The Monster Project (2017) Movie Script

There's something on the roof.
Something big.
Oh, shit!
What the fuck was that?
Anybody out there?
Look, I don't play
that Michael Myers shit!
I got a .45...
and a crucifix!
I go to friendship baptist church!
Look, man, I'm coming right now!
Hey, I see you!
Jesus, Jamal.
You okay?
You were supposed to hit
the stunt pad, bro.
I totally missed it.
I'd have cracked my
damned ass, shit.
I think your ass
is already cracked.
You gonna help me up or what?
Yeah, come here.
How'd you miss that?
It's totally pitch black out here!
It's huge!
Did you at least get the shot?
I almost killed myself,
but yeah, I got the shot.
Of course you did.
Let's go post it online,
scare the shit out of people.
This is boring, boring, boring,
oh, look at that.
Bye, Jamal!
See ya!
Man, you do not pay
me enough for this.
Yo, Dev, man, check
out the hit count.
I know!
Hey, the channel's blowing up.
The more videos we post,
the more hits we get across the line.
Even that grainy shit we filmed
back in the day.
Hell, yeah!
All those views,
that's all money right there, baby!
But you know...
We can make more.
Like make more money?
You already know I'm with that.
What if we turn this into a show?
We go out looking
for real monsters.
Okay, Devon.
You do know monsters ain't real.
It doesn't matter if
they're real or fake.
People will watch.
And they'll want to
believe it's real.
Yo, Dev!
Yeah, what's up?
Bro, grab your camera,
come check this out.
Check what out?
Dude, just trust me!
Come check it out.
I'm telling you, bro, man,
you're gonna like this name.
What am I looking at?
The monster project.
Bang bang.
Hey, I couldn't figure
nothing else, man.
Blair witch was already taken.
What is that,
like the casting call?
Sure is, I just finished it.
Check it out.
Attention all monsters
in the Los Angeles area,
looking for subjects
to be interviewed
for a documentary titled...
The monster project!
Actors do not submit.
Serious inquiries only.
If you suffer from
legitimate conditions
like clinical lycanthropy
and renfield's syndrome
or believe that
you are inflicted
by the supernatural
or paranormal,
call the number below.
No age or ethnicity
Can we add, like,
no ugly hos allowed?
Hey, mom, dad.
Um, this is video log 237,
so you know what that means.
Two hundred thirty
single days sober.
It'll be 240 on my birthday.
Got the money transfer
you sent, thanks again.
I'm still waiting
on some new jobs
I applied for.
Trying to put the
pieces back together.
Been going to aa
meetings at the church.
Actually, the pastor
tonight told us
about this old story.
Inside all of us there's
this battle between duals.
One is good, love,
you know, bravery.
And the other is evil,
you know, fear, guilt,
jealousy, and addiction.
When I asked him,
which one wins, he said,
the one that you feed,
which made me
think about myself.
And I still feel...
Hey, Bry.
Oh, shit, I'm sorry.
No, I just...
one of your video diaries.
No, I was just wrapping up.
Come and say hi.
Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Jay.
Don't worry, me
and Jamal, we got
your boy's birthday
covered this year.
We'll film the whole party
and send you the highlights.
I need you to move your car.
I'm off to set Colton's and 30.
What, are they finally
going to let you direct?
Now we'll see when that happens.
Will you cast me
when you're famous?
I'll let you finish up.
Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Jay!
All right.
I guess it's rude to keep
a beautiful girl waiting
so, one day at a time.
I'll see you tomorrow
at 200 and 38.
It's day one on our
search for monsters.
Right now we are
heading east of la
to an Indian
reservation to meet up
with a guy who claims
to be a skinwalker.
So we're meeting
a native American werewolf?
Devon, look at this shit.
It says "no trespassing."
Do you really think
we should be here?
Yo, I'm running out of breath.
We've walked like ten feet.
How are you out of breath?
You know, I'm a little
skeptical about this.
Relax, he's a cop.
A cop?
Hello, I'm black?
Wait, wait, did you hear that?
What, you think
it's coyotes or something?
That is the sound of
me fucking with you.
I fucking hate you.
I wish something will
bite you in the ass.
Hey, Dev.
The light's blinkin'.
I'm running out of battery, bro.
You don't have any spares?
Nah, man, I
left them in the car.
Did you hear that?
Hell yeah, man,
it sounded like
wolves or something.
No, they're coyotes.
Please don't be mad,
please don't be mad.
He's not mad.
Oh, and he's mad.
Here it comes.
Did you get any of
that conversation?
I saw he was wearing like one
of those police
body cameras, maybe.
Do not fuck up
on me again, Jamal.
Listen, man, I promise it
won't happen again, all right?
Hey, look on the bright side.
