The Mighty Peking Man (1977) Movie Script

Look, I've found it!
Fifteen years ago, the giant gorilla...
was sighted in a small
village of the Himalayas
The villagers lived a peaceful...
life for years
Except for an earthquake that year
If we find the giant gorilla...
and ship him to Hong Kong
We'll be rich and famous
The animal is 50 feet tall and very strong
It's not easy to catch him
But he's an animal after all
With our intelligence...
I believe we can outwit him
Yes, even if we don't catch him alive,
We can turn him into a specimen
And still rake in plenty of cash
That's right
I know of an explorer named Chen Zhengfeng
He too wants to search
for the gorilla in India
He's been blue since breaking
up with his girlfriend
So after our conversation,
have you decided...
if you could lead us on the expedition?
Have you given it a thought? Interested?
Fine, let's go for it
I'll come along
Let's go take a look
Come on, let's go
Please come over
Let me introduce them to you...
This is Mr. Chen and Mr. Lin
There are six explorers...
on this expedition
We all welcome you here
And hope that you find
the giant gorilla soon
Keep in touch
What's going on?
Come on, let's help to push
Hurry up
Let's continue
We've not seen one person...
these past few days
We still have got a long way to go
It's strange!
How come this village is deserted?
Hey, anyone here?
The elephants are heading this way...
The elephants
Hurry, run
They're gone
Get up...
Let's carry on
Come on, let's go
Zhengfeng, you've been very quiet...
since you got here
Are you alright?
We are all together on this
And we're close friends
What's bothering you?
Tell us. See if we can help
It's not a big deal
Is it because of your girlfriend?
I know you two broke up
Two people are closest to me in Hong Kong
One of them is my ex-girlfriend
She loves singing; and the
other is my brother...
who works as a TV producer
That girl is very career minded
She hopes to be famous one day
Everything was going well for us except
One day when I got home
I walked in on my brother and a woman
You two...
Why? Why her?
I had no idea
I don't know that you two...
I really didn't know
Trust me, I really didn't
It was because of that incident...
you decided to lead the expedition, right?
Forget it, pal
There're plenty of nice girls around
When we capture the giant gorilla
You'll be famous around the world
Women will be all over you
Get some sleep, we have a long day tomorrow
Come on
It's quicksand!
Don't shoot
Why not?
Better not shoot
Are you alright?
Get the first aid kit
C'mon, hurry
Was that necessary?
Why did you kill him?
Let me go
He can't make it, there's
no point to save him
We don't have enough medicine with us
I don't want to waste anything
This is it, I've had it
Let's head back to Hong Kong
There's no giant gorilla here
We got tricked
Calm down everyone
I'm confident that we'll
find the giant gorilla
We've already come this far
This is no time to turn back, right?
Come on, let's go
Head on
Follow me
This footprint looks fresh!
I'm sure it won't be far from here
Let's go
Let's leave him here to die alone
Where's everybody?
Stop it
Ah Wang, don't hurt him
Drink, c'mon drink up
You are...
Who are you?
I'm Chen Zhengfeng
I'm here in search of the giant gorilla
Don't worry, it's just a scratch
Who are you? Why are you here?
Where are your parents?
Papa and Mama
They are...
Where? Where're they?
Take me to them, alright?
Okay, I'll take you
Wait a moment
Over here
Come on
Follow me
Papa, mama and me
You see
Heavy rain... plane... crash
I understand, you were
raised by the gorilla...
all these years, right?
I get it, your name is Ah Wei
Ah Wei... yes
Feel hungry, eat somethin'
Where's the food?
Follow me
Good boy
Come here
Feel thirsty
Hang on
This is good
It hurts
It pains a lot
Thank you
Mr. Lu Tien
I'm a reporter from the Daily News
Please have a seat...
About your expedition
How did it go?
We've combed through the entire forest
There's no sign of any giant gorilla
It could possibly be only a legend
I hear Chen Zhengfeng is still there looking
Is that right?
