The Meteor Man (1993) Movie Script

I'm up. Ellington, I'm up.
I'm up. I'm up.
She don't want to believe
that the boy is using drugs...
but he comes home every day
with bloodshot eyes...
and then he eats everything
in the kitchen.
She knows he didn't
get those red eyes...
from being in the library.
I hear the boy can't even read.
Good morning, Mr. Moses.
What do you think?
You think this is something,
check this out.
What do you think?
Look, girls, y'all just
gonna have to wait in line.
Mr. Moses, let's make a trade.
I'll trade you
The Best of Wynton Marsalis...
for Duke Ellington
and Billie Holiday.
I would never give up
any of my records for anything.
It would be like
cutting off one of my hands.
Jeff, you're right.
Got to go younger, huh?
Yeah. I'm getting me
girls on Soul Train.
Have a good day, Mr. Moses.
- Good morning, Mrs. Walker.
- Morning, Jeff.
Thanks again for the tickets
tonight for that show.
No... thank you.
When the Georgetown Three
make it big...
I'm going to say, "Special
thanks to Mrs. Walker...
"who let me slide on my rent
when I didn't have it.
"This Grammy's for you."
Have a good day.
Hey, Jeff, ready for tonight?
You know I am.
First show's sold out.
Second one's almost there.
- Cool.
- And this device I invented...
will monitor the vibrations
of the audience.
- That's great.
- Just keep the music coming...
from the baddest jazz trio
in D.C.!
And I got some women
lined up for you.
Michael, I told you.
I don't want to meet anybody.
Come on, Jeff.
You got to get over Stacy.
It's been four months
since you broke up.
You got to move on,
experience life.
- You're right.
- Anyway, first show...
Debra's bringing
her cousin Denise.
She's kind of fat,
but she's got a cute face.
Cool, cool.
Second, Anita's bringing
her girl. Says she's a ten.
- A ten?
- Uh-huh.
Without a weave, she's a six.
That's cool.
I got to go. Warden.
Just appease her.
With this baby here,
you won't be here much longer.
Move over, Wynton Marsalis.
Aren't you going to say
excuse me, Dre?
Excuse me.
Thanks again for calling,
Mr. Reed.
If he gets out of line again,
I will be back.
Keep it!
Ahem. Excuse me, Mr. Reed.
Mrs. Laws is waiting for you.
You wanted to see me?
Well, you've done it this time,
Mr. Reed.
What did I do?
Louis, what happened to you?
You. You're the one filling
his head up with all this junk.
We have taught this boy
to stand up for himself...
to fight the bullies,
but he doesn't listen to us.
He said, "Mr. Reed
teaches us differently.
"Mr. Reed said that we should
run from the bullies..."
and that Mr. Reed
encourages the smaller kids...
to practice running, hiding,
and eating their lunch quickly!
I didn't say "quickly."
I said "rapidly."
- I was trying to help.
- Well, thanks to your help...
every bully at this school
is beating him up.
A younger girl did this to him!
Mr. Reed, have you ever
stood up to anybody?
Or better yet,
have you ever had your butt...
Mrs. Williams,
I'll handle it from here.
Mr. Reed, may I remind you...
that you are
just a substitute teacher?
No more of this.
I was simply talking about
how life is.
I don't care.
Teach only from the books
and not your philosophy on life.
That's all for now.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
If you have the meetings
in the evening...
nobody wants to come out.
Everybody's just so afraid.
It's a question of what
you people really want to do.
Do you want this community
or what?
Ted, I realize
that we are the community.
That's right.
Nothing's going to happen
until we do what I said.
Are you down with o.p.p.?
You know me.
I really do understand that.
We just can't go around...
Let's cross the street.
Put your hand down.
- Hey, man.
- You want this?
What for?
I ain't crossin' the street for
nobody. Leave me alone, Maxine.
- Dad, come on.
- Ted, don't be crazy.
- Are you scared?
- Yeah, I'm scared.
I don't have to prove nothing
to nobody.
I want to see a hero,
I'll rent Rambo.
You go ahead on, then.
We got to get these young
people involved in this.
What did I just say?
I said give me the green.
You lucky that didn't break,
old man.
See you later, old man.
Don't see me later.
See me now, punk...
