The Miracle of the Bells (1948) Movie Script

Come one yeah yeah
You mr. Dunnigan yeah I'm Nicola how do
you deal better on the loan huh
hurry up there we haven't got all day
Are you the husband of the deceased back
there no I'm just a friend I see they're
quite surprised and I got your telegram
from Hollywood yes never had a client
from Hollywood before thought I knew
every family in coal town just cope hmm
never heard of him huh no family in coal
town by that name tress Kovner willing
to betcha auger tress Goldner was her
professional name I see
she was an actress
you don't say
used to live in coldtown huh what's her
real name Tolga Truckee
what you mean stand Rocky's kid he was a
coal miner
Stan Sharkey was no miner he was on lush
I gave him a first class hundred dollar
funeral his kid I'll go arrange for it
in person deadbeats both of them never
paid me boy are you starving it's four
years since I buried her drunken par for
nothing and I ain't burying any more
deadbeats until they pay up you mean
right now
I've waited four years it was a $90
funeral not a hundred she told me she
paid you 10 that leaves 80 give me $20
no no what about the extras the flowers
for the grave and pallbearers at 2 bucks
apiece out of my own pocket I'm a
respectable businessman mr. Dunnigan I
never cheated nobody in my life and when
I say a hundred bucks it's a hundred
my mistake mr. Olaf not noticing your
fine qualities
people think dying is cheap but let me
tell you what's the Dunnigan that it
costs more to be buried than to be born
yes sir when you figure all the
incidental up I was only saying you've
said enough.
You'll be home soon kid why anyone would
want to come back to this flea-bitten
end of the world I don't know but that's
what you wanted so you're here
that's all I can do for you ride with
you tell you what I love you that's
what's driving me crazy but I waited
till now to tell you but I've got to see
it now I love you baby I love him I
guess I loved you the first time I saw
your face show business is full of
beautiful faces and I'd seen them all
but I never saw one like yours baby
never liked yours
You what's your name
I'll get this corner ok Olga the first
rule of dancing a girl has to stay on
our feet okay get back in line
try it again give my pickup Freddie what
we open in four days all right so it's a
very nice show so what they pay to see
you don't think I look I'm not asking
you to act I'm not asking you to sing
good only loud there's only one thing I
ask you like a brother I ask you give me
this this is all right one not one two
three yeah okay have you got it
have you got it all right fine again
give him a pick up Freddie
You're breaking my heart
look miss I have a time for beginners
step out of the line please come back
when you've learned something western
please no will do without you step out
please let me try again
I learned I will I'll stay after
rehearsal please give me another chance
nah no can do I haven't the time please
go on Tommy give the kid a break who's
that Dunnigan Oh Tommy
what are you doing slumming hi a big boy
I saw your name on science pot maybe I
could buy you a drink you buy me a drink
I owe you a million the world's greatest
press agent meet the world's worst
chorus girl okay ladies take a half hour
well Freddie Evans didn't it all right
nice to see you Freddie
they taught me give me a favor would you
do your favor
should I just mention it but buddy work
with that new kid you can have her
dancing like Pablo in an hour
well listen bill that kid's got two left
feet oh come on what do you care she's a
nice girl
oh you know her huh I've never seen him
before I just like her face and she
needs the job come on give her a break
okay that's your pleasure hey pretty you
take her and work with her I'll be back
in a half hour you'll be able to show me
that pivot or else I will Thanks and
thank you so much mr. Mr. Dunnigan you.
SAP bill Dunnigan never mind the thanks
just get that pivot I will mr. Tanika
come on Big Boy
it's like old times.
That's where it began and this is where
it ends
your hormone
Take that chair there please hello Eddie
this mr. Olaf I'm back from medical
anybody been trying to get me you don't
have to use that tone of voice
mr. Dunnigan as I told you I was stung
once on the truck keys and I don't want
to be stoned again no hard feelings I
hope no hard feelings just honest
business that's fine
okay the job will cost you 150 bucks
hundred and fifty that includes
transportation from the train to coal
town of course one-eighth included is
pallbearers in case you want them you
don't have to happen you understand that
I want them then you'll need six that's
two dollars a piece
could you get some of her father's
friend stack as pallbearers or some
people who knew her you mean free no
now look Stan rocky was a sweet guy I'm
sure he must have had some friends would
be glad to do it
you think I'm trying to shake you down
huh all right I'll introduce you to some
of his friends come on you'll see if you
can get him free come on you'll see I
Want to ask you a question in front of
this gentleman I just want to ask if any
of you remember Stan Kroenke stand yeah
Stan sorry
his kid died and we're gonna bury
alongside our old man I just wanted to
ask her if any of you'd like to act as
pallbearers on account of your new Stan
and his kid don't try to put nothing
over on this Nicky will act as
pallbearers for two bucks a piece
come here none - what's - me - who's
that guy a friend of the deceased okay.
Jenna he was the first six to sign the
book and now I want four guys to carry a
Put it down on the floor I'll put your
names down there for pallbearers we
don't want no arguments afterwards I
give you the bill before the hearse
pulls out everything will be itemized
and I get paid before the funeral you
said that I just wanted understood it's
understood send in two more well yeah oh
the first thing is to fix it up with
father Spence key his church is the big
one down on Spring Street I'll arrange
everything and you won't have no bother
whatsoever now if you'll just make
yourself comfortable I'll be back in a
few minutes
I'll try to remember that you love these
people baby
was hard figuring out why what a SAP I
was walking out of that theater and not
seeing you again for a whole year yes a
whole year before I ran into you again
I'll never forget that town I wasn't
thinking of you that night I wasn't
thinking about much of anything except
what a cold and lonely place a small
town can be on Christmas Eve I'm
wondering how to kill time till I could
get the next trainer for my next stop
this mr. Scott mr. limited yeah she's
doing number one right over there
all right Christmas it's pretty good
Katie miss Horan this is mr. Donigan oh
I saw your picture in the lobby success
this is the most exciting thing that
could have happened I wanted to thank
you sir I've never forgotten how kind
you were give the kid a break and
disappearing like Santa Claus and if it
hadn't been for you I'd never had become
smokey sue the terror of the Ozarks
she's good huh no she's in there
hollering show business yeah I'm the
advance man for the up of the Moon
company uh-huh I'm glad you got a date
tonight kid
see you in the morning on the train.
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
well duh if you got a date outlaw along
hey I just want to say hello oh I
haven't been your date
you're not going somewhere just look out.
Talent pretend it's a real Christmas Eve
I suppose you're with friends I won't
keep him mr. Donigan the name is Bill
and I'm your date tonight
go and get your coat on you hungry yes
wonderful must be some place in this
town that's open on Christmas Eve
besides the County Jail
They'll never be a walk again like the
one that night yelling in the snow and
laughing you telling me to listen to the
reindeer bounce I felt as though I were
drunk but I didn't know what it was I
didn't know that I'd feel the same way
every time I was with you this way oh
yeah you were close to the snow and to a
radiator are you Mingo yes my name is.
