The Million Eyes of Su-Muru (1967) Movie Script

This is the funeral of the richest
man in the world.
These are his 17 sons.
Soon they will share his fate,
together with all the other men
who oppose my will.
The eyes of this girl
are watching them,
as maybe some other woman's eyes
are watching you.
I have a million eyes, for I am Sumuru.
You did very well, Louise.
But now
something more important.
You girls were on duty
when I conveyed our lady's word
to you sisters earlier today.
We received a report
from Rome
that gives us some cause for alarm.
It affects every one of us.
My lady.
The funeral?
A complete success.
And the next of kin?
There are none.
May they rest in peace.
Carry on.
The report is sufficient
for our lady to go to Italy
personally to take charge.
It appears we are in danger.
A girl, one of us,
has chosen to betray us.
She has done
that one unforgivable thing.
She has fallen in love.
In the war against mankind
to achieve our aim,
a world of peace and beauty,
ruled by women,
we have but one weakness,
which must be rooted out and destroyed.
Let justice be done.
My judgment is death.
what I want to know is when
are we going to get a chance
to take up the real thing?
That's what I mean.
I think he's stalling us.
Speaking of the real thing.
Excuse me, Nick.
Ho, ho, ho, Mr. West, I believe.
- Sir Anthony.
- Ha ha.
I hoped I'd see you.
I'm told you're having a holiday,
a vacation?
Yes, the CIA does give us
an hour or two off now and again.
Central Intelligence Agency,
Of course, how stupid of me.
Very interesting.
Now, listen to me, West.
A man I know
is in a bit of difficulty.
He's not a bad chap.
He's the Sinonesian chief of security.
And his secretary's
had a bit of bad luck.
- Oh?
- Yes, it appears she's been murdered.
Ooh, that sounds like
a run of bad luck.
Well, yes, it does.
I quite agree with you.
Well, the bonus is
anything that happens
in Sinonesia at this moment
is of some concern to HMG.
- HMG?
- Her Majesty's Government.
- Oh, yes.
- Yes, oil, you see.
They found, or think they found
a big new strike.
And this fellow, I'm telling you about,
M-E-D-l-K-E, he spells it,
he might easily grant us something
pretty important, you know,
what those musical comedy
government's are
in that part of the world.
Anyhow, we'd like
to keep him happy.
Eh, yes, but would I?
Oh, come, come, what's good for us
is good for the West, West.
I beg your pardon.
Besides, American Intelligence
owes us a favor.
Uh, oh, so American Intelligence
owes you a favor.
Yes, and I'm afraid
it's you, my boy.
Sir Anthony...
M r. West.
- Sir Anthony.
- West.
Nice of you to be here.
This is Colonel Medike.
- Colonel Medike.
- Mr. West.
- How do you do, Mr. West?
- Please.
- Thank you.
- What may I offer you gentlemen
- to drink?
- I won't have one
if you don't think me rude.
- I've got an appointment.
- Oh, that's all right. Senta.
I think I will take a cognac.
Ah, good, a cognac,
nothing here, and a vodka.
Colonel and I don't want to be seen
for obvious reasons
so we picked a nice quiet place.
- Pardon?
- We picked a nice, quiet place.
Ah, yes, good.
Mr. West, no doubt
you have read about the murder
of my secretary.
As security chief,
I must accompany
my president on his world tour,
and she had agreed to come with us.
Well, the Italian police
are very efficient, colonel.
Don't you think
that they can handle this?
Yeah, but you two seem to be
getting on very well together,
so I think I'll leave you
if you don't think...
If you'll excuse me.
I want to slip a few things
in tonight's DB.
Slip them into what?
- Diplomatic bag.
- Ah.
Look after the colonel won't you,
and sign the check.
Bye-bye, colonel.
I thought he'd never leave.
Um, now, do please go on.
Thank you.
Well, I am with President Boong's
goodwill tour,
and we are leaving Rome tomorrow.
What I would like is to have someone
to get to the bottom
of the murder in my absence.
I have a feeling
that this is part of a plot
to kill President Boong.
Well, I'll be happy
to do whatever I can.