I mean, you did
get your skinwalker
and, I gotta admit,
he does look legit.
Oh, he's legit.
Hey, you know why the
camera battery is always dead?
Because you keep
filming stupid shit like this,
you're supposed
to be giving me directions.
What do you
need directions for?
You know which house it is.
Back up, back up.
Just back the fuck up.
What the hell is the problem?
Murielle's still here.
She was supposed to be
out by 9:00.
Shit, turn the lights off.
This is so stupid.
How old are we?
We've work to do!
Listen, I told your ass when
you started dating Murielle
that if you messed up,
there was gonna be consequences.
I thought that meant you were
going to kick my ass?
Yeah, well, I still need to!
Look, you and me, we're cool,
but you and Murielle,
that's a whole other story.
She holds grudges.
She still hasn't
forgave you for leaving.
I came back to Cali.
Yeah, well, you
didn't come back to her.
Oh, shit, there she go,
duck, duck, get low.
Well, welcome back
to my crib, Dev!
That's new.
Oh yeah, that's Bryan's.
What's up, Bry?
What you cooking?
It's, dinner.
You mean my dinner
because you for damn sure
don't buy no
groceries over here.
I didn't think
you'd be back so soon.
Hey, you, you got a package.
I didn't order anything.
I did.
I'm, Bryan.
Sorry, we haven't met.
I'm Devon.
What, Devon?
What, the Devon?
Bry, be cool, chill out.
Yeah, sorry, just heard
that you moved away.
Yeah, I got back
about a month ago.
Hi, Murielle.
Stay the fuck out of my life.
Maybe we should
work on this another time.
We have work to do.
Don't you think you should
work somewhere else, I mean?
What are you, her boyfriend?
Look, man, we're just going
to work out in my room, all right?
You know, this, gotta have
respect for this house he's in.
Yeah, my
house, and my fishsticks.
And good, too!
We got another response
to the casting notice.
And she's a vampire.
Oh, shit, what,
like a sexy Dracula?
She didn't attach
a photo to her email,
but her bio was
convincing enough.
Her name is Shayla.
She's a tattoo artist so she works
at night and sleeps during the day.
And get this, she drinks blood.
The fuck, what kind of blood?
Oh, this kind.
Oh, shit!
Yo, you are trippin'.
You order needles
off the Internet?
She says we can do the interview
in exchange for a vial of blood.
So I'm gonna need your arm.
Oh, hell no!
A hundred bucks.
Do I look
like a crackhead to you?
I ain't that damn broke.
Well, you know anybody
who is that damn broke?
You know, I can't
believe I'm doing this.
How else are
you gonna pay rent?
Listen, you left Detroit and came
to la to be an actor, right?
Well, just look at this as
your first on-camera gig.
Just the role I always wanted.
A guy with a needle in his arm.
Believe me, bro.
It already pays better than
most Hollywood acting gigs.
Tasty, tasty.
Now let's go catch a vampire.
Where's the drop
off supposed to go down?
She said to leave it on a
park bench near a swing set.
Well, there's kind of a lot of
park benches there.
Yeah, I see that.
Worst blind date ever.
Man, just put it down.
Would you tell
Tony hawk to shut up?
Shit, did you see that?
Oh, shit, oh.
It's gone.
Oh, hell, no.
The blood vial, it's gone.
Did you get it on camera?
Why do you guys want to go
looking for this again?
Because we're
getting paid, that's why.
What, demons, vampires?
Look, I don't think we should be
going looking for those things.
For fuck's sakes,
Bryan, none of it's real.
Pull your fucking skirt up.
The Bible says that
demons are real,
so if they're real then who's to say
what else is out there in the dark?
I mean, evil seeps through
the cracks of society
and it targets
vulnerable people.
So who's to say that
the devil hasn't
transcended in different ways?
What the f...
Oh, my gosh, what
is up, this door?
Who is it?
It's 3:00 A.M.
Who is it?
Yo, that better not be one of
your drunk ass friends.
Yo, why are you
banging on the door?
What the f...
What, what is that?
Dude, what took you so long?
Is it safe for me to be here?
Yeah, Murielle's
still out on a shoot.
Sit down, you gotta
see this shit!
The DVD's in, just press play!
My name is Shiori.
I need help.
I must have caught something.
Something is inside me.
Tells me to do things.
Bad things.
My parents don't understand.
They're scared of what I am.
Are you afraid?
Oh, shit!
Hell no, hell no!
Did you see that shit?
Devon, I know you've
seen that shit!
What the fuck?
Hi, is this Shiori?
Ask that little bitch
how she found my house!
Would you keep your voice down? I put
your address in the Craigslist ad.
You did what?
Shut up!
Hi, this is Devon
Adams, the producer
of the monster project.
