The Merciless (2017) Movie Script

You eat fish really well.
You like them?
Can't have enough.
It's good raw,
fried, and in
any shape or form.
- I don't eat them.
- Why not?
The thing about fish is,
look at it,
they die with open eyes.
It looks like they're
glaring at me, talking shit.
I don't like fish.
What about anchovies?
I know you eat them.
Anchovies are cool.
They're fish too,
with eyes no less.
They got tiny beady eyes.
I can't look in the eye
when I'm working.
But Jae-ho's the opposite.
He kills while looking
at them in the eye.
So he eats fish so well,
he only eats fish.
You get animated when you
talk about Mr. Han Jae-ho.
All giddy.
I don't think he has
guilty conscience.
But that's not always so bad.
lt completely advanced
our methods of work.
In the Stone Age,
they used stones to kill.
ln Bronze and Iron Ages,
knives and axes.
Nowadays, it's a gun.
Guns mitigate guilty conscience.
Probably due to longer range.
What the hell
are you saying?
Can't bear to watch.
Very good, Nikolai.
SUL Gyeong-gu
YIM Si-wan
KIM Hie-won, JEON Hye-jin
LEE Kyoung-young
Release day
So tacky.
The sideline show.
The color of this car.
The tofu tradition's the worst.
That's mine.
Where's mine?
There is only one woman
that I respect,
and that's you,
Chief Cheon.
That tenacity of yours.
My legal team wants to
file a lawsuit against you
for all the loss of
our work hours.
But I shut them down swiftly.
Respect breeds respect,
that's how we earn respect.
For a country so small,
it's overflowing with chairmen.
I don't have any personal
vendetta against you.
It's my job to chase dope pushers
like you, Chairman Ko.
That's how I earn my salary
and promotion.
Help me out.
Go help a dog jerk off,
bring us the evidence.
This is Russian Beluga caviar,
it's comparable to
your month's pay.
Would you like to try?
Fingering is all you got?
Haven't gotten it up
in a while?
Fucking bitch.
Get on your knees
and take it.
Been a while, Chief!
Still beautiful as ever!
A newbie?
Who are you?
Lady, no need for
dick measuring already.
I don't believe this.
Feast on good food,
fuck a lot of bimbos
while you can.
You'll all end up in the joint
and jerk off to a pin-up.
Isn't that right, Mr. Han?
3 years ago,
Gyeonggi Penitentiary
Next challenger!
Come the fuck out!
There! We got one!
I don't know if I should,
wind could knock him out.
Alright, alright!
bite down hard,
don't lose your tongue.
Son of a bitch!
That was a fist!
You cheating fuck!
He hit me with a fist!
Let's head back,
it's embarrassing.
That was a fist,
you sneaky fuck.
It was a slap,
you bald ass fuck.
Son of a bitch!
What the fuck!
Get him!
Wait, wait!
You cheating fuck!
I hit you like this.
You fucking dumbass!
This is my fist!
A revolutionary moron!
What is it?
There are 2 types of assholes
behind these walls.
Those you can fuck with
and those you shouldn't.
The ones you fucked with today
were the latter.
And you?
What do you think?
The one I shouldn't?
I'm the one
who draws the line.
Don't raise your sentence
for no reason.
Even your bruises
are pretty.
You've received
grace of the Lord.
Those brutes aren't
the type to let things go.
They decided to let
the kitchen incident slide.
As a fellow child of God,
why don't we become friends?
I'm not religious.
These criminals won't get me
when I'm near you.
He must be tight
with the guards.
Probably about the ciggy tax.
Don't release them all at once
like last time.
You'll receive payment for
3 cartons tomorrow.
Ciggy distribution right is
an important source of funds.
And these demonic scumbags
will do anything to seize it.
Han Jae-ho took it over
as soon as he arrived.
Han started out by
dealing meth in his teens,
so he's not an original gangster,
but when he appears,
even the OGs will part
like the Red Sea.
Having a private phone
is an open secret,
he's like a caged
Jesus Christ.
He filled his wing with
his disciples and has feasts.
Boys! Fill your glasses.
Let's all toast.
We are!
