The Midwife's Deception (2018) Movie Script

Did you know moving
is the third most
stressful life event.
Is "Having a baby"
on that list too?
Ah, honey, I'm sorry,
I gotta work that day.
All right, look,
maybe I can ask my boss...
No. No, no, no.
It's just a check-up, it's fine.
Are you sure?
Yeah, you don't wanna
rock the boat
with the new job so early.
You can meet Dr. Collins later.
I just hate that
I'm gonna be missing
all these things.
Well, you're keeping us afloat.
Like, we're lucky your mom
left us this house.
So much of her stuff.
Yeah, it's just, it's too big.
It's not really us.
I know.
We get to raise our daughter
in a home. You know?
She can play outside
and go to a good school.
Have all the things
I didn't have.
Look, all the kid needs
is for us to love her
and each other.
The rest is gravy.
I just wanna make sure that
you're happy here.
It's important to me.
Eloise will have
everything she needs,
and that will make me happy.
Look how cute she is.
She sure is.
She's got your eyes.
What time is it?
Oh, shoot.
Uh, my briefcase.
I've gotta...
Uh, downstairs, office box.
What's that about?
Nothing, I just had a pain
in my chest this morning.
It's, it's nothing.
How do you know it's nothing?
Don't screw around
with your health, okay?
Let the doctors decide
it's not a big deal.
Okay, okay, I'll go.
You're gonna be late.
She's all set. They're gonna get
your paperwork together.
Okay. It's just heartburn,
right? There's nothing else?
Actually, everything
is looking really great.
Unfortunately, you're gonna
have to lay off the lasagna.
Uh, what's the point of living?
I know.
Hi, Dr. Collins.
It was great meeting you,
and I will
see you at our next appointment.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Oh, oh, wait, I got it.
Thank you.
Of course.
It was gonna get ugly.
Ooh, heartburn, huh?
I just know that look.
Yeah, I basically had a whole
lasagna last night, so...
Women in the third trimester,
it's like a curse.
No lasagna?
What's the point of living?
I just said that.
I'm Jina.
Sara. Nice to meet you.
I know a great acupressure point
if you're interested.
I'm a midwife. Not just some
weirdo in the car park.
Here. It's, uh...
It's two finger widths just from
the crease of your wrist, here.
And you just apply pressure.
Take a deep breath.
It's great for, uh,
anxiety, nausea, tummy upsets.
Definitely anxiety.
I have all of those things.
Especially the anxiety.
Yeah, it's really important
to just try
and take a breath sometimes.
I feel like it's working, is it
supposed to work that fast?
Thank you. That was amazing.
And now I'm starving again.
This might be weird,
but do you wanna grab lunch?
Actually, I'd love that.
I think I know a place
I've been wanting to go to.
Yeah, that would be awesome.
All right, follow me.
I'll follow you.
So cute.
Oh, hi there.
Uh, grab a seat
wherever you like,
I'll get you some menus.
Should we sit here?
So, where are you from?
Here, I live here.
You don't have an accent.
Oh. Sorry, I just moved here
a little while back.
I'm... kinda starting over, too.
I just hear you two are new.
Welcome to Kentucky.
Thank you.
Yeah, just, uh, moved out
from L.A. with my husband.
Wait. Danny?
It-it's a small town.
I heard he moved back.
So, you're Danny's wife.
I'm Sara.
Ooh, I love your mood ring.
Thank you.
According to this,
I'm always in a good mood.
I-I went to school with Danny.
I was so sorry to hear about
his mom. She was so great.
Wasn't she amazing?
Honestly, she was more of
a mother to me than my own mom.
I really miss her.
Yeah, she used to come in here
every Sunday after church.
She would always get the...
Hot brown.
Hot brown. Oh.
Jinx. Buy me a coke.
What's a hot brown?
Uh, it's... toast, with turkey
and bacon and mornay sauce.
It's really good.
Well, how about a couple
in her honor?
Oh, you should probably
hold off.
It sounds really good
but really rich.
Maybe for the heartburn...
Yeah. Okay, hang on.
Mediterranean salad please.
I might get the hot brown.
Uh, yeah.
Uh, anything to drink?
I'll get a sweet tea, please.
Just water for me.
Mm, no caffeine for the baby?
Well, I will get going
on the hot brown and the salad,
and I will be right back
with your delicious water.
She's great.
I guess you must
miss L.A.
Must be so much fun.
You know, we were gonna
sell the house out here,
but then this job opportunity
came up for Danny,
and that just made sense,
you know?
Were you working?
Yeah, I worked at a law firm.
Wow, you're a lawyer.
Yeah, well... not here.
I still have to take the bar.
Which reminds me,
I should probably start
studying for the bar.
And you gave all that up
just for Danny.
My job?
No! No, no,
I, I'll go back to it.
I just, um,
I wanted to give Eloise
the whole Americana childhood,
you know?
Where she can play outside on...
a lawn that isn't yellow.
But it's no big city.
I don't know, just post a few
pictures on social media
and friends will come running.
Yeah, I don't really do that
social media stuff.
Oh, yeah. Family problems?
You just mentioned your mom.
Whoa, you're good.
Let's just say I have people
I don't wanna connect with.
I get it. Sorry for prying.
No, not at all.
My mum's kind of
a whack-a-doodle too.
