The Mistletoe Secret (2019) Movie Script

- Morning, Dad.
- Good morning, honey.
Do you mind
sitting at the counter?
I have a Christmas Council
meeting this morning.
This is your second
emergency meeting this week.
Is there more Christmas trouble
here in Midway again?
Nope. Actually, I have news
that could change everything.
Well, it must be special news,
because you broke out
your mama's recipe,
and you know,
she only baked this
for extra-special occasions.
So... what is it?
You're about to find out.
Morning, Aria!
- Hey.
- We made it.
Although, I think
I might have concussion.
I was braking for the elk.
No elk.
Darling, you saw the antlers!
Come on, ladies.
There's fresh coffee
and this year's featured pies,
Santa's Secret Strawberry Pie
and Mistletoe-Man Meringue
are on the table.
Mistletoe-Man Meringue!
Your mom's favorite.
Come on, Leslie, let's sample
what's sure to be
a best-seller this season.
- Morning, Aria.
- Hey, Craig!
Your dad told me
about that oven door.
I should be able...
No worries.
I've already fixed it.
Well, I know how busy you are
this time of year,
so I found a video online.
You know, you don't have
to do everything on your own,
you can ask for help.
You see, that would require
my darling daughter to let
somebody else have control.
You'd be luckier to get Santa
to give you
the reins to his sleigh.
Funny. Thanks, Dad.
All right.
Well, welcome,
Christmas Council.
Let's begin.
I have big, big news.
As you know,
since that high-tech resort
started offering
those extreme ski and snowboard
Christmas packages,
businesses are really struggling.
Tell me about it.
The Sugarplum Lodge is stuck
at permanent vacancy.
If we don't bring back
the holiday traffic,
we just can't continue
Christmas in Midway.
You're right.
Well, don't be
so cheerful about it, dear.
I think I may have a solution.
Please direct your attention
to the TV.
I love this show.
Join me, Sterling Masters,
as we go off the beaten path
for extraordinary adventures
in unique locations.
This... is Masters of Travel.
Honey, honey, slow down.
You're missing
the whole program.
That's just for effect.
It's the ending
that I want you to see.
Each year,
I hand-pick one city
to be our featured destination
for Sterling Master's
"Big Holiday Adventure"
for our website.
I've narrowed it down
to three finalists.
Tokyo, Japan...
Austin, Texas...
...and Midway, Utah.
Be sure to check out my website
to find out who will be chosen
as my Big Holiday Adventure.
I'll be showcasing
this special city's
holiday attractions, events,
and, as always,
encouraging fans
to take the road less traveled
for the ultimate
Christmas experience.
If Sterling Masters
likes the road less traveled,
then Midway is a shoo-in.
I mean, can you imagine?
The Sterling Masters
writing about our Midway.
Are we gonna be on TV?
I have extensive
on-camera experience.
It's still acting.
No. We'll actually be
featured on his website.
I mean, the show
is entertaining and all,
but his writing is incredible.
He has the way of, I don't know,
making you feel like
you're there with him
on his travels.
I'm such a huge fan.
It's true.
He's a huge travel influencer.
One mention
from Sterling Masters
could put a forgotten city
back on the map.
Will we get to meet
the handsome world traveler?
I'm happy to host
a welcoming party.
Well, I'm sure,
but let's not
plan any parties just yet.
We won't know if we're selected
until Sterling's first article
is published.
We knew you'd save
Christmas in Midway.
If anyone could, it's you, Aria.
Midway? Really?
Alex, hey!
I knew you'd be excited.
I thought Tokyo was a lock.
You know I hate writing
about small towns.
They're all the same.
Why don't you go
help decorate the office?
The lights in Tokyo are amazing,
Midway has Christmas charm
like the North Pole.
No flash, all spirit.
Just think,
"Big Holiday Adventure
in Small-town America."
Has a nice ring to it.
Oh, does it?
And the real reason?
You think I'm lying?
How do you know?
Four years
as your college roommate,
five years as your ghostwriter,
ten years as your best friend.
Shall I do more math?
Okay, fine.
I have scheduled
some promotional appearances
on the West Coast.
I can be "writing"
the Big Holiday Adventure
in Utah
and take a quick flight
to California.
it makes more sense
to have it in Midwest
than Tokyo.
Same thing.
Forget about my schedule.
The town is perfect.
This town
is the size of the lobby.
That's an exaggeration.
What happens
when someone discovers
that I'm the writer
behind Big Holiday Adventure,
let alone everything else,
and not Sterling Masters?
Just do what we've always done.
If someone asks,
you don't know me.
I'll pop in when I can.
You write great articles,
I work on my TV travel features.
It's a two-man job.
Always has been.
It's not just that.
People like Christmas
in big cities
because they have variety.
Festivities a step above
a mall Santa.
Have you seen the pictures?
They're adorable!
Like something
out of Santa's storybook.
Look! They even have reindeer.
Doesn't get much more Christmas
than that.
That is an elk.
What does a reindeer look like?
Small towns notice outsiders.
People are
going to ask questions.
I guarantee it.
You're the best writer I know.
Make something up.
Besides, you and I both know
that if anyone finds out
that you
are actually "Sterling Masters,
the travel writer,"
you violate your contract
and we risk
losing our little empire.
This is definitely
Sterling Masters' empire.
Are you kidding?
You're the one who figured out
how to make traveling a career,
for both of us.
We make a great team.
Always have.
I give up.
I emailed your flight info,
so go pack your mittens.
Midway it is!
I'll be the ghost
of Christmas Present.
No one will even know
that I'm there.
It's gotta be a reindeer.
Oh, my...
This is beautiful, honey.
You did this all by yourself?
I would've helped you.
Despite your micromanaging,
I would've helped you.
No need.
Just a few final touches
and it'll be ready.
These lights aren't on, though.
Yeah, that outlet,
it's overloaded,
but I have an extension cord
to fix it later.
I wanted to showcase
all of the ornaments
for the silent auction.
My, oh, my.
Where did you get these?
From Santa's workshop direct?
Special-ordered from Germany.
Sterling Masters featured it
on last year's
Big Holiday Adventure.
They look expensive.
You know, honey,
the auction
is supposed to raise money
for the parks and rec center.
What... What if
this Sterling thing
just doesn't pan out?
Where's your Christmas faith?
You're right.
They're beautiful!
And they're gonna
attract bidders.
And-And it's perfect,
and I am so proud of you.
Let's just hope they're perfect
for Sterling Masters, too.
He'll be here.
Crossing my fingers.
I'm gonna help you right now.
No, go home.
I'm almost done here.
Okay. Goodnight.
So, apparently, this town
eats dinner at exactly sundown.
You know where
I would not have this problem?
A place called Tokyo.
You shouldn't
be a late-night eater.
It's bad for digestion.
Could be why you're so cranky.
Thank you, Mother.
Still starving.
Worst case,
the gas station has to be open.
