The Moon (2023) Movie Script

a CJ ENM Studios
and BLAAD Studios production
FDO confirmed,
5 years ago,
Korea's first Moon exploration
rocket Narae-ho launched.
It experienced an unforeseen explosion,
resulting in tragic losses
of 3 incredible astronauts.
Everything was a shock to us all.
I'm sure the public was
shocked more than us...
Due to conflicts between nations,
Korea was withdrawn from
International Space Committee.
The independent lunar mission
seemed to end in failure.
The Moon can be thought of
as the Antarctic of Earth.
It contains vast underground resources
and Helium-3 is noteworthy,
which can be served
as an energy source
for humanity for tens of
thousands of years.
That's why the world is engaged
in fierce competiton over the Moon.
Who will plant the flag first?
Korea has also thrown its hat
into the ring in the competition.
but if we can continue
challenging ourselves,
then that failure becomes
a step towards our success.
To us all.
That's how Korea's second rocket
Woon-ho was created.
And these are the three astronauts
who will embark on this journey.
Being an astronaut was a dream
since I was young,
so it's an honor just to
carry out a mission on the Moon.
Her name?
I'll choose it when I arrive
on the Moon while looking at Earth.
It's been tough.
AIR FORCE LI was able to overcome everything
because of my family's support.
My son gave it to me.
He said this littile guy will protect me.
SERGEANI went through a lot of tranining during my SEAL days,
but I'm a rookie when it comes to being a pilot.
I will not let the sacrifices
of Narae-ho crew members go in vain,
by completing this mission
with experienced colleagues.
20 months of tranining,
Lee, Cho and Hwang endured
2800 hours of grueling training.
They are now ready to become
the mankind's second group
to step on the Moon after USA.
With tremendous vibration,
Woori-ho is the second manned spacecraft
On December, 2029 ,
we're heading for the Moon
once more.
We are going.
aviation and fail control systems
causing massive delays
USA's manned Lunar gateway
Solar flare that occurred today is considered
was also shut down due to the solar wind,
but the electronic control unit and the navigation
Our atmosphere absorbed
but Woori-ho, which was
lost communication with
Woori-ho embarked on its journey
and it was on the verge of
Due to the effects of solar wind,
Directly exposed to
concerns for the crew members
The cause of communication
it will enter lunar orbit
and make an attempt
Minister! Without knowing
Any damages to
the solar wind has damaged
and I, Hwang Sun-woo, am leaving a status log.
Sir, the pressure inside
It could be a decompressor power error,
2033 is stable,
current status is...
a fuel cell warning,
H overload,
why is the aux line control system
valve closed?
I don't think anyone closed it.
The scope of system errors
is expanding.
To sum up, stages 11 to 14
in the manual are nominal...
Another H-1 fuel ceil just went off!
Sporadic malfunction of H-2
while under repair!
This may cause a problem
if temp controller cannot be reset
while under PTC mode is off.
What's even more problemmatic is,
warnings from the mechanic...
What's the situation?
It's like this.
A situation where I can fool around.
Very calm situation.
It's not serioues, Hwang.
grab the manual.
Jesus Christ...
Are wimps allowed
in the SEAL unit nowadays?
He's gonna give me cancer.
Making fuss over nothing.
We're here to explore the Moon,
but you'll nag me to death.
I'm ordering you to cut comm and...
Actually, just go to sleep.
Yo, Space SEAL.
Is space a joke to you?
And Flight sounded like
he saw death earlier,
"Don't go! EVA is off limits!"
It's not like he's gonna come
and fix it if we don't.
Space SEAL, increase power
to Command Module.
Resetting power to Command Module.
Commander, I think we got
Lt. Cho, let's head back inside
Now that comm with
Earth has been cut,
space feels like hell in a way.
Hell is where your
Earthly debt remains.
This is heaven.
The perfect heaven where arrears
and interest don't exist.
Why're you talking about hell
in this sacred space?
We haven't been here that long.
Of course not!
I was thinking of my son,
who's still in that heil.
Why should I cry...
Commander, you haven't named
your unborn daughter yet.
I almost had one earlier,
but that damn solar wind...
Hwang Sun-woo.
Check the power
The chance of back-to-back
massive failures is very low.
The previous program's failure
lies on your predecessor
for not thoroughly evaluating it.
Who are you worried for?
