The Mole People (1956) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen,
it's amazing how much we know
about the surface of our globe.
In the last 100 years, men have
progressively studied this.
Explorations have reached
the North, the South Pole.
There are really relatively
only a few square miles left
of the surface of our globe
that are not known.
During the same years, men have
reached out into the stars,
three times further
in your lifetime and mine,
three times further into space
than men have ever been able to go before.
Amazing knowledge
we have of that and of this.
What's inside this globe?
What is there beneath our feet
as we stand on the Earth?
No one knows, of course.
And science ponders about it
and all men are curious, but no one knows.
Primitive man,
going into caves,
reaching back and back,
and down and down,
wondered what lay beyond,
and in terror he fled out.
And he remembered
strange sighs and noises.
Now you go back to Mesopotamia
and the beginning of Western civilization,
and you have the great hero
Gilgamesh going down into the underworld.
And so, too, with the Greeks.
All down through time.
Religions of the past
have postulated the existence
of this inner habitable world.
All through the Middle Ages,
people believed of
something under the surface.
Dante, the great Dante,
saw great cone-like cavities
stretching down to
the very center of the Earth.
There's nothing new
about this.
It's as old as man, this belief that
under the surface
there may be areas
inhabitable by man.
And in our time
and in the last 100 years,
there've been a number of theories,
very curious and strange theories,
about what goes on
in the center of our planet.
This is a very famous
and interesting and odd one.
A soldier... Rather, a minor hero
of the War of 1812
was a man named
John Cleeves Symmes.
And he had a sudden idea
that inside our world, like onion layers,
there were globes
within globes, five of them,
some of them inhabited,
and that if you were to travel up
through the icy wastes of our world,
the northwest edge of Siberia,
you could go down through a hole,
and go successively
to these various spheres.
Unfortunately, he was
thoroughly obsessed with this,
went around lecturing,
and in fatigue,
died before he could
make this experiment.
Now, here's another theory
much closer to us.
This is 1870, about.
A young American physician
named Cyrus Reed Teed had a revelation.
We are not living on the outside of the globe,
said Teed, but on the inside,
that when we think
we're looking out at the Sun,
we're really looking
in at the Sun.
Strange, strange.
Questing mind of man
that tries to find answers
to things that
he can't understand.
This was a theory by Karl Neupert,
in Germany, in the 1920s.
He, again, imagined that
we're living on the inside,
rather than the outside
of the globe.
And here's a real Sun,
and a real Moon,
and then a rather shadowy
and formless
mass of electric potentiality
with little bright sparks in it.
And they give us
the sense of our stars.
So in this picture
you're about to see,
you'll see the culmination of a long series
of such desires to look into the Earth.
One might well believe,
philosophically, that some ancient culture,
engulfed by a great and tremendous upheaval
of nature might linger on
in some pocket of Earth.
This is science fiction,
of course. It's a fiction.
It's a fable beyond fiction,
for l think if you'll
study this picture and think about it,
when it's over, you'll realize that this is
something more than just a story told.
It's a fable with a meaning
and a significance for you and for me
in the 20th Century.
Thank you and goodbye.
Dr. Bentley! Dr. Stuart!
Come quickly.
Bellamin! Lafarge!
Come on!
Some sort of stone tablet.
What's it doing
in this strata?
The cuneiform writing...
But it is not possible in this part.
You mean it's
not probable, Lafarge.
In archeology,
all things are possible.
The fact is we found it below
the Great Flood level,
so it must be at least
5,000 years old,
which would make it one of the oldest
human records.
- What about the inscription?
- Sumerian.
It's the dedication of
a temple or a public building.
Stuart, every time I think of
how many civilizations have crumbled,
fallen apart, rotted from
the inside, or cracked from the outside,
I shudder when I pick up
the front page of a newspaper.
- The translation, Bentley.
- Sure.
The first part reads,
"I, Sharu, King of Kings,
"son of Sharu Ad..."
It breaks off there.
Well, that's a new one on me.
Mean anything to you, Lafarge?
Dr. Bentley, do you remember
the Gilgamesh tablets George Smith found?
