The Mohican Comes Home (2016) Movie Script

We're the Grim Reapers!
Starve and die! Drown and die!
Freeze to death! Burn to death!
A million ways to die!
A million ways to die!
Get sick and die!
Yeah, see you.
With bills and health care payments...
It's a struggle making ends meet.
Me too. To tell the truth...
I get more of a kick out
of my part time cooking job.
How about you?
You know.
The future.
I've given it a whole lot of thought.
In the end all I can say is...
...that you're right.
About what?
I'm home.
I'll tackle you...
What? Are you drunk?
Want to eat?
Of course not!
Can I have this?
God, you eat so much!
I want to go there.
Deer walk around freely with no antlers.
Did you water the plant?
- No.
- Why not!
We going tomorrow?
But we didn't pack!
We are going, right?
Are we really going this time?
We're going!
We're going.
You said we'd go to Hiroshima
after the gig, Eikichi.
I should.
After all...
I am the eldest son.
Get a haircut.
"Tobi Junior High Live Concert
Tell me...
Don't like old audiences?
Be honest.
Life is...
a constant battle with yourself...
0k, 0k.
- Sir.
- Yes, Shimizu?
We want a new song.
When I told my cousin what we play
she said, Eikichi Yazawa's music is ancient!
Eikichi Yazawa is God.
He's Hiroshimas own Elvis.
He isn't.
It's hard doing this with only 10 members.
Kn 1977
Yazawa was
the first Japanese to perform at Budokan.
I was there...
And we had eye contact"!
Oh, who cares...
Here's Osamu!
Great concert! I'm impressed.
What song was it?
Idiot, I am lecturing.
Come and drink with us!
We're having a debrief.
- Do it over a drink.
- Don't drink on the job!
- I'm driving!
- It's OK.
It's not!
Let's go.
Kikuchfs psyching himself up
as he enters the batter's box.
Earlier on he struck out swinging.
1 out with runners on 2nd and 3rd.
Hit it, Kikuchi!
Here comes the first pitch from the stretch.
Kikuchi hits it and the pitcher
gets Kikuchi out at the 1st base.
I'll whip his ass!
Hiroshima Carp will lose again!
Shut up!
Oh, I feel sick...
No, don't touch me.
Here, open this for me.
Wow, ifs rocky.
The cap.
Hey, Eikichi...
When were you last home?
Well, uh...
That long?
I had no money.
7 years ago.
Go ahead.
"Welcome to Tobi Island, Hiroshima"
"Tamura Liquor Shop"
- This it?
- Yes.
'Scuse me...
Why are you home?
Eikichi's here!
Honey, don't sleep here!
Come on!
Come on Koji, help Dad up!
His shoes.
I'm home.
What are you doing here?
I telephoned.
Dad! Did he call?
Water. . .!
What? Don't throw up here!
Uh, hello!
You've heard about Yuka.
Nice to meet you.
Right, hello.
Who's she?
Did you...
...really call?
Dad, no!
Take off the jacket, please!
I'm surprised to see you alive.
Yes, I'm alive.
You look older.
Just relax.
Are you cold?
No! I'm OK, thanks.
- You near-sighted?
- They're for fashion.
Cut it out!
You smoke?
I quit.
About 2 years ago.
That so.
They don't taste good anymore.
Sorry, this is all we have.
It's compote. Help yourself.
- Oh, thank you!
- Eat up.
Watch out for seeds.
Why's Koji here?
I don't know.
If he has a setback he comes home.
Come on.
Don't say "Huh" to me!
I've come home to...
Well, uh...
We're thinking of...
getting married.
You know.
How do I say this...?
You know if there's a...
- Baby...
- What!
I said "if."
Yes or no?
Yes! She's pregnant.
Do you work?
A job?
Yeah, sure. I work.
What do you do?
I grow plants.
Q w aw.!
It's legal! It's coriander.
You know, coriander.
I bet ifs lucrative.
They sell tiny bunches
for 200 yen at supermarkets.
