The Millionaire Tour (2012) Movie Script

I need to go?
I need to go?
Where are you?
Warfund Plaza.
I'll take you there with a
half-time ride. $ 40 offline.
40 stars?
Alright. 30.
Drove away.
This type of traffic shall be dead.
Both the airport so too.
Tonight meeting at Warfund Plaza?
Knew it.
Do not be joking.
Parking there is always the star.
He'll be making jam lost.
That's incredible. I'm sorry.
No problem at all.
Must. Flew for 5 hours.
Just relax.
Okay. I like it.
Watching people.
Oh I know. I also look
the girls at the airport.
Not so.
What do you mean?
How they behave.
When they move.
Or talk.
And say goodbye.
A goodbye boy in girl airport.
She was very sad, but he
I was very calm.
She kept looking at the guy but
boys did not come back.
Even once.
Do not know when to meet again.
Do not know when.
Come on, did you know?
I have never met such a case.
1 year ago.
There he was at the airport. Everyone look
at him because I thought he was a terrorist.
But he's very smart.
He took out one book.
Harry Potter.
No way.
It is also logical that.
Terrorism. They do not read Harry Potter.
- Could he be a terrorist?
- Do not.
It is true that on that day they
catch terrorists.
I've watched all the way from the beginning.
Who are you?
As a goodbye to her
daughter and not looked back.
Come on. Real bullshit story.
Is not it?
God. Something good.
Come on.
Hurry up instead.
I'm Sammy.
- I'm Greg. Nice to get acquainted.
- Very pleased.
- Do not you sleep?
- Do not.
I have to work for 3 hours.
I do not want to fall asleep.
Let me tell you. They use the
phone to exchange all information...
They bring to this drug, drugs...
But never try.
Thank you lord!
I go now?
Believe it?
Damn it!
- She was walking that.
- I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
Suddenly she appeared.
- I was walking.
Are you okay?
I'll catch you here.
It's not my fault.
Or two people take a taxi.
- Do not.
- No, his taxi.
No problem at all. Everyone go?
- Warfund Plaza.
- Really?
They are also there. Give them
me to the hotel there.
- Do not mind?
- Or me to take her to the hospital.
No, I do not mind.
Just take us to the hotel.
You do not mind?
Oh no. Okay.
Pain really.
How's her leg?
I'll be fine.
- Fortunately for him, is not it fractures.
- I'm sorry.
I apologize for not being able to pay the insurance
indemnity as then the company will be fined.
Do not worry, I will not report you.
My name is Casper. Like the
cartoon characters did.
Billy White.
Billy that.
I'm Greg.
I like your style that Greg.
I pulled my hand back?
Go on.
For money?
I carpool. Can I return
money if you pay your credit card.
No problem at all.
Do not pay by credit card.
Every time I have to go away...
Everything messed up.
Identity cards...
Who would want to know what evidence
Where his card.
I heard on the radio say
it does not matter.
None known card
my credit before.
No one stole anything.
Do not feel awkward.
Only by the time that's all.
I do not want to blame
time. Do humans.
- Yes. That's right.
- Exactly.
You know who you are?
- You do?
- Yes. Strip club there.
Seems this guy was never there.
I would recommend him.
- Stop it!
- Why? Try one time, okay.
I've tried that.
And do not want to go anymore.
That does not count okay.
Do you know which shop?
Light strip club.
Well, one place in the city but also
quality, I'm not sure.
What about you? You like to go?
- Where to go?
- View striptease.
I've been to a shackle on the neck.
Given a shackle on the neck.
Or there.
Given a shackle on the neck.
That sounds like a jail.
Who knows.
What does that mean?
You said she is a stripper.
I do not have to do it.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
Everyone's all.
Well im going.
So that the air in the car is...
Ventilation do it?
Overwhelmed, right? I told Eddie
a car wash. Eddie is my brother.
- Eddie here?
- Do not.
Welcome. This is Kim.
Kim was the driver of this car.
I just replaced it.