When this fail, I got the congress
to go back to, but not you.
I begged to be sent
to the Foreign Affairs.
why put a lit major
in charge of Scienece & Tech?
What's going on?
What happened?
We got communication restored.
- What's going on?
Only their video uplink is established!
Hwang! Woori-ho!
Do you copy?
Hwang Sun-woo!
How did you re-establish
connection with them?
They're restoring the system,
but only video feed at the moment.
FDO! Current location?
They're cruising near
the orbit as planned.
Flight! Are they okay to
go outside like that?
Attention all departments,
when the network stabilizes,
backup all data,
and re-assets remote access,
power, pressure and system.
- It's hurry.
- Yes, Flight!
I told them many time
not to conduct EVA...
- Hwang Sun-woo!
Any errors other than 1102?
Check for errors on
the sun-facing solar cells.
Error 1240 popped up too.
1240 is the terminal transformer...
Commander, I think we shoud open this.
I'll check if it was short-circuited
from thruster sparks.
Okay, if there's a problem,
less one out.
got oxygen tank and the charge?
Yes, those are okay.
Good, weld them together
if there's no interference.
check the fuel tank leak
and get back inside.
Yes, sir.
Commander, what else should I do?
Comm is up.
You shold change the music.
And stop creating unnecessary tension.
We may have a short circuit,
on solar panel 1.
Lt. Cho is moving to
the problematic region.
He may be checking
the fuel tank.
Everything okay?
Okay, I'll now check
Let's see...
Commander, I think you should
come check this out.
The fuel is leaking...
Lt. Cho!
Yoon Jong!
Where's the feed?
What happened?
Someone tell me something!
Wake up, Commander!
We lost Lt. Cho's vital signal!
What about Cdr. Lee ?
Commander, wake up!
Please snap out of it!
What do we do?
What about Lt. Cho?
His harness has been cut.
Please come back in,
Wait, I'll come outside.
Hwang! What are you doing?
I'm opening the hatch!
How could you,
with the pressure difference?
If you open that,
you'll die instantly.
Just stop it...
I only have 15 seconds
I can't see properly now...
Commander, I'll come out...
No, please, don't do that!
You can't drag a body around.
Doing so will cause problems
with ship movement.
- No, Commander...
- This is...
this is my oder.
If you reboot the full system power...
No, please...
you'll get comm.
Request rescue.
Don't talk like that,
you can't do this!
One final thing...
this isn't an order,
but a request.
Return home.
Astronaut Hwang Sun-woo!
Please not! Commander!
Sir! No!
Sir! Please!
No, Commander!
No! Commander!
Woori-ho is re-establishing comm!
Transmission and reception are up!
This is Flight Director.
Reporting in.
30.000 km above the Moon,
power to Command Module
Cdr. Lee Sang-won conducted EVA
and after the repair,
thruster 1 had problems,
and decomp chamber's
power went down,
and the pressure rose...
Explosion of propellant
We lost Cdr. Lee's vitals signal.
Attempting to rescue him,
Hwang Sun-woo
You may stop,
so please calm down.
I'm the only one left,
I'm sorry...
Until we link up after
the contingency plan meeting,
re-inspect this system, out.
Two are dead,
and one survived,
but the remaining one
can't operate the spacecraft?
As a former SEAL, he has strong
physically and mentality.
If he follows our repair orders...
Don't give me that mentality bullshit!
You all lived through
that debacle 5 years ago!
What did I say in the beginning?
After being thrown out of
Space Committee, you'll win with skill?
Even making a space base later?
So much money went
down the drain ..
sir, you know developing
our own technology
costed us only a fifths
of the required contribution,
and that's why went alone.
Forget it, just get him home.
Cancel the mission, I mean
the mission is a failure.
So, just bring him back.
We have to save at least one!
What do I say to the press?
To return to Earth, we have to
control Command Module.
but after the solar wind,
remote access system is down.
Then fix it.
Who's the best in that field?
We must get the man
who designed the module instead.
Wouldn't he know the best?
Woori-ho is a replica
of Narae-ho spacecraft.
It was designed by two men,
the former flight, and the tech lead.
Teach lead Hwang Gyu-tae
look his own life 5 years ago,
as a way to take responsible.
And the other?
You said two men.
Where's the former flight director?
Bring him in!
