The Moon Is Blue (1953) Movie Script

6 dozen
and two pumice stones.
Follow that car!
Why were you in such a hurry?
- Excuse me?
At the checkout, you disappeared.
I was not sure that ...
He had to speak.
I shouted "Hey!"
but you were soaring you.
No, I meant
in the shop.
Why are pumice stones?
- To remove ink from my hands.
And you needed elastic?
Yes, for my work.
You monitor me closely.
And razor blades ...
- I shave.
, You did not buy anything.
I wanted
a lovely lipstick
but it cost $ 1.50
and I gave up.
It was beautiful, it was called ...
- "Pastel Pink". A trite name.
For me?
- I rarely put.
As you are nice!
You also watch me.
- Yes, for a long time.
I had to smile
to jewellery.
It's not my style.
You could smile, the body,
instead of you scowl.
I wanted to take the defiantly.
- You have me doubled elevators.
Upon entering the elevator,
I thought you were behind me.
Is not that wonderful?
We do not see much
We see Welfare Island.
You dream? We see nothing.
- Me, I see!
Not even the Chrysler building.
- Me, I see it!
You are crazy!
- My imagination sees.
Down, it was announced: bad
visibility. There is not a cat.
I do not mind.
I'm glad to be.
We are more
300 meters high.
The tallest building in the world.
This is wonderful!
Of course it was madness.
But it was worth it.
About ...
Voil your dollars 1.20.
How so?
Despite challenging your scowling,
I paid two inputs.
I explained to the cashier
we had bickered
and she gave me your money.
So it is you who invite me?
How nice!
Thank you very much.
I'll enjoy it more.
And you do not know my name.
What is your name?
My name is Patty O'Neill.
Don Gresham.
You name it goes very well.
Patty, it rarely happens to me
follow a woman.
I wonder how it works.
For 10 cents, you'll know.
- Thank you, you're nice.
When you arrived,
I pretended.
I've realized.
It's great!
Has seen for miles.
Do you watch?
I am already come.
My office is in the building.
You seem you impatient.
Would you hold my hand?
You are a little crazy
but your hand is soft.
What do you think?
I want to cry.
- Why?
All these people ...
- What people?
In Brooklyn ...
Brooklyn is it.
- And then I want to cry.
- This is so sad.
Live in Brooklyn?
Not kidding.
I was born there.
I do not understand
what you mean.
These poor people
working a sweat ...
It is not known by such weather.
- Do not be so down-to-earth.
There was so much fog,
I like it here.
Can not you cold?
I always have cold hands
when I moved.
And you are excited?
I dreamed of climbing here.
- You could not?
It was too expensive for me.
The price of a pair of socks!
I do not know what made me decide!
- What you're cute.
It will not hold.
- But if it will hold.
Well, let's say it does not.
Descend and go to dinner.
- No.
- I've already costed quite expensive.
Do not say that.
- An entrance and a lipstick!
And 10 cents telescope!
- It's true.
You would not
of a needle and thread?
If, in fact, I have.
I'm going to sew
Hold a second needle.
No scissors?
Give me the button.
You dropped the needle!
Too bad! I see is bigger
a haystack.
Come to my office.
You recoudrez button.
You have a needle?
My secretary
has many needles.
Good try.
What is your occupation?
- Architect.
That explains pumice.
No, a real architect.
I can build
a cathedral or a shelter.
How much is a cathedral,
a little?
Your name on the door!
You are known?
I am
a good way architect.
Your secretary is not?
She leaves to 17 hours.
But it must have a needle.
So try it.
Do not ask me
why he bites his leg.
There are probably a needle.
What have we here?
Stamps, paper clips ...
We burn: pins!
Have you ever seen sew?
I'm afraid ...
When you know,
you know she probably
thread and needle.
Will see in my office.
That's funny!
Looks like a umbrella stand!
I understand was what use
elastic. I can watch?
Civic Centre.
You built it?
It is constructed.
- Find your needle.
Needle? I'll look
in the workbook has the letter "A".
It's funny to watch a building
thinking that created it, right?
I'll tell you a secret.
My first build
was an ugly brick shed.
I went at night
admire for hours.
do not interest many people.
It's more fun
to admire someone.
Who is this?
Her name is Cynthia.
She is cute.
Very cute.
It is not on the desktop?
- She was there.
Are you in love with her?
I do not know. I was.
I'm not any more.
You like she?
- How do I know?
You were engaged?
We were more or less ...
It's over.
There are clearly not
Or do you want dinner?
- Nowhere.
We have dinner together.
Useless to discuss.
You can go to Stork Club?
- Of course.
It's too expensive
for boys that I frequent.
we'll eat spaghetti.
I prefer a good steak.
Like the Stork Club?
I'll rarely.
But people love the show.
I'm an actress.
Known or beginner?
- Rather beginner.
Are you one of those bitten
that theatre in the blood?
No, I think
I'd rather marry.
I'd rather marry.
But the kind of man I'm looking for
is not easy.
Will he find
the Empire State Building?
You are not my kind of man.
- Oh no?
You looked so awkward
arranging your button.
And you are too young.
Have you ever been married?
I want to marry
a mature man, very rich.
I wish he was married.
Too bad if he has 5 kids.
It's not very romantic.
Love is good for the girls.
I would rather be appreciated
that pampered.
You believe
it would be my kind?
Yes, you must be
very demonstrative.
I like that.
I am very affectionate.
Show me that.
Cynthia was loving it?