'cause I ain't crossin'
no street.
Gangs only take over
because you let them.
If you would've challenged them,
they'd think twice.
You know they got us
living like animals...
with bars on every window,
alarms on every car.
All I'm saying is, if we
would just patrol our streets...
like right here
at Drake's Place...
where all the drugs are...
and with everybody wearing
one of these hats.
Show them those hats, Maxine.
If everybody wore
one of these caps...
they'd know
that we meant business.
- Ma.
- Don't you have a show to do?
He needs money again.
Your brother Kenny
never asks for anything.
Dad! How much?
I just need ten dollars for gas.
You know, you should be coming
to some of these meetings.
This is your community, too.
You listen to what
Mrs. Walker's talking about.
That's right.
This whistle will be a signal
to everybody who hears it...
to call the police.
You crazy if you think...
I'm going to walk up
some dark alley...
with a loud orange hat
on my head and a whistle.
I can see the headlines now...
"Golden Lords kill old man
in loud orange hat...
"and stuff a whistle
up his butt."
Ernest is right.
This patrol is a dumb idea.
Oh, Elvira!
It's time we stuck together.
Mom, Dad,
I got to go to the show...
but she's right.
We can't win.
Don't upset your father.
Ernest, I need you to help me
here, man.
Listen, what about the kids
in this neighborhood, huh?
They took my radio and my bass.
What's going on?
This is your initiation.
You want to be a Golden Lord?
Then get him.
What's up, fellas?
Where's he at?
What, y'all just gonna stand
around here looking stupid?
Split up.
Come on, Dre, he ain't stupid
enough to hide in there.
You see something over there,
All right, Golden Lords,
move out.
Come on, move out
and check every corner.
Move out, Golden Lords!
Watch it. Watch it.
I got you. I got you, OK?
All right. Let's...
Easy. OK.
OK, let's go.
Clear a path, please.
People, please,
move out of the way, please.
Keep this door open.
Come on, open the door.
- Bring him in. Is he conscious?
- No, ma'am.
- Oh, my God.
- Calm down.
He's going to be all right.
He's going to be all right.
We'll cut him right here.
- That's good.
- On your left.
Thank you, nurse.
Dr. Simmons,
take a look at this.
Heavenly father...
I know everything happens
for a reason...
so I'll just leave it
in your hands.
Excuse me.
I need somebody to talk to
about my friend.
I'm worried about his condition.
What time you get off work?
I just want to discuss
his condition.
Visiting hours are over.
Good night.
You're doing much better,
Mr. Reed.
Don't try to talk.
You need your rest.
My name is Vanessa, and I'm
going to take great care of you.
Just push the button
on the side of the bed...
and I'll be there.
Are these the same X-rays?
Jefferson, Jefferson Reed.
Mary, would you give me
the blood vial on this patient?
"Jefferson Reed."
The patient's name
is Jefferson Reed.
Dr. Jones,
you're needed immediately...
in patient
Jefferson Reed's room.
Cut the bandages away.
Oh, my God.
Let me have a mirror.
This is how I always look.
What we have here
is another case...
of a patient
being diagnosed improperly.
He was suffering
from third-degree burns...
but there isn't
any scar tissue anywhere.
Any real doctor
might assume that this is...
a rare case
of the Stromburg theory...
where badly burned tissue
has an adverse reaction...
causing the tissue to heal.
- Wrong! Wrong.
- I beg your pardon?
The Stromburg theory states...
that minor burns could heal
under stress, not third-degree.
Look in the book...
page 294, 3rd paragraph,
middle of the page.
- He's right.
- Thank you.
Dr. Jones wrong. He don't know
what he talkin' about.
You really should reread
chapter fourteen.
Chapter fourteen?
Please, tell us why.
In chapter fourteen,
he starts out talking about...
What was I saying again?
Thank you very much for
your medical tips, Mr. Reed.
I just want to run
a few more tests...
and you may leave
whenever you're ready.
Oh, no, Mrs. Johnson.
They just called me, and I...
They said it was on the floor.
I didn't understand.
Really. Please try
to forgive me and understand.
I'm just new here.
It's my first day.
If I'd known
it was down there...
You sure you'll be OK?
I'm really very sorry.
Please try to forgive me.