Under this heavy snow,
and deep in the back woods,
do you think we'll starve to death?
Then a chopper will fly in.
If one of us dies, that is..
And just be quiet.
Come on, captain.
If I hold still and don't talk
I might lose consciousness.
Can't we start a fire and wait?
If you were a boar,
would you come along,
if you see people chatting
in front of a campfire?
Use your brain
if you want to eat meat.
Attention ahead.
It's here.
It's really here.
Shoot, shoot!
Shoot, now!
Captain, what are you doing?
I don't bring the bullets.
I forgot...
The whole family is here.
Shouldn't we run?
Let's walk away quietly.
Run? Should we run?
Run! Run! Let's run!
Hurry! Go!
Don't run! I said don't run!
They left, right?
2 astronauts were lost
Command Module can last
3 weeks without any support.
Request NASA's help in the meantime.
And please leave us alone.
We'll request their help.
but as you know, ISC and NASA
opposed our Moon expedition.
and if they reject our request,
we have no recourse.
Please help us save
at least one life.
Director, please help.
If you want to save one more life,
please head back.
Do me this favor.
You did it yourself 5 years ago.
That was a job I was given to do.
He's the son of Dr. Hwang Gyu-tae,
Isn't that why the success here
What is the most important task
Hwang Sun-woo must do whatever
It's crucial whether the repairs are
I'm a researcher here.
What was he a director of?
Was it a bank?
Hwang surely knows that
Yes, that's right.
Hwang Gyu-tae's son.
Thank you so much
I believe that my father is
to the best of my abilities
Confirm thermal control system
Alpha -0,9, Bravo -2,5
Verify temperature drop deviation,
Hwang's temperature is dropping.
Temp control is the problem,
if it keeps dropping, it may affect
Command Module's system.
Status of the electric heating system?
It's been running sporadically
for the past 30 minutes.
Why are you reporting that now?!
We were looking for the cause,
I'm sorry. Flight.
What is it?
What's the problem now?
Did someone mess up?
Who is it? Who?!
I ordered you all not to do anything
until the previous Flight Director arrived!
Who are you?
How did you get in...
The previous Flight Director...
PTC mode?
PTC Mode (Passive Thermal Control)
Status of PTC mode?
It stopped after the thruster explosion.
How much temp will it rise
if Woori-ho rotates for the sun?
Over 5 degree,sir.
Time to the Moon orbit?
30 minutes at current speed.
That's more than enough.
Pull up trust simulation input data.
It's just...
Pull it up!
We lost a thruster.
If anything goes wrong,
Woori-ho will become
a space pinwheel.
So you'll freeze him to death?
It'll have to rotate upon orbit entry,
so, let's do it early.
Calculate thruster discharge
and time, and report.
Open comm.
Hwang Sun-woo,
If you follow my order,
it'll be in position
to enter the lunar orbit,
without additional input,
can you do it?
Yes, I'll try, sir.
First, if we rotate the ship
the temperature will rise
without activating the heating system,
and PTC mode will recover.
If you're ready,
let's get started.
Do you see RCS
on the control panel?
Yes, I see RCS.
Here is the data.
Activate it.
RCS on standby
We lost thruster 1
due to the accident earlier.
activate thruster 2 at 20%
for 2 seconds.
Copy, sir.
Thruster 2.
at 20% power.
For 2 seconds.
Thruster 2 countdown.
Manual ignition of B2 RCS thruster
Possible deviation from coordinates
Thruster 3 for 1,5 seconds!
Firing for 1.5 seconds!
Adjusting Woori-ho orientation!
All performing nominally.
Delta-V conditon nominal.
Vector data identical
to prior value.
Interior temperature rising!
Arrived at the Lunar north pole
rendezvous orbit.
and no problems cruising
in orbit from here on!
Cruising, PTC mode nominal
Former Flight Director,
Kim Jae-gook.
He's also the architect
of Narae-ho's Command Module.
It look a lot of effort on my part
to scout him from NASA.
I didn't ask.
My only concern is whether
he can be save or not.
Everything else is not important,
and not even curious.
Hwang, great wok.
Woori-ho is approaching
so, the comm will go dark.
Take a breather,
and I'll call when you reach
Could I ask for the little and name
KIm Jae-gook.
I worked with you father.
You know me.
Commander, you haven't named
I almost had one earlier,
I'll choose it when I arrive
Which means getting assistance
from NASA is currently impossible .
