The Mimic (2016) Movie Script

(rain pouring)
(thunder rolling)
- [Roman] Daddy? Daddy?
- Yes, Roman?
- [Roman] I can't sleep,
I don't like my new room.
- You'll get used to it, I promise.
Just get back to bed, you
have school in the morning.
- [Roman] Dad?
Can I sleep with you and mom tonight?
- You're gonna have to
be brave for me, buddy.
That's the only way you're gonna
get used to this new house,
just give it a few nights, okay?
(thunder rolling)
- [Roman] Daddy?
I want Max here.
- It's probably still packed up.
I promise I'll look for
it in the morning, okay?
Stay in bed and get back to sleep.
(tense music)
Roman, what did I tell
you about gettin' out of--
(slow, tense music)
- [Roman] Dad?
I wanna sleep in your bed tonight.
(slow, tense music)
- Sarah?
- Hi daddy.
(slow, tense music)
- [Man] Hey Roman, wake up.
You wanna sleep in our bed tonight?
(tense music)
(rain pouring)
(thunder rolling)
- [Man] Man this thing kind of itches.
(tense, dramatic music)
I can't get it off, I
can't get this thing off!
Get this thing off me!