I'm sorry to call so
late, I just finished
watching your DVD
and if you're still
interested in...
That's correct.
You remember what
Bryan said in the car earlier?
Some things you just
shouldn't go looking for?
That girl's one of them.
Oh, spare me,
you're going to take life advice
from the deadbeat bumming off
your blow-up mattress?
Kid's a parasite.
Look, you don't know
what he's been through.
Bryan's seen some
real evil in his life.
Yeah, I saw the track
mark scars on his arm
when I drew his blood.
Kid's a junkie, too.
He just got out of rehab
a couple of months back.
Once a junkie, always a junkie.
Didn't you see
requiem for a dream?
They don't beat it.
I hope he didn't hear us.
Happy birthday!
We love you!
We hope you love your present!
Here's the cake!
When I say "happy",
ya'll say "birthday"!
That's my guy, yeah!
Hey, hey, watch your lips, boy.
Hey, that was my wish.
Don't drink that,
there's dirt all over that.
I've done worse things.
He's done worse.
Show me
your big movies, girl!
Yeah, you'll be on
soul train any minute now.
Are you serious?
What's going on over here?
Looks like some
bullshit going down.
Hey, I think I might have
a little talk with Bryan.
Say what up to your folks, bro!
Do we have to do this now, man?
I was just...
Yes, we do. As long as you don't
forget, you know the rules, man.
How many days are we at now?
You know how many days,
I live with you.
Two hundred and forty.
Two forty.
I'll definitely drink to that.
Couldn't be more proud.
Oh, my god, I almost forgot your present.
I'll be right back.
Bet you got nothing to do
with that either, huh?
I asked them to deal
with the present, too, man.
It was all my idea.
So she gets me a
cake and a present
and what do you get?
I ain't givin' you shit.
You owe me rent.
Anyways, 240 days and
you ain't blown yet?
I don't know about that, bro.
What, you think I'm lying?
Nah, I'm just curious,
'cause I've seen your homeboy
slip something in your pocket.
See, everyone should have one
on their birthday.
Extra large, shouldn't be much.
I've seen yours, those
purple small ones, so...
You got joked!
My bad, bro.
I didn't know, I'm sorry, dude.
You know, I heard you and Devon
talking about me behind my back.
What, that...
Listen, you know I
did not say that shit.
No, but you didn't
defend me either.
You know, you're
different around him.
You know he's only
using you, right?
No, what he's doing
is paying me.
Yeah, to get to Murielle.
Whatever, man.
Hey, why did you invite him
to my birthday?
Invite him?
What are you talking about?
Right fucking behind you.
Oh, Devon, what
are you doing here?
I don't plan on staying.
I just came to apologize.
What's this?
My apology.
Oh, a birthday card?
Is this 600 dollars?
For one day of work.
What? That's way
more than what you pay me!
Well, it's not
your birthday, is it?
Well, it's not
your birthday, is it?
Look, I'm man enough
to admit when I'm wrong.
What I said the other
night was uncalled for.
And if you're interested,
we can use a pa
for the shoot on Sunday,
someone to hold the boom pole.
Happy birthday!
Are you fucking kidding me?
Out front now.
You're next.
I didn't even invite him!
Think you can just
waltz in and out
of my life whenever
you fucking please?
That is not how this works.
And tonight of all nights
is not about you.
Then why are you back here
talking to me?
Go back to your
boyfriend's party.
Bryan is my friend,
something you never were.
We were more than friends.
Until you threw me away
like a piece of trash.
But I guess the other
bitch wasn't worth it.
Why else would you
come crawling back?
Hey, I never cheated on you.
I just needed to get
the hell out of la,
to focus, to come
up with a plan.
Too bad I wasn't a part of it.
I want you to be now.
Time apart taught me that.
This project Jamal
and I started,
it has potential.
I want you there with me.
You are fucking insane,
if you think I would ever
grip on my ex-boyfriend's shoot.
I'm not asking you to grip.
What then?
I'm asking you to direct.
Did everybody go?
I think Jamal is in his room
hiding from you.
And I'm pretty sure
that everybody else is gone.
Your pupils
are super-dilated.
I guess that means
you had a good time.
I still haven't got
my present, as you know.
Oh fuck, I'm sorry,
I shouldn't have...
Jamal and I got you
a head-strap camera
so you can film yourself
falling off your skateboard.
I never fall off my skateboard.
You only.
I do it like a swan.
So, what, has this been
recording the whole time?
Confess your sins.
I turned it on to
film your reaction
when I brought it out.
Didn't expect Devon to be here.
There, super dork.
I look awesome.
You haven't seen yourself.
So, did anything,
you know,
happen between you two?
I saw your guys...