You're not in Siberia.
Hang on, hold on,
we may have a winner.
Looks like the...
"Mistletoe Diner"
still has its lights on.
There you go!
Sounds like
a Christmas dream come true.
Who needs a big city, right?
Right. I'm running in.
I'll call you later.
I'm sorry.
Didn't mean to startle you.
That's okay.
I'm so happy that you're open.
We're not. Sorry.
My staff just left.
Pie? Coffee?
A mint?
Anything, I am desperate.
What are you doing?
I am assisting.
I have it under control.
My great catch
suggests otherwise.
Be careful.
It took me all day to hang this.
Told you, we're closed.
Looks like you're missing
some lights on this tree.
Wait, wait, wait!
That outlet was overloaded.
Yeah. Fixable?
Yeah. But I told you
I didn't need any assistance.
Yeah, you really did.
how about that pie?
All right, come on.
Just don't break anything else.
I'll be honest.
I did not have high hopes
for this place,
but this may be the best pie
I've ever had.
Should I take that
as a compliment?
Well, you know
small-town diners.
It's a toss-up.
This is clearly not from a box.
Give my regards
to the owner, please.
- You just did.
- Really?
Family business.
Mom made the pies and the menus,
and Dad ran the books.
I took over the family business
after he retired.
Well, with food this good,
you guys
need to stay open later.
My favorite diners,
they're open 24 hours.
Where are you from?
San Francisco.
You're a long way from home,
Just Alex.
You sound like you're a long way
from home yourself.
Mama always said,
"Aria, you can take the girl
out of North Carolina,
but you can't take
North Carolina out of the girl."
So, what brings you
to our humble Midway?
I know it wasn't to visit
this "questionable"
small-town diner.
I'm working on my mystery novel.
Thought the mountain air
might clear my head.
So here I am.
What's going with the ornaments?
You throwing a party?
It's our silent auction
for our Christmas Council's
annual fundraiser for
Midway's parks and rec center.
Midway loves Christmas.
Mistletoe Diner,
Christmas Council...
there's a Sugarplum Lodge?
Is Santa's workshop nearby?
Come on. Really?
I mean, I didn't expect
a small town
in the middle of nowhere
to be so creative
about the holidays.
Well, is that something
only reserved
for the big cities?
Small towns settle
for a Mall Santa?
it does tend to be that way.
Well, thank you
for your honesty.
I hope it puts you
on Santa's nice list,
because your attitude won't.
How long are you here for?
Three weeks.
Really? Over Christmas.
What about your family?
On their annual
Christmas cruise.
Well, I'm sure you'll be missed.
You know,
there's one thing we have
in common with San Francisco.
- What's that?
- To-go boxes.
May I please have
this whole pie?
I'll ring you up.
Thank you.
Hey, Leslie.
Hi. Thanks for coming
and helping me
decorate the tree.
I lost another front desk clerk
to the new ski resort.
You're a lifesaver.
Well, how's everything else
around here,
other than losing
half your staff?
Couple of new guests.
One's pretty cute.
Want me to introduce you?
You'll never know
if someone will measure up
to your impossible
fairy-tale standards
if you don't even
give them a chance.
I do not have
fairy-tale standards.
Then what would you call
that "Mistletoe Man" of yours?
The impossible devoted gentleman
who climbs
the highest mountains,
the tallest trees,
et cetera, et cetera,
all to prove his love?
It's more than that.
A true Mistletoe Man is like
a gift from the universe,
not some random lodger
your best friend
thought was cute.
After that break-up in New York,
you might as well have
shut yourself up in a tower.
Moving on.
So, any interesting guests
check in lately?
You think I'd be standing here
talking about
fictional Mistletoe Men
if Sterling Masters
had checked in?
Christmas is three weeks away.
He should be here by now.
Maybe we didn't win.
Maybe he rented a cabin.
We won't know for sure
until his first article posts.
Stay positive.
I just hope
that I get the chance
to thank him in person.
I mean,
not just for coming to Midway,
but for taking me
around the world.
He's so talented.
Something wrong
with your breakfast,
or do you always eavesdrop?
As a writer,
I'm a trained listener.
It's a...
It's a skill.
Yet you lack the ability
to read a room.
Well, truth is,
I couldn't help but overhear
your passionate praise
for Sterling Masters.
is a bit of a stretch.
He stands in front of a camera
and reads a TelePrompTer.
I mean, the show's great,
but his writing
made me a true fan.
How so?
He puts his heart and soul
into words.
It's like I really know him.
Well, sometimes,
the person you see on TV
is not always the same
in real life.
I understand now.
Understand what?
You're jealous.
- Jealous?
- Well, yeah.
Sterling is an accomplished,
best-selling writer.
Just because someone
is more successful
doesn't make it okay
to put 'em down.
Now, Aria,
let's not go insulting
the few guests we have.
Sorry. It's early.
She hasn't had her coffee yet.
Read Sterling's
Big Holiday Adventure.
Maybe it'll give you
some inspiration.
Yeah, maybe I will.
Everything good over here?
Welcome to the Mistletoe Diner.
Can I get you a cup of coffee?
I would love some.
Thank you.
Shouldn't you be writing?
Well, I heard Santa
was gonna make an appearance.
Can't miss that.
Could be inspiring.
Santa? For a mystery novel?
Well, I always need
a good red herring.
What's the name
of your book again?
The book is called
The... Mistletoe Mystery.
I'll get that coffee.
"Mistletoe Mystery." Nice.
There's no frowning
at Christmas.
I'm sorry, Santa, you weren't
supposed to see that.
There you go.
Santa sees everything.
But, lucky for you...
I'm just Santa's helper.
And I need a break.
I don't know how to pronounce
half the things
those kids are asking for.
You know, back in my day,
all I wanted
was a bb-gun and a bike.
Well, I think that's why
Santa hires helpers.
So are you new in town?
Just visiting.
Well, there's no better place
to be on Christmas than Midway.
I have a job to do.
Hang on there, young man.
is your official
Midway Christmas passport,
and there is a stamp...
for every event.
There you go.
Is this is a Midway
or Mistletoe Diner tradition?
Well, actually,
it's a little bit of both.
You see, my wife created
the Christmas Council.
They're the people that plan
for this event all year long.
Well, it was her dream
that everybody should have
a place where
they feel they're going home
for the holidays.
Just like us.
That's nice.
Where is Mrs. Claus?
Is she here?
Well, I lost her
a couple years ago.
I'm so sorry.
But, you know,
celebrating Christmas
is just like celebrating her.
She named this
"the Mistletoe Diner"
when we bought it years ago.
And she said that it was for me,
but I had a sneaky feeling
that she just wanted Christmas
all year round.
Santa, you're still on duty.
I am stamping passports,
honey, stamping passports.
You two related?
Yeah, I'm Mack Eubanks
and this is my daughter.
Alex Bartlett.
So you two know each other?
She was kind enough
to stay open late
to feed a weary traveler.
