The Midnight After (2014) Movie Script

Sorry, Excuse me
Who is?
Hey, Suet?
Yes, speaking
Can you cover for me; just this one shift?
What, right now?
From Mong Kok to Tai Po
My wife's in labor and
I'm on my way to the hospital
Sorry, man, I'm busy... It's my night off
Busy? You're just out gambling aren't you?
Gimme a break, I'm just having fun
What's in it for me?
Suet, buddy, please help me out!
You owe me money, but I'll wait till next month!
I don't really know the Tai Po route
Hang on, I have a winner here!
Suet, it's dead easy
They pay when they get on
Start from Argyle Street, into Waterloo Road
Straight through the Lion Rock Tunnel...
towards the racecourse
Go past the University, and take Tai Po Road
Finally arriving to Kwong Fuk Road
Alright, whatever...
I'll pay you back in six months, okay?
Huh? That's a hard bargain!
Is it a deal?
Alright, it's a deal
Hurry up, you asshole!
2am start, from the corner of Mong Kok Road
Next stop, Mong Kok subway station
Watch where you're going, Four-Eyes!
What are you staring at?
Move! You're in my way!
I'll run you over!
Damn idiot!
This ain't working, got anything else?
Better take the next one
Okay, we're full
Let's go
I... just need one pack
- One pack?
- That'll do me
You sorry-ass cheapskate!
$3,000, pay UP!
Motherfucker! You won't get away with this!
How much is it?
$13... $26 for two
I'm heading for Mei Foo now
I won't go back to Tai Po tonight
I can't...
Why not? I thought we had a date?
We did, but I didn't know...
I'd have my period today
So what if you do?
It's unlucky to do it on a 'red day'
I'm not superstitious
You're so bad!
It's not like we haven't done it before
But it's gross
Then I'll go back to Tai Po, will you miss me?
Of course I will
'F' for Ferguson, 'F' for failure!
You think? We're gonna win this year!
Just wait, Mourinho will be back next season
Sorry, Ferguson is retiring!
Not gonna argue with you
Why? Scared of losing?
Try that way
Stay right there!
Asshole! Leave if you dare!
I'll never lend you another cent!
What do you want?
Whatever, you're acting crazy
I'm asking one last time...
Are you leaving or not?
That's enough, let's go
You prick, I'm telling you...
if my dad hears about this, he'll kill you
Great, I get to go to bed earlier!
What are you looking at, show me
Found something good?
HEY, Young man!
Sit up front, we'll start soon
None of your business!
Watch where you're going!
- Hey, sit up front
- Sorry, sorry
Come on, let's get moving
There you go!
Told you to keep your nose out of it!
Okay, full load!
Sit tight! We're on our way!
Off we go!
Shit, weren't they the ones who were arguing?
Major accident; it's a big one
Operator, operator
Turning out of Mong Kok Road...
Just seen an accident, call an ambulance!
Anyone hear me?
Hey, the last guy who got on hasn't paid
He's asleep
Driver, he's asleep
Alright, I understand
He can pay when he gets off
Working leaves you beat, I know
Time to call my brothers...
What's going on?
Hey, Lam's wife is about to give birth!
What a happy occasion
I'm doing his shift tonight
He's giving me six months to pay back a debt!
Isn't it a happy occasion?
I told you it was my lucky day!
You're quite something
Calling, calling...
Hey, guys, this is Suet!
Biggie, Keung, Tall Kit!
Anyone hear me?
Hello? No-one's answering?
Anyone there?
Sorry, I'm being a bit loud
Anyone know if Lam's baby has arrived yet?
Hello? Hello?
Anybody hear me?
Damn this thing, I knew
I shouldn't have been stingy!
You can't reach him?
He's not picking up, how about you?
I've sent a dozen texts
Nothing at all
He drags us to Tai Po to watch football on TV...
Now we're here...
And he's not picking up! What a jerk!
At last you get it! You're too nice to him!
Don't talk nonsense!
Just keep calling him
Baby, where have you gone?
I've left you so many messages
Why don't you get back to me?
Call me back
Honey, have you noticed...
anything weird about the road tonight?
You're right
Something's wrong, this can't be right
Isn't it weird the road's so quiet?
There's nobody around, not even cars
What's weird about that?
This road has always been quiet
No, this is weirdly quiet
There's not a single car in sight
What time is it now, buddy?
Premier League matches are over by now
It's his fault, we were in Tsim Sha Tsui...
We'd watched the match and were heading home...
Then our Tai Po friend asked us
over to watch La Liga
You're wearing English-team
jersies to watch La Liga?
Back when I was in the First Division...
...we kept going right through the night!
Driver, let us off at Four Pillars
You got it
Man, what's wrong?
Are you okay? Get him to the sidewalk first
My stomach hurts...
What can we do in the middle of the night?
I'll call the clinic
Keep calling, let's get him back to the dorm first
Hang in there, man
We're almost there
- Let's sit him down
- Easy, easy
Lie down first
Don't scare me
Was it something you ate?
That can't be it, the rest of us are fine!
Don't argue, let's find some help
Let's go
What is this? Bone dry!
Wow... It's really quiet
Is this really Tai Po?
Okay, who's getting off here?
What? No-one?
Are we in Tsuen Wan yet?
Tsuen Wan?
This is Tai Po
Tai Po?
Oh shit...
Nobody's getting off...
Are you kidding?
It's ringing but no-one's picking up
I've tried quite a few times
I can't find my boyfriend
He's not replying me
What kind of shitty network is this?
I'm switching my account tomorrow!
What's going on? Network signal is okay...
Hey, are you guys getting off or not?
I don't get it, they're not picking up
They're normally up until at least 5am
Don't worry about it!
If you're so cool with it, you try!
Hey! If this is your stop, please get off!
Hang on!
Nobody is taking any of our calls
Something must have happened
There's no-one on the streets
The only thing here is our minibus
I don't know what's going on
How about trying the radio?
Good idea!
Don't break it, buddy...
This ain't my minibus
It's the same on all frequencies
Call the police, they're sure to answer
That's right
It's useless, I've tried already
You're right, the police call centre...
always answers calls
As long as there's anyone there
What you mean is...
What I mean is let's stop kidding ourselves...
that everything's normal out there
I think we all need to pause for a bit...
to see what's staring us in the face
Everyone has disappeared
This minibus is the only thing left
Along with us on board
How can that be?
He's gone haywire
Didn't you hear him?
He says everyone has disappeared
Take it a bit further, won't you?
Maybe there are killer birds out there!