Yeah, it's broadly on tape.
Suffice it to say,
he offered me a job.
Me, too.
So you gonna take it?
It's like I see
exactly what he's doing,
but I still can't say no.
Well, I guess he's all right.
Gave me 600 dollars.
Still an ass.
Definitely still an ass.
I mean, you guys
getting back together?
No, no, no, no,
no, we're not getting
back together.
I was just...
I don't even, I was just saying.
It's hard, though.
There's a lot of history there.
You know, we've got
a lot of history, too.
Yeah, we do.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't have.
Fuck, I am going
to go to bed, um.
Are you gonna come inside?
Whatever you want.
Good night, Bryan.
Happy birthday.
Fuck needing that.
You're a fucking coward, man.
So something
happening this evening,
pretty exciting for
astronomy enthusiasts,
something called
a total lunar eclipse.
You may not have been aware
that this was even happening.
Tell us all about...
Yo, d.
I brought my telephoto lens
so we can check the
eclipse up close.
Don't tell me,
tell the director.
Are we still
playing this game?
Devon, this is
still your project.
And I will still be the
one in front of the camera
and Murielle will just
handle everything behind it.
That's right.
I thought that was my job.
Your job is to keep
the fucking batteries
charged this time.
Not fair. Really?
Big job for a big man.
And what are you
laughing at, Mr. pa?
You still on the
bottom of the chain.
Yeah, except I'm still making
more money than you are.
Yo, Devon,
I can't work like this!
I need a raise.
I'm sorry, man. I used the rest of
the budget on renting the location.
My allergies are
not going to like this.
There it is.
That's the house.
Who's the guy?
That must be Richard.
He's the property owner.
We only spoke over
the phone a few times.
So just to get this right,
we're here to interview
three monsters
in a creepy house in the woods
on the night of an eclipse.
They're not
real monsters, Bryan.
Looks like you got
tonight all figured out, Devon.
Trust me. It all adds to
the value of the production.
Tonight will be perfect.
That's weird.
The windows
are all boarded up.
Here we go.
Do you mind looking like a dork
for the rest of the day?
The extra footage could
come in handy in the edit.
Whatever the director says.
Thank you.
Are you guys, you filming?
Yeah, you got a problem?
Nah, nah, I don't like cameras.
So, are we gonna
talk at all or just...
Now is really not
the time, Bryan.
Besides, there's
nothing to talk about.
What do you mean, there's
nothing to talk about?
You kissed me.
Yeah, I was drunk and I was
upset and you were nice to me.
It was a mistake.
It was a mistake?
You were drunk and I
was just there, really?
Please don't do this.
Look, you're one
of my best friends.
Don't ruin what we
already have, okay?
I'll just get the big one.
As much as you don't like cameras you
sure got a lot of cameras rigged up here.
Well, the place
is broken into a lot.
A lot of people
sneak in, have sex,
shoot up, sacrifice animals.
The security in this
place costs more
than the damn house is worth.
I'm sorry did you
just say sacrifice animals?
Yeah, in the '60s
this was part of a
headquarters for a satanic group.
Is this guy fucking serious?
Hey, guys, before we head in,
I need you to leave your phones in the car.
Are you fucking serious?
I don't want it
interrupting the interviews
or creating audio feedback.
You can live without
it for a few hours.
It won't kill you.
Yeah, fine, okay.
I can't live without mine.
You putting up with all that?
This is so stupid.
This looks like
a straight-up crack house.
Oh, this is nasty.
Martha? Martha?
Sorry, you talking to us?
Who the hell is Martha?
You guys stay right here, okay?
She has some times
that's really scary.
Who is Martha?
I think he said it was his wife.
Oh shit, look, look, look.
Big brother's watching us.
Come on, come on, come on.
Um, Mr. rich?
I think we found your old lady.
Can you hear me?
The moon...
- Is she okay?
- No!
Is there anything we can do?
Yeah, you know what?
You can get out of the way
and let me show you
the rest of the place, okay?
You're going to just
interview people, right?
Nothing fancy.
All right, listen, I don't want
anyone going upstairs, okay?
Especially up in the attic,
because there's a lot
of rotten wood up there.
I take full responsibility
for everybody's safety.
Okay, and if
anybody gets hurt...
You know, I'm not liable for it.
Is there electricity?
Yeah, all the,
fixtures work and there's
a fuse box downstairs in case
you want to do the power.
Jamal, I think we should
probably set up here right
in front of the fireplace...
It's okay, it's okay.
Sorry, she, she gets
confused sometimes where she is.
She gets scared too, so...
Listen, I'm going to take off and get
her to her doctor's appointment.
You have my, house number.
Trade you for the keys.
Try not to burn the place down.
Powered up.
