The Miracle Worker (2000) Movie Script

No, no. They don't want that.
Lay it over there.
First, I'm going to
cut out this border.
Stop it, Helen.
Why she stick her
fingers in my mouth?
Because she mad at you talking all
day when she can't hear nothing.
If she can't hear, then how she
know talk coming out of my mouth?
I think she tying to talk.
Now she gone crazy,
eating herself.
You stop that.
Helen, stop it.
Helen. Helen!
Stop it. Ohh!
Help! Help!
Helen's trying to kill us!
She tying to kill us again!
Stop it, Helen. Stop it.
Stop it.
OK, OK, give
mother the scissors.
Helen, give mother
the scissors.
There, now.
That's my pretty girl, huh?
Well, Father,
I hope you got
your story ready.
What story is that?
The one you're going to tell when
the little savage kills somebody.
"Your honor,
I had no idea that poor deaf and
dumb child could be so violent."
Your sister is none
of your concern, James.
Don't you have some occasion
you need to dress for?
Why don't I ever meet any
of your young friends, James?
How can I invite people here?
But surely your friends don't think
that Helen is any reflection on you.
Helen is the real
head of this house.
She's probably just pretending
she can't speak or hear
so she don't have
to answer to anyone.
Your jealousy of that
helpless child is intolerable.
Oh, well, here we are.
Here's Father
and Aunt Ev.
Ha ha.
I saw James.
I hope the two of you
weren't quarreling again.
No, no.
Oh, Katie, we all love Helen,
but surely you must see what an
effect she is having on your household.
Why, James and Arthur can
barely speak a civil word,
and all your time is
given over to the girl.
You hardly ever have
time for your new baby.
James is right.
You and Arthur must do
something... and soon.
What can we do, Evelyn?
The only thing left to do is
to take Helen to an asylum,
and Kate would
never stand for it.
Well, have you tried...
We have taken her to
every hospital in 2 states.
No one holds out any hope.
what about that Dr.
Chisolm up in Baltimore?
I read an article in your
very own newspaper, Arthur.
They say he has cured
many cases of blindness that
other doctors have given up on.
Now, why not write to him?
And have Kate's
heart broken again?
I'm prepared for my heart to
break any number of times, Captain.
I'll write to him myself
if you like, Katie.
There isn't going
to be any cure,
and the sooner we
accept that fact,
the better off we'll all be.
I will never
accept it, Captain.
I can't.
I'm going to the printers.
Now look. I can't turn
my back for a moment.
Arthur, Helen knows a lot more than you
think about what goes on in this house.
Nothing is solved by running
all over the county every
time some quack doctor
gets his name in the papers.
Nothing is solved by running
to the office, either.
Kate, darling,
what can anyone do?
The kindest thing we could do
would be to find a sanitarium
in a beautiful spot where
she could be taken care of.
No. No, never.
Oh! She tore off my buttons.
It's eyes.
She wants the doll... She
wants the doll to have eyes.
I'm sorry, Evelyn.
Just tell me what it'll cost to have
the buttons replaced, and I'll...
I know she does.
Oh, don't mind about that.
What are a couple of buttons
if it makes Helen happy?
I'll sew them on if you like.
Is that what
you're trying to do?
Make Helen happy?
Nothing makes her happy.
Everything you give her
only makes her worse.
She can have these little
things that make her happy.
Oh, Helen!
The baby!
Listen, you cannot do
things like that, OK?
Why? She can have the little
things that make her happy.
If you won't send her away,
then we must find some
way of confining her.
What, you want to lock her away in
the attic like some sort of mad woman?
She wants to talk.
Helen, come here.
It's OK.
It's OK. Look, I know.
All right.
I'll write to Dr. Chisolm.
Dr. Chisolm could do
nothing for the girl and
referred them to Dr.
Alexander Graham Bell.
As the girl is young, and the parents
are not willing to send her to us,
I have put you up for
the role of governess.
Or nursemaid.
We both knew you'd get rid
of me one of these days.
You've accomplished
so much here.
But when you first came to us,
you couldn't even spell your name.
