The Mildew from Planet Xonader (2015) Movie Script

Here at Bentan Labs,
after more than 2 years of non-stop
research into chemical,
biological and mind power sciences,
We have finally
discovered the ultimate
weapon with which to
protect our way of life.
Stacky Morte...
the future of ecological warfare.
The weapon that will
give America the power to
deliver even greater
freedom to the wider world.
All of this wouldn't be
possible without the help of our
sponsors, and of course our
founding father: Edison Carter.
Remember to avoid Lab 3, Lab 2,
and the meeting room until further notice.
The project manager,
Dr. Matthew Kane, and his personal
team are presenting Stacky
Morte to our sponsors.
Please stay in your
personal lab and continue
with your work until
this meeting is complete.
Bentan Labs wish you
another great day.
So, how long you've
been at it today?
About 90 minutes.
Tell me, Roger. What exactly do
you know about bio-electric fields?
Just the basics really. All living
cells emit a magnetic energy that...
The strength of the
field has shown to be
greater in people of
higher intellect like me.
Developing the power
to manipulate the field
is the next step in
the evolution of man
Don't you think?
If you say so.
Seems pretty unlikely to me.
But you have raised the eyebrows
of some very important people.
Edison Carter?
I just connected the surveillance
cams to the satellite uplink.
He isn't too impressed with your
mind over matter experiment.
So he can see everything
going on here?
Pretty much, yeah.
How positively Orwellian.
Dave Hardy, please report to the Media
Room. Dave Hardy, to the Media Room.
Fucking asshole.
The scientific name for this strain
of mold, is Stachybotris Morte.
We call it Stacky Mort for short...
I mean...
It's the end result of 2 years of
funding and a very powerful weapon.
One, which will usher in a
new era of ecological warfare.
Chaos gentleman, where order is
needed to keep our enemies strong.
We unleash chaos.
Unstoppable destruction.
What is the delivery system?
Well... let me bring in the
man responsible for the system.
This is David Hardy. One of the
most important members of our team.
David, would you explain to our guests
the concept of the delivery system.
The Stacky Mort is
suspended in a serous gel,
and placed in a
cylinder like this one.
Get the cylinder with the
eco-system you want to eliminate...
remove the lid and over the course
of few days the gel evaporates and...
And what is the
effect on humans?
We haven't done any tests yet.
That's not really our forte.
Congressman Blankenship.
President Blankenship.
I pee like a racehorse.
Because I'm hung
like a racehorse.
God fucking bless you Ronnie.
What do you think,
sergeant Brisco is so intent on
I'm sure I've have no idea.
Do you mind?
Anybody else want some coffee?
Get me out of here!
At ease Sargent.
I'm afraid I haven't
introduced you properly.
Colonel, this is Dr. Roger
Bolton, research specialist.
Nice work doctor. It seems to be
everything we've been hoping for.
Glad you approve, Colonel...?
Need to know.
Colonel need to know.
Great. Well,
you can call me Dr. Know it All.
Are you insulting the
Colonel, civilian?
You say civilian
like it's a disease.
Come on,
you have to forgive Roger.
He's full of juice but
he's also full of genius.
That's not all he's full of.
At ease, Sargent Brisco.
Come on folks,
we're all friends here ya know.
Hello... sergeant.
Congressman Blankenship.
We've already met sir.
I know that... I know that
Just trying to lighten
things up here.
Rhodes see if you can scarf
up a soda or something.
That stuff will kill ya.
So they got you working
concessions huh?
What happened here?
Ow! Who does that?
Oh come on Jules,
that didn't hurt.
Can you make yourself useful
and help me with this?
I would be delighted.
What are you doing?
You don't put feta cheese on
crackers, that's for the salad.
And you're supposed to
tilt the glass when you
pour champagne.
Keeps it from going flat.
Says the drunk.
You know if I drank half as much
cheese as you ate ...nevermind.
No could you repeat that?
You heard what I said.
No I didn't.
So you're talking to me?
I wasn't planning on it.
I wasn't even supposed to be here
but Carter personally
requested I make an appearance
You deserve to be here.
Your theories on genetic
manipulation made
all of this possible.
Dr. Peterson's work was based on your
work, everybody knows that.
Where the hell is Dr. Peterson?
I don't know.
