The Monkey's Paw (2013) Movie Script

WOMAN: PIease! Open the door!
Open the door! PIease!
MAN: Don't...
Don't pIay with fate, boy.
Nothing good wiII come.
I know you more into cars, Jake,
but Iook at that right there.
That's a dang
Rembrandt right there, see?
Oh, yeah, that's beautifuI,
Catfish. Yeah.
Not reaIIy into guns, man.
I'm more of a Iover, not a fighter.
There you go.
That's your troubIe,
you thinking
you get to choose.
Where's Cobb?
Uh... I think he's
fixing a forkIift.
You hand-checked that truck
to Iberia this morning, right?
GiII, it's in the computer.
I don't wanna hear
about any more short Ioads.
Look, Mr. GiIIespie,
I got these two Ioads
and then I got two more that
I'm trying to prep, man...
Jake, when I promoted you
to shift supervisor,
it was 'cause you said you couId
handIe the extra responsibiIity.
Now, if you can't, teII me, 'cause
it's my ass on the Iine, not yours.
GiII, we're good.
COBB: Hey!
my ass on the Iine, not yours.''
That guy promoted me just to shoveI
more of his work onto me, you know.
It's just another day of missing
visiting hours, that's aII that means.
Aw! Now, how is that red
hot mama of yours anyway?
-That's gross.
When you taIk about my
mom Iike that, it's weird.
Yo, man, um...
She got another round of chemo.
She'II be okay.
You bet she is.
She's going to puII through.
Now, Iet's quit farting around.
Back to work.
Yeah, I certainIy
do apoIogize, sir.
No, no, of course
we appreciate your business.
This is just what we
caII simpIe human error.
Thank you.
KEVIN: Mr. Gillespie.
A moment, please?
Check that out.
Hey, man,
what's going on in there?
I heard another
truck come up short.
I'd say it's about curtains
for GiIIespie this time.
I shouId say something.
I got to do something.
I'II teII you what you do.
-CaII your ex.
CaII OIivia, man. Have her
put in a word with the hubby.
Maybe save GiIIespie's job.
Go on, do it.
Man, it's been three years.
I don't know. You and her...
You're speciaI.
Kevin's wife, man.
She can't save someone's job.
That's the stupidest idea.
AII right.
WeII, you asked.
sorry to interrupt, guys...
Mr. GiIIespie,
I just need you to sign off on...
-Okay, put any paperwork on my desk.
-Wait. No, Kevin...
Look, at the office it's Mr. Weiss.
Now go back to work.
Kevin, hey...
It's not a good time, Jake!
God damn it, Kevin.
Way to make the tough caII there,
Excuse me, Anthony?
oId man Iike that.
Hey! What the heII?
Let's get rid of him.
Somebody got to take the faII.
Buck got to stop somewhere.
Not with you. (CHUCKLES)
This is funny to you?
WeII, it's not Iike
''ha-ha'' funny, no.
How about joining him?
WouId that be funny?
How about you try that?
I'II go right to court.
Who I'm sure wouId Iove to hear
about your erratic behavior.
Frequent catnaps.
You push a button on a Iarge machine,
and you hardIy do that weII,
so don't act Iike
you're so speciaI
that anyone wouId miss you
if you were gone.
They won't.
So back to work, hmm?
There you go, man.
Pretty much done.
Come on. Need a ride?
Oh, nah, man, I'm good.
AII right, but I won't
be offering forever now.
I'm aII right, man. WaIking heIps me,
you know, cIear my head.
I don't know how you do it,
waIking aII the time.
AII right, man.
See you Iater, Catfish.
Get a coupIe more
shotgun bumper stickers.
Later, boy.
Hey, whose sweet
'Stang is that outside?
I Iook Iike a vaIet to you?
-I saved you a seat.
-Hey, what's up, boss?
Two Abitas.
You stiII drinking Abitas?
Hey man, does a frog
scratch his ass when he farts?
Here's to the Iife, huh!
Yeah. Carry on.
Hey, grandpa.
Hey, hey, hey! Watch out, you.
Might have to take
you over my knee.
That wouId be interesting.
Teach him some manners.
Oh, yeah, I've tried.
You faiIed,
but I do crave discipIine.
Maybe you shouId
take me over your knee.
She Iikes me.
Oh, yeah, you think she Iikes
the oId ones, huh?
the oIder ones are cIassy.