You ask too many questions.
Come on.
Why do we go to 79th Street?
The Stork Club is not there.
I know. But this is my address.
Can I go to the Stork Club
without button?
But I ...
We take a glass
then you recoudrez my button.
have no needle.
I am different.
Does not it bother you to go?
I do not know.
You try to seduce me?
I do not know.
Probably. Why?
I need to know.
You should feel this stuff.
It poses no
such questions.
Me, though. Always.
And if you answered
we will try to seduce you?
I believe and I lose a dinner.
If we say
we have pure intentions?
In general, I believe ...
But sometimes they are wrong.
I hate those men it.
Both girls
willing to be seduced
why choose those
who do not want?
Good. I will not give you the court.
Do you believe me?
Yes. You are nice.
I like you.
I might be lying.
- It's true. Do you tell lies?
I do not know. I never
met a girl like you.
This is nice!
- I will maybe kiss.
That I do not see any problem.
I wonder if you are naive
or if you let me walk.
It's simple, listen to me.
In a man, two things
can happen to a girl:
lose its virtue
or fight to keep it.
I will neither lose,
or fight.
I also play cards on the table.
Is not that better?
Okay. Awarded.
Affection without passion.
Affection without passion.
Sounds like a slogan
for elections.
You are exquisite
although a little crazy.
Patty O'Neill.
You are very Irish.
Dad was born in Brooklyn,
but Irish parents.
It has real angers of Irish.
What is he doing?
- He's a cop.
Currency of 10 dollars?
Does not it bother you to go?
At all.
- Without fear?
No fear!
I doubt your manhood.
Leaving that aside ...
- Men are weird.
They are upset
that they be trusted.
But why
do you trust him?
I believe honest man.
Women feel these things it.
I want my three daughters
feel it too!
Thank you. To that
I just learned,
a psychologist
I would pay 25 dollars.
As better than it not gene you.
- That what bothers me?
In general, men
hate virgins. Not you.
Many women
went home?
I do not remember.
The elevator boy
he frowns?
The elevator boy
is an electric button.
It was Cynthia.
- You said it was over.
For me, it's over.
- She had a determined look.
This way.
Excuse me.
Hi, Mike.
Not tonight. I go out.
A later.
Who is Mike?
- A friend of mine.
Are you angry?
- No. Why?
You hang up so fast.
I had nothing to tell him.
I could not dine with him.
You could chat.
I always chat with my friends.
I have no doubt.
Or will you put her photo?
With my winter socks.
Who wrote it?
Probably the maid.
she would treat you bastard?
I do not give him tips.
You will what? Martini?
I just want a little lemonade.
- I'm sorry, I do not have lemon.
Too bad,
I confine myself to an olive.
An olive.
Give me your jacket.
Where is the button?
Jacket ...
A Picasso litho.
Like it?
No, I find it appalling.
If your apartment was to me,
I embarrassed.
Me, I love it.
- Put it in the room?
She is well and she stayed.
What love cooking!
If you saw our oven!
Vicki argues that the date of the flood.
This is my room-mate.
And mill waste!
Vicki marry anyone
for a kitchen with grinder.
The martini, you do not like?
I liked it but I do not drink any more.
It is posh drinking
when you do not feel very.
I can take off my shoes?
- Remove what you want.
You have pretty feet.
- Thank you.
Do you have a mistress?
A mistress? Is not
expression a bit dated?
It's old fashioned but explicit.
Did you?
You ask these question?
You are single
and you seem at ease.
Most singles
have one.
We do not ask people
suddenly they have a mistress.
Me, though. It saves time.
We always know sooner or later.
Did you?
Actually, no.
- So much the better. I'm happy.
Why do not you?
You are not obliged to answer.
I think maybe
it's posh to have a mistress
when you do not feel very.
It is very fair.
And Cynthia ...?
- It was not my mistress.
I did not say that.
- You were going to say.
You're really
any more engaged?
Any more.
She is very cute.
It has a nice chin.
Home, everything is nice.
- So she was your mistress!
No, nothing of the sort!
If you say
that everything is beautiful in it is ...
Sex great concern to you.
- Yes, you.
You really believe that?
You ask
if you want to seduce you,
if you like virgins,
if you have a mistress.
If sex does not concern you ...
That may be true.
But it is better than I am
qu'occupe concerned with sex.
Now that you actually two.
It started to rain.
When you broke up with Cynthia?
It happened last night or this morning.
That is why
she wrote "bastard"?
You did not believe in the right?
- Not for a second.
It makes you much trouble?
- You think so?
I asked you if you loved
and yet you hesitated.
She has left a void in my heart.
- Why did you break up?
You ask too many questions.
I'm sorry.
It is not by indiscretion.
I am interested in people.
My God!
What time is it?
8:35 p.m.. Why?
- My sketch has spent 20h.
- I turned veiled weeks.
What a pity!
- Too bad. He returns at midnight.
We look.
- No. I'll be in my bed.
But look at it.
Midnight, the 4th string.
Now go to dinner.
- Okay. Let's go.
You will be soaked
not waterproof.
Do not go. Dine here.
I am good cooker.
But I do not
excellent food!
You something.
Would that remains?
I focus very much remains.
Like the marineau?
- Excuse me?
Based on herring fillets.
Did you?
- I would not want to have.
Do not say that.
It is delicious.
The only thing
vaguely edible here
this is cheese
I was sent a Christmas.
It's blue!
- It turns blue.
You never eat here?