If you need anything,
just call me.
Anything you want...
I'll be outside.
Phil, when you get a chance,
take a look at this article.
It has been a day!
Dr. Jones is a piece of work.
Had me running back and forth.
I can't wait to get out of here.
No. I'm talking about
the one right there.
No. Look over there, girl.
He's all right with me.
He's cute.
Of course he's cute. That's why
I'm telling you to look.
You having a problem there,
Yes. I put my money in there,
and it keeps eating my money.
I can see through their clothes.
This is weird.
I can see through... anything.
May I help you?
Where's Vanessa?
Vanessa? What can she do
for you that I can't do?
I can do everything she do,
honey, and a whole lot better.
Walking around here,
thinking she cute...
showing them little pencil legs.
Honey, I seen better legs
on a pool table.
And another thing...
Vanessa this, Vanessa that...
talking about how cute she is.
I've seen something at the zoo
cuter than she was.
Come on, get in there
with your half-dead self.
Thank you.
Let me tell you something.
Here's my phone number.
Call me, sweetie.
We can get together,
have champagne at my house.
The bubbly kind, you know?
And I got one of them little
bikini nighties, you know?
We now run the market
in D.C., Baltimore...
and Philadelphia.
At the rate we're going,
in three months...
we'll be ready to make the move
on New York...
because if I can make it there,
I'll make it anywhere.
Hello, Mr. Byers.
How are you?
That's great.
The boat comes in tonight.
You brought me back something?
We're just about to have lunch.
Hey! Hey, boy.
Did you miss me?
Did you miss me? Hey.
I know you did.
I missed you, too.
Are you hungry?
You want something to eat?
OK, let's get something to eat.
Let me see what we got here.
Let me see.
Chicken, liver, beefy beef.
Come in.
What up?
Got you your mail...
bills, bills, Upscale, Jet.
Michael, I can talk
to Ellington. Watch.
Man, this is crazy.
You barked. The dog barked.
Trippin', Jeff.
That's right. You can't hear me
talk to Ellington.
something happened to me.
I can touch a book
and for thirty seconds...
know and do
everything in the book.
I mean,
grab any book in this house.
All right. Jet.
I know you ain't read
this one yet. Touch it.
Put a stop to this madness
right quick.
OK, page twenty.
People page. Names...
Karl W. Taylor, Eric Sawyer.
- Page thirty-three.
- Society world.
It's a photo of a couple
that just got married.
Centerfold. What does she do?
She's an actress, a model...
a dancer,
and a dental technician.
She enjoys cooking and hip-hop.
She's wearing a black bikini,
and she's fine.
What's her measurements?
After you touch it, it only
lasts for thirty seconds.
You really got superpowers!
That's what
I've been trying to tell you.
- Man, this is wild.
- Check this out.
Jeff, you were hit by a meteor.
Think anybody else
got superpowers?
Larry? Larry, come in here.
Something's wrong with this TV.
What's wrong, Mary?
The channels keep changing
by themselves.
They keep what?
Fix it.
It's this thing.
It's this right here.
Oh, see, I know what's wrong.
I know what's wrong.
Let me tell you
what's wrong with this TV.
Them kids been here, that's
what's wrong with this TV.
No, Larry,
the kids have not been in here.
No, them kids been in here.
Trust, OK?
They been in here
playing that hindindu, OK?
And I told them don't be
playing the hindindu with my TV.
That's why I got a four-bedroom
house for everybody.
Everybody have a room.
In other words,
you can't fix it.
I can fix this.
That ain't no problem.
I fix things for a living.
That's my job... to fix things.
- What's up, Mr. Reed?
- Hey, Mr. Reed, how you doing?
Aaron didn't bring his supplies
to class.
He was sleeping
in my classroom.
When I woke him up, he used
very foul language at me...
you mother this,
you mother that.
All right.
I suspended him from school...
and that same afternoon,
I went outside...
and all four tires on
my red mustang had been slashed.
I suspended him again today...
and do you know
what he said to me?
"I hope you have bus fare."
Absolutely unbelievable.
In other words...
he is planning to do
the very same thing again today.
Now, that's unbelievable.
He's gonna slash my tires again!
What would you like me to do,
Mr. Little?