So sorry. Uh, Sara,
in case you didn't know,
there is a Mommy meet-up here,
every Wednesday.
Mommy meet-up? What's that?
Is that like a gang?
It sounds like a gang.
It's a gang, isn't it?
Just tell Kelly how much you
love her purse.
Tell her it's real fancy.
She's the organizer, and she can
be a bit, you know...
Gotcha. I don't know,
I don't wanna intrude.
No, no, you should totally go.
You should totally go.
Okay, I'll... Maybe I'll go.
I'll think about it.
Well, it was so nice
to meet you.
Thank you so much for today.
This was so nice.
Honestly, I was nervous
being here.
You... made me feel
a little better.
Of course.
It's my job,
make pregnant women feel better.
I'm like a lighthouse guiding
them through their hormonal fog
and helping them
avoid the dangers around them.
Can you be my midwife?
I... It's just, you make me feel
so much better already, and...
I would be really grateful.
You've only got six more weeks,
and I promise, you're doing
so great without me.
Yeah, I'm a mess.
This is a facade.
To be honest, I generally prefer
to start with people
at the beginning
of their pregnancy.
I always wanted to have
a natural birth.
I didn't think I'd find anyone
here to help me with it.
Meeting you...
feel like it's fate.
All right,
you talked me into it.
I'm gonna pay you,
it's not like a friend thing.
No, no, no. It...
I'll give you a huge discount
from my usual rate. Sound good?
Yay, that would be great.
Can I...
Thank you.
This is gonna be fun.
So, a midwife, huh?
How'd you find a midwife
out here?
She was at the hospital.
It was totally fate.
Oh. Well, I...
You needed a midwife.
You have no idea
what a midwife is, do you?
They specialize in pregnancy,
labor, delivery, postpartum.
They're trained to deal
with any high-risk situations.
She's a lighthouse...
guiding pregnant women
through their hormonal fog
and helping them avoid
the dangers all around them.
That's great.
I just don't feel anxious
around her.
You know, she makes me
feel so calm.
I love her already.
I was telling her
about your mom.
How great she was,
and... how supportive.
Remember, she used to send me
late-night pizzas in law school?
She's my mom goal.
You don't need to try so hard.
You're you.
And havin' a terrible mother
doesn't mean that you're gonna
be a terrible mother.
That's not how it works.
What if I just looked down
at my baby one day...
and feel... trapped?
Like I gave up something.
It's possible.
That doesn't scare you?
No, not one bit.
Because I'm not gonna let you
feel trapped.
And you're not gonna let me
feel trapped...
because we're a team.
I promise.
And I'm here for you.
I know.
The fact that you're massaging
my feet right now says it all.
I know.
I know how you are.
I'm probably gonna
have nightmares.
I know, sorry.
For sure.
I made you a killer lasagna.
Special recipe, guaranteed
not to give you heartburn.
That is so sweet of you.
Come on in.
Oh, your house is beautiful.
Thank you.
This way.
This smells so good.
So, I thought we could get
started on your birth plan.
Sounds great.
Danny and I haven't figured out
what we wanna do yet.
So I just need to figure out
how to not go insane
over the next couple weeks.
Well, I have tons of ideas.
Actually, I thought
we could get started by
enrolling you in some
pre-natal yoga classes.
How does that sound?
I'm from L.A., so I love yoga
and avocados.
Great. Well, we can start off
with some morning classes
and just ease you
back into it gradually.
Do you want some wine?
I can, uh, watch you drink it.
No, actual octuplets.
That was good.
Hey. I'm good, honey.
How's it going, ladies?
How you doing?
This is Jina.
Our midwife.
It is so nice to meet you.
Daniel. Um...
Sara's been nothing but smiles
since she met you.
Glad to hear it.
We've been going through
our plan for the next few weeks,
and, uh, she's telling me
all these pregnancy stories
'cause she has seen it all.
And more.
Yeah, I bet.
Oh, goodness,
I better get going.
Do you wanna stay for dinner?
No, no, no, I'll let you guys
do your lovebird thing.
She made me non-burny lasagna.
Pfft, I'm in.
Please stay.
We could use the company.
Okay then.
So, are you gonna go to that
Mommy meet-up group tomorrow?
Mommy meet-up?
It's a mothers' group.
They get together once a week.
It's like a support network.
Sounds perfect.
Mm, I don't know.
I never know what to say
at those things.
Well, I think it could be
really good for you.
It's important to be around
other mothers. It helps.
Maybe just bring a big salad
and a huge smile,
and you'll be fine.
Oh, this is so weird.
I feel like
a science experiment.
I feel like this isn't my body.
Oh, yeah,
it was the same with me.
Uh, you have kids?
No, I...
My baby was stillborn.
I'm so sorry.
I lost him
in the third trimester.
We had, uh, losses, too,
but... nothing that late.
I'm... I'm so, so sorry.
It's okay.
It was a rough couple of years.
My husband left, and then
I had to move in with my mom
who isn't the easiest person
to live with.
But I managed to
get through school,
get my midwife license,
get out of there.
Actually, I understand that,
My mom, uh, took out a bunch of
credit cards in my name
and wrecked my credits, so, we
have to stay away from her too.
Well, I've managed to
save up enough now, so...
I'm really close to
getting my own place.
For now, I'm just staying
in a motel.