Bill and this is Olga I hope we're not a
nuisance coming in like this I'm happy
to have you
how much trailer on Christmas Eve huh no
everybody has a home on a Christmas Eve
but show people and minghao no no please
well the lady and gentlemen allow me to
prepare dinner thank you well in the
heart of our will we run into a Chinese
Santa Claus all right it's a wonderful
night first bird's nest soup with lotus
seed and fun sea floating in it then
thing hung which is lobster fixed in the.
Cantonese manner then the dish of gay
set gay and some Galen soon which is
only minced broccoli with a Chinese
accent then hopped on yay which is
chicken and walnuts then solid maker
that'll be enough food please they won't
be more oh babe
you're so nice Ming god you're so lucky
to me to you tonight we were walking
through the snow hoping to find some ham
and eggs and the weary travelers came
upon a castle in the snow presided over
by a venerable magician named Ming Gao
who said before the plates eat with
pomegranates and guinea hen from.
Zanzibar okay man give us the works
let's have a feast to remember
you shall have a feast that you shall
always remember
ah Beng tremendous calls for cigar
poverty no no I get it
how about the music okay I'd love it.
I like those tunes on Christmas Eve just
jam when I was a kid oh yeah baby
fine bill huh now I told from that
eminent philosopher minghao is in order
the floor is yours being a long time ago
three wise men followed a star found a
child in a cradle
we also are all from far away tonight we
were brought together by someone who
makes the snow fall I drink to what we
shall find how nice
you don't think it was an accident by
running a dog again no these things are
all written we follow the script yes we
maybe you tell me something what would
you like to know Mingo your name.
Olga trockie alias Olga Toscana rocky
huh you mind telling me a little know
what did you first decide to be an
actress I don't know when I was a little
girl I think what was that I was born in.
Poland when I was quite young we came to.
America to a place in Pennsylvania
called cold down liquid Poland near
wilkes-barre yes colqhoun killed my
mother and then four years ago my father
died coal town kill him too but my
father was very sweet and kind he played
the accordion and sang and he used to
say to me when he had a hangover which
was very often go away someplace organ
sing dance act and sing
try to be happy that would make other
people happy too he taught me all the
songs he knew polish songs sad ones
happy ones
all kinds singing for us a happy one oh
yes please do.
Rolla said say let do wish Dom weebly's
go yuck James way no rock.
Bob Lee Scholl yes you may
oh nice go watch your shopsite so I mean
yeah oh yeah oh shit die
that's good it's just a little song
everybody in coldtown knows it it's
about coming home when you've been away
for a long time now you're gonna be a
oh yes I keep studying between shows and
on the trains I'll be ready when my
chance comes you know our shows heading
that's what Hollywood is according to
last reports I'm going to make good
there I must hey not so fast baby you've
just started what you need is a couple
of years in stock planned all the old
plays you've got a lot to learn I
haven't time for all that bill I want to
get there quickly when I'm a big star in
my own dressing room and all the
interviewers ask me how did this is
great success come to your gut risk
opener health care limit came from Bill.
Daniken who once it give the kid a break
I'll be right there taking a bar too but
I still think a year in stock is what
you need after all you're only 20 there
are two kinds of people that don't have
enough time the very old and the very
young I think we'd better go it's late
and we have to get early trains look
stop snowing I'll bet you the whole
town's asleep except us right let's have
the check me no check oh come on come on
we hate the whole restaurant no check
on Christmas people exchange gifts let
this humble meal be my gift to the other
two wise guests from far away okay admit.
Ringo and party they're arming for up on
the moon any night you want to go just
ask for Fred Cooper at the box office
thank you here it is it's nothing very
much just a little medal it's dedicated
to Saint Michael the Archangel here's my
favorites st. Will you take it please
thank you st. Michael there what's it
especially fighting for God here's a
very gallant same bill I will carry this
and hope for that great success
Which way the Iowa here don't around the
I'm at the Dexter what time you pulling
out 6:30 are you going to the other way
now go east the 5:30 it's the milk train
what's the only connection
What is it
nice tires yes a lot of them one of
them's mine
rhetoric you see over there with the
v-shaped glasses now just to the right
of it the bright one oh yeah I see the.
Jersey yes my father told me it appeared
in the sky for the first time the night
I was born could be it's there to remind
me every night of Baron gun I'm being
very silly I won't see you again for a
long time maybe will you accept the
Christmas present from a strange young
My star up there I'll give you half of
it why didn't I say something no not a
word not even or can I write you what's
your rap sheet I want to see you again
just old clam off walking along with
this hot jumping and never award I got
to start thinking kid it can't end like
this it can't end with Dunnigan the
dummy staring at a box didn't keep you
waiting too long I hope you got
everything fixed yes sir we had a big
talk with fathers Pinsky and we worked
everything out fine he's gonna give you
a solemn Requiem Mass and I got hold of
a singer from will space she just
happened to be in town let's see yeah
that Albania 30 bucks extra
I figured a blanket of roses for the
coffin and then I figured you'd like a
wreath it's sort of a personal tribute
from yourself all together at the floral
tributes little amount to 80 bucks oh we
mustn't forget the charge for the sexton
to the church almost forgot that way
this bad you wouldn't want to forget any
charges and I'll have to figure out that
donation for father spin skis Church
personally I think 75 bucks will do it
not too much I'm not too little
which brings the total up to 350350
well that's a lot more than I that date
much for a service at st. Leo's st.
Leo's is that where you made the
arrangements yes sir the biggest Church
in town mr. Dunnigan yeah but that's the
wrong Church I wanted the main to st.
Michael's I just took for granted that
oh no no you don't want st. Michael's
you don't want your friend buried from
there it's a broken-down old barn of a
church nobody worthwhile goes there.
Aldous Pinsky's Church is the only place
mr. Olaf where st. Michael's all right I
ain't worried you ain't gonna do
business with father Paul he ain't got
nothing to offer here you'll be back
it's down at the end of the street there
right across in the hotel first
just remember father Paul can't do
nothing for you he's got no connections
in town just miners
do you father Paul yes my name is bill.
Dunnigan how do you do.
I brought a friend of mine back to coal
town a girl she wanted to be buried from
your church from st. Michael's yes she
has a plot in your cemetery it's already
been paid for in full what I want to do
now is arrange for a church funeral how
much do you charge please sit down mr.
Dunnigan her father was buried from your
place five years ago his name was Stan.
that bills unpaid I'll take care of that
up to any reasonable amount I wasn't
here five years ago did you bring this
girl from somewhere out of town from
Hollywood Hollywood that's where they
make the movies yes I know.
Hollywood the st. Michael's that's
rather strange I understand there are
certain charges fees and so forth if you
give an estimate maybe I'd better tell
you first she wanted a few extras she
wanted organ music and she also wanted
six angels with wings to stand beside
the coffin the angels will be little
that's an old Polish custom how much
were the girls of the wings now how much
for the organist the children will be
happy to serve without anything
sometimes our organist receives three
dollars but this is a poor paracin she's
used to not being paid
how much for you for me
I to him used to not being paid mr.
