The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (2018) Movie Script

Yes. Check. Ah.
Yes, the mic was off.
He meets the pied piper
As he dies in the cipher
Nobody can save him
His wackness has no cure
Prepare yourself for a new low
Battling me is as hard
As licking your own elbow
Your mom's a drug-dealing outlaw
When they handed out dicks
You drew the shortest straw
You've never even had
A girl in your bed
Must be because of
That mop on your head
My name is MC Wumme
And you'd better scram
Because I've got a gun
And it goes barn, barn, barn
MC Wumme, we've all heard the rumor
His girl's so hairy
She needs a dog groomer
I've won twice,
Going for the hat trick
You look like a poodle that got sick
Give it up for Stello!
Or for MC Wumme.
Stello, to the final!
Give it up one last time
for MC Wumme.
Are you ready for the final?
Guys, I can't hear you.
Masked man, come to the stage.
- Kid, your mic's over there.
- Mask off!
He can't find his mic!
- Kid, are you nervous?
- Yes.
He's a little bit nervous.
Be nice to him please.
Kid, your first time
and straight to the final.
If you win,
that silly mask is coming off.
Come up
with a decent name next time.
Or I'll call you "Poor Man's Sido."
Aha, aha
Check, check, check
Children under 16 not permitted
This kid must know
He'll soon be outwitted
Shorty knows
He's about to get dissed
Next time pick
Someone my age from the list
Gandalf's home
So you got first dibs
Dude, my parents
Are as old as your kids
Don't tell the nurse where you've been
It's about time you returned
Your Hitler Youth pin
As I go on
Spitting out bar after bar
This pygmy keeps mentioning the war
Anyway, you're much too yellow
You still play with Legos
Oh, go fuck yourself
What a lousy rhyme
Watch out for kidney stones
You're past your prime
I make you look stupid
And you howl like an animal
To find ignition
You need a driver's manual
Oh, ah, Stello's on the mic
I'm gonna whack this kid
'Cause it's time
What do you want from me?
I've got the best lines
And a big-ass schlong
Gramps, time to shove off, man
Your dick's so tiny
It's an internal organ
You're so dumb you're studying medicine
Because you want to be Thomas Edison
Yo, yo, yo! I think we have
a surprise winner today.
But it's up to you to decide.
Give it up for Stello.
Masked man?
Masked man!
Guys, how awesome was that?
Right, who's ready
to see the kid's baby face?
Off with the mask, dude!
- Cyril?
- I'm not ready yet.
- Did you oversleep?
- Go away!
- You've got to be kidding me.
- Hm?
Get out right now
or you'll miss the bus!
- I'm sick!
- Darling, it's called puberty.
I don't want to go on the school trip.
Can't we say I have a toothache?
No, let's tell Ms. Reimann
you're having your period.
- What's up?
- He doesn't want to come out.
Let him play with himself.
It's normal at his age.
Is that so, Dr. Ruth?
I could hardly
keep my hands off little Bernd.
Neither could you, filthy little pig.
I can hear your
embarrassing sex jokes in here!
You are one
of our embarrassing sex jokes!
I didn't ask to be born.
Deal with it! It's too late to abort.
Come on! Hurry up. It'll be fun.
It'll be loads of fun!
Berlin is awesome
and all your friends are coming.
What friends?
What did we say about sweet cereals?
- Not out of the box.
- Thank you.
Fipsie, we've got to go.
Time for school.
Wow! Your backpack sure is heavy today.
Hey! Have fun in Berlin.
It'll be great, and if it isn't...
- You'll come get me?
-'s your own fault.
Eskimo kiss!
- Let's go, Fipsie.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye, Fipsie. I'll pick you up.
Bye! Bye.
- Shall I take you to the bus?
- No way!
Do I embarrass you?
- No way, Mom.
- But I can give you this, right?
Ehm... What is this, Mom?
YOLO! I lost my virginity
on a class trip too.
And please stop
using teenager acronyms.
You don't even know how to use that.
Pay attention now.
- Mom, please!
- This is important.