Not surprising
you are unhappy!
I'm not at all unhappy.
How sad!
Love this kitchen unused
and this beautiful glacier
and the oven.
And mill
nobody uses.
It is a cry.
You are the strangest girl
I know.
You know me hardly.
- It does not mean anything ...
I think we would do well
not to mention both.
Because it should not.
That's all.
In case you have a crush
to one another.
It would be boring?
Yes, having approached me, you
always wondering questions.
How about?
About those who could
accost me before you, as you.
I am already asked.
It happens to you often?
Once and doubt intrudes.
- My doubts were dispelled.
Doubts may dissipate
but they come back.
You built?
No. I want to build one day.
This is just one project.
Charming. But you will not find
ever such trees.
They exist. I field.
One day I will build the hut.
The room?
Three windows. A large fireplace
or you can do a roast beef.
In a room, it would be funny.
Branch of the oak
be 60 cm from the balcony.
If I had such a tree,
I live it.
When I was a kid ...
Do you like children?
I can not see them.
You find the world too rotten
in order to give birth to children?
Children are not born
they cleanse the world?
I had not thought of.
Enough to think.
And dinner?
You want to prepare here?
What to do with a piece of cheese?
I have a waterproof,
I can go to the grocery store.
This would be perfect!
I love to cook
but this is rarely a man.
I live with a girl.
- You relieve me.
Who is concerned about sex already?
- Okay ...
What does it buy?
- I'll make a list.
Leave me alone.
I want to think about everything.
I registered all except
commodities. Do it alone.
Well, what do you expect?
I do not want to introduce myself
elections with your slogan.
"Affection without passion."
For me ...
You are not passionate
but hungry. Go to the grocer.
I'm faster than lightning.
Put boots.
It's pouring.
I never wear these ...
Put them!
- Do not order me!
This is my maternal instinct
How old are you?
- 30 years, why?
30 years! Let's see.
Half, it's 15. 7.
22! It's great!
It just falls!
It is said that the woman must have
half the man's age plus 7.
What a woman ... What man?
- Nothing ... Go ahead.
I will report what it takes
for breakfast.
Do not you worried, Vicki.
He is an architect.
It has a beautiful apartment,
in 79th Street.
His name is Don Gresham
and has beautiful eyes Cocker.
Wait a second, it rings.
Cynthia you are, is not it?
I heard so much about you.
What an adorable puppy!
Don went to buy steaks.
I will prepare our dinner.
Why did you write "bastard"?
What has happened?
Do you want to wait?
It does not hurt
has a fly.
He loves the kids
and a beautiful oak.
An oak, that's it.
Never mind, I'll explain.
It still sounds.
I'll call you later.
Goodbye, do you not worried.
I want to be good ...
- Be what?
I did not think
find a woman here.
This is not an ungodly hour.
No, of course.
Mr. Gresham is it?
I came out, but it will come back.
Will you come?
I do not think I ...
I thought Don would.
Do you want a drink?
- With pleasure.
I had a headache this morning
but a glass ...
I know. I have already treated
over cooked there are parish priests.
They do not mix.
I'm David Slater. And you?
- Patty O'Neill.
Very pretty name. Been to Don
No, but I feel
there a long time.
It is cabbage.
I'm crazy about him.
Very interesting ...
Is it crazy to you?
Our feelings are platonic.
- Sure ...
My feet hurt me,
so I took off my shoes.
Do not say that.
- Why? That is true.
Say instead:
"I've hurt my foot."
"My feet hurt"
expression is down-to-earth.
Sit down.
This chair rotates.
Wheelchair turning
often for me.
You do not drink?
- I do not drink.
Do you know Cynthia?
- Yes, of course.
It was the bride of Don ...
Finally, more or less.
More or less?
Their engagement
were rather vague.
Waves? II told you?
- No. In any case, it's over.
Yes, I know.
Don has row with his socks.
Was she a wound?
Difficult to say.
- Why? Answer yes or no.
It is not so simple.
- Why not?
It turns out that ...
Cynthia is my daughter.
Excuse me. If I had known,
I would not have asked you that.
I know it well.
It is.
In any case, it is superb.
What did you say
about socks?
Nothing. Forget it.
Don went to buy steaks.
We will dine here.
I am good cooker.
Like steak?
- I love it.
If you stay to dinner with us?
- No. But thank you anyway.
Is this because of Cynthia?
Have they broken because of you?
No. I had two fingers
love him as a son.
I asked
to give them my blessing.
Is it collapsed?
- He needs more than that!
But I am.
I relied on him.
You are sorry they have broken.
I know nothing
what happened.
You seem to want a Don.
A he wrong?
It is to know
I'm here.
It seems that I should
horsewhip Mr. Gresham.
Cynthia told me this morning,
it seems ...
You do not know?
I was not clear,
and she talked a lot.
It seems that he has "taken liberties
with love "my daughter.
One would not Don.
- It's not that I quote Don.
Ms. Slater?
- I'm divorced
And this is not my wife
but Cynthia told me.
I do not know to raise my daughter.
She probably needs a mother.
- A mother or a good spanking.
Give him one or the other.
You are young, you remarry.
Women who attract me
would not be a good influence.
So give him a spanking.
The idea smiled enough.
You know ...
Do you think this is a man
which principles?
Certainly. He is charming.
I was told as charming,
but I do not have principles.
Tell me. Is this a man who ...
- Or do you want to come?
In my place, you would understand.
Cynthia you worried?