Hi, Nick.
How's the action?
- Looks great.
- Huh?
Oh, yeah, well, that's because
I live a nice, clean life
- and think clean thoughts.
- Of course you do.
Why don't you try
to follow my example
and you, too, can be a winner.
- See you later?
- No, I don't think so.
I'm going to try
and get to bed early tonight.
Me, too.
Uh, who is that?
His name's Tommy Carter.
And what does he do?
Ride, shoot, do judo, ping pong, karate,
just like everybody else.
- Why?
- For a living?
Oh, no, no, no.
His father left him $18 million.
He doesn't need a living.
Tell me a little bit more about
the death of your secretary.
What I can tell you
is surprisingly little.
But I have made out
a dossier of everything
I think will be a help to you.
Ah, good.
Shall we go?
I hope that cockroach
doesn't get in it.
Can I give you a lift, colonel?
I'm parked right in there.
No, thanks, Mr. West.
I think I'd rather take a walk.
I'll see you in the morning.
Very well,
good night and thank you.
- Yeah.
- Good-bye.
It would be best
not to perform the operation.
I understand.
Very well,
I shall deliver my report
to the villa Padovani
Yes, good-bye.
Who are you?
How did you get in here?
My name is Nick West,
and I broke in.
I didn't want to,
but, uh, nobody came
to answer the bell at the gate.
I must get it fixed.
But what made it so imperative
that you should get in?
You'd never guess,
but I'm looking for a friend of mine.
This is a private hospital.
Yeah, I have a feeling
that he's a, uh, new guest here.
I'm sorry,
but I must ask you to leave.
I have an emergency.
Perhaps if you leave me his name
or your telephone number,
I could let you know
if he's a new patient here.
You must excuse me.
Mr. West.
Hey, wait a minute.
Now, look, ladies,
my Blue Cross is all paid up.
There's nothing wrong with you,
Mr. West.
Don't worry.
She's the real thing.
I mean, she is a real nurse,
and this is a real hospital.
A token of my esteem.
- For me?
- For you.
Oh, you shouldn't have.
Where do you want me to put it?
Wherever there's room.
You ought to be
grateful to Mr. Carter.
He decided to follow you luckily.
He's right.
I lost you, so I drove around
for about 40 minutes.
Suddenly, I saw the ambulance
pulling out of the driveway.
So, I decided to pay my respects.
Oh, you found me.
Thank you.
- Pleasure.
- What about the colonel?
Oh, the colonel,
he's dead, I'm afraid.
He was obviously a marked man.
He hadn't got a chance.
They tailed him to the club,
waited for him
with the ambulance, you know.
Uh, I'm, uh,
well, I'm sorry to hear that.
I'm sorry he's dead.
But, uh, Sir Anthony,
I'd like to get on with my vacation.
My real interest,
which I assure you
is fully shared by your government,
was not so much in the late colonel
as in his employer.
- Well, President Boong.
- Quite so.
Have you ever thought
of working with him?
No, no, no, he's been thinking
of looking for a nice girl
and playing house.
Why should he work for Boong?
Well, it's only fair to assume
since the colonel's death
that a vacancy does exist.
Look, I'm not interested.
I am on vacation.
A pity.
Oh, wait, wait,
wait, wait a minute.
It seems to me I remember
that female doctor saying
something about a-a villa.
Mr. West, would you like
to do us just one more favor?
The last, and then you'll be free
to enjoy your holiday?
Eh, let me guess.
You want me to go
and check out the villa, right?
He's got it in one.
Remember, your government
are depending on you, both of you.
A signal's coming in on station 3.
The long end of the fence.
The bottom Wire's registering.
- Shall we take a look?
- I'll go myself.
You stay here.
Lead, lead.
The physical presence of a man.
I found it impossible to resist.
Well, be my guest.
We are met again, my children
on the most happy occasion,
the initiation, with your approval,
of a new sister.
Our numbers are growing as they will,
as they must.
Helga, come.
You see one eminently fit
to join our ranks.
She is young, beautiful,
healthy, and gifted.
She has my approval.
Does she have yours?
Yes, my lady.
Congratulations, my child.