Look. Hold this little hollow tip
between your fingers.
You can work it into foreplay. Look.
Now any time I see a condom
I'll think of my mom with a banana.
Thank you.
Cyril, wait up! Cyril!
- I just want you to be prepared.
- For what?
I've never had a girlfriend,
and won't get one with this doorknob.
When you were young
I guess a big schnoz didn't matter.
You just can't look this shitty anymore.
Thank you.
This crap is hard enough already.
It doesn't help when
my own mother starts giving me
oral sex lessons to boot!
Okay, sorry!
Since when can't you take a joke?
- I have to go!
- I love you, you ass!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Hello, Ms. Reimann.
- Cyril, it's about time.
Ready for Berlin?
- Lisa, why all the luggage?
- I need some choice.
And one is empty,
because I'm going shopping!
We're going to see
Prussian cultural heritage,
not to shoot Project Runway!
- Maybe you are.
- Ready for Berlin?
I know one thing,
after this trip I'm taking sick leave.
I wanted to do that today.
- Still standing there? Get in?
- Let's go to Berlin!
At least your nose got in on time.
- Where do you get your nose hair mowed?
- I almost laughed.
When your conk left home you
could see it on Google Earth.
Titti's sitting here.
Thank you.
- Titti's sitting there too.
- No, she's not.
Smell my thoughts, Gonzo.
We don't want to have
your snot attacks in our necks.
Sorry, is that seat taken?
Test, test.
Cyril, why are you
standing around again?
Please sit down already!
Take the boxes
with the info materials off the seat.
Sit down.
Now, I hope this excursion to Berlin
proceeds in a somewhat civilized manner.
If you have questions,
ask Mr. Schssler.
Only ask me in an emergency.
- I have an important question!
- Ask Mr. Schssler.
What's the bus's Wi-Fi password?
Dear kids, I regret to inform you...
Mr. Schssler, show respect!
Right. People...
I have to inform you
that this bus doesn't have Wi-Fi.
Can we set up a hot spot'?
I've used up my data.
I need a charger. My battery's dying.
Shit! I have to get off!
My selfie stick is in my suitcase!
- Ehm, well...
- Listen up!
If you're just going
to play with your phones
I'm going to change my tune! Got it?
Right. We're leaving now.
What the hell was that?
- I'm not going!
- Please open the door.
Hands off me! I'm not getting on it!
Are you nuts? I'm ill, asshole!
Mentally ill! I'll have you committed
if you don't get on!
- Hello!
- Fuck you!
She was to come next week.
There was a misunderstanding.
My daughter got the date wrong.
Would you please take her anyway?
We'll deal with the finances later.
- I'll transfer the money now.
- Yes. Welcome aboard.
- Ready for Berl...
- Enough.
Hey, honey. It'll be great in Berlin.
- Go die.
- Oh, screw off!
Goodbye, Mr. Klement.
Listen up!
This is Roxane, your new classmate.
Would you like to say something?
Hello. Call me Roxy.
Why are you joining
in the middle of the year?
I got kicked out of boarding school
in England.
Foxy, your mouth is pretty big.
How many nuts can you fit in it?
No idea. How many nuts
can you fit in your big trap?
- She's hot!
- She's the one from the closet.
I heard she knows
a thing or two about nuts.
Huh, what do you mean?
- The girl from the closet.
- That's her?
Oh, my God!
Flan: ?
- May I sit down here?
- Sure.
- What?
- You were almost too late.
That was the idea.
I even pretended to have shingles.
Looks more like flea bites.
- Shit.
- I tried with a toothache.
That worked out pretty well then.
May I?
- Cool! I listen to them too.
- Thank God!
Finally someone I can talk to.
Why? Do you always get bullied?
They'd just rather I didn't exist.
They, like, think
I don't know what's, like, cool.
'Cause I'm like, literally psycho.
You know?
Yo, man. I swear I'm down with that.
Your geek vibes be making them,
like, super aggro, like?
I was the alien in my old school too.
I'll ask a question
and you answer with a question.
'Yes, you?
Wow, quick on the uptake.
- What's your name?