Brother! We love you!
13 days after release
Han spoke highly of you.
Good head and
competent fist.
Not sure about the head,
but fist not so much.
Would you like to
check firsthand?
He wants to dance with you.
Don't embarrass yourself
in front of your boys.
That's enough.
Who are you holding back?
Me, obviously.
Yo, punk ass.
If you beat me, I'll suck
your cock and sing the anthem.
I don't swing that way.
Son of a...!
Bro, is this a real gun?
Come here.
Dear nephew.
Differentiate work and leisure.
Don't be like your idiot father.
Be good.
Are you good?
Go party some more,
why are you here?
Were you crying?
Was I crying?
Was I crying, you fuck!
Yes, you were.
Fucking dipshit,
when the fuck did I cry?!
Get out, asshole!
You're dead!
How was Jae-ho
inside the joint?
He probably acted like
a king without me.
More like a president, sir.
What's the difference?
A president has a term.
And that term is finite.
Oh Lord,
the time has come.
What is it?
Kim Sung-han.
You must've heard of him.
He's the whale
of all criminals.
Let's watch.
lt's election time.
Your reputation precedes you,
pleasure to meet you.
l'm Han Jae-ho.
So you're the one
in charge around here.
I don't like to
beat around the bush,
so I'll make one thing clear.
Let's go 50-50
on cigarette business.
Price at market value,
and supply is pending...
l'm Kim Sung-han.
Do I look like
a tobacco pusher?
I heard you sold drugs
for a living.
If you go into war now,
who do you think will win?
Or would you like
to dance with me?
Ho-yeol was taken
to security.
How about a word?
Security Chief!
What's going on?
Didn't know about
the inspection this month?
Is this a joke?
Was it Kim Sung-han?
Did he bribe you?
More than mine?
Son of a bitch!
What did you say?
You fucking pest!
Damn it.
Fucking cockroach.
That's enough, stop.
Stop it!
You'll kill him.
Get him up.
- To isolation.
- Yes, sir.
The election is over.
Kim and the Warden are
from the same town.
631, come out.
Han Jae-ho's out, Boss.
The Security Chief
split up his boys,
so he'll be alone for a while.
He may be tenacious,
but he can't survive alone.
Let's drink.
He's got a shiv!
It's not mine!
I saw it coming out of
his sleeve.
Can you prove it?
How? Should I get you
photographic evidence?
Knock, knock.
Your life is worth
a single carton?
A probe will begin tomorrow.
No need.
Kim and the Security Chief are
probably jerking each other off.
But something's really off.
At this point,
I already lost the war.
So why try to bury me?
Why did you do it?
My mom told me not to ignore
the suffering of the petty.
Leave, see you tomorrow.
Do you still have
your phone?
You got something to report?
I found this inside the joint,
you should really take a look.
There are some
interesting images.
I'd like to report this guy for
illegally distributing cigarettes.
This guy?
'Gentleman,' please.
This gentleman.
Are you threatening me?
How can we ever
threaten you, sir?
Since we got the photos,
it'll be easy to file the report.
You bastards!
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
I've fucking had it!
You fucking rat,
do I look easy?
Not at all.
l was gonna report him for
possessing that too.
You conniving fuck!
How dare you!
Don't you get it?
We sent those pics to
this gentleman's crew outside.
If we can't be reached
for a week or no visits allowed,
they'll send those pics
to the prosecutor.
l'm risking just a year
added to my time,
but when a case opens up,
who do you think I'll name?
When I was a kid,
your memoir made
a strong impression on me.
'My Fist Cried Every Night'...
You said you fought
30 men and won,
was that for real?
I thought you threw
fireballs and shit.
Boss, it's ready.
One moment.
Wait outside.
You're a real original gangsta.
Let me ask you something.
We don't cross paths outside,
so why come after me?
I really don't understand.
My apologies,
let's end it here.
Not the right answer.
Ko Byung-chul!
It was Chairman Ko.
Shut your fucking hole!
Your own boss gave you up.
Lying sack of shit.
Don't make shit up!
5kg shipment in August!
If my boss buried you,
Ko promised us a third.
Son of a bitch!
