying to--
[Brian] You have no idea
how embarrassing it was.
[Bethany] I was just trying
to help him and Kylie.
[pants zipping]
[man 1] Brian's got
Officer Dana on a string.
Cops won't fuck with us
Friday night.
[man 2]
Are any girls gonna be there?
[man 1]
After-school specials all night.
-[both laughing]
-[tense music plays]
[toilet flushing]
[both laughing]
[man 1] Sample
what I'm pushing this weekend.
-Keep it on the low.
-[man 2] Ooh.
You got it.

I want you to look me in the eye
and say you didn't take it.
I didn't take it.
-Stop lying.
I love you, but you're being
fucking insane right now.
How was I supposed
to take your money
if I didn't even know
you had it?
[Angie sighs]
Excuse me.
[can hisses]
Andy know you had it?
[hard rock blasting over stereo]
[conversation din]
[man 1] Ooh!
What kind of cookies
do you think Brian has?
Just try some of [indistinct]
Got one for you.
Enjoy that, ladies.
[music blaring]
[Brian laughing]
[Bethany] You're so annoying.
[Brian] Don't leave me in here.
-Where are you going?
-[Bethany] Inside.
[Brian] Where are you going?
Don't leave me in here.
Get your ass back here.
Come here.
All right. [Brian laughs]
-[Brian grunts]
-Don't you dare. Put me down.
-[Brian] Hell yeah!
-[Bethany] Put me down, Brian.
-[Brian] I got her now.
-[men whooping]
[Bethany] Put me down.
[party din]
[horn honking]
[car doors clicks open,
slams shut]
[muffled party din]
[Brian] Come here. Come here.
I don't-- I don't want to.
Brian. Don't.
-Don't-- Let me--
-[Brian] Stop.
-[Brian] Huh?
-[Bethany] Let go.
-[Brian] Stop.
-[Bethany whimpers]
-[kisses smacking]
-[Bethany] Stop.
-[Brian] Come over here now.
-[Bethany] I don't want to.
-[Brian] Come here.
-[Bethany] I don't want to.
-[Brian] Huh?
-[Bethany] Brian.
Brian. Stop.
I don't want to stop.
Be quiet.
-[Bethany whimpering]
-[Brian] Look here. Look.
[laughs] Had enough yet?
-All right?
-[Bethany] Ow.
You're not listening to me.
-[Bethany grunts]
-[Brian exhales]
Oh, she can handle it.
Let's see what else
you can handle.
[Bethany] Stop.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Brian chuckles]
[floorboard creaking]
-[Bethany moans]
-[Brian] Oh. Did that hurt?
Get off me. Get off me.
[Bethany] You're--
It hurts. You're hurting me.
-[Brian] Am I?
-[Bethany grunting]
[Brian] Quiet, okay? Look.
-[Bethany whimpering]
-[bed creaking]
[muffled whimpering]
[Brian panting]
-[Bethany whimpering]
-[Brian shushing]
-[Bethany whimpers] Get off me.
-[Brian] Shh.
[Bethany] Please. Don't.
[Brian] Shh. Just take it.
-[Bethany] You are hurting me.
-[Brian] Take it off.
Let me take it off.
Just take it.
-[Bethany breathing shakily]
-[Brian moans]
-[Bethany grunts]
-[Brian panting]
[floorboard creaking]
[Brian] What?
-[Andy yelps]
-[loud thud]
[footsteps receding]
-[tense music plays]
Get back here,
you son of a bitch.
[lock rattling]
-[Andy] Shit!
-[Brian yelling]
[Andy grunting]
[Bethany] What the--
Brian, stop!
You'll kill him.
[Brian] What you've been doing,
it ain't okay!
You gotta stop, Andy.
Let that be a fucking reminder.