- Cyril.
- Why did you get kicked out of school?
- Authority issues.
- You still a virgin?
- Can you tell?
You answered a question
with a question.
- Do you want to keep playing?
- Don't know. You?
Ms. Reimann,
I need to go to the toilet!
- Not a chance!
- I have to pee!
- Wee!
- Piss!
- Piss!
- Piss!
Piss, piss!
Piss, piss, piss!
Piss! Piss!
- Toilets are there!
- Thanks, Ms. Reimann.
Is that a zipper?
I was in a sack race
with a sleeping bag over my head
and smashed my chin on the edge of...
My cousin was
on a river rapids ride once.
He plugged his nose
and someone banged into his head
His thumbnail
came out the top of his nose.
His thumb still matches
the dent in his nose.
Hey, what's up?
We're talking about our scars.
Do you have one?
You don't have enough time
to hear about them all.
Yeah, right,
from all the gang fights in the pen.
From jiu-jitsu, pecker nose.
How did you get your scars?
Turning pages in a book?
- I'm Benno, by the way.
- Roxy.
- May I introduce you?
- Yes, good idea.
- This way, my lady.
- See you.
Have fun on the other side.
Dear people, time to get back.
We're leaving!
Who's ready for Berlin?
- Hi!
- This is Lissi and Titti.
You went to
a boarding school in England?
I'll swap you clothes
for English homework.
Mr. Schssler!
The new girl rooms with us!
No special treatment!
Now hop on or I'll get unpleasant.
- Is she always like that?
- She needs to get laid.
Her face is her birth control.
Last one on the bus sits on my lap!
Oh shit!
That wimp over there is Rick.
Organ grinder, say hi to Roxy.
Don't throw yourself at her!
We also call him Mr. Valium.
Hurry up, Reimann means it.
Right, kids. I hope you're all aware
where we're going.
Form pairs,
or you'll all end up child prostitutes.
You should always know
where your partner is.
Write it down.
Cyril! Shall we pair up?
Mr. Schssler!
Kids, take turns down there.
- Sorry.
- Thank you.
Rick, Cem, Cyril,
you're in room number two.
- We have to share a room with Roxy!
- We have to!
- The whole parking lot knows.
- You get room four.
Okay, if you take this one,
I'll take that one.
Hey, Fox!
You and your nose
can sleep on the bottom bunk.
Sure. I'm glad we were all
able to agree so quickly.
I agree.
Whoa! So many books!
Yes, I couldn't decide.
Go on and take a look.
- Camus.
- That's pronounced "kamu."
- I'm going to eat.
- Hey, Fox, wait up! I'm coming.
Hi! Can I come in?
- What are you reading?
- Ehm...
- Camus.
- Really?
- I like The Plague.
- You like the plague?
The Stranger is great too.
You brought a lot of books.
Max Frisch? Did you like Homo Faber?
I thought it was a little gay.
Really? I thought it was great.
- Been playing for long?
- Yes. Let's go eat.
- May I?
- Sure, partner.
- Tastes like grandma's armpit.
- I lived in England.
Listen up, dear people.
Tomorrow, we'll start our tour
at the Neues Museum,
the Alte Nationalgalerie
and the Pergamon Museum.
Awesome! Pokmon Museum.
Okay, Benno, catch Nefertiti
in the Pokmon Museum
and give us a report on her.
Will we see East Germans too?
I brought bananas.
Used to be you had three dopes,
now you have three that aren't.
- You meet everyone?
- M-hm.
What do you think?
Our class is awesome, right?
What's he like?
He got held back a year.
I haven't spoken to him much.
He's wired wrong, if you ask me.
I think he's just withdrawn.
So, partner?
Remember what Reimann said?
I have to know where you are.
- You gave me a heart attack!
- You need a doctor?
Are you all right?
Oh, right.
I'm fine.
Where are we going?
- We, huh?
- Yes.
Ehm... that's a very good question.
That way, I think.
Okay, listen up.