Hey, speaking of which,
did you see that GT out in the yard?
Oh, heII yeah.
Did you see that GT out there?
I'm sorry to break up the party,
but gander yonder right there.
COBB: Hmm.
Don't make him the misere.
Thanks for bringing
the bad news, Catfish.
It's aIways good to see you.
Yeah, I didn't know he was
going to be here tonight.
Don't Iet it bring you down.
You didn't fire him.
That son of a bitch Kevin did, but
that's going to come back on him.
You know what goes around, comes
around. It's caIIed karma, boy.
You know what? It just seems
Iike there's guys out there,
-that they can't even
faiI if they try. -Uh-oh.
Hey, Judy, bring two of these,
wiII you? We'II need them.
You know, I box boIts and straps
for a Iiving. That's what we do.
We take boIts and straps
and we put them in a box.
Like, what kid wants to
do that when they grow up?
WeII, I mean, you're going to do
other things. You're stiII young.
Young. StiII young? What do I
have to Iook forward to, Cobb?
I've got my mom,
she's dying of cancer.
Then my brother,
he's caIIing me aII the time,
asking me to heIp
him pay these biIIs
and I can't afford a car.
I'm waIking
aII around town trying
to get where I'm going.
You know,
and I got this scum-bucket
of a boss married
to my ex-girIfriend.
It's just Iike,
ever since I Ieft that girI, man,
it's just Iike
the first domino
in this Iong Iine
of bad decisions.
Things work out.
Like I said, you're stiII young.
Are you Iistening to me?
I'm Iistening to you, man.
Why don't you Iisten
to me for a minute?
I need you to Iook at this.
You know what that is?
That's a court order.
Let me teII you a story.
The oId man.
FaII in Iove. Yeah.
She's a younger girI.
I thought she Ioved me too.
Shit! We had a kid together.
I mean, I'm thinking wedding beIIs,
white picket fences. (WHOOPS)
I guess she wasn't
thinking that way because...
This is what Iove Iooks Iike, man.
That's a court order.
That says that I cannot come
within 500 yards of my own son.
My own son!
I mean, she can rot in heII, but I
wouId Iike to see my boy now and again.
Yeah, you got probIems.
I'II teII you
something about the courts,
they're going to side with
the woman every time.
Don't matter if
she's the woman of your
dreams or a frigid,
coId, vindictive bitch.
(WHOOPS) Anyway,
we aII got probIems, Jake.
Hey, man, I'm sorry about that.
I didn't know you had a kid.
That's aII right,
it don't matter.
AII I'm saying is...
We aII get deaIt cards. It's
how you pIay it, man. Man...
PIay yours,
better not pIay mine.
Hey, thanks, man.
Hey, I'm gonna be
right back, aII right?
Yeah, I'm going to go
get some air myseIf. Ow!
Hitting me Iike that.
Hey, GiII.
Look, man, I'm sorry about the
way things went down today.
No, it's not so bad, kid.
Don't worry about it.
HeII, you gave me
a second chance at Iife.
After aII,
a man my age shouId have
no probIem
finding another job.
WeII, the job market being
in such good shape and aII,
as am I.
PIus with my
generous severance package,
future's Iooking
pretty damn bright.
I guess I shouId be
thanking you, Jake.
Is that what you
came over here for?
So I couId thank you?
Yeah, I was just... I'm sorry.
Hey, boy!
I bought you
something to ease the pain.
I hope you noticed that...
I tried to stick up
for you back there today.
Kevin Weiss has had a bean
up his butt about
me from the start.
Ah, it's just some ugIy oId
thing my daddy gave me as a boy.
ShouId've got rid of
it a Iong time ago.
It's a monkey's paw.
-Monkey's paw.
My daddy said it'II do magic,
if you want it to.
Hey, Iook at that.
Monkey magic?
Some kind of hoodoo?
I never wouId have taken you
as an Obeah man.
A IittIe too paIe.
GILLESPIE: TeII you honestIy,
I'm not sure what it is.
But I'II teII you this...
My daddy said it can
take hoId of a man's Iife,
move the pieces around.
It just gets passed on
from one person to the next,
bending a man's
fate to his own wiII,
giving him whatever he wants.
How? How does it work?
Three boons.
Three good wishes
that onIy its owner can ask.
Have you ever seen it actuaIIy
work, you know, the wishes?
GILLESPIE: Of course.
I wished for
eternaI good Iooks.
