The Miracle Club (2023) Movie Script

Nana! Nana!
Hurry up, I need a pee.
Hurry, hurry.
Come on, Nana.
Let me see you.
God knows what
she's come up with this time.
Ma, we've been
here ages. Come on.
Ma, he's going to wet himself.
Would you's ever wait?
I'm trying to do me hair.
We've been waiting.
- Would you hurry up?
- I'm bursting.
We want to
see you. Come on out.
- Are you's ready now?
- Yes!
- Jesus!
- What?
Open up, you bastard.
I'll put
it back, God, I swear.
Hiya, son.
Hiya, Rosie.
Are you hiding?
Where did Rosie go?
Daniel, where's Rosie?
- Jeez, give us a look at you.
- Wash your hands.
have you any money?
- Why do you need it?
- Pilgrimage.
What bleeding pilgrimage?
We're entering a talent contest.
The winner gets two tickets
to go to Lourdes
with the parish.
Dolly, I don't care what
you do, win or lose,
you're not taking
him to Lourdes.
- Why not?
- Because I'm out there
every day, breaking me bollocks
and you want to give
our money to the church?
- They have loads.
- We've been to all the doctors
in Dublin, and they don't
know what's wrong with him.
And some faker in
Lourdes is going to know?
Miracles happen there, George.
He could speak.
That's all we want.
We can't just give up on him.
Look, maybe he
doesn't want to talk.
That's fine with me.
Where's Rosie? Find Rosie.
You going to feed the meter?
Oh, Maureen, the
things I do for you.
You're probably up there in
stitches, laughing at me.
Let's see
if Tommy can do that.
And he said "I
heard you the first time."
Right. Here you are,
love. Mind how you go.
Chrissie Aherne?
- Father Dermot.
- Yeah.
Thank you...
for contacting me.
I'm sorry I was too late.
My flight was cancelled.
- I...
- You're here now.
That's all that matters.
Let me offer you my
heartfelt condolences.
The death of a parent
is a terrible loss.
I'm fine.
- Big turnout for the vigil.
- Well now, you see,
we have the Holy Cross All
Stars Talent Contest tonight.
It's been planned for months.
It's a... it's a
fundraiser for Lourdes.
Your mother was on the committee
and she worked so hard
to make it a success
and everyone felt that she'd
want us to go ahead with it.
We kind of feel it's sort
of like Maureen's wake.
I hope you don't think
we're being insensitive.
It's fine.
May I have the keys
to the house, please?
I'm sorry, yeah, of course.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
- A lot of flowers.
- Hm.
Let me know how much it
cost. I'll pay you back.
The parish didn't
pay for the flowers.
Who did it?
Your mother's friend, Lily Fox.
- Tommy.
- Yeah.
Would you, would you give
me a hand with this zip?
- I can't...
- Yeah.
God be with the days
when somebody died,
the whole street went dark.
Now, look at us. We're off to
do a bloody cabaret.
How do I look?
You look lovely.
I went to visit Declan today,
asked him to bring us luck.
You're not
visiting our son,
you're visiting a
pile of bad memories
stuffed with rocks and statues
that don't mean anything.
I asked him to watch
over me tonight.
What do you want to be
going to Lourdes for anyway?
I've always wanted to
go there, all my life.
And look, look, I'm
running out of chances.
- Can't catch me.
- I'll get you, Patrick.
You're finished with him.
- Get back here.
- He's a waster, that fella.
The sooner you get rid
of him, the better.
I don't want to
get rid of him, Ma.
Besides, where are
you going to live?
Not here. We're bursting.
We've put our names
down for a house.
Maybe we'll get
Auntie Maureen's.
Christ on a bike! Can
we bury her first?
Where the hell are you going?
- Out.
- You are on your arse.
- I'm going to the pub.
- No, you're bloody-well not.
You're minding
them kids for once.
I'm going to the charity show.
Sure, why do you want to win
a trip to bleeding Lourdes?
I'm going out.
One of these days
you'll come home,
and I won't be
shagging-well here.