You're about to self-destruct
Your mother turns tricks
But she's still underfucked
You suck cock
Just to score some drugs
And share your needles
With the other thugs
You fat pig
Chicken wings are all you eat
I throw pudding off a bridge
To get you off your feet
Were you eyeing a cake
Did I interrupt?
You make
All-you-can-eat restaurants go bankrupt
I've heard this all before
I know I'm neckless
You know why I'm fat?
I eat wack MCs for breakfast
The sugar shock won't give me a fever
For dessert I'll eat your wife's beaver
CrackGyver I'll kill this blimp
For each bar I rap
You can eat free shrimp
You spread diabetes
Just by giving a striptease
Find your videos on Youporn
Under "sagging titties"
I wonder how this bum spends his time
When not searching for
"Sagging titties" online
This loser will never be a star
Never met his father
He was conceived in a bar
I'm not embarrassed
Watching porn, you know
Still beats jerking off
To every cooking show
With each step
Sumo blocks his windpipe
He's wack
And sujuk is his blood type
That was awesome!
If you think Lil' Sumo won this battle,
then make some noise for Lil' Sumo!
And if you think
this young gentleman won,
then put your hands
up in the air for CrackGyver!
But the winner of this battle is...
Lil' Sumo!
Thanks. That was awesome!
We can't wait for the next battle.
MCs come straight to me.
This young man
barely needs introducing.
Make some noise for JimBim!
- I'm going to the little rapper's room.
- Yes.
And his opponent
is a new face around here.
He signed in as "Goldface."
I remember better rapper names.
Anyway, make some noise for Goldface!
Yo, Goldface, what's going on?
You're kidding.
- Here.
- Excuse me.
Damn these crappy masked rappers.
All right, Berlin,
make some noise for Goldface.
All right, Figub, drop the beat!
Berlin, are you there?
Put your hands up in the air!
You're in for it now, kid.
You snowflake.
We haven't even started
And you stand like a hunchback
After the battle your corpse
Will be our new punch bag
Care to watch me
As I stamp on your mask?
If you sue me I am up for the task
Touch the masked man's mask
And he'll take you to task
Smash you to a pulp
Careful what you ask
Limp-dick, oh dear
Came to jeer, froze with fear
I'm still in high gear
Registry office balladeer
Stop your dopey drivel
Registry office balladeer
You call that civil?
Your rapping sucks, you Sido rip-off
Berlin yawns as you shoot your mouth off
I'm chill
While you start to mumble
I only wear the mask
To make you more humble
You fumble and bumble
Act like a dumbbell
Like a penguin on ice
I'll be watching you stumble
You rap like shit, man
Drop the lame comparisons
My rhymes are like fine wine
While your Mom
Jams a bottle up her intestine
You rhyme behind with wine
Hand me your glasses
I can't see the punch line
You're such a pussy
I bet you get period pains too
I only wear this mask
So I'm not seen with you
Yo, Berlin,
make some noise for this match!
If you think JimBim wins this battle,
make some noise for JimBim.
If you, on the other hand, you think
the winner is standing here,
make some noise for Goldface!
- Jim, dude.
- Beat it!
Go die!
Make some noise for the winner
of this battle, Goldface!
Who's ready for the next match?
Combat versus Sunflash.
Berlin, ready for the battle?
Make some noise!
Yo, MCs come here!
- Rick!
- What?
- That was him!
- Here. What?
In the battle. With the mask. I swear!
- What?
- I saw Rick with the mask in your room.
Combat, are you still
somewhere in the crowd?
Come here, loser.
- I knew it!
- Knew what?
That he's an artist!
What can I do?
No opponent, no battle.
I'll battle! I'll battle!
- Let me through.
- What do you want, Barbie?
Are you kidding?
But it's really up to you.
Are you battling her, or what?
If that little bitch really wants to.
Berlin, we have a battle!
Give it up for Sunflash!
Make at least as much noise for...
Tough-ass McJerkface, like all of you!
Okay, give it up
for Tough-ass McJerkface!
Drop the beat. Let's go!
So you're Tough-ass McJerkface?