I understand. Is she pregnant?
- No, of course!
Why ask that?
That's what worried fathers.
Quite correct.
Mr. Slater, do not worry.
I do not ... I do not know
but I know Don.
He would not do that.
Forget it.
You will stay for dinner with us
and everything will be better after.
If we ask first
Notice of Don?
It will surely agree.
If I had a pretty circumvented
daughter to make my dinner
and we came to disturb us,
I should be sorry.
You said "circumvented"?
- Yes, but ...
Me, I always say "cerconvenu".
It says "circumvented"?
It seems to me.
See "cerconvenu"
or "circumvented" ...
I do not know.
What silly word!
In any case, the fact is.
You prefer to be alone
II may be projects
for later.
No. It is agreed.
He vowed not to court me.
He keeps his word.
But after dinner,
it may be more affectionate.
I hope that he will kiss me.
He did not kiss me
from the Empire State Building.
Since its construction?
No. This is the
that we met.
Use another drink.
- I do not say no.
I put the TV?
You dream!
It does not yet exist.
So expect.
He falls ropes.
What did you like the car?
A Lincoln. Why?
With the new Cadillac
and all its gadgets,
when it rains,
pressing a button
flooding the wind shield
and the view is clear.
For it rains, I think.
- You have a Cadillac?
Good God, no!
Flirting Vicki has a
and I can use it.
Not the car, the gadget.
- Who is Vicki?
Vicki is my friend.
She'll like it.
She's my age, but she incubates me
like a mother hen.
She is a model.
You're one too?
I also sometimes
but I am an actress.
Or rather, I'd like to be.
But it's hard.
There is so much competition.
Poor Vicki!
She has no luck.
As a model?
- I mean emotionally.
The boy is the Cadillac
love with her and it is very rich.
And she has "no chance"?
He is married and does not want to hurt
his wife. He studied.
Me too, but in my school,
his wife was hurt rule.
Cynthia Does something?
It does nothing?
- No.
Finally nothing that fills me
paternal pride.
Can you be proud of?
What does he?
- You kicked me a low blow.
It is expression.
Parents who complain
always infuriate me.
It's their fault.
I always say.
Do tell more.
- It's too sad.
It is common,
mundane and terribly true.
Can be corrected.
- I feel like you always say that.
That is true. You probably
the makings of a very good father.
I love how your eyes
shine. You are very cute.
Why you up so?
- I thought we should get up.
Because I had the sudden desire
and violent kiss you
have you crush lips.
Is that true? I must be
in one of my good days.
Rather than give a ...
But it is wonderful
to be desired!
Explain to me.
You are not
more or less flirting Don?
We met
the Empire State Building.
Here I am informed.
Do not misunderstand.
It is in all honesty.
This is me. Open soon!
I'm coming.
I have enough to keep
a seat a month.
Maybe I'd better go.
- Stay here.
Don, come and see.
What the hell are you doing there?
- I invited Mr. Slater dinner.
- But then ...
Mr. Slater passed
and I invited him to dinner.
Then you should know ...
I know.
This is the father of Cynthia
but he is not angry
and it does not cravachera you.
There me what?
You talk too much.
You do not know
what a whip?
Tell me everything.
- We need to talk to men.
I will prepare dinner
talk all you want.
Change socks.
Your feet are soaked.
She is very charming.
Yes. I know for years.
Lovely family.
Lovely people attending
the Empire State Building.
I should have guessed.
When did you come?
II are 10 minutes.
She talked a lot.
Yes, I approached.
But she's nice.
Quite agree.
Absolutely delicious.
So ... What is
the story of the whip?
My daughter came to 10am.
- She was with you!
She spent the night here.
- It claims ...
It lies. I have not touched.
And I doubt she told you ...
She says that ...
- She lies!
Stop screaming: "She's lying."
Let me finish my sentence.
Let me quote
what she said.
This morning I had lunch buffet,
Finally I took aspirin,
When Cynthia arrived
in evening dress.
I was suffocated.
It is already home late,
a 2, 3 or 5 in the morning.
But never at 10am.
I questioned,
she told me she had slept here.
Without prevarication. Like that.
I was suffocated.
You've already said.
- It was not the same suffocation.
When my daughter told me she
had stayed here, I told him:
What? Yes!
I told him:
you would not have done that! "
Or something of the same kind.
Morality is not my forte.
- What did she say?
She said:
"You're right, it was a mistake."
Then she spun in her room
and took a shower.
And you went to seek a whip.
- You are misplaced joke.
My daughter has just said
that you had offended.
She did not say anything more specific?
She did not say it:
"It offended me."
And she repeated.
It lies.
I have not touched. Believe me.
There I have an idea.
This may be just the
offence you made it.
I understand
she was angry.
It is very humiliating.
I should correct you.
Wait till I understand.
I deserve the whip
for not having seduced your daughter?
It is a new aspect of the problem.
Who is this?
Let me pass!
Do not do it!
This is Cynthia.
It is still the?
Do not be innocent. I saw.
She opened the door.
Who is this peasant?
I'm stage,
remain civilized.
I am civilized!
The proof
the message on the mirror!
If you treat her like me
also write on your ice cream.
If she can write!
And what you said this morning,
you would not make ...
How dare she?
- She looks like her mother.
Let me pass!
- You'll have to go over my body.
Your daughter hates to say no
and hate those who say no.
I do not doubt your word,
but I do not understand what
happened between you and why?
I'll explain.