Here you go guys,
another friend for your sicko group
Look I don't know what Carter's plans are,
but all this is starting to freak me out.
Interesting stuff that mold.
A little creepy though.
Well a lot of money went
into that creepy stuff.
We could've used it in 'Nam.
The damn jungles were so thick you
couldn't see 3 feet ahead of you.
That mold could've made all the
difference in the way things turned out.
I've seen my boys mutilated
Missing limbs
Scalded by napalm crying
for their mommies...
I apologize.
I should have asked first.
Any problem with
me smoking in here?
Other than your health?
Listen son, if I can survive knife
fight with a Cambodian Mountain Jaguar.
Then this little cigar
ain't got a chance.
It's a Cuban.
Anyway, I'm not happy to be here I want
nothing to do with military programs.
I was here one week
as an adviser to you.
Best advice I ever got.
Stop it I'm not talking to you.
Fine talk to the cheese
since you love it so much.
Jules? What the hell are you doing here?
I thought...
Hey Hardy, can you hear me?
What just happened?
I don't know.
He's gonna be fine.
What's going on?
Too much coffee.
He's fine, just took a spill.
Go on back and keep
schmoozing the goon squad.
Go easy Roger.
You'd do well to listen to Ms.
Young. This has to go smoothly.
Keep in mind these people
are in charge of funding our
entire project.
Which includes your salary, by the way.
Help celebrate
Well it's a little early
to be celebrating Matthew.
The compound needs fine-tuning
and the control agent?
Well, we've had mixed results.
Well that's true. But Stack Mort
has exceeded all expectations.
And that's what
these bigwigs want.
So who are these
so called VIP's?
The gentleman in the dark suit
is Congressman Stu Blankenship.
He's head of the House
Appropriations Committee.
And the skinny guy next to him
is Mr. Rhodes, his assistant
That's the Colonel. And the young man next
to him is his assistant, Sargent Brisco.
Matthew you might want
to wring that out.
Why do I have to sweat so much?
What are you so
worried about Dave for?
I don't know.
He's always been so nice to me.
He even asked me out once
Wait, what did you say?
That is none of your business.
Alright gentleman,
if you please follow me...
Come on Roger
To be continued.
Are you with us Mr. Carter
Oh yes,
wouldn't miss this for the world
I propose a toast
What about Dave?
Dave's fine.
He had enough to drink
Something wrong
with the psychic?
He slipped.
Hit his head on the floor.
Trust me,
life's better when he's silent.
Matthew, speech
I guess its no secret
that we've been busting
our proverbial butts
working on this.
And even though there's more
research in the picture.
I think we're at a point where we can say
that Stacky Mort is a resounding success
and an important addition
to our arsenal of freedom.
To freedom.
To Regan
Not much finesse
for a politician.
Probably STD's from banging
Congressional Aides.
By the way, what was Dave talking
about when he hit the floor?
He's probably surprised
to see me here. I told
him I want to cut ties
with this project.
Fear of commitment?
I'm just not comfortable having my
work hijacked for weapons research.
So what else needs to
happen with this Mold?
We're working on an
effective control agent.
Still in the experimental phase.
Are you all right Congressman?
Ya know,
it's the damnedest thing.
It feels like a swarm of fire-ants
have been dropped into my underwear.
Fire ants?
You got a sink in here?
There's one right back
there Congressman.
When these spores land on a moist surface.
They begin to grow.
No moisture? No danger.
Mold spores need 3
things to grow into mold.
Nutrients, moisture
And time
Oh shit.
Is there something
matter, Congressman.
It feels like I'm getting bitten
by a million fire-ants all at once.
Is that the Mold?
Well from the appearance... and with
the dispersal rates in this climate...
Cut the shit doctor,
is this the mold or not?
I think so.
You think? Shouldn't you know?
Ts Stacky Mort.
Look how its spreading.
How do I get this shit off me?
You mean, you don't have
anything here to get this off me?
Well, its in the experimental phase... its
an anti-fungal compound and...
The control agent
hasn't been tested yet.
Shouldn't you at least try?
COLONEL: Look how
fast its spreading
Matthew check the
surveillance cams in the lab
see if the contamination
has spread there.
Congressman, just stay put.
God damn you Ronnie.
Congressman Blankenship
It looks clean.
Crimson filter.
There's no contamination
in the lab Roger.
Well, this is it guys.