Well, there you are.
Here I am.
Sit down.
I'm good.
You're very much not good.
Andy, sit down.
Hey, hey.
I need-- Hey.
I need you to talk to me.
Okay? Tell me what's wrong.
I got a call from
Principal Mullins this morning.
Principal Mullins?
Bethany Forrest filed
a complaint against you.
She what?
Why would she do that?
Because you've been
taking videos of her.
You've been stalking her.
I ain't been stalking her.
What would you call it then?
I'm protecting her.
[Angie sighs]
Brian must have
made her say that.
You're suspended from school
'til we can have a meeting
with the administration.
Where's the video camera, Andy?
I don't got a camera.
I'm sure
you already know that though.
'Cause you've been
snooping around in my room.
Go ahead. Look around.
You already fucking have been.
What happened to that little boy
who would tell me everything?
He lost his dad...
and then he found out
his mom was a drunk.
-[walkie-talkie beeps]
-Minor setback.
-[Andy] It will be all right.
-[walkie-talkie beeps]
[school din]
[door clicks shut]
[Principal Mullins]
It's nice to see you again.
I-- I wish it was
under better circumstances.
Oh, wow.
[Angie] Yeah. Wow.
We gonna talk about punishment
for whoever did that?
He won't say.
Based on my conversation
with Ms. Forrest,
I can make an educated guess.
But the reason
that we're having this meeting
is that Bethany
feels unsafe around Andy.
Unsafe, huh?
Her face look like that?
-Uncomfortable then.
-This is bullshit.
This is obviously
a difficult situation
and we don't want to overreact.
Perhaps we could hear
your side of the story.
If this behavior continues
and is brought into school,
then he will be expelled.
We strongly suggest
he speak to a professional.
Like we can afford that.
Well, it could be
a psychiatrist,
psychologist, therapist, even.
We don't really have
a preference,
but we do insist
that he speak with someone
as a condition of his return.
-Ain't that your job?
[Counselor Hansen] Well--
[Angie sighs]
Oh, I got it. Thanks.
[Angie] Come on, baby. Eat up.
We're, uh,
out of the brown salsa.
This green shit is so tangy.
Don't seem to be stopping you.
What are my options? Eat it dry?
Hey, Andy,
you wanna come
over here a minute?
Grab your food. Sit down.
I'm good.
All right.
Well, listen, um...
I know we ain't ever been close.
But, uh...
given how old you were
when your daddy died--
Don't talk about him.
I'm not looking
to talk about him...
but somebody
needs to talk to you
about how to handle
your business.
-I'm done.
You keep treating women
the way
you've been treating this girl,
you're gonna be
in trouble all your life.
[Mike sighs]
I am trying, Angie.
Yeah, I know.
Why do you keep him around?
He's not wrong.
You're gonna listen
to some junkie?
He's not a junkie.
He followed you home from
the bar one day
and never left.
I wouldn't be here without him.
I wouldn't.
Is that what you want?
Me back where I was
before he came along?
I'll go to school.
keep my head down.
Go to the counselor's office.
I really think
that talking with Ms. Hansen
is gonna fix this.
You can't even miss
one appointment.
I won't.
Not one.
-Not even half of one.
-I got it.
Okay? [chuckles]
You gotta go.
[suspenseful music plays]
[tense music droning]
[Counselor Hansen]
So, Andy, I'm, um, trained
in conflict resolution
as well as grief counseling
and sexual education.
But really, though,
I have-- I've studied bullying.
Not, like, actual bullying,
more like bullying
in a school environment.
My point is,
I don't want you thinking
that I'm a-- a mental health
professional, so.
Can I get my receipt?
This is a requirement
for me to keep
coming back to school.
So, shouldn't there be
some sort of sign-in sheet
or, like, a form to fill out
to prove I came?
You don't trust me?
Trust is one of those issues
that I need to work on.
You're not gonna run off
if I just look down the hall
for a minute, are you?
Come on now.
You know what kind of
shit I'd be in if I did that.
I'll be right back.
And, um...
then don't use profanity
in my office.
[Counselor Hansen]
Excuse me, Mr. Herbert?
I need a sign-in form.
[keyboard clicking]
For my-- my office?
[indistinct muffled talking]