Are your eyes
still so painful?
No. It's my ears, sir.
Tell me about the child.
Is she bright...
or dull?
Can she be taught?
She's given to
tantrums, they say.
So am I.
Maybe you should warn
the Kellers about me.
I've told them nothing of your history
except your qualifications for the job.
Here is the money
for your train ticket.
And here is a gift
from all of us,
with our love.
We're going to miss you.
This is my last chance
to counsel you, Annie.
You lack tact
and the talent
to bend to others.
You're hard to fool
and harder to please,
but all the same,
we are proud of you.
We're off to meet
the train again.
Well, I hope the
girl is on this one.
Oh, she will be.
Well, we'll see
you at supper, then.
Giddy up.
Your mother's not here, child.
I'm here, though.
I'm your father.
I'm your father.
I used to swing
you through the air,
and you weren't even
2 years of age yet.
I wonder if you
remember any of that...
or any of us.
Here you are.
There's a piece
of candy for you.
You want your mama,
don't you, missy?
Captain Keller, wouldn't
like this if he saw
it, but what's one little
candy going to hurt?
Watch your step, sir.
Don't worry about it, sir.
Miss Sullivan?
I'm James Keller.
I had a brother, Jimmie.
Are you Helen's...
Half brother. Do
you have a trunk?
Henry, Percy.
Miss Sullivan.
I'm so relieved. We were beginning
to get a little bit worried about you.
The man who sold me that ticket
ought to be tied to the tracks.
I'm Katherine Keller.
I'm Helen's mother.
You didn't bring Helen.
I was hoping you would.
Well her father wanted to spend
the afternoon with her, actually.
They so enjoy
their time together.
Kate, you should be ashamed.
Miss Sullivan, you'll find
that in the south we make up
these little stories
just to amuse each other.
I hope you won't mind.
How much can a blind and deaf
child learn, gice Sullivan?
I don't know.
Does she communicate
with you at all?
Oh, well, I always know what she
wants if that's what you mean.
No, you don't.
All anybody knows
that if you give Helen
a piece of candy, she'll
be quiet for a while.
Can you teach her to sit
still, gice Sullivan?
I'd have to teach
her language first.
If she doesn't know words, how could
she know why you want her to sit still?
Miss Sullivan, perhaps you were
misled as to Helen's condition.
She can neither see nor hear.
But if it is her
senses that are impaired
and not her mind,
she must have language.
Language is more
important to the mind
than light is to the eye.
But how will you teach her
if you can't talk to her?
Anyway I can.
We are going to do everything
that we can to help you.
I don't want you to think of
us as strangers, gice Annie.
Strangers aren't
so strange to me.
I've been around
them all my life.
Watch your step.
Welcome to Ivy
Green, gice Sullivan.
I trust you had
a good journey.
I had several. Thank you.
Where's Helen?
Oh, gice Annie?
We've put you in the
upstairs corner room.
Now, if there is any breeze at all
this summer, you're going to feel it.
I'll take my suitcase, thanks.
I have it, gice Sullivan.
No, please, let me.
I wouldn't think of it.
I have something
in it for Helen.
I needn't to be
treated like a guest.
Now, when may I see Helen?
Well, there she is.
That's Helen.
She seems very rough, Kate.
Why didn't she take
her glasses off?
Well the institute said that
the light hurts her eyes.
Apparently, she was
nearly blind as a child.
Well, she's had 9
operations on her eyes.
And they expect one blind
person to teach another one?
How long was she
employed at that school?
Well, she... she
wasn't employed there.
She was one of
their best students.
Now you have 2 blind girls
to take care of, Father.
You stay out of this.
why do you have to be
so mean about Helen?
Why, to confirm my father's
view of me, of course.
Those are mine.
Yes, yes.
All right, then, Helen.
"Doll" will be
your first word.
It's as good as any.
" D..."
" L..."
" L."
It has a name.
Thank you, Henry.
Thank you, Percy.
So, what was that?
Some sort of game?
It's an alphabet for the deaf.
Each letter has a sign.
First, she will
learn to imitate.
" D", "O..."
