The Millions (2019) Movie Script

Sir, please wake up.
I need to be paid.
What did you say?
Good morning.
I'm leaving now, so I need my pay.
Look at good investment here.
Please be quick. Time is money.
Calm down.
You are....
You are too hot-tempered.
You guys stole my money?
Jesus, and I haven't paid tithe.
- What happened?
- Nothing, nothing happened.
What would happen now is...
I don't have any cash.
Oh, you would have
spoken up a long time ago.
You are such an intelligent lady.
We operate in a cashless society.
Cashless, my dear.
Well, if you don't mind me, I'll owe you--
Take a look at it.
Are we in the market?
- Big man.
- M-oh-Bem.
It's been a while.
It's really been a while, my friend.
...look like a piece of cake.
You are joking.
You are really joking.
...who used groundnut oil
and paper...
Groundnut oil, groundnut oil.
My face is my money-maker.
OK, calm down, please.
Your money? I have it.
I know everything.
Please don't be angry!
I swear,
if I knew it was your money,
I wouldn't have swindled this man.
I swear I wouldn't have swindled him.
Please move the gun.
I spent it.
Brother, stuff is expensive...
Hennessey that we buy
for 10,000 naira before
has inflated to 25,000.
Even a cup of garri
of 100 naira now is about 300.
Things have inflated, I swear.
Look at the situation,
we are in the same country.
Please shift the gun.
That will be hard.
Please help me out here.
Think about it properly.
You know that to go--
Wait, no, wait.
What I'm trying to say is...
You know the situation
of things now... It's not easy!
Don't you forgive?
It's real money
you're seeing there.
Guy, I will buy Madagascar.
I will buy White House
and bring it down to Lagos.
Guy, now. I've known you
in this business three months.
Are you now a fool?
Hey, don't be angry.
I didn't know you knew
so much. Show your wisdom.
I'm fine in this picture, though.
The car breaks down, then we
do everything we want to do here now.
Ooh, Jerome, why is everything
about you just unreliable?
You, you're not reliable!
Your car is also unreliable.
Boss, slow down, slow down.
What do you want us to do?
Carry the car on our heads?
Officer, I just said,
the car... The car broke down.
Put it in neutral.
Let's push the car.
Guy! Forget that interview!
Guy, not this time.
Bro, if you want us to get
this money, you'll have to follow us.
What if it is a set-up?
I'm not doubting you, bro.
Do you understand?
It's only you that has seen that money.
If I don't see you,
the gig is canceled. You feel me?
I brought you into this.
No, don't even go there.
Listen up.
Keep quiet...
Wow! You're quite harsh.
You amaze me.
So, what happened
to your charm? Did you sell it?
Empty heads!
you're not meant to say
that nonsense!
With the right money.
It's not about drawing civil,
whatever you call it, on the wall.
Please ensure
to get it properly this time.'ll hear a gunshot.
Do I look like a horse?
Who is "us"?
What did you make of it?
Lying about going
to the toilet, that he wants to poo.
They all look like thieves.
Working on what?
OK, explain the measure.
You hear me? Don't.
At this rate we the less privileged
will relate with the rich soon.
You just don't have sense.
Please stop it.
Anything is possible.
What do you think?
All of us have our own problems, OK?
...and someone's busy womanizing.
So, you'll tell everyone
what I said, right?
I have concubines. Who you be?
Who you be? Who you be?
Who you be?
- Can you hear anything?
- I can't hear anything.
I heard something.
Well, that's how madness begins.
Have you heard it now?
It seems like someone
is digging something here.
What do you think
they are digging here?
Give it to them!
What's up now?
What is the problem?
Just a little.
I don't want to waste any time.
Why are you acting this way?
After all the alcohol I took.
It was because of you
I drank and I'm horny.
I want to have sex
with you right here.
I promise
we won't waste any time at all.
- Just a little.
- What is wrong with you?
- You wouldn't enter at all.
- Don't you trust me?
Why are you acting
like burnt noodles?
That's how you'll talk,
then do otherwise.
Don't worry.
It's just you and I.
Oh, man, this is the life.
I thought you said it was just the tip?
What happened?
When did you start that you have finished?
I've been knocking
since I don't know...
Take, give her.
Give her.
The party's over!
You guys are the best.
The party is over!
For your information,
the owner of this house
is a military general!
Move quickly.
Hope no problem?
Don't be angry,
I didn't know you'll react like that.
Who is this?
Thank you, medical doctor. Idiot!
Where is the money, man?
Don't you know money is life?
You wouldn't die peacefully.
The owner of this house
is a military general!