Phase 2.
Now whose gonna take
one for the team?
Eenie Meenie Mousey...
Please help me... please.
Roger, where is the...
Stay back! Get the scanner
Somehow the mold got into the
entire fucking building, scan me.
What are we gonna
do he can't breath..
...and Joseph
Terribly sorry.
How long have I been out?
About 40 minutes.
Oh fuck.
Stacky Mort in action Colonel.
How do you like your new weapon.
I'm impressed.
Excuse me doctors,
with all due respect to the Congressman
But shouldn't we be
hightailing it out of here?
We can't just leave,
we have a responsibility to contain it.
Now the hall is regulated
by the dehumidifier, right?
Just stick your sweaty head
out there and find out.
How in the hell did it get in!
Well I can still get to the control
agent if I put on the isolation suit.
What for? The Congressman
is already dead I say we
get out of here before this
shit spreads everywhere.
Secure that Sargent.
Will the dehumidifier contain the mold?
The dehumidifier should keep the mold
from becoming an airborne threat.
With no water vapor to attach
to, the spores
should only last a
second or two in the air.
But if even a single spore latches
on to you all bets are off... the Congressman found out.
How can you be so
glib about this?
We have bigger
issues than that now.
Rhodes don't touch him.
For god's sake nobody
touch the Congressman.
And another thing.
We can't leave here
until we're sure that the
spores are contained
and nobody is a carrier.
So what do we do
with him for now?
Get him away from us
and contain the spores.
Good evening sir,
I'm a representative of Hankei Corporation
I'm here to brief
you on your mission.
Right now we just proceeded, as
established, to pay you half of the money.
As soon as you have completed the
mission, we will pay the second part.
Now, to remind you
what your mission is...
You must infiltrate our competitor's
facility: the American company Bentan Labs.
You must obtain a
sample of the mildew
You must extract a
living, infected subject.
You must destroy the facility.
We have provided you
with a special acid.
Remember that this acid is
the only way to completely
destroy the mildew and any
infected threats you may face.
We also provided you
with a Digital Supporter,
which will help you
during the mission.
From now, we will cease all communications.
Good luck, sir.
help me with this table.
We are gonna use this table...
Oh I'm sorry Mattew.
Why did you do that!
I'm sorry buddy
We are gonna use this
table, to move the body...
We gotta fix this leg...
Shouldn't we put
him in the hallway?
Yeah but we need him to
test the control agent.
As long as nobody touches
him we should be fine.
How do we contain this?
On this scale?
The control agent is our best bet.
I never put a lot of confidence in maybes.
I prefer sure things.
We need to initiate toxic
emergency protocols.
I know what that is.
Get the top scientists on the outside
to assess the situation and
let them work on containment.
We need to get to
the control agent.
What I suggest is that we take the
initiative to contain this right here
and now and not wait for some jokers
on the outside to tell us what to do.
I agree. If we wait for help from the
outside it can get beyond our control.
I'm not sure you appreciate...
What's that smell?
Sargent Brisco,
what the hell are you doing?
Should have used non-stick
It was all over my hand.
You need to stop acting
like a vagina Mr. Rhodes.
Use your mind to
overcome adversity.
Look at the big brain on Dave.
You're one to talk, bright boy.
What's that supposed to
mean, Roger?
You never put that mind of
yours to anything useful.
Don't bet on that Roger.
Will you two knock it off.
Brisco we need to cover that up.
Wait wait wait.
Looks like it worked
Not necessarily,
Stacky Mort is a living
when its attacked it might retreat.
It may reverse its direction of growth.
into your bloodstream,
in which case...
I'm fucked.
We don't know,
this is unprecedented.
So I might have done
this for nothing?
You should have told us. You put us
all at risk by keeping it to yourself.
Don't do anything
that stupid again.
I think it would be wise to segregate
the Sargent from the rest of us.
You just said I'm not
putting off any spores.
Not yet. And you may never
but we can't have you
walking around if the mold
is in your bloodstream.
Eventually it will
manifest on the outside and
we wouldn't know it
til it was too late...
Its solitary for
you Sargent Brisco.
Alright. So where can Sargent
Brisco cool his heels for now?
In the lab I suppose. That way we can get
to the control agent while we're there.
I'll take him.
Alright Sargent.
I don't want you to think
we're abandoning you.