Hey, Jamal, can you move that
diva left a little?
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I gotcha.
Fuck, they're gonna
break already? Shit.
What the
hell is all that stuff?
Props. Something to,
spice up the interviews.
Wow, what else have
you got in there, MacGyver?
The power of Christ.
What, no silver?
Got that necklace
around your neck.
Will you toss me a mag light?
All right, which one
of you turkeys wants
to come flip the
breaker with me?
Gobble gobble.
Hey, no offense, man.
I'll take care of this one.
You know, I don't need you
to protect me from him.
You know why Devon offered
you the job, though, right?
I'm not an idiot.
He says he's changed.
Oh, and you believe him?
What if nobody ever
gave you a second chance?
Found it.
We all love a good horror story.
We like to pretend
the monsters are real,
but what if they truly exist,
living amongst us?
Hi, my name is Devon Adams,
creator of the monster project.
Tonight, on this
rare lunar eclipse,
we will interview
three strangers
who claim to be
real-life monsters,
a vampire, a demon,
and a skinwalker.
No actors, no scripts,
everything you are
about to witness is real.
Cut, man, take it back.
My voice was off.
Oh, my gosh, well,
you sure as hell
ain't Morgan Freeman.
Oh, shit, what is that?
You heard that?
We don't have much time.
Devon, this is yours?
Shiori, early.
But we're not quite set up yet.
Would you mind waiting in
your dressing room?
We, we don't mind.
Who the hell is we?
I'm going to take
Shiori to the storeroom.
Go tape these upstairs.
What am I doing?
All right, it's just one day.
Be professional, you
don't need the pills.
All right, skinwalker.
Come on, all right.
We got demon.
All right, done.
Anyone in there?
You okay?
Everything okay?
Jamal, what the hell
are you doing?
What do you mean,
I'm on coyote watch!
I think I see something.
Yo, Dev, come over here,
you gotta see this!
What is it?
Will you let me in?
Hi, welcome.
I got this.
You must be Shayla.
In the flesh.
Please, come in.
Thank you for joining us.
Thank you for your donation.
I've come by for a second taste.
Yo, Bry, you cool, bro?
You look pale as fuck!
What was that for?
Just give me that...
Fuck, you don't need
those fucking pills,
just breathe, okay?
Just breathe and
you'll be all right,
you can handle one night.
All right, fuck this.
Fuck it. Just one.
I see what you got there.
What are you talking about?
The camera on your forehead.
They make us wear
bodycams now, too.
Oh, yeah, no, I
just got mine today.
Secrets used to be
easier to hide.
I'm so happy you could join us.
The monster project,
scene one, take one.
Hey, Bryan, I
think you're in the shot.
And set.
Thank you for
joining us, Steven.
I understand you wish to conceal
your identity for your protection.
Not my protection.
I also understand it's forbidden
for the Navajo to
discuss skinwalking.
How would your people feel if
they knew you were talking to us?
There would be an uproar.
So why are you doing this?
Aren't you a police officer?
On the reservation.
You protect your people?
From myself.
From others like me.
Yee naaldlooshii.
So how does one
become a skinwalker?
Are you saying
you're a murderer?
I am a skinwalker.
My, My research shows that
you have to murder
a family member
in order to become a skinwalker,
you sell your soul to the devil.
You have to kill, yes,
but you don't sell your soul.
You make a pact for power.
Have you ever shapeshifted?
Of course.
Is it painful?
Your back hurts, your jaw.
You can't feel anything else.
Your mind splits in two.
You give up everything that
makes you human.
Become animal.
Are you saying you're not in
control when you transform?
No, no.
Power blinds you.
Only silver stops it.
Would you call
yourself a monster?
Um, would you mind
dimming the lights?
Bryan, could you dim the lights?
I got it.
How's that?
Much better.
Thank you.
How's that?
Let's get under way.
Oh, um, if it's
all the same to you,
I'd rather have him
ask me the questions.
Bryan has to roll sound.
Oh, but can't you do it?
I don't really talk
unless it's to him.
The quiet ones are
always more fun.
No, I'm not...
If you prefer to start that way.
Yeah, I do.
How do I...
Just ask, man.
You don't have to
sit that far away,
I don't bite.
Are you sure about that?
Oh, this is going to be fun.
So, what's your name?
Call me Shayla.
Is that your real name?
Do I seem fake to you?
Fake, well, um, you say
that you're a vampire, so...
Only for the sake of brevity.
There are a lot of
misconceptions about my kind.
Truth is more complicated.
Can we start with the basics?
Um, how old are you?
It's rude to
ask a woman's age.
I'm not ageless, if
that's what you mean.
We all die, just
like we all bleed.
Can you walk in the sunlight?
So you don't burn or die or
anything like that?