We went to dinner
and theatre.
Around midnight,
I brought you home.
I said goodnight at the door
and came here.
5 minutes later, she arrived.
She had found thee,
drunk and with a young woman.
She was young, indeed.
- Cynthia found it very amusing.
But it is sad.
And she did not want to go back.
Too degrading?
- In order not to disturb you.
She slept in my room
and me on the couch.
was not amused yesterday.
Tell me. In such a case,
why a man
he would sleep on the couch?
Not to mention the scruples
there is a fear of commitment.
But you were not
more or less engaged?
Big difference
between "committed" and "fianc".
Between us, I wanted to keep
initiatives. I thought about it.
You're an intellectual.
When you have the ball, we do not like
lose stumbled into a bed.
I am not versed in football,
but the player is there as referee?
Who called?
- You talk soccer now?
Yes. We talked
a missed attack.
Until now, it's delicious.
No ketchup?
A minute ...
- I'll.
She'll get it.
Can not
let her do it.
Women love to work.
I'll open it.
I have more strength.
Men are packed!
Give me that.
We should have
out the champagne.
Excuse me,
If I had known you were coming ...
And voila.
- Thank you.
But it does not come.
- Neck too narrow, perhaps.
You and your ketchup!
How awkward!
Do it yourself instead.
- I have a better idea.
I'll lend you a dress
room. Take off your dress.
You ruined the evening.
You're amused. If you were leaving?
And leave this poor little
alone with you?
I would!
It was not a good dinner?
- The best I've eaten.
Can not find?
- You want to keep a husband?
My wife was very nice.
She was superb souffls.
I devoured
and I always said:
"Blown Magnifique!"
or "What blew!"
often even "That's blown!"
One hour later
while I was digesting,
she had to say:
"The souffl was good?"
What happened?
- You divorced her.
She filed for divorce.
I had thrown a dish ...
You dare?
Flat blew
stainless steel still hot,
right on the behind.
She had a beautiful blue,
for after his lawyer.
Me, I have not seen.
I do not believe it.
- This is a kind.
You hit women?
- I do not fight women.
I'm belligerent,
but also loose.
You will fight
although a small man.
If it is helpless.
- You are disgusting.
No wonder she divorced.
It's funny
that a woman is married!
Do not I have a strange charm?
Yes, you too charming.
- And it is especially strange.
You're too good.
And my ...
- I want to hear!
For heaven's sake, what do you want?
No way!
If you do not want to ride,
returns this bitch.
Stop it!
Returns this treasure
and let me down.
No and no!
Under any circumstances!
Very good. Because ...
You're so horrible ... and indifferent,
I'm going to drown
in my bathtub.
Stopped this melodrama!
I am already in the bathtub.
You hear that?
Come, listen, do not ...
No. Hear thou it.
I'll be ready in 2 minutes.
Meet me down
and will take a glass
at Luigi.
Remembering the good old days.
I will not make any stage.
But nothing a minute.
I'm sorry,
but I must go out.
But where are you going?
- I'll be back in 10 minutes.
Do not hold back. It is not
funny. He did not say a word.
Some words have tempted me,
but there is a lady.
You got dressed quickly.
- I have something to tell you.
The maid will.
- No, I like storing.
Cleanliness approach perfection.
Perfection has never tempted me.
- What do you like?
Eat, drink, make love.
In order.
You are not so misguided.
You marry me?
To be a hatchet blow dishes?
I was too glib tongue.
But you're Irish,
you would make me instantly.
- So what?
Will you marry me?
And if I accepted?
I will not ask for it.
You'd be the last man,
I refuse.
It is a thoughtless response.
If I were alone
with a million women
you would beat hard
to become my wife.
You aspirer has repopulate the world.
- Do not kid yourself.
Your duty to the human race
I can not find
the beautiful human race.
And I have no prejudice
against you.
You hear that dog?
- This is the damn dog Cynthia.
The dirty dog! Look!
Finally, a small dog
could not ...
But where are you going?
Remove your shoes.
You will soak.
I did not want
wading the inside.
There is that Eskimos
who are civilized.
They sell their daughters
a birth.
I would like Cynthia
learn to like you.
You are safe as
you do not marry me?
Very sure.
That is cute!
Rather courant!
- Bring me towels!
They are in the entrance!
As for my marriage proposal,
I'll make you knees
of it will be dry.
You often ask
unknown in marriage?
I have already offered a friendly
cohabitation without marriage.
And not to me?
It is said that girls
are depraved
by runners my age.
This is false.
have respect for the innocence.
You are charming
and probably a little drunk.
I'm pretty simple.
- So, you're crazy.
You want to marry a rich man
a bit wall. I am 41 years old.
You act like a kid.
- You'd be a mother to me.
No thank you.
- For Cynthia, then.
She would be delighted.
I'm 3 years older than her.
You could become
the stepmother of Don.
Do not joke about marriage.
And then you do not know me.
You are smart,
worker, young and gay,
adventurous and good stove.
You have a lovely face
and pretty legs.
It's not enough for you?
Me, that's enough.
And love?
- We talk too much.
It's nice to hear.
- From the mouth of Don?
Who knows?
You are looking for a mature man
able to appreciate you.
I would also be happy.
- I can make people happy.
A flat shots blew?
This superb shot broke our union!
She married a wealthy Brazilian.
She is happy
and receives a pension.
Now we can go down.
but I am here.
Come on!
You will not be alone here?
No, not alone.
If you leave, I will call
a daughter and invite here.