Isn't there an American space station
orbiting the Moon?
It's easier said than done,
space does not have
a meeting point.
There's no rest stop
Docking with a spacecraft
It's me.
Been a while.
Well, I'm still the same.
- Captain! Captain!
- Watching the stars at the observatory.
- You have to go!
- Are you listening?
I want to ask you something,
is that okay?
I'll answer anything expect
your wrecked Woori-ho.
Are you there on your own terms?
Did you willingly walk
into the space center?
Listen carefully.
No, your Lunar gateway...
will be within Woori-ho's
vicinity in 48 hours.
- Listen to me, at present...
The sole survivor is Gyu-tae's son
Hwang Sun-woo!
- You listen to me, Mr Kim!
Lunar gateway was hit with the solar wind,
and nothing's normal expect comms.
My crew's been up for 2 days
No one's feeling reasonable here,
begging for help at this point
will fall on deaf ears.
The answer will be same even if
your president makes a formal request.
Please help, honey...
it'd be great to rescue him,
and I want that sincerely,
but that won't bring back Gyu-tae.
I have to go.
They're separating the Lander!
It'll land on the Moon,
everyone's nuts !
Checking EVA checklist,
PLSS nominal,
Lander propulsion check,
Undocking 110 km above the Moon,
I can't go along with this.
It wasn't our decision.
Stop this at once!
It's not us!
Hwang decided of his volition!
How can he operate the Lander?
Are you really out of your mind?
We can't stop
what he's doing from here.
From undocking to landing,
returning to Command Module
everything's on autopilot.
Open comm.
Hwang, this is Kim Jae-gook.
Lunar gateway will reach
You can dock then.
What if it doesn't happen?
They could refuse the docking.
They have reasons to
our ship isn't in good shape too.
Then I'll reset the command's
program error.
normalize the system
and bring you back.
So initiate sequence abort!
And if you can't fix it in 2 days?
You failed to do for Narae-ho,
Abort the sequence!
Dr. Kim Jae-gook.
Why should I put my life
in your hands?
Get him out.
Whether Luna gateway takes me,
and I'm going to use that time
for the 2 men I lost here,
and everyone who sacrificed
I'm standing outside
Naro Space Center.
Many members of the press are here
to witness the historic moment
Captain, I have a question.
Did you check
the meteor shower coordinates?
I'm constantly checking IAU's website.
Keep your eyes on it.
Tell me if something comes up.
Ask me later,
I got a Command Module to fix.
we'll see Korea's first ever man
An update on the current status
has proposed to continue the mission by himself.
Landing gear operating nominally,
initiating final check for undocking.
- GNC!
- GNC go!
- Guidance!
- Guidance go!
Second stage okay,
Woori-ho, you may proceed
with undocking.
Tracker lights confirmed
Former NASA researcher
returned home 14 years ago for
Korea's aerospace technology
and based on Dr. Kim
Newest fairing model
and the seperation test
was a success.
BSM insulation design is good too.
Everything except the scale
matches the flight model.
That scale model is
coming along as well.
Became the researchers
their efforts and ability to
It launched into the sky
Can Korea put world's
This is my son a physics major.
FDO confirmed!
30 km above the Moon,
I've just pass Mare Fecuditatis,
and approaching
Shackleton crater as planned.
Okay, let's prep landing sequence.
Reverse thruster,
2 minutes inputted.
Prepping landing sequence,
Lander descending rapidly
approaching Shackleton crater.
3, 2, 1.
Roger, guidance in stage 3,
Descend maneuver stage 2!
Altitude 30 m,descending speed
at 1 m per second!
Initiating final landing sequence!
Altitude 110m,
15 m to LZ, 0,9 m per second!
Adjusting elevation angle to 6 degrees
Visual compromised!
Dust kicking up badly!
1 m, sightly to the right!
4, 3,
2, 1!
Lunar contact light...
has landed on the Moon.
Amazing job!
That was incredible!
Amazing! Amazing!
We've just received a report that
This makes Korea, the second country
Lauching exploration drone Maru.
3 hours of operation time,
today marks a historic day
To be able to set our foot
we experienced countless
Today is a monumental day,
to be stopped by hardships
Please pray for Hwang's
As the representative
of the Korean government,
I will formally request
to assist in bringing back
What I'm asking all of you
during the remaining time is,
recover this nitrogen valve,
the position module,
and the auto nav settings.