The only bummer is there doesn't
seem to be a huge demand
for midwives around here.
Um, I'm sorry.
This is way too much
No, I mean, embarrassing.
You're about to see all of this
very soon, so...
we're way past embarrassing.
You should stay with us,
at least for a little while,
you know, while you
find a place to stay.
Please stay,
we have so much room.
Yeah, plenty of room.
And don't, don't be embarrassed,
you know?
Like, everyone needs
help sometimes,
and you're helping me so much.
So, why don't you just stay
with us till you find a place?
I mean, I do really
hate that motel.
Hello, hello, you're new.
Welcome to Mommy meet-up.
I'm Kelly.
I'm Sara.
Nice to meet you.
Ah, and you brought a salad.
You didn't have to.
We have food here.
Oh, I, I didn't know.
Ladies, I'd like you to meet
our new friend Sarah.
Is that Sarah with an H?
Uh, no, just an A on the end.
Hi, it's nice to meet you guys.
Um, we just moved here from L.A.
a few weeks ago.
Yes, and Sara brought us
a salad.
Tsk. Ah, yup.
It's kale and quinoa,
one of my favorites.
It's a grain, Amanda.
I've had it before.
And kale. Interesting.
Oh, a quinoa salad.
I'll have to get that recipe
from you, Sara.
It might be great for the menu.
Someone pour her some sweet tea.
Oh. No, thank
you, actually.
You don't like sweet tea?
Oh. No, I love it. I just... I'm
avoiding caffeine and sugar.
Hm. I'd never be able to
give up my sweet tea.
You're so dedicated.
Mommy meet-up!
Mommy meet-up!
Let's take a selfie.
Oh, no.
Sorry. No, thank you.
What? Why not?
It's not a big deal,
it's just for our Facebook page.
I just don't do Facebook...
and stuff.
Tsk. What for?
You hidin' somethin'?
No, I just, uh, have some
family... issues...
So, you moved here
a few weeks ago?
Yeah, into my
mother-in-law's house
on Cochrane.
Oh! Daniel's mom.
Tsk. I went to school
with Danny.
I was a couple of years behind
him, though, obviously.
That's great.
So, when are you due?
Ah, six more weeks.
Can't wait.
You okay?
Yeah, it's just a headache.
I think it's allergies.
Do you guys get those?
Oh, no problem,
we mommies have it all covered.
I have some meds.
Oh, no, thank you so much.
I'll be okay.
It's just Tylenol.
Yeah, I just try not
to take anything
unless I really need it,
you know?
My doctor said it was okay.
Oh, I'm sure it is.
He seemed reputable.
My doctor.
No, no, no, of course.
Are you a doctor?
No, I'm a lawyer, actually.
Oh. That makes sense.
I just didn't wanna take
any risks, you know?
Right. So, how about that salad?
Yeah, um, I'm actually gonna run
to the restroom really quick,
uh, for the millionth time
Hey, what's up?
Oh, I'm fine.
Whoa, wait, wait.
What happened?
Did you forget to compliment
Kelly's purse?
Forgot about the purse.
I panicked.
Um, they're really nice.
I just... They all really know
each other,
and I don't really fit in, and
I brought this weird salad.
Why am I crying over salad?
Uh, okay. Phone.
My... Oh.
Come on.
Here is my number.
I'm officially your friend,
and I am awesome.
So call or text me anytime.
Uh, but no emojis, okay?
I hate those things.
Little weird faces.
Yeah, they really creep me out.
Me too.
See? I knew
we were gonna be BFFs.
Thank you.
This house is amazing.
It's like a museum.
Danny's mom treated it like one.
All she needed
was an armed guard.
Oh, there's a gun
and everything.
Someone has to protect her
porcelain fawn collection.
I'm actually
not a big fan of guns,
so Danny put it
in the bedroom safe.
We'll get rid of it
when all of this calms down.
Yeah, they kinda freak me out.
Me too.
I have a surprise for you.
To say thank you
for your generosity.
Thank you so much.
I'm gonna open it right now.
Oh, I love it.
It's supposed to ignite
the flames of romance.
I know it can be hard to
keep those fires lit
during pregnancy.
What, with all the excess
weight gain and stretch marks.
It can be kinda hard to be sexy.
But I thought you could put it
in your room.
I will. Thank you.
And now I have to
use the restroom again.
When I get back,
we have to do something fun.
Sounds good.
Ugh, that meet-up was brutal.
I'm sorry. Those
moms are harmless.
I mean, yeah, it sucks,
but it's good
for you to be
around other mothers.
Honestly, I'd love to fit in
with them.
I'm not trying to be elitist
or anything, I...
I genuinely think
they're nice people.
Maybe you should just start
taking a ton of selfies.
Okay, I thought
that was just me,
but they take
a lot of photos, right?
Well, that's how
the world works.
If you don't post it online,
it-it never happened.
No, of course not.
I can help you with that,
if you want.
Uh... hmm.
It's very complicated.
Here is the camera.
And then
I just take a quick snap.
Yup, uh...
And you're right, that,
that's terrible, that's...
It's really terrible.
You're so mean.
But seriously, though,
don't post that,
'cause I, I can't do
social media,
so... don't post it.
Yeah, of course.
I do think we should
take photos, though.
For Eloise. She's gonna wanna
see you like this.
