The Miracle Season (2018) Movie Script

KELLEY: There are some
rare people in this world,
who can make absolutely
anything into an adventure.
Come on, Kelley. Come on.
If we're lucky,
one of those fearless, generous
souls shows us how it's done.
How to live.
Except, sometimes
it doesn't feel like luck.
Sometimes it feels like
they were sent from above
as a gift to the rest of us.
Because when someone like
that finds you,
and somehow chooses you
as their friend,
it makes you think
that you can fly.
Okay, thanks.
Or, at the very least,
it helps you get
through high school.
Which, when you're 17,
is kind of everything.
Kell Bell!
KELLEY: Of course, it was Line,
who always seemed like
she was about to take flight,
like she might bound
out of her seat at any moment.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the anchor of West High's
starting line-up,
Miss Kelley Fliehler!
Shut up, Line,
you're gonna jinx me!
Can't jinx certainties, Kell.
No, you being a starter
is a certainty.
Me being a starter
is, like, 50-50 at best.
Think about it. This year we
have Mack,
Brie, and that freshman,
who's like nine feet tall.
They're not you.
- Please.
- I'm serious!
Tell me you haven't been
killing it in practice.
Okay. I made a couple
of good digs.
"A couple good digs."
Let me just kick
your butt right now.
No, after we win State, again.
baby You're a firework
Come on, show 'em what
you're worth
Make 'em go, ah, ah, ah
As you shoot
across the sky
Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colors
Whoa. Hello, new neighbor.
Oh, no!
Easy, Liner! We can't play
at all if we have whiplash.
- No.
- Oh, yes.
No, no, no.
No. Liner, get back here.
The party's tomorrow night.
Officially it's to celebrate
the start of volleyball.
We've got a pre-season game
in, like, an hour.
But you guys should come
meet people.
We invited the whole school.
Just tell us you're coming,
even if it's a lie.
Because this one
can't take no for an answer.
Well, in that case,
we'll be there.
On one condition.
What's your name?
Ruby. And that's
my big brother, Alex.
That's it, you're in.
You look like you got what it takes to be
a West High volleyball player someday.
- All right.
- Up top.
- Yeah!
Um, it's the big red barn
just off of Route 1.
- You can't miss it.
- Looking forward to it.
Well, that is,
if I'm not lying about coming.
Kell Bell!
- Ugh.
- You're welcome.
- Mmm.
We can double date.
There he is.
Hey, Jim.
What do you say, girls?
- Fresh off the press.
- These are perfect!
- I love that.
- Wait, this is for you.
- We'll see you after.
- Thank you, Jim.
Oh, thank you.
- First game tonight.
- Whoo!
Thank you, guys. Here you go.
First game.
First game. West is the best!
- A piece... Perfect!
- Right here.
- All right, let's keep it going. Yeah.
- Whoo! Beautiful!
- KELLEY: I'm on my last one.
- LINE: Oh, no.
Gotta catch up.
Hey, Kelley. Hey, Liner.
- Candy.
- Hi!
Oh, wow.
Those turned out great.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Oh, my God.
- That looks so amazing.
You girls bring that
championship back home again.
- We will.
- We will.
Give this to your mama,
it's her favorite. How is she?
You give her a great big hug
from me.
Will do.
And thanks for this.
It looks delicious.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you, Candy.
You're welcome.
Good to see you girls.
You, too.
You wanna talk about it?
Forty-two matches till State,
Kell Bell.
I don't know why they didn't
take it, but they didn't.
For gosh sakes, it's yours.
I never liked it.
I don't want it.
Why don't you and what's her
name use it?
- Brez!
- I left it in the yard.
Brez, we gotta talk.
Who else?
I moved it myself.
- Who else is gonna help me?
- Super urgent.
Caroline, hold on.
That dresser
is in the yard.
Take it if you want it,
or I'm throwing it on...
- Brez...
- What?
Okay. First of all, I have
a special surprise for you
after the game.
You're gonna love it. Also,
- the team picture.
- Oh, my God. Are you still talking?
- Uh-huh.
- Remember when I said we should be wearing matching socks?
I actually think
they shouldn't match.
Maybe we wear neon colors
and weird hats.
Or, maybe we match
our shoe laces.
- It's gonna be a great year.
- Oh, yeah.
Magical season,
I can feel it.
- Did someone say "magic"?
- That's my cue.
Where's it gonna come from?
Come here.
- You have a date with Mom tonight?
- And every night, sweetheart.
After the game,
and I have a consult with
a guy about a herniated disc.
Why? You thinking about
crashing the party again?
Well, it's not like you're
getting lucky.
You're not, right, Dad?
Don't answer that.
Definitely don't answer that.
You're the grossest!
Love you!
Go! Go! Go!
Oh, my God,
that's so disgusting!
- Don't encourage her.
- Come on, you can do it!
Get the next one.
Get the next one.
What the heck
is going on here?
Line ordered pizza
for some reason,
and then bet me she could
jam two whole slices
in her mouth at once.
With me.
You killed it!
You're gross.
Take your time.
Are you sure you don't want any?
It's so good.
Give it to me.
Okay. That was just a bet,
which I totally would've won.
Caroline, you're
the captain now.
Do you not understand
what being a captain is?
Call me "Line" or "Liner"
or any curse word you want.
- But just not "Caroline".
- My setter leads.
- It's just pizza.
- These girls are looking at you,
our best player,
to set the tone.
- We were just having a little fun.
- Not to be their best friend,
not to be the funniest,
but to lead this team.