Oh, she can imitate
things, all right...
like a regular little monkey.
A bright little monkey.
" D."
I think she wants
her doll back.
She can have it back
when she spells it.
She has no idea
what words even are.
How can she spell them?
If her fingers learn
the letters now,
then maybe someday
her brain will learn
that they have a meaning.
Did you make up this alphabet?
Me? No.
Spanish monks under
a vow of silence,
which, Mr. James, I
wish you would take.
Very good.
Very good, Helen.
Very good.
Good first lesson.
Very well done.
Very well done.
Ohh! Ohh!
Let me out, you wicked girl.
Ohh. And I wondered
if she was bright.
She's the brightest
one in this house.
Where is Miss Annie?
She's in her room.
Didn't anyone
call her to supper?
James, go upstairs
and bring her down.
Certainly. I'll
get the ladder.
I'll need a ladder.
It won't take long.
What are you talking about?
Well, Helen locked her in her
room and run off with the key.
And I suppose you are going
to sit there and say nothing.
You told me it was none
of my business, Father.
I was just trying to
respect your wishes.
Miss Sullivan,
are you in there?
Yes, sir, I'm in here.
Isn't there a
key on your side?
For God's sake.
No, sir. There's no key, sir.
Put that ladder away, Jimmy.
Whatever you say, Father.
Captain, we can't keep Miss Annie
locked up until we find the key.
Bring the ladder back.
Whatever you say, Father.
I hired her to solve
problems, not create them.
Hold it, Jimmy.
Thank you, Percy.
Miss Sullivan!
Yes, Captain Keller?
I hope this is not a sample
of what we can expect of you.
Come out and sit
on my shoulder.
I'm perfectly capable of
going down a ladder by myself.
Do as I say, gice Sullivan.
Very chivalrous of you.
This is not chivalry.
This is practicality.
You're no good to
us trapped in a room.
Not in the house 10 minutes.
Honestly, I don't see
how you managed it.
I'll look for the key, sir.
Thank you. Just don't look in
any rooms that can be locked.
All right, everyone.
Excitement's over.
I'd better leave
the L-A-D-D-E-R.
Oh, you little devil.
If you think you can get rid
of me that easily, you're wrong.
I have nothing better to do
and nowhere else to go.
To the best of my knowledge,
no one in this house
has ever tried to
control the girl,
how can I discipline her
without breaking her spirit?
if she won't obey me...
It has a name.
No, Helen.
No. Never you mind, gice Annie.
It's... It's not the first.
No, Helen.
The Captain thinks that your
spelling everything that Helen does
is like spelling
to a fence post.
You talk to the
baby, don't you?
Does she understand
what you mean?
Not yet, but she will someday
if she hears enough words.
I'm letting Helen
hear the words.
How long will it take?
A million words, maybe.
Did you see that?
I spelled "pen."
She spelled "cake."
She wants to see if I
can tell the difference.
There's is nothing impaired
in that head, go Keller.
Helen is smart... and angry.
I can use that.
Can you teach
me those letters?
I'll start tomorrow.
If both of us are
spelling to her,
that makes only about
half a million words each.
Ow! Helen!
Why does she get a
reward for stabbing me?
I... I don't know.
I'm... I'm sorry.
Miss Sullivan,
breakfast is ready.
Shall I get the ladder?
That's enough, Jimmy.
Oh, good morning, gice Annie.
Good morning.
I hope you've settled in
comfortably, gice Sullivan.
Thank you, Captain. I have.
Please, help yourself.
Miss Annie, if there is ever anything
that you need, please let us know.
Tobacco prices are up, Father.
We should earn a nice profit
this year for a change.
It used to be that a man could
make a good living running a farm.
Well, perhaps if you'd leave your pet
newspaper and come show me my business,
...we could make
some real money.
Not in front of Miss Sullivan.
Why not in front
of Miss Sullivan?
Miss Annie,
Helen is used to helping
herself from our plates.
I'm afraid I'm not used to it.
No, of course not.
Viney, please bring Miss
Sullivan another plate.
There's nothing wrong
with my plate, Captain,
only that Helen's hands
don't belong in it.