Promises, promises.
You're minding them kids.
- I'm not minding them.
- Oh, yeah, you are.
Now, stop your whinging
and do my hair.
There was an old woman
And she lived in the woods
Okay. Ready? Do it again.
Three, two, one, go.
There was an old woman
And she lived in the woods
Weile, weile, waile
Give me a hand with
this, will you?
will you wish me luck?
Good luck.
She had a
baby Six months old
Down by the river
She had a pen knife
Long and sharp
Weile, weile, waile
She had a...
Ladies, what's the name?
Em. Oh, it's just us, Father.
Mrs. Lily Fox and
Mrs. Eileen Dunne.
- Of the act.
- Oh, the Lourdettes.
We have one of them already.
Erm, erm. The Miracles.
The Miracles.
First prize,
two tickets to Lourdes
and then second prize
is a bacon joint.
Best of luck.
Oh, my nerves are
What's wrong with you?
Oh, just a little bump,
just a little one.
- Is it, is it sore?
- Sore?
- When you, when you touch it.
- I don't think so.
Oh, well, that's a
good sign, isn't it?
If it's not sore.
There you go,
that's a great sign.
How come?
Well, if it was the
other way round,
you'd should be in trouble.
I thought if it's not
sore, you have it.
Oh, look at your hair,
it's coming down.
Thanks, Lil.
I have to say, girls, I
think we have this one.
We're next.
- No, Lily, don't worry.
- Oh, Jesus!
All you need to
do is look pretty.
- God, Holy Mary.
- Okay?
Do lang do lang do
lang, Do lang do lang
He's so fine
Wish he were mine
That handsome
boy Over there
The one with the wavy hair
I don't know how
I'm going to do it
But I'm going
To make him mine
If it takes me forever
- He's so fine - Oh, yeah
- Got to be mine
- Oh, yeah
- Sooner or
later - Oh, yeah
- I hope it's not
later - Oh, yeah
- Got to get
together - Oh, yeah
- Sooner the
better - Oh, yeah
I just can't wait
I just can't wait
To be held in his arms
If I were a queen
And he asked me
To leave my throne
I'll do anything
That he asks
Anything to make him my own
- For he's so
fine - So fine
- So fine - So fine
- He's so fine - So fine
So fine
Well, let's
hear it for The Miracles.
Absolutely brilliant, ladies.
- Well done. Enjoy your night.
- Thank you.
Yes, yeah, thank you.
That was great, honestly.
We'll win. I know it.
I don't believe it.
Mother of God.
Who is it?
Auntie Maureen's daughter.
- Mrs. Aherne had a daughter?
- Yeah.
Risen from the dead.
I wouldn't have recognized you.
Okay, 40 years will
do that to you.
It'll do a lot of things to you.
Well, I'm sorry for your loss.
Eileen, hi.
Oh, you remember me. I was...
I was sure you wouldn't.
- Yeah, who forgets family?
- Yeah, who does that?
I'm Dolly Hennessey,
one of the neighbors.
Very sorry for your loss.
Your Ma was a great neighbor.
Thank you.
It's very nice to
meet you, Dolly.
- You were very good up there.
- Thank you.
How much were the flowers?
I want to pay you back.
I bought them for your mother.
She didn't think you'd be here.
Why would she think that?
Have you ever come
back in 40 years?
For the flowers.
I don't need that.
It was an honor. Your
mother was a saint.
Well now, who'd have thunk it?
Maureen's daughter, and
coming all this way.
And only a little bit late.
Yes, but it's great
to have her back.
Marvelous, absolutely
bloody marvelous.
We all
thought she was dead.
She kept her figure all
the same though, didn't she?
I didn't notice a ring. Did you?
Who'd have her, Lily?
She's sour milk, that one.
I can't believe you's
are badmouthing her
and her mother only dead.
She never cared about
her mother, Dolly.
Coming back 40 years later
when the poor woman's gone.
She was a friend.
Eileen, Eileen was
everything for Chrissie.