Go ahead.
Give it a shot.
AII right.
Won't be too hard.
I wish for that
bitchin' GT outside.
AII right.
It feIt good.
You guys feeI that?
-It's my turn.
It's his now.
It won't work for no one eIse
tiII he finishes his three boons.
I can't, it's yours.
It's you know,
from your dad and aII.
Nope. It's yours now.
It's just an oId
trinket anyhow.
You're doing me a favor getting
that thing out of my sight.
Consider it a peace treaty.
No hard feeIings.
No hard feeIings, boy.
Booga-booga-booga! (CHUCKLES)
It's stiII here.
Man, she is...
Whose is that?
Look at that.
Whoa! Whoa!
Come on, man, Iet's go.
I'm getting tired.
How about that?
Damn! Damn, Jake!
Keys are in it.
Look for yourseIf.
Whoa! How about that?
That thing worked.
Come on, man,
you know it's a coincidence.
Yeah, come on, baby.
Car's not in the driveway.
I don't think she's home.
ExactIy what
was the pIan here?
What you think, you're going to
drive up and sweep her off her feet
and drive off into the sunset,
just the three of us?
You're ready to go.
I'm ready to go.
No, no, hoId on. HoId on!
Just so it
shouIdn't be a totaI Ioss.
Cobb, what are you doing?
Nothing. Just stay in the
car, Jake, untiI I come.
Don't get your
panties in a twist.
Get back in the car.
No, no, it's aII right. I'm
just going to Ieave a message.
[ Skipped item nr. 284 ]
[ Skipped item nr. 285 ]
This is our boss's house.
No, seriousIy, stop!
Don't do that.
Don't ever do that.
Come on, man.
We got to go, aII right?
AII right, but don't forget.
You mess with the Cobb,
you get the corn.
Nasty drunk, you know that?
What's going on, Jake?
Hey, OIivia.
Kevin's not home.
LittIe Iate for
stopping by, don't you think?
Is it? Um...
(EXHALES) I'm sorry.
I don't have my phone on me.
-Are you drunk?
You know Tony.
He works at the factory.
Hi Tony. Whose car?
It's mine.
-You have a car now?
I wished for it.
Hey. Oh, OIivia, um...
What part of this
won't you understand?
Where's Kevin?
At this time of night,
shouIdn't he be home?
He's prepping for
the fundraiser at St. Luke's.
But I just drove by there
and they're aII cIosed up.
So I wiII be
expecting him back shortIy.
Why are you Iooking for him?
I'm here for you.
Yeah. That's one
thing you've never been.
That's reaIIy mean,
and reaIIy not nice.
Okay, I'm married, Jake.
Too IittIe, too Iate.
Says who?
Go on, go home.
Before Kevin comes
home and fires your ass.
-Goodnight, Tony.
Gosh, she's reaIIy pretty.
ActuaIIy kind of
a fetching girI, she is.
See the way she Iook at you?
I think you got a shot.
You think you got
a shot with her?
What are you doing
with that knife, Cobb?
Just going to
twist his titties,
that warthog, if he was home.
That's aII.
Just going to break
his chops a IittIe bit.
Yeah, it didn't seem Iike
you were breaking chops, man.
What did it Iook Iike?
I don't know.
Looks Iike maybe you're
Iosing your mind
a IittIe bit, that's what.
Hey man, I'm not the one making
wishes on a monkey's paw, am I?
Huh. Losing my mind.
Maybe I am Iosing my mind.
HeIp. Jake, heIp me.
What's that?
Hey, buddy?
I'm going to caII for heIp.
Hey man.
I wish you weren't dead.
Oh, my Lord.
WOMAN: 911 operator,
what is your emergency?
HeII on Earth, sister, I need an
ambuIance. Fast as you can, aII right?
Hold on, now.
What's your location?
I'm a ways out on I-10,
near Metairie.
Stay calm.
Tell me what happened.
I didn't see a damn thing.
I don't know, I just... I
was driving aIong on the road
and then I just
stopped and I saw him
and I think
this feIIow's dead.
Just... I don't know.
You need to come now.
I toId you,
I don't know what's going on.
Am I stiII dead?
Take hold of a man's life.
Bending a man's fate.
Giving him whatever he wants.
JILL: l got three brothers.
As we speak, one's
Iocked up in Jeff Parish.
One's an MP and one's
a minor Ieague hockey forward.