You know I'd never
leave a man behind.
But the civilians?
Well, its their job to be
smart about things like this.
Yes sir
If you can't trust them
Trust me.
You know I'll get you the help
you need as soon as possible.
Yes sir.
If we are gonna do this,
let's do it properly
Hello, I'm a Digital
Supporter, with superior
artificial intelligence,
upgraded to version1.05
I'll answer your direct
questions, and analyze
the environment to
give you suggestions.
Before we start,
please type the name of the mission.
Thank you,
the mission name is Toxic...
Now please type your own name,
so I can address you properly.
Thank you, your name is Toxic.
Hello, Mr. Toxic.
Let's start.
What a great fucking start.
Lab's at the end of the
hall, follow me.
How's the hand?
Nothing I cannot handle, sir.
Dave, can you hear me?
Yes Matthew I can hear you.
Sargent Brisco, please take a seat in
front of the camera so we can monitor you.
Dave get the control
agent and get back here.
Go ahead Sargent make
yourself at home.
You know the
combination don't you?
Yes, Roger I know the code,
I might as well have a hockey glove...
I'm fighting nausea and a migraine,
so if you could just give me a minute
What the hell?
Is the Sargent epileptic?
Dave, you need to turn around.
Sargent Brisco?
Matthew, crimson filter.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
It's migrated to his brain.
Dave, get the hell out of there.
What is going on?
Sargent Brisco, stand down!
May I give you a
suggestion, Toxic?
Don't call me that name, shit!
There will be a lot of
mess to clean later in the
corridor and in the labs,
so for the moment just relax.
This place is melting down.
The mildew seems to
be stronger here.
What the hell is this?
That canister fell from the sky.
What are you talking about?
This mildew is a weapon,
but it's not human-made.
That canister fell from the sky. It
seems like an alien product... a weapon.
Someone was probably carrying it to
another planet and he lost the cargo.
The company found it, but they weren't
able to figure out how it works.
They used these scientists
to test and study it,
telling them it was created
by some previous team.
The company only partially
understood its capabilities
So today they're going
to test it on humans...
On the scientists... Toxic
So is this acid your boss
provided me with more alien shit?
I'm not authorized to reveal information
related to the Hankei Corporation.
It's pretty fucking
obvious this is alien made.
Hankei found this acid toy,
and now they want the Mildew toy.
Unfortunately these
bastards found it first.
You don't need to confirm
that, Toaster.
'Im not a toaster,
I'm a Digital Supporter... with
superior artificial intelligence,
upgraded to version 1.05.
Superior my ass.
We still have a problem. Sargent Brisco
is in the lab and so is the control agent.
At least he's contained.
Until he finds out there
is no lock on the door.
Dave should be
here any second...
Matthew can you bring up
the camera in the hallway?
There's no camera
in the hallway.
Ok then, what's keeping Dave.
My, my, Mr. Hardy
Very exciting.
Yeah, a real thrill ride.
You've accomplished your
assignment quite well.
Don't you think its time I
hightailed it out of here.
There's a bit of a
problem with that.
To allow you to depart at this moment
would spoil the entire experiment.
As a scientist,
I'm sure you can appreciate that.
Fuck you!
Now David,
there's no reason for profanity.
You had your chance and you let
it, slip.
Stacky Mort is loose and
you're here for the duration.
You're on your own now, David.
Fuck you!
I'm now hacking the security camera.
I don't know why we're
doing this but I'm programmed
to follow your orders.
so shut the fuck up and work.
We can't leave those
poor bastards dying here.
They don't have any
chance without the acid.
I want to give them
at least one chance.
Error. You are not respecting the mission.
They are expendables
and we can't waste time
with this secondary mission.
Error... error...
My system has been temporarily
temporarily fucking damaged...
The system needs to reboot.
During the reboot I may produce errors.
I may produce fucking errors...
There's no time
for a presentation.
I've hacked the security
cameras, but communications
will be interrupted in few
minutes, so listen up.
What are you talking about?
Everything that Carter
told you is bullshit.
You're just guinea pigs to
him, and that
mildew was not created
by a human scientist.
The mildew is an alien weapon.
It dropped from the sky and they found
it, and used you for the testing.
Your control agent
won't work with it.
Only the alien control agent
is capable of destroying it
And it's here,
locked with me in room 23.