Chen Zhengfeng...
He can't survive on his own in the jungle
I think he's probably
become the animals' dinner
Ah Wei, are you completely okay?
Ah Wang
Ah Wei
I want to take you and
Ah Wang to Hong Kong...
tomorrow; we'll take a freighter back
He only listens to you
What do you think?
Say Yes
Come on
Bye, Jiji
Lie down and sleep
I've been lookin' for you
I was looking for you too
We found the giant gorilla
And I've brought him with me
Let's take a look
Zhengfeng, we'll find a large freighter...
and transport him to Hong Kong
Please, no chains
Let him go, please?
Don't worry and listen to me
The gorilla is huge
And so powerful
If he goes into a rampage
And breaks out from the chains
He'll capsize the freighter
We'll have to chain him
Please don't cry
Zhengfeng, Ah Wang got chained
Ah Wang is too powerful
We had to chain him
We'll free him once we're in Hong Kong
Oh, come on!
Don't cry, Ah Wei
Look, I've got a gift for you
Open it
We're back in civilisation
You can't wear your outfit anymore
Change into this
Try it on
Try it
Mr. Lu, that's so gross!
You should have knocked
Sorry, I've got good news for you
I just received a telegram from Hong Kong
It's all set. The giant gorilla
will be on show...
at the Hong Kong Stadium day after tomorrow
Tickets were sold out in three hours
Isn't this excellent news?
Think about it, we could take the gorilla...
on a world tour later
We will be millionaires
I object using the
gorilla as a financial tool
Zhengfeng, don't forget
You've signed a contract
You can't go against it
Moreover, the contract stated that...
You will get 5% of the net profit
It's a lot of money
Come and have a drink with me
Let's celebrate, c'mon
Thank you
Congratulations, Mr. Lu
The gorilla has brought you good luck
You'll be a rich man
Thank you
Gentlemen, let's have champagne
Enjoy yourselves
It's my treat
Come on... Cheers
This is the weather report
Thank you
What's wrong, captain?
I've just received a message
We're heading into a storm in five hours
It's very powerful
I intend taking a detour to Singapore
We'll sail to Hong Kong
after the storm's over
Heading to Singapore? Absolutely not
I've already arranged the show in Hong Kong
It's scheduled for the day after
All tickets are sold
Who'll be responsible for my loss?
And if there is a shipwreck...
Who'll be responsible?
I take responsibility
This ship will be alright
We must reach Hong Kong on time
Let me assume all responsibilities
It was clearly decided
We signed a contract, captain
If we don't arrive Hong Kong on time
Your company will compensate my loss
What do you say to that?
Okay, Hong Kong it is
Ah Wei Zhengfeng
Ship's run aground, what to do?
I know
I want to steer it backwards
Hurry up and think of something
Ah Wang
Ah Wei
Ah Wei, come here
It's dangerous!
Get back, quick
Ah Wang, push the ship away
Push harder
Mom look, the giant gorilla's here
Come look
That's Connaught Centre, Hong Kong's tallest
You're back, bro?
Are you still mad at me?
Boy, that's some news you've made!
Truly amazing!
It was a tough year...
for me living in the jungle
How've you been? Busy?
I'm working on a show today
If you have time, please drop by
Alright, I'll see you at the studio then
Sure, I'll be right over
Let me take you to meet my brother
I'm looking for producer Chen Shiyu
Just a minute
You're back
Still the same, huh!
Her name's Ah Wei, from an Indian jungle
My brother
Producer, lighting's all set
We can start
Sure, take them to the studio
And after the show...
we'll catch up
Right on...
This way please
Mr. Chen, Miss Wang wants to see you
Thank you
I won't be long
How are you?
Have a seat
It's been quite a While
I don't know how to address you
So you're like a younger sister to me now?
Please stop
I was wrong
I was blinded by vanity back then
It was so out of line
I hurt you and myself as well
I'm very sorry about it
Let's not talk about the past
What has my brother...