After I helped her decorate.
You really are a fiction writer.
He startled me,
when he snuck in
after hours for pie.
Question, is it strange
to order pie for breakfast?
Absolutely not!
My new friend here
will have a big slice
of your Nutcracker
Honey-Pecan Pie, please.
All right.
Coming right up.
I don't think
she likes me, Santa.
She's just
a little stressed, that's all.
You see,
there's this travel expert
that's gonna come and cover
some of the events
here in Midway.
Do you know a man
named Sterling Masters?
Please do not tell her.
She'll be on you
like ticks on a dog.
We're just hoping
that he can put us back
on the map a little bit,
you know,
bring in some tourists.
Is business down?
We have seen better days.
But she's doing
everything she can.
You should come
to the tree-lighting
ceremony tonight.
You'll see her in her element,
and she is goo-ood.
Well, I can't say no to Santa.
Plus, I gotta
fill this passport.
And I...
gotta get back to work.
Good luck.
All right.
There we go.
Thank you.
Hi, Leslie.
Hi, Alex.
Miss Aria Eubanks,
I believe I'm in need...
of a stamp.
You know that this is only good
for Midway
Christmas attractions, right?
So I've heard.
So far, very impressed.
Well, we're just tryin'
to keep up with the big cities.
Stick around.
The magic
is just getting started.
You ready?
You know, I was the understudy
for the lead in Cabaret.
Seasons greetings, Midway!
Tonight, we gather
under a blanket
of twinkling stars,
in front
of an elegant evergreen,
celebrating the wonder of Christmas...
in... in Midway.
It's a good thing
that we are here
at this spectacular tannin.
Let's remember
that the real gift
is the joy we have
coming together and celebrating
the holiday season.
Here, in Midway,
we not only cherish Christmas,
we embody the values, goodwill,
and heart of the holiday season.
Tonight's tree lighting
is an illumination
of all the love in our lives.
May this year's
Midway festivities
bring you cheer
and create memories
that last a lifetime.
Okay! Three...
Merry Christmas!
Nothing does more for your ego,
Craig, than learning how to...
Fancy seeing you here.
Look. Got my "Yule Log" stamp.
And I met the lone man
of the Christmas Council.
He showed us how to roast
the perfect marshmallow.
Would you like me to show you?
Let's see.
Craig? A stick, please.
Thank you, Craig.
Pick your marshmallow.
Now, the trick is...
to find the embers,
not the open flame,
and you twist.
Slowly, evenly,
roasting all sides.
You're a real pro at this.
So, how many of these
did you burn
before you got it?
How many we burn, Craig?
An entire bag.
How do you think Midway
compares to San Francisco?
Well, I'll say this.
I know more about Craig
than I do my own neighbors.
You don't know your neighbors?
We share a wall, not details.
We're done.
Pull 'em up!
- Perfect.
- Pretty good.
You wanna polish
these gourmet marshmallows off
while we go look at
your beautiful tree?
Yeah. All right.
Stay warm, Craig.
So... do you consider
tonight's event a success?
People are happy,
no blown fuses,
and an out-of-towner
made new friends.
I'd say an overwhelming success.
I just hope...
Hope what?
...Hope everyone captures
the Christmas spirit.
Well, I think your speech
definitely set the mood.
Can you believe that
this is my first break tonight?
Maybe you should
treat yourself more often.
Like you?
How much writing
have you've gotten done
since arriving?
Hey, life's about balance.
Besides, I'm researching.
Researching? Right.
How does
a Christmas tree lighting
fit into a mystery story?
You really want to know?
A jewel thief flees
to a small town after...
stealing the legendary
Christmas Diamond.
Our hero has to track him down,
but doesn't realize that...
the thief has hidden the diamond
inside of
the town's Christmas tree.
Quite the imagination.
I'd like to read this story.
Yeah, maybe someday.
Want some hot chocolate?
- Sure.
- Okay, good.
People reading
my passion projects
also makes me
wildly uncomfortable.
Two hot chocolates, please.
Isn't that why you write?
To share your dream?
Yeah, I guess you're right.
What about you?
Are you sharing your dream?
Think so.
I'm in the process
of making Midway a premiere
Christmas destination.
Well, I think tonight's crowd
would agree.
Good times all around.
Yeah, sometimes, it's hard
to let go and enjoy it.
You know, it's like
a never-ending to-do list.
A lot of people depend on me.
Thank you.
Why don't you ask for help?
Not in my nature.
I hated doing
group projects in school.
Always ended up having to do
all the work by myself.
And let the popular kid
get all the credit.
Not sure I'm such a fan
of group work myself.
Well, hello, you two.
Are you having fun?
I didn't interrupt
anything, did I?
No! Not at all.
Actually, you know what?
I better get going.
This was really great.
Thank you.
Makes me
want to get a Christmas tree.
Th... Really?
Well, that's a coincidence.
Because Aria's gonna go get
a tree for herself tomorrow,
aren't ya, honey?
Well, you're coming with me.
Well, there's the thing, honey,
I can't, my back is killing me.
Alex, maybe...
maybe you could go with her.
She's gonna need some help.
Yeah, sure.
I mean, I don't want
to impose on tradition.
No, no, no. No.
Don't worry about that.
You would be
doing me a big favor.
Honey, it's a workout
and I can help you
decorate later.
Wait, workout?
But you don't need
to worry about that
because she is
deceptively strong.
Yeah, sure, of course.
I'll pick you up at the diner.
- 10:00 a.m.?
- 10:00 a.m.?
All right, 10:00 a.m.
Good seeing you again.
Bye, Mack.
Yeah! Bye!
You can't help yourself.
My back is sore.
One of those little kids
I picked up today
must've weighed
a hundred pounds.
I like that young man, honey.
I think he's got the makings
of a true Mistletoe Man.
Are you kidding?
You barely even know him.
Well, it takes one to know one.
Now, I definitely think that boy
would climb
the highest mountain,
he would find
the tallest oak tree,
to gather mistletoe
for his true love.
The Mistletoe Man
is not about
completing physical challenges.
He's generous, caring,
and open-minded.
And believe me,
that is not Alex.
He is judgmental,
Worst of all,
he thinks that Sterling Masters
is just
some smiling TV personality.
Well, consider it
a gut instinct.
'Cause he bought you pie?
Although the pie helped.
All right, you ready?
I know this is a bad time,
but I left
my flannel shirt at home.
Are we really gonna
cut this thing down ourselves?
Yeah! That's the fun part.
You gotta earn it.
Do we, though?
So, what's your story?
Small-town girl, loving family,
owns the local diner.
I feel like there's more
you're leaving out.
What do you want to know?
Well, did you always want
to take over the diner?
Well, Mom believed
that everyone should have
a home for the holidays.
And, well...
Midway's my home, I love it.
She taught me
that home is more of a feeling
than a place,
and that's why we moved
from North Carolina to Utah.