I'd like you to transfer Aaron
to somebody else's class...
because I have done
all I can with him.
Being that
we're on the same team...
I think I can handle
your transfer problem.
Why don't I just transfer him
into Mr. Reed's class?
Uh, that's fine with me.
I mean, because
I really care about these kids.
Well, so do I.
I have tried... really.
But there are some kids
who just don't want to learn.
But what did you say over lunch,
"They don't pay me enough
to be a teacher and a parent."
Look, I'm a schoolteacher.
I am not a baby-sitter.
True, true,
but you don't give up.
So the parents
don't always come through.
It's the kids
that suffer in the end...
and I'm sorry, but we've got
some of the grea...
Yo, man, keep looking out
while I break in this locker.
Keep looking out.
What's he looking at?
Greatest kids...
Even if the parents don't
get involved, it's up to us...
Do you have bus fare?
These kids aren't bad...
These kids are ours.
They are our future.
Now, I believe
that what Mr. Reed has said...
is absolutely correct.
As teachers,
it is our job to help them.
We cannot give up
on our students.
You ought not to have been
messing with them boys.
- Yeah, well, thank you, Ernest.
- Careful, now.
What happened?
Your father
thinks he's Superman.
Nobody's walking over me.
I don't care how many there are.
You know your father...
just pigheaded.
You're back from the hospital
Yeah, that was fast, old man.
How you feeling?
Get your hands off him.
Seat belts... you got to wear
your seat belts.
Man, I don't know
how you did that...
but you're going
to be getting yours.
Punk! You're going
to be getting yours!
Man, he's something.
Are you all right?
Are you using steroids?
No, Dad. That accident I had...
I was hit by a meteor.
A meteor?
And it gave me these powers.
Don't tell anybody about this.
Tell anybody?
The whole neighborhood saw it.
Ma, just make up something.
Just make up something.
I'm late for class.
A little late, ain't you?
Have a good day.
I think we got him.
Home, Mario.
Something's wrong. Look.
I hit him with everything I had!
You saw me, Goldilocks!
Shut up. Shut up, Uzi!
Man, back this thing up.
Back it up right now.
He just...
- Did he...
- Uzi, he just...
Mario, home, please... now.
What am I doing up here?
I'm scared of heights.
- Maurice?
- Yes, sweetheart?
If you'd fix it,
I wouldn't have to ask you that.
Can you drive me?
My car's acting up again.
Yes, sweetheart.
I'll take care of it tomorrow.
You know...
Peeing Tom! Peeping Tom!
I'm going to hurt you, punk!
I know your type!
I got something for you!
I'm not a peeping Tom!
I'm not! I'm not!
Come here!
Pervert! You come back!
I'll be waiting for you,
you pervert!
What in the world
happened to you?
- Did you feel that earthquake?
- What earthquake?
It's all over the news.
The first one in
the history of D.C. Come on in.
The earthquake registered
3.5 on the Richter scale.
It was felt as far away
as Baltimore.
Your mother and I stayed up
all night last night...
thinking about your powers.
Dad, I'm starting to get scared.
The Golden Lords know who I am.
They did this to me.
Relax. We've got to decide
what you're going to do first...
clean up the crackhouses,
stop the Golden Lords...
avenge me...
see what they did?
Or then we could go after
the big drug dealers...
or maybe you could go
go and get involved
in South Africa!
Dad, I think
you are taking this too far.
No, we're not. No, we're not.
No, no... come. Come with me.
Your mother's got
a great surprise for you.
Close your eyes.
Pumpkin, look who I've got.
What happened to him?
The gangbangers
tried to shoot him.
But they couldn't hurt him.
You can open your eyes now,
Mama, what is that?
You gotta have a uniform
to fight crime, Meteor Man.
- What?
- Well, just think about it.
- Why did the meteor hit you?
- I don't know.
I figured it out. It's because
we need a real superhero.
These gangbangers
need a wake-up call...
and you've got to have
a uniform.
Because no one must ever know...
the true identity of Meteor Man!
Mama, would you stop talking
like that? And this uniform...
Well, this costume...
your mother's gonna work on it.
I didn't know it was gonna
look like this, pumpkin.
Well, you're gonna be
the best-dressed superhero.
- Better than Batman.
- Better than Superman.