Soon, our gathering
will come to an end,
and you will all return
to your posts all over the world.
Some of you will feel alone,
terribly alone.
But the others will have the benefit
of knowing there is a sister
close at hand,
and you will all be sustained
by the ideals that unite us.
Those of you here today
have been responsible
for the almost complete success
of phase one of our operations.
You have become the mistresses
and the wives, even,
of 11 of the most influential men
in the world.
They control millions,
and you control them.
I say almost complete success
because one man
has proved the exception.
He's not impervious to the charms
of women,
just the reverse, in fact.
But this man will be taken care of
in Hong Kong on the 25th-
My lady.
Anna, don't let him get away.
Hey, Motormouth.
Get up.
Come on.
- My lady.
- Who was the man?
It was the American
and another.
Give me the gun.
My lady, I'll do anything.
We will think of something,
my dear.
My lady. Oh, no.
Ah, that's funny.
Well, I think it was a great idea
that we stop and have a drink.
But, uh, I think I'm ready
for another one.
Well, you had two already.
- Three, but who's counting?
- You are.
You know, I think
Sir Anthony knows
- more than he's telling us.
- You're so right.
Wonder why he hates us?
Hates us?
Yeah, it's not very friendly
to send us out
where people can bite us
and shoot at us, is it?
Yeah, that's down right nasty.
Then make me one of those.
I'm going to give him a call right now.
Uh, she is, of course, dead.
Unless she's a damn good actress.
Good evening, gentlemen.
What on Earth
are you doing here?
What on Earth are you two doing
hopping from one balcony to another?
- You saw that, huh?
- Oh, yes.
I've had my eye on you
for quite a time.
Were your ears
burning a little while ago?
My ears are always burning.
It's in the family.
I'll bet.
Tell me, you weren't trying
to get out of that hotel
without paying your bill,
were you?
No, as a matter of fact,
Sir Anthony,
we found a girl in my bed.
- Pity.
- We don't like it one bit.
I mean,
can you think of any explanation
for her being in your bed?
Well, we think
that it's a frame-up.
I wouldn't be a bit surprised.
You gotta be kidding.
I hate to say this,
but I think Rome's
going to be a little bit dicey for you
just at the moment.
Rome, uh, most of Italy,
and the rest of Europe at this rate.
Curious you should say that.
I was thinking
of making you an offer.
How would you like a little holiday
in the Orient?
Sir Anthony,
what did you have in mind?
Well, this might interest you.
Two diplomatic passports,
two air tickets
to Hong Kong,
a complete new wardrobe
in two very elegant,
expensive suitcases already
on the plane.
What do you say?
- No.
- No.
Mario, drive to the airport,
would you, please?
- No.
- No.
I should go to the short way,
I think I'll be able to convince you
en route.
What do you mean me?
It was that phony Englishman, Baisbrook.
What is this?
Typhoon time in Hong Kong?
Where are those luggage tickets?
You got 'em.
I gave them to you on that plane.
I'll, uh, let you know later, Nick.
Welcome, Mr. West.
Shall we sit down?
Oh, yeah, let's.
Moments like this,
I think it's customary to say-
Thank you.
I'm glad you find it adequate.
Mr. West, would you mind
showing me your profile?
You brought me here
for a screen test.
Your profile, please.
They were right.
It's quite amazing.
You'll do very nicely.
Yeah, but-
What will I do very nicely?
First, I would remind you
that you are a wanted man.
That limits
your ability to negotiate.
The Italian police are convinced
that you killed a girl.
I'll buy that.
So, now tell me what you want.
I thought your organization was,
Exclusively female, quite.
But we do use many, many men,
but most of them
don't realize it.
At the moment, we need a man
for a specific task.
And if I refuse?
In far too many ways.
Okay, lady.
It's your ball game.
I thought you'd see it my way.
Follow me, please.
What we are about to see is unique.
Historical, in fact.
Am I allowed to know
what it is?
Let's keep it as a surprise.
Uh, what seems to be
the problem with him?
He's a guinea pig.
Guinea pig?
We need him for experiments.
We work very hard here
for the advancement
of science.