Well, Midway
is a pretty special town.
I think we might have a winner.
- What do you think?
- What do you think?
Good story, or what?
- Good story.
- All right.
Are you sure you don't
want to get
one of these Paul Bunyans
over there to do this?
This city guy has
no experience with a saw.
Well, first time for everything.
You take that end,
I'll take this one.
Where did you grow up?
All over.
I was a military brat.
But I guess where I spent
the most time was Jacksonville.
When I was kid,
my dream was to see
the Northern Lights.
I thought
that's where Santa lived.
My dad was in the Navy,
so he traveled everywhere,
and he promised me that one day
we would spend Christmas
in Alaska.
Did you?
Nope. Moved to Florida.
My dream kind of died.
I read some books about it.
The magic was a little bit lost.
You should still go.
I don't need to find Santa.
Maybe not,
but maybe
you'll find a little magic.
Yeah. Maybe.
Okay, now, this,
this is too much.
This is overkill.
We should get up here
and get a picture.
- Oh, yeah? Okay.
- Yeah, let's do it.
'Cause your city friends
will never believe it.
They really won't.
Yes, please.
Do you mind?
Thank you so much.
All right.
Say "Christmas tree."
All right, well,
you have earned this flannel,
Mr. Paul Bunyan.
Thank you.
Look at us.
Successful group project.
I know.
You, you should
take that tree back
and put it in your room.
- Really?
- Yeah!
I'd need to decorate it.
Think I should petition
the Christmas Council
for a little help.
No petition needed.
Request granted.
All right.
Let's hit it.
Thank you very much.
I feel like a man now.
I can get my passport stamped.
You are, stepping up your game.
I like a challenge.
Hey! I've always wanted
one of these.
And here I thought
you were a real contender.
What do you mean?
You know, "the Ugly
Christmas Sweater" stamp,
it can't just be bought,
you gotta earn it, too.
What, knowing
the Christmas Council President
doesn't get me any favors?
How'd you know I was president?
I pay attention.
This one speaks to me
as a person.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, it brings out your eyes.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
But you should know
that the Mistletoe Diner
Ugly Christmas Sweater-
making party
is an honored tradition
and I expect to see you there.
I'll be there.
With bells on.
And tinsel.
No. No garland.
It's fine.
"Write from your heart."
Make it good.
No, let's make it great.
- Hi.
- Hey!
is a step up from wine.
That is the official
Mistletoe Martini.
This whole thing
is a serious step up.
I may be in over my head.
Go find a table.
I'll send an expert
over to help.
Yes, ma'am.
I could have
helped you with that.
No worries.
I guessed green was your color.
How did you know?
Look at this beautiful thing.
So what do we do, we just,
glue things to it?
Don't forget your Bedazzler!
I want to see you sparkle.
Make it good.
We're judging
for the contest later.
I'm gonna shine so bright,
Rudolph is gonna go blind.
Sorry, I really
want this victory.
What's gotten into you?
Are you always
this excited to Bedazzle?
Well, not that
you'd be interested,
but my Christmas wish came true.
Sterling Masters is in town.
Really? In Midway?
Midway was selected for
his "Big Holiday Adventure."
He just published about it
a little while ago.
I got an alert.
Check this out.
"This picturesque mountain town
offers more than holiday spirit.
In Midway,
Christmas is a tangible force.
From its sugar cookies
to live evergreen forests,
it feels like
every corner offers
a piece of magic
you can carry with you."
Live evergreens!
He could've been cutting a tree
right next to us,
and we didn't even know it.
He must be good at blending in.
I mean, word travels fast
in this town
and nobody's mentioned anything
about a Sterling sighting.
You've seen him, haven't you?
No. What?
I barely know
what he looks like.
I doubt it.
You live in San Francisco,
not under a rock.
All right, pass the Bedazzler.
I'm gonna win this thing.
Good luck!
Thank you.
So how long does it take to dry?
Just a bit.
Your tree is beautiful.
Well, I still need
to add ornaments.
- Let's do it.
- Right now?
What else are we gonna do?
Well, the judging's gonna start.
We're on a schedule.
Perfect. We'll get extra points
for decorating the tree.
Come on!
These are from Berlin.
How'd you know?
Lucky guess.
I thought the Rockefeller tree
was nice,
but this guy...
You been to the Big Apple
for Christmas?
Wasn't a great experience.
No offense
to the Rockefeller tree.
You weren't mugged, were you?
I'm sorry if you were.
It's much safer now.
It was more like
a ruined Christmas.
What kind of a monster
ruins Christmas in New York?
My ex.
I thought he was the Mistle...
Mis... What?
Mr. Perfect.
That we wanted the same things,
but he didn't.
His dreams were
living in Manhattan,
Broadway shows,
high-rise apartments,
24-hour diners.
You didn't want that?
Well, my heart's in Midway.
This is my home.
Well, home is a feeling,
not a place, right?
they're one and the same.
Looking for Sterling?
M... Maybe.
Hey, everyone!
Time for the judging
of the sweaters!
Don't you two look adorable?
I love all the sparkles.
We aim to please.
What do you say, folks,
could these two win
for best ugliest sweaters?
Thank you.
Well, congrats on your pretty
ugly Christmas sweater win.
It's a big bucket-list
moment for me.
But where am I gonna get
to wear this exquisite fashion?
Well, wear it to the Christmas
market on Saturday.
Little booths. Crafts.
I'll be selling pies.
there's dancing at the pavilion.
What I mean is,
you know, the whole town
will be there.
And with any luck,
Sterling Masters
will pay a visit.
Yeah. Yeah. Right. Maybe.
Hey, save me some sparkle!
I'm sorry I'm late, I...
Well, gee whiz, I wasn't gonna
win this thing after all, was I?
It was fun.
I should probably get
some more pies.
All right.
Hey, Leslie, what's with the...
what's with the crowd?
Sterling Masters.
He posted his first article
on Midway today
and a charter bus arrived
from the ski resort.
Can you believe it?
You can be a ghost to Midway,
but not to me.
So you liked the article?
Like it? I love it!
"The citizens of Midway
offer an unbridled
Christmas spirit
that can sweeten
even the most bitter hearts.
Midway has managed
to manifest the Capra Christmas
into reality,
where 'peace on Earth,
and goodwill towards all men'
is not just an idea,
but a way of life."
Are you serious?
Midway sounds
like a holiday utopia.
Yeah, it's got its...
its perks.
Love the adventure
to get a Christmas tree.
What are you
gonna write about next?
Well, there's
a Christmas market on Saturday.
A market?
Like traders and tents?
No, more like a...
Not so primitive.
Like a Christmas festival.
That'll be perfect
for my book signing.
Sorry, what, your book signing?
Yeah, a compilation
of my articles from the website.
My articles.
W-Why is this the first
I'm hearing about this?
Our articles.
You know how crazy
this business is.
An idea pops up,
you don't think
it's gonna go anywhere...