-Thank you.
-Andy, what--
[phone vibrating]
[tense music plays]
[phone vibrating]
[phone keypad clicking]
[car screeching]
[Dana] Shit!
[thunder rumbling]
[Andy panting]
Dad, I did it.
I exposed 'em all.
Everyone knows now.
-Dad, they're done for.
[Andy] We got 'em.
I-- I-- I don't gotta
kill anybody now.
-Son. Son.
-They're done for.
Dad, what-- what's going on?
-[taser clicking]
[car screeching]
[thunder rumbling]
[Andy on video] They don't know
what they're doing.
[Brian and Bethany laughing]
[Bethany chuckling]
What are you doing?
But they are pawns
in a much larger battle.
You like your neck being kissed!
And they must be stopped.
It's not something I wanna do
it's something I must do.
[thunder rumbling]
[Dana] You recognize this stuff?
[Angie] It's Dylan's.
[Dana] Andy had it all set up
on the old water tower.
Like his daddy was still alive
and living out there.
Thinks they were fighting
corruption together.
Crazy little fucker.
Why don't you go ahead
and wait outside, Mike?
-[thunder rumbling]
-[rain pattering]
I was able to put him
on a 72-hour psych hold.
Hopefully, they'll land
on a diagnosis by the end of it.
He'll need ongoing
treatment and supervision.
We can't avoid criminal charges.
He needs help, Angela.
[man 3] I heard he sent it
to almost every school...
[woman 1] He was,
like, stalking her.
-[man 4] She looked pretty hot.
-[man 5] I know.
[woman 2] I'd be so embarrassed.
[indistinct whispers]
[Amber] Cady's a psychopath.
I heard he was locked up
with Paddy,
-and forced to piss himself.
He deserves it.
Could you stop, please?
What? I was just saying.
No one needs to hear that.
[restaurant din]
Can I get y'all
something to drink?
-I'll take a cherry pop.
-Yes, me too.
I'm down with thirst.
I'm fine with water. Thanks.
I wasn't trying to be mean.
It's just what I heard.
That's his mom.
-We should go somewhere else.
-[Amber] What?
Just because her kid's a loon
doesn't mean
we're not allowed
to eat Mexican food anymore?
Fuck that.
I thought you said
she wouldn't work Monday.
I-- I'm sorry.
They shouldn't have
said anything.
He wasn't trying to hurt you.
Well, he-- he did.
Yeah, I know.
It's just--
Anyway, I'm--
I'm sorry.
Is everything okay?
[somber music building]
[woman indistinct over PA]
[Dr. Wagner]
Few good night's sleep
has helped tremendously.
His condition has improved.
The introduction of medication.
It seems to be a fairly
manageable case of ADHD.
Some depression.
I'll give him a 30-day script.
And you,
references for therapy...
and the emergencies you contact
our crisis management team.
-Any questions?
-Uh, yeah.
-Uh, ADD?
Okay. And, um, depression?
Both contributed
to his bouts of insomnia.
The less sleep,
the more exhausted the mind.
From there,
you can convince yourself
all sorts of things.
Uh, doctor, his--
his-- his father...
-committed suicide.
We discussed this with him.
He doesn't seem to be
showing any signs.
If, however, within 30 days,
Andy displays
any signs of suicidal ideation,
then we'll have to
bring him back in.
find someone he can talk to.
I mean this
in the nicest way possible.
I hope I never see you
in here again.
[Principal Mullins] Given
the offenses of harassment,
stalking, defamation,
and the illegal use
of school property,
Mr. Cady will be expelled
for one year without services.
He will be reevaluated
in the new school year,
provided that his mental health
is assured and attested to
by a licensed physician.
Yes. Hi, I-- I'm trying to make
an appointment for my son.
Well, he-- he's almost an adult.
-Andy, take your pills, please.
I'm done with this.
Just another rinse.
You don't need another rinse.
Take your pills.
Yeah, I see. Yeah. Thanks.
Yeah, thank you. Bye.
Oh, Jesus.
You think I'm an idiot?
-No. Swallow 'em for real.
Take them. Okay?
-They make me anxious.
-No, they don't, baby.
They don't.
They're gonna help you.
Just take them.
Yeah. Okay. Okay.
Thank you.

[Andy] Take a picture.
Stop looking at me.
Hey, look, we're gonna go, okay?
Andy. Andy.
[objects clatters]
Um, I'm so sorry, Allison.
Hey. Okay. Okay.
-Hey, let's go.
-Get off me.
Hey. Hey.
What the hell was that?
She was talking about me.
Andy, no. Hey. No.
No one said anything in there.
She thinks
I'm a freak because you sent me
to that stupid place.
[somber music continues]

[over monitor] Hi, uh, my name
is Joe and I'm gonna talk
a little bit about
mental illness and my...
family's history with it.
[blogger 1] I'm--
I was a really sensitive kid,
very anxious.
[blogger 2] Things like this
can probably relate
where it just felt so heavy,
like I couldn't get out of bed.
I couldn't do
what I needed to do.
If you feel
anything weird,
you just please,
just call me right away.
And I watched
my life just crumble.
Things just started
to fade away.
And I just remember
I've just been in such a deep,
deep hole and it felt like
I didn't know where to go.
[blogger 3] I was
involuntarily hospitalized
for suicidal ideation
and planning.
And it was hard, uh,
for a mu-multitude of reasons.
You know, to--
to lose
that very important person
and to know that they were gone
and the context
in which they were gone.
[music swelling]
[Andy] Dad?