- I'm scared
- Shut up
You're crazy
Wait a minute! The Lion Rock Tunnel...
As we were going through the tunnel...
...I blinked and the truck vanished
A truck vanished?
That must be it!
Driver, you must have seen it!
Lion Rock Tunnel?
Time to call my brothers...
Anyone hear me?
What's going on?
Hey, Lam's wife is about to give birth!
Right, as we went through the tunnel...
... I blinked for a moment too, didn't I?
It isn't everybody else who's disappeared
It's us!
My guess is...
something happened in Lion Rock Tunnel
That's why all the cars vanished
While we were in the tunnel...
our minibus...
had a serious accident
All of us are already dead
What? All dead?
You're kidding, right?
I'm... dead?
This guy's out of his mind
How can he say such things?
What are you doing?
What are you laughing at?
I'm laughing at you!
You really think this is an accident?
I'm telling you all, since the 17 of us...
got on board this minibus...
our destinies have been aligned
Hey, lady...
You can laugh at them
But don't blame my minibus
At 2:28am...
as this minibus was about to set off...
that couple who first got on the bus...
You mean the man and woman who got off?
The two who were in that accident?
It's destiny
When the 17 of us...
took this red minibus together...
our destinies were sealed!
The constellations of Sirius and the Pleiades...
foretold this!
In 2012, Earth entered the Photon Belt
It's moving from the 3rd Dimension into the 4th
This depopulated space we're in...
is our new world!
Lady, you've got to be joking
Wake up, stupid Earthlings!
Do you understand?
This lady is out of her freaking mind
She's like one of those crazies from Temple Street
Impressive! You're quite right!
I tell fortunes in Temple Street market
The fifth tent along, opposite the public toilet
That's me, Mock Sau Ying
I'm also an insurance broker
Well now, let's see...
The pendulum shows that your seven chakras...
...are still in balance
We still have time
Tell you what...
You should all buy insurance from me
Then you'll be covered if the worst happens
You can't be serious! Buy insurance?
Why not?
She's completely lost it, listen to her!
I'm not from Tai Po, I need to get to Tsuen Wan
Wait... just a moment!
Calm down, everybody
It's now 3:30am
It's still a few hours until sunrise
I have a suggestion
We all stay inside the minibus
Don't go outside alone
Are you crazy?
I said, I'm not from Tai Po! I'm leaving!
We gotta get this straight!
It makes no difference
if you're from Tai Po or not
You can't leave here yet!
Then why are we...
staying on this minibus? Is this safer?
Is it actually dangerous outside?
He's right, there's nothing outside
No people, no cars, what's not safe about that?
In horror films, it's when the group splits up...
they all die, one after another
So what do we do once the sun rises?
Since we don't know what's happening...
it's best we all stay here until sunrise
It's the safest option
Okay, that's enough!
I wish all you fuckers would just shut up!
I've been driving minibuses for twenty-some years
I've seen it all!
All of you, just get out of my vehicle!
The terminus is Tai Po Centre
Get us there at least before you kick us off!
Yeah, fuck you!
Keep driving, asshole!
Why are you shouting?
As you're fucking me and calling me an asshole...
I'll take you to Tai Po Centre
I'm getting out of this madhouse!
Hang on!
Before we go, shouldn't we...
exchange phone numbers and information?
What information?
In case things aren't back to
normal in the morning
We'll be able to reach each other
I agree
This young man is smart, just like my younger self
The future is in your hands
My name is Wong, Wong Man Fat
I'm from Dai Yuen Estate, call me Fat
I'm Shun
I'm Chi, Yau Tsi Chi
I'm Yuki
This is my wife, Pat...
and my name is Bobby
Mook Sau Ying, call me Ying
How about 'Sorceress Ying'?
My turn, I'm Airplane
I'm Glu-Stick
I'm Lavina, call me LV
- Auyeung Wai...
- What?!
My name is Auyeung Wai (impotence)
Oh, you need viagra?
Sir, I can see you're a junkie...
Blind Fai, call me Blind Fai
Oh! You're blind?
Sure I am!
That's why I got on this bus with all you fuckers
Go on, you ask
Sir, what's your number?
Lady, what's your number?
Why doesn't anyone ask me?
Will there be anyone here this late?
Let's take a look
Okay, hurry UP
Huh? The lights are on...
Try banging on the door
Hey, look over there
Hello! Open up!
Where did everybody go?
Anybody there?
Hello! Is anyone there?
There's no transport to get me back to Tsuen Wan
How can I get there? Any ideas?
You could walk
Just go past Tai Mo Mountain and you're there
Would you walk? Idiot!
What kind of friend is he?
Dunno, who'd have thought this would happen
He isn't usually like this
He was supposed to meet us
Do you know, is there something I can find...
to represent the culture of Tai Po?
You're talking about culture?
Why shouldn't I talk about culture?
I'll tell you, our Tai Po friends say...
that Tai Po's culture is just like...
the men's room at an international airport
You come out saying "I've seen it all"
What about the women's room?
The same, I guess
Just look around and you'll know
Right, I see... See you
See you
What a wreck, just look at him...
I guess he's looking for his next fix
It's incredible...
we can make calls, but nobody picks up
So it's not just a Tai Po problem
It could be the whole of Hong Kong
So... what are you saying?
What about the whole of Hong Kong?
The way it seems, we could be...
the only survivors in the Hong Kong area
Then... What about my boyfriend?
Hey, you don't believe this, do you?
I went from here to Kowloon just this morning
Wow, there's really no-one around
It's usually busy all night long
What the hell happened?
I searched; looks like
there are'nt any updates on-line
So I guess we're in big trouble
Have you checked the BBC website?
I tried the main Hong Kong's news sites
Yahoo, CR, RTHK...
Apple Daily, Oriental Daily, The Sun...
None of them has been updated...
since around 2:40am
Which is when we came out of Lion Rock Tunnel
Nobody has updated since then
Have you checked any foreign websites?
Yahoo in Japan and Taiwan...
CNN and ABC in the US, BBC in the UK...
China Weibo, Tianya Club...
All without any updates
Are you serious?
No news updates...
But you called
the police station and it rang, right?
So the phone network seems to still be working
Telecommunications are still up and running
I... I'm going to head home
All by yourself?
I'll be fine, bye bye
BYE bye
I'll go home too
I'll try to find a way to get to Kowloon
BYE bye
Hang on, Yuk. Yuk!
I'm going the same way
Let's walk together
But I have to cross that bridge to Tai Wo Estate
No way! I live in Tai Wo too!