One plate is hardly worth
spoiling our breakfast over.
You see, she's just going to keep
trying until she gets her way.
I must insist that
you let the girl go.
Thank you.
Oh, look, now
she's hurt herself.
No, she hasn't. I know
a tantrum when I see one
and a badly spoiled child.
Miss Sullivan.
Please, show some pity.
For this kind of behavior?
Pity's the one thing
she doesn't need.
The whole house waits
on her hand and foot.
Hear, hear. -You
stay out of this.
Letting Helen have her own way...
it's really such a small thing.
Small? It's seems
you've all decided
it's easier to
feel sorry for Helen
than to teach
her how to behave.
Well, I've not seen that you've taught
her anything yet, gice Sullivan.
Quite right, Captain.
Well observed.
I'll start right now if
you'll leave the room.
Leave the room?
Please, Captain.
Right now, if you'll
leave the room.
Miss Sullivan...
If you're not
willing to stand up to
one tantrum, I cannot
teach her anything.
Mrs. Keller, you asked if
there was anything I needed.
Yes, but I..
I need to be alone with Helen.
Right now.
Miss Sullivan...
Captain, may I speak
with you outside?
Give us a moment, please.
This is absurd.
Arthur, I'm sure that she is
only trying to do what is best.
I will not have my house
turned into a circus.
Unless there is a change in
attitude, gice Sullivan is dismissed.
Arthur, and then what
hope do we have for Helen?
No less than we had before,
and then perhaps we
can regain some quiet.
Shh. Shh.
Shh, shh, shh.
Oh, God.
What you want me
to do, gice Kate?
It's noon time, and the breakfast
dishes ain't been cleared.
Hush, now.
Come on.
ate from her own plate
with a spoon
all by herself...
and she folded her napkin.
The room's a wreck,
but she folded her napkin.
I'll be in my
room, go Keller.
Shh, shh.
Oh, Helen.
Don't be long
now, gice Annie.
Lunch going to be
ready right away.
My Helen folded her napkin.
What are you reading?
Dr. Howe's account of his
patient Laura Bridgman.
She was deaf. blind, and
mute from the age of 2.
Did he succeed with her?
He did.
Then it is possible.
With patience, I suppose...
something they did not give me
a certificate for at Perkins.
After this morning's lesson...
the Captain wants
me to dismiss you,
but I am going to
insist that you remain.
Thank you.
Where is your
family, gice Annie?
My brother Jimmie
was the last I had.
He died 12 years ago.
I'm sorry. I..
I tried to protect him.
I failed.
It's no use trying to protect
or speak for other people.
Not really.
The only hope
is to teach them to
do it for themselves.
That's what I'm trying
to do with Helen.
What you demand of her now
is all she'll ever be.
And if what happened this
morning wasn't enough,
Helen can't stand
to be near her.
Things have gotten worse,
and I want you to
give her notice.
Well, if you won't, I must.
Good evening,
Captain, go Keller.
Miss Sullivan...
I find that I am not
satisfied with this...
That is, this arrangement...
Will you please take
off your glasses?
I find it very difficult to
speak to you with them on.
Well, of course.
If you must, keep them on.
Now, gice Sullivan...
Please tell me, Captain,
is the little house
in the grove of trees
being used for anything?
The garden house?
This is just what
I am talking about.
Miss Sullivan, if you
expect to stay on here,
there must be a
change in your manner.
And you must convince me that
there is the slightest hope
of teaching a child who flees
from you like the plague.
You could show some sympathy.
You're absolutely
right, Captain.
There is not the
slightest possibility
of teaching a child
who runs away from me.
It is hopeless here, and
the sooner we realize that,
the sooner we can
get to a solution.
It is not hopeless!
Helen could talk by the
time she was 10 months old.
Before this illness, she
was such a good child.
Yes, she was an
extraordinary child.
I believe that,
but she's not
that child anymore.
I've seen pets behave
better than she does
and it's your pity
that's the cause of it.
I beg your pardon!
I'm afraid your love for Helen
is a greater handicap to her than
her blindness or her deafness.