Being an only child,
Eileen looked out for
her, protected her.
They were cousins
and best friends.
You never mentioned this before.
Eileen, Chrissie and my Declan,
you couldn't put a couple of
cigarette paper between them.
- But why did she go to America?
- She had to leave.
- What do you mean?
- Dolly,
some things are best left
unsaid. Now, leave it.
It be on the 23rd of June
The day before the fair
When Ireland's sons And
daughters and friends
Assemble there
At the parish
church in Cluny
Many miles from
Spancil Hill
Dolly, Peter wants you
to have the tickets...
- so Daniel can go to Lourdes.
- So, he can learn to talk.
Thank you,
Oh, oh. My heart.
What a boy you are.
That is so good of him.
- Daniel.
- You're going to Lourdes.
We're going to
- We're going with Lily.
- It's wonderful.
And I heard a loud voice
from the throne saying,
"Look, God's dwelling place
is now amongst the people,
and he will dwell with them.
They will be his people
and God himself will be
with them and be their God.
He will wipe every
tear from their eyes.
There will be no more
death or mourning
or crying or pain...
for the old order of
things has passed away."
Is Mrs. Fox going to Lourdes
to grow her leg back?
No, my love.
Her leg is not
going to grow back.
She's going to help
Dolly and Daniel.
Wonderful service, Father.
It came to me all of a sudden,
Maureen's ticket to Lourdes,
it's terrible for
it to go to waste.
I have this lump on my breast.
I see. And have you been
to the doctor with it?
Oh, no.
I want to go to Lourdes.
Since poor Maureen is gone,
she'd want her ticket
put to good use.
I'll see what I can do.
Bless you, Father.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Your Ma asked me to give you
this in case you came home.
"Dear Chrissie,
if you are reading this,
it means you came
for my funeral,
so thank you for that.
I remember you
saying when you left
that you'd only come
back when I was dead.
Welcome home.
I don't know the pain and
the joy that you've known.
I guess I don't really
know you at all,
not the you that is
reading this today.
But you're here, and
that tells me everything.
I've been saving
for a very long time
to come and see you in America.
I always wanted to see Boston.
We are more alike
than you think.
We both carry our
pain too proudly.
I know you have no love
for Lily Fox or Eileen.
I don't blame you for that,
but it's a heavy load to carry.
I've left something for you
in the top drawer of
my dressing table.
I'm sorry for what I said.
I'm sorry for what I did.
The last words you
hear from a mother
shouldn't be angry ones.
I love you, Chrissie,
with all my heart.
God bless."
Hello, hello?
How are you, Chrissie?
My mother is dead,
I'm in a place I swore I
would never come back to,
everyone is happy
as ever to see me,
so overall, I'd
say, yeah, mixed.
You seem a little cross, maybe.
You think?
- From my mother.
- Thank you.
Put it to good use. Just
do not give it to the nuns.
This is your mother's
voucher for Lourdes.
Give it to someone who needs
it. I don't need a cure.
Not everyone goes to
Lourdes for a cure.
What was she looking for, then?
I think she'd like you
to go in her place.
Take the voucher.
I don't need it.
Chrissie wanted you to have it.
You didn't tell her
about my lump, did you?
No, no, no, no, no.
Strictly between ourselves.
Congratulations. You're
coming to Lourdes.
It's a
service of gratitude
to God and Our Lady.
Service of gratitude
to my bleeding arse.
It's one big gimmick to
squeeze my money out of me.
Do you not know the
"Song of Bernadette"?
- How does it go again?
- It's not a song, it's a film.
It's about St Bernadette
and how she saw the
Blessed Virgin at Lourdes.
You're not going to
no bleeding Lourdes.
I have to go, Frank, please.
You got something
all of a sudden?
Course not.
You're not going on any
holiday in the French Riviera
with Father Too Good-looking
for his own bleeding good.
You think I can't
see what's going on?
I'll be helping Dolly and Daniel
and the other poor unfortunates.
that's a good one.
What about me? I'm
the unfortunate one.