Yuki, you look so worried
What is it? Still can't
get through to your boyfriend?
I can't reach my girlfriend either
She's in Mei Foo...where's your boyfriend?
He's on Hong Kong Island... Wah Fu Estate
Wow, that's far
Have you thought about going to look for her?
Sure, but I have no way of getting there
To Kowloon...
I guess I could bike it
HEY, are you okay?
I'm... okay...
You look shocked
I'm okay
What's going on today?
Nothing is going as planned
I'm baffled too
I just want to hug my boyfriend and cry
An hour ago, I lost my job...
Sorry, I shouldn't be telling you this
It's okay
When guys get upset...
do they miss their girlfriends?
Sure they do
I gotta go back
I need to find my boyfriend
There's got to be a way to find him
I'll talk to you later, bye
I should find Yi too
Shit, we've got to figure out how to help him
I said we shouldn't have come back tonight
If we hadn't...
how would we get our homework done?
Let's check on him first
Hey, how's he doing?
He's having convulsions
Did you guys find anyone?
There's nobody around
Come on...
What happened to him?
Was he poisoned?
Where are we running?
There's nobody around here
Hurry, let's head for
the Tolo highway to find help
Where is everybody?
That way, that way!
Hey! Help us!!
Hey! Why's your face so red?
Yours is too!
Have we caught SARS?
Huh? SARS?
Catch that guy on the bike!
Save us!
Help! Help!
Take us to Kowloon! Hey!
Sir, please help!
Our campus is haunted!
Don't leave us!
Help! Help!
He went right past us...
You bastard!
Here goes nothing
Auntie, uncle?
Hello, it's really noisy here
Hello? Can you hear me?
I'm heading for Mei Foo now
I won't go back to Tai Po tonight
I can't...
Why not? I thought we had a date?
We did, but I didn't know...
I'd have my period today
So what if you do?
It's unlucky to do it on a 'red day'
I'm not superstitious
You're so bad!
It's not like we haven't done it before
But it's gross
Will you miss me?
Of course I will...
...but it can't be helped
Then I'll go back to Tai Po
Don't be mad, I love you
What's going on?
Hello, who's this?
Who's calling?
Just received a mysterious call...
Just received a mysterious call...
from an unknown caller?
They didn't speak, seems pretty suspicious
That aside...
did everybody get the same call?
Please reply ASAP, everyone
To tell us you're safe
"I'm safe"
Something's wrong
Let's meet tomorrow morning at...
the Michelin starred Chicken-Pie restaurant
Tai Po has such a classy restaurant?
Are you heading for that Chicken-Pie Deli?
Let's walk together
It's as if the whole world is playing...
a huge game of hide-and-seek
It could be a Guiness World Record!
You think this is funny?
Aren't you worried about your family?
You realize my dad, my mum...
and my boyfriend are all missing?
And you're here cracking silly jokes!
I doubt that anyone has seen their families
I don't know
I couldn't get to Kowloon, don't ask me
It's going to be okay
I'm hungry, I need some breakfast
I'll make some!
Perfect timing, you two want some breakfast?
I just ate
I'll eat!
Huh? Didn't you leave?
Would you believe it?
My minibus ran out of gas
It stalled on the highway out of Tai Po
So I just walked back
Fuck, Tai Po really is a ghost town
I walked from Kwong Fuk Estate
Took me just over half an hour
This is the town center, right?
Completely deserted?
That reminds me...
What's the population of Tai Po?
Really? That many?
Whatever the population...
breakfast comes first!
Why is Kowloon so far away?
Breakfast is served!
Looks good!
Friend, I once ran a restaurant
I thought you played First Division football?
Back in the day...
Hey! Isn't this a meeting?
Shun isn't here yet
Neither is that junkie 'Blind Fai'
I guess he's snorting coke somewhere
Or he's on his way back to Tsuen Wan
No way!
From what I've seen...
Without my minibus...
none of you will get out of Tai Po!
As I said last night...
we're bound by universal laws
We've entered the Photon Belt
We're moving from the 3rd Dimension into the 4th
The cycle takes a full millennium
When it's over...
humans will have merged with nature
And we'll all be going to our new home on Sirius
Shut up, crazy woman!
Go against me and you go against your fate!
Shut your mouth, bitch!
My husband told you to shut up!
You two are a truly malicious couple
You will pay a heavy price...
for your stupidity
Shut your mouth, bitch! Give it a rest!
Leave me alone!
You don't believe me?
Just wait! I'll be sitting here...
while all you fools perish!
You don't believe me!
You're all fools
We were all on the same minibus
Don't make light of death and dying!
- Take that back
- That's right!
I was the one driving the minibus!
Why don't you have some breakfast?
I don't want any!
You people might want to poison me!
I still want to go back to Sirius, my home
Last night, when we were walking to Tai Wo...
I saw someone at the Kwong Fuk overpass
Yuki lives in Tai Wo too...
so we were going the same way
As we crossed the Kwong Fuk overpass...
I saw someone in a gas mask
Really? Someone in a gas mask?
Chi, are you sure about this?
Yuki, did you see it too?
I didn't want to scare Yuki
So I didn't mention it
You mean this?
I think you got it wrong
No, I saw him very clearly
He was right by the side
Maybe you couldn't see him...
from where you were standing
I'm not talking about this
I don't even live in Tai Wo...
(Reciting the Amitgbha Sxtra)
(Reciting the Amitgbha Sxtra)
(Reciting the Amitgbha Sxtra)
(Reciting the Amitgbha Sxtra)
Ah, glad you got here
When Chi was walking home...
he saw a man in a gas mask
So we're not alone in this world
There are others
I just discovered something too
It also shows that we're not the only ones here
The proof is here, everyone can see
Okay, first up...
You all need to listen to that strange sound again
That's the sound we all heard
Damn, it's so creepy!
Actually, when it came through earlier...
the call from an "unknown" caller...
I thought it was weird
So I recorded the sound
No matter who the caller is...
it's someone with the knowhow...
to call all of us simultaneously
That wasn't a coincidence
He must have had some purpose
Honey, do you think...
it was that junkie 'Blind Fai'?
I'm sure that guy was up to no good
Some of it might be musical notes
What do you know? These are just sounds
Shun, are they musical notes?
You really didn't walk home with me?
I got off alone at Kwong Fuk Road
There was no-one on the streets
I live in Uptown Plaza, Tai Po Market
No... that's impossible
How can this be?
Does your boyfriend live on Hong Kong side,
in Wah Fu Estate?