You're beautiful.
Okay, you're right.
Here, hold this.
I'll get a better angle.
Better light.
All right.
Lawyers don't smile,
it's in the rules.
Actually, I don't know, like,
give it some vibe, like,
I don't know,
like, just, loosen up
a little bit.
Um, how about you pretend
you're at a party
and you're drinking?
I don't know, have a drink.
Go nuts.
There we go.
One, two, three.
That's great.
Honey, I'm home.
Hey, baby.
What have you two wild ladies
been up to?
We've been taking selfies.
Sara... taking a photo?
We're not posting them
or anything, right?
Oh, I have something
I have to show you.
um, we missed you
at dinner tonight.
I saved you some leftovers,
if you want them.
I, uh, you know,
actually, I'm good.
I, I ate at my desk,
but thank you.
Oh, my gosh.
I can barely...
I can barely... feel you.
So... how'd it go?
How was your day?
Mm... Unh-unh.
Come on.
Come on, how was the mommy
gang initiation?
Oh. I cried.
I mean, I know, at this point,
I, I cry at dog food
but I...
I made one friend.
Allie. She's fun.
I can't wait to meet her.
You know, I know
we have a long way to go
on the rest of the house,
but I feel like...
this room's finally done.
Mm-hm. Maybe.
Oh, I forgot the best part.
Hans? Oh!
Pfft, where'd you...
Where'd you get that?
That... silly bear.
Did you find it in the garbage?
I found him
carefully tucked away
with some of your mom's
old things.
Um, I forgot all about that.
Should we put Hans in the crib?
I mean, we can,
we can take a look.
We can take a look.
Unless you want it in our bed...
I... I guess our kid
should have it.
Stupid bear.
Very generous of you.
Oh, you look... comfortable.
I'm not. Hang on.
I can do this.
You all right?
Get up for one second.
Just one second. Sorry.
I just...
Okay. Yeah.
It's so hot.
I'm uncomfortable.
Did you touch the thermostat?
Did you?
Okay, like, one degree.
One degree...
You keep it like
an icebox in here.
Okay, well, in the eyes
of the court,
I can reduce my sentence
from murder to manslaughter.
I'm saying I'm legally allowed
to murder you now.
I think what's
important to remember...
is that I love you
and you love me.
I love you.
Get some rest, okay?
Everything is looking
really good.
I feel good.
You seem good.
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
I hired Jina Anderson
as my midwife.
I should tell you that, right?
It feels like it's something
I should tell you.
No, it's fine, it's fine, uh...
If she makes you feel
more secure, then I'm on board.
Does this mean that
you're gonna have a home birth?
I don't know yet.
Well, just, uh,
keep checkin' in with me
and let me know
how things are going.
Thank you.
All right, see you later.
Okay, when you're ready,
try to come out of the pose.
Uh, you're so good.
Yeah, well, I had
some ribs removed
to do that one.
It's worth it.
Totally worth it.
That's weird.
Like a cramp or something?
Yeah, kinda like a cramp.
It's in the front there, right?
Not the back?
Okay, I'm just gonna have to
feel your abdomen.
Oh, that's pretty hard.
Okay, and you're sure
it's just in the front?
It's all right, it's fine.
It's just Braxton Hicks.
Like the practice contractions.
It's just getting you
ready for the big day.
It's totally normal.
Sorry, I know I shouldn't get
so worried, I just...
I just wanna be, I don't know,
prepared or something
'cause we're on again.
No, of course, you're fine.
This is totally normal.
Let's get you upstairs
for some rest.
Yeah, okay.
That's it.
All right...
I'm just gonna get you some tea.
Boy, you're really lucky
I came along.
You're so weak.
Did you do any pre-natal
exercises at all?
Yeah, no, I'm fine. I just get
really dizzy on the stairs.
Be sure to lay on
your left side up there.
I will.
Lay back if you can.
Take some deep breaths.
How are you feeling?
It's actually starting to
get better.
I'm up here.
Danny came home?
Yeah, I called him.
I thought you left
your phone downstairs.
The landline.
What is this, 1994?
Danny's mother had
all the modern conveniences
of the '80s.
We were gonna get
rid of it, but...
cell service is
so spotty out here and...
texting only works with Wi-Fi.
You okay?
Ugh, I'm sorry.
I just... We were
doing yoga and I...
S-stop, no, don't be sorry.
It's okay.
It's just Braxton Hicks.
It's like practice labor.
She'll be fine.
It just hurt for a little bit.
It's fine now.
Jina fixed it.
So, you came all the way home.
It's fine.
I'm, I'm super close, so...
I can come running
anytime Sara needs me.
It's good to know.
You okay?
I'm okay.
Now that I'm locked away
up in my tower...
Listen, I brought
some work home.
But, I can, you know,
I can save it for later.
Do you wanna turn on
some reality TV?
Make fun of the crazies?
Watch the little
cray-cray people.
I know, I'm just so tired and...
I feel like I messed up.
Like I over-exerted myself
Did Jina seem mad at me?
No, no, not at all.
It's just...
I know she wants me
to take it easy, but...
I can't...
Well, you... cooped up all the time.
You do, uh,
need to get some rest,
okay, so, just take it easy.
You should drop by and surprise
her if you have time.
That's great,
she really needs this.
You know, she's been
so stressed out. See you later.