We have 5 hours until Hwang
I'll go over system recovery code.
Let's get started.
I will now commence
Confirm input of
Coordinates input complete.
Let's go find them, boys.
As you can see, all the functions of the Gateway
including the maneuvering
are back to normal except the robot arm,
And of course,
the use of robot arm is barely required
in the case of docking command module of Woori-ho,
requested by Korea.
So it won't be an issue, anyway.
the robot arm is to be repaired
by the time when Gateway reaches the orbit
with the altitude of 140km above the lunar surface
that Woori-ho has been on it two days...
Any special offers from your home country?
Oh... Well...
I guess no offer can be special enough the future
Director of NASA.
The general supervisor in building Narae,
was your ex-husband, wasn't he?
I'm not asking this question, the White House is.
is my husband.
Data on the meteor shower, send from the NEOcam.
It's heading toward the moon.
I already alerted the Gateway,
pay particular attention for possible damages.
PLSS and oxegen gauge
Naro, Hwang reporting in.
I'm moving to the mission area
the center of Shackleton crater.
Permanently shadowed crater is up ahead.
that's the border of
It's -160 degrees after it,
Check secondary missions
US-led Space Committee have
has reason to exclude Korea, no?
That right.
What's important is,
Earth has the South Pole,
and we have King Sejong Station there.
What happen if we build
According to Outer Space Treaty
countries that explored the Moon
As if luck would have it,
I've arrived the mission area.
Commencing drilling.
Korea's request for permission
You'll receive a formal reply through
The reason?
May I ask for the reason?
This morning is the US time
NEO Surveyor that's halo orbit
It could be due to the solar wind,
but the scale is substantial.
Which direction?
Meteor shower?
Request assistance from
the Weather Service,
Captain, please...
Captain, one moment...
The Weather Service, sir?
Check progress of
Main mission 3 completed,
Bring back your astronaut
Bring Hwang back up!
For what? It'll be at
the far side of the Moon.
He's at the border
between far and near sides.
He'll be okay there.
Move aside, let go of me!
You can't!
- Let go! Out of the way!
- You're not allowed!
Good news? He's got good news?
That's it!
And the other?
Flight, he said he had 2 good news.
The meteor shower
on the far side has ended.
I haven't observed any
activities for the past 2 minutes.
I think you can all rest easy for now.
Moonquake detected,
Hwang, get to safety!
What is it?
Meteor shower detected!
Check impact area
Halt mission, meteor shower risk!
Hwang! Get to the Lander ASAP!
As per ZHR and coordinate calculation,
the meteor shower will hit Hwang next!
Naro! Requeting meteor shower's
impact trajectory!
Did you run the tests?
There's no time.
Reset and reboot
Command Module's software first.
No, what if the power and doesn't return...
Even if he does return,
it's all over when
the docking port doesn't work!
So, run the test first!
A massive meteor is falling
towards the Shackleton crater!
- Did he fall in?
- No...
What happened
Reset and reboot
Command Module's software!
Go on, do it.
I'll take full responsibilities,
so do it right away.
Command Module shut down,
Maru, to my location!
Command Module reboot is ready.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Maru in emergency evac mode,
I got out!
Command Module's power
is coming back on!
Heading inside the Lander!
No, please...
More meteoroids en route!
The Lander must launch immediately!
Lander ready to launch!
Hwang, ready to launch!
Meteoroid impact range
nearing the Lander!
Hwang Sun-woo,
we'll launch the Lander.
Copy, launching the Lander!
Fuel at 42 hours!
Oxygen 48 hours!
Autopilot performing nominally!
Emergency detection system,
operating nominally!
Internal power at max!
Auto system switcher, normal!
Lander has reached the orbit!
Propulsion off!
Horizontal 204m, vertical 46m...
Command Module signal...
has been not detected.
The tracking coordinates must be
sent by Command Module!
Maneuver Command Module
to TPI stage, docking position!
Docking position!
We got remote access
Remote access system
operating nominally
Initiating docking sequence!
Lander entering docking
Hwang, we're now in control.
Line up IDA2!
Command Module aligning
Confirming Command Module
Command Module's
The docking port target lined up!
Soft capture, check!
- Adapter latch!
Soft capture complete!