Finally, I would be driving a taxi.
I have to switch lanes. Above the police.
Stick to them very troublesome.
Understand what I mean?
On this street there are many
Police closing.
He's good. Seem to have experienced.
- It's true. I drove for years.
- Come on.
Do not be joking. I know some financial
transport of terrorists.
Ride more than 30 minutes.
4 blocks. Just as the tour
tourism terrorism.
Is better than tours million.
- I do not know.
- Have you heard?
Shit. It happened in Mexico, Brazil...
- And many other places.
- In the main part.
A man waiting at the airport and
wait Taxi drivers welcome wealthy.
Then we will use a gun
threatening to rob money.
They stop at every cash
machine on the road.
Getting people to withdraw
all the money from the card.
Poor him.
He was ruthless.
Have you heard?
I? I have heard,
but the million dollar amount is not.
Right, millions of dollars.
- Two people in the city?
- Yes.
- I thought the two persons who are not residents.
- We are back to looking for work.
So now it is difficult.
What are you? Relevant time, then what?
Not at all. That is the bottom line.
I'm just tired of the daily work.
If you have money,
you will have your own business.
Like him.
He? How do you know?
I feel so alone.
Beautiful clothes, beautiful clock.
Wealthy people often like that.
She did not know who I am.
She said too much already.
Really? So one year how much do you make?
Not his thing.
Sun. Many so?
Come on do not play with him anymore.
Well, let me down here.
- Why?
- I'm down here. Enough.
Come on, just kidding.
Let him go.
- Down here?
- Yeah, just the other side.
Wrong taxi.
This. This. What is it?
I do know a little bit now. Business,
living in Santa Rose, California.
Sun. Fortunately, he had removed his beard.
Do not say that.
Maybe there are so fashion.
Sun. Horrible.
Take all your money away.
If the people want it.
You very generous.
To do so, but because of export
guns in front of that.
Focused driving.
Come on.
Only $ 60 only.
Enough to ride it.
Maybe we have to stop at the ATM.
Give me your phone.
- Okay.
- Hurry up.
That's good.
As I said, we need to withdraw money
from his account.
His account.
- How did I do this?
- We've got a long way ahead.
're Going to the ATM and he will draw all
amount from the turn of the cards.
The highest total amount of each ATM.
Two people who hold such a cardholder
advantage. Why should I?
Ask good.
We do not want to appear
Where on the ATM camera.
Say it, sister.
Stop it now?
Please be patient. I have to tell Greg
The key part of this story.
- What parts?
- The most concise.
Oh yeah, that's the part
that people were killed.
So listen up Greg,
is very important here.
You run, I shoot you.
You scream, I shoot you.
- I do anything...
- He'll shoot you.
Me too. Get your hands off
the steering wheel...
Open seatbelt, opened the door
when I'm not allowed.
His blood will be all over that car.
I swear.
I see.
And he will not call the office.
No. Right.
Now I have to drive to go?
Turn right, then turn left and stop
ATM in the corner.
I speak clearly?
What can I do to stop this?
Ask good. Thank you.
1 ATM pile, and $ 60 in
bag and has not been shot.
He asked what I would shoot it.
Do not try to resist.
Turn here.
Pull here.
Come on.
Hurry up.
ATM over there.
Come on, I'll wait here.
Yes, very good.
Think what? Hurry up.
Come on.
Excellent. I get offline.
Come on.
Sitting later.
Success. Come on.
Where are we going?
Next to the ATM, just drove off.
Do not be stubborn.
Why so sad?
It's called sudden switch
to disappointment.
Well do not need to know.
Then it is true that.
- $ 1600.
- Done all?
Done? Just for starters.
What do you do if they control
limited money every day.
I was told that there would be many
surprise that, right?
What is it?
What? This?
Well just like a card.
I know that but it does make sense.
I do not know. Just pictures
man hanging only.
There is no sense at all. Looked
as being executed.
Executed what?
Want to try?
I think it's like a
symbol of death.