Yeah, bye.
Have a good day.
Good morning.
How are you feeling?
Good, I can't believe
I slept so much.
That's good.
Your body needed it.
Was Danny...
Oh, he left for work.
Oh, I thought I heard
you guys talking.
Yeah, but he had to rush out.
He's still behind from yesterday
having to come home for you.
He couldn't really wait around.
Anyhoo, get dressed.
Dressed for what?
I found the most
amazing yoga studio in town.
I wanna take you there.
Can't keep you
cooped up all day.
I just wanna grab
a quick cup of coffee.
Oh, okay, great.
What? Did you do this?
You guys...
I wish I was better dressed.
I didn't wanna
spoil the surprise.
Thank you, thank you so much.
I can't cry again.
Oh, mine!
Mine, that one's mine.
Oh, I needed one of these.
Thank you, Allie.
You're welcome.
Uh, next one.
That one's mine.
Oh, you really didn't have to.
This is amazing.
Done more than enough.
I believe
Oh, what's it say?
It's Eloise's initials.
Thank you. I love it.
No, Sara, thank you.
Um, Ashley, can we get
some more sweet tea?
Uh, yeah.
But no sweet tea for this one.
Isn't it weird that you
used to date her Danny?
It's weird, right?
Oh, well...
Kind of.
Oh, no, you guys were so cute.
I-I mean it was like maybe
two months during high school.
Oh, gosh, it
seemed longer than that.
How funny.
Yeah, that's really funny.
Um, you know I should probably
get back,
so, you ladies let me know
if you need anything, okay?
Uh, next gift?
Thank you so much, guys,
I really appreciate all this.
Wow, that was in perfect unison.
They've literally been
practicin' it all day.
Yeah, I bet.
You look so handsome.
Hi, ladies, hey.
There she is.
Hey, baby.
I brought these for you.
How're you doin'?
So good.
I just came by to help you
take home all your loot.
I can't believe you knew.
It was...
really hard not to say anything.
He is so good
at keeping secrets.
We were just talkin'
about you and Allie.
Hey, Danny.
What... are you doing here?
I haven't been
called that in forever.
Um, actually, I own this cafe.
Wow. That's,
that's amazing.
Yeah, I feel like such an idiot.
Uh, when you mentioned
Allie before,
I just, I didn't
make the connection.
We went to school together.
You guys must've been
such a cute couple.
No, it didn't last long.
Uh, that, uh, Halloween party?
You thought you could break-dance
and then you puked on my shoe.
It's embarrassing,
yeah, thanks for that.
That's like, at our wedding.
Your dancing at our wedding.
This is good, thank you
for bringing me up
and humiliating me.
I'm glad you two met.
This is good.
Honey, if you have to go back to
work, we can get the stuff home.
Yeah. We've got this.
Oh, yeah. I-I can help too.
Oh, it's okay.
No, no, I'd love to.
Uh, Ash, I'm gonna head out.
Just gimme a sec.
Wanna see the stuff?
Yes, let's see.
No worries,
I've got these ones too.
Today was so lovely.
Thank you so much
for making it happen.
I'm happy to help.
Oh, I might just
get your number.
Just in case you get lost.
I know how to get to Danny's.
Oh, of course.
But, it's been so long.
Ayee, where is my phone?
Here you go. It's hard to find
anything in this mess.
I'm just gonna grab
a couple more things.
Of course.
How cute this is.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh my gosh.
They're so cute.
So cute dolphins.
Ooh, I don't believe...
It's amazing.
So cute.
Thank you, Ma'am.
Oh, thank you.
To a successful baby shower.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, pictures
pictures, pictures.
We're trying to take more
pictures with Sara,
she's, uh,
One in five Americans has it.
Oh, shoot.
So tragic.
One, two, three.
One more.
Give me somethin' else.
Bigger... bigger!
what's the next step for you?
Isn't there a birth plan, or...
That's a thing, right?
Isn't that a thing?
That's a thing.
Um... I'm kinda on the fence.
I'm leaning toward
having a home birth.
Tsk, maybe, uh...
Danny's still kinda nervous.
I talked
to him again last night.
You did?
You were asleep and
I didn't wanna stress you out.
Oh, yeah, right, um...
Danny's still, like,
a little nervous
about the home birth, but, um...
If we had the baby
at the hospital,
would you still be with us?
Of course.
I'll be with you till the end.
So, uh, a home birth,
how does that,
how does that work?
Oh, we have the baby here.
What happens if there's,
like, a problem?
Like bleeding or if the baby
has trouble breathing or...
I-I'm sorry,
I'm just really curious.
I'm trained to deal
with those situations.
Oh, so you're a doctor?
I'm a licensed
and certified midwife.
But not a doctor?
Women have been having babies
without hospitals for centuries.
I just, I feel like
it's so important
to be calm and comfortable
in your surroundings.
Yeah. No, that,
that makes total sense.
Again, I'm-I'm totally ignorant
about the whole thing.
I'm sorry to be a bug.
I'm gonna take these up
to the baby's room.
Thank you so much.
So good.
Sara, I hope I didn't...
I don't know...
hurt your feelings.
What? With Danny? No!
No. No, no, no. No. It's fine.
Absolutely not, no.
So that's a "no"?
Sorry, I-I just, I didn't think
it was a big deal or anything.