Yes. Hi. Uh, I'm trying to make
an appointment for my son.
Uh, no.
No, I don't have any insurance.
Do you have
a sliding scale rate?
Perfect. What time?
[Angie's voice echoes]
So, uh, to go over everything.
He's-- he's on some meds
from when he was on that hold.
But he don't like 'em.
They said
it's ADHD and depression.
[nurse] So do you have his file?
[Angie] Dr. Wagner
didn't send it to you?
[woman] Nope.
I can't do much without it.
[Angie] We hiked nearly
two hours to be here.
We've gone through about
every name in that radius.
No pressure,
but we're counting on you.
[nurse] Maybe I can talk to him
about, you know...
[Counselor Hansen] Andy?
What do you want?
Let's have a chat.
Just you and I.
[soft piano instrumental]
[fire crackling]

[door latch clicks]
He's very quiet.
What does that mean?
I don't like making
any decisions without his file.
So, we're fucked
because Dr. Dipshit
with his wall
of degrees and awards
couldn't send one damn email?
How about
we schedule an appointment.
And you get
the paperwork in by then?
Yeah. Okay.
Let's see.
Soonest I have is January 13th.
But I'll give you a sliding
scale rate of 100 possession.
[Angie grunts]
Yeah, I'll-- I'll--
I'll figure something out.
[narrator over TV]
This week, a couple claims
to have been seeing
Bigfoot on their
family property for generations.
Let's go have a look.
Good evening, folks.
Uh, Dara,
Clayton Johnson, how're you?
It's great to meet you.
What you gonna do?
[TV din]
Can you add him
to your insurance?
Your insurance.
Can you add him to it?
-I can't.
-Why not?
He ain't my kid.
I can't just add him.
Okay, well,
then let's get married.
-Okay? Make it official...
-...then you can add him.
-We talked about this.
-Yeah, I know we talked about.
-It's different now.
-I ain't gonna adopt that kid.
He's your mess, not mine.
Hey, don't you
talk about him like that?
Who the fuck are you
to tell me what to say?
If I pay half the rent
in this house
and put food
in that kid's mouth,
I can talk about him
however I damn well please.
I don't care how much you pay.
-Hey! Hey!
-[Mike] I don't need this shit.
No, no, no.
Where are you going?
-Yeah, walk away. Go on.
You're just giving up then?
We need to talk about this.
Michael, come on.
-[door shuts close]
-[Dana] Asshole.
[cutlery clattering]
Let me adopt him.
I'll put him on my insurance.
Problem solved.
You gonna say anything?
He's my son, Dana.
Well, Dylan was my brother.
What'd you do for him?
Get outta my house.
Get out.
Get out!
[radio static]
[Andy] Are you there?
-[radio beeps]
[pills rattling]
Hey, I got breakfast down here.
[tense music building]
[fire crackling]

Hi, what are you doing?
[music continues]
Andy, what are you doing?
What did you do?
Andy, no!
No, this was all we had.
Andy. No.
-This was all we had.
-Look at me.
Why did you do that?
No. No, no.
No. [sobbing]
Baby. Look at me.
[ominous music playing]
[Angie] Pastor.
It's, uh,
it's freezing out here.
Could we step inside
for a moment?
I have to go home, Angela.
Okay. Look, uh--
the money's gone.
But Andy-- Andy needs this.
Is there any way
we can work this out?
[scoffs] I don't think--
No, please.
I'm desperate here.
That's not it, Angela.
Pastor. Okay. Look.
This is-- this is all
just happened so fast, okay?
He can't go to school.
The doctors cost too much.
I-I can't afford to save him.
And the rest of the people
on that retreat,
they need it too.
They saved up their money.
They paid their way.
How will they feel
if Andy is there?
The boy who lied to them,
broke their trusts,
turned on fellow members
of the church?
He didn't lie.
He-- okay.
He didn't--
he didn't mean to lie.
Pastor, he's still a good kid.
You know this. [sobbing]
Maybe you could-- maybe
you could just talk to him.
You could save him
like you did me.
-Your strength saved you.
Pastor, please,
he needs this place.
He needs-- he needs
someone like you in his life.
Andy's been
struggling for a long time.
If the church could help him,
it would've already.
-I wish I could help you, Angie.
-No, pastor, come on.
My thoughts
and prayers are with you.
Thoughts and prayers?
Pastor, is that it?
Thoughts and prayers?
[car engine revs]
[weathercaster over TV]
The snow has been coming down
for the last several hours.
You see it started
to stick on cars...
[ominous music building]