Yeah. They told a legend
about a dynasty
that suddenly disappeared
from the face of the Earth.
Right. It also referred
to a King of the dynasty,
one called Sharu or Charul.
Well, what does
the rest of it say?
BENTLEY: "He who with malice
destroys, effaces,
or removes from its place
this, my signed attestation,
may he be denounced
by Ishtar."
"May his name,
his seed in the land,
"be destroyed."
We'll have to open
new trenches tomorrow
along the north line, Jud.
Most of the old ones caved in.
That earthquake put us behind
at least a month.
You know, Bellamin,
we shouldn't complain about the work.
I think we were fortunate.
The epicenter of the earthquake
was only 25 miles from here.
Do you think the goddess
of Ishtar is punishing us
for removing the tablets,
The inscription said
"He who removes it with malice."
But we aren't malicious,
are we?
We want to rescue
the Sharu dynasty from oblivion.
That's what archaeologists
are for, no?
Archaeologists are underpaid
publicity agents for deceased royalty.
This shepherd boy
found something.
BELLAMIN: What, another one?
This boy came a long way,
Dr. Bellamin.
You buys your ticket
and you takes your chance.
I believe in grabbing for
the gold ring every time.
Hey! Where'd you find this?
Kuhitara. High, high.
Kuhitara, the epicenter
of the earthquake.
LAFARGE: It's a kind of moss
that is native to this region.
It grows only on the
rocks of Kuhitara,
but not where the boy found it.
Much, much higher.
The earthquake must've dislodged it
and rolled it down to the plateau.
But how did it get up
on Kuhitara to begin with?
Maybe Bentley has the answer.
How's it coming, Roger?
It's an oil lamp all right,
shaped like a boat.
The engraved figures are of a man,
a woman and different animals in pairs.
The Sumerian version
of Noah's Ark?
The Flood's been proven
to be a historical fact.
Why not a Sumerian version?
According to the inscription
they got wet, too. Listen.
"I, Sharu, King of Kings,
son of Sharu Ad."
"From water I emerged.
I caused to embark within the vessel
"all my family, my relations,
"my craftsmen and my slaves,
and the beasts of the field,
"and made my home in the ark.
We floated on the waves
"until we found the land
of the snow near the goddess of Ishtar."
The top of the mountain.
The Sharu dynasty was saved
from the Flood on Kuhitara.
But was never heard of again.
Of course not. No one would
look for human beings on top of Kuhitara.
We're going to.
Oh, it's impossible.
The summit is less than
20,000 feet.
It's treacherous. Always wind and snow.
Nothing's there, nothing.
Then we shouldn't be
afraid of nothing.
Gentlemen, Kuhitara is a
treacherous mountain to climb.
Do you think
we can make it?
l think so.
We shall establish
three camps.
The porters will carry enough supplies
to establish a base camp
here at the foot
of the snow level.
We will then climb to here,
which is 2,000 feet from the plateau
on Kuhitara, and establish a second camp.
The next day we shall attempt
the final climb.
All this risk and money
because of a vague poetic inscription
on an ancient oil lamp.
Don't you trust poets,
old man?
No, l don't.
Schliemann did.
He found the ruins of Troy
by trusting Homer,
the biggest
blabbermouth of all.
When can
we start, Nazar?
My men are ready, sir.
Tomorrow morning, then.
BELLAMlN: That's a lot
of mountain.
STUART: We're only going
to the plateau.
ls that it
on the right face, Nazar?
No, Dr. Stuart.
Tomorrow we may be able
to see it, if we keep to our schedule.
Then let's keep
to the schedule.
We'll make
camp here.
Peaceful-looking, isn't she?
BENTLEY: The thing that impresses me
the most is the complete and utter silence.
You can almost hear it.
Don't let her
fool you, Mr. Bentley.
When she wants to,
she can scream so loud as to make you deaf.
And you will hear her
and quite soon.
l think perhaps even tonight.
Tremendous invention,
Yeah, l'm well-done in front
and my back teeth are chattering.
Cheer up, Jud.
If this storm clears,
we'll be on the plateau
of Kuhitara by tomorrow night.