That's enough!
That answer...
sounds convincing.
l'm Kim Sung-han.
What happened today...
There is no tomorrow for us,
your threats don't work.
So many men
accidentally die in here.
Look at me.
Come on,
look at me.
This won't end
if you don't.
Very good.
Play ball.
Watch .
32 days after release
Are you absolutely sure
Kim died of a heart attack?
So, Jae-ho isn't after my neck?
Not this again.
Uncle, I checked it myself.
Kim had high blood pressure.
You get more suspicious
as you grow older.
And full of regrets too.
Thank you.
will you put out
a hit on Jae-ho again?
He still has some use left.
Your orphanage friendship
really is forever.
I doubt that.
You and I are
bound by blood.
This is a family business.
Okay, I got a question.
You took in a mutt
off the street and raised it,
took good care of it.
Its fur looks healthy
and it's bulking up.
But as it gets bigger,
it stops wagging its tail.
It barks and shows
its teeth sometimes.
What's funny is that,
it doesn't know its place.
What should its owner do?
If you were me...
Jae-ho, that fuck!
You bastard!
The Chairman could've been hurt!
It's been a while,
I got no control!
So sorry, Chairman!
Go easy!
Sons of bitches.
If I let him be,
he'll eventually bite.
Then he should be put down.
After this Russian deal,
let's set a day.
Oceane Import,
where all fresh shes are
Over 700 types,
delicious and fresh food
Oceane Import
home shopping!
Call us, we'll deliver
anywhere in the country!
3 years and 4 months ago,
Busan Metro Police
Why are we watching this?
He's the primary target
of this operation.
Ko Byung-chul,
52 years old.
Current head of Oceane Import,
vice chair of Fisheries Coop Union.
Chairman Ko?
He used to provide strippers
for a Russian bar in Seoul,
and partnered up with
Vladivostok's Gegard mob.
Vitaly Gegard is an ex-officer,
and operates over 80 ships
that are docked
in Busan harbor.
In 2008,
Ko relocated to Busan,
and founded Oceane,
an aquatic importer.
It's a front for a massive
smuggling operation.
Using ice boxes to move
meth, hashish, and cocaine,
they smuggled about
15kg last year alone.
You should've caught him then!
Why cry over spilled milk!
This is a bad habit!
Dump this case,
and bring me
press-friendly cases.
Like a celeb drug scandal.
Why don't we
officially import meth?
I heard the high
is amazing!
Let's make our people
happy for once.
- Enough!
- What?!
Why not?
This is an economic issue.
Russia is reducing
the fishing quota every year,
and if the mafia-run ships
stop coming, it'll be a disaster.
So, fish come before drugs?
Manage your anger
and do as you're told!
By working press-friendly cases,
will you reach HQ
by your 60th birthday?
Han will be out in 2-3 years.
We can lure him and
get them in one fell swoop.
What's your plan?
Undercover detail.
You okay?
It's a 3-year gig.
That's a long one.
Agency cooperation?
None; police, prosecution,
KSA, customs, no one'll know.
Are we infiltrating
North Korea?
One recruit, one joint.
I volunteer for the recruit!
Asshole, put your hand down!
You're still a bachelor.
I'm a family man
with a wife and a baby.
My son spoke his first word.
What do you think that was?
We're selling our families now?
My mom's sick, like super sick.
You know all about that.
His first word was, "daddy".
We played so much Yankee
prenatal music, so he spoke English.
His daddy can't go
to the joint at this point.
Jo Hyun-su,
this one's all you.
For a such crucial mission,
why'd you use a rookie
like myself?
Being humble doesn't suit you.
You were top of your class
in the Academy.
I can't do this.
No, I won't do this.
I made myself clear.
Use him for once,
he doesn't do shit!
Take that back!
I do plenty of shit!
I'm the one getting shit done!
Why's he barking
up my ass?
Chief, joint for him,
recruit for me, okay?
I'll get your mom a kidney.
We'll cover her dialysis bills
until we find her a kidney.
Your call.
It was an Incheon-bound ship
from Hong Kong,
it had 20,000 bamboo trees,
and ephet-...
and ephedrine.