Are you feeling
all right today, Brez?
- What?
- You need a hug?
- No.
- Can't play knowing you're upset.
Come here.
- See? Isn't this so nice?
- Yeah.
Get outta here.
Hey. I got you.
This was fun to get,
wasn't it?
How many schools in Iowa do
you think have one of these?
- Freshman?
- My name's Taylor.
I know your name. Freshman?
- Dozens. Scores, even.
But how many teams
have earned two back-to-back?
Almost none. You know why?
'Cause players get cocky.
- What?
- What?
They get complacent.
So, say goodbye.
It's not yours anymore.
It belongs to last year's team.
I don't want you to think
about being ranked number one.
I want you to think about
what we're gonna do
this year, today.
Which is, one point at a time
we're gonna play
West volleyball.
Captain, team is yours.
Yeah, Liner.
Yeah, State, here we come!
And here they come!
Your defending State Champions,
the West High Trojans.
Today, West will take on their
crosstown rival, City High.
Is it me, or did the Twin Towers
get taller over the summer?
It's you. Or it's that good
old steroid-fed Iowa beef.
All right. Focus on the game.
Focus on the game.
They are huge.
Nice girls, but it's time
to take them down!
Right girls.
We got this ladies!
GIRL: Ball's up, ball's up!
Yeah, watch out,
watch out, yeah, it's coming.
Middle! Middle! Middle!
Yeah. Here, here, here.
Hands up.
Great choice, Line. Yes!
GIRL: All right. Do it again.
Do it again.
Great play, guys.
Let's keep it going.
Get ready for
the next one, okay?
Yes! Middle!
Let's go, guys.
- GIRL 1: Get it back.
- GIRL 2: Gotta be on top of that.
Look who's going down now.
Hey, pick your head up.
Pick your head up.
I would've missed that one, too.
We'll get them next, okay?
Do work today, son!
BOY: Come on, Kelley.
You got this, Kell.
You got this.
ANNOUNCER: What a disappointment for
West as City takes the first set.
Come on, guys. Next one, yeah?
Have a seat.
Brie, get out there.
It's okay, Kell.
Don't worry about it.
GIRL: Come on, ladies. We got this!
Hands up!
Hey... Mmm-hmm.
Okay, let's go.
Got it, got it, got it!
Yeah, Brie! Yeah, Brie!
Brie, you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Freshman, you're in.
Way to commit.
GIRL: Come on, guys!
You got this!
Ball's up!
All right, West.
ANNOUNCER: A heartbreaker
for the women of Troy
who just couldn't
get much going today.
Good game.
Good game.
Ernie, sorry. How are you?
- Sorry. That's a dumb question.
- No, Brez, it's okay.
We're hanging in there.
So, um, Caroline is throwing
one of her parties
tomorrow night,
and I know you don't
really like to socialize,
but with what's going on,
I know she'd love
you to be there.
Great. I'll try to make it.
It's good to see you, Ernie.
- She is not coming.
- No, not in a million years.
Oh, my God!
Am I the only one pissed off
about losing a game
we should've won?
We know we sucked, Brez.
We did. And now we're
just letting it go.
You know what I'm gonna
be letting go of?
Players who cannot compete.
Pull it together out there,
Fliehler. All of you.
Don't worry about it. Okay?
Ew! You better not kiss!
That's a dare.
Some things never change.
She said the same thing to me
this afternoon.
After all these years,
we still got it.
We're gonna get
you stronger, Ellyn.
We're gonna walk up
Mount Monadnock next year.
Yeah, that's good.
I got a present for you.
Oh, I love these.
LINE: And I'm gonna wear them
for you every time I play.
The game today meant nothing.
We're gonna win State again,
and we're gonna do it for you.
You'll see.
We talked about this, honey.
Odds are, I won't be here
for the whole season.
(SIGHS) Since when did odds
ever matter to me?
You are coming
to my graduation, Mama.
You are moving me into
my dorm room next year.
And better yet,
you are going to dance
at my wedding.
Am I making myself clear?
Very clear.
(SNIFFS) Good.
Meanwhile, I am going to climb
into your IV drip,
and spread gooey Liner love
in your bloodstream,
till it spreads to every
single cell in your body.
So, no matter what,
we're always
going to be together.
I'll take it.
I'll take all of it.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.
Whose is that?
Quiet, quiet, quiet.
Here, take these.
Brandon Turner's brother
has just left for college
and didn't take this with him.
Can you believe that?
Your dad is gonna kill you.
Not if he doesn't
happen to notice.
(GIGGLING) Perfect.
I never saw it.
- I'll totally deny it.
- Deny what?
I didn't see anything.
How's that?
- No. Still nothing over here.
- Oh, man.
This is a huge party foul, Dad.
Almost there.
Wait! Hang on.
The party has started!
I'm gonna go play a game.
- Looking good.
- Ah!
Well, it looked good anyway.
No thanks to you.
But you know what? I think,
I can actually make this work
if I just make this an
exclamation point.
Excuse me.
Lizzy B, take the top card.
Is that the card?
- Yeah, it is.
- It is?
Dude, that wasn't your card.
You had the queen of hearts.
Mrs. Found is really sick.
He could've said a potato
chip was my card,
and I would've agreed.
Now, clap.
You think that's the card?
I have a funny feeling.
Ruby, would you pick this up
and set it aside?
- My goodness.
- LIZZY: What?
- No! What?
It's my card!
How did you do that?
This is my card!
Will you please
do another one?