Yeah I know.
Well im going.
I do not know what you're saying.
Really? You smart.
Must. It is not a symbol of death.
Which is a symbol of life, of human life.
He was hanging upside down like that, but notice
engineering will see things fall out of his pocket.
That is the stuff of life.
The things that you will have and
lost in life.
Pretty impressive for a
rude people like you.
Well, he learns from a fortune teller.
She had by him.
- Fortune teller?
- The liver cell.
She swam for him?
Everyone should have a little spiritual.
She said what?
- That's not my thing.
- Come on, what she said?
Pull over and stop right there.
- There?
- Yes, there.
All right, continue.
Why are we stopping here?
Ride bow-ling.
- Really?
- You need to practice a bit.
- But this is where the...
- What is it?
- I talked a little bit, okay?
- What is said here.
No, out.
Oh my gosh.
Thank you.
Sit still okay.
You have to help me.
Agreed not to use ATM here.
Come on, there's nothing, 2 'is done alone.
Too dangerous.
Two people we can kill him.
No, sorry. I can not do it.
I was a wife and family.
- Simple but.
- Not so.
Too risky, I do not want to do.
I play his game, they must comply
the provisions of his set.
In the end it quickly.
Do not be so stupid.
They will kill me and then kill him.
He is witness.
Listen to me here.
Are you so stupid?
Roman was tasked to do so.
Roman does not need to know.
Roman did not pay for it.
Anyway, he would die.
Roman will kill him?
Who knows.
Do not joke?
That what?
We just need the money.
Professional focus.
Let's give them money.
Do what they say, do not resist.
In doing so, we may live.
Hurry up.
Calm down. I am in and out,
do not talk to anyone.
Want to buy tickets to play?
I do not know. Last time I
Play this place is not good.
Yeah, when it was pretty messy.
But now and then. Furthermore there
promotional services.
Come to next time.
What are you waiting for? Come on.
Card is locked.
Try a different card.
I know she is not bad.
She can put a gun everywhere.
But she did not like him.
Do not say things you do not know.
She will still live that way?
Really. She is not
lives where according to him.
Well shut up and hurry up.
She really so stupid?
Clean up this pile go alone
I'll chase her.
Hey, do not tell her
so. Very rude.
- Who are you?
- Let me tell you who I am offline.
Do not joke with me.
Damn it!
Joking with me?
Next time I'll shoot straight to the top.
Drove away!
Why did you shoot him?
- We have to get out of here.
- I'm sorry.
He pointed a gun at my head. I do not
other choice.
- We have to get out of here.
- What do you think are better?
You should wear skirts
and back to the castle.
- Do not tell me that.
- I do not know how to use a gun.
Roman has said that to capture him.
So I let him run?
Light shelving him. Either always start
be him.
Not because he is not.
Do not let him fool you.
Where he is not Greg,
is Julias Jets here.
He is smarter than the second one
combined. I remember that.
In the car.
Damn it! Come on.
Washington West.
Washington Street West!
Need I say it?
- What is this?
- What?
Credit card anywhere?
I throw away all that.
- Why? Where?
- This time, when I ran away.
- Damn it! Back to the car.
- Do not turn the car.
I will not go look for it, you idiot.
That's the last time I give you
his work there.
My God!
lm mouth and drove away!
Give it to him! You idiot!
Damn it!
Why you want me to write a check?
I look stupid? Cash only.
What do you have to clean?
You tell me?
Must, taxi driver, I'm talking to you.
What to clean?
- Wait a minute.
- Paper towels, paper or whatever.
Do the following to go.
Wipe away.
Wipe out!
And then. I'll write a check for me.
We will use the account number on the
checks to withdraw money.
It would be.
Want a drink?
- Do not be.
- Why?
Not safe.
You mean you're not drinking,
I was drinking.
And Greg, Greg and I will come
a small supermarket to withdraw money.
Turn left off.
Small supermarket can also withdraw money?
Withdraw $1 longer be there.
He looked good.