Who's going to have to do
the cooking and the cleaning
and minding the children?
Not me, I can tell
you. That's your job.
Will you go and
sell that ticket?
I'm not selling it.
Sell it! Sell it to
some poor unfortunate.
- Joe, how are you?
- Good morning, Father.
There's nobody here yet
but they'll be along anon.
Right, I better go
in and get my bag.
You can't go. I won't allow it.
- I'm going.
- What'll I do on me own?
I'll be back before you know it.
Now, will you stop
making me feel bad?
- What if something happens?
- Go back to bed, Tommy.
You'll be safe there.
Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy, will
you tell Mr. Dunne
we've got a leak. Would
he call over right away?
- Yes, Mrs. Fox.
- Good lad.
I didn't see a leak.
Well, it's all wet
in the bathroom.
Just a mo.
I think it's the lav.
I've got to hurry,
I've got to hurry.
I'm going to Tom
and Lily's house.
They have a leak.
Oh, I hope it's not too bad.
Don't burn your
father's sausages,
whatever you do.
And remember Patrick's
asthma medicine.
And look, if you still want
to marry your sweetie pie
after you've cooked and
cleaned and scrubbed for a week
while he sits in the pub and
talks shite with the lads,
who am I to stand in
the way of true love?
Do you mean that, Ma?
Now, be good to them.
What are you doing?
Kissing you goodbye.
It's not like I'm going
down to the shops.
I'm going abroad. To France.
To France?
I thought you were
going to Lourdes.
- But you are coming back, Ma?
- Maybe, maybe not.
Eileen, you
made it. Show me that bag.
- I'll put it in the back.
- Thank you, Father.
- Hello, hello.
- Come and sit down.
You are here.
- Where's Dolly?
- I don't know.
She should be here, surely.
Sorry, son, you're
going nowhere.
Jesus, Dolly, don't start.
What's that?
- We're going to Lourdes.
- You are, me bollocks.
Ruth in Number 45
said she'd mind Rosie
while you're at work.
Dolly. Dolly!
If you go out that door,
don't bleeding
bother coming back.
Oh, oh, no!
Father, no, we can't
go, we can't go.
- We can't. Dolly is not here.
- We can't wait any longer
otherwise we won't
make it to the ferry.
- Fire ahead there, Joe.
- A catastrophe!
On, no, I can't believe it.
Wait, wait, wait!
- Wait a minute.
- There they are.
- Stop, stop!
- She has to sit here.
- Thank God, they're here.
- Oh, my God.
My dear girl,
where were you?
The skin
of your teeth, Dolly.
Oh, yeah, as yours.
- Oh, come on in.
- Daniel, come along.
Hello, Father.
- There we go.
- Thank you.
- Oh!
- You can go ahead now.
Thank you.
- Holy Mary, Mother of God.
- I don't shagging believe it.
Welcome, Chrissie.
There's a place here
if you don't mind
sitting alongside me.
Excuse me.
To Lourdes, driver.
What's your name?
- Daniel.
- Wow.
Hi, Daniel. I'm Chrissie.
He doesn't talk yet.
My Ma says he'll talk when
he's something to say.
Isn't that right, Daniel?
Very sensible.
Look, Daniel.
Daniel, look,
there's the Basilica.
- Welcome to Lourdes.
- Oh.
Oh, Father, I can't believe it.
We're here, we're
really here.
- Ah!
- Bonjour.
I've always wanted
a bellboy to carry my bags.
Isn't it gorgeous?
Hotel de Bernadette.
Chrissie, I have you
in room number eight.
- Hm.
- See you later.
You, number 14.
Please, this way.
Isn't this lovely?
Don't you get talking to
that one at all, Dolly.
Who? Chrissie?
What the hell
is she doing here?
I think she just wanted a break
with her Ma passing
and all that.
I'll tell you what she's up to.
Father Dermot, that's
what she's after.
It appears I am
sharing with you.
And look, the Basilica.
Isn't it beautiful?
Is there only one bed?
Your Ma wouldn't have fussed.