Huh? How do you know that?
Because you told me
You said you were missing your boyfriend
I cycled to Mei Foo...
to look for my girlfriend
You went into Kowloon?
Don't say, I don't want to alarm them
How was it in Kowloon?
Hard to say...
Just like Tai Po, deserted
Just as I told you
Have you heard of Morse?
"Morse Code"
This recording...
can be decoded as four letters
Four English letters
Help! I know what that means!
It's a call for help
We're not alone in the world
There's someone else out there
Just as I said
None of you believed me
Fuck! That scared me to death!
Hello, Hello?
No-one's speaking again
It's him!
The same one who called us before
What? Speak of the devil...
Hey, if you aren't going to
say anything; don't call!
Hey, wait a second
Nobody talked last time either
But now there's sound
Right, it's a pattern
Put it on speaker and record it
Who are you?
There's no point in shouting!
Honey, it's Morse Code
The sound is changing
Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?
"I am Trapped"
He says he's trapped
Look, there's more
I think that...
Don't mumble; what are you trying to say?
Someone translate it for me!
You're so annoying
It's very complicated, I don't quite get it
Don't speak English to me, okay?
Uncle Fat, there's really no point in yelling
What the hell are you doing?
What the hell?
It's your fault, why can't you sit and listen?
Now look at us
It's not my fault, he stepped on me
You don't say
Only you few are getting this!
You have to explain it to the rest of us!
Who says we understand?
We don't get it either
There's more stuff coming through
Hey, I know this phrase
What do you know?
Weren't you told to keep quiet?
Let the expert speak
Yeah, expert, what does it mean?
What is it?
What does it mean?
He hung UP?
What does it mean then?
Yeah, what does it mean, Mr. Expert?
What now?
How would I know?
Tell us all
You're playing music at a time like this?
Excuse me
I think I know...
what the message is about
Do you understand what I'm saying?
What are you saying, 'Mr. Impotence'?
Please go on
Okay, so...
Have you heard of David Bowie?
I've heard of John Travolta
Any connection?
No wonder people say Hong Kong has no culture
If you won't let me say it, let me sing it!
"This is Major Torn to ground control"
"I'm stepping through the door"
"And I'm floating in the most peculiar way"
"And the stars look very different today"
"For here am I sitting in a tin can"
"Far above the world"
"Planet Earth is blue"
"And there's nothing I can do..."
On July 16th, 1969...
... at 9:32am...
NASA launched...
Apollo 11...
from the Kennedy Space Center
It left earth at 11km per second...
taking a team of three astronauts...
led by Neil Armstrong...
on the first manned mission to the moon
"Ground control to Major Torn"
"Ground control to Major Torn"
"Take your protein pills"
"And put your helmet on..."
Five days before the launch...
of Apollo 11...
On July 11th of the same year...
on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean...
legendary rock star David Bowie...
released a single reflecting upon...
the space fever of that era
This became one of his greatest hits
This song is about...
an astronaut called Major Torn
He loses control of his space shuttle...
during a mission
He loses contact with NASA
He cannot navigate his ship
He can only sit in his cabin
Floating in space, looking at...
the blue planet from afar...
...letting out a poignant sigh
Lift off
"This is ground control to Major Tom"
"You've really made the grade"
"And the papers want to
know whose shirts you wear"
I have no idea what you were singing about
But it sounded good
The name Auyeung Wai doesn't suit you
You're so damn good at singing
And you seem like an Otaku (loner-obsessive)
We should call you 'Mr Toxic'
Thanks for listening
So you're saying the calls
came from an astronaut?
That's a possibility
Get real! We're talking about astronauts now?
Hong Kong doesn't do sci-fi
It does now!
Science fiction is staring you in the face
Sci-fi just means something that's...
beyond current human understanding
The Sirians prophesied this
Millions of years ago
You just can't come to terms with it
And you're trying to go against it
You're digging your own graves
I wasn't trying to scare you
I'm just like the rest of you
I just happened to get on that minibus
I have a shop in Sino Plaza that closes at 10pm
There was a guy who ordered 30-odd vinyl LPs
I got on this minibus after a late delivery
So what you're saying is wrong
It's not fate
At least not for me
Wait, that's mine
Here you go
I'll get my own cup
Sit down, honey
Can't believe we're bringing astronauts into this
There's gotta be an explanation
Let's play a game
A game of abbreviations
We Hong Kongers these days...
love to abbreviate words,
like they do in China
So we call Spring Festival dinners "Sprinners"
We call Shenzhou 7 "Sheven"
So, you young ballers here...
could be called...
... "Ballsies"
So why don't you "Ballsies" have a go?
Your turn, Shun
'Mr Toxic' took the bus because he was delayed
How about you?
My story is kind of weird
I write apps for a living
I was working late
This guy came in with a hard-drive at 1am
He wanted it unlocked, so I asked...
"Don't you know the password?"
If I knew the password would
I come all the way here?
He said he was North Korean
I am North Korean
He came from Macau
The information in this hard-drive...
is highly, highly confidential
If the information is leaked...
it could cost lives
That serious?
Did you really have to come
all the way here for me?
There is a North Korean saying...
Come closer...
"The more dangerous the place; the safer it is"
Nonsense, that can't be a Korean proverb!
It's definitely not a Korean proverb
Not only this!
But every culture and festival you have...
Chinese New Year...
Dragon Boat Festival, Lion Dance...
Traditional Chinese characters...
It's all from us!
You stole them from us!
You stole it all from us!
You must be kidding!
No way!
You don't believe me?
There are signatures from your government officers
Stating that you will
return our cultures back to us
Open it, then you will see it
He said that if I helped him
unlock the hard drive...
he'd pay me a service fee
How much?
How much?
Ten Millions
Ten Million??
That's a lot
Awesome, ten million! won
How much is that in HK$?
Hey, does it matter?
Ten million in any currency is not bad!
Hey, don't interrupt
I got on this minibus to get the gear from home
So it's about money
Did you get your gear?
Doesn't matter, I couldn't
get back to Kowloon anyway
Money's important, but...
- Fire!
- Get outta here!
Help me! Save me!
What happened? Who was that?
The guy who was singing
'Mr Impotence'...
'Mr Toxic'?
'Mr Toxic'? How did it happen?
We were just having breakfast
Why was there an explosion?
I told you to get insurance
Bitch, how can you say such a thing?
Someone's dead! Do you cover that?
Actually, the package does cover it...
You're a scam artist, you bitch!
You only care about yourself
I'm offering you insurance packages...