Annie, before you came, we spoke
of putting Helen in an asylum.
Please don't give up.
Obviously, gice Sullivan
thinks it's hopeless.
Here! It's hopeless here!
I'm only just beginning!
Please let me show you.
Please follow me.
God knows what this
has to do with anything.
This is ridiculous.
I believe I can only
make progress with Helen
If I have complete
charge of her.
But you already have that.
No. I mean day and night.
She must depend on me.
For what?
For everything! Her food, her
clothes her play time, her sweets.
All of these things are tools
that I can use to reach her.
And how do you propose to do
that when she runs away from you?
If she can run to
you, I have no hope.
Which is why I must live
with her somewhere else.
You can bring Helen here
after a long carriage ride.
She won't know where she is,
and you can still
see her every day,
provided she does
not know you're here.
How long would you keep her?
As long as it takes.
I know this is the way!
And, Captain, I
cannot be rude to you
if you're not around
to interfere with me.
Am I to understand that
if I say no to this,
you will abandon your
charge to an asylum?
An asylum is no place
for Helen, Captain.
Believe me, I know.
I grew up in an asylum...
in the state poorhouse,
my brother and I...
until it took his life.
Our playroom was the
dead house where they
kept the bodies until
they could dig the graves.
It made me strong,
but Helen is strong
enough already.
Please give me this chance.
Give her this chance
to save herself.
Miss Sullivan, do
you like this child?
Do you?
with your permission.
I'll give you 2 weeks.
You have 2 weeks to get
the child to tolerate you.
Percy could stay here. He
could run errands for you.
2 weeks is not enough.
2 weeks is what I am offering.
I'll take it.
Where would you like your
suitcase, gice Sullivan?
Oh, anywhere is fine.
How do you expect to win
her over in this place?
You plan to tie
her to the chair?
How is it you have
no pity for Helen?
To have pity for someone
is a waste of energy.
Feeling sorry for
ourselves is even worse.
Well, I hope you
win, gice Sullivan.
Well, we rode in the
country for 2 hours.
For all she knows she
could be in another town.
Bring her inside, please.
Oh, she wants me.
She can have you
back in 2 weeks.
Miss Annie, please
take good care of her.
I will.
Aah! Hush, hush, hush.
Hush, hush.
Wake up. I need your help.
Try again.
Try again.
Let me go.
She gonna pinch me.
I think she's trying to talk.
She can talk, but she's
got to use her hands.
Here. Let me show you.
She's mad at me now,
so she doesn't want
to play, but she
knows a lot of letters.
She spells cake,
she gets cake.
She doesn't know what
the word means yet...
but she will.
We don't need her.
How would you like to
learn one she doesn't know?
"M" is easy.
"I" is even easier...
Just the pinkie up.
" K."
" M." Why should I talk
to you? I'm teaching Percy.
I'm teaching Percy.
Ooh, you're jealous.
At least I'm back to
where I can touch you.
You can go back to bed, Percy.
Thank you.
I never thought that
life could be so quiet.
I miss her, too.
Hush, little baby
Don't say a word
Mama's gonna buy
you a mockingbird
If that mockingbird
don't sing
Mama's gonna buy
you a diamond ring
I can't sleep, Annie.
There are rats in my room.
Can't we live somewhere else?
We don't have
anywhere else, Jimmie.
Please, can I sleep with you?
Just for tonight.
Hush, little baby
Don't say a word
Mama's gonna buy you
A mockingbird
And if that
Doesn't sing?
Mama's gonna buy you,
A diamond ring
Not "apple."
Why is it so hard
to understand?
We were just about
to have lunch.
How is she, gice Annie?
I taught her that
stitch yesterday.
Now I can't get her to stop.
It's so quiet in the
house without her.
Well, when the Captain and
James aren't bickering, that is.
I noticed they
don't get along.
Oh, well, they used to
when James mother was alive.
But then Helen
came along, and...
well, she takes up so
much of our attention.
Ooh, such a lady.
She'd rather starve
than eat without a spoon.
You have taught her so
much in a week and a half.