It's late for any more
magic tonight.
The magician has to get up
in a few hours and go to work.
- Ever sawed someone in half?
- Only redheads.
No, I'm more about
putting people together.
Good night, ladies.
- Good night, Dad.
- ALL: Good night.
Okay, so, I'm gonna go
sneak a visit with my mom,
but I have to know,
- did you kiss the new guy or what?
- No!
Not yet. But I think
it's, like, a possibility.
What? Awesome!
Weight room tomorrow,
7:00 a.m.
No. No way,
I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
- Early birds become starters.
- Ugh, okay, fine.
7:00 a.m.
This is our year, Kell.
- Our year.
- Bye.
See you tomorrow.
Hey, Bob.
What is it?
You got a noise complaint?
We don't keep anything up
around here except the sheep.
I'm afraid we have some
terrible news for you, Ernie.
What do you mean?
- There's been an accident.
- Who?
It's Caroline.
Take my mind
and take my pain
Like an empty bottle
takes the rain
And heal, heal
Heal, heal
And take my past
and take my sins
Wait, what?
And heal, heal
Kelley, is everything
all right?
I'm supposed to call
people to tell them,
but my hands
are shaking so badly.
And tell me
some things last
Take a heart
and take a hand
Like an ocean
takes the dirty sand
And heal, heal
Heal, heal
And take my mind
and take my pain
Like an empty bottle
takes the rain
That's her brother and sister?
Yeah. They got in last night.
And tell me
some things last
And tell me
some things last
Oh, guys, look who showed.
I'm sorry.
And tell me
some things last
And tell me
some things last
Here, no,
help me get these off.
Come on now, don't overdo it.
It's our
baby's wake, Ernie.
I am walking in there
on my own two feet.
Thank you.
Take my mind
and take my pain
Like an empty bottle
takes the rain
And heal, heal
No matter what,
we'll be together.
No matter what.
Hey, any news?
Yeah, all bad.
Mrs. Found passed away
in her sleep last night.
PRINCIPAL: Good morning, students.
I'd like to do a little
something different today.
I'd like to have
a moment of silence,
in honor of senior
Caroline Found,
who we lost
in a tragic accident.
Grief counseling will be available
in the guidance office,
so please, please take
advantage of it at any time.
Door's always open...
Unless the girls come to you
and want to play...
They can barely brush
their teeth in the morning.
- They're not gonna come...
- Then it's too soon.
You gotta think about
their mental health.
I'm holding practice
tomorrow afternoon at 3:45.
You want to shut me down?
You know where I'll be.
I should've stayed
where I was
Didn't follow the plan
Run, run, run,
this is my only chance
Run, run, run,
I'm finally losing it
Run, run, run, run,
say goodbye to this
Run, run, run, run,
I ain't coming back
I ain't coming back
Japanese eat like this.
Like to lay it all out.
Get a look at the whole
lunch landscape.
What are you doing, Coach?
My alarm went off
this morning.
Like it always does. 5:59.
Rolled right back over.
Didn't want to get out of bed.
Then I heard this annoying
voice in my head.
Caroline's voice.
"Do work today, son!"
With everything going
on in her life,
she played volleyball.
I think we need
to play volleyball.
- Why me?
- You're her best friend.
Girls are looking at you to see
if it's okay to play again.
Please, don't put this
on me, Brez.
Sorry. I just did.
We're talking. Every night.
So pick up your phone.
Get going.
Don't miss your flight.
We love you.
- Love you too.
- We'll see you soon. Bye, Dad.
everyone, you've reached the Founds.
Please leave a message after the
beep for Ernie, Ellyn and...
And Liner Dog!
Oh, and Liner Dog.
PAUL: Hey, Ernie. Just wanted
to check up on you, buddy.
I know I said to take
as much time as you need,
but nothing soothes the soul
like medical paperwork, right?
And God bless her. She lived
more life in her 17 years,
than most do in a lifetime.
What I'm trying to say is
I'm here for you buddy, okay?
So, if you need me to pick you up
some food or you just want to talk,
or you need some
company at church,
just give me a call,
and I'll be there for you...
Well, I'm not sure
church is exactly
where I want to be right now.
God hasn't exactly shown
up for me lately.
everyone, you've reached the Founds.
Please leave a message
after the beep
for Ernie, Ellyn and...
And Liner Dog!
Oh, and Liner Dog.
Dr. Found,
- I have something...
- Seventeen years,
sweetheart, you've never
called me that.
Not letting you start now.
Sit down, I'll make you
a cup of tea.
Did you get into that
science lab you wanted?
I think, I remember Caroline
I knew that Line had the moped.
And, I knew she was taking it
to the hospital.
If I'd told you...
You wanna hear
my list of ifs?
If I could've gotten
the stereo to work,
Line's battery wouldn't
have died,
and maybe she'd have driven
her car.
If I'd brought her
to visit Ellyn that day,
maybe she'd have just
gone to bed after the party.
If I hadn't taken
such a hard line on mopeds,
I could've at least made sure
she wore a helmet.
There's no end to the ifs.
What are we gonna do, Ernie?
All the handouts
say to channel
your anger and guilt
into something.
This is all I've found.
Maybe you can find
something better.
The Trojans football team won
last night 24 to 17,
and last night's volleyball game
against City High was another loss,
due to forfeit.
Good morning, everybody.
I just wanted to say that
that last announcement,
well, it sucked.
Line would've hated it.
Giving up a game without
a fight, and to City...