Right here.
5 minutes later we were back.
Here, do not to lose.
I will say I'm your brother, right?
I will say that the bank was closed, he
is need to change the check for $5.000.
Not stable. I know what you're thinking.
Supermarkets will have a lot of people,
and protection.
But do not think I will not
shoot him. Wrong.
Do not force me to do so.
I will not go to jail again.
He will be the first.
Then this is the name of the taxi driver.
I will shoot you.
Come on.
Hurry up.
What's complaining?
Actually, no. Nothing.
Very good service here. I am very pleased.
I usually shop here.
Hey you! She fit right...
- Rebecca.
- People call me Becky.
I'm okay. What about you?
Does not get any better. I'm
going out with his brother.
He had just gone back.
What can I do for you two?
I wrote myself a check.
And I need to change to cash.
He is usually very serious
when it comes to money.
So $ 5.000 is the highest amount
can switch right?
Well usually we do not
this service.
Unfortunately, the bank closed.
And we bought her first
car as a birthday gift.
It moved!
It was his idea, but...
The salesman said we could be
5% discount if paid in cash.
I borrowed ID card?
5% discount is a large amount of it.
Sun. Mass murderer.
Two brothers who did not
look like much right.
Yes, he looks more chic.
What about you cold.
I've heard that before.
Wait for me a little.
Cheer up! Hill money, after all.
Look at the other side.
There are cameras there.
Do attention.
I checked it, charge transfer
slight change is 200.
Me compose money.
- Yes. Course.
- Okay.
490 dollars.
Okay, give them to help me. Us
longer have to go to the parking shop.
I put the money in his pocket?
Course. Would not be safe if
such holding out.
- Thank you.
- Nothing.
What do you need more?
No, thank you.
Well almost forgot.
2 I want to donate some money
small children's charity?
The money raised will help a
for the children.
- Well...
- The lowest amount is $ 5.
So the highest amount?
There is no upper limit. He can
donate as much as you.
- I can take cash?
- Of course it is.
A thousand dollars.
It is...
- Wow.
- Good real belly.
It's great. Thank you very much.
- Nothing.
- Thank you, Rebecca. Goodbye.
Sorry. This badge missing.
You're so nice Greg.
Hope all good things will come to you.
Thank you.
Alright. We go offline.
Take careful.
Goodbye Rebecca. Becky!
Sorry, I need to check.
George, they have donated
one thousand dollars there.
One thousand dollars there.
Be careful!
Okay, bye.
Go on!
- How are you?
- Not so good.
He stole this?
I paid but not
bring your credit card.
- Calm down.
- Okay, he's got it.
- Mark to go!
- Stop it!
To shoot me? Shoot me!
Thought I do not know
who you are, asshole?
New here, way far away, and he will
to meet you Roman, Julias Lets sir.
Please manners bit!
What are you saying?
Who is...
Who be Julias Jets?
I think my name is Julias?
I'm not a Julias, you're wrong.
I do not even know who Julias.
My name is Greg Newman.
Yea, I was Cinderella.
Roman was waiting for him.
You know Roman?
He is still angry with him his stolen.
- I never stole anything.
- Why this?
You think you can steal millions
and then run away easily?
In short it. He took
stealing money from Roman.
Hear me say this, the two confused.
Two arrested the wrong person.
I do not know Roman.
He found him at the airport, and that
he came up to the cab.
So he was wrong because I
not him.
- Really?
- Tin?
Lie good.
Trust me. I met many
like you then.
I heard stories about him,
even more frightening.
Listen, I know a friend in prison,
he recounts how on Julias stole the...
An unauthorized way.
An unauthorized way.
Stole millions and shopping
anything he likes.
And pretend to be a successful
I'm serious.
Two arrested the wrong person.
It will be easier if you
do not deny it.
This is the story of Roman and he
stole his $40 million.
Where to Go? For me stay five '.
When you stop the car,
I'll let you know.
Think it a try. Is there evidence
prove me that he does not?