But if you can reach me
I might find a way to
at least pass you the
last bottle of this shit.
One last thing... don't trust
that fucking Dave Hardy. He's...
Mr. Hardy is otherwise engaged.
He abandoned you to
save his own skin.
He probably figured you wouldn't
be happy to see him after
he deliberately sabotaged
your little demonstration.
And caused the death of
that obnoxious Congressman.
Why do I get the
feeling we've been had?
That's because men like you don't
get to be Colonel by being stupid.
And don't even think
about trying to escape.
The building is surrounded
by snipers ordered
to shoot anyone
attempting to leave.
Why are you telling
us anything at all?
Does it get you
off you sick fuck?
Oh, don't be crude Roger.
I just don't want you to do
anything foolish like getting
yourself shot and ruining a
very important experiment.
As a scientist,
I'm sure you understand.
This isn't science, its murder!
You son of a bitch.
You set us up,
you called me here personally.
And for now I'm
going to sign off...
...and watch the events unfold
Do you see me Mr Carter?
Do you see me Mr Piece of Shit?
Do you see me Mr
Piece of Alien Shit?
I'm a soldier of fortune.
Your Japanese competitors
paid me to destroy you and your
company, Mr. Carter.
It's nothing personal...
But your men tried to kill
me several times today, so...
Perhaps there is
such a thing as Karma
...80 when it comes to destroying
you, I'll shove a
huge dose of Karma up your
ass with personal pleasure.
On that note...
What are we gonna do about Dave?
Do about him?
Do about him... lets see.
He betrayed us all
He's dead 10 me.
And if he comes knocking on that door
I'll make sure he's dead to the world.
Don't be stupid. He might have information
that can help us get out of here.
She's right. We need to
capture and interrogate him.
Then we can kill him.
You should take
the Colonel's gun.
You know, just in case...
if you need it?
Don't make me regret
this doctor Kane
What are you doing?
You gonna get yourself killed
I'm doing something
to save myself...
...which is more than
I can say for you
What do you expect me to do?
There's a Colonel
and scientists.
I'll only get in the way
Grow some fucking balls Rhodes.
We're in survival mode here.
I'm weak. I've always been weak.
Even when I was a kid, my Mom...
Wait where are you going?
I'm going with you.
I don't think so.
Oh no?
What possible good will that do?
You're gonna need somebody
to watch your back
this is no time to be stubborn.
Maybe I'm just sick of waiting
around for something to happen to me.
Maybe I wanna take my
life into my own hands
instead of leaving
it to other people.
Now, are you gonna suit up?
Fucking alien shit!
You wanna roll?
Let's fucking roll!
Carter Improved us
The mildew make us stronger
I hate these suits.
God damned stuffy.
Beats the alternative.
So you know what I think but
what do you make of all this?
Using the mold against people.
I was all for it until today
but now I have to say...
I've gained a new perspective.
What the fuck... Toxic..t... tt...
As you requested, as you requested,
as you requested, you piece of shit.
Oh I'm sorry sir.
you're gonna pay for this
Colonel, what should we do?
I'm thinking!
I'm thinking, that weasel Carter
is inside this facility with us.
How can you know that?
I know how these
government people operate.
You think he's sitting at home on his
living room couch watching this on TV?
No. He's here.
I know it.
Do you have blueprints
of this building?
Go get them.
This is where we are.
Here. This is it.
The utility room.
Far away from us as you can get.
Yet larger enough
to house a few men.
You may be on to something.
Colonel, I don't want to
beat a dead whore but...
The expression, doctor,
is I don't want to beat a dead horse.
Sorry but you really
shouldn't smoke those.
Are you kidding me?
This little thing will
take a lifetime to kill me.
I'm just trying to
survive the day.
Well, and if you set
off the smoke alarm.
We're in big trouble.
And why is that?
Because of the sprinkler system.
If you wanted to create a perfect
environment for the mold to spread.
That would be it.
Fair enough.
Sounds like rain.
Shit we gotta get
these suits off quick!
Oh my god,
the sprinkler system but how?
Don't look at me you saw
me put that cigar out.
No sprinklers in here are there?
Supposed to be.
Shut it down.
For god's sake doctor shut it down.
Son of a bitch.
Shit shit shit.
What the fuck are we gonna do?
You can act like a man!
Get away from there.
Open up!