The ship's docking time leaked...
Is this a presentation?
It's a tale of exploits.
I can sell it in alive situation.
Chicks nowadays are fresh.
Can I work?
Your tongue is more vital
than your fist.
Get into it.
We were coming into
Incheon at 2 AM,
and that leaked.
The po-pos littered the harbor.
So what can we do?
Fuck, we unloaded the bamboos
and stayed on the ship for a week,
and we had fuck-all to do.
Then we discovered
Chinese Viagra knock-offs.
The Chinese-Koreans were like,
let's see if these
work or not,
and they all had
huge boners.
So the knock-offs worked?
They totally did.
They couldn't hold it
and got off and arrested.
That worked out in our favor.
We called the trucks
and unloaded in record time,
and took off.
And the Chinese-Koreans?
We unloaded all our shit.
The po-pos had nothing,
so they were released.
Viagra saved you all.
Viagra brings back
dead boners back to life.
No way!
I'll grant you one wish.
I want a new cell!
The biggest one!
That's my cell.
Han is not a gullible target.
Is he biting at all?
Well, a little...
We'll find out soon.
Any news?
Congrats, we got a kidney.
She'll get surgery soon.
Good news?
Okay, Mom,
I'll call you again soon!
You prefer
your mom's voice
over a hottie's?
You're clueless.
There's this thing
called 'family affection.'
I never had a family,
so I can't relate.
You got those minions
you call family outside.
Speaking of which,
I should join you.
I kid, don't take it
so seriously.
Isn't Kim Sung-han here?
Anything happened?
He died of heart attack
as soon as he arrived.
Heart attack?
That's great news.
I looked into it,
that fucker was
sent here to bury you.
Do you know who sent him?
The Chairman did, asswipe.
What a guy.
Fucking heart attack.
What will you do?
Gonna bury him
when you come out?
I'll get everything ready.
Ruthless fuck.
How could you be so nonchalant
about killing family?
Fuck that shit!
When my father died,
he tossed me in the orphanage!
Look at this!
I ordered the wrong noodles,
so he hit me with
a fucking ashtray!
That was your fault.
But the one I ordered was better.
If a war breaks out now,
boys will stick to money.
Let's sit this one out.
I can't do that.
I'm sick of looking after
the senile fuck, bud.
By the way,
have you looked into it?
About that Jo Hyun-su?
That bastard really was with
the Golden Crane gang.
Hey! Leave us!
They got balls.
Before forensics get him,
wipe his records.
ls Jo gonna be okay?
He's still alive and kicking.
It's hard to blow cover
in there.
We shouldn't notify
him of this.
He could fumble
and ruin the operation.
When's his mother's surgery?
Yes, I'm being admitted today.
Thank you, Chief.
Is my son doing okay?
It's a nice day.
Great indeed.
Don't you fucking
lie to me!
- Calm down!
- You fucker!
Why'd she just drop dead?!
Calm down!
Why would she just die,
you fucking liar!
I wanna see my mom...
I'll see her and
come back!
Jo, sit down!
I gotta see her!
Unidentied Caller
Get me out of here.
Even for a day.
There's no one else to
hold her funeral.
You're not a model prisoner
for that privilege.
And whose fault is that,
I did everything you asked.
There isn't anything
I can do right now.
Undercover Agent
Don't say that,
please do something.
I've been rotting here for 2 years,
and I can't even bury Mom?
If you won't let me out,
I'm gonna expose it all.
If I wipe your records,
you're just a petty criminal.
Is that what you want?
How could you...
do this to me?
This isn't the time
to be cute.
Don't touch me.
I know what you're
going through.
You do?
What would you know?
How would you know that,
fucking asshole!
Don't do anything
you'll regret.
What was that?
Fuck you!
That's enough!
Let go!
- Enough!
- Let go!
That's enough.
This is interesting.
It felt like only yesterday,
when you guys
tried to screw me.
Drink up.
You got a furlough today.
You'll get two escorts
and stay cuffed too.
Funeral home address.
Han paid for the entire funeral.
He threatened me
to release you early.
But that's up to
the warden.