I mean you two...
It's over between us
My brother's still a playboy
I'm going to have a word with him later
There's no need
It's all over
I was in pain and guilt the past year
What if you got into trouble in the jungle
I'll never forgive myself
I prayed for you everyday
Hoping that you'll return safely
And here you are
Will you forgive me?
Let's not dwell on it anymore
Come on, cheer up
Let's start over anew
I'll make it up to you
Ah Wei
I'll explain later
Mister, I want to go to
the Hong Kong Stadium
Could you give me a lift?
Than ks
You're very proud
Not listening to us and all that
The customers weren't happy
You got us into trouble, you deserve this
Stop it
Ah Wang
Stop it, please
Move over
Ah Wang
Ah Wang, let's go back to the jungle
Ah Wei, don't cry... Come on
Come with me
Ah Wang
Have a drink
The giant gorilla has run loose
Hurry and send some men
Ah Wang...
Ah Wang
Stand still
Follow me inside, move
What's the matter?
It's terrible, a giant gorilla's outside
My Wife's a gorilla
What? Who's a gorilla?
Ah Wang
Ah Wang, stop it!
Don't do it
I know about the giant gorilla
I'll try to lure him to
Wanchai's construction sites
It's less populated there
You quickly arrive at the scene
I'll be right there
Attention all units, we have to...
lure the gorilla to Wanchai's
construction sites
Send out the armored vehicles unit
And wait for my orders
Set up checkpoints at
all major intersections
Try to stop him
Fire at the gorilla
Get everyone on the case
I've got a way to control him
What's that?
There's a girl called Ah Wei
She was raised by the gorilla
If we can find her...
We can control the gorilla
Where's this Ah Wei now?
She has escaped
She's from the jungle
And she's clad in animal skin outfit
She'll be quite easy to spot
Animal skin outfit, huh!
Fine, Mr. Chen
Please cooperate with us
We'll find this girl together
Attention all units
We're in search of a
girl wearing animal skin
Her name is Ah Wei
That's her!
Take it down
They can't control the giant gorilla
We'll have to send in the helicopters
Concentrate all units,
I need everyone's help here
Blow up the gorilla
Watch it and make sure...
you don't hurt the citizens and bystanders
All in positions
Open fire
We must get him
Attention everyone
He's climbing up Connaught Centre
He won't be stopped by bullets
Fill up the water tanks
with gasoline on the roof
and then set up time bombs
Blow up the gorilla
The building will be destroyed also
I don't care, it's the only alternative
Fill up the tanks
Yes, Sir
Ah Wei
Ah Wang
What now?
Please don't shoot
Don't open fire
The gorilla is out of control
If we don't kill him...
He'll destroy Hong Kong
This is Ah Wei
She was raised by the gorilla
She can calm him down
Please, I beg of you, don't hurt him
And one condition
You must promise her you won't kill him
I promise
Are you sure?
I'll keep my word
Stop the fire
Stop shooting now
Ah Wang
Ah Wang, hold down your hand
Ah Wang
Let's go back to the jungle
Ah Wang
Attention all units,
the gorilla's calmed down
Let's seize this opportunity
We must kill him
We have to
Yes, sir
Stop it
Well done
We must kill him
Demolition team is standing by
They are ready for action
Set up the bombs
And wait for my orders
Yes Sir
You're planting the bombs
Your commander promised me...
You won't hurt the
gorilla once it's in control
We're just doing our job
You'll have to speak to the commander
Don't move
It's no use to unload it
All the water tanks
are filled with gasoline...
and time bombs are everywhere
Soon there'll be an explosion...
And the gorilla will die
Hurry, run away
Shoot him, kill it
Ah Wei
Ah Wei
C'mon leave, this place is about to blow up
Ah Wang
Ah Wang
Come on, get away
Ah Wang
Ah Wei
Ah Wang...
Ah Wei, go
Get down, quick
Ah Wei
Ah Wei!