Our science.
How did you
brainwash him
so he's not
yelling his head off?
Well, he feels no pain.
As a matter of fact,
he's rather happy.
So, he doesn't even speak.
When we caught him
and brought him here,
we cut out his tongue.
If I tell you you're sick,
will the same thing
happen to me?
I have other plans
for you, Mr. West.
And for those plans,
I need your tongue,
your voice, and your brain.
Well, there are a couple
of other parts of me
of which I am inordinately fond.
They will remain intact
as long as you obey orders.
- Oh, good.
- Ingrid.
- My lady.
- Bring the cube amortis gun loaded.
That's amazing, my lady.
- Thank you, Ingrid.
- What's that thing?
It's the same as the game
wardens use in Africa
to stun animals.
Except that our ammunition
is something different.
Follow me, Mr. West.
Well, it sort of looks like
you're taking in laundry.
No tickey, no washy, huh?
My lady.
The door.
My lady.
- Another guinea pig?
- His name is Andrews.
Well, what are you
doing to him?
You'll see.
Listen, whoever you are,
get out of here.
Get out of here while you can.
She's mad.
No, oh, oh.
Ah, ah.
What's happening to him?
He's turning into a statute.
We call it cube amortis.
He was right.
You are mad.
You're out of your mind.
It could be your double.
Please be seated, Mr., uh...
- Carter. Carter.
- Mr. Carter.
Now, what kind of information
are you looking for?
Well, I'm looking for the owner
of a black hardtop Dodge.
The, uh, license plate number
is, uh...
- 2-1-5-1.
- Oh, Sumuru.
- Sumuru?
- Sumuru.
Can you tell me
where she lives?
Up there.
The colony consists of 236 islands
out of Hong Kong itself.
She owns one.
She owns- Well, I always say,
if you got to own anything,
it might as well be an island.
Well, inspector,
eh, eh, excuse me.
I- I've gotta get going.
He is your assignment.
Why, he's president of Sino-Asia.
Boong's turnover in girls
is tastelessly high.
And he trusts none of them.
I have literally hundreds
of pictures of him like this.
Or this.
Or this.
Yeah, I'll take a dozen of each.
Eh, what-what is the purpose
of this stag reel?
To acquaint you
with your new employer.
Oh, good, good.
I'm sure
they'll be fringe benefits.
Eh, let's see
the next picture, huh?
It isn't necessary.
They all have
a disgusting similarity.
Well, you're right.
They are disgusting.
- Now, for your explanation.
- Please.
A new member is scheduled to join
President Boong's staff
to fill a vacancy
that has existed since the death
- of Colonel Medike.
- Oh?
The man chosen
as Medike's successor
has been picked only after
the most thorough search.
The one you turned
into a statute.
But we can't disappoint
the president, can we?
And I'm to take his place,
is that it?
Your passports
and documentation
will be unimpeachable.
And I'm sure
with your own native resource,
you will fill the post admirably.
What's all this
leading up to anyway?
The-What do you want
out of Boong?
You'll learn of that later.
This is Helga.
She will be accompanying you
to Hong Kong.
You will both stay
in the Hong Kong Hilton.
Your papers, Mr. Andrews.
And you will also find
a .38 caliber revolver
- in your briefcase.
- I see.
By the way,
you're sure the president has
never met this Andrews before?
The only person
who can identify the man
is Boong's ambassador
in America.
You will arrange a meeting
between this girl and Boong
as quickly as possible.
- But-
- As quickly as possible, I said.
Erno, take them to the jetty.
You are Mr. Carter?
And you're a mind reader.
Well, if you really are, tell me.
ls it all right for tonight?
I mean, what I'm thinking.
- I have some information for you.
- Ooh, that's good.
That's just what
I've been looking for.
Well, maybe you can answer this.
What's going on?
I have the answer to this...
Nick West.
Nick, you know where Nick is?
I said, you know where Nick is?
I know where he is.
If you don't want to break
your pretty little arm,
you better talk and quick.
We can't talk here.
Follow me.
You must help me.
Help you?
I don't understand.
Sumuru's holding
Nick West prisoner.
