The Money Trap (1965) Movie Script

Hi. Come on in.
Come on out.
You'll get all wet.
Yeah. That's right.
I think we ought to go inside.
I need the fresh air.
But the neighbors.
We're married.
What's the crime?
Liking it so much.
Well, it's not really
a party, darling.
Just a few people...
Jack and Paula.
That's a quart of gin
right there.
Well, we drink
just as much at their house.
Oh, honey, we couldn't
drink as much as they do
if we stayed home
and that's all we did.
If we stayed home, that
wouldn't be all we would do.
Well, that's all they do.
And that's why Paula drinks.
- Oh. Here.
- For me?
Yeah, it's from your lawyer.
Every time he comes here,
he acts as though
he lost something
down the front of your dress.
Somebody ought to teach him
What's the matter?
Oh, I-it's about the stock
my father left me.
What about it?
Well, they say the company
won't be paying a dividend
this year.
How can they do that?
Well, I guess nobody told them
that that's what you live on.
Well, then, we'll have to
go in our savings.
What savings?
Well, we have an account.
You know how much we got in it?
Enough for emergencies.
Enough to live one month
the way we live here.
Then we'll have to sell
some more stock.
You're not allowed to.
Since when?
Read your father's will.
You get in trouble,
then your husband's
gonna have to take care of you.
But why would he do
a foolish thing like that?
Ask your lawyer.
we'll have to do something.
Just borrow something.
I mean, we have to have money.
What are you thinking about
so hard?
A case we had today.
Oh, yes? Tell me.
Well, some guy caught his
wife hustling in a whorehouse.
He hung her.
Oh. That's awful.
Um, did you catch him?
Not yet.
That's a terrible thing to do.
What he did or what she did?
Why, he must have been crazy,
but why would a woman
do a thing like that?
My poor husband.
Corpses all day,
and then when you get home,
money troubles.
I complain every day
to the chaplain.
We don't lead
such a terrible life.
No, Ma'am.
We lead a nice life.
Yeah. Nice, rich life.
We aren't rich.
I mean, not really rich.
I didn't say we were rich.
I said we lived rich.
Well, darling,
if you're not happy...
I'm happy.
Look, I got everything I want.
I got this beautiful home
with the wife I want...
The job I want.
Swimming pool, three cars,
two servants. I'm happy.
Well, does it bother you
because it's my money?
I married you for your money.
We bought this house
with your money, the cars.
We bought...
now the money's gonna stop.
No dividends, no money.
Then we'll just
live on what you make.
I make $9,200 a year.
It just pays for the servants.
Then we'll just
get rid of the servants.
Look, darling, I love you,
and I want to be your wife.
What else can I say?
Remember where I lived
when we first met?
I loved going there.
Would you love living there?
I love you.
Would you live there
with me, though?
We won't have to. You'll see.
He was just laid off,
then he can't find another job,
and they are evicted
and they move in here,
and it make him feel like
he was ashamed, you know?
Like he was no more,
you know, a man.
Mm. Well, she sure
helped him with that feeling.
She didn't think
he would find out.
She only did it
for her little girl.
- Which one is theirs?
- Aquella.
Que sacrificio
hizo por su hijita.
Aah, you think she got
pleasure out of what she did.
There's other ways,
you know, to make a living.
You find them.
You be Mexican girl
who don't know
how to speak English too good.
Uh, listen, do you mind
if we take this with us?
- You'll get it back.
- Oh, take it.
If you hear from
your brother, give us a call.
For his sake.
He's scared and he's running,
and, a man like that, he could
make it worse for himself.
Tell him if he turns himself in,
they'll give him a break.
Considering what she did,
he'll get a lot of sympathy.
Por qu no se van de aqu, eh?
Esta casa ya apesta
sin la ayuda de la policia!
Sorry to bother you.
You know, Joe...
Once, just once,
I'm going to walk in somewhere
and somebody's going to say,
"a cop? You're a cop?