Tomorrow night
is 24 hours and 3,000 feet
of thin air away.
This mountain's hundreds of
square miles in area.
You're only occupying
one square foot.
Sitting here is a lot safer
than crossing Times Square.
There's an avalanche. Come on!
Well, the goddess of Ishtar
isn't smiling so sweetly this morning.
The avalanche must've
brought it down from the plateau.
Can anyone be
living up there now?
In this thin air,
it's possible to imagine anything.
The ruins of
a Sumerian temple.
I don't understand.
They usually built their
cities near their temples.
Where are the rest of
the buildings?
Five thousand years
is a long time.
To make any sense out of all
this is going to take a while.
I think we ought to send Nazar
back for his men
and set up
permanent camp here.
LAFARGE: Dr. Bentley,
Bellamin, take a look at this.
The goddess of Ishtar?
How did the inscription
on the oil lamp go?
"We floated on the waves till
we found the land of the snow,
"near the goddess of Ishtar."
Wait till Stuart sees this.
l can't see the bottom.
We got to get down.
Get your ropes, Nazar.
- It's getting warm.
- Yeah.
We must've come down
at least 200 feet.
You gonna be all right?
(PANTlNG) Oh, sure.
l'm fine.
l found him!
We are trapped here.
BENTLEY: Say, this isn't
a natural cavern.
It's been excavated.
You all right?
We are trapped here.
No food, no water.
There seems to be a draft.
There must be another opening.
Come on, let's look for it.
There's another tunnel.
You better take a look
at Lafarge.
- What's wrong?
- It's the air.
It's hard to breathe.
Give me a hand
with him, Jud.
There's light.
What do you make
of the light?
Probably some chemical
in the rocks.
There must be some rational scientific
explanation for this.
It's an exact duplicate
of the head we found on the plateau.
Here, gentlemen,
is your city.
LAFARGE: It's fabulous.
The city must have been built
on a thick crust of earth,
over a volcanic bubble
strong enough to support the city
until an earthquake
came along.
What we found on the plateau
were the suburbs.
You're right.
Look here.
"The temple of Ishtar have I built
with the stones of the mountain.
That's how the
Sharu dynasty ended.
They ran away from a flood
right into an earthquake.
The children of Noah survived
and the children of Ishtar died.
There's going to be some history rewritten
when we get out of here.
How do you know
there's a way out?
There has to be.
We'll keep looking.
How long can we
keep looking?
We've been on our feet now
over 15 hours.
Yeah. We got to get some rest.
Well, this is
as good a place as any.
I think I'll sleep forever.
How is it?
It's as if the whole mountain
were lying on my chest.
We're going to get out
of here. Don't worry.
Now get some sleep.
What was that?
I didn't hear anything.
Is there anything
alive in here?
Oh, nothing dangerous.
Dwarf lizards, small bats, things like that.
Go on to sleep.
What were they?
I couldn't see a thing.
I couldn't either.
Jud, come here.
Take a look at this.
BELLAMIN: Claw marks, or maybe
a hand. There are four cuts.
BENTLEY: Some hand.
And whoever it was
needs a manicure.
It can't be.
It can't be.
BELLAMIN: Save your battery,
Rog. There's no way out of here.
We were brought in.
There has to be a way out.
What do you think, Jud?
I'm no anthropologist.
I wouldn't know whether
they were Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal.
I don't think an anthropologist
could classify this one either.
All we can say for sure
is that they walk erect
and they have a skull large enough
to house a brain with associative areas.
And this one died as a result
of a blow from a heavy, blunt instrument.
Well, that's a sign
of higher civilization.
LAFARGE: Bentley!
- What is it?
- Look!
Don't move.
He wants us
to go with him.
No, don't.
Gentlemen, we are
in 3,000 B.C.
In my hand I hold the magic eye of Ishtar.
The sacred weapon of Ishtar.
The golden rod,
the secret of death.
There, O King,
are the evil ones
who were captured
by the beasts of the dark.
Bring them here.
Who are you?
We are friends.
We are different from you,
but we are your friends.