Well... I
am not my mother.
Ain't that the truth.
What does that mean?
Show some respect, Chrissie.
This is a holy place.
Father's taking
us to the grotto,
and he's booked the
baths for tomorrow.
See you downstairs, Lil.
Whatever the reason you came,
it wasn't to sit
in a hotel room.
I wasn't
expecting all this.
All what?
- Selling.
- Selling.
You'd think it was Liberty
Market back in Dublin.
I suppose.
I thought our Lord
hated all that
when he chased them
out of the temple.
Hard to believe
though, isn't it?
Her coming after having Jesus
to coming here to Lourdes?
And France, like.
I mean...
Why did she suddenly show
up after all these years?
I'm asking myself
the same thing.
What you got there, Daniel?
Ah. It's so pretty.
I'll treat you, Daniel. Not
a word to Frank, you hear?
And I'll have 12 of
them miraculous medals.
Let's go and have a
look at those rosary beads.
We could get one for Grandma.
Mother of God!
I can't believe it.
Our Blessed Lady in Heaven.
where she appeared,
right there on that spot.
When you think of all
she went through...
watching her poor son...
She's picked a good place
to stand, all the same.
- What?
- So, we could all see her.
Do you believe she
really came here?
The Virgin Mary picked
this spot and that girl?
Yes, yes, I do.
Whether she did or
not, is unimportant.
You might want to
keep that to yourself.
Wonder what that
one came here for.
Well, maybe our
Lady brought her.
I think she's nice.
So is her clothes.
Would you stop staring?
People hate to be stared at.
Look, isn't it beautiful?
See, that's where all
the crutches used to hang
from all the miracles.
We'll find a miracle
for you, Daniel.
Daniel, Lily's talking to you.
It's all right,
love, never mind.
God, imagine though.
If we seen one happening
right in front of our eyes,
a miracle like.
I think I'd die if I
seen people get up,
throw their crutches
away and walk.
But it might not be
crutches, Eileen.
Other things get cured, too.
Tumors and things you can't see.
Now, that's right.
How do we know there wasn't
hundreds of them cures?
Sure, look at Lily over there.
What about Lily over there?
Well, you don't need a crutch.
Excuse me?
For your leg. You
don't need a crutch to walk,
so if you got a cure now
you wouldn't have a crutch
to put up on the wall.
I didn't come here looking
for my leg to grow longer,
for God's sake.
I wouldn't know what
to do with myself.
In fact, I'd probably
lose my balance.
How in the name of Jesus
am I supposed to do this?
Do what your wife
does every day.
- What's that?
- Give us your hand.
Oh. Hmm.
Did your poor wife
pass away on you?
What? Jesus, no.
- She's in Lourdes.
- Lourdes?
Well, there's a
miracle for her now.
You, shopping.
Best of luck to you.
- Oh.
- Jesus, poor Ma.
Don't know why she
hasn't left you already.
On, sorry, I forgot.
She has left you.
Is she not coming back?
Well, ask yourself,
Da, why would she?
Rosie, hold still.
Rosie, Rosie.
Stop it.
- Come on, Rosie.
- Mama.
No, Mama's not here.
There you go.
I think we have it.
shoes, blue nails
A blue dress
That never fails
There's no color
In the rainbow
That my girl can't be
Mm. Mm.
"She'll ruin your life."
Isn't that
what you said to Declan?
- "She'll ruin your life"?
- Not now, Chrissie.
I was 17.
I was pregnant.
We were so happy.
We were so... How was I
going to ruin his life?
I thought you were
trying to trap him.
He was my son, my only son.
I wanted him to have a
better life than I had.
We would have.
How did you manage it?
How did you convince
her to shut me out?
Your mother did her best,
but with your father dead there
was no-one to reel you in.
There was no talking
to you. You were wild.
Your mother forgave me.
God punished me, didn't he?
Taking my boy like that.
He punished all of us.
No tea, no eggs, no sausages.
It's no breakfast at all.
Must be what it's
like in a convent.
Here, I'm gonna take
this up to Daniel.