The thought of playing
volleyball again
makes me almost physically ill,
but I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna go to practice today
because it's what Line
would have wanted me to do.
And I hope the rest
of the team joins me today too,
because the thing is,
I don't want Line
to ever hear again
that we lost a game
for not showing up.
SCOTT: Well, physically
they're all here.
Mentally, I'd say
they're at 10%.
Certainly don't think they're
ready for a game on Saturday.
All right, everybody,
huddle up.
Let's go, let's go. Huddle up.
I know being here is tough.
But believe me, you're gonna be glad
you have something else to focus on...
We're all hurting.
But here, you can
take that hurt
and apply it to the game
you love to play.
What do you say? No time
like right now. Here we go.
SCOTT: Okay, guys, defensive box drill.
Let's go.
Can't do the drill
without a setter, Coach.
Okay, new plan.
Pepper drill.
Twenty consecutive hits.
Here we go.
Nice. Let's hear you count it.
Is anybody gonna get that?
I don't know if we can do this,
Coach. Just being here...
That's enough!
You all know Caroline Found
never cried on this court.
And neither will any of you.
Anybody's upset?
They need to cry? They can do it
outside the lines.
We'll get there.
- Ugly face contest!
- No fair, you always win.
On three. One, two, three.
Princess, beauty queen.
Samurai skills.
Are you going to practice
I don't even know if there's
gonna be one.
Brez thinks that people are
looking to me
to keep the team going.
Well, what do you think?
I think that Line could do it
if it was her,
but I'm not as strong as her.
Line brought out your inner
strength. She really did.
But, remember,
you can't bring out something
that isn't already there.
The last thing
that Line said to me
was that this was
gonna be our year.
She was gonna play hard,
and she was gonna dedicate
every single game to her mom.
And I know that our odds
aren't good without Liner,
but even if we could win just
one game,
shouldn't we try?
Does that sound good
to you guys?
BREZ: We can talk all
day about what we want,
but the only way to
make that happen
is to bust our butts in here.
First thing we gotta do
is find us a new setter.
Usually takes three to five
years to groom a new setter.
We don't have that kind
of time, now, do we?
No, Coach.
All right, let's work.
Scotty, they're all yours.
Okay, line up!
Setting is about precision.
Doesn't matter how good
your hitters are
unless the setter
can get them the ball
exactly where they need it.
So, losing every game
of the season.
Is that good or bad
for an assistant coach's career?
All right, Mack. You're up.
Nice job. Brie, you're up.
She's not even looking.
Doesn't have to.
She can hear it.
The less sound you make,
the better your hands are.
Nice job, Brie.
Come on, Kelley, step in.
You got this.
You're gonna touch the ball
every play.
Control who gets it. When.
Where. How.
You gotta feel out your hitters.
Who's hot?
Who's cold?
Tell them, talk to them.
Lead. Offense.
Everything on that court
runs through you.
You all right?
- Compared to what?
- These are all the plays
the setter has to know.
I know our plays, you guys.
You know the plays that you ran
and from the receiving side.
Now you need to know which plays
need to be set higher,
- or faster or with softer hands.
- Study up.
Good luck.
See, focus is the hardest
part for me.
I go to class,
but it's like all I hear
is that Charlie Brown
teacher going...
- "Wah, wah, wah, wah."
You know, if it helps,
I am actually a pretty good
Charlie Brown teacher translator.
What you just said, just so you
know, was The Gettysburg Address.
I just...
I never thought that my senior
year would be like this, you know?
You know, I only met her once.
But she seemed like
a great person.
Line was the best.
The best.
I really wanna win
this first game back for her.
Win or lose,
you're making her proud.
I know it.
REPORTER: The women of
Troy volleyball team
head to Cedar Rapids today
for their first game
since losing their star player,
Caroline Found.
We at WKCR
and everyone in Iowa City
wish them the
best of luck.
Seniors, you're our captains.
Let's go.
Ladies, heads or tails?
It's tails.
Would you like side,
serve or receive?
BREZ: It's all right, ladies.
Here we go.
Bring it in, everybody.
Everybody, bring it in.
I want you to focus
on playing volleyball.
Nothing else, just volleyball.
- You got it?
- Got it.
Okay, Lizzy B.
West on...
For Line.
ALL: One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine.
- West!
- Here we go! You got it, ladies.
No, it's okay. Get up.
You got this, Kelley,
this is what you do.
Good D. Good D.
Watch the ball!
Watch the ball!
Watch your hitters, ladies.
Watch your hitters.
Yeah, watch the middle.
Watch the middle!
And, Montgomery
with a solid side out,
to put the Rams up by two.
COMMENTATOR: Oh, my, looks
like some miscommunication.
The girls need
to get this together.
This game is slipping away
from them.
COMMENTATOR: Fliehler seems to
be having a tough time today
finding her teammates for
solid sets.
She's falling apart out there.
We don't have anybody else.
Get your feet there, Kelley.
Get your feet there.
COMMENTATOR: And that's the
game, ladies and gentlemen.
A win for Montgomery
in three straight sets.
And a heartbreaker for
the women of Troy,
who just couldn't get much going today
without their star, Caroline Found.
SHELLY: It's just frustrating.
We're being set up to fail.
- Literally.
- Give her a break, okay?
It's not like she wants
to be awful.
Yeah, but we're the ones
who look bad.
She sets it like four feet
beyond the antennae.
It's like, if we can't save it,
it looks like it's our fault.
And not to be mean, but why is
Kelley one of our co-captains?