- Do not admit?
- Do not waste time.
He was lying, sir.
I know.
Want to speak to her?
His wife.
I forgot to tell you this story.
Must. Roman was arrested his wife there.
The show is over. Do not show again.
I have no wife.
- Oh. Again.
- I do not believe it.
He refuses to accept.
Worn cuffed to share this here.
Listen idiot.
Honesty is the key there.
Such a person is not
worth who believe that marriage.
Yes, I have brought rings. But I do not
wife. I can explain why.
His wife heard this last sentence.
Yes, that's right.
Where are you? What is it?
Done both?
Is not done. We're done here.
The two of you can not make a
simple tasks such stars.
- The idiot!
- Calm down!
We're on the road.
To take his place in the 20 '.
Good. I'll wait.
Listen to this. He was sitting next to me,
and he said he is not Julias.
Of course he had to say.
He did not want to die.
My name is Greg Newman.
He confused me with someone else.
I'm from Santa Rose, California.
3 years ago you are Gary
Lewis Rose lsland.
Two years before, when you spend $12
million in one day, you are Frank Jay.
- Those I've watched before.
- No, I really do not know.
- Because I'm not him.
- Well, I saw you at the airport.
See you step into a taxi 8217.
Luxury wearing and carrying
a brown briefcase.
Stop playing games with me, bastard!
- I do not understand...
- Name ring that sure not married.
You will no longer be true if the wife
themselves expressed this.
- She's not my wife. I have no wife.
- Julias?
I do not know where you are.
I do not know who she is, my name is Greg.
She told them that she did not know me.
I do not know...
Listen to me. I do not know who she is. She
tell them I'm not her husband.
He's not my husband.
- I want to talk to Julias.
- Having tried it Julias.
I hung up.
Can Greg just looks Julias.
He said too much.
I swear I'm not that person.
Then how do you explain about the ring?
- This ring I do not know how to explain.
- Do not bother.
I find interest in it.
So why do you have it?
It is mine.
Before I was married.
- He lied.
- Why would he lie?
- You are joking me?
- Also playing tricks on me.
- He lied he will die there.
- No, Greg is my real name.
- Ok, I'm just trying to lie.
- I'm on my way to work.
- I am one trader.
- Traders, come on man.
That's true, retail me something.
I for one retail group.
Judge to buyers
clothes or those who have families.
To the guy gay, dissipated.
even if they want to marry me anymore.
The joke is still going on there.
I'm trading, I have...
Ok, are you selling something?
- It's crazy.
- I was listening to him.
- You're playing her.
- What are you selling?
Mineral water.
- Oh woe.
- It really is one business sector.
The benefits from the sale of mineral water,
they even have one big market.
I did everything according
to law for profit.
Ok, Finished?
- You're thinking I'm joking?
- It depends.
- If you want to see them...
- I do not want know how he did it, just to hear the truth.
- He's lying.
- He's got too much money...
- I'm Greg.
- Ok, that's interesting.
- I do not think so.
- Shut up.
I know my job is stupid.
- I swap them in many different ways
but perfect. - Perfect?
Perfect in 99:1-sharing ratio
for one product.
For me this is business.
It really is the business.
The business like nothing ashamed.
I sell things people need
with 1 few illusions experience.
People need water and water
natural resources that people need so much.
I can confirm she is
Mineral water is available in every home.
1 Some people think that
Ok, ma'am, that's just a lie.
It is one of the very important,
always important in this life.
before doing something we all need it.
Anyone, from aviation, maritime good
or bad. Every place needs mineral water.
To forgive what they do.
please sir, do not have to.
I just work hard. I can not forgive them,
do not let them hit themselves.
It is our common task.
This is mineral water.
I can trade it.
That seriously.
- He's not lying.
- She softened?
- Do not. - He is the hero of salvation
humanity in this dark world.
He convinced me.
He said that, because he
have expertise in this.
I do not want to talk
things like that anymore.
Can not be more kind.
We will have 4 million for it.