"Here to protect me,
see I don't get killed?
"Sit down. Here. Have a cigar.
Thank you for risking your life for me."
That'll be the day.
Must be important.
The brass is here.
All right.
Where are you boys from?
Homicide, sir.
They told us...
I told them.
Dr. Van Tilden here came home
from playing golf
and found a prowler at his safe.
The man went at him,
and the doctor shot him.
- Is that correct, doctor?
- That's correct.
Well, I guess you don't need us.
Well, you're here.
You might as well handle it.
Simple, routine.
The body's upstairs.
We'll have it moved
as soon as the coroner arrives.
You practice here, doctor?
Well, my office
is on the ground floor.
- I live upstairs.
- Alone?
I have a man who works for me.
He lives over the garage.
Where was he
when all this happened?
I don't practice on
Wednesday. He has the day off.
You have a gun permit?
- I do.
- Of course he does.
Excuse me.
Oh, uh, by the way, doctor,
nothing's been moved
upstairs, right?
exactly as I found it.
Thank you.
I could use a drink.
Make him?
Yeah. Saw him
in the lineup once.
Phil Kenny.
Smalltime hood. Junkie.
He must have been after
the stuff.
Well, he came
to the wrong place for it.
A doctor's office?
The office is downstairs.
What's he doing in the bedroom?
Maybe he wanted to take a nap.
- Hey, Joe.
- Huh?
He's still breathing.
Well, not for long.
I'll go downtown with him.
You handle things here, huh?
"Simple, routine."
The doctor's got connections.
You want him treated like
any slob who killed somebody?
Anything in there?
No, it's empty.
Too bad he didn't know that.
Why up here?
He... he shot me.
He sure did.
What were you after, Kenny?
There's nothing in that safe.
Money... In the safe.
Two bags.
He caught me.
He shot you.
Never saw so much money.
A million...
must be a... Million.
Two bags... Full.
There was no marks on the safe.
How did you break it?
Two bags full.
One for my master.
One for his dame.
None for the little boy...
- Hi, Joe.
- Wolski.
How long did he last?
Halfway downtown.
Didn't figure him that far.
- He say anything?
- Hmm?
Did he say anything
before he kicked off?
No, he didn't say a thing.
I have no idea
how he opened the safe.
I don't even know
the combination myself.
Probably wasn't even locked.
Oh, I never use that safe.
It was in the house
when I moved in.
Anything valuable, I keep
in the office safe down here.
You mind
if I take another look at it?
Thought the case was closed?
Well, it might give us
a lead on other cases.
You see, certain safecrackers
like certain types of safes,
and we have a lot of
unsolved robberies downtown.
Kenny might have been involved
in them.
Then, by all means,
let's take a look.
Excuse me.
Yes, doctor.
Oh, just a minute.
Do you mind
if I don't go with you?
I know the way.
Oh, yes, doctor,
I saw Mrs. Potter yesterday.
In my opinion,
she needs the operation.
Doctor thought
you might need some help.
I understand you weren't
here when all this happened.
- Where were you?
- I went to the beach.
Did you have a good swim?
I don't go to swim.
I just go to the beach.
That way,
you can't drown, can you?
He was on the phone
as soon as you left,
right to the inspector,
who landed on me.
I thought that case was closed?
It is.
Then keep away from Van Tilden.
He's got friends
don't want him bothered.
Yes, sir.
you got enough on your hands.
The Mexican who killed his wife
in that cathouse. Remember?
He'll turn up.
Do me a favor.
You turn him up.
Yes, sir.
If you got evidence to keep
the Van Tilden case open...
I don't care
who his friends are.
We don't cover up for anyone.
- You find that humorous?
- Uh, not me, sir.
There are people with
influence and people without.
Some got connections...
Others, all they got is the law.
We're the law.
Nobody's got connections here.
Sure, captain.
And I'm old-fashioned.
I don't only think
cops ought to be honest,
I think most of them are.
And I don't like rogues.