I'm frightened she'll kill me.
Now don't get yourself upset.
She sent me to kill you.
You must help me get to the police.
Please, please!
- Now, don't get yourself upset.
- You must help me get to the police.
Yes, please, I'd like 5506997.
What do you mean bingo?
I'd like to speak to President Boong's
personal aide, please.
I think the president
is expecting me.
My name is Andrews,
Sidney Andrews.
In about an hour?
No, thank you.
Tell me something.
What's a rotten little girl like you
doing in a nice business
like this anyway?
Why do you hate me?
I'm just a girl like any other.
Any other what?
- I'm doing what I believe in.
- Oh, that reminds me.
That's what I came over here for.
To, uh, do what I believe in.
Well, that's the first step.
We found out
that you're a human being.
Now, let's see what else
we can discover,
huh-A little later on.
I've got to grab a quick shower,
got some business to take care of.
Keep it warm for me, huh?
My name is Sidney Andrews.
President Boong is expecting me.
I have been advised.
Your passport, please.
Here we are.
There is your pass.
- You go down there.
- Thank you.
Follow me, please.
Hi, friend.
Have a drink.
Oops, there go my Sundays.
Like some champagne?
Well, my ambassador
in Washington
gave you
the very highest recommendation.
- How was the flight?
- Yeah, okay.
Uh, when do you
want me to start?
Oh, as soon as you can.
You know, I've done
99% of this filthy good will tour
without a security chief.
Did you hear about Medike?
Yes, he got his in Rome, did he?
You know Rome?
That's where I got it many times.
Excuse me.
Of course, get a taxi.
What's the name again?
Hang on a minute.
I'll see you at 3:00-
I mean, meeting at 3:30, thanks.
Well, uh, I'm trying to devise
some sort of scheme
for examining girls.
Men, too, of course,
before an interview.
You know, all those,
uh, pills are, I mean.
- They can conceal the most dangerous.
- That reminds me.
- L-l met a girl this afternoon.
- Mmm.
Yes, of course, you did.
A lovely-lovely girl.
She's a great admirer of yours.
Ah, of mine?
Is she a student of political philosophy
or economics?
No, no, no, she's just a sweet
young girl with all the dreams
and hopes and fears and desires
of any vital healthy creatures
trembling on the brink
of womanhood.
She is living here in the hotel.
Hm. Very lovely you say?
My dear, dear friend,
I've planned a small reception.
- Mr. West?
- Yes.
I have a message for you.
Cinderella, here you go.
A summons to the royal presence.
Oh, but they don't call him royal
in here, do they?
No, they don't.
And you're just about to find out why.
Will you come along
with me, please?
Well, what's new
at the Dracula factory?
Did you arrange a meeting
between Helga and Boong?
It's all done.
They met.
She goes back to see him
tomorrow afternoon.
He's actually looking forward to it.
You will come to the island.
My lady wishing to see you.
Tomorrow morning,
nine o'clock, Mercer's Wharf.
Well, why?
You'll do as you're instructed.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Well, Ollie, another fine mess
you've gotten us into.
Where have you been?
Do you know I've been
looking all over for you.
Oh, I can't explain that to you.
Where are you staying?
You mean hiding.
How come everyone hates you
and tries to kill me?
What are you talking about?
Well, I meet this nice,
innocent-type girl-
family-type girl.
I mention your name
and she tries to stick a knife in me.
Oh, that'll teach you
to pick up strange women.
Ah, very funny.
Listen, where are you staying?
Now, don't be ashamed
of being poor
and having practically
no money at all.
- Tell me.
- I'm staying at the Bristol
and Pagoda Pension.
It's a very highly
recommended place.
It's probably one of the nicest-
Nick, Nick!
You, follow that car.
Ah, you in wrong picture.
Cut the jokes.
I know too many fishing boats
get lost in the water
- around Sumuru's island.
- How does this sound?
Here you are.
You sent for me?
Oh, well, here we are.
Out of cigarettes.
Now, what seems to be your problem
of the day, my lady?
I've set up a world
- that exists without men, Nick.
- Oh, good for you.
What about those long,
lonely winter nights?