You have a book published.
This will be great
for both of us.
I'll tell you
more about it tomorrow.
You're coming to Midway?
Yeah, man.
Don't worry, my assistant
will set everything up.
Now that the article's out,
I can be seen.
See you tomorrow.
- Say "Christmas"!
- Christmas!
It's so nice to meet my fans.
Alex! Hey!
We don't know each other.
I'm Sterling.
How are you?
So tell me about the book.
My look? I'm going for
"casual mountain man."
How do you like the flannel?
My stylist says
it's "the fabric of America."
That's great.
The book.
Our book.
It's a sweet deal.
Consider it
an early Christmas present.
Hello, young man.
Hey, Mack.
How you doing?
I'm fine. Hey.
I hear the Christmas tree hunt
went rather well.
Yeah, yeah. It...
Hey, Mack, do you have
the sports section?
Sure, sure, sure.
There you go.
Thank you, my friend.
Sterling Masters.
It's really you!
In my diner!
I knew in my heart
you'd show up.
I'm Aria Eubanks.
I submitted Midway
for the Big Holiday Adventure.
Oh, yes, Aria.
So nice to meet you.
This is my dad.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
My daughter
is your biggest fan.
Your biggest fan!
I've read all of your articles.
I feel like I've traveled
the world with you.
Thank you, thank you
for being here, your writing,
just for everything.
I wish I was as good with words
as you are.
Well, that's my job.
To take folks
off the beaten path
for extraordinary adventures
in unique locations.
Like Midway.
This is Sterling Masters.
Alex is a writer, too.
Nice to meet a fellow scribe.
Alex is here
working on his novel.
Is that so?
You know,
I'm promoting my new book
at the Christmas market
this afternoon.
We've never had
a celebrity book signing!
I've just found
the people of Midway
to be so kind and generous.
I thought, what a perfect place
to announce my next venture.
Shine a real spotlight
on this special little town.
That is so sweet.
Alex, can you believe it?
Not a word.
Since you brought me here, Aria,
I would like you to be
my VIP at the book signing.
Get to know each other better.
She'll be busy.
She will be selling
her delicious pies.
Not all day.
I would be honored.
Since you and Alex
are both writers,
maybe you can
give Alex some tips.
That's not necessary.
I would love to.
We can hang out at the market.
Talk shop.
I'm so glad we can speak freely.
It felt like we were spies
on a secret mission.
Do you think
I'd make a good spy?
No. About that book deal...
Hi. Can I have a stamp, please?
You got the contract, right?
Pretty sweet payday.
Thank you.
Yes, it's a sweet payday.
Listen, I'm thinking about
taking a break.
Like Christmas break?
No, not Christmas break.
More like time off
to write my novel.
You're actually writing a novel?
I've told you this
for so very many years.
I mean, everyone says that,
but no one actually does it.
Well, I'm doing it.
Just because I lost my book deal
doesn't mean
I stopped writing the thing.
You just never talked about it.
Yeah, because I'm too busy
writing as Sterling Masters.
Listen, I love you, man,
but I think
now is the right time
for me to take a step back
and start writing for myself...
You can't do that now.
The book's set
to be a best-seller.
Under your name.
Not mine.
Yeah, but we know the truth.
We're a team.
you just gotta
do things your own way.
We're partners.
I wouldn't be standing here
without you.
Okay. Well, get me a meeting
with your publisher.
Let's just concentrate
on work for now.
There are still
two more articles to go.
Midway deserves the spotlight.
There you go.
Thank you.
Enjoy the holiday season.
And check out my website
and make sure to tweet,
snap, share, and 'Gram it.
I love you, Midway.
That went so well.
You enjoyed it.
Come on.
People love your writing.
Yeah. Maybe.
Aria... what's her story?
What do you mean?
I mean, you two
seem to know each other.
Well, I mean...
She introduced you to me.
She's just that kind
of a friendly person.
What else do you know about her?
Well, she's genuine,
the real deal.
Incredibly generous.
And warm,
like sunshine on a winter's day.
I agree.
She seems really great.
Hey, guys.
Saved you a pie.
You made this?
How generous.
I almost lost an arm
wrestling it back
from Catherine.
This is Leslie.
She owns the Sugarplum Lodge.
Thanks to you,
we're booked through New Year's,
but I always keep
the Presidential Suite open
for special guests.
That sounds great.
Yeah, it does.
It's a shame,
because he's staying in a cabin
way outside of town.
I am?
I am.
So what kind of pie did
Leslie wrestle Catherine for?
it's the pie that put
the Mistletoe Diner on the map,
Mistletoe Man Meringue.
It's my mother's special recipe.
Smells wonderful...
like Christmas in a box.
You know, as president
of the Christmas Council,
Aria can give you a private tour
of all the Christmas activities.
Well, I don't want to interrupt
your writing process.
Midway is a small town,
but we still have
our hidden gems.
Right, Aria?
I have no doubt about that.
Well, before
Sterling can go anywhere,
he promised to read
a few chapters of my book.
That is so wonderful.
Well, I'll let you guys
get back to work.
I hope we run
into each other again soon.
Me too.
Before we go, can I just...
- Yeah.
- Okay.
This might be my new
Christmas card, profile picture,
and wallpaper.
Bye. Thank you again.
Do you think I should have...
No, just stay right here.
Hey, Aria.
Looks like you have a mentor.
I wouldn't go that far.
I was wondering,
is that dance still happening?
Yeah. At the pavilion.
But aren't you working
with Sterling?
No. Not all night.
I'll stop by.
Great. I'll see you there.
Okay. See you there.
This is where you're staying?
Yeah. So, your assistant
arranged a car
to take you to the airport.
Don't want you to miss
any more production meetings.
This reminds me of Switzerland.
Yeah, it's great.
There's a fireplace,
perfect for you to practice
your Swiss-German
while you wait.
Do you think I should stay?
Hang out more in Midway?
No, you're fine.
You've popped in.
It's great.
Back to business as usual,
all right?
Where are you going?
To write.
I got a deadline.
It was good seeing you, man.
Danke schon,
Merry Christmas, and...
I'll call you
about the publisher meeting.
Do you have any rooms available?
What's melting your snowflakes?
Come on.
You can't fool me.
You practically
asked Sterling out for me.
Unsolicited, by the way.
I say this with love,
but you'll never find
your Mistletoe Man
sitting on the sidelines.
I appreciate your faith in me.
A little Christmas romance
is good for the soul.
Well, my heart doesn't
appreciate the uncertainty.
Come on.
Anything can happen
at Christmas.
Hey, Alex.
You look nice.
Thank you.
How did things go with Sterling?
Good, yeah, he's reading
the chapters tonight.
Do I get a stamp?
Of course.
Thank you very much.
I haven't been to a dance
since prom.
I don't know if this is how
it's still done, but...
may I have this dance?
Don't step on me.
You understand that Midway
truly makes people feel
at home for Christmas,
and that's thanks to you.