If he really sells it
I will buy it immediately.
I do not want to hear anymore.
She did not want to hear
because she felt guilty.
- He's going to death. - The name
trying to say something to convince her.
He will make you believe in everything.
It considered that the implementation of
the mission, all we all buy his mineral water.
He sold her mineral water,
And she bought it
Because she believes in it.
Everything I say is the truth.
That is not a lie?
Ok, I get it.
To see what's what.
Oh, I get it.
Mineral water, traders,
buy sell, buy...
- I do not want to deceive ourselves.
... surprised as hell with this story.
- I cut it out.
- I do not live here.
He lives here.
His wife did not live here?
I have other options.
- I'm just trying to convince people that
I'm telling the truth. - No, no, my friend...
He worried drove into the valley,
and silence all I ask.
What do you mean he will sell things that
and come to one place to meet someone special?
That is the best thing I can do for my
family in the United States every Sunday.
Business that is not carrying
business documents?
I only follow people...
Why did you bother to go to college
just to sell mineral water?
My boss water business
huge mineral and I followed him.
For what?
First few things for the first few.
Nice guy. With a few good things.
I can call one call to clarify.
he is thinking about it
very silly now, believe me.
Give me a few minutes.
- I need the money.
- A few million dollars, right?
He will kill me.
I do not know what to say.
You're finished already? Good, very good.
You real good, so good!
It was the excellent acting
1 great liar.
To put one foot, he should
grateful to my friends.
Hey, go fast.
- I'm not.
- Finally, still lying.
Tell me.
My wife.
She was familiar with one guy millionaire.
He invited us to play every weekend.
Show her that much...
Then she was with child by him.
She wants to go somewhere and not
listen to me any more.
You can not convince more?
She bought one new house
with one other man.
Them together.
That's it!
But he did not treat her millionaire?
No, I just want to stop them.
Maybe Emma wants to make money to help me.
Real names only
want to steal his wife from him.
Why do not you ask him for a few million?
She's gone, my mother fell ill
and needed money.
1 nightmare.
- 1 shock.
- What about your wife?
She also brought my mother's money.
Just because of the damn money.
I have suffered for 6 months.
And now is 5 years.
Loss of 200 thousand dollars
one year to survive.
Shame really.
I was struggling for her and for me.
I can not stop this shock
and this whole nightmare.
I do not want nhutruoc here.
I want to do everything for his family.
Need one company.
I got her on the phone.
It really is...
need one somewhere...
1 somewhere
that those who are responsible for
understand my situation.
Someone stop the disease because I do not
can make money faster.
I really need...
Do not be pessimistic man.
I sell mineral water
to take care of my mother.
To be able to pay.
Do everything.
It is one tragic fate.
I seek help.
I'm trying.
No one answered me.
I went to knock on the doors of the house.
I want to be a millionaire to save his mother's life.
Can someone help?
I'm here.
But the company is bankrupt,
and one of the people live
on the death of others.
I tried.
I am courageous.
Everything will be over in no time.
Turn left there, done it right.
- Do not.
- We have to go there.
- Turn back.
- They're waiting there.
Turn back.
- I want to talk to you.
- It would say that.
I want to say now.
Out of the car.
After 1 taxi stop on the sidelines of this.
Damn it.
Damn it.
- What? What?
- The guy that.
We recognize him from the airport.
No, something is not right.
She does not know
what she was talking about.
You do?
- She believes that it is true.
- I'm still looking for a millionaire to help?
I will continue, but now have to get out of here
because they will kill you and me, you understand?
Help me out of here right away.
She wanted to walk with him?
I do not want to do something wrong.
You simply need the money.
You just do that, I will be here for you.
I quit or die.
He told the truth and
he should not continue to do this?
She should not believe one guy like him.
About to arrive, no time.
This damn city.
I do not do anymore.
No, do not stop me.
Please, I shoot it.
In this damn car right away.
- Stop it, calm down.
- Wait a minute.
- Put your hands down now.