Not like there is at home.
Want to taste?
We used to pick blackberries.
You and me, and Declan.
We'd lie on the grass,
and we'd eat them,
and we'd brag about
our future, and...
...oh, God. We
were so full of ourselves.
Declan and you...
and me.
I never heard you
come in last night.
You must have been late.
Well, I'm glad I
didn't wake you.
to Father Dermot?
A priest.
You always did love a challenge.
Declan could swim like a fish.
Makes you wonder how
he, of all people...
would drown.
Where's Lily?
Her leg was hurting
this morning.
Are you
coming to the baths?
- No.
- You okay?
It's just me leg. You go ahead.
I'll catch up with
you's all later.
So, it's...
- You look pale.
- I must have overdone it.
You seem to know
what you're doing.
Chrissie, Chrissie, the
baby. What happened?
Your pulse is normal.
I think we need to
get you a wheelchair.
Now, you need to take it
easy on that leg today.
I'll go fetch a chair.
Now, is everyone
set? Everyone ready?
Well, here we go. This
is what we came for.
Now, be strong.
Whatever you might see,
the heartbreak of
the world is upon us.
- Is that someone dying?
- It's the water.
They say it's bitter cold.
They're not stepping in
the same water as us,
- are they?
- Oh, of course, they are.
But that's a bit much.
We'll be catching infections.
Oh, no, you won't catch a thing.
This is Lourdes.
It's another miracle.
Our Lady told everyone
to come and bathe...
in the miraculous water.
That's the man!
It's a miracle.
He's after walking.
It is a miracle.
Get him in, get him in quick.
- Her Lady is here.
- Oh, come on Daniel.
We're only here five minutes
and there's one already.
Get Daniel in.
I touched him, I touched him.
Get him
in the same bath.
Tres bien, come on down.
Come on.
Come down.
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
It's nice.
Come on, Daniel, please.
I'm serious now, come on.
- Daniel.
- Jesus!
We're ready.
I'm not.
I believe you had
a miracle today.
The poor crippled
man who ran out.
Ah, no, false alarm.
Every day we have one.
- Really?
- Every day.
But only the men.
Always the men.
You know what men are like.
But the real miracles like,
how many a day would you get?
You're all right, Daniel?
Daniel, did you say something?
Say it again. Come on, come on.
- Dolly...
- You can do it. I'm listening.
- Just give him a minute.
- Say, Ma.
- Ma. Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma.
- Dolly.
We should try again, maybe.
Oh, he only touched the water.
If we could get
him all the way in.
Dolly, just...
just look at him.
Let him tell you what
he's trying to say.
I'm so sorry, my love.
So, sorry.
- I'm a terrible mother.
- Oh.
Stop it. Dolly,
it's just not true.
- Well, that's that then.
- What?
Guess how many miracles
there is after being.
- How many? What?
- Sixty-two.
- Sixty-two.
- That's very good in one day.
Not in a day.
Well, in a week,
that's still very good.
Not in a week...
since she first
appeared in 1858.
Oh, it couldn't be.
I have to tell you, I'm
very disappointed, Lily.
Frank was right. It's
all a bloody gimmick.
Oh, that looks lovely.
Lovely bit of stew.
There you go. Now, uh...
want a bit more?
No, it's really good
for you, you know.
Oh, boy. Uh, eat.
I said eat.
- It's good.
- Mm-hm.
hardly burnt at all.
Excuse me, you always expect
a certain amount of burn
with the stew.
Ugh, I can't eat it.
That was a bit curt.
A little abrupt.
Come on, eat up.
I didn't know
you had it in you, Da.
- Hm.
- I... I don't.
I... I made it up
as I went along.
It's not as good
as Ma's, anyway.
Well, nothing is as
good as Ma's, you know.
You put your right foot in
You put your right foot out
You put your right foot in
And you shake it all about
You do the hokey pokey And
you turn yourself around
That's what it's all about
You put your left...
And now, she's St
Bernadette all of a sudden.
I don't give
a shite anymore.