If not for Line, I don't think
she'd even be a starter.
Yeah, probably not.
So, what, you wanna tell her
she's not good enough
to stand up there
with the rest of us?
Just sucks, that's all.
It's not how to honor Line,
I know that.
- Ernie?
- Brez.
- Wonderful to see you.
- Hello, hello!
That looks good.
Bought it at Target.
- May I?
- Thanks.
You want more champagne?
Don't ask. I'll just take it.
The hardest part for me,
is getting used to the quiet.
Liner was a sworn enemy
of pauses in conversation.
You're not kidding.
She was fearless, wasn't she?
In everything she did.
She just dove right in,
head first.
Took it on.
Without thinking.
Homecoming game's coming
up soon, Ernie.
I think it would mean a lot to
the girls if you were there.
If you can handle it.
Not to say there's
anything wrong
- if you can't...
- It's okay. I know what you mean.
It's good to see you, Ernie.
How's the team looking?
The truth?
It ain't last year.
How many games you got left?
How many wins do you have
to have to qualify for State?
What do you think my
daughter would say to us
if she were sitting
at this table?
"Only 15?"
- Down.
- SCOTT: Nice!
Pretty intense
practice schedule, huh?
Okay. Good talk.
Bring it in!
You are defending
state champions.
Every team out there
is hungry to eat you alive.
Do you think when we travel to
Cedar Falls
that they're gonna
take it easy on you
'cause they see how
upset you are?
No, Coach.
Mack, serve to zone one
and practice is over.
If you miss, we run ladders.
Let's go.
Jump serve.
- Really?
- You lead our team in ace serves.
You should be able
to do this blindfolded.
Okay, line up.
Don't be last.
Zone one, or two ladders.
Server needs to be able
to put the ball on the court
exactly where the coach
tells them to.
Lizzy B, serve the ball
to zone one or five ladders.
You think this is pressure?
How are you gonna
win our next game
if you can't
even handle practice?
Serve the ball to zone one,
and we're done.
If you miss,
15 ladders for everyone.
GIRL: Come on, Kelley,
you got this.
High and to the outside.
Good. Number 31?
Low set, middle blocker.
(CHUCKLING) Perfect.
- let's test those reflexes.
- Oh, come on.
You're so weird.
This is an important part
of your training.
Okay, gotta get back to work.
- Volleyball?
- Mm-hmm.
All right.
- Ready?
- Mmm-hmm.
The trick is to keep it close to
the embers and not the flames.
That way it doesn't catch fire.
I have to tell you something.
I didn't want it.
And if you want me
to step down, I will.
But, Brez made me setter.
And you're doing
a fine job of it.
When I didn't see you
at the games,
I thought that you were
maybe mad that I'm, like,
I don't know,
taking her spot.
You didn't take her spot.
You couldn't do that.
You took a position,
and you're making it your own.
And I'm right behind you.
Hundred percent.
And I may be the surgeon,
but you're the healer out there.
Why am I more nervous for this
than the first game we played?
Because winning homecoming
is a matter of school honor.
It's just another game
with fanfare and huge visibility
and every boy you ever
wanted to date watching.
It's still a game, ladies.
We're gonna show up and play.
Let's go!
Game time, ladies.
And here they come!
Your reigning champions!
The women of Troy!
Number 18, Lizzy Ackerman.
Number 19, Kelley Fliehler.
Number 11, Mackenzie Davidson.
Number eight, Brie Tipton.
Number four, Jessica Bailey.
Number 14, Taylor Mitchell.
Number one, Rebecca Mastry.
High! High!
Free, free, free, free!
- Now, that's some volleyball!
- Thank God!
We are one ball away.
Let's run 82.
Their defense is weak
on that side.
One ball away.
West on nine.
ALL: One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, West!
We got this.
Watch it. Watch it.
Go on, Brie!
Taylor, you gotta see that.
Okay, that's all right.
Good pass.
Okay, we got this.
- Next one. Come on.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
- It's all right. It was my fault.
No, it wasn't.
Tay, you gotta hit around
that next time. Okay?
WOMAN: Go, ladies! You got this!
One side out, ladies.
This ends now.
One last play, you guys.
Come here.
- Hello?
- Pull out the season schedule.
- Good morning to you, too.
- I'll wait while you get it.
- Okay. Got it.
- Tell me what you see.
Oh, I know there's typos,
but it's not like we're
the English department.
What's the caliber
of the next team we're facing?
They're on the weaker side.
And the next one, and the one
after that?
I like where you're
going with this.
Our next five games
are against the weakest teams
in the division.
As long as we keep
our emotions in check,
we'll take them out
without much trouble.
And with momentum
and that confidence,
the next half dozen ones
are very doable, too.
Which means,
if we run the board,
we got a shot at State.
You mean, to win?
I mean, to win.
We could win.
For Line.
For Caroline.
Yeah, but wait,
how many is the board?
- Fourteen.
- You serious?
Yeah, I'm serious.
So, hey, I was thinking,
since you pick
who gets each ball,
if it's a clutch play,
maybe go to someone else.
Usually hitters ask
for more plays.
That's how you get better.
I know.
It's just, I don't want to be
the reason that we don't win,
for Line.
Don't let it be me, okay?
It's time for me
to take it
I'm the boss right now
Not gonna fake it
Not when you go down
Cause this is my game
And you'd better
come to play
I used to hold
my freak back
Now I'm letting go
I make my own choice
Okay. Yeah.
Outside. Outside.