Hard capture docking in progress!
Hwang Sun-woo, great work!
Transfer to Command Module confirmed!
Thank you.
I will now transfer
What was that?
- Enforcement systems error!
- Helium valve cut off!
- Gimbals errors!
- Pressurization system error!
Breaking away from orbit,
altitude decreasing!
One at a time!
System! Take over the autopilot!
Autopilot system cannot be recovered!
Expected splashdown...
in the far side of the Moon.
You must separate!
Separate the Lander!
Initiate manual separation!
Copy, manual separation...
Hwang, you have to
You have to control the spin,
switch to manual mode!
I can't breathe...
I can't breathe...
Possible ammonia coolant leak!
Hwang! Put on the helmet!
Don't breathe
and put your helmet on!
Get it together, Hwang!
Switch to manual mode!
- I'm dizzy
Switch to manual mode!
Please, please!
I repeat, you must switch
to manual mode!
We lost comm.
I lost the signal...
of Hwang's...
life-supporting system.
Oh gosh...
Early this morning,
while returning to Commad Module
All communication with Woori-ho
This occurred after successfully
which adds another layer of
This happened just 9 hours
4 hours have elapsed
since the comm cut off.
The problem is oxygen depletion.
What's the chance of his survival?
The far side is -160 degrees,
so batteries and fuel
deplete much faster.
And the president?
At this rate, he'll likely have
a memorial speech in an hour.
And? What do I do?
I have a press briefing ready,
please read this.
Give him my regards
and send him off.
Shit will hit the fan if the word got out
that 1st mission's director was involved
However, the country lost communication
During a briefing by its Science & Technology Minister,
"Truly Heartbreaking That
What are you doing
with that busted gun?
Should I get you
some sleeping pills?
If you take about 200,
you'll reach the Moon in one go.
Did you load it
with bullets this time?
Let me be,
I'm begging you.
Let you be?
Are you nuts?! Seriously!
Captain, look at this!
Access code to our CEO sat
This is extent of my help!
Mayday... Mayday... This is Hwang Sun-woo.
Do you read me?
This is Hwang Sun-woo,
astronaut of Republic of Korea...
Do you read me?
Do you read me?
Hurry! Come on!
Observatory monitor,
move aside.
Sun-woo! Hwang Sun-woo!
Do you hear me,
it's me, Dr. Kim Jae-gook!
Why can't he hear me?
Right, one-way comm,
gotta switch the reception port!
What are you doing?
One sec, I got an idea.
I fell on the moon,
Do you read me?
Hwang, do you copy?!
Hwang Sun-woo, it's me,
This is Hwang Sun-woo.
This is Kim Jae-gook,
what's your situation?
I've crash landed on Campbell Crater
on the far side of the Moon.
I know about that,
what about you?
I'm okay...
Condition of the Lander?
I'm lowered the oxygen level.
Remaining supply is at 40%.
That's 5 hours worth, what else?
I barely resolved the ammonia leak
to conserve power.
Exterior damage is not
feasible to check.
Should I EVA and check?
The meteor shower is ongoing?
Yes, intermiterly.
Don't go outside!
With the comm up,
can't the mission control check?
I'm not...
at the mission control.
How did you manage to call them?
You said there's only one way,
just get going!
And this!
I'm thinking of uploading it
to Youtube,
with some epic music,
it'll go viral, right?
With oxygen level reduced,
he may fall asleep.
It's all over if he does.
By golly! Captain!
Heart attack?!
I got here too late,
I'm so sorry!
I'm sorry!
Didn't you say
he died of heart attack?
- I'm really sorry.
- Come on...
Let's go save someone for real.
Where? Where is he?
The Moon.
There? That?
The Moon?
Hwang Sun-woo is alive.
Hey, check that out,
he's still alive!
A Youtube video containing
who crashed landed
You can hear Hwang's voice
and he goes on to say that
I barely resolved the ammonia leak,
Mr. Hwang Sun-woo,
you're not sleeping, right?
No, I'm not sleeping,
I can't sleeping.
I'm taking deep breaths,
don't worry.
You can still fall asleep,
so let me ask you some questions.
Why did you join the SEAL?
I heard it's a reality brutal
Like you can't even wimp
Should I guess why
you volunteered for it?
I won't fall asleep,
can't we have some peace?
"I wanted to know
the limits of my pain."