Let us in for God sake
You can't open that door.
Why not?
Because if one single spore was in that
hallway when the sprinkler went off...
Its gonna be covered
in mold within seconds.
Matthew open the goddamn door.
Open the door Rhodes.
You asshole colonel.
Nobody touch us
What happened to your suits?
Somebody get me a knife, now!
What are you gonna
do with a knife?
What the hell are you doing?
Colonel, your lighter.
Burn it Matthew
Somebody put that out before it
sets off the sprinklers again.
Is it safe?
Matthew scan me.
Julia. Scan Julia.
I think she's OK.
The mold can't get airborne as
long as the dehumidifier is on
Just don't touch me and
you're not in any danger.
Who goes there?
Please. Open the door.
My god it's Dave.
The hallway is probably
completely covered in mold
...and Dave as well.
We can't let him in
We have to.
He'll die out there.
If we bring him in, he"ll die in here.
What's the difference.
He might know something that can help us.
I say we give it a shot.
He can't be trusted.
Trust me. When it comes to
interrogation, I can be very persuasive.
Yeah, I'll bet.
If 1 think he's lying
to me... I'll hill him
If he tries anything
funny... I'll kill him.
We get the idea Colonel.
Let him in.
OK. Dave.
I'm gonna open this door.
When I do.
I want you to walk
in very slowly.
You try anything.
I'll blow your head off.
You hear?!
Open the door.
Get up you son of a bitch!
Stand up now!
Colonel, back off
Jesus Mary and Joseph.
The mold is
spreading everywhere.
What happened to him?
Dave what happened?
I think he severed my spinal cord.
I can't feel anything.
Can you feel this?
Did he just fucking shoot me?
See? Now we know he's
telling the truth.
Did the motherfucker shot me!
Goddammit Hardy,
you're a pain in the ass.
Matthew can you bring
me a broom and tape.
I can't breathe.
Oh fuck you Hardy.
What's the matter?
Why don't you use your intellect to
manipulate your bio-electric field.
He's infected.
And so am I. Which makes me the
only one who can deal with him.
Physically anyway.
Are you sure you're up to it?
I guess there's not much
of a choice is there?
Roger you can't
Wait, Roger. Use this.
You guys aren't seriously
considering doing this are you?
I'll do the talking.
What are you gonna do?
That all depends on you.
I'm gonna ask you
a few questions.
And if you don't answer
them truthfully, Roger
here is gonna do
something terrible to you.
We know you sabotaged
the experiments.
Carter was lying.
Wait, wait. I did it.
We know you did it.
It wasn't a question.
What we want to know.
Was how the hell were you going to escape?
What escape? I was gonna get in my care and
leave as soon as the mold started to spread
What about the snipers?
Were they supposed to know it was you?
And not shoot?
What snipers?
I don't know what you're talking about!
Wait! I don't know anything
about any snipers!!
I guess you and I have more
in common than I thought.
What if there
aren't any snipers?
That's not likely. You moron.
You were on a suicide mission
and didn't even know it.
I did it for Julia
I thought once I got Roger out of the
way, I'd have a shot.
She wasn't supposed to be here!
I'm gonna Kill you!
I'm gonna fucking Kill you!
It doesn't matter we're
all gonna die anyway!
I'm not finished with him
Where is Carter.
He's in the utility room.
I knew it.
It doesn't matter.
You can't get to him.
Oh we can get to him.
Where there's a
will, there's a way.
We have to get Carter.
Working. Matthew.
Let's put him up on the table.
I want to treat the internal organs first.
If this doesn't work 100% then I can't be
sure we're not infected when we get out.
He hardly weighs anything.
The tissue in the torso is all
deteriorated but the heart, well.
It appears to be intact.
It's discolored but still moist.
The tissue is still tender.
I guess it's time for
the live demonstrations.
Matthew get me
the control agent.
If we're gonna get out of there then we
have to be sure we are free of infection.
Let's make me guinea pig number one.
First hands then face.
Are you sure?
Come on!
It appears to be working
but are you sure?
You're face is...
Just give me a second...
You ok Rhodes?
Yeah, I'm fine I
just need some water.
Need a hand?
No I'm fine.
Let's do it. It's now or never.
You want something to
dull the pain in advance?
Jules, you shouldn't watch
this its not gonna be pretty.