I don't like the way
they louse up everyone else.
I find a rotten cop,
he'll wish he was dead.
I'll crucify him.
You think the old man
smells something?
What's there to smell?
He just doesn't like
crooked cops, that's all.
- That simple, huh?
- Some things are simple.
That Kenny was pretty simple,
thinking he could crack a safe
in broad daylight,
especially when
he wasn't no safecracker.
He cracked that one, all right.
He opened it.
That ain't the same.
Since when are you
so interested in, uh, safes?
It's my hobby.
Or didn't you know?
He won't show up
just to see his kid.
He ain't that crazy.
He's got to know
there'll be cops around.
We can't sit here all day.
How would it look on a report?
We've got to show
we've been doing something.
What do you want to do?
Well, we got to ask questions.
Who do you want to ask?
Who do you think?
I got a rule...
No married ones.
When they're married,
they're trouble.
What could I do?
She begged me on her knees.
Your friend.
Did you know her husband?
What were his habits?
No, I don't mean that.
I mean, what did he like to do?
Where did he like to go?
watch the television,
play with the kid.
He was always taking her places.
What kind of places?
Everybody takes advantage.
Thanks for the coffee.
Asked all your questions?
All I could think of.
CuI es Tu da libre?
Solamente trabajo de noche.
Why don't you save that
for your lunch hour?
Well, I can't adjust my hours
to suit the cook.
I'll get there
as quick as I can, all right?
All right. Bye-bye.
Can I drop you off?
Uh, no, no, you go ahead.
I haven't finished yet.
See you tomorrow.
See you.
You got a Mrs. Phil Kenny
working here?
Over there.
Watch where
you're going, mack.
- You owe me a drink.
- Sorry.
I said you owe me a drink.
I said I was sorry.
Lay off. Cop.
So what?
Mrs. Kenny?
Hello, Joe.
You're Phil Kenny's wife?
I'm sorry about that.
I've got to talk to you, Rosie.
About Phil?
For openers.
I got nothing
to say to you, Joe,
about Phil or anything else.
Just tell me how you've been.
I've been around.
It's good to see you, Rosie.
Get away.
Get out of here.
- Leave me alone.
- Please.
Leave me alone!
What's the matter?
You don't hear so good?
She said leave her alone.
It wasn't her fault.
How about my drink?
Hey, cop!
That's exactly what I thought...
Oh, hello, darling.
I didn't expect you.
Jack and I
were just having a drink.
Would you like one?
I'll get it.
Uh, have you had your dinner?
- I'm not hungry.
- But I'll fix it.
I'm not hungry.
Well, Paula's waiting for me.
I'd better leave.
Thanks for the drink, Lisa.
Go ahead and finish it.
Jack came here
to see you, darling.
Yes, I, uh... I got
another ticket for speeding.
Third this month, actually.
They must be gunning for me.
It's not the money I mind,
you know.
Can't spare the time.
You waste a whole day
hanging around a courtroom.
you're hanging around here.
Or don't you consider hanging
around my wife a waste?
I don't know
what you're driving at, Joe.
I came here because I thought
a friend and a neighbor...
Can fix a ticket for you.
- I can't see any reason...
- Were you speeding?
- Yes, but...
- Plead guilty.
I'll see
you don't get the chair.
And next time you come here,
bring your wife, huh?
Well, she... she had a few
things to do around the house.
Wait until she's finished.
I never would have dreamed.
An honest cop.
Are you proud of yourself?
He's lucky
I didn't break his back.
Who do you think you are?
Just because you wear a badge,
you think you have the right
to barge in here?
I don't like him
trying to make out with my wife!
- He came to see you!
- Oh, in a pig's ear.
All right, then.
I invited him.
When I knew that you'd be late,
I called him up
just for a little fun and games.
Is that what you want to hear?
I don't want to hear anything.
No, you want a confession.
I'm tired of you playing cop.
This is a ring, not a handcuff.
If I want to have a drink,
I have a drink.