I mean, we were just kids.
And, to reiterate, he barfed...
on my shoes.
That's my charmin' man.
And I promise, I shall
reveal each and every
dark secret I can think of.
Me too. Um...
Oh, I, uh...
...only put mustard on burgers.
Don't know why.
I hate muffins.
I don't know, maybe because
I'm tired of making them.
I-I mean I like baking.
I like the cafe, but, honestly,
I'm only doin' this
for travel money.
Oh, I love travelling.
I, I just love being
able to hop on a plane
whenever I want to,
wherever I want.
There've been a lot
of times recently
that I've wanted to
run away from here.
Yeah, I-I know you wanna fit in.
And you will, honestly.
I promise you will find
what's important to you here.
Just don't change
to fit in, huh?
You're right. Thank you.
Oh, thank you so much.
It was awesome,
you're so welcome.
You're so nice!
Well, I am super tired,
so you must be exhausted.
Yes, I'll tell Jina
you said goodnight.
Oh, you don't have to.
Oh, I wished you liked muffins,
you maniac.
What can I say?
Have a good night.
Are you all right?
What're you doing out here?
Is, uh, something wrong
with my gift?
We need to talk.
Yeah, let's do this.
What's your problem with me?
I'm just here to help
Sara and Daniel.
I see your little games.
You have a very
active imagination.
Sara's distracted right now,
but I see you pulling strings.
Okay, I don't know what you want
or what you're tryin' to do.
But I'll figure it out
sooner or later.
That's easy.
I want her baby.
Are you nuts?
No, I'm not.
Just waiting
for the drugs to kick in.
What did you...
Your drink.
There we go.
Nice and easy.
It was a really thoughtful gift.
Sara mentioned that
you were on the fence
about the home birth,
I was just...
wondering because we're
kinda getting down
to the wire with the decision.
I'm sorry, I've just,
I've been so stressed out
with work.
It's fine.
Sara's torn...
I mean, she's really
pro home birth
but she wants to make sure
you're comfortable.
I mean, you really think
we could do this? Here?
I do.
You are amazing.
Uh. Honestly, I, um...
I would do anything for Sara.
I just want her
to be comfortable.
So, um, I don't know
how women do it.
Good morning.
What are you...
You got your coffee?
I was gonna make it for you.
Yeah, no...
Oh, it's fine.
You just go rest.
Thank you.
Didn't hear you
come in last night.
Yeah, I'm sorry, honey,
I got off late.
I didn't wanna wake you up.
Well, you gonna be home
for dinner tonight?
Uh, I gotta pull
some more overtime.
Again? Why?
Well, the guys at the office
just needs me to cover
some stuff for 'em.
Are you hiding something?
I love you.
I love you.
Have a good day, okay?
All right. Bye.
Mm-hm. Bye.
Hey, was Danny all right
this morning?
He seems kinda off.
Oh, yeah,
I think he's just tired.
Right. Yeah.
W-what's that?
Allie's number.
You should keep that.
She's great. I really like her.
It was in Danny's pocket.
Don't be paranoid.
I know you feel huge
and unattractive right now
but Danny really loves you.
Yeah, I'm... who puts a number
on a napkin anyways.
Listen. Don't even
worry about it.
I mean, when would he
even have time?
He works really late
and he never even eats here.
Yeah, I gotta get groceries
on a bank near the house.
Well, maybe I could make him
something nice.
That'd be nice.
You look lost.
Dr. Collins. Hi!
How are you?
Just grabbing some lunch.
How are you feeling?
Mm, you sure?
You seem a little upset.
No, sorry,
I'm just distracted. Um...
Oh, I did have some
Braxton Hicks.
But everything is fine now.
How often?
None today.
Well, why don't you
come by my office when you can
and we'll finalize
your birthing plan.
Yeah, I'm actually leaning
toward a home birth.
Jina and I've been
looking at tubs.
My midwife.
Oh, right,
yeah, you mentioned her.
Um, I don't know her.
Really? You said hi to her
when we were at the hospital.
This is the south.
We say hi to everybody.
Plus, I'm super popular
at the hospital.
I bet.
As long as she's
certified and licensed,
just keep me in the loop, okay?
All right?
Oh, you finished shopping?
I got caught up
talking to Dr. Collins.
It was weird.
He said he doesn't know you.
Typical doctor stuff.
I'm sure if you said,
the cute blonde
with a nice rack,
he'd probably remember.
It's all right.
I'll just call him later.
Did you see Allie there?
No. Um, she's out of town.
That's weird. She didn't
mention that yesterday.
It's fine. She texted.
Yeah, still.
You shouldn't have someone
flaky in your life right now.
Do you wanna get outta here?
What are you looking for?
My blue shirt.
It's hanging up.
It's not.
It is, Danny.
It's not here.
Well, I'm sorry about it.
You said that you unpacked it.
I did.
It's in here.
Okay, I, I just can't-can't do
this right now.
I have to study for the bar.
I'm just not gonna have
the time or energy
to do when the baby's here.
You have to
go to this conference.
It's important to you and...
It's overtime.
I just need
a little help here, okay?
Some help. Okay.
What more can I do?
I mean, I'm working
day and night for you.
Well, it's for us.
And I'm all alone here. Okay?
You just pop in
here and there and you
talk to Jina
more than you talk to me.