Bitches like you
You only meet in loony bins
All you're good for is needles and pins
Run back to your kitchen you nasty cunt
Who are you calling a nasty cunt?
If you see me in the kitchen
I'm probably rolling a blunt
Your lines aren't tight
I'll cut off your dick
In the name of equal rights
What does she want from me?
She wants my dick
Out of penis envy
I'll give you my dick
You drooling troll
Just like a golf course
You've got 18 holes
Can't you count?
Got a math problem, dude?
Or have you still never seen
A woman in the nude?
All men are shit
This I swear
Girls, I wanna see your hands in the air
Bitch, get back to your sewing
Put the mic away
It wasn't made for blowing
I'm a man
So stop your bitchin'
I scratch my balls and shout
"Women in the kitchen"
Enough talk
You're clearly bluffing
When you reach for your balls
You grasp at nothing
I eat machos for breakfast
All I leave behind are blood
And mental complexes
- Huh? Ow!
- You were in my stuff.
- No.
- Roxy saw you with my mask.
- It fell out...
- Paws off my stuff!
The mask is taboo.
Not a word to anyone.
- Forget you saw it.
- No problem.
- Where's Cem?
- Partying, I think.
- Occupied!
- Don't look.
Sure thing.
Hey Fox, seriously now...
Why don't you just do
what Michael Jackson did?
Just have your beak chopped off.
I'd need more number one hits
to pay for that.
Don't be a dope, man.
You have such a screwed up face.
I'm sure you can get money
from some charity.
Or Facebook, 50,000 likes
and you get your mug
pimped for free, man.
Yeah, thanks. I'll think about it.
Or a telethon on a TV station.
Wait, better yet... Red Nose Day.
- Yes.
- You get me?
- Because of your nose.
- Yes.
I'm so damn funny.
Funny as a kick between the legs.
Fox, why don't you take me seriously?
Do you want to screw
a blow up doll forever?
I mean, they make good ones,
but they won't blow you.
- That is the key to a relationship.
- Yeah! I totally agree.
he wants to fuck that girl... Foxy.
- The new girl.
- What?
We made a bet.
50 if he does it this week.
100 if he facials her face.
- What?
- With video proof.
And you say "facializes."
I can speak German, Pinocchio.
I'm not dumb.
I'll put the Foxy video on YouPorn
and get the money back tenfold.
Killer, dude.
- Why would she do that?
- She got expelled.
For whoring in a closet. She's a bitch!
A real, hot-ass bitch.
- That works.
- So the guy takes his scissors.
He reaches into his pants
and cuts off his pubic hair
and spreads them out over his math book.
I was just telling them how Stani
spread his pubes over your book.
- It's true, right?
- Yes.
That tasteful incident
happened just as you said.
Tell them how they locked you
in the locker in fifth grade.
In fifth grade,
you locked me up in a locker.
- You coming, Roxy?
- Come on, tell us. It's funny.
- Funny?
- Yes.
Come on, man.
You made me down
a bottle of sauerkraut juice,
then locked me in the locker
till my bowels exploded.
I had shit running down my legs.
- Absolutely hilarious.
- Hey, hey!
We had fun!
Besides, I let you back out again.
You should get the Order of Merit.
Brother, you deserve it.
That was a nasty story.
- We need to talk about Benno.
- Don't worry. I have an asshole radar.
Don't underestimate him.
He's dangerous.
- Are you my babysitter now?
- Listen...
Break it off! If you want
to give me advice, screw off.
Enough people tell me what to do.
I like you, but I don't want any advice
or no know-it-all talk.
Or we can forget being friends.
You talking about me?
Yes. I said that you're an asshole.
But a very sweet asshole.
I can take care of myself, okay?
And this is the Wall,
which divided Berlin
from 1961 until '89.
Who can tell me who built it?
- Hitler!
- Trump!
You think just like me!
We're just like Vietnamese twins!
I can see her pussy!
Look at all these beautiful paintings!
You were great yesterday.
Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.
Okay, I told Cyril,
but he'll keep mum.
What are you doing?
I'm writing song lyrics.
Okay, sorry.
- He's writing song lyrics.