Dunnigan and I'd rather not break the
precedent I'm very proud that this girl
wanted to be buried for my church to a
humble priest that's a great
satisfaction and it is fee enough please
put that away mr. Dunnigan I'm sorry
father I came in her like a sore head
it's just that what it's a pleasure to
run into a human being in coal town or
or anywhere I was beginning to think the
world and run out of them look father I
here I might as well lay it on the line
ever hear of poverty yes an old friend
of st. Michael's I'm down to $300 and
with no visible means of support at the
moment I've made millions for people
I've worked for a press agent can do
that but I never got around to making
myself rich I never wanted to be a
millionaire I just wanted to live like
one that can keep your pool you know
father I hate the thought of her being a
no-loss place that's a little rough even
on a brave kid like Olga could we have
her brought here to your church
certainly she belongs here she'll like
that I mean she would have liked that
that's the whole trouble with this trip
and all these arrangements about the
funeral to me she isn't dead
it's as if you were here and we were
doing all this together oh I don't mean
that I see her or anything like that
it's I mean I know what you mean
hello hello this is father Paul hello
Hattie would you get me a nickel off yes
thank you
telephoning in coldtown is sort of
different mr. Olaf
this is father Paul speaking yes yes I
know he's he's here now I've called to
tell you to bring the body of Stan.
Chucky's daughter to st. Michael's
immediately not tomorrow mr. Olaf
immediately now right away you're a
greedy and stupid man mr. Olaf no I'm
not afraid of you and all your friends
bring the girl here immediately without
any further discussion goodbye be tough
when you have to he didn't look at my
advisor Michael the Archangel oh yes I
heard of him he had to be as you say
tough uh mr. Olaf will be here in half
an hour
thank you for that well I'm probably
taking up your time Wanda
I'll wait in the church no please wait
here and talk to me about Olga I can see
you loved her very much
I can't huh you sure I won't bore you
come mr. Dunnigan I'd like to hear
what's in your heart.
I only met order twice before I took a
job in the coast I'd become tired of
hopping around peddling a road company
to a lot of anti theatrical towns so I
figured out settling down in the Lourdes
land of Hollywood and I get me a job as
personal drum beater for the great
Marcus Harris Marcus Harris you've never
heard of him well Marcus Harris is one
of the greatest motion picture producers
in America who at the moment was giving
birth to his greatest production a three
million dollar epic called Joan of Arc
now gentlemen I want this trouble with.
Anna cloner settled once and for all I
don't want to have a fight going on hard
enough to make pictures without fights
it's miss plum does doing all the
fighting mr. Harris where's Dunnigan I
sent for Dunnigan why isn't he here miss.
Mulder thank you very much I said for
you an hour ago well here I am chief
whenever he's late I get promoted to
chief ill we're in trouble yeah I've
heard rumors miss cloten is playing
nasty again no no no look let's not call
anybody any names I've got a million
dollars invested in this clover so I
would like to think she isn't nasty just
a little nervous so I'm going to assign
you to the job of handling miss Croner
personally thanks very much but I don't
think that'll solve any problems well
I'm asking this as a favor two days
after she landed in this country you got
her the keys to the city of New York
arranged a parade in her honor kept a
picture in the papers day and night for
55 days huh another she listened to you
bill oh nobody else
I don't know Marcus fame is very bad for
some people it goes to their head oh
come on gentlemen we'll go with mr.
Dunnigan give him all the help we can
with all the respect in the world miss
coldness that is what you do not give me
I have played Joan in Europe Charles.
Djou Schiller's Joan what can I learn
from you
that was the stage this is the movies
what's all the fireworks
oh this ambassador is trying to tell me
how to act Joan me he wants me to get
hit before I'm awake
he needs rehearsal not me oh come on now
relax be yourself you're a great artist
don't act like a two-year-old well then
I want to be treated like a great artist
and if I am a little late I don't want
to be screamed at like a certain good a
little late two hours late every morning
this week a full crew and 300 extra
standing around waiting for nips they
are waiting hey who cares
come on Anna let's talk it over in your
dressing although he tells me it cost
mr. Marcos and his ten thousand dollars
because I'm late
well it cost him what do I care how much
money costed stupid star the only
education he had was spending from a
pushcart no ignorant peasant can give
orders to Anna cross now now wait a
minute we don't talk like that in
America No who are you talking America
is money money money in America you and
your Marcus Harris Oh hate on you both
could I go back to the theater no more
here no more you ought to have some
sense knocked in Knights or not mr.
Donnegan now talk to miss Croner you
can't make me do anything
you want all your money I don't want you
to do anything you can quit I'm sorry
you don't like me miss clove no but
that's alright I'm sorry you don't like.
America that isn't alright so many
people from your country have learned to
love America it's too bad you wouldn't
see something nice in such a wonderful
place well payments Corwin often fallen
shell the picture
send out a notice that Ana clothing has
had a nervous breakdown I won't be able
to finish a picture well here surely
called her Bluff Marcos she'll be back
in half an hour ready to play marbles I
don't want to be I like this country I
won't work with anyone who doesn't like
it okay we'll get somebody else
12news and the only actress in the world
there's nobody else available look we
play Joe Nevada least nobody is
available for some time not a very nice
woman miss clover but she's a great
talent she was made for the part of Joan
well it's too bad I'm shoving a picture
I'll see you my office mr. Dome ladies
and gentlemen on sorry this has happened
maybe next time we'll have better luck
thank you
holy I am I dreaming oh good look at you
don't tell me you're in pictures I was I
just lost my job I was a standing foot
on a corner
no no more on a club and I no more job
at least for the moment I didn't know
you were working for mr. Harris Joe I
nearly fell over when I saw you
let's get out of here so you're a
standing man not much of a job for a
foolish young lady who dreamed of being
a star you quit dreaming it no I hadn't
oh it's taking longer than I thought you
know it makes me happy just to look at
you say I've got to go hold Marcus hand
for a while where can I meet you tonight
what would you like to go for them bill
let me cook dinner for you
I've got a sort of apartment with a
stove and I've been dying to have a
guest go get I'm glad what's he dressed
1461 Kirsten Avenue it's over a garage
1461 I'll be there I see you have to go
home and change it will be all right if
I get there about 7 o'clock I'll see you
Thanks I couldn't handle it I've had
three big pieces you know these two
palms are goulash all right yeah you
know it's very cute layout restful I was
lucky to get it come furnished oh yes I
painted the floor myself oh all right I
think he's just as good as a carpet yeah
better thanks
well baby now tell me the rest of it
there isn't any rest of it I kept going
round and round the studios and
sometimes they said come back and
sometimes they said don't come back but
whatever they said it always ended the
same way no job for a new young movie
star so I tried to get an agent because
the girls I met all told me ok you
cannot become a star without an agent so
I started going round and round the
agencies I sang for them I acted for
them and ended up without an agent
imagine Auguste Escoffier without an
agent I'm listening baby I'm listening
to a lot of things what's the matter
bill the pie upset you no no no I'm just
thinking can't you act who me
that's what I mean but you know I can I
do how do I know I told you oh yeah so
you did and I'm much better now I spend
all my spare time reading plays learning
parts julietam Meggie Wiley
Elizabeth Barrett you're better looking
than she is - who 9 o'clock now you're
younger prettier you got more heart beat
what are you talking about
take it easy baby I'm incubating bill
you don't mean Joan of Arc
never mind what I mean let me see your
act mr. Harris would never higher
standard for us time never mind Harris
miss whims
don't argue do you know when he's seen
from the script bill I know the cars
creepy look I don't want the whole
script I want just one scene one big
scene quit right now we've got to move
quick one of those things right yes okay
come on the cameras rolling you're on
it's a scene when she comes into the
court from the castle of war for the
first time it brought her up from the
dungeon and she walks down the hallway
with her chains hanging from her
then the doors of the courtroom Oh
She sees all the great English
aristocrats and all the great
philosophers and doctors of theology
They sit in a circle above her all those
stone faces they're here in the
courtroom to make her confess she's a
liar and a blasphemer and that the boy
says she has listened to come from the
devil and not from God because if they
can make her say that then her name
would be fouled and ruined the French
have only one weapon left the name of
Joan of Arc and the belief that God is
help to them through her cochon the
bishop in charge of the trial speaks do
you consider yourself in a state of
if I'm not I hope God will put me there
and if I am I hope he'd keep me there
we want you to speak the truth truth is
a sacred gift from God who you believe
that yes
but people have been hired for speaking
when did Satan first command you to slay
the English the voices of my Saint
commanded me to fight for France
You went into battle I led the battle
Yes and what was the English doing on
the soil of France why didn't they keep
their bat at home where French starts
good and spill it.