Be happy with a day furlough.
I don't even remember
Dad's face.
She was everything to me.
It feels like I've been
thrown out by the world.
Forget it.
What would you know?
Do you know who tried to
kill me for the first time?
A woman I called Mom.
After a drink, Dad took pleasure
in beating her and me.
He was fine when he was sober.
The problem was,
he drank everyday.
When I was 12 or so,
we had dinner one day
but something felt off,
and the food tasted weird too.
Mom tried to avoid
my eye contact.
So I ran to the washroom,
stuck fingers down my throat,
and threw up.
And when I came back,
both of my parents foaming
at the mouth and dead.
Bro, I'm sorry... I...
I'm quite used to
being thrown out.
Anyway, the moral
of this story is,
don't trust people,
trust the circumstances.
When you get out,
do you really want to
partner up?
Fucking hell,
if you like,
let's give it a go.
Lost boys banding together.
And you know,
it'd be fun to
have you around.
I'm not asking you
to be my minion.
How about it?
Sounds fun?
- But in exchange...
- Bro...
I'm a cop.
127 days after release
What happened?
- We lost his signal.
- What?
Is his cover blown?
I don't think so,
his watch must be busted.
Play it.
I don't know
what you've heard,
I only unloaded 200 boxes
of king crabs that day.
The Chairman and I didn't see
eye to eye recently,
but I'm not someone
who'd cause a stink over it.
Could I make a call?
Go ahead.
You have that right.
Who's that?
Choi Dae-hyun, 45,
12 violent crimes, and...
Cpt. Choi?
Jesus Christ...
He's a professional criminal.
He's too big of a foe
for Jo to tackle alone.
What's the backstory?
Ko smuggled in a few seals
for forging export documents,
and Choi must've
intercepted them.
What seals?
Busan Customs and
Harbor Master seals are verified.
The customs folks will go
batshit crazy.
Shouldn't we swoop in?
And abandon 3-years
undercover work?
This is the Chairman's
final proposal.
Come on,
what's with you?
I don't have those seals!
If you see the number,
you'll kiss my feet.
You joke well
for such a pretty boy.
Am I laughing?
Let's begin.
What's the rush?
Why are you so antsy
like a pissy dog?
We gotta get them
all at once.
Dude, are you worried
about your protege?
Get him!
Go away!
Don't come closer!
Go away! Go!
What are you waiting for?
Kill the fucker!
Here they are.
What is it?
Gonna work?
It's fun to work
once in a while.
Have fun!
Baby! I'm home!
Come on in.
Hey, stop!
Don't do it! Please!
I almost got hurt.
And I almost died.
Get him off of me.
Help me up.
You gotta get him off
so I can help.
I can get him off
only if you get me up.
Oh, for fuck's sake!
Stay back!
Don't come!
Stay back!
This isn't right...
We got the seals and took care
of Choi thanks to Hyun-su.
Good work.
This job was fun.
Did he just say it was fun?
A barrel of fun!
Good to see you.
Fun place, eh?
Mr. Gegard is waiting for you.
Stay put.
It's been a while,
Mr. Gegard.
Good to see you, Mr. Han.
Are you nuts?
Why the fuck are you here?
You look dope.
Be careful with this one.
I'm so fucking moved.
It feels like
I'm being watched too.
Choi is still unconscious.
Do you even know
what we did to cover it up?
Then send me back in!
- You bitch!
- Jo Hyun-su!
Jo Hyun-su!
Fucking bastard!
What's going on?
The toilet was nasty
so I came out for a leak,
then this perverted fuck
got a peek.
This may be a progressive society,
but that's not right.
I think there's been
a misunderstanding.
I didn't peek on purpose...
Fucking pervert.
You picked the wrong dick
to play peeping tom on.
- Bro! Stop!
- Fucking pervert!
Enough, that's enough.
- Let's just go.
- Pull your dick out!
Let's take a look
at yours.
Did you see
that cop's face?
He was scared
out of his wits!
I feel bad for
making him a pervert.
did he show up
all of a sudden?
The busted watch.
What are you doing?!
Hold still, asshole!
Hold it, stay put!