But it's a weed!
And the band?
This is for you. Our new album.
Do they sell?
It's not about profit.
How do you live?
She works.
Why, you...!
Come here.
I'll slap you silly!
Give me a break!
Stop your fighting!
- Stop it!
- Put those down.
Come on...
Hey...are you OK?
Hello, it's me!
We're having a PBITY!
Get over here now!
Tell everyone! Yeah!
Hey, ifs me!
Attention, everyone!
It's time for a song and dance!
It's a perfect day to celebrate!
Tell us why?
Because Osamws son has come home!
With his good-looking wife!
And a precious baby, too!
It's time to take care of your dad
How about taking care of us too?
Come and celebrate!
Who are those people anyway...?
Hey, are you OK?
ca FICEI'.
It's all over his lungs.
But he was leading a normal life...
He'd quit smoking.
He was pushing himself.
He kept it quiet.
He avoided doctors.
Can you operate?
We're not equipped on this island.
I guess no one is equipped.
What do you mean?
It's on the lumbar vertebrae.
What's that?
It's the lower part of the spine.
He had back pain.
He's ridden with cancer.
It's terminal.
How is it, Mr. Wakabayashi?
It hurts?
How about here?
I'll get the doctor...
Hold on, I'll get the doctor!
The baseball!
So it is.
What about the shop?
I closed it.
Don't be silly! You can't close it...
There's no one to take care of it.
I will, I'll do it.
I'll do anything!
What's this?
Is he crying?
- You are too.
- I'm not!
I dunno...
What's going on?
Get some water for us.
Yes, I'll get some water.
How many?
For everyone.
It'll be heavy...
Just go and get it!
What's up?
Kikuchi is at bat.
Yamamoto throws his first pitch to Kikuchi.
The short stop catches it
and tosses it to 2nd base.
To 1st...It's a double play.
He's doing his best.
Kikuchfs no good!
Leave him alone.
What's wrong?
He's out!
So you're crying?
What's he to you?
Wait...I'll get some water.
More water?
What's wrong with them?
Is it cancer?
Well? Is it cancer?
It's not...?
See the bone?
Cut to the bone and turn it.
And repeat.
Cut right behind the fin.
Remove the head.
Now the stomach. Cut right here.
Then use the knife spine
to gut the fish.
Like this.
Scrape it out.
Let's fillet the fish now.
let's do the right side of the fish.
Notice the angle?
An incision on the stomach side.
A tip on fish bones.
They appear to be straight...
W; food?
Stop it!
Yuka went to a lot of trouble.
Yes. Let's eat.
OK, thank you.
Let's eat.
That's bad!
By the way...
- Look at this.
- What's that?
A lung cancer expert.
He looks so young!
Who knows but
maybe Dad should see this doctor...
- It's far!
- Not really.
He might have a treatment.
Or another diagnosis.
Dad would find the commuting difficult.
What do you think, Bro?
I've given it some thought...
A whole lot.
In the end all I can say is...
In the end...
You're right, Koji.
Let's eat.
The seasoning...
For you.
Come on, hurry up!
Come on!
Hurry UP!
This is Noro.
Blow that trumpet like a man, Noro.
Come here after practice.
What's that?
I'm going out
with my family for sushi.
Don't be silly.
Run, don't walk!
I'll be watching.
Coach !
Yes, Shimizu?
The salt air will rust the instruments!
They'll rust!
How's this prepared?
- Let's
- I think you boil it.
- Boil it?
- Right.
And then you drink the extract everyday.
They say it works.
What's that?
How about this?
He's so young!
Looks good.
May 1?
Have to be this kind of hospital.
I found him.
Thank you.
Osamu and the doctor here were classmates.
That's reassuring.
Dr. Takehara.
You should see a good doctor.
My old pa.
I brought this too.
It will make you better.
Got to pee.
I'll tag along.
To the toilet.
- I'll take you.
- I'm OK!
- They come for you.
- I can go alone.
- He can walk...
- He seems OK.