During hardcore training
that tests you pain to the limit,
whether is be physical
or psychological,
you can't think about
We instinctively focus
on the greater pain.
Then was it because
of your father?
Because of the pain
you tell from his loss?
Am I right?
Common denominator.
My family had it hard
after we lost my dad.
You barely know anything about me,
you're sleeping out of line.
where's he's requesting for rescue from the far side of the Moon,
and the people around the world are supporting Hwang saying.
The security code to the satellite changes every 6 hours
and it's only granted to you, me and the astronauts.
Who do you think gave that out?
The location where the file on Youtube was uploaded
is confirmed as a place called Mt. Sobaek.
Not even Naro Space Center.
Submit your phone.
Check her call and text history...
And seize her computer to examine.
The White House wants to talk to you.
He's waiting for you now.
Lander signal detected!
Comms are up!
Autopilot is nominal!
Fuel supply, 2 hours!
Nav and control systems okay!
Steering is nominal!
This is Korea's Naro,
If you have signal,
please respond.
Only the interior video feed is working.
Hwang, what is the sitrep
of the Lander interior?
What the hell is going on?
Hwang Sun-woo is alive.
You uploaded that video
to Youtube, right?
Hell broke loose
in the president's office.
He made a memorial speech,
and I cried before the public...
but Hwang's alive?
So what? What now then?
The Internet is on fire,
Are we not rescuing him?
We simply can't, am I right?
How do we fetch someone
from the far side of the Moon?
You wanna have 2 funerals?
Another meteor shower!
Lander's impact level is rising!
We'll move him to a safe area for now.
Where's a safe area in space?
Flight director, answer me!
Where's a safe area in that space?
Will you bring up NASA again?
You heard them, they won't go
into the meteor minefield!
Lunar gateway has granted
our docking request just now!
It was decided during an emergency
Answer the call,
NASA's on standby!
Dr. Kim, hurry!
US is in a tough spot.
Thanks to that viral clip,
Americans are demanding his rescue,
asking what ISS is doing.
The White House server went down!
Who uploaded this?
How was is done?
I don't really know.
Yes, yes, yes!
Very nice!
This is Mission Control speaking.
We just completed our course corrections
and are at the minimum velocity
Gateway, beware of lowering orbit.
They're clearing Yoon's room,
and her articles are being inspected.
As soon as we get proof of the leakage,
she'll be sent to the disciplinary committee right away.
Then this docking mission will be her last job here.
Keep an eye on her.
In a moment, Lunar gateway will
approach the Doppler crater orbit.
It will take over control
Once the Lander reaches
Lunar gateway will take control
I want to make it clear,
if this is not successful
for whatever reasons,
there won't be any more
If you're ready,
Good to go!
All departments!
Preflight check status!
FDO go!
Guidance go!
System go!
Countdown sequence start!
Increasing thrust to maximum!
Engine iginition!
No, no..
The ground...
Abort! Hwang Sun-woo!
Hwang! Abort sequence!
Autopilot system...
is down...
Status of docking port?
has been completely destroyed.
It can'be controlled now?
What's working...
Give me something that works.
Mission Control! We can't lower the velocity
I repeat! We can't maintain this velocity
Waiting for confirmation from the main director.
Back to the Halo-Orbit.
Enviromental control system is down.
Hwang, what are you doing?
There's enough oxygen,
and you can switch steering to manual.
I think we tried everything we can.
Oxygen valve...
has been closed.
You're just like your father.
Yes, it turned out that way.
I didn't want to
end it like my father...
I'm sorry...
It wasn't your father's fault!
So open the oxygen valve!
You didn't see his will, right?
he knew there was a flaw
He knew about it,
I mean, he couldn't.
to succeed more.
I won't ask you to
forgive my father.
Thank you for everything.
Over and out for good.
Don't close the comm port!
I have...
something to say...
your father came to me.
a problem with the engine.
He said it'd be dangerous
He asked for a 2-month delay.
He begged me for it.
But I refused.
There was a very low
but my biggest reason
for rejecting his request was...
after 5 delays, I was afraid that
the program might implode.
I guess I wanted to
succeed more than him.
I won't ask you to forgive me...
Sun-woo,come back...
I'm begging you.
The oxygen valve is open again!
Astronaut Hwang Sun-woo,
requesting a new directive.