Not with him!
With whomever I want!
You married me.
You didn't buy me.
I couldn't afford it.
You can't afford it now.
Now, what the hell
does that mean?
You don't own me, Joe.
You can't even support me!
You moved back
to the neighborhood, huh?
My sister got me this place.
Some things never change, huh?
You know, the smart ones,
they grow up, move away.
Hey, whatever happened
to that fat kid?
Uh, what was it? Fa...
fat, fat the, uh, water rat.
Eddie Baggett.
Last I heard of him,
he was doing 5 to 10 years
for armed robbery.
Is that all you
remember about this place...
where Eddie Baggett lived?
Why? Somebody else
live here or what?
This was the place...
Where we...
On the roof.
I remember.
You remember?
It was the first time for me.
I know.
You acted like you
just discovered America.
You did, too.
I thought I had.
Come on, Columbus.
I'll make some coffee.
I was a lush when I met Kenny.
He took me in, took care of me.
He took care of me
and I took care of him.
He didn't deserve what happened.
Well, he should have
stayed away from safes.
What did he need
the money for... junk?
I guess he must have.
Now it's your turn.
Tell me about your wife.
Well, she's a wife.
I hear she's beautiful.
And rich.
I don't know
about her being rich.
Well, you didn't buy
that suit on what a cop makes.
I always liked good clothes.
You know, I used to buy $100
suits even when I was a kid.
You remember.
What are you so touchy about?
Who told you my wife was rich?
Mr. Klein in the candy store.
He keeps track of who makes good
in the neighborhood.
Right now,
it's you and Davy Perez.
- You mean the fighter?
- Mm-hmm.
He's a bum.
Even I can whip Davy Perez.
You were always a good fighter.
You remember the guy
you beat up because of me?
That wasn't because of you.
Why else would you beat him up?
You didn't even know him.
He was making remarks.
- About me.
- What'd you expect?
You were wearing a dress
cut right down to your...
You didn't like
that dress, did you?
Oh, that dress got me into
more damn fights, I tell you.
Is that why you could
never wait to get it off me?
You got company.
Uh, it's kids.
That's the downstairs bell.
They... they... they ring
all the bells and run away.
Y-you know kids.
Shall I go down?
They'll go away.
Since when are you
scared of kids?
I'm a little nervous.
That's all.
Since Kenny got killed.
You think somebody's
gonna try to kill you, right?
Well, not as long
as I stay away from safes.
What was in that safe, Rosie?
What's in a safe... money.
Kenny tell you that?
He never told me anything.
He didn't tell me,
and I didn't ask.
Well, when we got there,
that safe was empty.
Well, that's Kenny for you.
Trust him
to get killed for nothing.
What are you scared of, Rosie?
My name's Rosalie.
You're the only one
I ever let call me Rosie.
I hate that name.
I don't want you
to call me that anymore.
Last time I saw you,
you were gonna be a lawyer.
How come you're still a cop?
I like being a cop.
How can you like being a cop?
Oh, I like arresting people.
All right?
You could have been
a professional man.
- Rosie...
- Rosalie.
...I'm trying to help you.
You're a liar.
You're in trouble,
and I want to help.
You want to help me?
Leave me alone.
You didn't feel that way
before the bell rang.
You weren't acting like a cop.
I was having a good time
with an old friend.
We could still have a good time.
I thought you were married?
I am.
But you don't work at it.
Yeah, I work at it.
For money.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
What do you want
from me, Joe?
What I always wanted.
Christopher Columbus.
I'll make some coffee.
No, I haven't time.
Well, how about
a couple of eggs?
They don't take any time.
No, thanks.
Well, you got to eat breakfast.
It's the most important meal.
I read it in a book.
Look, uh, you stop trying
to take care of me, huh?
I'm not the type.
I am.
- Joe.
- Mm?
What do you
want to know about Kenny?
You knew I'd tell you.
All you had to do
was hang around.
What was in the safe?