Raising six children is,
obviously, not good
enough for some people.
And a nursemaid
to ten grand kids.
You do the hokey pokey And
you turn yourself around
I love them little feckers.
Now, don't upset yourself.
...left hand in And
you shake it all about
You do the hokey, pokey And
you turn yourself around
- That's what it's
all about - Hey
You better go to bed.
- Excellent.
- Thank you, Chrissie.
Goodnight, Daniel.
That was good, Daniel.
Now, off you go to bed.
God bless, hey.
Goodnight, Lily.
Anyone else have
a song for us now?
- Oh, Eileen, give us a song.
- Right, you are,
so I don't have to listen
to Chrissie Aherne anymore.
Well, there was an old woman
And she lived in the woods
Weila weila waila
There was an old woman
And she lived in the woods
Down by the River Saile
She had a penknife
long And sharp
Down by the River Saile
That's enough now,
Are you the woman
Who killed a child...
You can't sing that song here.
Do you not like it, Father?
Were you never a child?
We used to skip to it.
You're in Lourdes now, Eileen.
Don't you dare
lecture me, laddie.
Dragging people halfway
around the world,
only to disappoint them
when there is no miracles.
It's a con. It's a
sham. You're a conman.
Come on, its bedtime,
Eileen. Come on.
Palling around with
Chrissie Aherne.
If you ladies forgive me,
I'll... I'll... I'll...
I can't believe you's, Eileen,
carrying on like a corner
boy in Lourdes.
I'm sorry. Sorry, Lily.
- Lily, I'm sorry.
- Oh, it's all right.
It's all right.
- Come on, we'll go to bed.
- I am sorry, Lily.
I just want to go home
and be with my kids.
Come on, now.
Apologies, Father.
Why did you leave
and never come back?
I was banished, Eileen.
You were there. You remember.
And who told them
about the pregnancy?
You were my best friend.
You were the only one I told.
Why didn't you give the baby
to the nuns as you was told?
- Come on, Eileen. Come on.
- Don't start with me...
Pretending all these
years it was an accident.
It was the guilt
that killed Declan.
You killed him with the guilt.
- Apologies, Father.
- It's okay.
Poor woman.
Her condition at present
though, it's hardly surprising.
I just can't live
with what I've done.
Dolly, just breathe.
Here. Come, come sit.
I have to make a confession.
I'll get Father Dermot.
Oh, I don't think he'll
come after all that.
Well, I have to confess me sin.
What sin, Dolly?
I ruined him.
What did you do?
Did you smack him,
Dolly? We all do that.
You get overwhelmed.
The trauma in the womb...
what I done on him.
What did you do?
I tried to miscarry him.
Oh, that's old
wives' tales, Dolly.
None of them work.
Between ourselves, I threw
myself down the stairs
more times than I
had hot dinners.
Thank God, they came
out the same way.
What one did you do, Dolly?
I can't.
Oh, it's best you
get it off your chest.
You'll see yourself,
it's probably nothing.
Now, how... how...
how did you try?
Just leave her alone.
- She doesn't wanna say.
- But I want to tell.
- I have to confess.
- No. No, you don't have to.
Guilt is killing
her, isn't it, Dolly?
Go on, Dolly, love.
- I filled the bath with water.
- Dolly, don't tell them.
You can tell us, Dolly.
You filled the bath up
and then what happened?
It was freezing,
just like today...
and then I got the whisky.
Five bottles.
Five bottles?
You could have killed yourself
drinking five bottles of whisky.
I didn't drink them.
What did you do with them then?
I poured them in the bath.
What did you do that for?
You know why. I
sat in it to make it pass.
That's how I know
I done it to him.
You didn't do anything, Dolly.
Sure, I mean...
he's perfect, Daniel.
You didn't do anything, Dolly.
It has to be boiling water.
How do you
know, Chrissie?
Because when I made
it to Boston...
my landlady...
she knew.
She knew I was sick every day.
I think she was used
to girls like me.
She told me I couldn't stay...
and she gave me a
name and an address.