Whatever you do to me I will not say
what isn't true and the truth is I'm a
peasant girl
and I love my mother and father and my
brothers and I would have stayed in
Dover me and cooked and sold and tended
the sheep but God spoke to me
through his entry Michael and he told me
to go out into the world and help my
I went
And I fought and if I escaped from here
I will continue to fight for them and if
I do not escape and you burn me for what
I've done.
I will kneel in the fire and give God my
for his kindness to me
and my people
Okay okay baby
sit down where's the phone
blower mr. Harris please bill Donegan
calling yes would you please yeah hello
Marcus no done again I've got some very
important news for you hang onto your
all right all right hang on to your
pyjamas then you don't have to shell the
picture Marcus no no no please I'm
talking just keep listening will you
I found another Anna claw plus look.
Marcus would I call you up if I were
kidding believe me this is it
she's young beautiful completely unknown
can she act can Heifetz fiddle can Joe
Lewis fight can Bob Feller bitch I'm
telling you this is it yeah now look
Marcus I want to test it first thing in
the morning yeah give me your okay and
I'll set everything up right sure sure
I've got her all tied up
yeah no nobody will get to it before you
see the test I could be my solemn word
of honor
fine I'll see you tomorrow good night
relax baby I'm going to explode you're
going to bed it's like the time I go
doing the doc say give the kid a break
I don't know choir deserve anybody like
you I've got to get a hold of Dolan and
talk him into making the test we don't
want to made by some stooge my sterols
yeah and you're going to bed right now
and sleep you didn't tell him yet we'll
come to that job tomorrow how can I ever
repay you by not gonna bid baby
tomorrow's the big day not as big as now
oh thanks
you know they don't have to worry which
side to photograph they're both perfect
nose eyes alright baby I want your fresh
I'm looking just like this when you play
that big scene for the camera tomorrow
good night
now don't worry about it I'll take care
of wardrobe enotify maker see on the
barricades at our baby.
Somebody's crazy and it isn't die it's
you yeah you're the craziest man I've
ever had come into this office Marcus
will you listen to hi I'm listening and
I'm hearing a lunatic
how can you ask me to spend three
million dollars on somebody called Olga
tres Dookie first coldness standing a
girl's never acted uh let's go Jonah oh
wait a minute Marcus hold it you're a
nice guy I don't want to get sore well
he doesn't want to get so all right you
don't have to test called refresco that
you don't have to hire it but you're
gonna know this she's better than any
star you ever wanted better in every way
not only your acting it's it's what's
inside of it what shines out of it is
something you don't see in the world
often don't test it don't buy it but
take your head off to it what is it
janitor coming
I'll get your stove now mr. Marcus
Harris how do you do mr. Harris.
I always wanted to come through that
door and stand here in a lovely costume
and say how do you do mr. Head
mr. Dolan you will please make a test of
mistress coconut for the leading part in
our picture
good luck thank you while the test was
great we started shooting three days
later and she was even better we were
all setting away
she had a special dressing-room a
special studio car and everybody raving
about it no gags real raves
I tell you father you've never seen a
dream come true like this one sounds one.
I think that's mr. Olaf come in please
where do you want the box would you
carry it into the church
I got it uncrated for you yes you may
keep the lumber mr. All up that don't
pay me there's an extra charge five
there you are now beat it you're gonna
hear from father spin ski yes sir I hope
this isn't causing you any trouble
father oh no father spin ski is a man of.
God with a rather expensive church to
keep up I'm sure he'll understand the
situation when I explain it it's time
for the evening services would you care
to come with me in church what an old
father oh yeah please come and see her
there I wouldn't worry about mr. Olaf's
revenge mr. Donigan there isn't anything
that anyone can do to st. Michael's at
the wind rain and coal dust haven't
already done.
Not much of a house we're fixing the
leaks in the roof I didn't mean that I
mean nobody out front
you know attending it's just an off
night know we hardly ever have more than
a dozen so the men are tired when they
come out of the mines and the women well
the women also work very hard here in
gold town seems they're almost too tired
to come to God.
Oh statues look rather lonely don't they
see isn't that our boy up there
yes Saint Michael the Archangel I
thought so it's a shame a house like
this I think your church needs a press
agent father God doesn't need a press
agent I'm not so sure
once upon a time if I remember rightly
he had 12 very good press agents top men
I never thought of the apostles it's
prestige what else were they
I stole the biggest story that ever
happened to a whole world and without
the benefit of newspapers and radio
terrific job oh yes terrific job you
stay for the services I don't think so
father I guess I haven't been inside a
church since my mother stopped taking me
she died when I was seven
she was a Protestant
you won't change your mind and stay as a.
Protestant no stop it some other time I
will see you tomorrow
can I kill all you should talk to me
about these hills
partin's couple of the flowers recall
this whole town doesn't look so bad from
here the coal dust doesn't blow up here
flowers are always clean fire to live
down there
I think I'd welcome coming up here for a
good long sleep perhaps most of you do
oh good morning buddy
good morning you know that song
yeah it's August hang it for me once she
said it was about coming home after
you've been away for a long time yes
it's a sort of a Polish home sweet home
as an English translation to yearns the
weary Rover ever home would ever home
till the journeys over warm embraces
friendly faces saying welcome home let
me live and eat the sky Nevermore.
Holmwood yearns the weary Rover ever
home would ever home
Now the journey is oh thank you Father
that song makes cool town seem different
somehow when you're up here you can
understand coal town he realized that
the sins of the poor are mostly in their
poverty not in themselves my own small
trouble seemed very unimportant my
failure is insignificant you're afraid
your father oh yes
when I was ordained I came here filled
with a zeal and confidence of a crusader.
Saint Michael and I would form a
partnership and make over a coal town
that I had forgotten that the first
lesson a young student learns in a
seminary is humility tell me more about
Olga I asked a friend if she had heard
of Olga chess Kovner the movie actors
she said she hadn't I told her she was
very famous they wouldn't let her become
famous but you said she was very
successful no not that way she was great
but no one will ever know it a new star
but no one will ever see her well what
happened mr. Dunnigan you don't know.