Daughter not saying is vulgar.
This girl is vulgar,
is to say it is easy.
It is rather a girl a lady.
It is fun.
Then marry her.
It would respect me more
if I was as beast.
You think to my offer?
It still stands.
This is weird.
You are scary.
You are frivolous and cynical,
selfish and immoral.
You are worthless and yet
I like you a lot.
Enough to marry me?
Not enough to marry you,
but I could do worse,
much worse.
Are you rich?
Rich enough.
I would even say: rich.
I do not work
and I still have a large income
once my taxes paid,
I wonder
what it's like to be rich.
So many girls marry
just to be a shelter. Tempting ...
Do you know
how much money I possess?
You must have 7.43 dollars
and nothing in your bank account.
I looked in your bag.
- It was not good.
I'm not a gentleman well.
I have a TV show.
I earn U.S. $ 62.50
and seven dollars ...
I already ...,
it will give me almost 70 dollars.
Once, I had more
200 dollars for a week.
You do not know what it is.
- What?
The joy of knowing
we have 200 dollars.
We want
taunt everyone.
I won $ 600 in the game
the other night.
You need to be very excited?
Do not be so blas!
I thought
I had 600 dollars in advance.
I wonder ahead of what?
I have on me.
6 tickets $ 100 brand new.
What folly to have
so much money on you!
I lost a bag with $ 20.
I've been sick.
Let me give you
these 600 dollars.
You are crazy.
- Do you agree?
No, of course not.
It is unconditional.
- Why give me $ 600?
Do me a favour by accepting.
I can not accept ...
- And unconditionally ...
600 divided by 40, that's how much?
- 15, why?
I spend $ 40 on average
Thin! 15 weeks of insured!
- Hammer?
I have never accepted
money like that.
I have gained a frightful
capitalist exploiter. Awarded?
It is tempting. You would find me
silly to say no?
Yes. But the idiots who said no
raised the level of the world.
It would be foolish to refuse.
A fortune!
I wonder ...
If people knew ...
I will not tell. And you can
taunt full of people.
Good. I take.
- Well done!
This is the first post
$ 100 I see.
I came over to find my words.
- This is rare at home.
I talk a lot,
but this time ...
Only have to say thank you,
this is so funny.
The manner
you've said I like.
Just "thank you" is not enough.
15 weeks of insured for nothing!
I do not know what to say.
I am already largely paid.
- For what?
Your cheerful air.
From my side, there are conditions.
- What are the conditions?
Recognition. The affection.
An immense desire
you make it one day.
This is not a loan.
That's what I say.
A loan is erased by making.
A gift lets you
still a debt.
I never want to hear
about you. Is that clear?
This little which you kidding
worth fifty like you.
When I tell a Vicki
she will be able to faint.
It may be misled.
- $ 600? That's a lot!
And she knows that she and I,
we do not do.
That's why we're together.
- And his famous friend Cadillac?
It is a sad story. They will
cinema and hold hands.
His wife does not have enough voltage,
or too.
In short, she is sick.
- It does not seem robust either.
You! If people do ...
I find you obnoxious.
I do not like your tone.
- Why?
It was protective and maternal.
You do not want
I kiss you?
I really wanted
but this "veiled".
You are tough!
You would not have liked
I say "veiled"?
You may be right.
Start again.
Is it better?
- No significant.
He was neither protector nor mother.
- No, rather filial.
You have given me
this money peer!
You are too logical
for your age.
You are very kind.
Eh! Well! That is the bouquet!
What you are wet!
You are left in the rain?
You're right. She is well
fifty like me.
Go to your room!
- And if you need a referee?
In your room!
- Okay.
If you like it, Dad.
She obeyed!
- I should have known!
Our eyes sometimes deceive us.
- I know see what is obvious.
Misleading evidence. Take Patty.
- You can keep it.
What a blessing!
- Do not be so old-fashioned
You saw me kiss him.
And after?
Lord! I swear not to
kissing a man.
It could help you.
- It always ruins everything.
And how!
Want to know
what happened?
What would change?
- A lot of things.
Mr. Slater asked
to marry.
To marry?
It does not gene you want me to say?
- It does not look!
I mind
full motion.
It was there already for a while.
He asked you knees?
- He offered me to kneel,
Is not it, Mr. Slater?
- Word Scout!
What was in this sauce?
I want you to be happy.
Oh, the poor thing!
What will he think?
God knows! These young people honest
believe the worst horrors.
It will take me for a runner.
- Do not worry.
He does not know why
I kissed you.
Advice, do not tell him!
Do you mind?
- Please.
I do not want to spend
for adventurer.
This is what he thinks?
- He is entitled to all suspicion.
Well, let them him.
- What?
His suspicions, my boy.
His secret doubts.
The is it, yes or no?
The she will, yes or no?
Doubt, the most powerful
aphrodisiac in the world!
Bless you.
Why be stayed and
in the rain?
What are you talking with Cynthia?
- Especially you.
I told everything to Cynthia,
that you had dinner
and how you seemed nice.
- She did not believe?
She said: "It seems
One of these professional "virgins.
How horrible thing to say!
That's what I thought.
We argued.
After? Continue.
It was almost everything.
I did not think
see you up there.
Around his neck?
- I have not talked about that.
You looked very well with him.
It is a love. Damage
you have arrived at that time.
Al Smith would have
be confined to the policy.
Al Smith!
- Who is it?
The architect
the Empire State Building.