No, I don't.
You told her
I was feeling cooped up.
I don't remember that
but it's not hard to see
that you're going stir crazy.
I found Allie's number
in your pants.
No, you didn't.
It was on a napkin
in the laundry.
You had a ton of stuff
in the laundry, too.
Maybe it got mixed in
with your stuff.
So you're saying it isn't yours?
Something is wrong here.
I can feel it.
Anyway, who the hell writes
a number on a napkin anyway?
I mean, if I was gonna
get a number,
I would put it in my phone.
Can you just
stop cranking up the heat?
Jeez, like once.
I wake up every night sweating.
Maybe that's because
you might be pregnant.
Oh, wait. You are.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go cool off.
Not in this sweat box!
You're still awake.
Feeling pretty stressed out.
Hm. Third trimester.
So much going on.
For the mother...
For the dad, too.
I just... feel like
I'm not doing enough.
Have you ever thought
about taking a Lamaze class?
Yeah. I've heard of 'em.
I just...
It could be really helpful,
you know?
They teach you techniques
to help Sara through the labor
and support her.
Okay. Yeah.
I, I can look at my schedule.
You know, I mean,
I could probably
teach you a few things
if you like.
Just get you started,
and then you guys
can practice them together.
It might really help.
Uh, yeah. That could work.
This is a really good one.
Put your hands here.
Hey, relax.
This is for Sara.
Put your hands lower
and you support her abdomen.
Like this?
Now... help her take long...
deep... breaths.
Let your breath...
support hers.
Is this right? I-I...
You're perfect.
Well, uh...
Uh, thanks.
That was really relaxing.
I'm, I'm gonna turn in. Uh...
But thank you for all your help.
Um, I'll talk to Sara
about taking a class together.
Of course.
bad about our fight.
Couples fight.
I feel like
we're on t-two different
islands, you know?
We need to swim back
to each other.
Tell me what you wanna do.
Tell me what you want,
I'll make it happen.
Well, we've, we've already
lost two babies.
I can't go through that again.
I, I know that you're strong.
And I know Jina knows
what she's doing.
But I'm worried
that if something goes wrong,
I'm gonna be the one
that makes the mistake.
And... I've just been
so tired lately that...
I'm, I'm somehow gonna
drop the ball.
We'll have our baby
at the hospital.
I, I don't wanna make you
do this.
You're not.
I could have
a natural birth there.
And if it makes you feel better
and more secure,
then it's what I want.
We can do a home birth
for the next one.
I promise you...
I will be right there
cheering you on.
I know.
There's some tea over there.
You haven't been
hydrating enough.
I think that's why
you've been so weak.
Do you want some oatmeal?
Sure. That sounds great.
So, you must be tired.
I heard you and Danny
fighting last night.
Um, yeah, it was silly.
We're fine now. We made up.
Oh. That's good.
We shared a really
good talk and, um,
we're gonna have the baby
at the hospital.
That's too bad.
Well, there's so much
to take in.
I'm glad that you and Danny
examined both possibilities.
So, yeah, hospital it is.
Since you'll be by our side,
I feel like
we can achieve the best of
both worlds, you know?
Thank you for being
so supportive.
Of course.
Now, go lay down.
I'll bring you your oatmeal.
I put extra strawberries in it.
You need
your minerals and fiber.
Thank you so much.
Eat up.
I'm having pain.
In the front, like before?
No, in the back, like, deep.
That sounds like real
It's too soon. Um...
What do I do?
Okay. Nice and slow.
Do you have that tea
you made me earlier?
After I call Dr. Collins,
I'll get you some.
There you go. Easy.
Yeah. Her
temperature's fine.
Blood pressure's normal.
They're really far apart
but they're definitely
real contractions.
Yup. Yup. Oh.
You think so? Oh.
Oh, sure. Mm.
No, no, no, I totally agree.
Oh, absolutely. Yeah.
Oh, let's hear it now.
Mm-hm. Oh.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
All right.
Buh-bye now. Thank you.
We're gonna have to keep you
on bed rest.
But do I have to go in
and see him?
He said I could
just call to check in.
Hey, this is pretty common.
Well, particularly at this time
and with your history...
I'm not gonna lie.
Bed rest is tough.
But you're tough.
We're gonna need to minimize
activity to 15 minutes a day.
Keep you away from stairs.
So, we can't have you
collapsing or fainting.
We'll make a plan for showers.
But, apart from that,
you're just gonna have to relax
and try to get some rest.
I'm coming home.
I'm fine. Jina's here.
You're only, what?
Two hours away?
What did
Dr. Collins say?
Jina talked to him
this afternoon.
He said right now, I just
need to lie back and relax.
So I'm in my worst nightmare.
Just... I just hate
leaving you like this.
Well, it's only a few days.
Almost a week.
Well, Jina will call
if there's any problems.
Okay. Well, I love you.
I love you, too.
Hi, Kelly, it's Sara.
Oh. Hello.
Sorry, I missed
the last Mommy meet-up.
I've been sentenced to bed rest.
That must be nice.
Yes. Um...
I just wanted to say thank you
for coming to my baby shower.
And, uh, since I'm on bed rest,
I thought, maybe I could host
the next Mommy meet-up,
and everybody could come over,
I'll order food...
No. We've
already scheduled it.
Thanks for calling.