What! Are you kidding me?
Are you blind?
Come on! It was right here.
- It was right here!
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
Maybe you should sit down
before it gets you a...
- Oh, my God!
- We're good!
We're good, Ref, we're good!
God, I hope it's not him
in the finals.
What's wrong with being
What's wrong
with being
What's wrong
with being confident
What's wrong with being
What's wrong
with being confident
What's wrong with being
What's wrong
with being
What's wrong
with being confident
And then the improbable
The women of West started
winning games.
One after another.
And if they win here tonight,
they'll be headed back to State
next week as quarter-finalists.
And a chance to honor
their lost captain, Caroline.
It's a strong team
out there,
but they are not
as strong as you.
We keep our heads in the game,
and we can win this.
For Line.
- West on two. One, two.
- ALL: West!
Let's go, ladies!
COMMENTATOR: West is two
points away from victory
as Kelley Fliehler
heads back to serve.
Deep serve by West.
Set to the outside.
And that's out.
- You follow the ball.
- It was our point!
Next time it might not be.
You follow the ball
till the end of the play.
Yes, Coach.
West is in control
of this game,
and if they win this set,
they win the match.
Fliehler with the serve.
You stay with your hitters.
White Oak sets middle.
Nice dig by West.
Fliehler with the set.
A huge block by White Oak.
But West still has
match point.
Can't keep going
to Mackenzie
while they're
doubling up on her.
Don't look at me, the blocker on
my side's like seven feet tall.
Go to Taylor, they're not
looking at her.
- Yeah, I think I got this one.
- Element of surprise.
We can't lose
momentum, Kell.
Not when we're
one ball from State.
Okay, go again,
I'll push it further out, okay?
- Come on, guys, come on.
- Yeah.
COMMENTATOR 1: White Oak is just
one point away from tying it up.
West needs this point to win.
Swing hard.
Here's the serve
from White Oak.
Set by Fliehler.
They did it! The women of Troy
are heading back to State!
They made it to the
Unbelievable. A 15-game
win streak.
Let's hear it for
your West High Trojans!
Good job.
So, I was thinking
about last season.
So weird, foreign.
I mean, remember
when playing used to be fun?
Yeah, I do.
I try not to think about it.
Hmm, how you feeling, hmm?
You ready to take some names?
I'm just glad that
we're almost through this.
Home stretch.
Well, you've already won.
- You know that, right?
- Yeah.
Hug you.
Uh, Coach...
Aren't you gonna say
something to the parents?
Oh. Yeah, sure.
Good morning, everybody.
- ERNIE: Good morning, Coach.
- Good morning.
So, here we are again.
Go get 'em, girls.
I'm glad you called.
I think it's time
for me to express
some long-overdue
I've been so angry.
I know.
But to have had the life
that I did with Ellyn...
and those 17 years
with Caroline...
I know...
how blessed I am.
You are blessed, pal.
I can't blame Him
for wanting her back.
She's a keeper.
ANNOUNCER: Now, this is a team
that was absolutely demolished
by Montgomery earlier
this season,
but they're playing like
a whole new squad right now.
Move to the ball!
Move to the ball!
- Beautiful. Way to read your hitters!
- GIRL: Yeah!
Come on, ladies,
we got this.
- One more, push one.
- Ladies, come on.
It's up! It's up!
Settle down. Settle down.
- One more to semis.
- I got this, guys.
- Okay.
- I got it.
- Go kill it.
- Okay.
You got this.
Senior setter, Kelley Fliehler,
is back to serve for game.
And West High dominates
this quarter-final match
to advance to the semis.
ANNOUNCER: And what a
game we've got here.
Both teams battling for a spot
in the state finals.
Both are within easy reach
of the magic 15 points
to win here in game five.
Watch your hitters.
- Good job.
- Come on, guys, we got this.
This one's ours.
One good pass, ladies,
one good pass.
Yeah, it's up. It's up.
- Yeah!
- Nice.
Match point, match point,
here we go.
ANNOUNCER: And West is one point
away from the state finals.
Good. Push it. Push it.
And West has won the match!
ANNOUNCER: Who would've
thought that this team
would be back
in the state championship
after the roller-coaster ride
that they've been
through this season?
Now, a tough match against
City High is ahead,
but West High has an awful lot
to celebrate tonight.
Hey, Ernie, it's me, Kelley.
I'm just really
missing Line today,
and I thought I might visit
the barn hideout tonight.
Let me know if that's okay.
What do you think?
Is it this one?
KELLEY: The barn is always
where I went with Caroline
when I needed
everything to be okay.
And right then,
everything wasn't.
The closer we got to State,
the more scared I was
that we'd come up short.
That I'd come up short.
Winning for Line
was everything,
so losing for Line...
It was unthinkable.
Not "win for Line".
Not "do it for Line,"
but "live like Line".
- Hey. Uh...
- Hey.
I'm sorry for being
totally MIA lately,
but there's something pretty important
that I have to do right now,
and I was on my way there.
And then somehow I was
on my way here.
it's because I realized
I wanted you there, too.
I mean, if you're not
doing anything right now.
Well, I was pretty busy
sleeping, but...
Right. Yeah, of course.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I don't even... I don't know
what I'm doing here. Okay.
I remember the moment
I was only a girl
So, where are we going?
Tears were falling
Follow me.
All this time
From the first tear cry
Till today's sunrise
I like seeing you lead.
Team's lucky to have you.
Always there, it was
You and I
You've been walking
with me all this time
You got a plan?