He was on the IV drip.
That helped.
- Good.
- He looks OK.
I can't inhale.
How many kids
were in your school band?
About twenty...
Still do Yazawa's tune?
For me...
That's the only pleasure I have.
When I was in junior high
I used to think all school bands played Yazawa.
Go back to Tokyo.
Don't waste time with me here.
Get a job.
I know.
Yuka's working?
She quit.
What did she do?
The nail...
Nail art.
You OK?
Are you OK?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
You moron!
He's driving!
He hadn't smoked for 2 years!
What's funny?
Tell me, Noro.
Do you like playing in the band?
Not so much?
Why do it then?
Dad told me to...
That's a drag.
Come any time
if you want.
- Can't you sleep?
- Not with his snoring!
- His dads the same.
- Yeah?
Are you cold?
Your nails are cute.
You sure about our son?
I guess so!
You know.
I'm not so smart so we're a good match!
Where did you meet?
At Tengu.
A pub.
Oh, right!
My friend was helping out at his gig
and we went to a party afterwards
and hit it off.
Is that right?
How about you?
We got together because...
we lived close.
We lived close. That's all.
Can I?
No, you're expecting .
Just a sip!
You're pregnant.
Being pregnant is so hard!
Go back to Tokyo.
You have to go to checkups.
I'd want to go home if I were you.
You're so kind.
You're so kind to me!
That's enough. Finish this.
You're so kind.
Thank you.
Are you sure?
Well then.
I was thinking...
I want to refer you to another doctor.
I remember
Dad with IVs...
I don't want that.
I don't want pain.
I don't want any pain.
I want you to be my doctor.
I want to go home.
I hear you.
I hear you.
Who is he?
I don't know.
He's cute!
So cute.
Why's he here?
Hey, straighten up!
There he is.
What are you doing?
Go inside!
I'm instructing a pupil!
What's he doing?
Let me go!
- I'm instructing my pupil!
- Not now!
He's like a kid!
Satsuma mandarin
Want one?
No, thank you.
I have to go...
But you just came.
But we're going out for sushi.
Not sushi again!
- Bye.
- He escaped.
Come back here!
I'm sorry!
- I'll give you a ride.
- Sorry!
Don't run!
You made me fall!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- I'll drive you.
- I lied about the sushi!
The coach has cancer?
That's right.
Will he...die?
I've come to realize...
Parents die.
I knew that.
But now ifs a reality.
I can't talk to him.
What do you want to say?
He's probably just happy having you here.
He's been looking kind of lonely.
I was thinking...
What's up?
That band's cool.
You have good taste.
I'll be back.
Get a job!
Put the oil on your nails every day!
They're Hiroshima Carp!
He was hit by a pitch!
The catcher was sitting
very close to the batter.
Maybe too close.
The pitcher throws fast balls.
He didn't need to be so close to the batter.
- Too aggressive.
- Right.
1 out, with bases full.
Kikuchfs at bat.
It could turn the game around.
Here's Kikuchi.
He's struggling
with a ".223" batting average.
A small hit
and the team will win.
Bottom of 10th, 1 out, bases full.
First pitch!
Hi, Mom.
Oh, my God!
What are you doing here?
We'll stick around.
I have a souvenir for you.
There were deer everywhere.
- I'm beat.
- Oh...
I'm hungry-
Why don't you ever call?
Hungry, Yuka?
Second pitch.
Straight in the middle!
Oh my God! Kikuchi had a walk-off hit!
Yes, yes!
Yes, yes!
Get off me.
That hurts!
You're happy?
Yuka, help me out.
- She's cute!
- You're that happy?
Oh, Mom!
Hiroshima Carp win!
You're not a local?
Where are you from?
You'll have the baby here?
No, no.
I just want checkups.
Like ultrasound.
"Hi, Reapers, how's it going?
Everyone calls me Junior here!
"I'll stick around to look after Dad
"so please wait.
"Doing something nice
"might inspire me to write a song."