[exhales deeply]
[wind howling]
[static rumbling, echoing]
[Dylan] [echoing]
You can't get rid of me.
You left me.
You trusted people
with the truth.
I exposed them.
Yeah. And what happened?
They shut me down.
These people
have ruined your life.
You might as well be buried.
So what am I supposed to do?
How do I fix it?
Take these fuckers out.
One by one.
By killing them.
You make them pure.
-[gun cocks]
Either you make
the right choice or I will.
Truth is you're all
better off-dead anyway.
[eerie music plays]
[Bethany] Someone help me.
[echoing] Someone help me.
Hey, we--
we gotta get out there.
We gotta find him.
-I just need to change.
I'll take the truck
and I'll drive around.
-Come on, come on. Hurry.
-Hey, did you call Dana?
She's not returning my calls.
[Mike] Did you call the station?
Michael, please.
Let's just go. Okay?
Alright, alright, alright.
-Call Aunt Dana.
-Dad is gonna kill 'em.
-Hey! Hey!
-Mom, you gotta help me.
-Andy, he ain't real. Okay?
-No, don't tell me that.
-I've seen him.
Boy, you need
to wake the fuck up.
[Mike groans in pain] My back!
-I need to go stop him.
Tell Aunt Dana to get
everybody out of the school.
[phone vibrating]
[phone keeps vibrating]
-[Angie] He took Michael's gun.
He's going to the school.
[groaning] It ain't loaded.
Okay. Dana--
Dana, he's got the--
he's got the gun,
but it's not loaded.
You tell 'em it is not loaded.
[dramatic music]
-[pleasant conversation din]
-Hey, where's the shooter?
-Get everyone out, Ms. Hansen!
The shooter is back!
Get out of the school! Run!
[alarm beeping]
[woman over PA]
This is a lockdown alert.
It is not a drill.
Hey, guys, bring your desks
and close the door.
Hey, get back in here.
[alarm beeping]
[Andy panting]
You ain't gotta do this.
I'm-- I'm trying to help you.
Dad, stop!
[siren wailing]
The gun's not unloaded.
The armed guard doesn't know.
Come on.
Come on.
[alarm beeping]
Come on. Come on.
Oh, my God.
We're gonna die.
-We're gonna die.
-We're gonna be alright.
Everyone, we're gonna be fine.
Okay? We're gonna be fine.
[alarm beeping]
Deputy Cady is inside.
We were waiting for backup
before we go in.
Copy that.
-I need to get in there.
No, let me in there.
Let me in there.
-Angie. Hold on.
-Please. Please.
-[yelling over each other]
-Please. Please, stop.
Angie, let them do their job.
Let them do their job.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
-No, no, no, no.
-I need to get in there.
-No, no, no.
-Please. [sobbing]
-[students sobbing]
-Stay calm, everyone.
Just stay calm.
We're all gonna be fine.
-[screaming, sobbing]
[door shuts]
[student screams] Oh, no!
You need to come with me.
Put down the gun.
Put down the gun.
I'm here to protect you.
We gotta get outta here.
-Why are you doing this?
-My dad's gonna kill everybody.
-The fuck away from her!
-[indistinct shouting]
Shut up!
This isn't about you!
[student] Oh, my God.
I'm trying
to take you outta here.
Don't you understand?
-Don't you get it?
-Yeah. I understand.
You-- [panting]
-You wanna keep me safe.
So they-- they can go, right?
-Yeah. Yes. Just--
Go, go, go!
Get outta here. Go!
Bethany, come on!
Bethany, please
just come with me, please.
-Give me the gun, Andy.
-[Andy sobbing]
-I need it to protect you.
From your dad?
Well, would he hurt you?
[sobbing] I don't know.
No, he wouldn't.
-[Andy panting]
So then you don't
need the gun to protect me.
Right? You, um-- [chuckles]
You just have to stand
between me and him.
That's all you have to do.
Please, just--
just give me the gun.
Wait! It's not loaded!
-Give me the gun, Andy.
I just wanna be okay.
[somber music playing]

[gunshots booming]
[dramatic music plays]
[grunting and groaning in pain]
Scott, what's happening?
Scott, you tell me
what's happening!
Drop it!
[tense music playing]

He's down.
I need EMT and the blues.
[sobbing] No!
[crying] No! Oh, God!
[crying painfully] No!
Oh, God! No!
Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!
[sorrowful music playing]
[low droning]
[melancholic music plays]

[officer] Oh, man,
it looks good.
[muffled chatter]

[music faints]