- Wait, I'm...
I'm just doing assigned work,
calm down. Stop it.
Calm down.
Put the gun down.
Let's do it, I did it.
I said put the gun down.
Never gullible.
Do you hear me?
Predictable situations this interesting?
He did not do anything
can not judge anything at all.
One more time, the delivery guys
are going to have the money.
I know I'm looking forward to that moment.
Get in the car now.
Damn, she hit.
- She's dead.
- Now what?
You shot her,
you know she was trying to convince
for me for you to go?
You want money, then you should
stay away from this guy soon.
In the car, I'll care Biillie.
- Damn it.
- I told you to come back.
Quick, into the car.
- Okay.
- Damn it.
- Do not worry about Billie.
- Okay.
- Everything is right?
- Stable.
How are you doing?
Close to it, listening to this, there
is little... Billie shot and dead.
Listen carefully, I do not need to know
the changes does not. Mau named here soon.
Where you not escape me
so do not make me mad.
Do not even think about Billie.
She is a good person.
- So that was shot and killed on the road.
- Who then died.
If the interface name millionaire
we will have a lot of money.
I'm just a little scared
Do not want to lose another one.
- Place the other right?
- Parking next.
Come on Casper.
He must pay the price.
The other corners?
He was here.
Italian guys are crazy.
Am I going to die?
'll Be fine.
Do not lose time.
What the hell is this?
Do not go anywhere.
I need to run around more?
Do you know where my wife is?
I do not know.
- I'm sorry, now we can not
work together anymore. - Wait a minute.
Thank you.
Come on.
Follow me.
Brother, here.
I'm afraid they will kill me, kill 2.
- Oh my God, are you okay?
- Yes.
I'm doing housework
they told to go into the city.
I think that you are to...
I fear they will kill you.
I'll take you home, okay?
I'm okay.
Who is this?
1 new person.
1 sellers.
- How did we get here?
- He is the way he used to save me.
Thank you.
- Sammy?
- No, Eddie.
Let me go?
Ok, what is going on?
He called me last night. You do not answer
the phone, and I guess everything.
Let me first car to the airport.
I guess they were about available
taxi for me, you know?
Damn you know the car.
Him into the car and they
no doubt.
He knows everything,
he understands the problem.
Him strangle driver,
I do not know anything. What do you want?
- Where is my wife?
- I do not know.
You tell them you held my wife
I will not care about you anymore, ok?
They arranged a driver to catch his
but he played opposite the driver.
Because they do not recognize him. And he
returned to the airport to find one as his object.
Black hair, blue shirt
and a brown briefcase.
How lucky driver
he knows everything.
He quickly handle the driver name
quit following his trunk.
His dressing him and tricked
both man, right?
Waiting for his chance.
I know, you are very lucky...
He caught this man?
Hey man, no?
What day do not know!
Flee c'mon.
I have a choice?
What tell me.
- No, nothing.
- He will take care about the police.
He would do best.
He will tell the truth.
What do you do with the person behind?
- Let him go through one period.
- I can not...
- You know I have to do that.
- Not at this time.
Go his bath helps.
In children.
He was dying.
I know.
I know.
What do you want to do for your mother?
You can do something for me?
Make your message a few things to my mother.
Tell her...
I was not ashamed of himself.
Tell her that I love her.
She was great.
But I know I do.
I will do that for you.
You'll be the one new man.
I also want to make my mother proud.
I became me how?
Just is not so...
Unable to care for her.
We have so many things to do.
Never interested in who I am, it
will make your life more peaceful.
I do not know why he took off,
lost credit card...
I also do not know who is
Casper, Billie, Italian guy...
and he never, never met anyone named Jack.
- Ok.
- I have not finished talking.
I know his name, where he lived,
I totally know what he looks like.
Four cops will fast for me, will go
find the name Jolie and Jack will find him.
- We understand each other, right?
- Well, get it.
Take care of his mother,
no one can replace him.
thank you.
Do not forget what I said.
Sir, you want to?