And Sterling.
Look at this crowd.
It's double from last year.
And more importantly,
he's helping you
with your novel.
You missed
your Christmas cruise for it.
What's important to you?
What's your Christmas wish?
Christmas is back in Midway.
That's all I wanted.
Oh, come on, that can't be all.
You deserve something.
Just for you.
Because you've been
such a good friend, you know?
At first,
I thought your honesty
was annoying,
but I actually admire it.
Thank you.
Real friends are truthful.
Aria, there's something
I should...
I should tell you.
I am...
Hello again.
What are you doing here?
I thought you were...
Reading your chapters?
I think you have a real future.
My publisher
would be very interested.
I also finished a good portion
of that pie.
I had to come
thank you in person.
You really are like
sunshine on a winter's day.
I'd recognize
that dazzling smile anywhere.
Welcome to Midway,
Sterling Masters.
Thank you.
We're honored to have you.
I have a special VIP table.
Please join us.
This is our Christmas Council.
So nice to meet everyone.
I would love to hear more
from the Council, but...
not without its president.
Aria? Lead the way.
Alex, what about you?
Join us?
No, I'm okay.
I'll catch up with you guys.
We were all so impressed
with your exquisite review
of our little town.
You didn't mention
Santa's Scavenger Hunt
or Chestnut Canyon.
I worked hard on the hunt.
Well, it's one of
three articles.
Christmas is still a week away.
Put them on my list.
Anywhere else?
I'll definitely check out
that live Christmas tree farm.
"If Winter Wonderland
were a real place."
You called it that
in your last article.
Sorry, it's been a long day.
Where should I go next?
Mrs. Claus's Tea Room,
the Christmas Cocoa Party...
The holiday hike.
Santa's village.
We take Christmas
seriously here.
Now, I do have a question,
and be honest.
I know we don't have
the lavish landmarks
like they do in the big cities,
but how do you think
we compare so far?
There is no comparison.
That's what's so special
about Christmas.
It makes every city beautiful.
There you are.
I could have used you in there.
not in my contract.
I needed a lifeline.
I was bombarded
by the Christmas Council.
Why'd you stay?
Well, the Sugarplum Lodge
offered me
the Presidential Suite.
How could I refuse?
This was not part of the plan.
We are trying
something different.
It could be fun.
Think positive.
It's Aria, isn't it?
I really feel
a connection with her.
She gets me.
I'm serious!
She speaks to me
with so much passion.
It's like... my work
really means something to her.
My work.
She watches the show, too.
Help me get to know her better.
What's the big deal?
It feels wrong.
I don't want to lie to her
any more than we have.
The ghostwriter thing?
We won't bring it up.
Look, I'm not asking you
to be a matchmaker.
We'll all hang out around town
and I'll call my publisher
right now.
Well, not right now...
tomorrow, definitely.
And you can have time off
to finish your book.
I'll even write the foreword.
You write it.
I'll sign it.
Then it's a deal.
This is gonna be great.
Holiday cheer.
Welcome to my merrymaking
tea room.
Thank you, Catherine.
My dear, you have been confused.
I'm Mrs. Claus.
Right, of course.
My mistake. Mrs. Claus.
Do you sleep ever?
When Mrs. Claus wants pie,
you gotta deliver.
Yeah, you wouldn't
want to end up
on her husband's naughty list.
I didn't picture you
as the tea party type.
This is my first one.
So what do you recommend?
The "holiday blend"
or "candy cane"?
Definitely holiday blend.
Cinnamon is my all-time favorite.
Goes best
with the Mistletoe Man Meringue.
Hey. How great is this?
I love tea.
Where are we sitting?
I wasn't going to stay,
I have to get back to the diner.
You give yourself
a lunch break, right?
Stay, just one cup.
Let me call the diner.
What a delight,
to host such honorable guests.
So, which of the North Pole's
specialty brews
may Mrs. Claus
fetch for this dashing duo?
I do love peppermint.
I'll have two of those,
and Mistletoe pie all around.
You don't think she'll mind
if I order for her, do you?
I'll have the holiday blend,
extra cinnamon.
Good choice.
Thank you, Mrs. Claus.
I really wish
I didn't have to do this,
but who knows what you'd say
if I left you alone.
Relax, it's just tea.
I hope you don't mind,
but I took the liberty
of ordering for you.
I hope these poinsettias
aren't real.
Alex is allergic.
To the sap, not the flower.
Don't break a leaf,
I'll be fine.
How did you know
he had an allergy?
A fan gave Sterling one
when we were discussing my book.
Alex gave me the whole story.
How he almost ended up
at the E.R.
Tea and pie for everybody!
Thank goodness!
Thank you.
There you go, sir.
In Japan,
this is known as bakha-cha.
In Korea.
It's where I had
my first tea ceremony.
At Christmas,
they host the Boseong
light festival
at the tea plantations.
I'll put it on my bucket list.
Very minty...
Thank you.
Okay, dashers.
The object
of this year's scavenger hunt
is to find all three pieces
of a snowman.
Pieces are hidden
throughout Santa's village
and surrounding areas.
Your clues
are on this piece of paper.
First team
to build their snowman
and finish the hunt
wins the prize.
So, partner up
and Christmas Luck!
Yes, of course.
Let's do this.
Over here.
Okay. Okay, they're leaving.
Here we go.
"Santa was quick,
his face you did not see,
but he left a piece
under the..."
"Under the Christmas Tree!"
The tree! Okay, okay.
All right!
- Next clue.
- Okay.
"During the Christmas season,
carols are sung,
find your last piece
where stockings are hung."
This way!
Got it!
Yes! Boom!
This reminds me of the Running
of the Bulls in Pamplona.
How did you avoid
not getting trampled on?
We survived using our instincts.
Some of
our highest ratings ever.
You okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
Up here, up here...
Right over there! Yeah!
Congrats, Dashers!
You win dessert at Kringle's!
Maybe next year.
Maybe next year.
I knew I picked
the best partner.
That's great.
Rub it in.
I thought the Tivoli Gardens
were charming at Christmas,
but this is something else.
Right, Alex?
Remember Copenhagen?
You mean,
like I wrote in my novel?
Yeah, I'm glad
it was so vivid for you.
Right. You were never there.
It was an accurate description,
- Thank you.
- Hey, Sterling.
Would you mind taking
a picture with our staff?
They're huge fans.
- Congrats.
- Thanks.
That was fun.
Is the scavenger hunt
every year?
It's one of the original
Midway attractions.
My mom and I were dash partners.
A lot of good memories.
I love these events.
You should take more time
for the things that you love.
I know, but it just...
it feels so selfish.
But you can't give
what you don't have.
It's important to refill
the tank now and again
with things that make you happy.
I'll think on that.
- Okay, I'll take that.
- Okay.
- Howdy.
- Hey.
How's my favorite writer?
About to submit
the next article.
Should I read it first?