What's he writing? Maybe 'Tyrannosaurus?
He saw us!
I know now what's important"
for the bands future."
We need to...
"be healthy."
Keep the party alive, Ha, ha!
Rock 'n' roll tonight, Ha, ha!
A feeling comes, A feeling comes over me
I know you can feel it, Ha, ha!
No one plays this well, Ha, ha!
A feeling comes, A feeling comes over me
I'm feeling the night,
A feeling comes over...
Keep the party alive, Ha, ha!
Rub him like this but don't use pressure.
Old people have papery skin
so be gentle.
A massage will help him relax.
Sick people get anxious easily.
Write a wish list.
Anything is OK.
I need time to think about it.
Like food.
What do I want to eat...?
Things to do while you can...
People you want to see?
There are many.
Write them down.
Meet them and...?
Say your last farewells.
I'll slap you silly!
Ask me anything.
OK, get a haircut.
No, never.
What then?
There must be something.
People don't have wishes.
If I were you...I know.
I'd manage the Carps...
for a year.
I'd ride a dolphin.
I'd fall in love.
Yeah, right.
- How old are you?
- I'm 50.
I want romance!
How can he meet Yazawa?
At a live gig.
No. I want him to...
come and see me.
I want to meet Yazawa"
Everything tastes good with ready-made stock.
It's the best!
- Pour it.
- Roger.
OK, let's eat.
It's yummy.
Time to try something deep fried.
Of course.
Good morning.
- Hi. Off for a walk?
- Right.
Where are you going?
Hey, Dad!
Good morning!
Use the cane.
'The Tamura Family Grave"
Let's head back.
I want to eat pizza.
He ate pizza on his 60th birthday
and he wore red!
Why pizza?
Is it coz pizza's red?
Is pizza red...?
He's silly.
He said it had sausages on it.
Does he want the same kind?
Exactly the same.
I forgot what we ate!
Where did you buy it?
Was it from Yasukawa town?
They have pizza.
There are 3 pizza places.
- Which one?
- I don't remember.
Call them all.
Like a lottery.
That would be a lot of pizza...!
We'll order everything!
That's crazy!
- Like father, like son!
- That's insane.
To the island...?
We can't do :2. . .
Dad has cancer.
It will go cold and get tough.
Dad has cancer.
I see; but. . .
Dad has cancer.
Everything with sausage on it.
Is this it?
How would I know?
Trust your instinct!
Eikichi. The pizza guys are going.
This one. Okay?
Take care.
Hang in there.
I'm moved.
You're the best!
He got it!
This is it!
This is the pizza I wanted to eat!
How happy are you?
Is it good?
It's the best.
Thank you.
Start when you're ready.
Go ahead.
You conducting?
Don't mess up!
And, go!
I'll slap you silly!
I recorded it.
Go back to Tokyo.
You've done enough.
Don't be so kind to me.
It makes me feel like I'll die tomorrow.
What happened?
Damn it.
Wow, Jesus...
Blood !
- It's a nosebleed.
- You spit up blood.
Listen, Son.
Don't tell Mom.
I have to.
Please don't.
She'll worry about me.
It's the sea!
Yuka, watch your step!
Look at the beach!
Don't fall!
I'm fine!
It's pretty!
The fish!
Fish! Amazing!
Over there!
2 of them!
Need help?
I can do it myself.
It's good!
How vibrant!
I mean...
that girl.
With the big tummy.
Is she Mom's friend?
I guess so.
How about practice?
Your practice.
I did it.
After junior high
will you keep playing trumpet?
Go on.
I'll help.
In that case...
Go to Tokyo.
Go to Tokyo and
come home famous.
OK, I'll do that.
That's why
I gave you that name.
That's right.
I'm Yazawa.
I'm Yazawa.
I came...
to see you.
I heard the recording of the school band.
They're terrible...!
It was great.
Excuse me.
I have a gig.
It was 1977.
At Budokan.
Our eyes...
Our eyes met, didn't they?
What's wrong?