He speaks our tongue.
We come from a world where your tongue
can be studied on ancient tablets.
There is no world
beyond ours.
There is only heaven,
where we lived a long time ago
until we were expelled
for our sins amidst thunder and fire.
This is the world and we are its people.
You are not of us.
There is heaven
and only the Gods live there.
Would you tell us
that you are Gods?
The greatest find of all time,
and we're buried with it.
In the name of the King,
l declare sentence upon you.
If you are evil spirits,
you must be destroyed.
If you are mortal, as you claim,
our world cannot support you.
In either case
you must be destroyed.
You will die
in the fire of Ishtar.
Come on!
The light. Their eyes
can't tolerate the light.
Help him up, Jud.
Stop! Stop! Do not run!
Guards! Do not run!
We won the first round.
Look at him.
No pigmentation.
Without sun or ultraviolet rays
they turn into albinos.
The pupils are enlarged to let
in the maximum amount of low-intensity light.
The optical nerve
must be hypersensitive.
That's why they couldn't
stand the light.
And how have they survived here?
What do they eat?
What happened to the mind,
the memories of the past
in the world of light?
So many questions.
So many questions.
And why is it necessary
for them to kill us?
They have to kill us
because we made them doubt
their world is the only world,
their answers
the only answers.
Look out!
Lafarge, wait!
Lafarge, wait!
We must get away from them.
We have to get out of here.
If we go back to the temple,
we are lost.
All right, Lafarge,
all right.
We've been going down all the time.
It's getting hotter and hotter.
The air is getting worse.
I can hardly breathe.
- What was that?
- I don't know.
Lafarge, you wait here.
BENTLEY: Come on, Jud.
Beasts! Guards! Get them!
- The button's jammed!
- Come on, let's go.
- Come on, Lafarge! Come on!
- It won't work.
Forget it. Come on!
I can't go on!
BELLAMIN: You have to!
Come on!
Lafarge, wait!
Well, at least Lafarge is
at rest where he always lived,
in a world of the past.
Oh, we're right back
where we started.
There's bound to be
a way out of here.
There's fresh air.
It has to come from somewhere.
Why don't we get back
to the river and try and swim out?
Now, you know as well as I do
that river runs underground for miles.
In the King's name...
Do not use the burning light.
We come to you as friends.
I wouldn't count on that.
What do you want?
Since you have shown
that you possess the divine fire of Ishtar,
the King is now convinced
that you are holy messengers.
Are you speaking
only for your King?
The King's will
is law for all.
He has ordered me to
assure you of his friendship
and to invite you
to a royal feast.
We are most grateful.
Where is the absent one?
He was called back
to heaven by Ishtar.
Follow me.
And why did Ishtar send you
to our kingdom?
To see how you live,
to learn of your needs so she can help you.
Does she not know us through our prayers?
Does she not reward us for our sacrifices?
Does she not see us
with her all-pervading eyes?
We are her eyes.
Then you will see.
Our kingdom is your home.
Why not?
It's one of the few things
that can grow without the Sun.
Come here!
Do not interfere.
The King's will is the law.
The fire of Ishtar
is the law.
So be it.
You have fondness for her,
have you not?
She belongs to you.
The Gods do not favor
trading human beings.
Human? She is a marked one.
- Are there many like her?
- No.
Rarely is one born
with the mark of darkness.
And the others like yourselves.
How many are there?
Twice and a half times 60.
Well, that's not very many.
It is a sacred number.
The highest number that
our sacred food can nourish.
Well, what do you do
when your population exceeds that number?
We kill them.
We sacrifice them
in the fire of Ishtar,
the like of which you possess
within that cylinder.
The beasts of the dark
have desecrated our dead.
They took the body of the guard
that was slain by the intruders.
When they were finished
with it, they left it in the tunnel.
All the flesh had been torn
from the body.
You've apprehended them?
l have, O Priest.
Kill them.
Let us now bless
the spirit of the Earth.
Ishtar has given us the food of the tunnels,
the fish of the river,
and the sacred milk
of the goat.