Have you ever?
I'm gonna need
five holiday hikes
to walk off all this pie.
All right, let's take a photo
for the website
and the social media.
For Aria.
And again.
Yeah, there you go.
Do your thing.
There you go.
That's a lot of filters, man.
What's this?
It's my Midway
Christmas passport.
Helps me keep track
of my progress.
You want one?
I can barely keep up
with my real passport.
Is there anything to do
after 9:00 around here?
Like, Karaoke?
I'm getting a little stir-crazy.
Sometimes, it's nice
to slow down.
Just relax, be yourself.
What happened to the guy
who wanted to go to Tokyo
for Christmas?
I guess I'm finding
the value in small towns.
For a while,
writing was getting routine,
but here, I feel...
I like that.
You should use it.
I guess I'll work, too.
I've got production notes
for a new special...
"Journey to the Nile."
TV gets all the good quests.
Some stories are just
too big for the Internet.
Thanks for these articles.
I couldn't go on these quests
without you.
you two have become
fast friends.
Yeah, yeah. It's funny
how that happens.
Say, did I ever tell you
why my wife named this
"the Mistletoe Diner"?
That was for you, right?
Well, sort of, yeah.
No, see, she,
she liked to tell
this old folk story
about a beautiful princess,
who was so enchanting
that every eligible bachelor
wanted to marry her,
but she was torn between
a prince and knight.
She wasn't sure
which one really loved her.
So, she sought the advice
of a wise old sage,
who told her
whoever could bring her
the magic mistletoe
would be her true love.
The magic mistletoe?
It's very special mistletoe.
Very special, you see.
Took an act of devotion
to even reach it.
See, the sage explained that,
if a man was willing
to risk everything
to gather
this mistletoe for her,
then he truly loved her.
So who got the mistletoe?
The one who believed
in the magic.
Please tell me
it was the knight.
Come Christmas Day,
maybe you can tell me.
I gotta go.
Hey, buddy...
still looking good.
Hey, Alex.
What about this crowd, huh?
Sterling... he released
another one of those articles
and he had a picture on it...
it was him
eating a piece of pie.
It's making an impact?
Here. Ask Aria. Honey?
Alex! Hey!
Look at this turnout.
Did you hear the good news?
"Nothing epitomizes Christmas
like the delectable pies
of the Mistletoe Diner...
a special treat
that can revitalize
the Christmas spirit in
the most cantankerous Scrooge."
And, look, there's even
a picture to go along with it.
I had to hire extra help
just to keep up with demand.
Just a little early
Christmas present.
I'm happy to help.
The important thing
is the continued success
of Midway
and the Mistletoe Diner.
Congratulations, Aria.
Thank you.
Bidding closes in five minutes!
Remember, all proceeds
benefit Midway's
parks and rec center.
These sensational ornaments
need a home for the holiday.
Come on!
So, you...
you might want to get in there.
There could be some magic
to be found.
You know?
Find anything special?
Do you even have a tree?
I do, actually.
I just wanted
a little keepsake from Midway.
Good thinking on the pictures.
Very effective.
Yeah. Just doing my job.
I submitted
the final article tonight.
It's only the 22nd.
I know.
You have until Christmas Eve.
I know.
I added a little
holiday folklore
that I hope will make
Christmas day
you know, for the readers.
And now, for the final winner
of the evening...
So did you make the winning bid?
I think so. Yeah.
Oh, my.
We have a true Santa Claus
in the crowd.
For the beautiful crystal
mistletoe ornament,
the winning bid goes for $1,000!
It's a worthy cause.
I had a feeling it was you.
Perfect keepsake
to remind me of Midway
and the charming
Mistletoe Diner.
You've done so much for Midway.
It's nothing.
I haven't been
this excited about an ornament
since I found
the Christmas pickle
at a Christmas market in Berlin.
A German tradition.
The first to find it on the tree
is assured good luck.
But I have a feeling
this one is much more special.
I'm sure you find
something special in every city.
Let's just say
Midway is a standout.
Thanks to you, Aria.
I'm surprised
that Alex didn't bid.
Have you seen him?
no wonder you haven't
returned my phone calls.
I've been baking since dawn.
Honey, there's something
that I've noticed
about Sterling.
Oh, I know!
He's the Mistletoe Man.
is full of folklore
and traditions,
but in Midway,
none compare to the enchantment
of the Mistletoe Man
and his devotion
to win the heart
of a fair princess...
a knight in shining armor
who must embark on a quest,
climbing the highest peak
to find a magical mistletoe.
Such a tale
is not without competition
from an arrogant prince,
but the knight's heart is true.
In the end,
it is his belief in magic
that finds the mistletoe
and a kiss
that lasts a lifetime."
It's just like
what Mom used to talk about.
I can't believe
he knew the story!
Well, honey, I actually...
Dad, Sterling, he bought
the mistletoe ornament.
I don't know.
I think it's fate.
Well, I'm not sure that...
You always tell me
to let my guard down
and take a chance,
and I'm finally doing it.
Sterling and I,
we're having dinner tonight
at Kringle's.
Well, that's where I proposed
to your mama.
I know.
Well, have you considered,
honey, that...
I have to go get ready.
Wish me luck.
I don't know, maybe I'll find
a little magic this Christmas.
This is nice.
Just the two of us, finally.
It is.
I keep looking over my shoulder,
thinking the Christmas Council
is going to appear.
You're like the star
on top of the Christmas tree.
Everyone looks up to you.
That's a real honor.
I love how you find
a greater meaning
behind everything.
Value in the tiniest details.
You know, I had
this larger-than-life
image of you in my head.
I didn't know what to expect.
People can be different
in person.
I hope I'm better.
I thought
you were just being nice
when you bought
the mistletoe ornament...
but now I know it's more.
Meeting you has been
the best part of this trip.
You see me for
more than just my...
I'm so glad I stayed.
You were leaving?
Yeah, I had a flight booked
the day of the market.
What about your articles?
You had only published
one by then.
I did extensive research
before I met you.
I had everything I needed
to write about Midway.
Anything else?
No, I think we're good.
I can stamp
your Christmas passports.
I... don't have one.
Maybe next time.
No Christmas passport?
how did you know about
the Mistletoe Man story?
I thought it was a pie.
You wrote about it.
Oh, right.
Alex told me.
I can't believe
I didn't realize it.
It was him the whole time.
Show business is complicated.
I think, once you hear me out,
you'll see how funny
it really is.
Alex is my best friend
and ghostwriter.
He practically runs the website.
It's very common
in this industry.
And when I read his review
for Midway,
well, I had to come
see it for myself.
My agent thought
it'd be a great place
to promote my new book.
A compilation
of your travel articles...
Alex's articles.
But meeting you
changed everything.
I felt a connection, too.
And Alex and I
made an agreement,
that he would help me
get to know you better,
and I would help get him
a meeting with my publisher.
For his novel.
A charade and an agreement?
that sounds bad.