Hollywood do you father only from what
I've seen in pictures I'll tell you
maybe I'll get an idea if I talk you got
time only yes well Marcus triple dare
take after two weeks of shooting that's
how good she was tore up a contract
she never changed there's quite a thing
you know to jump from nowhere understand
him one day nobody's talking to you the
next day there's a world at your feet
she was hounded by reporters
interviewers columnist helped along by
me of course she was a natural for
publicity a real Cinderella story and
all the time she was getting thinner and
more tired but she'd been working very
hard and I thought it was just that I
was too blind to even suspect anything
more serious until one day in a dressing
It weighs a ton oh what a day what a
lovely lovely day I've never worked so
hard in all my life
dorrance a regular slave driver but I
love him for it oh I feel as light as
air Corliss you have a cavity she's
awfully happy it would be 200 lost
lights with all this armor on let's have
a wonderful party Bella when the
pictures over a little course serious
bill he's so terribly serious he doesn't
know how gay life can be wonderful get
me that
it's just some cough medicine dr.
Jennings is giving me
dr. Jennings I've been using my voice so
much lately all those long speeches
daily 11th takes by the way miss I'll
get the doctor's office phone he wants
you to come be an after-work
this evening you wait for you yes yes
I'll go I told him you would just think
bill three more days and the picture
will be finished yeah
as soon as it's finished you're going
down to Palm Springs for a rest I'll
arrange for a bungalow that would be
wonderful bill you look so tired you
frightened me I don't see patients
without appointments but my nurse tells
me this is an emergency
maybe it is doctor I want to know what's
wrong with order dress code now I don't
discuss my patients with strangers I'm
not a stranger he's your name denigan
well how did you know I asked her as a
matter of routine her next-of-kin she
failed in the name of William Dunnigan
how sick is she doctor she's a very sick
girl mr. Dunnigan
she has been for a long time coal dust
weakened her lungs as a child we call
that anther kosis it isn't always
serious if we get it in time I said but
Olga has developed tuberculosis her
x-rays are pretty bad
she needs what we call surgical arrest
she should have had this supervised rest
a long time ago if we could send it to a
sanitarium now I tried to persuade her
to but something seems to be driving her
she's determined to finish this picture
even if it kills I know but she will get
well if it's not too late perhaps you
and I working together can save her
there's always a chance no more than
that huh
thanks for telling me doctor goodbye
Do you see over there well that we
shaved last two years just to the right
of it the bright one it's there to
remind me every night of where I'm going
How is she all right I guess everybody
ready ready start your background action
camera ready ready take it up background
That's it Oh God gonna tell Dolan you're
not going to work anymore today you know
no Pia please why because you're you all
in that's why there's just one more shot
then it's finished the whole pitch yeah
but look baby it doesn't have to be
finished today I talked to Marcus he
said we can pick up this last shot
tomorrow or next week please bill this
is important please we're ready mr.
Scott now come come along with you hey.
I'm Mike oh how are you you ready for
the big scene yes it's the last shot do
you think you can go through to the
finish okay you're the best there is now
get up there and give it all you've got
all right put the chains on it boys
it's Paul ready yes sir okay let's turn
them over action
all you who are here I pardon you for
what you do I'm young and I do not know
much of life but I know that this little
place in which I stand is not the world
there are places I've never seen where
men and women are full of sweetness and
I speak to them out of the pain that
comes creamer
three man of God and goodness
believing truth injustice for the world
is yours.
I will not die I will not die
Of God
I would remain as a knight
right Jesus
It wasn't inspired performance the crowd
newer and I anyone but it wasn't until
the next day that I realized it was more
than a performance because it wasn't
joan died it was olga she died the day
after the picture was finished.
I I've decided not to release Jonah bar
I'm gonna shell the picture and remake
it when I can find a proper person to
play the part again you know I want to
shove it walkers you can't do that
nobody else will ever give you a
performance like that no no I give it me
I'm not gonna release a picture of a
dead girl in it and that's fine you've
got to release it markets all gonna died
to make it she gave up her life to act
in it to make something beautiful
where's your heart Marcus you're a great
guy do it for her
I'm sorry but I can't if all get been a
girl on the public had seen and known
learn to love I might be willing to take
a chance but they'd never seen it before
all they could be told would be that
they can never see her again we all
gambled on an unknown and lost we didn't
know she was sick now I'm gonna take my
losses try again when I can recast the
part with an established uh that's all
I'm sorry bill she was a fine girl but
my going bankrupt isn't gonna help her
or you or me what are you gonna do I'm
taking a home that's what she wanted
they got a rest for yourself you don't
look well then come back I don't think
so Marcus
it's tough
it'll pass everything does.
I don't think so you can't end like this
but that's the way it did end picture
shelved all those talent and beauty
stuck away in a vault buried like we're
going to bury her it's got a mean for a
girl to have two funerals one for a body
one for a soul church-bells not a father
what are they ringing for why they ring
every day at noon all over the world yes
I never listen they ring the Angelus to
remind us of how the angel of the Lord
came to Mary hey I knew there was
something I'd forgotten it's been
haunting me
Olga wanted your church bell rung at the
funeral that's the kind of sap I am I
almost forgot her last request I'd like
to arrange that father certainly I'll
tell is Sexton is it expensive I don't
get me wrong I I just don't wanna
shortchange anybody we usually give the
sex in five dollars and he rings the
bell for 15 minutes you thought of
something else yeah father how many
churches are there in coldtown why we
have five churches do they all have
bells well yes they have fine bells five
churches with bells huh
mr. Dunnigan you're not thinking that
I'm thinking of a lot of things
yes but y'all wait a minute father this
is pretty big you know what I've been
doing up and I've been sleeping I've
been walking around in a daze look
father five churches five bells okay I
want all the bells to start ringing at
eight o'clock tonight and keep on
ringing for three days three days and
three nights but why a brain cell move
finally I was letting her down I was
sitting around moaning like a beggar on
a rainy day
mr. Dunnigan is going to cost money
what's gonna cost money the ringing of
the bells for three days and three
they'll have to hire a man that so much
per hour that'll be taken care of father
come on
but you told me you had no money look
father you've heard of st. Michael
haven't you yes but he was a scrapper
wasn't he Oh indeed he was he was the
first warrior of heaven he rescued Peter
the Apostle from prison twice and fought
and defeated Lucifer Prince of Darkness
all right father what are you worried
about he's on our side isn't he
sit down mr. Dunnigan thank you
farthest whiskey I have been visiting
the churches of coal town and st. Leo's
being the largest and most important I
saved it up for last I've arranged to
have their Jewish bells rung starting at
eight o'clock tonight and I'd like very
much they have st. Leo's Bell included
I'm having this done to satisfy the
dying wish of someone who was very dear
to me
it is most unusual for st. Leo's to ring
its Bell for a funeral in st. Michael's
oh I appreciate that father and I'm
ready to pay for this unusual privilege
I want the bell rung for three days and
three nights three days and three nights
now the other pastors have agreed that
$10 an hour would be satisfactory
this st. Leo's mr. Dunnigan I'm afraid
we have much higher expenses than the
other little churches oh you see that
father how much will it cost
I'm afraid st. Leo's could not ring its.