Half a million dollars.
How did Kenny know?
He worked for Van Tilden.
W-worked for him?
What did he do?
Oh, he said
it was better I didn't know.
But it was crooked.
You can count on that.
So, this Van Tilden.
Kenny ever talk about him?
He was scared of him.
That much I know.
He should have been more scared.
He'd still be alive.
He told you about the money.
He wanted me to be included.
We were always going away...
south America, Honolulu.
Every day, someplace different.
You better get out of town.
On what?
I don't want your money, Joe.
You want to end up
the same way as Kenny?
You're a cop.
Protect me.
I can't.
You can't protect a witness?
You're no witness, Rosie.
And what you tell me, it's
not evidence. It's hearsay.
Let me know where you go, huh?
I'll send you a postcard.
You should have married me.
You would have been
a lawyer by now.
I don't want to be a lawyer.
With me, you would have wanted.
It wouldn't have been the money
with me.
I would have been good
for you, Joe.
Go back to sleep, Rosie.
Did you just come in?
What time is it?
se van
I'm sorry about last night.
Uh, I was upset.
I didn't know what I was saying.
You made me feel guilty
about Jack,
and I guess
I wanted to get even.
You're not angry about Jack.
You know that's nothing.
Nothing could ever happen
with Jack.
How could it?
He doesn't mean anything to me.
You're angry
because I wouldn't say
that I'd live with you
just anywhere.
You didn't show it,
but I know you.
You're my husband.
I know how you get
when you're angry.
You know when I really know?
When we make love.
You're the only one
I ever wanted.
Oh, Joe.
- Hey, Joe.
- What?
You believe in astrology?
I mean, the stars and all that?
There's a lot to be said for it,
you know.
Well, they've got to
be there for a reason.
They're a scientific fact.
You know what my, uh...
- my horoscope said today, Joe?
- No.
It said that if today
I just had trust,
it would bring me good fortune.
Tell you who to trust?
- Everybody, I guess.
- Oh, lots of luck.
Y-you're my partner.
I have to start with you.
- All right, so trust me.
- Oh, I trust you, Joe.
If I didn't trust you, I would
have turned you in by now.
You're supposed to report
everybody you see
on a case, Joe... everybody.
Otherwise it's a false report.
Have you been following me?
I'm your partner.
Don't do it again.
I don't think I have to.
Hey, Joe.
You think maybe there was money
in that safe?
How should I know?
Well, I thought maybe
Mrs. Kenny told you.
She told me.
I told her we were partners.
I even showed her
that picture of us...
you know, the one
at the ballgame.
She was scared. I wanted
to give her reassurance.
What else do you want, Pete?
I want a lot of money, Joe.
I want to live in a nice house
with stairs,
not a crummy apartment.
I want a swimming pool
for when I get hot.
I want this year's car.
I'm tired of being a cop, Joe.
I don't get paid enough,
and I could get killed,
and people look at me like I just
crawled out from under a rock.
I want to be rich, Joe.
Oh, Joe, Joe.
You're my good fortune, Joe.
I got to trust you.
Don't make any foolish
Don't... don't try to con me.
I've been working next to you
for six years, Joe. Six years.
You think I don't know when
you're up to something, huh?
I'm a trained observer.
What do you want?
I want in.
Any sign of the girl's father?
What about the doctor?
Did you check him out?
Yeah, clean as a whistle.
Big shot.
Graduated from the best schools.
My kind of doctor
after I make my fortune.
Nothing suspicious, huh?
I didn't say that.
Come on, now.
Quit kidding.
What did you find?
Only that one of his patients
is the head of the mob
in Detroit.
Another one is Joe Frescotti
from Louisville
and the O'Toole brothers
from the east.
They get sick,
same as anybody else.
They don't have doctors
in Detroit?
He isn't even a specialist.
He just does general practice.
No, somebody figured out
a good way to have a meeting
all on the up-and-up.
If there's something
to meet about.