God, no.
Then why are you nocturnal?
Have you ever
gone out all night,
drinking, and you felt
like shit the next day?
That's how I feel
in the sunlight.
Hungover, sick,
everything stings,
every noise is amplified.
The sound of a busy
street, dogs barking,
kids screaming, it's
grating on my ears.
And then at night,
everything quiets down
and I can hear myself think.
It allows me to do my work.
What do you do for a living?
I'm an artist.
Do you have any
tattoos I can't see?
Um, one.
Show me.
They're initials.
Not exactly.
So, How do you restrain yourself
when your clients bleed?
I don't.
Restraint is not my strength.
I can't resist a taste.
I consider it a tip.
So you drink
blood to survive?
Yes, but not in the
way you're thinking.
And what way is that?
People need much more than
sustenance to survive.
Caffeine, alcohol, sex.
You know the feeling, don't you?
The warm rush in your veins,
the euphoria, like you've just
been fucked by Athena.
You know that
feeling, don't you?
I know you know.
You have been high before.
Then you know how
fleeting it is,
how quickly the body acclimates,
and how quickly the
wolf gets hungry again.
I tasted your blood.
Oxycontin, it was
never my favorite,
but, you know, it
really dulls the pain.
Are you serious, bro?
The fuck is she talking about?
I don't know what she's
talking about, she...
You've been lying to us the
whole fucking time? Oh, shit!
Was that, was that a secret?
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
You shouldn't keep secrets.
You know, just because
you turn your back
on the devil, doesn't mean
he stops following you.
Shut the fuck up!
You are fucking lyin'!
This is bullshit!
Damn it, Bryan.
That's coming out of your pay!
Your boy's losing it.
Bryan, come back.
We need to make up.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I didn't know
he was lying to all of you.
It hurts again.
Where are they?
What are you talking about?
You know what the fuck I'm talking about.
The pills, the Oxy?
Bryan, I know you're high.
I don't have any
fucking pills!
Your fucking pupils are dilated!
Don't play with me.
The fuck is this?
I knew you were lying!
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I'm fucking sorry!
Damn it, Bry,
it's not about you!
Just get out of
my fucking house.
I'm not floating you
around for another month.
We're meant to be friends, we were
friends since we were fucking kids...
Fuck you!
Fuck you, friends, friends?
Listen, Devon didn't use me,
you did!
You lied straight to my face!
You lied to everybody!
Listen, man, you
made your choice.
Don't blame me for making mine.
Man, find your way out back.
I don't need you fucking up
more of my shots.
Here's a v-log, mom and dad.
Take a good look at your son!
Your fuck-up, junkie son,
who can't even go a
day without a dose!
Don't it just make you proud?
God damn it!
I didn't mean to take
your name in vain.
I'm just weak!
I need it.
Are you okay?
I'm good. I don't
even want to talk about it.
Let's just finish this.
Please say your name for camera.
And you believe you're
possessed by a demon, Shiori?
I want it to go away.
The bad man.
He promised
if we come here
and talk to you
he'll leave.
How long have
you known the bad man?
Since we were born.
Is he here with us now?
He's close.
Have you ever seen him?
Can you tell me
what he looks like?
Always smiling.
He has no lips.
His eyes are big.
He looks like an animal.
Why do you call it he?
He holds us down at night.
Forces himself inside.
Is this a nightmare you have?
He scratches me.
Oh, my god.
Poor thing.
Did you do
that to yourself, Shiori?
God hates us.
I see him.
Go away!
I know what you want!
Go away!
What is she screaming for?
Hey, there's nothing there!
Shiori, it's okay,
there's nothing there!
She's got to calm down!
get the power back on!
I'm on it, I'm
on it, just chill out!
Hang on, it's going to be okay.
Just take care of her,
I'll be right back!
Need some help?
No, I got this.
I got it, I got it.
Hey, are you okay?
I'll go get help!
Oh, my god.
Murielle, what's going on?
We need to leave now!
What the hell was that?
Murielle, what's going on?
Shiori, come with us.
This way, guys, come on!
Come on!
Oh, my god, she's gone crazy!
I don't have
the keys for this door!
Murielle, come on!
We gotta go, come on!
What the fuck are those things?
Devon, what do we do?
Monsters aren't real!
Shit, what's that?
Jamal, is that you?
The fuck?
Go, go!
Go, go!
We have to go back for him!
We have... No, no,
we need to call the cops!
He'll be dead
by the time they get here!
We're his only chance!
We don't stand a chance!
I saw those things!
Saw what?
Bryan, we're leaving now!
Bryan, Jamal's
hurt inside the house!
We have to... What the fuck
are you talking about?
Those people that we brought
here to interview, they're not people!