My ex, they used to caII him
''Haymaker'' BaiIey.
So you see,
I've had my fair share
of patching up
noggins over the years.
StiII say you ought to go to the
hospitaI, but no one Iistens to me.
I don't feeI nothing.
Tough stuff, huh?
Poor thing.
Been through a trauma,
your beard is aII white.
I aIways did have
a thing for the oId feIIers.
Who's Abby?
ReaI nice.
JILL: Hey, Jenny.
Because I
brought someone home.
I don't know,
it sounded interesting.
Okay, and I'm
freaking bored, aII right!
Turns out there wasn't much
to work with anyway.
I'II caII you back.
I think you shouId go home.
Send you on back to
that Abby of yours.
Hey! Where you going with
that? That's my hoodie.
-Hey, hey.
-Good morning, Detective.
Good morning to you.
How are you doing today?
-Very good, sir.
Can I heIp you
with something, sir?
COBB: Hey, son.
Let's you and me go fishing.
You've got about two minutes.
Response time around
here is pretty good.
You are not invited.
What did you do to your face?
You know,
actuaIIy, I don't care.
Yes, heIIo?
I need poIice, pIease.
COBB: Look at you.
a restraining order vioIation.
You're grown up. You're big.
You stay away from him!
You get off of
my property, now!
Take this. Go in the kitchen.
Huh? No,
ma'am. He's not my husband.
Yes, he's driving away. Mmm-hmm.
I'II stay on the phone with you.
Look, I'm just trying to
find my friend, aII right?
He's not in the ER.
Hey, Jakey boy. You seen Cobb?
I ain't seen him.
AII right, thank you.
Hey, I checked outside,
but maybe we better...
He usuaIIy Iikes to kick off
for supper, but I don't know.
Look, what do I Iook Iike, his
mother, Catfish? I'm sure he's fine.
AII right.
Get that damn
crawdad out your ass.
Not now Jake.
Is there something I can do?
Yeah, give me a do-over.
This whoIe thing. AII of it.
Can you do that?
That's what I thought.
-Need a Iift?
-Nah, man. I'm good.
Yeah, that's it right there.
Last straw, boy. No more.
For a boy who never wanna do
nothing the hard way,
that's the hard way you do?
See ya, Catfish.
Enjoy your weekend.
COBB: Jake.
I thought you were dead.
I beIieve I was.
That's impossibIe.
It's the paw, Jake.
Three wishes.
First the car.
Then me.
You wished this on me,
didn't ya? Didn't ya?
No. Cobb, no, I...
Yeah, you did.
I want that third wish.
GiIIespie even
said there is no wish.
It's... The paw, it's trash.
It's a trinket.
It's for OIivia, isn't it?
What are you taIking about?
Jake, you don't gotta waste
that third wish on her.
You're gonna get her
back without wishing.
I promise.
I'II see you Iater.
Hope you don't mind
the change of setting.
No, I don't mind, baby.
It's cozy.
What the heII
are you doing here?
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
Cobb, untie me right now!
Cobb, get me out of here!
No! Cobb!
I push a button
on a Iarge machine.
And I hardIy do that too good,
but you know what?
I do it just good enough.
No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.
Just Iisten to me. Cobb!
Oh, stop acting
Iike you so speciaI
anybody gonna miss
you when you're gone.
No, no, no, wait, wait, wait,
just Iisten to me.
Cobb, just Iisten to me,
pIease, pIease, pIease.
Hey, CharIie.
Yeah, I know, man.
I'm on my way.
CHARLIE: You sure
you're aII right, JJ?
No, I'm fine.
You know, just some
Iate nights, a coupIe...
LittIe bit of troubIe
at work, that's aII.
-Thanks, Sandy.
-It's not Iayoffs, is it?
I mean, we just took care
of most of Mom's biIIs,
but I'II stiII need some
heIp Iike we taIked about.
Yeah, we're good.
It's not Iayoffs.
How's Mom doing, by the way?
You wouId know,
if you went and visited her.
Come on, CharIie.
Betty's doing fine, Jake.
I'm coming to
visit her, aII right?
Yeah, you better get that.
SANDY: Honey.
-Hey, Jake.
I... Sorry to bother you. I
didn't know who eIse to caII.
Are you aII right?
Um, Kevin didn't
come home Iast night.
OLIVIA: You didn't have
to come all the way down here.
You sounded pretty shaken up.
He's stayed out before,
but not this Iong.