Half a million dollars.
Yeah, well,
I'd go to a doctor for that.
I'd even go to a dentist.
You know,
what I can't understand
is why did he put
the money back in the safe?
Where else would he put it?
A safe deposit box
that any two-bit D.A.
Can get an injunction to open?
You can't even invest it
these days
without them wanting to know
where it came from.
- Where do you keep money?
- In your bedroom.
Well, he's protected.
With those connections, he's got better
protection than he could get from us.
You saw what happened to Kenny.
Then, why are you so
anxious it should happen to you?
Oh, I ain't Kenny.
And, uh, I've got a partner.
You know the beauty
of this operation?
He can't call the cops.
Follow them.
Don't get too close.
Take the car
on down to the bottom.
How did you know
it would be today?
It's her birthday.
Let's pick him up.
No, not yet.
All right, don't be stupid.
You've already been stupid once.
Now, isn't that enough?
What about her?
She might get hurt.
You start something
and she might get hurt.
Is that what you want?
It's for your birthday.
Feliz cumpleaos.
We'll go in through
the side door. I know the lock.
What about the safe?
Well, he changed
the combination.
We're gonna have to blow it.
Van Tilden sleeps in that room.
Well, we'll wait till he's out.
Maybe we can get him out.
We can send him out on a call,
an accident or a patient...
something like that.
He doesn't go out on calls.
What kind of doctor is that?
A rich one.
Ah, gentlemen.
Nice of you to come.
Well, we were
in the neighborhood.
I'll get right to the point.
I've been very concerned
about that man I killed.
Oh, he was
a cheap crook, doctor.
Nobody's going to miss him.
he was a man, and I took his life.
I'd like to make up for that,
if I can.
You can't bring him back.
I realize that.
I discovered that his mother is
still alive upstate somewhere.
I arranged to send her
some money.
That's very thoughtful of you.
The least I could do.
I also found out
that he has a wife,
and I'd like to help her
if I can.
Trouble is,
she seems to have disappeared.
I wondered, since you were
the men on the case...
The case is closed, doctor.
Mrs. Kenny's in the clear.
There's no reason
to make her hang around.
And you have
no idea where she is.
I suppose
it's very selfish on my part.
If I could help Mrs. Kenny,
it would ease my conscience.
Until now, I never realized
I had a conscience.
Something good comes out
of everything, doesn't it?
Well, if you happen to hear
of anything...
We'll let you know.
Thank you.
Oh, by the way, I won't be here
this coming week,
but my man Matthews will take
any messages at the house.
We're flying to Acapulco
for some fishing.
I prescribed it for myself
after what happened.
A week, you said.
Eight days, to be exact.
I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon.
Have a good time, doctor.
Thank you.
What do you think?
I think the best thing
your friend Mrs. Kenny ever did
was take it on the lam.
Why did he tell us
that he was going away?
Well, why not?
Oh, you got a suspicious nature
and it just came out.
That's all.
Listen, it doesn't matter
what he tells us.
What we have to be sure of
is that he goes.
Mm. Yes, he's here.
Just a minute, please.
For you.
One of your drunken women.
I shouldn't
have called you at home,
but I didn't know where else to.
I got worried.
Last night, I woke up
and I-i had this feeling.
D-don't be mad.
I'm not mad.
Just be careful, will you?
Stay out of sight.
Now, where are you?
I'm here.
Was that your wife who answered?
she sounded very educated.
Van Tilden's plane
took off on schedule.
I called Acapulco.
He checked in,
and they went out fishing.
But he's there, all right.
They described him
right down to that phony smile.
Oh, Joe.
I'm glad I caught you.
They want you downtown.
A woman pushed off a roof.
Well, I was, uh,
just on my way home, captain.
- Can't somebody else take it?
- They asked for you.
The woman had your picture
on her.
She had this clipping about you.
I knew her when we were kids.
We grew up in the neighborhood.
Well, somebody
pushed her off the roof.