Fuck! No,
don't go back in there!
Jesus Christ.
You still think we're messing
with you? Is that blood?
Where's Jamal?
Over here,
Bryan, give me your hand.
Come on.
Vampire stake, holy
water, salt, knife,
everything we need is in there.
Here, you should
know how to use that.
I got the stake.
Bryan, don't go...
You hear that?
What's her name again?
Wait, don't go near her.
Stay back.
I got this.
Shiori, Shiori?
Just listen to me, okay?
Shiori, just listen to me.
I promise, okay?
Everything's going
to be all right.
Just trust me.
Shiori, Shiori?
Trust me.
It's going to be okay.
Come on, buddy.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Oh my god, that's him.
He's upstairs, come on!
Jamal, talk to me!
Where are you?
Jamal, tell us where you are!
Don't shoot, it's us!
It's okay, man.
Oh, my god, you're alive.
Hey, hey!
Easy, easy, easy.
Fuck. Hey, talk to me, man.
What's wrong?
Holy shit.
Man, are you all right?
What the fuck happened?
No, it feels amazing.
What are you doing up here?
Well, I came back to
save your ass, didn't I?
I thought you were dead. How
did you get away from that thing?
I must have grabbed the gun
from the holster.
I put four rounds in his ass,
motherfucker still
wouldn't go down.
I don't think we're
gonna make it out.
Hey, don't say that, okay?
Got you, got you, shit!
Come on, man, get up.
You don't
get to hold the gun.
You see anything?
I got you.
You see anything?
Okay, okay.
Oh, shit!
You okay?
Why didn't you shoot her?
Because I was helping Jamal.
Don't worry about
me, get Murielle!
The gun won't work,
you have to use the stake!
If you want to get close enough
to stake her, then be my guest.
Shoot her!
Bring me the stake!
Taste this, bitch!
The fuck.
You bitch.
What the hell happened?
My ass just saved the
motherfuckin' day.
Oh, man.
Shit, so much for the
black guy going out first.
For being fuckin' dead
she's pretty fast, man, you okay?
Don't worry about me.
What about your neck?
That bitch tried to
drink me like fucking milk.
Give me the gun.
Be careful,
Bryan, be careful!
Everyone, stay back.
What's that noise?
Sounds like hammering.
Jamal, get the door!
Bullets don't do shit,
just piss it off!
We're out.
How do you fucking
can you kill that thing?
Shit, who can kill
the motherfucker?
You said
something about silver.
Only silver kills him.
Hey, maybe we
don't have to kill it.
Maybe we can go around.
Come on, this way.
Come on.
You got it.
You guys hear that?
I think it's Shiori.
You still got that cross?
Yeah, I got it.
All right, Jamal, get behind me.
Just like we do.
Okay, gotcha.
You ready?
All right.
Be careful, Murielle.
Be careful.
Stay back.
She might still be possessed.
You still got bullets?
That's not funny, Jamal.
What do we do with her?
Her eyes look clear.
She can't fight
this demon for long.
It takes over again...
Then we fucking leave her.
We can't just
leave her here to die.
I'm scared.
Me too.
Bryan, take this.
We gotta go!
He won't let us leave.
Keep moving!
Fuck, it won't open!
Come on, hurry, this way!
Come on, move!
Come on, hurry, move!
Jamal, move, move!
Ugly motherfucker!
You're okay, you're okay.
Stay right here.
We're all
going to die down here.
It's okay,
Murielle, it's okay.
Holy shit!
It's okay, it's okay.
The walls are not boarded up, but
they're sealed with concrete.
I told you
he won't let us leave.
That doesn't make any sense.
I unlocked the door, but
it still wouldn't open.
So what are you saying?
We're locked in from outside!
It's the hammering
we heard outside.
We're going to die down here.
Hey, hey, look at me,
I'll find us a way
out, I promise.
Get out of my way!
I heard you the first time!
Give me your flashlight, okay?
Come on, come on.
Come on!
I can't see shit.
Can you see that?
You guys, we
should not be down here.
I see a way out!
Bryan, be careful!
Bryan, you see anything?
What do you see?
Hurry up!
There's something out there!
Where's Shiori?
Bryan, get out of there!
Where is she?
Get out of there, Bryan!
Bryan, get back, it's Shiori!
We gotta go, Bryan!
Time to pay for your sins, Bryan.
Use the holy water!
Jesus, where did she go?
There's something out there, too!
Maybe we can get out
through the second floor window.
What about Shiori?
We'll lock her in!
Bryan, the cross!
What did I do with it?
Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
You will pay for your sins, Bryan.
They kingdom come, thy will be done,
in earth as it is in heaven.
Forgive us our trespasses,
and those who
trespass against us.
Happy birthday.