Bell for less than $20 an hour I can
understand that it must cost a great
deal to keep up this magnificent church
now let's see there'd be a total of 72
hours at $20 an hour that had come to
fourteen hundred and forty dollars that
right Ashley I don't carry that much
cash with me I assume a check will be
all right well if you hadn't the cash of
course I feel very honored that st.
Leo's will be part of the funeral
services for all the Tres cold night
there you are thank you sir then it's
agreed you you will start at eight
o'clock and ring continuously until the
fourteen hundred and forty dollars are
used up yes mr. Dunnigan you'll want to
receipt for this no that won't be
necessary father the gas will check my
receipt thank you you've been very kind
and good afternoon mr. Doe
oh can I see him
just a minute where do you want to go
I don't worry please I want to send a
telegram it's very important that's good
the taxi driver said you could handle it
well come on in oh you come in yesterday
on the eastbound what that body for all
what this sent straight all right now
that'll come to something let's see if I
can read it I'm gonna hurry to get that
off mister if I can't read it I can't
send it
let's see Marcus Harris excelsior.
Studios Hollywood Cal that's California
that's right dear Marcus have terrific
stunts to save Joan of Arc ask no
wired $10,000 immediately care of minors.
Bank and Trust Company medical.
Pennsylvania oh that's just a block down
the street I know where it is uh must
have it by noon it will pay back ten
million dollars gross for picture Tony
give me them great for.
Dunnigan Donegan is in great form trust.
Dunnigan completely Donegan is still
world's greatest press agent
regards Dunnigan who's done it I am you
don't say
hi Carla did it comes to four dollars
may sense there's five keep the change
and buy yourself a drink his number I
want you to call him Cole town call me
as soon as the answer comes through that
comes to four dollars and eight cents
doc pager here's five $10,000 nobody
ever said $10,000 to Manta coke I'll
sure like to see that return wire so
will I but just the two of us that's why
I didn't pull it in from whole town oh
yes to get that right off will you oh
yes yes this is something
Where you want to go down back to coal
town I don't know if we can make it
You think maybe I better Drive no I can
drive all right what's the matter I must
have had one too many
I keep hearing a church bell right on
the dot
eight o'clock you hear that yes indeed
beautiful sounds like all the churches
in town I never heard church bells
ringing in coal town at this time of
What's all the bells ringing for
somebody dead been going on since 8
o'clock yeah but they wouldn't all be
ringing for somebody's dead
Hiya Bob what's going on in our churches
give me a bit wedding bells have been
ringing for 10 minutes awesome don't
watch me getting married guess again
they're ringing all over town well all I
know is they started ringing about 20
minutes ago
nobody's been able to tell me why yet
okay I'll let you know that was the.
Nanticoke Journal don't they know
anything no they don't know anything
That's st. Michael's
st. Leo's is ringing tone
Mr. Dunnigan yeah they're in there
who's in there newspaper man I stuck him
in the parlor nice thing.
Mr. Dunnigan yeah I'm Todd Jones from
you sir she headed press Briggs books
but son I'm matakohe the journal.
Tanner's my name I'm glad to see you
gentlemen we got a phone call from.
Nanticoke about these bells would you
mind telling us what it's all about I
talked to father Paul over at Saint.
Michael's but he told us to get the
story from you well this is sort of
surprising all this interest on you I
didn't think anyone outside of coal town
would notice the bells who is this alga.
tress Kovner she died 10 days ago in
Hollywood she was an actress there a
great actress gentlemen but when she
died she wanted to be brought back here
to Colton where she'd lived most of her
she wanted to be buried on a hill beside
her father Stan Kroenke was a sort of
miner and wandering minstrel he played
the accordion him saying he was born
with a gift of laughter and song and he
passed these arm to his lovely daughter
she was a Hollywood star should any
movies we ever heard uh I don't see any
reason for going into that gentleman how
about a drink
yeah mr. Kummer yes.
Oh we'll be bringing about the
burdensome glasses please sure as I was
saying gentlemen she had just finished
making Joan of Arc for Marcus Harris
your bill Dunnigan arch White's fat
stomach I have warm space and quite a
well well fellas this is really good do
you know who we're interviewing bill.
Dunnigan the press agent
the big super-duper press agent I read
an article about him last year
pulls big Daffy stunts to put over flop
shows and flop movies so that's what's
going on a press agent stunt they are
boys you must have thought we're a bunch
of rule journalists Dunnigan thinking
we'd go for that sort of thing
bells ringing for three days quite a gag
say if the great Marcus Harris really
wants to put over his picture you tell
him he can buy all sorts of space in the
newspapers so maybe hasn't heard about
that guy it's called paid advertising
I think I need this one
okay boys I'll admit I was trying to
pull a fast one but not for the reasons
you're thinking everything I told you is
true as far as I went how about I tell
you the whole story the AAP doesn't
print press agents copy Dunnigan now
look maybe it's a procedure story maybe
it isn't anyway it's not gonna hurt you
to listen as long as this bottle holds
up what I want to know is who's putting
up for the bells that's a fair question
the bells are being paid for by yours
truly bill Dunnigan with the aid of for
bad checks which I have simply given the
trusting clergy of coal town I've wired.
Harris for 10,000 to cover me if he
sends it fine if he doesn't our next
meeting will be held in the coal town
jail gentlemen
I wouldn't he send it because what Olga
died he decided not to release the
picture I'm doing all this on my own
I figured ringing the bells would be
news that had caused so much talk you'd
have to release it because the public
would demand it what's your interest in
the picture Danny I don't want to see.
August talent buried she died for it do
you want to hear why she felt it was
worth dying for
okay go ahead
shit I'll try to tell you in her own
words she finished the last scene in the
picture and collapsed they took her to
the hospital at night
she was so bad they wouldn't let me see
but the next morning at daybreak they
sent for me hello yeah hello baby
you tired good long rest lots of Sun and
we'll have you on your feet again but
you're gonna take it easy - you hear no
more of that getting there in a hurry
you're gonna get better I'm telling you
yeah will you promise me something
anything you want baby.
I want to be buried and go down beside
my father and mother wanna hear from
sent my undeterred daughter don't talk
like that
and I want them to ring the bell for me
they didn't bring it for my father in
six angels with white wings beside the
don't forget
sent my.
I like to think of the here outside of.
I can see it
here's the picture really good it's
wonderful you're great in it I hope it's
because I didn't play Joe alone a lot of
people played huh
people you've never seen a herd
my dad
and all the other poor sad people have a
you better not don't baby let me talk be
on a little while longer I want you to
know it remember why I did it why I kept
up til this happened it's because all
those poor people all the people I came
from have hopes and dreams in them never
get a chance
they just where I can die and all the
nice things inside never come out
it'll be I came out of there with a hear
me they know it's their home hard
speaking when they see my name shining
in all the theaters it will be something
up there shiny
hang on baby hang on
You like him over
bell ringing your name baby goes to come
herecome in the doors over here the
papers you order for Nanticoke I put
them on the bill including the
deliveries $3 first farthest Pinsky's
downstairs you want to see oh well I'll
be down to take address
well partner we swept the country I just
got a wire from the office went over big
huh father Spence key said it was very
important I'll be right there
let me see one of those hey Jonesy get a
load of this Gazette not bad a wonderful
born with the gift of laughter and song
and he passed these on to his lovely
daughter thanks Jonesy I think nothing
of it all that can happen is I get fired
and spend the rest of my life mooching
drinks off guys like you Hey look pal I
do know you've already seen it huh well
here's something you don't know I heard
it down at the con when I was having
breakfast the company's gonna score the
company the mining interest the big
company that runs this town Frederick
Watson that monstrous house up on the
hill seems he doesn't like the bells to
wear yeah but it's serious he says they
have a bad psychological effect takes
the miners minds off digging coal claims
the bells are a nuisance he can't think
straight so he's gonna protest Oh what
can he really do plenty seems he's the
one who gave that big silver evil to st.