Above all, we glorify Ishtar
for giving us power
over the beasts of the dark,
that they may
till the Earth beneath us,
so that Sharu, King of Kings,
his children and his children's children
may live in strength
and rule the world.
So be it.
Well, even if there is a way
out, we'll never find it.
Not without help.
- You mean the albinos?
- No.
Well, surely you don't expect
the beasts of the tunnel to help us.
Why should they,
after what's been done to them?
Five thousand years
of slavery.
The planned degeneration
has turned men into beasts.
There's no help there, Jud.
Thank you, Adad.
Lie down, my Lord.
Well, go right ahead, Rog.
Don't mind me.
l will watch you
while you're away.
- Away?
- In your dreams.
What about you? When do you
sleep, Adad? Or do you?
l sleep when my
sleeping time comes.
Your sleeping time?
But how are you able to tell?
Here, in my heartbeat.
One, two, three.
But you're not counting
all the time, are you?
No, l just feel it
all the time.
What happens when
your heart beats faster?
It matters not.
It is my heart, it is my time.
Look, Adad,
you'd better go home.
This is my home.
The King has ordered it so.
Well, never mind the King.
You're free to go. Understand?
Free? What is free?
Well, if you wish to go,
you go, and if you wish to stay, you stay.
That's being free.
Then l am free,
because l wish to stay.
But you're in danger.
Danger? Why?
Because we're different
than your people.
They fear us
and may try to harm us.
You're different, too,
and if you're with us, it may remind them.
What are you going to do?
Try to get back
to our world.
There's nothing
beyond darkness, my Lord.
Are you sure of that?
Have you never in your life heard of a world
of light above the darkness?
No, my Lord. Never.
Well, then,
let me tell you about it.
The world of light changes
color with every heartbeat.
There are mighty rivers and places
where the land is covered with living things.
And then there are the cities.
Beautiful cities filled with
many people like you and me.
You're speaking of heaven,
my Lord.
Maybe l am. Maybe l am.
Well, that's one way
of doing it.
What is it?
Steam from an
underground spring?
Something hotter
than that. Lava.
Figure this one out.
You tan hides with tannic acid
made from tree bark, right?
What do they use?
Want me to ask them?
No, not now. Let's go.
BENTLEY: The Egyptians were able to weave
very fine materials out of wool.
The stuff they're weaving here
looks like burlap.
Well, the finer cloth
is loomed by the priests.
One of their trade secrets.
l sure would like to
get out of here.
And that is not all.
The King has shown weakness
and poor judgment.
He believes in the divinity
of these intruders.
Dealing with the divine
is our office.
It we abandon the smallest
particle of it to outsiders,
our position will soon
come to naught.
But are these outsiders
not divine?
No, they are mortal.
Do they not eat when they are hungry?
Do they not sleep when they are weary?
When the guards attacked them,
did not their faces show
the fears of mortal men?
But do they not possess
the power of heaven?
The cylinder they carry
possesses it.
If you had that cylinder,
or you, or you, you could use it, too.
And if it is the power of heaven,
is it not we who should possess it
and use it to control the beasts of the dark,
the people, and yes, if need be,
even a faltering King himself?
You will therefore follow
these intruders wherever they may go,
and bring me that cylinder.
BELLAMIN: Here's something.
No, that's not it either.
That's hopeless, Roger.
Not as long as we're alive.
Why don't we just give up and apply
for Sumerian citizenship?
I don't like mushrooms.
Now, don't complain, Rog.
Last night we had cave rat for dinner.
No, why don't we settle down?
Especially you?
Why especially me?
Well, there's Adad.
Just imagine what some future
archaeologists would think
if they happened to
rediscover this world
and the wild theories they'd
concoct in order to explain
the presence of dozens of
little Bentleys
speaking Sumerian
with a Harvard accent,
and playing baseball
in front of the temple of Ishtar.
The Ishtar Nine, champions
of the Little Mushroom League?
Come on.
- Let's look around some more.
- Yeah.
- Is all in order?
- In order, Captain.
Shall I feed them?
They're getting weak.
You have your orders.
They're not to be fed
until you're told otherwise.
Guards! Sixty lashes!