So, I went just a
few blocks away...
and this woman...
she gave me pills.
She gave me something to drink.
did what she had to do
and then...
she put me in a bathtub.
The water has to be boiling.
Oh, thank you.
Would you take me to the
baths in the morning?
Would you?
Eileen was only
doing what she thought
was best for you, same
as your Ma and me.
told us you were...
you were leaving.
God, he loved you, Chrissie.
He wanted to marry you...
have the baby with you.
I should never have meddled.
It's because... it's
because of me...
- he's dead.
- Oh, Lily.
Oh, no.
We lied to him.
Yeah, we were ashamed.
We lied.
I lied.
I told him...
you were going to America
to find a better life...
and that you'd done with him.
And it destroyed him.
I destroyed him as sure
as I gave him life.
Now, I'm old, Chrissie.
I'll be dying...
soon enough.
If it's a cold as...
Eileen says it is,
it'll be very s... soon.
But I... I couldn't go...
We're ready for
you now, my darling.
Without trying to
tell you what...
Thank you.
Oh, Jesus.
I was hoping she
might come to me.
- Who? The Virgin Mary?
- No.
No, your mother, Maureen.
I was hoping she might...
tell me what to expect,
you know, when I...
when I got up there.
If I get there, I don't
suppose I deserve that.
I mean, I...
I haven't believed, you know?
Not properly, not
since, Declan, you know?
But I... I... I
didn't have the heart
to say that to your mother.
you wouldn't have wanted
to take that away from her.
She loved it.
All the hocus pocus.
Well, there's always
hope, isn't there?
Um, even... even when you
don't completely believe.
that's what I hope for.
I'm glad you came
home, Chrissie.
Your mother would
have been so proud.
I've... I've no right
to ask you this, but...
can you ever forgive me?
Thank you.
Thank you, Chrissie.
I'm sorry about
last night, Father.
I don't take it back.
You're, uh, what
do you call it...
I gather the baths didn't help.
You don't come to Lourdes
for a miracle, Eileen.
You come for the strength
to go on when there
is no miracle.
I loved you.
I loved you and you left.
So, I hated you.
I didn't mean to...
but I did.
But I never hated you...
more than I loved you.
And that is what God's
punishing me for.
- The hate.
- Punishing you?
I have a lump...
in my breast.
- There'll be no miracle for me.
- What does the doctor say?
Have you been to a doctor?
Why can't people like
us have miracles?
Why can't I have a miracle?
I go to Mass.
- I come to Lourdes.
- We'll go together...
to the doctor. We'll
find you the best one.
I'll go with you.
- Does it hurt?
- Yeah.
- And that's bad, isn't it?
- No. That's... that's hopeful.
Are you losing weight?
Does it look like
I've lost weight?
You cow.
That is a very, very good sign.
George told me that
if I went to Lourdes
- I shouldn't bother coming back.
- I'm sure he didn't mean it.
Okay. Go get him, come on.
Wish me luck.
Hi. We've missed you.
It was terrible
quiet without you.
We missed you.
Hiya, son.
Did you enjoy yourself?
Let me see.
That is something.
- Ah, love. Long lost love.
- We missed you.
Who is this little man?
- It's so good to see you.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi, Nana.
Oh... ...darling,
darling, look at you.
Look at you.
Ah, let a man at
that, would you?
Frank, what have you done now?
- Just trying to make you happy.
- Happy?
What do you mean, happy?
- Great to have you back.
- Oh.
I think I had me a miracle.
I actually missed you.
Oh, Tommy!
- You're still alive.
- Just about.
Thought I'd hang around,
wanted to see your face.
Oh, bless you, Tommy.
You look...
You too.
- Where's Rosie?
- Where's she gone?
Where is she?
There she is. There's Rosie.
Where's she gone?
- There's Rosie.
- Home.
I'm just got to go
and see, you know...
I know, I know.
Thank you. See you.
I want to show you something.
Will you come with
me? It's not that far.
It's a walk
I never thought
I'd take with you.