- And... what's that other child?
- Spider-man.
Can't touch you.
Now, I want you to come
on Tuesday evening...
and I'm gonna fix
your favorite dinner.
And I'm gonna work on it,
Meteor Man.
That's because he was wearing
a bulletproof vest!
And don't give me any garbage
about flying up a pole!
If you lost him,
say you lost him.
- But that's what happened.
- Shut up!
I want to study him.
Get me two recruits.
The reason
for this special meeting...
is to thank Jefferson Reed
for what he did yesterday.
He single-handedly
chased away the gangs.
Your mother told everybody how
you were hit by that meteor...
and now you have
superhuman powers!
I know,
but I'm just so proud of you.
I used to baby-sit him.
Got it.
So, Jeff, we wanted to have
this meeting with you...
to ensure that the community
stays safe from gangs...
not just for us, but because
this is your community, too.
That's right.
So we've written down a few
things that maybe you could do.
We want you
to patrol the neighborhood...
three times a week
in your uniform.
The community would like to put
another phone...
in your apartment
with call waiting...
the meteor phone...
like Batman's phone
on the TV series.
Beep beep! Help! Help!
We want you to tell the gangs,
the junkies...
the prostitutes and pimps
and the drug dealers...
to get out of our community!
Meteor Man! Meteor Man!
Meteor Man!
I'll just tell them that
I don't want to be Meteor Man.
I can't.
Look at this.
Oh, my God!
This is just science fiction.
You'll have to cooperate
with us.
It's the only way we can...
Don't make sense.
She never bothered nobody.
Do you live in this community?
Yes, ma'am. I live
on the second floor there.
How long have you known
Mrs. Walker?
I've known her
about twelve years now.
I didn't see anything happen
to her.
Thank you, Mr. Moses.
Another senseless
gang beating...
where no one saw anything
or heard anything.
A 61-year-old woman is being
hospitalized this evening.
I'm Janice Farrell
reporting for Channel Three...
This is getting ridiculous.
We have to come over...
in this neighborhood
every other day.
- Got it?
- Yeah. All right.
- All right. One more time.
- Yep.
OK, guys, let's go.
I hate doing these stories.
At least they got here...
the ambulance... on time, huh?
I saw everything.
This is never
going to happen again.
Drop that loot!
Do the laser eyes. Laser eyes.
- OK.
- Watch this.
I'm Meteor Man.
Put that VCR down.
I don't have evidence?
Now I do.
Where is he?
There he is.
I'll be glad when he get over
his fear of heights.
He will, he will.
Yo, man. Hurry up, man.
Just a little bit more, baby...
a little bit more.
You can take your time, baby.
Don't worry about that.
Hurry up, man.
I'm not playing with you.
Come on.
Get off me, crack boy!
Drug-dealer people,
Meteor Man's in town.
All right. OK.
What's going on here?
- Who the hell are you?
- Who are you?
I'm the TV repairman.
What the hell's going on?
The TV looks fine to me.
Have a good night, folks.
Hey, what's all that noise?
What's going on out here?
- Call the police!
- Call the police!
- Cover me!
- He's over there by the car!
What's up with this?
What the heck is that?
Put your weapons down.
I want to talk to both sides!
It's a trick!
Stop shooting! Stop shooting!
- Hold your fire!
- Hold your fire!
Stop! Stop firing!
Come on, cuz.
Let's get out of here.
- Come on, G, let's break.
- Just shut up!
Captain, this is suicide.
We got to try
something different here.
Yo, man, this is crazy.
Come on, man, let's roll.
Let's hear
what he's got to say.
Easy, easy.
We just want to talk.
Yo, put them down.
I said put them down.
Check your boy.
What happened here, man?
- Congress has voted against...
- Janice looking sexy.
I bet if we went out one time,
she'd be my lady.
There has been
yet another sighting...
of the African American male
in a cape...
Hey, Jeff, come here.
Check this out, man.
He's reportedly shut down
fifteen crackhouses...
stopped eleven
attempted robbers...
and brought peace between
two inner-city street gangs...
and the police.
The gangs have now vowed
to work together...
to rebuild the community
they have destroyed.
And now we will have
an exclusive interview...
with the caped man himself.
You did an interview?
Here with us live
is the caped man...