Sorry... Kelly, wait.
Did I do something
to offend you?
I don't like
being made a fool of.
And I just can't associate
with someone who lies to me.
Mm, what do you mean "lies"?
You act all high and mighty.
Not drinking sweet tea
or taking medicine,
but then you go out drinking?
What are you talking about?
I should report
you to child services.
You're out of control.
Okay, stop. I...
Where is this coming from?
We saw you. All of us.
I thought you were too good
for social media.
I can't believe
you posted those pics.
Or are you too drunk
to remember?
What you doin'?
I was just
looking up breast feeding tips.
You look kinda guilty.
Just didn't want you to think
I was looking
at pictures of boobs.
Well, I actually brought this up
so you could prop your back up
if you wanted
but... guess you could use it
to practice.
Do you need a hat?
Thank you so much for lunch.
You've reached the Bassinet.
How can I help you?
I got a necklace from you guys
and the clasp just broke.
Oh, so sorry about that.
We can issue you a refund
or a replacement.
Great. It's a silver heart.
Uh, engraved E-H-M.
And where was it shipped?
Uh, got it right here.
Um, this was a gift.
So, I don't have the receipt.
No problem.
We can refund to credit card.
Okay. Uh, Jina Anderson's,
This says
"Laurie Ann Phelps."
Right. Jina gave me
the diaper bag.
I'll let Laurie know. Thank you.
Okay, have a great day.
No. No, no, no. No, no.
Oh, honey.
I warned you about those stairs.
You're awake.
Would you say that
your contractions
are ten minutes apart
or more like 15?
Danny's on his way home.
Oh, yeah. You really
shouldn't have texted him.
I had plans for him later,
I-I just want to keep this
easy for you, and now I'm gonna
have to kill him
in front of you,
which is gonna be really
upsetting and...
it's just not good for the baby.
Why are you doing this?
Oh, come on, Sara.
I have to do what's right
for the baby.
That's my job.
You and Danny
are perfect, physically.
And you're gonna have a strong,
beautiful baby.
But emotionally...
you're weak.
And I'm not gonna let
another strong child
get ruined
by this pathetic world.
Look at me.
A world full of people
like you...
who thinks society's supposed
to change for them.
That's not how the world works.
The world doesn't
cut you breaks.
Life is tough.
And you have to learn
to take what you need.
I can teach my baby that.
I can.
"Crazy"? Is that what you said?
Well, thanks for not
calling me crazy.
It's so derogatory for women,
you know?
Actually, uh,
it's pretty misogynistic.
That's a whole other story.
I'm gonna get you some water.
You gotta stay hydrated.
Hey, honey!
Did you call the cops?
Yeah. No, no, you stay.
He called me after you texted.
I told him the baby was coming.
He was so excited.
You know, I actually thought
about sparing him for a minute.
I mean, clearly he wants me.
How does that make you feel?
I thought I'd make a nice,
kind, beautiful midwife.
You know, just coming to the aid
of a newly widowed father.
Yeah, but then I figured
it was just better
to wipe the slate clean.
Nice murder-suicide
by a depressed alcoholic
pregnant lady.
See, you burn the house down
with you in it
and him and the baby.
It's pretty neat, huh?
I mean, it'll be weeks before
they sift through the ashes
to see if they find anything.
Oh, she's coming.
I'm gonna get you some towels.
Where are you?
This isn't very responsible.
Oh, God, you bitch!
You're not gonna
make it, city girl.
You're on your own,
I made sure of that.
The mommies group hates you,
Dr. Collins thinks
you don't need him.
And Danny?
Even Danny wasn't sure about you
in the end.
And Allie...
Poor sweet Allie.
You know that little trip
she went on?
Her car's at the airport.
But they'll find her body
in your woods!
Where are you, princess?
Come on, city girl.
Why are you making this
so difficult?
think about what you're doing.
You're one of the smartest women
I know.
A good other would do anything
for her baby. Anything.
Even sacrifice her own life.
I would have done anything
for my baby.
How'd you get up there?
She left without you, Danny.
How does that make you feel?
Wonder if she'll come back
when I do...
What? You're going for your gun?
Yeah, Sara already told me
about your little toy.
We're besties.
She tells me everything.
I already tried
for the gun myself.
I thought it'd be
a nicer way to go out.
Seemed so peaceful.
Now I have to burn this
whole place down.
All because...
I couldn't get into
your safe!
you didn't use Sara's birthday
for your code?
What kind of man does that?
If I may be so bold...
indicates problems
for your marriage.
Wait, wait.
I don't have time to wait
but this begging is adorable.
I'm not beggin'.
I'm gettin' out of the way.
The combination was our
anniversary, you bitch!
I'm sorry, honey...
We've lost everything.
No, we haven't.
You were right.
We have everything
we need right here.
Come on.
Let's go meet our baby.
In summary
Ran wild and free
So sure we had it all
The shining flare
In our two hands
I wasn't ready for the fall
A little
That day
Everything that
I could think
But I couldn't
keep you safe
Now I walk through
the shattered dream
Lie on space
where you used to be
It's cold
I know I'm
supposed to let
You go
But I would do anything
If I could hold you again
Now I walk through
the shattered dream
Lie on space
where you used to be
It's cold
I know I'm supposed to let
You go
But I would do anything
If I could hold you again