I'm not the one who gets the benefits
All of you...
You just stood there, and didn't try to save him!
It happened too fast
That's true
Honey, you too!
He was on fire! What was I supposed to do?
He's dead!
Can you call yourselves men?
Stop it, honey!
(WANTED! Debts of HK$90,000)
The man in a gas-mask!
We have to catch him!
Help him!
Honey, be careful!
Hey, this way!
Chi, go round to ambush him!
Fat, this way!
Get him! Ask him what's going on
That girl IV, from the minibus, is dead
She died horribly!
Did he kill her?
Why else would he be running?
Take off his mask!
Ask him why everybody has disappeared
Let me go, don't take off my mask!
Let me go!
He's Japanese?
Hey, let me go!
Get him up!
Take off his mask!
Let me go! Put my mask back on!
I don't want to die!
Ask him in English
Ask him who he is
Where has everybody else gone?
Who are you?
Why do you want to kill us?
Where is everyone else?
Look at me, look at me!
Don't you remember?
You should remember me!
I... came here to save you!
I don't understand him
We don't speak Japanese
Google! Google!
Right, use Google
Google Translate
Right, hurry up
Ask him
What did he say?
"It's me, you should remember me"
"I just came here to save you"
Save me?
You know this Japanese guy?
How would I know this Japanese guy?
Ask again
"Give me my mask back"
"I don't want to die now"
You don't wanna die?
I don't wanna die either, asshole!
I only came to Tai Po to watch football on TV!
I'm gonna kill you!
Speak in Mandarin
Google doesn't work well with Cantonese
Ask him!
What are you doing in Hong Kong?
"Let me go! I'm only here to..."
. help you 17 people"
"Hurry, before things get any worse"
"Please save yourselves!"
Save us?
Ask him if he killed IV
Did you kill the girl?
"You should remember me!"
"It's me, Chi"
"We were classmates"
"We were good friends"
You two were classmates?
You two were good friends?
What the hell does that mean?
I don't know him
You don't know him, but he knows you!
I really don't know him!
Don't go after him, just leave it!
Don't go. You come over here!
See what he said before he ran
"I will save you all, I will save you all"
What does that mean?
So... what shall we do with her?
It looks like she's been raped
Which asshole did this?
Really evil, out in the open like this?
You scared me!
I think there's something wrong with you...
Pedal faster! Faster, faster!
I'm going fast, you want more?
Yes, pedal faster!
Pedal harder!
Any faster, we'd fall into the water
Wow, it's beautiful here
Of course! Why do you think I brought you here?
Did I really have...
a friend with a birthmark?
Yes... you were the class clown
You always made fun of him
You should remember me!
Chi, it's me
We were classmates
We were good friends
You guys were good friends
Come to think of it...
You remember now?
When you were in sixth grade...
Scary Yuki?!
Was he really my classmate?
Is this Chi? Hello?
Yi, is that really you?
Yes, it's me, Yi
Is this Chi?
Yes, it's me, Chi
Are you really Chi?
Chi! I've been so worried about you
I miss you too
How is my family?
Your family?
Yau Tsi Chi, how can you even ask that?
Do you know how much
your mum sacrificed for you?
We looked for you everywhere,
but couldn't find you!
I'm sorry...
How could you be such a bad son?
Do you even know that your mother has died?
What? Mum's dead?
During the first year that you were missing
Your mum went into a deep depression
And she eventually passed away
This can't be true
Mum's dead? Mum...
Do you know?
After it happened...
the Chief Executive appealed...
to international rescue teams to
search for survivors
It's been six years!
But none of you could be found
You're saying that I've been gone for six years?
The rescue teams scoured Tai Mo Mountain
tracking the signal from
the House of Major Torn
Many search parties went out
But none of them found anything
The rescue teams said...
said the signal came from Tai Mo Mountain?
Yes, the explosion...
The whole of Hong Kong...
Yi! What explosion? Yi!
Don't hang up! Yi!
Yi! Yi...
Hey! Don't get too close
There are weird marks on the body
Look, it's on his legs
I don't know when the infection started
Fuckin' hell, you're back!
You disappeared without warning
We thought you were dead
That's right
Sorry about that
You're sorry?
Honey... I...
- Honey!
- Save me, honey!
Don't touch him!
"'8 you!
"'8 you!
You went out there with my husband, didn't you?
Why did this happen?
Weren't you supposed to help?
Aren't you in charge here?
Aren't you some kind of big shot?
How could you let that happen to my husband?
Why? Why?
The way he died...
was as horrible as IV's death
That girl IV?
When we found her...
IV was already dead
She died horribly
Fuck, why didn't you tell us before?
Maybe there's more than three, that Blind...
The junkie?
Yeah, he could be the fourth
What about the four who got off at CUHK?
How should I know?
Man, what's wrong?
Are you okay?
My stomach hurts...
What are you muttering about?
Listen, from now on...
Don't split up
No matter what happens, we stick together
How did Lavina die?
How should I know?
Bobby stumbled on her body
It was horrible
Just like 'Mr Toxic' outside
There were purple marks on her body
- I told you...
- Shut up
It's just as I said...
They'll be coming soon
...I didn't expect it to be this soon
Or so horrible
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Nope! I'm leaving
We're dying one by one
First IV, then Auyeung Wai...
And then Bobby
When will it be your turn?
And mine?
It's undeniable...
the countdown to our doom has begun
Hey, are you two leaving?
Yeah, we are
But... what about me?
What about me, Ms Ying?
Are you leaving?
I think I should
We can't!
Why not, Ballsies?
I don't know how to explain...
If we go, we have to go together
But we have to find out how they died
What if we meet our relatives again...
and pass on some infection to them?
That's how infections spread!
I told you, I don't have any family
l have
Have what?
I went home earlier...
And I got a call from my girlfriend
How the hell did you get a call?
What else are you hiding from us?
What aren't you telling us?
Where did that call come from?
My girlfriend told me...
we've been missing for six years
Six years?
Six fuckin' years?
So... what does that mean?
This is 2018?
What happens now?
My mother is dead!
She spent ages looking for me
And she said something about
a signal from Tai Mo Mountain
From the mountain?
Does it have something to do with that song?
It must be
'Major Torn' was mentioned
That could be in Tai Mo Mountain
Major Tom?
What is it?
She said something about...
House of Major Torn
And something...
about an explosion
in Hong Kong
What damn explosion?
You guys are really fuckin'...
The line cut out before I could ask!
You're fucking useless, and you're a bigmouth!
If what your girlfriend said is true...