Clarence James Carter III.
Mr. Carter, people say
they saw you fly away.
Can you explain this?
Well, I move so fast,
people think I'm flying.
I used to be a boxer.
I'm bad.
We understand you have
a police record...
for attempted burglary,
auto theft, running numbers...
That's all behind me now.
I know I was wrong.
I spent three years in jail
for that.
I'm a different man now.
I'm a crime fighter.
You crooks, beware.
The flying man is here.
Don't you roam...
Everybody's going to think
he's me.
Can you believe it?
He's talking to Janice.
Did you hear what I said?
We got to do something.
He talking to Janice.
A billion-dollar shipment?
What is this?
I mean, is this a joke?
What is that?
Somebody! What?
Somebody talk to me!
Don't look at me
like a bunch of dummies!
Anybody know anything
about this guy?
what do you know about this?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
What do you mean, nothing?
It started in your territory.
What does that mean, nothing?
I don't know anything,
Mr. Byers.
They say he can fly.
Well, I don't want him to fly.
Gentlemen, I'm prepared
to offer a bounty...
for this flying man...
one million dollars alive,
two million dead.
It's 12:37 in the a. M...
and you're listening
to Rod Simmons on talk radio.
Our show tonight...
the flying man of D.C.
Does he really exist?
Is he real or fiction?
We want to hear from you.
We want to hear your calls.
Call in now.
You know our number.
Hey, Rod, man, I just want
to say that, you know...
with all the black-on-black
crime in D. C...
it's kind of nice to know...
a brother's out there
trying to do something.
I just want to say, I don't
know if he's real or not...
but I've got two kids,
and I just pray that he is.
I think this is
a ridiculous scam...
being perpetrated
on the inner-city...
by ambitious politicians...
stepping on the backs
of my people...
for their own corrupt
political agendas.
You're listening
to Rod Simmons. Yes, caller?
All I know is that somehow...
someone they call
the flying man...
closed down a crackhouse...
and it brought my son home.
Yeah. Meteor Man.
His name's Meteor Man.
You sure? It's Meteor Man...
that's what they call him?
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a miracle...
an outdoor grocery store...
a garden
in the middle of the ghetto.
It'll feed
thousands and thousands.
Who is behind this?
A few nights ago, we reported
that the caped man...
was Clarence James Carter III.
But the Bloods and the Crips
say that it isn't Mr. Carter.
Our caped hero
wants to be called Meteor Man.
No one knows his true identity.
Well, whoever you are,
keep up the good work.
And, Meteor Man, if you're ever
in my neighborhood...
lunch is on me.
I'm Janice Farrell reporting
for Channel Three News.
Sorry, Michael.
Excuse me. Stacy,
can I talk to you for a second?
My Nubian princess,
these are for you.
I love what you've done
with your hair.
It just becomes your face.
It's great.
Thank you.
Um, this is my boyfriend Malik.
How we doing,
my beautiful sisters?
And you must be Jeff.
My brother,
I heard a lot about you.
I'm kind of nervous, you know?
I'm new at this.
This is my first
black girlfriend, you know?
My real name's Bernard.
I just joined...
this African American
liberation movement...
and I'm feeling black.
And I want to thank you
for the opportunity.
I'm trying to greet somebody.
I knew it was
your lunch break...
and I want to take you to
lunch... if that's OK with you.
I don't want to dominate you.
It's your world.
No, it's quite all right.
I'd love to. Thank you.
I am honored.
I am truly honored.
Let me get your chair... please.
Have a nice lunch.
Yes. Don't you do that.
Let me get that.
It's been chilly.
Yo, I mean...
I got to get some class.
Oh, let me get the door
for you, my Nubian princess.
Good morning, Mr. Reed.
Slinkies move like life.
In one second,
everything can change.
How do you do it, Meteor Man?
You must have me mistaken.
Excuse me, Mr. Reed,
I don't mean to interrupt.
You're going to be late for
that meeting with the principal.
Thanks for reminding me,
Mr. Anderson.
Uh, I've got to go.
Did you hear?
Just a few minutes ago...
Meteor Man
destroyed another crackhouse.
It was on the radio.
Isn't that wonderful?
- That's wonderful.
- No, Simon, that's the dude.