Should I count
down or something?
Oh for god's sake
just do it Matthew.
Holy smokes!
Help this man, you're a doctor!
You're a fucking
officer you help him!
If you broke my glasses
I'm gonna fuck you up!
I got it in my eyes
This place is getting
slimed all to hell!
Someone have to put this
mad dog out of his misery
I got it in my mouth.
I swallowed some.
I got it in my mouth.
I think I swallowed some.
Julia where are you?
Don't touch me I'm infected.
Did you see that?
That just happened.
Its OK we're gonna be fine.
It's on the side
You're clear Roger.
I don't understand.
What is it?
She almost has no spore at all,
they don't seem to be attaching to her.
That doesn't make sense she
should be swimming in spores.
I think you should remove... Well I
think you should remove your clothes.
Are you fucking
out of your mind?
The infestation appears to be light but..
Just to be on the safe side.
Why don't you take
off your face then.
Julia he's right.
Matthew, you should do the same.
Jesus Mary and Joseph,
the spores are migrating to her belly.
But why!
Did someone leave
the faucet running?
This motherfucker
is getting moldy
Should I kill him?
Its in the plumbing.
We have to spray
the whole place down
No way Colonel, all the control
agent that we had is in that bottle
For god's sake, take cover!
Get down!
Did what I think just
happened, happen?
Dr. Kane had a lot of guts.
Oh god it stinks.
It is safe to say that the
situation has gotten out of hand.
The way I see it, our only chance is to
evacuate this building, snipers or not.
OK Colonel, whatever you say.
How do you suggest we do this?
We have to get Carter.
He can be our take out of here.
How are we supposed to get Carter? Roger
is blind, and we have one gun between us.
I didn't say it
was gonna be easy.
But we've run out of options. We have
to force our way into the utility room
Sir. I'm under heavy gunfire.
Looks like somebody turned
the tables on that plan
Brisco! That's it!
He's our wildcard.
Wildcard are you crazy?
He's not even playing with a full deck.
As far gone as he is,
he'll still listen to me.
Stand down soldier!
I have sustained heavy
casualties, sir!
I have your orders.
Escobar, is barricaded in the utility room.
At the end of the south hall.
I can't hear you over the gunfire.
Sir speak up
what is he talking about?
Stand back from the door!
I'm coming int!
When I open this door.
I want you, to stand back
You're gonna open the door
to an axe wielding maniac?
He's our axe wielding maniac!
Jesus Mary and Joseph.
For god's sake. At ease Sargent.
My god,
how is he still standing?
What are my orders, sir?
OK Sargent.
I have one final mission for you.
You have to infiltrate
the utility room
Once inside,
you will face heavy resistance.
Your orders are to
capture Escobar.
I will cover you
from the inside.
This is fucked.
We don't stand a chance.
You are an excellent soldier.
And I know you
will make me proud.
Yes, sir.
Let's roll.
Jesus I can feel that
stuff under my feet. Creepy
My hands are getting fuzzy
You two flank that door!
Move it!
Sgt. Brisco, break it down!
Stay behind me Mr. Carter,
I'll protect you.
We should go in there
Jules we gotta help.
You're blind and I'm
unarmed in my underwear.
Would you rather be
dead in your underwear?
Get me my cigar...
Do you really think by killing me
you're gonna get out of here alive?
And if I let you
live we"ll survive?
It can be arranged.
He's lying. Shoot him.
No. I have a better idea.
Open it.
CARTER: You're gonna die out there.
JULIA: Shut up!!
Those snipers can take out a
bird's eye from a thousand yards
I don't believe there
are any snipers.
Believe what you want.
It's your funeral.
You never put that mind of
yours to anything useful.
You're a fraud
You never put that mind of
yours to anything useful
You should have listened to me.
Did you really think you were
gonna get out of here alive?
Did you really think
you were just gonna get
in your car and drive
off into the sunset.
Though I must say,
you're gonna make a beautiful corpse
It's Karma time, Carter!
I'm sorry, lady,
I need an infected human subject
And unfortunately you're the
last human standing here.
System rebooted.
I'm checking the mission status.
Mildew sample acquired.
Infected human subject acquired.
Competitor company destroyed.
Mission accomplished, Toxic.
May I add a personal note?
This mission has been
entertaining, Toxic.
I told you...
don't fucking call me that name.