Oh! I understand ...
We could have
we meet elsewhere.
You kiss anyone?
- Yes. Always.
To kiss you!
- That's right!
A stranger.
I know a little pressure
as much as you.
He made you love?
- It was rampant. Do you doubt it?
I wore your gown,
and digesting your dinner!
Be reasonable. Want
what happened?
No. But it's a shame.
I thought you were a good girl.
This is the truth.
And now?
- And now.
Mr. Slater still believes.
That is why he wanted to marry me.
You do not believe me?
I do not think
that you have requested.
And I've never believed.
- And why?
I know Slater.
It is not kind.
You would say it to you
a bond, I believe you.
I find you repulsive.
- Do not cry.
Cynthia warned me
against professional virgins.
I'm leaving!
Very good.
At Slater?
- Absolutely.
The deal?
Donald Gresham is you?
- This is me.
Or do you?
Or will you?
Who are you?
What right do you
and broke into my house?
Do not enter!
Good evening. Mr. Gresham is it?
- No, it is absent.
It is in apples.
She killed him,
with my electric iron!
Dad! What did you do?
Oh! It is you!
For what reason?
I did my duty to father.
- Is he dead?
23 years police
I learned a dosing my shots.
Leave him! You al right?
- Of course yes.
Dad, it's not what you think.
Who told you I was here?
You sent for?
- Me? Not on your life.
So how?
- I phoned home.
Vicki told me or you were.
- She can not hold her tongue.
Go to a single!
You do not understand.
He did not seek a ...
It is not obvious, but ...
Don would never do a thing
none. He is an architect!
I will get back to you.
Let us go.
I told you that the price of sin ...
- I pray thee, not here!
Can I ask you a question?
Do you would not have done so if
you found your daughter here?
This is a very insightful question,
Mr. O'Neill.
Thank you, sir.
Property. Let's go.
You can not leave that way.
He did nothing.
Shut up.
Mr. take care of him.
Do something ...
Do not be afraid. The outraged father
left with her daughter.
Your oil is awful.
There is nothing I ever
got worse.
Does not seek to pity me.
You deserve.
- I am sorry that you are suffering
but you did not steal it.
O'Neill was perfectly right.
Heal your eye. It is awful.
I will hunt the police,
this dirty cop.
It's a dirty cop
but it is a father.
He was right to kill you.
And I also
regarding Cynthia.
Customary law protects fathers
against deceivers.
Customary law?
It would be better
we make laws, but ...
... A father has the right
protect her daughter.
He has the duty.
Yes, this brave man
gave me a moral lesson.
Enough. Begone!
My poor little Cynthia.
As you make the pain.
You break my yard. Begone!
II there is more joy in heaven
for a repentant sinner ...
Will repent home.
Offered by beer Chloro-Foam
who does not perfume the breath
because it contains
Bois de la Chloro-Foam
To my health
And I would like more wine
as clear foam
The stratosphere
Bois-every time
You drink
Hello! Who is?
Yes, Cynthia, my eye is messed up.
But not called.
I put compresses,
hot, cold and tepid.
Yes, I am alone.
I try to watch TV.
I see very well
with my good eye. Good night.
Hour Chloro-Foam
and Symphony Orchestra
What do you want?
- What I want? Talk to you!
How about?
I can not say
two seconds on the landing.
Why not?
I want to know what Cynthia
term "professional virgin".
This is not an hour ...
I struggled
rid me of my father.
We argued.
If you saw!
I saw him.
I even saw press.
Your oil is awful!
Dad told me to tell you ...
Not talk to me about him.
We read that the police are brutal,
but it did not hit me.
Wait. Let me fix it.
- It is very much like that.
It was necessary to
a cutlet above.
If you had not invited Slater,
it would still meat.
I wish you dad struck,
but it is old game
He did his duty.
Your oil is scary.
This is just one oil
blackened old game
I will treasure
few days.
It is very late.
What do you want?
You seem so angry
I can not say anything.
I do not mean anything.
I want to forget this nightmare.
Forget everything?
- All from the beginning.
Who is this?
Honey, have you tried
treat your oil with ...
Look, Cynthia,
will you stop calling me?
- But Dad ...
If you refuse to obey me ...
What did she want?
- She worried for my oil.
At this hour?
You are right here, you
in this same time.
You are tired?
- The day was hard.
If Cynthia had pity
your oil, you might ...
No longer talking about Cynthia.
She treated me
"professional virgin"!
I mean it only.
It was an unfortunate sentence.
- That she blames the virgins?
You can not take offence
to be called "virgin".
This is the "professional" that irritates me.
I want an explanation.
This means that it is unnecessary
to advertise.
What was he wrong?
It is advertising
what we want to sell.
I understand you.
I may be speaking too.
So no more about it.
- That's what I'll do.
Do you believe in destiny?
I wonder what would have happened
if it had not rained
and if we ate out.
- The evening was more mundane.
We started on the wrong foot.
- But anyway ...
Oh, my God!
This is not your father?
- I do not know.
This way.
Keep the noise and not.
You again!
You know what time it is?
I know.
You have enough chatted,
Cynthia and you on the phone.
I came to tell you.
Tell it to him. She is calling me.
- I do not stop to repeat it.
It's no good.
It mocks me.
I do not know what to say
and I lack of ammunition.
You play a little later
fathers family.
Cynthia told me
exactly the same thing.
I want to sleep.
Go away.
I thought about it.
I'm going ... very far.