I'm sorry.
I was mistaken.
No problem.
Baby Lords.
Junior Lords.
Thanks, Michael.
I seen them
sneaking in the back door.
We got to get out of here.
Let's wait until
they get out the parking lot.
You got superpowers. I don't.
Who does their hair?
This is Big John on D.C.'s
number one concert station...
FM 104.5.
Hey, we're coming at you live
from Washington City Mall...
I have a vacation
to the Bahamas.
But first, we have
a very special visitor.
It was the Golden Lords.
Meteor Man.
Good morning, Meteor Man.
Thanks for stopping by.
Well, thank you.
I'm just trying
to make D.C. Safe again...
especially for all
the beautiful, sexy ladies here.
And I would like to invite
my favorite TV anchor...
Janice Farrell
to join me for a meal.
His last meal.
Mr. Byers, have my two million
in the morning.
I am Meteor Man!
And I want to say hello to
all the lovely ladies out there.
Now, I know a lot of y'all
are saying...
"Why didn't you
start helping us sooner?"
'Cause I figured now
was the time.
'Cause crime
is at an all-time high.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's give it up for Meteor Man!
I must keep my identity
a secret...
but if you give me
your phone number, I will call.
'Cause I can tell
with my X-ray vision...
that you and I
would have a good...
Don't you want my number?
You are so mysterious.
Yeah, yeah.
Look, baby, I got to go.
Are you going to fly today?
No, no,
I don't want to show off.
I understand.
I don't like flying myself...
and you...
especially without a plane.
We could have dinner Thursday.
What kind of food do you like?
Hey, Jeff! Hey, it's me... Malik.
How you doing?
This is my first time
in an inner-city mall.
Man, this is so clean!
There's no cigarette butts
or anything on the floor.
- What time do you have?
- Oh, it's about...
Oh, my God. It's so late.
I have a hair appointment.
I'm getting dreadlocks put in.
I know what you want...
trying to feel on me.
- Stay chilly. Peace, I'm out.
- Chilly.
I told you he could fly.
You didn't even believe me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's give it up for Meteor Man!
Love ya!
I'm Meteor Man!
I'm sorry.
I was going to tell you.
I don't want to hear it.
Take off my uniform.
And I thought I could meet
Janice Farrell.
Take off my uniform now!
Jeff, Jeff, just let me...
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, man.
This thing with the Golden
Lords is getting out of hand.
Now, last night, they had
the nerve to break in here.
Let me show you what they did.
Meteor Man!
Let's hear it
for the Meteor Man!
Jeff, this party
is just a little something...
to say thank you for making
our community safe again.
And now that our community
is safe...
we want to talk to you
about expanding.
We all have families
in different cities...
that need your help.
They don't mind paying
for hotel and food.
Guess there's no need
for air fare.
Mrs. Walker...
I just came by
to give you a message.
you can't be everywhere
and save everybody.
Let's roll!
What does that mean?
Can I come in?
You don't have to speak to me.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry
I acted stupid the other day.
Can you forgive me?
Sure, Meteor Man.
You're losing your powers.
Something weird's going on.
I feel sleepy.
I'm going home early. I don't
know what's happening to me.
You're just experiencing
the side effects...
of the meteor deteriorating.
You'll be fine.
Look at it like this.
You had a chance to do
what no man could ever do, huh?
You need to know
you can't flow with the note
Sucker DJs,
prepare for the death blow
Thank you, darling.
We didn't know
which apartment was his.
Come on.
Mr. Byers,
what are you doing here?
Your job.
I have it under control.
He's losing his powers.
I got him.
Well, you better...
or maybe you're gonna be
losing your powers, too.
What happened?
The Golden Lords dropped by
and paid you a visit.
Why didn't somebody wake me?
We tried, but I figured it out.
The meteor changed
your molecular cell structure...
which cause you to sleep more...
while your powers
are being re-energized.
That's why you couldn't get up
this morning.
Any time you use your powers,
it drains you.
I've been thinking, baby.
I think you should go away
for a couple of days.
I couldn't do that. I couldn't
just leave the community.
Well, nobody's asking you
to run away, Jeff.
Just, you know, leave town
for a couple of weeks.
I can't do that.
I got to get dressed.
Where's everybody at?