Leo's he can stop that one easy then
force the others to quit as a public
nuisance did Los Angeles carry our story
big no wire for Marcus I don't
understand it
what's worse maybe I do
if Marcus doesn't kick through it don't
let me think such thoughts you perhaps
do not realize mr. Dunnigan
how many friends Olga's father had in
coal town yes I met a number of them in
mr. Olaf's establishment all of them
will want to attend the funeral services
st. Michael's would never accommodate
well good morning father Paul my morning
father's pesky did you see your name in
the paper this morning Saint Michael is
spread all over the front page of every
newspaper in the country I'm sorry but I
haven't had time to read anything bill
the most unusual thing happened really
remarkable I mean this morning at Mass
you've already had mass before breakfast
oh yes there were nearly a hundred of
them they came to view the coffin but
they stayed for Mass all of them I was
just talking of that father Paul I fear
your little church will be overtaxed
it's a busload of sightseers in from
wilkes-barre already as a matter of fact
we're really not equipped we've already
run out of candles but I hope to find
some in town well I shouldn't be hard
I'm sure father spin skier Sam he can
spare I think it must be clear to you
mr. Dunnigan from what you've just heard
that it would be wise and sensible to
move olga to st. Leo's and let us
conduct the funeral from my church
perhaps it would be better bill if you
wish to alter your arrangements why I
won't stand in your way or father's.
Pinsky's no father Paul Olga is going to
be buried from st. Michael's I have no
intention of altering our arrangement
well then you gotta tell him I hoped not
to be forced into this position
I came here eager to be of service both
of us please mr. Olaf however I must now
read you this telegram which our bank
received from the Gotham Exchange Bank
this morning in reply to your query
regarding financial rating William.
Dunnigan he has account at this Bank
present balance $300 I shall telephone
your bank again at noon if the money is
not in your account the bail of my
church will stop ringing and I shall
inform my fellow pastors of your swindle
and they will also stop their barrels
good day I'm notifying the town
constable just what's going on you had
your chance to stay out of jail but but
you were too smart
please mr. Olaf
you know bill st. Leo's is a very fine
church and she'd have a wonderful sermon
run up and st. Michael's oh no father
forget it lady you say father
how much is the bus spread or Nanticoke
hey it's ten cents no dollar otter cover
at that but I don't understand bill look
father don't make it difficult with you
I'm putting the bite on you for a dollar.
Oh course thank you will that be enough
not quite I need another 4999 but I may
be able to pick it up Nanticoke see you
are you sure there's no night letter
lying around will spare no I've asked
him five times already
oh that's impossible he's got the answer
try them again will you oh nothing
people don't break their necks give them
ten thousand dollars away that clock up
there right ah yep oh here comes
something will be Oh
yep yep paint for Paris hey wait wait I
can't read that please is he sending the
money I can't make that what does that
cold or something hey read it William.
Dunnigan coal town Pennsylvania have
sent five thousand dollars to bank and.
Nanticoke as requested catch it down
didn't he
well that's all I don't expect it that
they always do yeah oh I was rest huh as
settlement in full of your unexpired
contact with me never mind about saving
the picture my decision not to release
it until remade with another star still
stands Marcus Harris.
Thanks oh the bank is just a block down
yeah I know where it is thanks for much.
Paris came through a yeah there's a
quiet he's not sold yet we need
something big I've got to get him
boiling over if we could only get some
new angle to hand the papers
we're hitting him with a human interest
story only bells ringing unless we get
something big to go with them they're
worth a box on page three tomorrow no
more we've got to cook up some new
coast-to-coast headlines well boys you
can calm down party's over
listen while you can mighty pretty
aren't they
but they won't be ringing for long now
what's up the company mr. Watson's filed
a protest right now he's on his way to
father spin skis to stop st. Leo's bail
no he can't do that
say Michael you got to stop this guy
Watson st. Michael can't do anything
bill the company's too big mr. Watson's
too important well there must be
somebody more important the governor
maybe or it's always the Prez the United.
States that's it
father Paul do you know the governor of
this state I know I'll make his name
that's all I don't know the governor.
Dunnigan but his secretary Fred frisbee
is my wife's cousin well the poor can I
use the phone
certainly I don't worry I'll pay the
charges and that worry merely be willed
it hello Harry this bill done together
look this is an emergency howdy will you
see if you can get me right through I
want to talk to Fred frisbee in the
governor's mansion and what's the
capital the State Harrisburg and.
Harrisburg yes I'll hold on
Day of mourning for Olga triskin on.
Pennsylvania Governor issues.
Proclamation all denominations to
observe stars funeral I've never seen a
campaign like this Norma born days it'll
all be over Friday after the payroll I
know I understand how much did he wire
for another five thousand we can't
release Joan for months by that time
this publicity of these dead is okay
people don't remember funerals no it's
grown bigger every day but it can't go
on Marcus I told you yesterday it's just
a flash in the pan it helps us in no way
actually hello is mr. Harris speaking
oh hello Danny yes what well that's
wonderful I'm sincerely delighted to
hear that right well gentlemen that
settles it miss Genevieve Jaynes is
available I was beginning to hope we
could go ahead has done again wanted but
you're right will remake Joan with a
great actress in the park it'll be a
better picture I'm sure more legitimate
sales campaign miss mother House will
take a wire to William Dunnigan.
Nanticoke Pennsylvania there's Marty
pretty writing Danny how you look at the
seven column head Detroit yeah Paris
doesn't soften up after all this more
telling me.
I've done a wonderful job boys
good morning fine picture article for
the sunny magazine it must be almost
3:00 why don't you fellows to knock off
good idea
I think I'll toddle off bed sounds good
to me
hey wait a minute
it's a matter bill bad news no someone
wants to hire me they think I'm pretty
good well good night
see you tomorrow yeah thanks for a swell
fight boys.
Well baby we didn't do so good you won't
ever act for anybody but me I'll hear
nobody else
you can quit shining baby that's no dice
I let you down.