Did you check the sat photo?
The location is different.
He can lift off, when it drops down
the valley and if the thruster's good.
Unlike before, valley stopes
Meteoroids could get him
in the current location.
And we can't even dock
with the gateway.
The docking port is damaged.
Lunar's head is facing
the near side of the Moon.
Get it to the near side.
The near side?
Let's say we launch it,
we can't land it,
let alone steer it
That's your job to resolve.
I'll do my best from my end.
is everything you just said
authorized by NASA?
This will be my final task at NASA.
How much fuel left?!
30-minutes flying time,
4-minutes max output.
That's enough, open comms,
prep for launch!
Hwang! Get ready to launch!
Where to?
We're going back
to the near side of the Moon.
That's possible?
Sun-woo, is it possible for you
to bring the drone inside?
Attention everyone!
Please listen carefully.
Get her out now!!
Ok now go! Do it!
Ground control,
Hwang, are you ready?
I'm ready, sir.
Target altitude,
As you know,
has failed.
born in Biringham, UK.
Although you're from different countries,
are all United...
Once you are on board as astronauts
of Lunar Gateway leaving the Earth,
you are now ONE as astronauts,
For me,
Hwang Sun-woo is also our fellow astronaut,
not a Korean who failed his mission.
Hwang would soon be falling to the near side of the moon.
Right now, that astronaut is asking us for help.
He has survived all by himself,
losing two of his friends...
but he hasn't give up on anything, yet
Forget his nationality for now, Please.
Please save the astronaut Hwang Sun-woo,
who's desperately asking for help.
It really is our last chance now.
Now is the moment! It's YOU!
And of course.
this decision is
It's not an order from the Earth.
Jennifer... you really should leave now.
Decom chamber,
ready to move.
98km above Kepler crater
Hwang Sun-woo, ready to go.
He's at the near side.
He must jump before
entering orbit.
Delay any further
and he'll fly out to space!
Hwang Sun-woo!
Open hatch!
Copy! Opening hatch!
Final confirmation!
All departments,
final status check!
All departments,
Surgeon go!
Control go!
Hwang, jump!
Oxygen at 17%,
Current altitude, 72km.
9 km, 8 km!
7 km!
Hwang! Now!
This is Lunar Gateway.
I repeat. Please reply if you hear us,
We are ready to undock and Glen and William
This is Gateway,
Thank you, Maru.
It turned on?
This is Hwang Sun-woo speaking.
I've landed on the near side of the
as soon as you get my coordinates,
I repeat.
Astronaut Hwang Sun-woo,
on the Moon, has been rescued
A lander undocks from
It heads down to
At 8a.m. this morning,
headed for Kepler Crater
and successfully rescued
He will return to Korea
Astronaut Hwang Sun-woo has
To the members of NASA,
and the members of KASC
to space development
I want to extend
The Moon does not belong
It cannot be owned ruled,
it is a resource for the entire Earth,
I vow to share all data
You'll come back, right?
Therefore, every nation
I'm going back...
to Mt. Sobaek.
Why isn't he coming?
There he is, look!
It's me, the minister!
Remember me?
I... want to thank everyone.
Because of you, I was able to return safely.
Special Guest
My father...
really on the Moon?
Sang-won already came up
with her name.
Its's 'Ah-yoon'.
It's your name backwards.
And KIM Hee Ae
International Space committee, announced on the 20th
The crucial factor for
It's big.
It's a take anyway,
you have to borrow a big one?
It's not like you'll wear.
I'll wear it and act in it,
so mind your business.
NASA have announced that
and she was the head of
That's amazing
Yoon was under disciplinary action
it's highly unusual for a disciplined individual
The White House attributed this deciding
which left a profound impression
and made this groundbreaking
Boys and girls!
Where did our country visit
in space not too long ago?
The Moon!
That's right, it wasa the Moon!
I'll show you that astronauts wear
when they go out to space...
Space suit!
Yes, I'll show is to you today.
Applause if you want to see it!
There's the astronaut!
Let's go check it out!
You mustn't mess with it!
Careful, careful!
It looks so interesting, doesn't it?
Say thank you.
Don'touch that!
Please don't do that!
No! No!
It's stinky!
All the air is released.
Kang Han Byul!
You should've stopped them
from getting too close
How could I stop these rascals?
Kid their age can't be stopped.