There's marks
where she tried to hold on.
The janitor says
that she was always
picking up guys
and bringing them home.
I guess she picked
the wrong guy.
Yeah. She always did.
Maybe we have to call it off.
She might have talked.
No, she didn't talk.
You want to gamble
on a drunken tramp who...
so you were kids together.
People change.
They grow up
and you can't trust them.
Well, take...
take me, for instance.
There was a time all
I wanted to be was a good cop.
Look, we go tonight
like we planned.
If you don't want to go,
you don't have to go.
Oh, I have to. I couldn't
stand you taking all of it.
Shut up.
That's no way
to talk to your partner.
You've got a big mouth.
I've got a right to be worried.
Then worry with your mouth shut.
Put this where
I can get it quick, will you?
Yes, sir, Mr. baron.
Don't move.
The money... get the money.
I'll be right back.
Thank you, Mr. baron.
Good night.
He was laying for us.
She told them.
That... Pal of your
childhood days, she talked.
But we got away with it.
We got away with it.
How much you think is in there?
I'm gonna buy a boat.
A big boat.
The queen Mary.
You think it's for sale?
You're talking too much.
I feel better.
I think the bleeding
has stopped.
Where are you going?
I live the other way.
I'm taking you to my place.
What for?
I want to be sure
if you die I get your share.
Where is the money?
I want to look at it.
Look at it later.
Joe, I trust you.
You haven't much
of a choice, have you?
I want to see it.
You'll see it later.
Right now, get some sleep, huh?
Oh, I sleep better
with money in the room.
I'm rich.
What do you think of that?
I am a rich man.
If you don't lay down,
you're gonna be the richest man
in the cemetery.
Oh, I ain't going to die
until I spend every cent of it.
Maybe not even then.
With money,
you can buy anything.
I'll buy over god.
I'll live forever.
No! I want to see it all.
Joe, do you mind
if I take the new bills?
I like the way they feel,
you know?
There's something
about a new bill that...
But shouldn't we call a doctor?
No, he's a pretty tough
But if it's serious, Joe...
He just needs rest.
That's all.
That maid gonna be here all day?
- Yes.
- All right.
Tell her not to let anybody
in this house
unless she knows them...
and you, too.
Even if it's the gas company,
you check them out first, right?
- But what...
- Just do what I tell you.
You got any sick leave coming?
I never get sick.
I'm a horse.
I'll call downtown,
tell them you're sick.
I'll try to get back early
and change that bandage.
I still think that bullet
ought to come out.
Remember, Joe,
I got a right to half
of what's in the bags.
Half the money.
No, half of everything.
We're not pushing junk.
You want to flush it
down the toilet? A fortune?
You got what you want.
You're rich.
I want to be very rich.
Don't push your luck.
You're taking advantage
of a sick man, Joe.
Where are you taking that?
I'm gonna put it away.
We might be able to use it.
For what?
I don't know.
Ransom, maybe.
Is he going to die?
I don't know.
He needs a doctor.
But you can't.
A gunshot wound...
How much did he tell you?
Joe? Who did you steal
the money from?
What difference does it make?
But Pete says
it's illegal money.
That's right.
Then they can't go
to the police.
That's all right, then?
What do you mean,
"that's all right"?
Don't you care what I did?
Well, of course I care.
I'm a thief, Lisa.
You did it for us.
Don't you think I know that?
Is that all you care about?
What else is there?
What about Pete in there?
He knew what he was doing.
He was taking his chances.
It could have been you, Joe.
I can't let him die.
Who are you calling?
A doctor.
I don't know
how much I can do.
Pretty far gone.
You do what you can.
If you don't mind,
I'd like some indication
that you mean to keep
your part of the bargain.
May I see the heroin?
It's not here.
You don't think I'd keep
the stuff in the house, do you?
Surely you don't
expect me to trust you.
I trusted you.
You could have come here
with an army.
I came alone.
I gave you my word.
I gave you my word.
I can't get rid of the stuff.