Yeah, you go up,
I'll hand you stuff.
I like that plan.
Been walking
with me all this time
Ever since that day
It's been clear to me
That no matter what comes
You were meant for me
I know you're for me
And you're restoring
Every heartache
and failure
Every broken dream
What is that?
Did you make that?
Hey, Ernie's having a party
at his place tonight.
Yeah, I know.
I'm surprised you're invited.
You know, I mean,
in a good way.
It was you and I
You've been walking
with me all this time
Ernie, we're not
champions yet.
Sure you are.
That's what
this is about tonight.
You are champions to me.
I'm proud of you guys.
Now, will you finish the story?
The story. Right. Okay.
So I went to pick
up the pizza,
and the pizza man behind the
counter, he looks at this shirt,
and he says, "What's that
shirt, what does that mean?"
I said to him, "How much
time have you got?"
And I told him that
I married a woman,
who... she knew
how to love, and...
she could see the good
in... in anyone
and anything she ever met.
And she gave that
to our daughter, and...
Caroline knew
how to... live.
Maybe a little too much
you guys, what you've done,
you've brought this town
together. It's amazing.
Caroline would be so proud
to be here with you.
And win or lose,
it doesn't matter.
To Caroline.
- ERNIE: Yeah.
- SCOTT: Hear, hear.
- To sweet Caroline.
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
Where it began
I can't begin to know it
But then I know it's
growing strong
Sweet Caroline
Ba, ba, ba
Good times never
seemed so good
So good, so good,
So good
I'm sorry...
for putting so much pressure
on you guys.
I don't know how you managed
carrying all that weight.
How you managed,
to not just play,
but do it with... grace.
I told you to win for Line,
as if that would somehow make
sense of why she died, or...
help how much
all of us hurt.
But now, I think
that we should...
If we wanna show how much
we miss her, we should...
just play with joy.
can we just do that?
I used to bite my tongue
and hold my breath
Hey, excuse me, can you
pull over please?
So I sit quietly
Agree politely
I guess I forgot
I had a choice
I let you push me past
the breaking point
I stood for nothing
So I fell for everything
You held me down,
but I got up
Already brushing
off the dust
You hear my voice,
you hear that sound
Like thunder,
gonna shake the ground
- You held me down, but I got up
Get ready cause
I've had enough
- I see it all, I see it now
I got the eye
of the tiger
A fighter
Dancing through the fire
Cause I am a champion
- And you're gonna hear me roar
Louder than a lion
Cause I am a champion
And you're gonna
hear me roar
You're gonna hear me roar
ANNOUNCER: Thank you
for joining us today
at the Cedar Rapids Ice
and Sports Arena.
"Live Like Line" T-shirts!
Today we host a rematch
in the Iowa State girls
volleyball championships.
Please welcome City High
and your returning champs,
the West High Trojans.
Who's ready to play
some West volleyball?
- Yeah!
- We're ready, Coach.
Welcome to the 2011
Iowa State, girls high school,
volleyball championships.
Before we begin,
we'd like to honor a player
we lost just
a few months ago.
Someone very special
to this community.
Here, with that dedication
is Kathy Bresnahan.
- Is this normal?
- No.
Hey, volleyball fans!
From the looks of it,
a lot of you
had a connection
with our beloved captain,
number nine,
Caroline Found.
We love you, Caroline!
Which isn't surprising, because
Caroline reached out to everyone.
Strangers, opponents,
even lowly Coach.
To Line, they all meant
the same thing.
So, today,
we would like to honor
number nine,
not by having a moment
of silence,
but by asking you to do
the same, reach out.
Introduce yourself
to somebody you don't know.
- Hi.
- Hi, how are you?
Good to see you.
Good to see you. You, I know.
You three are trouble.
I'm glad you're here.
So are you.
- Hey.
- Kathy, nice to meet you.
Good luck, Coach.
Hi, what's your name?
Line would have loved this.
West, I need your Captain.
Here we go, you guys.
Let's go, coin toss.
They asked for our captain.
Right, that's us.
No, it's you, Kell.
No, that's not how
we've been...
You earned it. Go.
Go on. Get over there.
I'm not gonna
lose this toss
'cause you're dragging
your feet, Captain.
We did this together.
I want everybody there.
Then go get them.
Come on.
I need my girls.
- Come on, that means you guys, too.
- BREZ: Go on, go on!
West, it's your call.
- Yes.
- Yeah!
- Serve, side or receive?
- Serve.
And what side do you want?
- This side's good.
- Great. Have fun, girls.
Ah, Kelley,
we just wanna say whatever
happens out there today,
it isn't personal,
it's just the game.
Right. We were thinking
Line wouldn't want us
to throw the championship.
So, in a way
we're honoring her too.
Thanks for letting me know.
It'll make our win
even sweeter.
Nice girls, but it's time
to take them down.
- West on nine?
- Mmm-hmm.
ALL: One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, West!
Own the net.
And West gets us started.
ANNOUNCER: City takes advantage
and hammers it for the kill.
Let's go, guys.
Back hands, ladies.
Blocked by City.
There's just no hitting
through City's huge block.
Good job, guys. Keep it up.
Keep it up.
City with a dominant start.
West can't get their offense
going around that massive block
that City is putting up.
It's okay. It's okay.
Watch the floor, watch the
floor, okay?
Change it up, serve to one.
ANNOUNCER: Another kill by City,
as they close in on set two.
BREZ: Forget about it, ladies.
Next play.
ANNOUNCER: City is on a roll.