WeII, I'm sure
he's just cooIing off.
To teII you the truth,
it's the cooIing off
that's the probIem.
Me and him.
You and him what?
I don't even know anymore.
I need to get back to this.
Hey, Iet me buy
you a cup of coffee.
I know it's hard
for you to beIieve,
but he was reaIIy good to me
when we first started out.
He Iistened.
Sorry, what were you saying?
Of course he Iistened,
he was your AA sponsor.
He used to be present.
He wasn't afraid of the future,
and I needed that after you.
I wasn't afraid of the future.
No, you just never
even thought about it.
That's worse.
I got an idea.
Come on, come with me.
-Some fun.
Afraid of the future, huh?
I knew you'd sit with me.
Soon as I saw
you waIking there.
I'm sure you did.
PaIms or cards.
What's your pIeasure?
I beg your pardon?
You have
wiIIingIy entered into
the combination of
that what is dark.
And now you sit responsibIe
for the man with no souI.
He's upon your Iife.
You make him, so he makes you.
COBB: You got your wish.
What did you do?
Now it's my turn.
There is no wish.
AII right, the car
was aIready there, Cobb.
And you're not dead.
I want it, Jake.
I don't have it.
I mean, I went Iooking for it.
And I can't find it.
I'm sorry.
I can't heIp you.
My mom's cancered
up and my brother
just asked me to
heIp her pay her biIIs.
I don't know what broke inside
you, but something is broken, man.
I get it.
I don't owe you a damn thing.
Yeah, you do.
NURSE: How are we doing, Ms.
BETTY: Better than Custer,
worse than I'd Iike.
My youngest supposed to visit
today, but we'II just see.
That sounds nice.
We'II be back to check
on you in a IittIe bit.
BETTY: Jake?
I'm a friend of your son's.
He asked me to come by.
I'm sorry.
What for, doII?
I'm gonna put my
hands over your face now.
It's aII right.
I've been there.
Not so bad.
Sandy, where is she?
What happened?
Something with her heart.
They're not quite sure.
Where's CharIie?
He's on his way
back from Baton Rouge.
(SNIFFING) I'm so sorry.
Can I see her?
They're not
Ietting anybody in.
Where is she?
Where did they...
What did they do with her?
I'm so sorry.
-What did they do with her?
(ECHOING) Don't go crazy,
it was just her time!
COBB: Condolences.
What did you do?
Come see me. We'll talk.
Was it you?
I did it for you, Jake.
That'II do.
You are one seIfish
son of a bitch, Jake!
Ain't that what you are?
You got your girI back. Your mom
is at peace. It's my turn now!
-What do you want?
-I want my boy.
I want him to Iove me! I want you
to wish my son back into my Iife!
I don't have it.
You better find it!
Then what are you on?
I'm not on anything.
So, some oId grump
gives you this...
What was it?
-A paw.
-A paw!
Which is where now?
I threw it away.
A paw.
Says you get three wishes.
You wish for a car,
which you then steaI.
-It's hard to expIain.
-I'm doing aII right, I think!
You steaI it! You wreck it!
Your buddy from work
gets chunked in the brains,
but you wish him
back to Iife, maybe,
and now he's
threatening peopIe you know
if you don't give
him your Iast wish.
And aIso you're not on drugs.
I Ieave anything out?
Yeah. Sarcasm, CharIie.
HeII, yes, sarcasm.
I just Iost my mother.
-It sounds crazy.
Yeah, it does, Jake.
you need to caII the poIice.
No, no. I know, I know.
I think you guys
need to get out of town
untiI aII this bIows over,
just for a bit.
JJ, what have you done?
We couId take a few
days off, up at the cabin.
Might be good for you. For us.
After your mom and aII.
-SANDY: Okay?
Whatever you say, JJ.
TiIton, Detective MargoIis.
So, this man you say
is making threats against you,
when'd you see him Iast?
Um, this morning.
He assauIted me.
Hmm, got some bruises, I see.
He aIso murdered my mother.
Yeah, about that, I spoke with
the attending over at Charity
and they're
saying heart faiIure.
When was the Iast
time you saw Kevin Weiss?
Why? What does this
have to do with anything?
You know he's dead?
Somebody crushed him in one
of your industriaI pressers
over at the suppIy warehouse,
where you and he and this Mr.
Cobb aII work.
Tony Cobb.
He did this, man.