- He is?
Well, then let's not disturb
the sensitive artist.
What is true beauty?
Is it different for everyone?
Is it only in the eye of the beholder?
Or is there such a thing as...
timeless beauty?
Nefertiti is the Mona Lisa of antiquity.
Her aura...
...enchanted millions of visitors.
...enchanted millions of visitors.
She was the queen
of Upper and Lower Eptia...
She was... What?
Benno asked you a question.
- So, who knows?
- Well, it was...
The queen
of Upper and Lower Egypt.
- I was about to say that.
- Yes.
Her name means:
"The beautiful one has come."
Ah, ah!
The beautiful one has come!
Are you all right?
What's wrong with you, man?
"Huh? Eh? What?"
Get the marbles out of your mouth
and say a whole sentence!
Roxy likes you
and you keep running away.
What do you care?
I have to write.
No, no, that...
How long have you been writing this?
- Six months.
- Jeez!
You won't win a poetry slam with that.
- You have nothing to say, huh?
- I do.
In my heart I do...
But it just won't come out.
I'm a complete washout up there.
A real numskull.
Well, at least you're self-reflective.
That good or bad?
During the 1950s, the US army
discovered Teufelsberg was
an ideal place for a listening station.
If you're not going to listen,
then at least shut up!
Thanks, Sonja.
Um... Where was I?
- So?
- What?
You know what I mean.
How should I know
what you mean by "so"?
You and Rick were talking about me.
- Yes.
- What did he say?
Did you see
the little cloud above his head?
- Yes.
- The artist is pining for you.
Okay? He's just too shy to tell you.
That's just great.
Hey, why aren't you happy?
He's hot and all that,
but if he's not going to use
those pretty jaws to talk,
then it'll get boring.
- He could write you.
- Okay.
I wouldn't expect a messenger
who rides in on horseback
to hand you
a letter that smells of roses.
What a pity.
It'll more likely be a WhatsApp.
- But with a heart smiley.
- Fine too. And faster.
You're already my BFF.
Why aren't you wearing anything?
I find this more comfortable.
- Where is Mr. Wannabe Gangster Rapper?
- Who?
- Cem.
- He moved in with Benno and the others.
Now that's really good news.
And I have more.
Roxy fell for you.
- Awesome!
- Well, let's call it a crush.
- That's awesome too.
- M-hm.
Better you than that pig Benno.
But you have to write her something.
- But I can't do that.
- We'll work as a team.
You'll make the music,
I'll write the text.
Well, the music is a problem.
I don't have a song, just this.
That's all I've got.
Tell me, Rick...
I know that from somewhere.
No, it's mine.
I've been working on it for ages.
That's "Brahm's Lullaby."
What'? No.
It is. Play it again.
Lullaby and good night
In the sky stars are bright
That's "Brahm's Lullaby"!
And I was thinking,
"Huh, I know that from somewhere."
I don't know why you're dumb,
but it works like a charm.
Yes. Better dumb than ugly.
Okay, okay, cease fire.
We're on the same team now.
- Can you play that?
- Yes.
"When I think of you,
you take my breath away.
I really want to hang with you,
but if I ask,
I'm afraid of what you'll say."
Here. Play this right here.
Hip-Hop isn't my thing. You do it.
Don't be dense. She'll hear it.
Then use a sweater.
My voice is lower.
You sound like a Vienna choir boy.
"You sound like a Vienna choir boy."
But you can play at least?
- Yes, I can play.
- Play then.
Oh, my God!
You paint graffiti with lipstick
Every day's your birthday
You steal a motorbike
Race through the night
Chill on the moon as you like
You're the heroine of the block
You're more confident than God
Colorful flowers
In a street full of rubble
You can see the future
In your bubblegum bubble
Other girls like horses
You eat horse fondue
At night you pet rhinos in the zoo
When a UFO passes
You try to hitch a ride
Even in a hoodie
You look out of sight
When I think of you
You take my breath away
I want to hang out with you
I'm afraid of what you'll say
Every time we meet
My head starts to spin
There are many others
But you're different
Every time we meet
My heart skips a beat
My head's empty
What can I do?