It is a joke to you.
But even for a woman as strong
and as self-sufficient as I,
there are lonely nights.
Running around,
turning men to stone
is hardly conducive
to romance, Sumuru.
It tends to make a man nervous.
Does that inspire romance, Nick?
It's a darn sight better and faster
than your cube amortis gun.
I need a man, Nick.
I need a man to take me,
to force himself upon me.
Well, I'm a very polite guy.
I never force myself on anyone.
- I'm a woman, Nick.
- Yes.
Look at me.
Whatever else I am, I am a woman.
Oh, yes, yes.
Well, I may very well hate myself
for this in the morning,
but, uh... well, why not, hmm?
I have an appointment
with the president.
Oh, yes, your name, please?
- Helga Martin.
- Helga Martin.
Here we are.
Helga Martin.
This is the pass.
Go that way, please.
Thank you.
Follow me.
President Boong.
Oh, I can't do it.
Oh, but- It's a-it's a girl.
Hold it.
What- Hey, fellas, what's the matter?
It's me.
- Let him pass.
- Well, what's happened?
President Boong
has been killed.
What happened?
She killed Boong.
Did I hear my name?
President Boong?
The real one.
The man you see over there
was enough like me to fool anyone.
Particularly an assassin.
Well, where will I find another?
There are times
when it's convenient to have a double.
Oh, yes, I know.
Oh, it's a terrible thing to happen.
This young lady,
was she implicated in the plot?
Uh, yes, it looks like it,
doesn't it?
Oh, it's a pity.
- You brought her here.
- Huh?
What have you in mind about her?
Oh, well, I, uh,
I'm going to take her
to the police headquarters,
of course, right away.
Yes, of course.
Where are you going?
- The police station.
- And you're leaving me alone?
I won't be long.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
But in the meantime,
ask yourself one question.
How did that girl
manage to join and serve
with your own
personal bodyguard, huh?
I mean, with all of them living together
as soldiers do?
You can't tell me that nobody else
was in on the deal.
Come on.
I'm getting out.
I'd wait till the elevator stopped,
if I were you.
No, I mean out
of the organization.
Well, now,
that's the first sensible thing
you've said in a long time.
If you really mean it, you ought
to get out of this hotel, too.
I know a place.
I don't know how good it is.
A buddy of mine's staying there,
the Bristol and Pagoda Pension.
His name's Tommy Carter.
He's okay.
Can I get you a drink?
No, thank you.
- So, what are you going to do?
- What do you mean?
I mean, you're leaving
the organization.
So, what are you
going to do now?
Are you going to the police?
Well, I hadn't thought about that.
Well, sweetie, I suggest
you start thinking about it right now
because after
what's just happened,
you've only got
a couple of choices.
You can go back
to Sumuru and tell her
that you killed
the double and the girl
got in there somehow.
Or you can run away
from the organization
and spend the rest of your life
trying to hide from them.
Or you can go to the police
and tell them,
and I mean, everything.
Oh, it isn't easy.
Isn't easy?
Well, at least you're a free agent.
You've got some choice.
I spend 24 hours a day
on a tightrope.
On the one hand, I've got to try
and keep Sumuru happy.
On the other hand,
I've got to try to keep her
from achieving anything.
That tightrope is going to split me
right down the middle.
I'm going to end up
as crazy as she is.
Get up.
You've ruined everything.
But you will both pay dearly
for this.
- Erno, are his clothes packed?
- Yes, my lady.
Oh, dear, I hope you were careful
with that blue suit.
It creases so.
And take care of his bill.
Yes, I wouldn't like to have
an unpaid hotel bill on my conscious.
Keep joking, Mr. West.
You will be finished with jokes
before the night is out.
I hope so.
I was beginning to run
out of material anyway.
Take care of the bill.
Mr. Carter, please.
Mr. Carter.
- Number 16.
- Thank you.
Oh, I remember you.
You're the girl from Rome
at the villa.
Your organization's
already tried to kill me.
- Thank you.
- Oh, but you've got to help me.
I've been on the run
half the night.
Look, I hate to do this,
baby, but, uh, I think
you better keep on running.