All I can do
is trade it back to you.
My property for his life.
Hardly seems a fair trade.
Oh, no. You're getting
the better part of the bargain.
I'm suspicious
of bargains, Mr. baron.
But suppose I do cross you up.
All you're out is a little time.
there's always the chance
that I might be on the level.
You don't strike me
as being that sentimental.
Well, people
are full of surprises, doctor.
A man in your profession
ought to know that.
I tell you what you do.
Why don't you kind of figure it
out as a little game?
First, you try to kill this man.
Now you try to save his life.
Which side wins?
You sold me out.
You had to have it all.
You sold me out.
Nobody sold you out.
You needed a doctor.
The money.
Get out of my way.
Get out of my way!
Let him go.
He's dead.
He just doesn't know it yet.
I'll wait for you in the car.
Is he all right?
He's dead.
Look, I want you
to go to a hotel.
If anybody asks questions,
say that we had a fight
and you moved out, but
you know nothing about Pete.
You know nothing about anything.
Just tell people you didn't know
what I was doing.
I was that kind of a husband.
The sooner you leave here,
the better.
But what about you?
I'll be all right.
Look, please.
Let's face it...
we had it and we lost it.
Period. The end.
The money?
It isn't the money.
It never is.
It's people...
the things they want
and the things they'll do
to get it.
The time you waste
finding that out.
Too bad about your partner.
I always regret
losing a patient.
Still, that kind
usually comes to a bad end.
What kind?
Sparrows who think
they're lions.
Uh, present company excepted,
of course.
You're smart enough
to know your place, Mr. baron.
That money you stole.
Well, money, after all,
is only money.
It can be made.
It can even be earned.
But that quantity of narcotics
in the wrong hands...
You have no idea
the trouble it could cause.
Well, I wouldn't want
to cause any trouble.
would've been foolish to try.
Tell me something, doc.
If I can.
How did you know
we were gonna knock you over?
Mrs. Kenny tell you?
Oh, she didn't say
a word about you.
You both had a certain look
of, uh, larceny.
I've had experience
with that look,
and I just took
a few extra precautions.
She didn't talk.
Oh, she talked,
mostly drunken abuse,
according to Matthews.
I can't tolerate drunken women.
There's something so unfeminine
about them.
But you had her killed.
Just another precaution.
I couldn't be certain
what Kenny had told her.
Believe me,
it was no loss to the world.
She would have ended up
in the gutter, anyway.
- I'll bring it out.
- Look, Mr. baron...
I said I'll bring it out.
Joey, come in.
Twice in one week.
Such an honor.
Mr. Klein, that bag I asked
you to keep for me, can I have it?
You asked me to hold it,
and I did.
- Can I have it?
- I'll make you a soda.
- No, some other time.
- A glass of seltzer?
Some other time, I'll come back
and we'll have a nice, long talk.
Like we used to, Joey, hmm?
Like we used to.
I'll get the bag.
I'll take that.
I should give it to him?
Give it to him.
The old man, too?
Another precaution, Mr. baron.
I told you
to get out of here.
I couldn't.
I'm your wife.
I'm... I'm no lion.
I'm a sparrow.
But they don't know
how tough a sparrow is.
He's got to be.
He lives in the gutter.
I'll call the hospital.
They'll send an ambulance.
They'll send the police.
You know what they'll do to me?
They'll keep you alive.
All my life, I didn't care
about anyone but myself,
until I met you,
and then I cared about us.
That's progress, isn't it?
I can do better.
I won't be around
to help you.
Then I'll have to
help myself until you are.
Oh, could you give me the number
of the parkview hospital?
Thank you.
This is Mrs. baron...
Mrs. Joe baron.
Could you please send
an ambulance to 920 hill drive?
920 hill drive, yes.
Right away.
Thank you.
What was it we did wrong, Joe?
Did we want too much?
We had such a nice life.
A nice, rich life.
For such a good cop,
I made a lousy thief.