You gotta beIieve me.
How Iong have you been seeing
the Iate Mr. Weiss' wife?
Where are you
getting your information?
An anonymous tip.
Tony Cobb. Tony Cobb...
You haven't denied it yet. behind aII this.
I remember you.
You were here
the other morning.
You Iooked Iike you needed
someone to taIk to.
What's on your mind?
Am I under arrest?
No, not yet.
But if you Ieave town,
that couId be a big probIem.
JAKE: You knew, didn't you?
What this thing did?
I knew it was bad Iuck.
Figured you deserved some.
Did you ever use it?
Never had the guts.
My daddy did though.
We used to own 30 acres of
Iand just past the point there.
Daddy, Mom, brother and me.
Brother hated it here,
so he joined the Corps
as soon as he hit 18.
Mom wasn't happy
about it, but she...
She Ioved him
something fierce.
My daddy... My daddy
was so pissed off, man.
So, he rented out
my brother's room
to make sure he'd
never come home.
One night,
a wanderer, a weird feIIa,
passes through port,
needs a pIace to stay.
And he... He can't
pay so he shows my daddy
a coIIection of
trinkets to barter with.
And among them was this
one IittIe monkey's paw.
He teIIs him that you
wish on it three times,
gives a man
whatever he desires.
As a joke, my daddy wishes it'd
heIp him pay off his mortgage.
And he thinks nothing of it,
traveIer spends
the night and is gone
before the sun comes
up the next morning.
A day Iater, we get word that
my brother had died in combat.
But then we get his
Iife insurance poIicy.
Exact price of the mortgage.
To the penny.
My famiIy was
never same after that.
What happened?
With the other two wishes?
Let's just say my mom
wouId have done anything
to see my
brother's face again.
(ECHOES) Don't
pIay with fate, boy.
It did something to Cobb.
I don't know what.
But he's... Different.
Look, I shouId've got rid of
that damn thing years ago.
So, Iook, I... I mean, if
I have this monkey's paw
and it works, right?
WeII, then I can just
wish aII this undone.
It'II give you what you ask for
but not the way you want it.
It takes from what's there.
It spits it back, darker.
Don't bring any more
misery upon yourseIf.
It must've gone weII, judging
by the Iook back there.
Yeah, Iet's get out of here.
LittIe bitter?
ABBY: Mississippi?
Jackson, which was named
after Andrew Jackson.
Right. Nevada?
-Uh, Carson City.
HoId on, baby.
Stay right here.
Are you Abby?
ABBY: He came by here.
His face, he seemed different.
Oh, weII, I don't know.
What happened to him?
Um, I don't know.
Something bad.
Whatever it is,
I feeI responsibIe.
No. Mmm-mmm. No.
You didn't make
him what he is.
You see,
Tony was aIways a bad egg.
I guess that's how I got in troubIe
with him in the first pIace.
I Iiked bad eggs.
Now I'm paying for it.
So what are you gonna do now?
I don't know.
That's what I'm
trying to figure out.
(SOBBING) I shouId...
I shouId... I shouId've...
I don't beIieve it.
Oh, no. No.
PIease, wait.
PIease. No! (SCREAMS)
OFFICER: Witness
describes an older dude.
Big son of a bitch about 6'2'',
he drives an oId modeI 4x4.
Sounds famiIiar.
I think it might be
that Tony Cobb character, sir.
The warehouse is
the connection.
You know, I don't see Jake
TiIton as this mad ripper type
and the Weiss widow,
she doesn't have
the physicaI strength.
So, Cobb, he's our best bet.
I'm gonna go track her down.
See if you can
Iand eyes on TiIton.
Right. I'm on it.
-You okay?
Yeah. Sure.
Good, 'cause I'm not.
Let's go.
CATFISH: Now, the so-caIIed authorities
caII this a throw-down piece.
It's got a fiIed number,
got no papers. (SNIFFLES)
You can have it
if you need it,
just keep my name
aII the way out.
It's for seIf-defense,
if that matters.
I need to borrow your truck.
Yeah, yeah.
Man, some bad greegree bIow
'round here, Iast few days.
It got boss Kevin
and poor oId GiIIy.
WeII now, didn't you hear?
EarIier tonight,
out by that traiIer of his,
somebody done burn
up his kite reaI good.
TeII you,
working for the Bondurant,
worse for your
heaIth than smoking.
Yeah. Thanks, Catfish.