What's it like in 2018?
What's it like?
There'll be a new Chief Executive
Would that make any difference?
We're all supposed to get the vote in 2017
The system's supposed to change
If that's the case...
I'd like to know
who is Chief Executive in 2018
Wonder if he's an asshole
It doesn't matter which "asshole" it is...
as long as he's not foul-mouthed like you
You're unbearable
Are you picking a fight?
United, united!
That's more like it
Come on, Chi
Get your girlfriend to call you, and ask her...
which scumbag is Chief Executive now
That would work
Then we wouldn't need to die, right?
Don't listen to him
We have to get out of Tai Po
At least to Tai Mo Mountain
Find a way to contact the outside world
That's the only way to find out the truth
Right, we have to find out the truth
Explosions... contagious viruses...
We're in a very dangerous situaiton
This is how pandemics happen
Where are you going?
Idiot Ballsie, I'm gonna fetch my vehicle!
How are you gonna leave Tai Po
without my minibus?
Will you abandon us and not come back?
You're out of your mind, really
Two minutes ago, I wouldn't have minded
But saying it now...
hurts my self-esteem
Let me tell you, I may be a gambler...
but I'm big on loyalty to brothers!
You've hurt me
You've dampened the flame burning in my heart
You know?
Come back soon, and watch out
for guys in gas-masks
Take care, take care
Yuki, go get a knife
Which one?
Is this okay?
Is there a smaller one?
Isn't this small enough?
Okay, whatever
For safety's sake
All of our lives...
are in your hands
I'll be fine with this huge cleaver
Don't worry!
Take care!
Fuck... the cleaver
is heavier than the gasoline...
Since we're all blaming ourselves for
getting on this minibus
I'll tell you a bit about myself
I set out to call in a debt
The bastard owed me 10 grand...
A ten-year debt!
It's his son's wedding day
I was invited to the wedding banquet
I went without any gift, empty-handed
Are you the groom's party, or the bride's?
This guy is notorious for not paying his way
Sir, excuse me
You forgot to leave your gift
For the newlyweds
The groom's father owes me 10 grand
That's enough for ten banquets
Hey, wait a second
What? What are you doing?
Oh, reinforcements?
You want more of my money?
No, of course not
Back in the day, I got stabbed in the gut...
and I didn't let it stop me!
Out of my way, let me in!
Hey, wait, wait!
There you are! Get over here!
What's going on, Uncle Fat?
Where's your father?
He hasn't offered a gift
- Freeloading?
- Stop this commotion
If your dad doesn't pay me back today...
I won't attend your banquet
My dad may owe you money
But what has that to do with me, Uncle Fat?
Fetch him!
He's inside celebrating, Uncle Fat
Don't go in, we've got it under control
It was only 10 grand...
Let me go, and give me back my money!
Get him out!
I didn't get to join in, and I didn't get my money
They gave me a bag of oranges to go...
They sent you these oranges
Said they wouldn't press charges
It's a mad, mad world
Chi, what's your story?
I was in a karaoke bar with
my colleagues last night
But I had a date with my girlfriend
So I left early
But there was a problem...
so I headed back to Tai Po instead
That's why I was on the minibus
Yuki, how about you?
My story is more ridiculous than any of yours
My boss treated us to karaoke last night
So I went along
Enough! Stop touching me!
Don't show up to work tomorrow
Get the hell out!
I thought I'd be singing till dawn
If you're a good girl, I won't fire you
I'll even promote you
Think about it
You're well set up
That's why I left at around 1am
and then I got on the minibus
You did the right thing
Red light! Straight through!
Talk about professional driving!
I've always wanted to do that
Let's do it again! Running another red light!
Let's go!
How about you two?
Huh? We didn't... We..
Why doesn't anyone ask me?
My husband and I bought a place
With a 25-year mortgage... 25 years!
When all this happened, I thought...
it was all turning out for the best
No more mortgage payments, ever
But it's meaningless
My husband's not here any more
Hey, man, stay in your seat
We're going fast, it's dangerous
A zombie!!
Got any drugs? Gimme what you got
Blind Fai! Give back the cleaver!
Gimme some coke first
Hey, just relax!
The cleaver... Don't do it!
I need some coke!
Fuck you!
You asshole...
You fat fuck, why did you
have to chop my shoulder?
I'm... longsighted...
Why did you have to chop my shoulder?
The virus is contagious
Why did you have to chop my shoulder?
Shit! Go fuck yourself!
Go see a doctor!
- Do you two live in Tai Po?
- Yeah
Why were you on the minibus?
Not much, just heading home from the arcade
Don't touch me, you'll infect me!
What are you talking about?
Why do you say that?
Shut up, don't say anything
He touched her!
Hey, what girl?
I told you to shut up!
What happened?
He was the one who raped her!
I told you to shut up, you bastard!
Bullshit! I gonna kill you!
Let's make it clear!
Motherfucker! I'll get the boss to kill you!
What boss? I'm the boss around here!
Okay, get off here
Awesome! To hell with all the bastards!
You think we're really the only ones left?
Bro, I ain't ready to die...
This is even better
- Hey, look
- What?
Why not? No harm in trying...
Wow! I'm rich!
Hey cutie! What's happening?
Stealing money?
None of your business
We've had our eyes on you
If we hadn't stayed out late in Kowloon...
...we wouldn't have got on the same minibus!
Fuck you! Fuck off!
Playing hard to get?
Let's make this easy for all of us!
Get lost! Asshole!
Where are you going?
Crazier and crazier!
They're all dead anyway
Come on, just join in...
Let's have some fun together
Come on, where are you going?
It's the end of the fucking world anyway
Hey, don't play dumb
Where do you think you're going?
Help me here, man
What? Out in the open?
What's the problem? There's nobody else here!
Hey, Airplane...
I think something's wrong
What is it?
She's not moving...
Is she dead?
Look at those marks on her legs
She's just passed out, right?
You've killed her!
You killed IV!
Don't bullshit!
They catalyzed the apocalypse
That's right!
We were all set to move to our new home on Sirius
But you two morons spoiled everything
Now the gods are punishing us!
You stupid jerks!
You have no human feelings!
The chick just fell down and all...
Didn't she have a name?
Show some respect!
Her name was Lavina!
What do we do now?
Can't let this chance go to waste
False teeth?
And a wig?
You like to play dress-up!
She's cute, she's actually cute
Don't do this...
Haven't you done enough?
Wake up! There are no more women in this world
You filthy scumbag!
Don't touch them
The virus might be contagious
What's going on?