They look unstoppable.
You got this.
Deep serve.
You got this.
Free ball, Carmen, free ball.
Get it over!
Great job!
ANNOUNCER: And West is
down two sets to none.
And the state championship
is just one set away for City.
We had a heck of a run.
We really did.
Line would've
said it was epic.
We need more Trojans at the net,
they're killing us there.
I'll run the sixes closer to the
antenna to throw them off.
Yeah, good. So, Taylor,
you make that adjustment.
Let's shut them down.
What? Freshman, you all right?
Maybe we should go back
to setting mostly to Mackenzie.
Maybe that's the only way we
have a shot.
They've been blocking me, too.
No, no, no.
Trust your setter.
She knows what you can handle,
when you're the right person
at the right time.
You strong women got us here.
You did this.
I have never been prouder
to be a coach.
I love all of you so much.
I want you to know that.
Win this for yourselves.
- We love you too, Brez.
- Yeah.
Now, come on, Coach, wipe off
those tears.
No crying on the court.
- There is no crying on the court.
- No crying!
That's my rule,
no crying on the court.
Come on, you guys,
let's play West volleyball.
West on nine.
ALL: One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, West!
SCOTT: All right, this is your set.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
You got this.
Let's go.
ANNOUNCER: And West needs
to get something going here
if they're going to have a prayer
as we start the third set.
Starts with a pass, ladies.
- Freshman, here.
- GIRL: Outside.
Way to execute, Freshman.
Very nice.
ANNOUNCER: Number three
with a kill for the win.
These West High Trojans
have taken their first set.
The question we're all asking
now is will they be able
to go the distance
as we start the fourth set?
ANNOUNCER: And we are neck and neck
here at the end of the fourth set.
Get on that!
- Yeah!
- Yes!
And West is one point away
from taking this to a fifth set.
All right, guys.
We're back in it.
- Pass me the ball.
- Yeah, I will, babe.
Okay. Double time, all right?
Double time!
Let's finish this, all right?
Let's go!
CROWD: Go, West, go!
Go, West, go!
Back set!
GIRL: Yeah, me! Outside!
Huge kill for 11!
We are going to a fifth set,
where anything can happen.
We have set. Okay?
Only 15 more points, guys.
- We can do this!
- We are doing this, you guys!
Whole crew got the juice
Yo game the truth
My screams is the proof
Them other dudes
get the deuce
When I speed in this coupe,
leaving the interview
Banging the drum like,
dum di di day
I know you want it
in the worst way
I wanna hear you
calling my name
Like, hey mama, mama,
hey mama, ma
Be my woman, girl,
I'll be your man
Be your man
Be my woman, girl,
I'll be your man
BREZ: Nice serve, Kelley.
Yeah, it's up. It's up.
Yeah, power! Yes!
Forget about it, ladies.
Next play.
And with that kill,
City is one point away
from the state championship.
One pass, ladies. One pass.
BREZ: Okay, here we go.
Get ready for a cross.
I can't believe my eyes!
City misses their
match-point serve!
Nice serve. Yeah, it's up!
Pass that!
- GIRL 2: Outside!
- GIRL 1: Here, here, here!
ANNOUNCER: A smart play
by 11 off the block
puts West up by one.
And for this marathon to end,
they have to win by two.
Hey, hey. Who feels good
for the last play?
- Go with who always delivers.
- Yeah.
Okay. All right.
Outside three. You got this.
All right. Front hands,
front hands!
Watch dump, watch dump.
You got two swings.
Use it, ladies!
And number one for West,
serving for the championship.
It all comes down to this.
Go, go, go!
Outside! It's mine!
Taylor, it's you!
And it's good!
And the West High Trojans
are state champions
two years in a row!
The stuff of legends!
The West High Trojans
have come back
from two games down
to take the
Thank you, Coach.
Thank you, Kelley Fliehler.
You are, without a doubt,
one heck of a volleyball player.
Oh, my God!
- I'm shaking.
- She'd be so proud of you.
Where it began
I can't begin to knowing
But then I know
it's growing strong
Good job, Coach Brez.
Good job, Brez!
Good job, Coach!
Then spring
became a summer
Who'd have believed
you'd come along
Touching hands
Reaching out
Touching me
Touching you
Sweet Caroline
Ba ba ba
Good times never
seemed so good
So good, so good, so good
Sweet Caroline
Ba ba ba
To believe they never would
Sweet Caroline
Ba ba ba
Good times never
seemed so good
So good, so good, so good
Sweet Caroline
Good times never
seemed so good
I'd be inclined
To believe
they never would
But now I
Look at the night
And it don't seem
so lonely
We filled it up
with only two
And when I hurt
Hurting runs off
my shoulders
How can I hurt
when holding you
Son of a gun, I started to get
the wheelchair ready,
and she said, "I'm gonna walk
outta here."
One, touching one
And she did.
Touching me
Touching you
Sweet Caroline
Good times never
seemed so good
I'd be inclined
To believe
they never would
Oh, no, no
Iowa City West needs
just one more victory
to repeat
as state champions.
Sweet Caroline
ANNOUNCER: That's Iowa City West
for the championship match-point.
They set it off
to the left side,
and a nice dig out of there
by Mollie Mason.
Stump dumped over.
It's down! They've done it!
And the championship
to the women of Troy!
CROWD: Good times
never seemed so good
So good, so good, so good
Sweet Caroline
I believed
they never could
Sweet Caroline
Ba ba ba
Good times never
seemed so good