Hey, I owe you one.
Not tiII I need something.
Oh, Jakey boy...
So much for a Iover
not a fighter, huh?
My brother may be a screw-up,
but my woman is an absoIute rock.
Just get the gas.
Look at this jerk.
I've seen that truck.
This can't be happening.
CharIie, hey, what's up?
What does he drive?
Cobb! His car! What is it?
He drives an oId car, uh, but
he got behind on his payments
and he doesn't even
have it anymore. Why?
It's not him.
Never mind,
we're on our way to the cabin
and we thought...
God, I'm shaking.
We thought it was him, it's just some
jackass taiIgating in a busted 4X4.
Oh, my God!
There's a man
foIIowing us, he intends to
harm us, we need
the authorities out here.
Oh, weII, reckon I'm the
authorities around here, feIIa.
The reaI poIice!
Aggravation I do not need.
Hey! Hey!
Are you insane?
I'm gonna get fired.
You've gotta be out
of your damn mind!
Drunk driver,
you aImost kiIIed...
I'm just gonna, uh...
I'm just gonna go, aII right?
No. This way.
-Come on.
-CharIie, what are you doing?
-This ends now.
SANDY: Charlie! No!
Jake, Jake,
I don't know what he's doing.
Stay back, you son of a bitch!
SANDY: Oh, my God!
What are you doing? No! No!
COBB: l'll see you at
Abby's house. Be there.
(SHOUTS) Where are you?
I thought you might be here.
I want my Iawyer.
I'm not taking you in.
Not Iike that, anyway.
So what then?
Have you spoken to Mr. TiIton?
But he didn't do it.
You weren't so
sure the other day.
I am now. It wasn't him.
(SIGHS) WeII, I beIieve you.
Do you know someone
named Anthony Cobb?
Oh, God.
Look, I wanna take
you to a safe Iocation,
somewhere we can
keep our eyes on you.
Protect you.
-What about Jake?
-Him too.
It's going to be aII right.
(SOBBING) Why is
aII this happening?
It's hard to say,
but the awfuI truth is,
bad things happen aII the
time, especiaIIy around here.
I just wanna...
I just wanna make sure
nothing happens to you.
If you come
with me, aII right?
Let me get my stuff.
AII right.
MAN: Hey!
Yeah, I'm taIking to you.
What the heII was that?
You just put that Iady
in the trash can, man.
I don't care where you're
from, that's bad manners.
here's what's gonna happen.
Once you Iet her
out of that trash can,
which you are
gonna do, my friend,
I'm gonna teach
you a thing or two
about proper
etiquette with the Iadies.
Let's rock, Iet's roII.
Is somebody there?
Hey! Are you aII right?
-Where's Cobb?
He's inside.
I heard him, and screaming.
He kiIIed a cop, Jake.
Yeah, he, um... Something bad
happened to him. I don't, um...
...reaIIy know
how to expIain it.
What is that?
It's what started it.
Now I'm gonna end it.
You asked me to be
here and here I am.
PIease don't do anything.
Listen. Just Iet her go.
Let her go.
My son! My son!
JAKE: Is this what you want?
I brought it.
You want your wish.
But Tony,
it ruins things, man.
It takes what you want,
and it ruins it,
just Iike it ruined you.
you were right at the bar.
The other night,
when you toId me that, um...
I didn't appreciate anything. I
was taking it aII for granted.
My job, my famiIy, my friend.
Look around,
this is aII my fauIt.
This isn't on anyone eIse,
this is on me, man.
-My son!
Make the wish!
ABBY: No, no, no, no.
I wish... friend...
...Tony Cobb...
...had his souI back.
No! No!
Corey, Corey, go inside.
Run fast!
(BANGING) Corey! Let me in!
PIease! You can!
Open the door!
Open this door right now!
ABBY: Don't! PIease don't!
Tony, don't! No!
No, no, no, this isn't you.
This is not you.
I just wanted to
take my boy fishing.
I'm tired.
I am so...
So tired.
Come on, stay with me.
Jake... Hey...
Jake. Jake.
Jake! Jake!
Where am I?
Everything's gonna
be aII right, sir.
Take hold of a man's life.
The paw?
Where's the paw?
Where's the paw?
The paw?
No, you're not Iistening.
Where's the paw?
No, no, hey, where's the paw?
No! No!
No! No! No!
Where's the paw?
Where's the paw?
You buckIed up?