Hands up,
both of them!
Are you happy now?
Fucking hell!
I got started here
at your age.
Do you know
how many have betrayed me
in those years?
Even the boss
I dedicated 20 years to
is trying to backstab me
with a smile on his face.
Do you think I'm capable of
trusting someone?
Fine, I get it.
I'll never tell you
to trust me again.
But I trust you though.
This place is so tacky.
You made it big.
It's a new sample.
Half the cost and 90% purity
by improving formula.
If this wasn't illegal,
it'd be Nobel Prize worthy.
Just need to set up
the D-Day, Uncle.
Let's go big with this one.
We're thinking about 50kg.
If we expand distribution,
we can cover the country.
Coming up with that money
will take a month.
Come on, God created
the world in 6 days.
Chief Cheon will get a whiff
and come after us.
There is a way.
What's the plan?
What about the po-po?
Will you use him?
Keep it down.
Girls, this man
hangs out with a cop!
You still haven't told me
how you did it.
Did what?
Your protege,
how did you bait him?
About that Jo Hyun-su?
That bastard really was with
the Golden Crane gang.
But the thing is...
I went through so much
trouble for this.
I was gonna track Cheon
and rape that bitch.
Then I got this photo.
Take a look.
Chief Cheon.
I took care of the bastard
beside her.
So get this kid from in here.
That's the best way.
Cops are even more
conniving than us!
He's too good to bury.
You got a boner for him?
I'll try to bait him
to our side.
He's a cop!
How do you bait a cop?
I've got my ways.
I'll give it a try,
if not,
I'll wrap things up.
I'm a cop.
I know what I'm doing
is crazy.
I know you can snap
my neck right now.
But I don't think I should
deceive you anymore.
I'm sorry, bro.
So that idiot came clean
on his own?
How did you do it?
Spill it.
He's a good kid.
You and I will never
understand that.
Jung Kyung-hee's Tree
Who are you?
Who the hell are you?!
Yo, po-po.
Po-po? What the shit?
Han Jae-ho gave you up.
Who do you think
greenlit you?
Get the gasoline.
Pour it.
Any last words?
You got 5 seconds.
- 5!
- Wait! Wait!
- 4!
- Wait!
- 3!
- How did he know?!
- How did Han know that?!
- 2! 1!
Loyalty check?
Loyalty check!
As if sending me
to the joint wasn't enough,
now you'll burn me alive too?
Yo, pervert.
Feel good to
get your revenge?
You sound like
a real gangster now.
If you serve 3 years,
you'll be too, asshole.
Son of a bitch...
Hey, hey.
Is the D-Day set?
Han is trying to
convince the Chairman.
Once Ko's on board,
the Russians will set a date.
About 50.
Any leads on Mom's
hit-and-run case?
It takes time, but most
hit-and-runs get solved.
We're pressuring
those in charge,
let's wait and see.
1 year ago, the day of
Hyun-su's mother's death
We have to let him know.
If he knew,
would that bring her back?
Chief, we may work
off the books, but this is...
Goddamn fucking shit!
Listen carefully.
No one's at fault
until it's discovered.
The one who's victimized
is at fault.
There's no room for
half-assed guilty conscience.
Or you'll end up
destroying yourself.
What's going on here?
Are you putting on
a show or something?
What happened to you?
It's a long story.
Let's go.
Aren't you sick of
living like this?
Like what?
Sometimes I pity
your lifestyle.
I don't mean to live like this.
I live like this just to get by.
The events that unfold
in your life
usually come from behind.
Never from the front.
So you must...
constantly watch your back.
I never expected my mom
to end up like that.
But you wouldn't be
beside me now.
Due to scale of the shipment,
things will move fast.
You got one shot.
Is this legit?
It was hard to get approved.
Cops, coast guards,
customs, and even SWAT,
this is a blockbuster.
Then make it a box office hit.
150 days after release
Here we go!
Thank you, thank you!
Hello, boys!
Very nice.
Been a while,
Chairman Ko!
Get on your knees,
What the shit?
Stop them!
Retrieve the boxes!
Your joints aren't what
they used to be, you okay?
Open them.