Oh, but Nick-
Nick, I've got a message from Nick.
- Nick?
- Yes.
All right.
Now what about Nick?
Well, Nick told me
you're his friend.
I know that.
What about the message?
- Well, is that gun necessary?
- I think so.
The last time I listened
to a girl who claimed
to have a message from Nick
she tried
to stick a knife in me.
Oh, I haven't got
any concealed weapons.
Search it.
That doesn't prove anything.
Well, where else could I-
Oh, well.
Where're you going?
I wonder if this is where
I'm supposed to sing.
Well, what'd you have in mind?
Well, to prove to you that
I have no concealed weapons...
By golly, you're right.
This is a privilege,
oh, leader of the world,
to be on the receiving end
of your generosity.
I was saving it up.
Saving it up
until you were ready for it.
You think I am now, huh?
Oh, yes, like a ripe apple
on the tree.
The only thing is how?
What do you mean how?
The method.
It could be something of lngrid's.
She has acids, electrical equipment,
and all kinds of bacilli.
Oh, there are ancient,
traditional arts
known in these parts
that have been used for centuries
with unfailing success.
To make a man suffer
so that he aches for death.
Why don't you just keep talking,
and you'll save yourself
a lot of trouble.
You'll bore me to death.
Now, don't worry.
You're with me.
Oh. ls it time?
I think we'd better get started.
- Oh, I'm so worried.
- Don't worry.
I told you everything's
going to be all right.
Mind if I borrow your towel?
The fisheries protection vessel
is going to follow us in.
Well, what's that?
Machine guns.
They will give us cover, if necessary,
during the actual landing.
Ah, well, now
you're using your head, inspector.
- Or your gun.
- But it's not enough.
Sumuru has got an army
of trained and dedicated killers.
- Do you mind if I join you?
- Sir Anthony.
- Good morning, Carter.
- Morning.
You in charge here, inspector?
- Yes.
- These should introduce me.
And there's my local security clearance,
as well.
- Thank you.
- Well, Sir Anthony,
what are you doing here-
Well, not that I'm not glad to see you.
Oh, it's nice to hear that,
I'll tell you.
Our much maligned intelligence know,
of course, of my interest
in your escapade.
So they issued me with a D44
or whatever they call it,
and here I am.
Well, pardon me, gentlemen,
while I examine these documents.
Yes, certainly, certainly.
Got some news for you.
You're doing fine.
London's very pleased with you.
Well, sir, you know,
it's been dreadfully awkward
trying to keep up
this terrible American accent, you know.
- They tell me you do it very well.
- Oh.
I'll have a word with you later
in private.
Well, sir, this is certainly
the highest authorization.
Perhaps, you would, uh-
Oh, no, my dear inspector,
you carry on.
I'm merely holding a watching bee.
The FO are bound to want a full report.
Foreign Office, you know.
Shall we go?
Really, how interesting.
What do you do with that?
Poor Mr. West.
Before you are disposed of,
I'm going to convince you of something.
You think I'm all cruelty.
You don't know the dreams
I have of a beautiful
and peaceful world.
You see, I can be kind.
Honey, I had better than that
in high school.
Cut him down and kill him.
- What are we going to do?
- You know your orders.
Defend as long as possible.
There's enough weapons
in the armory for a division.
Guns, yes,
but no one to load them.
We're not up to strength.
Do as you're told.
Have you forgotten our cause?
No, my lady.
If all seems lost,
make sure the files are destroyed.
Mr. West, I presume.
Who are you?
Where's Sumuru?
Have you seen her?
Look, Inspector Koo,
at these prices, who cares?
Yeah, and if she's anywhere in there,
she's had it.
I hope the fire
doesn't reach the files.
They should be required reading.
I hope it doesn't reach the magazine
in the armory.
Helga says there's enough explosive
in there
to make this volcano
into an island.
Well, in that case,
what are we being so damned heroic for?
Let's get down to the jetty.
That would, I imagine,
be the most prudent course.
Where are you going?
Well, that's the end of Sumuru.
No human being
could survive that.
Yes, but Sir Anthony,
whoever said she was human?