I'll take Cynthia Brazil,
with his mother.
Good idea!
Great idea.
She will learn Portuguese.
More idiocy! I should have
do there has years.
I will book the tickets.
Or is the phone?
You have a telephone at home.
I had one. But when Cynthia
you called, I ripped the son.
Must isolate this small.
If more than fathers did, more
Girls have less trouble.
It is a local call.
- Come on, hurry up.
You have the number
the Pan-American?
I ask the information.
You share your line?
Sort of dirty hypocrite!
This girl is still.
I recognize his voice.
A moment. I phone.
Needless to giggle.
I told him to hide it.
I do not know who came and
I do not want her to be embarrassed.
Pillar of virtue!
I confess that thou hast well
mocked me. I'm getting old.
His murderer father
did not calm your passions?
He would have kicked me the jitters.
You're wrong.
Patty is only passed to ...
Let us stop acting.
I do not judge you,
neither one nor the other.
But I can not help but
to be a little disappointed.
She seemed to be a good girl.
Tell him that it could have
wait 15 weeks.
How so?
- She'll understand.
Yes, she understood.
Dare say that!
You are worse than Don!
What became of your respect
I feel it coming back.
- Slater, thus leading home!
I mean it
what I think of him.
Do not say or do anything
you can regret.
I begin to believe
I was wrong.
And there were no conditions!
It was wrong! You would
never thought to my guilt
if I had not accepted the money.
- What money?
I was wrong. Take it back.
- But what do you mean?
I speak to Mr. Slater
money he gave me.
Why you did he give?
- Ask it to him.
You gave him?
You genius
to say what he should not.
You would have succeeded
in diplomacy.
That's why I kissed him.
To thank him for $ 600.
600 dollars?
He told me that he had earned
facing a horrible capitalist.
It's so funny?
It's my money he won.
They were my $ 600.
Then take them back.
- No, they are to him.
I beg you, Mr. Slater,
reprove them.
Scout makes a B.A. day
must have a life impossible.
It puts young people in custody
against bad girls.
It is against the good girls
must be protected.
How right you are!
I am thirsty.
You are right!
Is not snob drinking
when you do not feel very?
I very like it.
- Soda and water?
I want kind.
- Stop me.
- There are too many.
Do not start
has suddenly become a father.
Bottoms up, girl!
Thank you.
- This is the snobbery of revenge?
Yes, completely.
It is hard to satisfy.
He complains all the time.
For the last time,
do you want out of here?
You come with me?
If you want to lead a life
dissolute, count on me.
We will be very discreet.
I know a small apartment.
I have a good?
- Yes and Cadillac with gadgets.
Bad comedy. Back
to your advertisements for beer.
Why seeks he has hurt me?
Lovers are always cruel.
We're just fighting.
- He suffers.
I began to have
enough to be ...
The state to which you refer
can be changed.
This door noise reminds
the beginning of a wedding march.
He must ask my pardon.
- Forget your pride.
Follow your instincts female.
Understanding almost
as many prizes as virtue.
We know
since so little time.
Enough to know
what you want.
But do not lose it
any respect for me?
"A gift
always leaves a debt. "
Good night, Patty.
This telescope is yours?
Why were you in such a hurry?
- Excuse me?
Yesterday when you hit.
I do not know
if you had heard.
I heard you. I shaved.
A 1am?
- Right.
Time to wipe my face,
you had disappeared.
Why did you hit?
Why you resize you?
You knew I'd be?
- No, I tried the desktop.
Your secretary ignored
or you were.
I could not work.
She warned me
of your bad mood.
Why did you say it
that you had taken a door?
My loves do not interest him.
What a mistake! It fascinates!
I told him everything.
I have no doubt.
- She seems so nice.
His hands are in a box
in stamps.
Did you sleep last night?
No. Moreover, the night was short.
- I have neither slept nor eaten.
This is silly. Why?
You know that.
Because of you!
I wondered
what stupidity you were going to do.
After your departure, I was crazy.
I did not have your number.
I knew yours.
Accept money from a Slater!
When I think about it, I cry.
- Because of what you have lost.
This poor man is to be pitied.
I told him to marry.
It has the makings
a good father of a family.
A little resistant fabric.
That someone evil lot
and unhappy.
everything will work out for him.
These $ 600. Are you
rich enough to lose?
I hate to play so big.
At least one month's salary.
But I know you can do ...
We are not married yet.
- You do not have the right ...
What did you say?
- We're not married yet.
That's what I heard.
I thought something was
when you smiled at me yesterday.
I would have smiled here.
That smile that I would
see the morning for breakfast.
Is that true?
And when you prepare dinner
when you flirting with Slater ...
You ask me to marry him?
- What can I say?
You could:
"I love you" without hesitation.
I have not already said?
- No!
I want to hear.
With the ritual words.
A real marriage proposal.
Do you know
how dad made his request?
A fist?
You will not believe it.
He had no shame
come say "I love you."
Do not say anything.
I love you, Patty, my whole yard.
Although you're a little crazy.
And I will hang Picasso
in the room.
Not in our room.
- Okay.
Children pay half price
to come up here?
I do not know why?
To come each anniversary
with 5 kids, it will be expensive.
They let down.
- I want them to see.
Mr. Smith has done well
to build this monument.
It bothered you I say "Here"?
- It does not matter.
You are delicious.
We met yesterday.
- It happens when the moon is blue.
And the moon was blue.
All the same! U.S. $ 1.20
climb to the top of the monument!