Most of them
are having a meeting...
in the community center.
What are we supposed to do...
just sit around
like sitting ducks...
and wait till
the gang comes back?
It was never this bad before.
They started a war on this
community, and we can't win.
Yes. We wouldn't be
in this situation...
if it wasn't for...
Jefferson Reed.
If we can get him
out of the neighborhood...
maybe we could make a deal
with the gang.
Maybe that's what we got to do.
Let's vote on it.
All right.
You don't have to vote.
I'll leave.
I'm sorry about what happened
to the neighborhood tonight...
but I feel even sorrier...
what's going on in this room.
How can we stop the crime
and the gangs...
if we act like
we don't see them?
Everybody complains
about the police.
They aren't perfect.
But how can you complain...
when you do nothing?
You don't have to vote.
We're all guilty, Michael.
I don't blame them.
We're all guilty.
Those powers
gave me something...
the hero factor.
No pain...
so no fear of confrontation...
and I've never been committed
to anything before in my life.
To really be a winner...
you got to lose something.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
He's there.
Trucks! Trucks!
Put the trucks in position!
Cut all the phone lines now!
Put those trucks in position.
Let's do it.
I just wish I could talk to you
one last time...
to say thank you.
Meteor Man!
Jeff, man,
you can't go down there.
What am I supposed to do,
hide under the bed?
No, but you don't have
your superpowers.
You got a lot of heart.
I'm sorry what I did
to your neighborhood.
No more of this.
You do your thing, Meteor Man.
I'm going to go to New York.
Kick his butt!
Somebody help him!
Get off me!
I don't need no help!
Gonna let the boss
punk you, huh?
Work on his eye, Simon!
Oh, you mad now, huh?
You dead, punk!
Any way you look at it...
I still got you.
Get him. Kill him.
Mr. Moses, get down!
Are you crazy?
You broke the golden rule.
Well, since
you want to save him...
Golden Lords!
That was stupid
what you just did!
What is that?
Did you do that?
Did you do that?
Get off of me!
Come on! You ain't bad!
You ain't nothin'!
We don't need to be
doing this, man.
Look at all this
black-on-black crime.
Get him!
This is what I think
of your Meteor Man!
Get up!
Get up, Meteor Man.
I said get up, punk!
Take him!
Take him, Larry! Take him out!
Show him, kung fu master Larry.
Show him, Larry.
Do it! Work him, Larry!
Get him, Larry!
Kung fu master Larry!
Do it. Do it, Larry.
Stop dancing, Larry!
Finish him off!
What is this?
You all right, Larry?
Where you going?
What's up with that?
Meteor Man! Come here!
Thirty seconds. Damn!
Come on. Come on!
I got him, Goldie. I got him.
"Runway modeling"?
What's wrong with your man?
My man? L-l-l...
Don't touch my hair!
Thirty seconds.
Thank God!
That's what I'm talking about.
He's bad.
Meteor Man.
Now the world
will do what I say!
Shoot me!
Wait. Wait a minute. What?
Shoot me!
Yeah, boy!
I will be God on this planet!
Hey, Golden Lords, baby!
I want to meet
with all the world leaders.
Simon, look!
Show's over.
Says who?
Says Meteor Man.
Get him, baby!
Knock him out!
He can't do that to Simon.
Who do he think he is?
We got to do something.
He can't beat us all up.
Come on.
Time to get that butt kicked.
You want some
of the Meteor Man?
You want some of me?
Huh? Huh?
We'll see you again,
Meteor Man!
Baby Lords.
I'm gonna get you, Meteor Man!
I'm losing my powers again.
Hey, Meteor Man.
Finally I get to meet
Meteor Man, man.
Oh, you really...
you really have given me
a lot of grief.
I just had to be here.
I'm really going to enjoy this.
What the hell is...
Check this out.
Y'all better leave him alone.
Looks like all of you...
are gonna be taking a vacation
along with Meteor Man.
Have a nice trip.
Maybe you should think about
taking a little vacation.
What? What?
What? What is that? What is...
l... I could take a vacation.
Why didn't I think of that?
This is a perfect time for it.
Maybe I'll go to the Bahamas.
That's it.
Yeah. Wait for me.
- Thanks.
- Anytime you need us, man.