Does it hurt?
Are you OK?
What's going on?
Yuka, go get some hot towels.
Oh God, what's going on?
He's looking at Yuka.
Dad, ifs your first grandchild!
Oh, he's crying again.
Well done, Eikichi.
90 over 60.
But...I'm broke.
I want to see them marry...
Got that?
Don't look at me.
Stop staring.
I told you to sit quietly, you brat!
Thank you
for traveling so far.
No problem.
Eikichi told us everything.
I'm so happy! I got rid of all 3 kids!
Can't you be quiet?
See, Yuka is kind of skinny.
So I was worried
if she could be a mother.
Mr. Tamura! We'll have a good wedding!
How noisy.
I hope tomorrow is sunny like it is today.
It's here!
Step back.
I'll get it.
Buddha help us!
- We'll get him out.
- Okay!
Wee-wee! Where's the toilet?
Hold on! Come this way!
Coming through!
This way!
The ferry was canceled.
As expected...
The Priest and singer won't make it.
Oh no. . .What now?
I'm a Sister, if it helps...
But your health...
I'm OK. It's just pneumonia.
He's asleep.
It's crazy out there.
I want to see.
Go ahead.
I'll be back.
Eikichi, don't be nervous!
Okay, everyone!
I'll perform the wedding ceremony.
Way to go!
I brought you into this world!
Thank you for this.
Oh, thank you!
Here's the bride.
You're beautiful!
That's my sister!
We're proud of you!
First let's sing hymn number 312.
All rise please.
I have to?
What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer!
Oh, what peace we often forfeit
Oh, what needless pain we bear
All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer!
Be seated.
Eikichi Tamura.
You're here to join in holy Matrimony.
Will you, in sickness and health
love, honor and respect this woman
so long as you both live?
I will.
Yuka Aizawa.
You're here to join in holy Matrimony.
Will you, in sickness and health
love, honor and respect this man
so long as you both live?
I will.
You may unveil the bride.
Get a photo!
Look this way!
You may kiss the bride!
Grim Reaper!
Not that way!
Come on, Mom!
Just in time!
What's this?
It's for you.
- Take this stock.
- Too many!
I have to carry it.
Take this.
It's Dad's ashes.
Can I feel it?
Oh, wow!
I'll come back famous!
Get a job!
I'll sit...
- You OK?
- What?
Your tummy?
It's so heavy.
Feel it.
Go ahead.
Don't tickle!
Can you hear it?
Ryuhei Matsuda
Atsuko Maeda
Yudai Chiba
Wu Tamika (as Smmilu
Jun Miho
Kasumi Kiba
Masako Motai
Akira Emoto
An Office Shirous Production
Presented by
Kansai Telecasting / Bandai Visual
Pony Canyon / Asmik Ace
Tokyo Theatres / Shinhiroshima Telecasting
Office Shirous
Executive Producers: Yoshio Yokozawa
Kazumi Kawashiro / Yosuke Miyake
Masayuki Sano
Kazuhiro Ohta / Hiroshi Inagaki
Project Planning:
Keiichi Shigemasu / Shiro Sasaki
Yuko Aoki / Asako Nishikawa
$UQUTU Kubota I Wynn Sake
Music: Shoji Ikenaga
Director of Photography: Akiko Ashizawa
DIT/VE: Keigo Kagamihara
Lighting: Hidenori Nagata
Recording: Hisashi Iwamaru
Art Director: Norifumi Ataka
Editor: Takashi Sato
Wardrobe: Haruki Koketsu
Hairstylist: Mariko Tanaka
Scripter: Ryoko Taguchi
Assistant Director: Kasuhito Mogi
Assistant Producer: Daisuke Saito
Sound Effect: Shoko Sato
Music Producer:
Shin Yasui / Keiko Shinozaki
Theme Song MOHICAN (Speedstar Records)
Performed, all instruments & vocal
by Haruomi Hosono
Written and Directed by Shuichi Okita
'The Mohican Comes Home Film Partners