Wonderful toys!
Very good choice.
These sailors
must've been lonely.
With my respect,
Chief Cheon.
Let's go, Mr. Gegard!
So the salt takes 2 hours
to melt in the water?
It should be done by now.
Okay, okay.
Jo Hyun-su is a smart kid,
maybe because he's young.
The way you planted intel
to Cheon was,
by any chance...
Curiosity killed the cat,
I planted it.
It's all there.
We confirmed the cash.
Now let's check
the merchandise.
A drink to our business!
Very good, thank you!
Good work, Jae-ho.
Let's drink till we drop!
Cheers! Cheers!
I don't drink with corpses.
What should I do?
My apologies.
You fucking traitors!
Fish the merchandise
and head back.
Take care of
your protege yourself.
He's not dead yet.
Good work!
Is he one of ours?
You okay?
It fucking hurts, right?
It hurts like a motherfucker!
Must we go this far?
You're a fucking psycho.
Her man got shot during the op,
but the Chief is
nowhere in sight.
Bring Jo in.
He got shot twice,
he's being treated right now.
He wasn't shot in the head!
What is this?
Doesn't he look familiar?
why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you?!
I thought you'd
fuck up the operation.
It's all gone to shit anyway.
Why are you
doing this to me?
Be cool!
Fucking bitch!
Why are you
doing this to me?
You know fully well.
Will you let your
mom's killer walk free?
Calm down.
But you wouldn't be
beside me now.
Stop! Stop!
No way!
The moral of this story is
don't trust people.
Trust the circumstances.
The circumstances.
We are!
My friend is a made man!
Let's drink!
Thank you, sir.
Co-bosses are common nowadays.
Let's not do that though.
- We are!
- Family!
Are you okay to contact
so quickly?
I'm getting investigated,
you're in danger too.
What do you mean?
I think someone gave me up.
Is there anyone
who knows about my cover?
A raid warrant will be
issued tomorrow.
We gotta grab our shit
and skip town today.
I'll give you the time later,
meet me at our spot.
Okay, see you then.
Shouldn't we request backup?
No, if we request another one,
we'll get pulled off this.
Our target is
just Han Jae-ho.
How many men
can we get quietly?
About three.
Will he really come?
He called me down,
but he's gone?
Dope, that's so dope.
Go take care of it.
Hey, Jae-ho!
Jo Hyun-su, that fuck...
I'm gonna kill him...
You can't do this.
You're not seeing things
straight, asshole!
Snap out of it!
Son of a bitch...
You're not a friend,
This is all wrong, asshole!
Snap out of it!
Aren't you sick
of living like this?
Leave me.
What's with him?
Did you wait long?
I'm late.
Did you see the rain?
It's insane.
How are you feeling?
You shot me,
you know how I am.
You've done so much.
On the way here,
I spotted a weird water truck
among the abandoned cars.
Do mineral water trucks
tint the windows that dark?
Are you still
suspicious of me?
Pat me down.
I'm sick of it.
Living this life.
Should we sell the drugs
and leave this business?
There's no other work
that you're fit for.
Kill the backstabber,
kill the competition,
kill anyone you dislike.
Is Mr. Ko still alive?
I heard you killed
my mom too.
It's true that
I can't see straight anymore...
I should've killed you
from the get-go.
I should have.
You should've
found out.
Come on.
Can't shoot me out of pity?
If you're gonna shoot,
make it fast.
Po-pos will be here soon.
The plan was,
after verifying
the merchandise outside,
I wanted to ambush you.
I ruined the plan again.
Where's Han Jae-ho?
Son of a bitch!
Where are you?!
Come out!
Give me the gun.
That's how you live.
Son of a bitch,
you wanna die?
He's not someone
you can handle.
Shut the hell up!
Fuck, what are you
trying to pull?
If you don't kill me,
you're a dead man.
I started out here
when I was your age.
Do you know
how many have betrayed me
in those years?
Fine, I get it.
I'll never tell you
to trust me again.
But I trust you though.
You made it big.
Han Jae-ho.
Where's the drugs?
Jo Hyun-su.
Hyun-su, wait...
make the same mistake.