Please don't interfere.
The beast has committed a crime.
He was hungry.
My orders are
to keep them hungry.
Captain, look.
Do you realize you're bringing
disaster on our heads, and yours, too?
Did you learn that song
as a child?
I did not learn it,
I found it.
It's beautiful.
As beautiful as you are.
No, I'm a marked one.
The priests said so.
They are so right.
It's not only the color of your eyes
and your hair and your cheek that mark you,
but your heart also.
It beats with tenderness.
The love of your ancestors
is there.
Love? I do not understand.
Well, if somebody has hurt
and his hurt gives you pain,
or if somebody has joy
and his joy gives you pleasure, that's love.
Adad, do you believe, as your King believes,
that I'm one of your Gods?
No, my Lord.
Our Gods are always angry
and give orders. You smile.
If I ever get out of here
into my world...
The world of light
and flowers?
...will you come with me?
Yes, my Lord.
My Lord.
What is it?
The King wishes to
see you at once.
The Captain of the Guards
has been found murdered.
The beasts of the dark
have done it.
It is possible
they intend to revolt.
What about your guards?
Cowards. They tremble at the
sight of their own shadows.
We do not want unnecessary bloodshed.
We need the beasts.
But with your cylinder of fire,
you could bring them under control.
We will not take part
in any plan to punish your slaves.
They are against us.
They are evil.
Ishtar has sent them.
I say to you that she has not.
Take their magic cylinder
away from them and you shall see then
that they are powerless,
and we will have their power.
No, Elinu.
We will not challenge Ishtar.
Have the guards arrest three
of the beasts and beat them until they are dead.
It's dead.
And so are we.
As long as they think
we're armed, they'll stay away from us.
Come on, help me
with these chains.
You're gonna release them?
We can't leave them here.
Why, they attacked us
the last time.
The guards forced them to.
He was trying to
say something.
They don't have the power of speech,
but they can reason.
And all we can hope
is they try to help us.
Ishtar has turned her face
away from us because we have sinned.
The intruders are the sinners,
and we are to starve because of them.
They are behind the rebellion.
It is they who encourage disobedience
so that the beasts of the dark
do not produce enough to feed us all.
If we cannot produce enough food,
we must reduce our population
as it is inscribed
on the sacred stones.
We will offer them in sacrifice
to our goddess so that the others can live.
ELINU: In my hand I hold
the golden rod, the secret of death.
For death shall appease Ishtar
through the spirit bride of sacrifice.
Ishtar, who is married
for life to the spirit of our world,
to the glory of death.
I have something to show you, Priest.
Please come with me.
Wait. The King must
see for himself.
ELINU: The divine messenger
who has gone to heaven.
He was mortal,
as we are mortal.
And he is dead, as we shall soon be dead
if we do not deal with the intruders.
What do you advise?
Give me freedom to act.
You have it. Destroy them!
Did you ever hear of anyone
smoking dried mushrooms?
Oh, nothing. Skip it.
What a pleasant surprise.
Where'd all the food come from?
Slaves back at work?
I don't know, my Lord.
The food keeper
was very generous.
Sit down, Adad.
Well, why don't you eat?
Royal food
is not for servants.
Haven't I told you before
that you're not a servant?
And what else
have I told you?
That I'm just like you.
Correct. Now eat.
In your presence, my Lord,
I cannot eat.
Adad, I...
I want you to...
My Lord. My Lord!
They poisoned me.
Seize them.
Guards! Kill them!
We've nothing to fear.
I have the burning light.
The eye of Ishtar.
To your people it was
a burning death, but to us it's life.
You see, a long time ago
your people came from our world.
You're a living proof
that that's true.
But they didn't understand.
That's why they called you the marked one.
It's warm. It's beautiful.
And deadly for our friends
of the tunnel.
That's right.
I'm afraid the world
of darkness is theirs forever.
The priests must have had
this secret for thousands of years.
Then finally the Sun became
too strong even for them.
You will take me with you?
Well, welcome to
our world, Adad.
It's even more beautiful
than I imagined.
Hey, Rog, look!
There's our gear.