Forget everything I said.
Believe me, everyone
had the best intentions.
Finding the magic
and the mistletoe...
You knew nothing about that?
I wish I did.
I think it would really
help right now.
This is just
a simple misunderstanding.
I'm still the same Sterling.
You get it, right?
That's exactly why I have to go.
Merry Christmas, Sterling.
Thank you for dinner,
but I need to go find Alex.
I thought
you were out with Sterling.
I was
and he told me everything.
I'm so sorry.
I can explain.
Everything I told you,
all the times we were together,
and you just let me carry on
like a fool.
And for what?
I thought we were friends.
We are.
I-It's complicated.
I didn't have a choice.
No. You had a choice
and you made it.
You just wanted
a book published.
Look, Aria, please.
No, no, no, I'm sorry.
I-I just can't trust you.
I heard you were checking out.
The road is my life...
and I thought
I'd surprise my parents.
Come home on Christmas Eve
for once.
Crazy as it sounds,
hanging out in Midway's
made me a little homesick.
You and Aria?
We weren't meant to be.
But I think I know who might be.
I really screwed it up
for you, didn't I?
Only as soon as you got here.
You gonna give up?
Last night,
Aria mentioned
this mistletoe story.
Since she abandoned me
at the restaurant,
I had time to read it.
What'd you think?
You're the Mistletoe Man.
The last article is practically
a love letter to her and Midway.
That's why you bid
on the ornament.
Yeah, I didn't expect you
to double it.
I was just trying to show off.
If I had known,
I would've backed off.
I had a plan to tell her
Christmas Day.
After the articles
and, cross my fingers,
you were gone.
Tonight is Christmas Eve.
You still have time.
She won't return my calls.
Well, use the website.
Your website?
This Christmas...
write your story,
with your name.
What about the contract?
Legally, I can't.
Leave that to me.
I'll have the website updated
with your name.
It's time to give credit
where credit's due.
we make a great team.
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, I have a plane to catch
and you have some writing to do.
Thanks, buddy.
Thank you.
Yeah, all right.
Just... let's get it over with.
Merry Christmas, Alex.
Yeah, Merry Christmas,
you giant.
There's one more favor
I need to ask you, actually.
I thought you'd be on
your way back to the big city.
I've grown an appreciation
for small towns.
Would you care to take a seat?
I tried calling.
It's been busy.
Call it
the Sterling Masters spike.
I want to explain...
It's not necessary.
I understand why you did it.
Your career, the book.
It's the most important
thing to you.
No, no. No. Not anymore.
This-This-This... place.
Midway, it's changed me.
That's nice,
but you were always going
back to your big city.
I've seen it before.
And, let's be honest,
this was all just
one Big Holiday Adventure.
Aria, I've been
to every big city in the world
and none of them
have inspired me like Midway.
I've been searching
my whole life
for a special place
that felt like home,
but after meeting you,
I've realized
that it's not the place,
it's the...
it's the people.
It's hard to believe you.
I had plan to tell you.
Sterling, he is my best friend,
he is my business partner.
It's complicated.
Do you see
how complicated this was?
The key word.
Okay, you're not gonna sit,
I'm gonna stand.
My flight, it leaves tonight,
Christmas Eve,
but I'll stay...
if that's what you want.
And then what?
Christmas is over and you leave.
I have my life here
and you have yours.
We just want different things.
Now I need to get back to mine.
Merry Christmas, Alex.
Read the website.
Penny for your thoughts.
It's nothing.
Alex came by today.
he said that
he had never really felt at home
until he came to Midway,
and until he met me.
Oh, that.
I mean, I knew that.
Everybody knows that!
"I was struck by Aria Eubanks,
dynamic Christmas Council president
and owner
of the Mistletoe diner...
the personification
of Christmas.
Generous, joyous, pure of heart.
Her dedication to Midway
is endearing.
Her enthusiasm, contagious.
Like witnessing
the Northern Lights
dance across a midnight sky,
you can't help
but be mesmerized."
I ruined it.
Oh, come on, now.
Come on.
Open that box.
You always feel better
when you open a present.
Now, he is obviously
smitten by you.
So why don't you run on over
to the Sugarplum Lodge
and see him?
Are you gonna say
"I told you so"?
I wouldn't dream of it.
So what are you gonna do?
I have an idea.
But I'm gonna need some help
and a little Christmas magic.
We can do that.
Leslie. Checking out.
Sure you don't want to stay?
It's Christmas Eve.
No, no real reason to stay.
Did you collect
all your passport stamps?
Kringle's stamped last night
with takeout.
I'm missing...
Chestnut Canyon.
I'm so glad I caught you.
I was so deeply moved
by your article.
I had no idea
that you wrote so passionately!
You could write for the theater.
Well, if I ever
become a playwright,
you will be
my first lead actress.
My keys.
Have you...
Have you guys seen my keys?
What do they look like?
Car keys.
I gotta return my rental.
I just had them here.
We have a complimentary
car service to the airport.
The keys have to be close by.
We'll take care of it.
My rental car?
In Utah, we're very friendly.
Don't worry about it.
- Leslie will take care of it.
- We do this all the time.
Where's the car service?
The driver is outside.
Yeah! Sure. Thank you.
Nice meeting you, Leslie.
- I swear that I had the...
- I know, I know.
Come on!
Things get lost.
You have a great trip now.
Thank you so much.
Hey, buddy.
It's Christmas Eve, Craig.
Aren't you supposed
to be with your family?
In Midway, we're all family.
You needed a lift,
I'm here for ya.
Thank you.
Sure gonna miss you.
I'm glad someone will.
Oh, come on.
We all will.
You'll always have
a home in Midway.
Did you go to Chestnut Canyon?
The lookout is gorgeous.
That was the one passport stamp
I missed.
You can't leave town
without seeing it.
I worked really hard on it.
I'm not sure
if there's time, Craig.
I've got a plane to catch.
Craig, it's fine.
You have to see it.
My plane leaves in...
Go on! Take a look.
I'm pretty sure
your family might wanna
see you tonight, Craig.
- Get your passport stamped.
- Okay, I'm gonna get the stamp.
Need a stamp for your passport?
Did you do all this?
With some help.
All this time,
I was falling for you.
Your writing opened my mind...
but being with you
opened my heart.
You're worth the risk.
I'm certain of it.
Please, stay.
At least till Christmas?
I thought I'd find
the best place
to celebrate Christmas...
I found something better.
What's that?
I'm so sorry.
I should've told you the truth
from the beginning.
The moment I saw you...
I knew
you're the kinda girl
you keep close forever.
This passport
really kinda works.
It brought me home.
To a feeling or a place?
Anything is possible
at Christmas.
So... who ended up
with the magic?
Was it the prince or the knight?
Thankfully, the knight.
All right, all right!
Between us mistletoe men, okay?
I guess mistletoe magic is real.
Yes, it is.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Merry Christmas!