What's all this about?
Looks like the cleaver came in useful
I didn't let you guys down
Listen, I have an update
As of now, since I got back here...
the death toll is up to four
Who else died out there?
Uh, the ju...
The junkie!
Right, he was infected
He was like a zombie
I had to do it
Looks like things aren't much better here
These two scumbags killed Lavina!
Not me, it was him!
And they raped her corpse
She was dead...
Shut up! Shut up!
That shit is infectious
How do we deal with this?
Wash our hands!
We can't be sure that they're carriers...
but there's a high risk that they are
So we need to protect ourselves...
by not coming into contact with them
We should kick them out
Just keep away from the rest of us
It wasn't me! I'm really not to blame!
Please don't...
We should burn these two bastards!
Uncle Fat is right, I agree
We can't let them go
They raped and killed a woman,
and must be punished by law
Letting them go will be condoning their crime
They have to be punished
Especially him
Sorceress Ying, what do you think?
Ms Ying, what law are they talking about?
We're at the end of the world
Okay, I'll go! We'll go now
Wait... Just calm down
Don't be so rash
Yes, listen to me
Hey, keep your distance!
You're the only one here who makes sense
You trust a fortune-teller from Temple Street?
- Saying what you want to hear?
- That's not it
Everything you say...
makes perfect sense, right?
Sure it does!
Well... I agree with Uncle Fat
Are you fucking mad?
You call this justice?
Enough talking...
Let's burn these two creeps
No, I don't agree with burning them
Me neither
Why don't we stab him to death, one by one?
What the fuck?
Are you even human?
Do all the women here agree unanimously?
I do
You can't do that
You need to understand...
There's no more "can" or "can't",
"right" or "wrong"
While our minibus went
through the Lion Rock Tunnel
our city changed irrevocably
Society's laws, human ethics...
They no longer apply
You little shit!
You're right!
If we're the last people in the world...
then "society" is us, right here
- Yeah!
- You're right!
If we're all agreed, let's get on with it
Wait a second
He's just a dumb kid
That's right!
We'll be pillars of society one day!
Plead for your life
If you're our future, there's no hope for us
They did something bad...
But there must be another way!
He killed Lavina
And that caused my husband to die!
We should all stab this bastard to death!
But who'll go first?
No, no...
- Yuki!
- Me again?
Get a knife from the kitchen!
Don't let him go!
You're going nowhere!
Is this one okay?
Small enough?
Ladies first!
Didn't you all say you wanted this?
It was her
Lady, this stabbing verdict...
came from a fair and open trial
A once-in-a-blue-moon event
Fat's right! You don't like this small blade?
It's for slicing beef, it'll be fine
They say a woman's heart is deadly
Let one Ballsie kill another!
Good idea, you go first!
You were all Ballsies once
Does he still count?
Thanks for counting me in as a Ballsie
Driver, you have most experience here
Go for it
- No, thanks
- Come on, don't hold back
- Don't be polite
- You go ahead
Calm down, okay?
I took care of Blind Fai; the fourth to die
Now it's the fifth
Someone else's turn, right?
You look like you've seen a lot
You played football, you were in a gang
You're the right man
You're bringing up my past?
Never mind the past, let's deal with now
A real man can make breakfast
At this solemn moment...
we need a real leader
Come on, boss
When did I say I was the boss?
You did!
Be brave
Someone has to play center-forward
Just imagine...
you're in Chelsea, playing Manchester United
That's it!
No... Uncle Fat, ignore those bitches
Stab him, boss
Yuki, bring me some gloves
Uncle Fat, don't do this!
Boss, is your hand shaking?
You're all fucking cowards!
Do it, boss
Their future is in your hands
What are you doing?
He's asking me what I'm doing
Killing you
Don't listen to the fat guy
Don't kill me, please don't kill me
You're not that sort
I know I screwed up!
Think back to your glory days
- Shut up!
- Give me one more chance
Okay, I will
How does it feel to beg for your life?
Kid, life ain't easy
You bastard, you really did it!
I'd already fessed up to my mistake...
Why did you have to stab me?
Sorry, Fat
I didn't think you'd be so affected
You have a kid, don't you?
Double win?
He's saying he has two kids
I'm a failure as a father
I've nothing to be proud of in my life...
except for my two little girls!
Too bad I wasn't there to bring them up
They must be 15 or 16 by now
Go to hell!
In my life, my greatest regret...
is not being thereto watch them grow up
Well, I'm not as emotional as you are
Because I have absolutely nothing
You fat fuck, you wanna get beaten up?
Please don't... Please don't...
Shun, are you taking the piss?
You didn't say I couldn't stab the shoulder
From now on, stab where it matters!
Please don't...
This is really unfair to me
You really are despicable
I'm despicable?
You fuckers are worse than me
Especially you, you hypocrite!
If you were a chick...
I'd rape you too
It's my turn, isn't it?
Why are you so keen?
Glu-Stick, it's your turn! Come on!
Leave me out of this
I can't...
Quick! It's your turn!
What are you doing?
I told you...
I told you to stop raping her
I warned you!
You want to... die...?
It's my turn now, right?
Somewhere that matters?
Kid, don't make this harder...
No, Ying... Please don't...
Gosh, so many stab wounds already
I know where...
In your foul mouth!
Give me back my husband!
Heavens, she's the cruelest...
The Japanese guy started to say 'Fuku...'
Give me a bit of help here
... Fukushima?
The explosion in Fukushima!
At the nuclear power plant!
It must be the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima
What does the Fukushima disaster...
have to do with Hong Kong?
There's no nuclear plant in Hong Kong!
Yes there is
We didn't build it
It's just down the coast, across the border
Viruses don't care about distance
If we don't stop it, it'll spread
Like SARS did a few years ago
I just remembered
At the time of that nuclear meltdown...
I was working in a Japanese restaurant
People said there was radiation,
so they wouldn't eat raw fish
After the meltdown, Fukushima
became an exclusion zone
If it's happened in Hong Kong too...
what comes next?
The radiation will spread
Everybody will be evacuated
Taken away from their homes
If that's right, the impact would be huge
There are so many of us living in Hong Kong
This must have something to do with the Japanese
What do they want?
It seems we need to get to
Tai Mo Mountain to find out
The Japanese must be dressed like that...
to protect them from viruses or radiation
If not, how do we explain the marks...
on the four who died?
Let's get of out here, shall we?
- Okay!
- Not yet
We have to get protective gear first
Fat is right
What about my husband?
What about my husband?!
What about my husband??