It's not enough.
Obedience is not enough.
She knows so many words.
If only she knew
what they meant.
And how will she learn?
The way a bird learns to use
its wings. It has to come.
But how, gice Annie?
Alone with her?
Why not?
Because I can't... I..
Spell it.
If she ever learns,
you're the first person she's
going to want to talk to.
She needs me, too.
You have 3 days, Annie.
That's all you have.
The word is the thing.
It has a name.
The bird is coming out
of its shell, Helen.
You... You come out, too.
Well, Francis,
I believe we're
onto something here.
Hello, Francis. James.
Thought I'd come
take a look around.
We had an idea last
year and tried something,
and it looks like 22 inches between the
plants gives us about twice the yield.
Twice the yield?
We had that blue mold
pretty bad last year, sir.
We think it's carrying
over the winter in the roots
so we're going to try
to get all the roots
and stalks out of the
ground after the harvest.
Well, with the roots
gone, we get a bad rain,
we stand to lose a
whole layer of topsoil.
Well, I was thinking
of that, too.
Let's plant some low
grass for the winter.
Look for some,
would you, Francis?
Did you need
something, Father?
I think I have it, Jimmy.
Sorry to interrupt.
How I have waited
for this day.
I only hope we won't
be disappointed.
Helen doesn't ever
disappoint you, Father.
Why are you jealous, James?
I'm not jealous.
I'm envious.
It's not only Helen who
needs to learn how to talk.
Things will be very different
here if Helen is better.
I know.
Who will I blame then
for my unhappiness?
If only there was
someone to help me.
I feel I need a teacher
as much as Helen does.
Miss Sullivan, I've
brought Helen a playmate.
A kind of graduation present.
Please, wait outside, Captain.
Well, gice Sullivan,
the 2 weeks are up.
Not until 5:00pm.
Oh, what difference
can half a day make?
You don't know how eager
we are to have her back.
I do know.
It's my main concern.
You've done wonders for her,
and you've done
us a great service.
I've actually missed her.
I owe that debt to you.
Pay it to Helen, Captain.
Give her another week.
Look what you've
done for her already.
She's well-behaved. She seems
quite contented. Certainly cleaner.
She's cleaner?
Is that what you care about?
She's learning
to talk, Captain.
The words are in
her fingers already.
I can't risk her unlearning it when she
goes back to her old life in the house.
Oh, look.
What is she spelling?
Miss Sullivan...
that dog doesn't know what
words are any more than she does.
The dog's happy
enough, though.
God may not have meant for
Helen to speak, gice Sullivan.
I mean her to, Captain.
Give her half a week.
You have until 5:00 pm.
Kate cannot bear to be separated
from her for another night.
Where is she?
Your Miss Sullivan insisted
on keeping her until 5:00 pm.
Not "water."
This... This is water.
How do I make her understand?
How do I tell you?
I don't know anything.
They're satisfied.
Give them back their child
and their dog...
both housebroken.
Everyone's satisfied.
Everyone but me...
and you.
Oh, what I wanted
to give you, Helen.
Everything in the earth, everything
that we are, what we dream of.
what we leave behind,
what we think and feel
and know and share...
it's all in words.
If I could give
you one word...
One word, I could
give you everything.
It means this.
Let's bring her home.
Let's put your things away.
Put them away.
You are going home.
is going home.
That's right. Put
your things away.
How is she?
Please. Please
give me more time.
I can't.
Annie I'm so hot, Annie! Can
you bring me some water? Annie
I have to go to him!
He's got no one on
the earth but me!
Do you think I want an
epidemic on my hands?
You can't Jimmie!
We're doing the best we can.
I'll come and get
you when I can.
I tried, but they
wouldn't let me in.
Annie -Jimmie!
May I escort you?
I'm not very good
company right now.
Oh, I didn't come
to keep you company.
I came to keep you from
getting lost in the dark.
Maybe that's just what
I was looking to do.
Are you feeling sorry for
yourself. Gica Sullivan?
Just this once.
My father has a
great respect for you,
and that's not easily earned.
He fought at Vicksburg.