It's a miracle
looking at all
father oh I saw it father Paul I was in
the back of the church when it happened
I saw the statues turn yes I know I know
I started this thing I started the bells
ringing as a gag to get them to release
all his picture I was pulling every
trick I know but I didn't do that
upstairs so help me I had nothing to do
with it
I know the statues turned by themselves
and looked at Olga yes I've been
investigating it here investigating what
the statues turning look you can see see
what the ground is broken bill at the
base of this pillar and all the way
across over to the base of the other
these two pillars support the statues
are you trying to knock out the miracle
there wasn't any miracle bill you see
there are a lot of old mine shafts under
here the earth isn't too solid the
movement of the two pillars made the
statues turn that's it huh yes first I
was worried about the floor above but it
was just a slight sinking of the earth
so all right I had to make sure a bill
it wasn't a miracle the pressure did it
what pressure of the people above who
came to look at the coffin our flooring
is unused to such crowds what are you
going to do a father I'm going up to
tell him the truth
you know the truth yes wait a minute
you're not going to tell him about those
mine shafts I must tell the truth bill
the church doesn't accept miracles
without investigating them carefully
it's my duty to tell them it's your duty
to take the light out of their faces as
his father I saw them when it happened I
saw those poor bitter faces shining as
if someone had turned a light on inside
them and I heard them giving thanks to
somebody who had turned the statues
now you're going upstairs and ask them
to thank a couple of basement pillars
and a piece of broken ground look father
Paul maybe I want a miracle because I'm
a press agent but I'm not thinking of
putting over a movie now whoever turned
those statues wasn't trying to sell a
picture for Marcus Harris I tell you.
Father God was trying to say life's all
right it's not as bad as it seems I'm up
here watching and trying to help and if
he didn't say it if nobody up there said
it don't you see father it's been said
because it's in their hearts now it'll
go out all over the world and if God
doesn't speak like that out of heaven
he'll be speaking out of people's hearts
and what's the difference where he
speaks from your job isn't to hide his
word is it
no it isn't to hide his word the Saints
came to Joan of Arc because she believed
in God and wanted to help someone the
people of France olga believed in God
just as much she wanted to help the
people of coal town just as much give
her the chance for that Paul
come with me bill
something strange and wonderful has
happened the faces of the Blessed Virgin
and st. Michael I've turned a look on
one who lies among us in a coffin I will
not speak of what made the statues
turned others will tell you the answer
to that later I speak to you or no other
miracle than the one we know the miracle
of the augers of the world of those who
live and dream only to bring heaven into
our lives if it is no more than a smile
of fellowship or a moment of beauty alga
died for this that the world might see
through her toil and sacrificed the
beauty there was in the tired and lonely
hearts of her people I know what makes a
saint and I also know what makes a
beautiful human being such a one lies
not a seat that is playful
This is Jones of The Associated Press
get me the AP of New York and reverse
the charges hurry it up will oh just a
moment Cole town Pennsylvania a little
mining town which is already the focus
of national attention as a result of all
its church bells ringing day and night
for the funeral of Alcatraz governor
yesterday the scene of a new sensation
shortly before Mass began at 5:40 this
morning in the Church of st. Michael two
large marble statues weighing many
hundreds of pounds were seen to move and
turn as if to look at the coffin of Olga
which lies before the altar
all who saw the amazing turning of the
statues are convinced that it was a
miracle explanations are being offered
that a movement of the earth beneath the
church which is honeycombed with old
mining tunnels move the pillars on which
the statue stand the bishop is sending a
representative to coal town to
investigate but what their miracle or
not attended all his coffin the life of
this young actress reads like the story
of a latter-day Saint mr. Harris mr.
Harris sorry to break in like this mr.
Harris something from Mendes has
happened there's a mob of newspaper
reporters downstairs well what's
happened what are you talking about the
mirror tremendous miracle well what
we're aware what do you want a coal town
oh don't tell me this is too much listen
Marcus a miracle has happened to Olga
triskele that I own here such blanket
if Dunnigan thinks that it isn't.
Dunnigan two huge stone statues at the
altar turned to look at Olga and her
cloth what do you mean it isn't done
again do you think for one moment God is
interested in selling movies for me
never heard such bunk and you believe it
the whole country believes it markets
let me explain I don't explain anything
list and donegan's gone too far
I wired him we're signing Genevieve
James so he pulls a miracle when a man
starts fooling people about religion
starts faking miracles as a press agent
stunt I'm through but Marcus this is the
real thing
the statues turned people saw early paid
someone to turn them Marcus don't you
believe in miracles you've just made a
picture about one Joan of Arc I believe
in miracles I was brought up to believe
in God and in miracles
if he made them what the difference is
as follows Moses didn't pay anyone to
hold back the Red Sea Daniel didn't pay
to get out of the Lions then and Jonah
didn't pay to get out of that whale I
don't stand for any press-agent miracles
I'm going downstairs and exposed bill.
Dunnigan and tell those newspaper people
is the biggest faker in America listen
Marcus here it is on the radio issue
here will be that of the distinguished
correspondent mr. Quentin Reynolds who
has flown here to coal town to report on
the amazing happening in the Church of
st. Michael the Archangel mr. Reynolds
the whole country is asking did a
miracle occur in coldtown but here in
the little mining community no one asks
that question every man woman and child
here believes that the grace of God has
touched them to them a miracle has
happened what is a miracle the word
miracle comes from the Latin and it
means a wonderful thing
well most certainly a wonderful thing
has happened here something so wondrous
that it has torn the bitterness and the
doubts from the hearts of the people
brought them back to God whether this is
a miracle or not that is up to the
church authorities to decide but I do
know this when Alcatraz Kovner was
brought home a wonderful thing happened
and everyone here is convinced that
somehow divine providence is blessing
coaltown and the people in it
it'll take some time to answer all these
letters and tomorrow they'll be more you
don't ask them let me get her secretary
she answers him a secretary although
they were written to me we are being
given a new organ in the roof of the
church but doesn't know all the cloths
and two stained-glass windows and my
desk is full of checks for the poor and
the world has come to st. Michael's to
pray I must thank you Bill thank me
isn't that a little funny coming from
you mean you still believe in the
miracle I've been standing in the church
most of the day I am set on a line a
copy you remember father when I told you
how I couldn't tell Olga what I felt
well this is the second time in my life
that I've been dumb I can't tell the
world about this that's how I know
what's real father because I'm no good
at selling anything that's real I guess
I'm through here you're through mr. bill.
Dunnigan you're just beginning Marcus
bill I'm happy to see you hello Marcus
hello fellas no this is father Paul mr.
Harris mr. Wilde mr. Tan be straight
from Hollywood I'm very glad to know you
fuck bill I'm a man who knows when he's
licked you win you Father
Paul st. Michael Olga couple of statues
we've decided to release the picture as
quickly as possible
you have we're gonna put Olga Tresckow.
Vernor into theatres in every city in
the country you're gonna make the
picture a tremendous success bill I'll
tell you what she's gonna do
you're Olga she's gonna build a hospital
for coal town the biggest the best that
money can buy
a clinic for her people for the study of
this disease from which she died so that
someday soon there'll be no such disease
people won't be dying from it because.
Olga Tris Cove now died for them worked
and died for them this is a great thing
you're doing mr. Harris it's beyond
anything any of us dreamed maybe
I don't know how all this started but in
my religion when something happens it
makes the world a little better place
than it was before and I know that God
had something to do with it I don't ask
any questions in my religion - mr.
When they hear me
they'll knowest their own heart speaking
and when they see my name shining in all
the theaters it will be something of
their shining I am so happy I did my job