Let's cremate his body
Let's just bring his body inside
We'll deal with him when we get back
Is that okay?
A little higher
One, two
- Put his legs down
- Okay
Okay, thiS'll do it
You fucking bastards!
You're still not dead?
Dead? You wish I was, don't you?
Cool it
I'm very cool
It's you fuckers who aren't cool
Don't make the same mistake again
I've already made the mistake
Don't do anything rash
Now it's my turn to kill you!
Hold on, friend
Don't you remember?
I was the one who wanted to let you go
But you stabbed me anyway
Yes, but only in your shoulder
That doesn't count? You think it didn't hurt?
It was just a flesh wound, not a fatal injury
Look, it's not even bleeding anymore
Hardly more than an insect bite
Isn't that right?
I'm gonna kill those bastards!
Sure! The ones outside
are the ones who killed you!
But do it when you recover
They'll still be around
You think I can still recover?
Of course you can!
It's not much worse than eczema
Honestly, Airplane
You were right
Are you trying to manipulate me?
Of course not!
I sympathize with you
Tell you what...
Just go out there and kill them
Then we'll go together
By myself?
What's stopping you?
It's 2018 now
We've mutated, we have so much power now
Get out there!
Okay, wait for me
I'll be back, then we'll leave together, friend
I'm gonna kill all those bastards!
Listen, everybody!
We'll load up at the supermarket before we go
We'll need protective gear
And as much food as we can carry
We don't know how long
we'll need to stay on the mountain
Don't get separated
Got it
Chi, my leg isn't holding up
You drive the damn minibus
No problem
There's so many of them!
They've finally shown up
It's a big operation, what do they want?
The Japanese guy said he wanted to save us, no?
Looks like they came prepared
We'll know soon enough
They don't look too friendly, though
You think they know
we're going to Tai Mo Mountain?
Never mind them, let's just get out of here
We'll know what they want once we start moving
Board the minibus!
Come on, get in
We're good to go!
And we're off!
They're following us
What do we do?
Hey, What's going on?
There are three possibilities
1. They'll kill us
2. They'll stop us from going up Tai Mo Mountain
3. They want to experiment on us
You're exaggerating right?
I don't want to be a lab rat! Speed up!
They've split up
They're flanking us!
Don't worry, they're not attacking
They're catching up
That's not attacking?
Don't worry
Uncle Fat, I think you were right...
They don't want us to get to the mountain
Something big is happening on Tai Mo Mountain
Can't you go faster?
Faster! Faster!
My foot's to the floor already!
I'm so scared!
Hey! They're in front of us!
Hang on!
What the fuck?
What's he doing?
What's going on?
God dammit!
What are you doing?
It'll be fine, don't worry!
Wow, awesome!
Good job, Chi!
Sorry about that, driver
I'm really messing up your vehicle
It's not mine anyway
It's okay if you wreck it!
Go for it!
Look out!
Hold tight, I'm gonna swerve!
- What's wrong?
- I'm sorry...
Why are you crying?
Actually, I've been bad
I've been holding out on you all...
This girl is with Tai Po Cantonese Opera troupe
She's quite famous
So she's in debt, no big deal
Lavina... That's Lavina
Those buck teeth were fake
- Let me see
- I was scared you'd find out
So I tore down the "wanted" poster
It was on the wall by the deli
We saw her steal money from the opera house
She had those unpaid debts...
Shut up! You two ruined her life!
What a bastard!
I knew you were as bad as him!
I deserve to die!
That's ridiculous! Chi, stop the car
Get off the bus!
Why are you crying? Still feigning pity?
Get off now!
Get out!
I'm so sorry
Get the hell out!
Go away!
Watch out!
Hold on tight!
What's happening...
It seems they've lost their temper...
Lost their temper?
They're out to finish us off!
What do they want?
Look out!
Hold on tight!
Minibus, impressive!
Any problems back there?
Yes! This wretch is still here!
Chi, stop the car
Get out!
Huh? The rain is red?
Listen, everybody!
We're about to leave Tai Po...
and head up to Tai Mo Mountain!
Watch out!
What now?
Is that Blind Fai?
What happened?
It's the junkie! Blind Fai!
He doesn't look too dead
Driver, didn't you say you killed him?
I did
Can't you see the cleaver in his shoulder?
But he's okay?
Is that my fault?
Didn't you say he was a zombie?
No, that's just the drugs
He was already like that...
when he got on the minibus in Mong Kok
He's obviously pretty tough
We'd better let him get on
What's with the outfits?
Are you okay, Mr Blind Fai?
I'm fine
Should I help you take out the cleaver?
No, the blade stops the bleeding
If you take it out...
I'm afraid blood will drench the bus
You have a point
You look like you're going to a funeral
Who the hell died?
Are we gonna move?
Where are you going?
I want to get back to Kowloon
Why do you all recognize me?
I don't have any friends in Tai Po
I think you got on the wrong bus
This one's going to Tai Mo Mountain...
... via Lam Kam Road
Going via Lam Kam Road to the mountain?
Isn't that dumb?
Why not go via Tsuen Wan?
Go through Kowloon
Uh... Okay
Okay, that'd work
Good, I'm from Kowloon
Driver, you are too
I'd like to see what Kowloon is like right now
To celebrate getting out of Tai Po...
let's encourage ourselves!
One phrase each, okay?
I'll start with a request!
Ballsie Chi...
head for Kowloon!
No turning back!
Love you!
Unto death!
Don't say shit like that!
Chi, your turn
Then... let's go!
And we're off!
Hold on to that cleaver
Let him back on, okay?
Blind Fai, call him
Let him back in
Get in!
You're letting him back on?
If he's on board, we need to wear the masks
Are these headphones yours?
You found them on Tolo Highway?
You know Chi?
Not only him...
I know all of you other bastards too
You're an idiot
Close your eyes...
What's going on?
Don't ask
I have a present for you
A present? Are you trying to trick me?
You can open them now
- I can look?
- Yeah
What is it?
It's the only one in Tai Po
Where did you find it?
I've been looking for ages
ls there really a virus in Tai Po?
Do we really have to leave?
I really don't want to go...
I'm going to miss it
I miss my mother
Mum, I'm really sorry...
I'm back
You're asleep when I get home at night
I knew you're there in the bedroom
But I didn't even check if you're okay
I didn't even taste the soup you've left for me
(Message from Ying's mother)
Mum! I miss you!
I really miss my mum
I miss my family
My daughters...
As the city falls asleep under
the dimming of lights
Have we forgotten those glorious times
And know not what today has become