Wait, what's happening?
What the hell is this?
This can't be real.
Make a wish.
Who is that?
Where are you?
It's not real, it's not real.
What's going on?
What are you doing here?
Where are we?
You fucking coward!
Happy birthday, Bryan.
Sorry I missed it.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't your fault, it was mine.
Hey Bryan, you were right, man.
That stuff you sold us
was really good shit!
I didn't know the batch was bad.
I'm sorry.
You still got that coming, Bryan.
I hear sex is so much better
when you're high.
Makes you feel alive.
I want to feel alive again.
No, don't, stop!
Look, I'm sorry!
It should have been me!
No, get out of my head!
James Sanders, Samuel Ross,
Karen Nathan.
You killed them all, Bryan.
No, I was trying to help them!
You sold them their poison
and now they're dead.
Your drugs killed them.
No, I didn't mean to.
I didn't think anything
bad would happen!
You thought wrong, murderer.
Murderer, murderer!
Get away!
Get away!
Bryan, are you okay?
What happened?
What the hell happened?
Bryan, finish the prayer now!
And lead us
not into temptation!
Your friends are waiting
for you in hell, Bryan!
Deliver us from evil,
for thine is the kingdom!
The power and the glory forever!
Just like I will be!
What happened to her?
Jesus, that's even worse.
Hell no,
the bitch ain't dead.
What's happening to her?
Do something, help her!
I will take
everything from you, Bryan.
Everything you love.
That is not my name.
I am the demon Baphomet,
Baphomet, Baphomet, Baphomet.
I accept Jesus Christ,
the holy son who's
crucified, died, and buried,
descended into hell and
rose again from the dead!
She will die, you will all die.
Descended into
heaven and now sits
at the right hand of god,
the father almighty.
God cannot save this world.
He is coming.
Who's he?
Kill her,
kill her with the cross!
Is she dead?
It's over.
Hey, give me your hand.
Hey, it's okay, it's Bryan.
What happened?
It's okay.
It's all right.
Where is Jamal?
Jamal? Jamal?
Where are you?
Oh, god.
Stay back.
Don't look at me.
Listen, man,
it's going to be okay.
My back, it hurts.
I think I need to
go to the hospital.
We're going to get you
the fuck out of here, I promise.
Just grab my arm.
It hurts.
Get upstairs,
get upstairs now!
Come on! Come on!
Yes, you can, all right,
I'm not leaving you behind.
Bryan, I'm dying.
You never gave up on me,
now come on!
Yes, I did!
Just go!
Make sure Murielle gets out safe!
Murielle, move!
Come on, come on, come on.
Get up! Get up, Murielle.
Just me, come on, come on.
Hey, come on, I'm going to
get you out of here, all right?
Hey, look at me.
Bryan, I'm sick.
I know, I'm going to get you out
of here, all right, I promise you.
Shit, get her out!
Do you think it got Bryan?
What's happening to me?
You were bit.
You're dying.
Help me.
Please someone help me.
Please help me, help me.
I always told you
you were part of the plan.
Help me!
Who the fuck are you?
He is coming.
Fuck you!
Murielle, Murielle!
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no!
I'm sorry
I couldn't save you.
Come on, come on!
Oh, shit!
What the fuck?
Like music, isn't it?
A master orchestration.
What is all this?
Wow, those drugs really did
make you slow.
There's no way out, Bryan.
And god can't save you.
Oh, stop it.
God, creator of all things.
It was you, you killed them.
Do you see blood on my hands?
What about Murielle?
What about her?
I thought you loved her.
Love is sacrifice, Bryan.
I needed her, I
needed all of you.
The crew, the monsters,
the lunar eclipse,
even this particular house
was all part of the plan.
You all had to
die on this night.
I couldn't kill
any of you myself
for the ritual,
but I provided you
with the weapons,
perfect scenario,
and you performed your
roles wonderfully.
You see, Bryan,
the documentary...
isn't what you think it is.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I need you look at me
and I want you to see.
Why me?
Because you believe in god.
You're razed with this
and I want him to see this.
You hear me?
I want you to see this.
I want you all to see this.
See what?
My rise.
Anoint the head of your king.
In the name of Satan,
Luciferis Sentus,
desolation of man,
god of hellfire,
defiler of innocence,
we your children
invoke you tonight.
Oh, radiant father, by the moon
this fallen king shall rise
from the fires of hell
and claim this world,
his birthright.
Those that burn,
bow onto thy fury
and thy wisdom.
Shall lead me up
into the green pastures.
And the angels lift death
on the angels and they...
You restore our souls!
And burial shroud...
And you will lead me
to the path!
Flame eternal!
Damn ye to god!
So, it is done.
Thank you, Martha.
The antichrist cometh.