He edits the newspaper.
And he's always daring
you to measure up.
If you have any advice for me,
I wouldn't mind hearing it.
I never really had a father,
so I'm the last person to ask,
but you've got to
stand up to the world.
That's all I know.
Well, what if he's the world?
Then you can just look around, James,
and see how much bigger it really is.
He's a man, James. That's all.
So are you.
Aunt Evelyn. Well,
come in. Come in.
It is so good to see you.
You have come and
see our Helen now.
The sweet child.
Miss Sullivan
must be a wonder.
Miss Sullivan.
I've brought you your
first month's salary.
You've done quite a job.
You've taken a wild thing
and given us back a child.
I taught Helen one thing...
Don't do this. Don't do that.
I wanted to teach her "yes."
Well, you'll have all
the time you need now.
Will you help me, Captain?
Yes. How?
Don't undo what I've done.
The world is not an
easy place for anyone.
To give Helen her
way in everything
is a lie to her.
You've got to stand
between her and that lie.
Don't give in.
We're certainly going to try.
I used to wonder how
I would earn a living.
Now, the question
is, can I survive it?
I'll see you at supper.
we glad to have
you back, missy.
What, Helen? What?
Oh, yes.
Keys. Yes.
I'll keep the keys, hmm?
I think we've had enough
of locked doors around here.
Here they are.
That's right.
"And Jacob was left alone
for the breaking of day,
and he wrestled with an angel.
And the angel
said, "Let me go,
for the daybreaks"
And Jacob said, "I will not
let you go until you bless me."
Amen Amen.
That's a very
strange grace, James.
I thought it was a
very fitting grace
considering the circumstances.
So, you're an expert
now on the Bible
and tobacco, is
that right, James?
Pickles, Aunt Ev?
I should say so.
You know my opinion
of your pickles.
Well, this is the last
of them, I'm afraid.
I didn't put up nearly
enough last summer,
but this year, I intend to.
Reverend Tompkins stopped by the office
today to complain about his weevils.
I told him...
Did you tell him to...
I told him to talk to you
about his weevils, James.
I think it's marvelous
what a successful
farmer you have turned
out to be, James.
Miss Annie, no.
No. Please?
I have hardly had
an hour with her.
we had a little talk.
Miss Sullivan feels that
if we indulge Helen in...
But what's the child done?
She's learned not to throw
things on the floor and kick.
Well, it's only a napkin.
It's not as if it were
something breakable.
Either give Helen to me, or
you keep her from kicking.
What do you want me to do?
Let me take her
from the table.
But this is her
first evening back.
Will once hurt so
much, gice Annie?
I have made all of
Helen's favorite foods.
She's testing you.
She's testing you.
I know!
Well she's not kicking now.
This is what I
was worried about.
Is this what you promised
me less than an hour ago?
Give in to her, then.
She's the one who
will pay for it.
Please pass me more of
Helen's favorite foods.
Take her, gice Annie.
Thank you.
There. Take her.
I won't have this.
I don't see that we need
to send her from the table.
Let me hold Helen to what she's
learned, and she will go on learning.
Take her out of my hands,
and it all comes apart.
She is the guest of honor.
Bring her plate back.
If she were a seeing child,
you would not stand for this.
Well, she's not.
I think some allowances
are called for.
Bring her plate back, please.
Thank you.
Now let's start all over.
Don't get up!
What are you doing?
I treat her like a seeing
child because I ask her to see!
I expect her to see!
Where are you taking her?
To make her refill
this pitcher!
You let her speak to
you like that, Arthur?
No, I don't.
Let her go!
Let her go.
She's right.
She's right, and Kate's right.
If you drive Miss Sullivan
away from here, then we're lost.
Helen is lost.
Captain, please.
Thank you.
Know where we are?
You recognize this place?
Your mother's...
not here.
It has a name.
Yes. Yes.
Yes. Yes.
Wa... Wa...
Yes. Yes.
Mrs. Keller, come quickly!
She knows!
Mrs. Keller...
she knows!
She knows!
She wants the keys.
Here you go.
Kate, darling.
so much.
So much.