Every time we meet
I have to run away
Because I turn red
When you smile at me
Every time we meet
Every time we...
Every time we meet
Every time we...
Every time we meet
Morning! Did you sleep well?
I listened to his song all night.
Rick wrote a song for me.
For me! A song.
I might be wrong,
but I think he wrote it just for me.
Calm down. How is the song?
- Awesome. Great, and really funny.
- Really, that good?
You all just don't get him at all.
Well, you can't see in people's head.
Yes. There he is.
Rick, have a seat.
- Hi.
- Hm?
Is that how you always eat them?
I'll make myself scarce.
You can't just leave me alone!
- You've got to be kidding.
- I bet she swallows.
I bet she spits.
The world's most beautiful girl
goes doe-eyed and you run away?
I'm scared.
"What are you scared of?"
- Did she hear me?
- No. She's just not stupid.
If you run off now,
Benno will get to her.
Is that what you want?
But when she talks to me I get...
instant diarrhea.
Say you're afraid of superficiality,
of being misunderstood.
- Really?
- Yeah, man..
"Afraid of..." What was that again?
- Superficiality.
- Superficiality.
- "I'm no superhero."
- Huh?
You have auto-correct on, you nerd.
What's wrong with you?
Write something.
"Give time some more time."
- That doesn't make sense.
- No, dude, that's poetry.
Girls like that.
I can't do that.
Poetry and stuff just isn't my thing.
That's what you have me for,
to be your Yoda!
Yoda says open up you must.
There is no trying.
- Answer it!
- You answer it!
She's calling you, not me.
Do you know what he's planning?
He's got a bet on with Cem
that he'll get Roxy to...
- He wants to sock her?
- No.
He wants to steal her nose?
No, man, he wants to...
To play a silly game of hula hoop?
Wow, it's really vacant up there, huh?
He wants to fuck, bang, hit it,
do the nasty, bonk her,
I'll bonk you one if you keep
using such vulgar vocabulary!
- This is not a brothel!
- Ms. Reimann is taking us to a brothel!
I'm just explaining Intrigue and Love.
We wanted to go
to the theater with a few people.
You think your classmates
will only go if you sell
Schiller's play as a sex orgy?
- We're going to the theater?
- No, dude! That was just because...
Listen, Benno has more planned.
He wants to film Roxy
and post the video online.
And you, Romeo, are her only hope.
- Me?
- Yes, you.
Or whatever she thinks you are.
Dude, go fight for her love!
You're my avatar.
- I want those for my 18th.
- Really? They're a bit small.
Uh, uh, oh my God. Timo, yes!
The brain is a true miracle of nature.
Thanks to our brain,
we can think, speak,
feel sadness and love,
and all at the same time.
All my brain is thinking
is "problem, problem, problem."
Why "problem"?
Roxy wants to go to Rivergate
with Benno and the others.
Huh? What?
Did you know
you can die of a broken heart?
I know it hurts,
but if you can die from it...?
- You don't believe me.
- No, I do.
- It just sounds heavy.
- It's called broken heart syndrome.
First you get intense chest pain,
then shortness of breath...
...and then you just fall over.
Like a heart attack?
It happens when your girlfriend
just broke up with you.
That's so romantic.
I had no idea you knew things like that.
Sure. I'm all about love!
He sure is a smooth-talker.
- Yeah, he's a tough opponent.
- Yes.
Why don't they move?
- You have to press play!
- Nothing's happening!
Ms. Reimann, can you come?
Rick is feeling sick.
What is it?
- For God's sake!
- I think it got to his head.
That looks like the food
from the youth hostel.
- I ought to bring him back.
- Yes. Before I have to clean up vomit.
We'll get a taxi.
- Whatever, get out of here.
- Okay.
Damn sissy kids.
Now play it again from the top.
I've never seen anything like you
On a scale of one to ten
You're a hundred and two
I go through the roof
Let the ground swallow me
To describe you
I'd need a doctorate in psychology
All these words give me a headache.
I can't do this!
You just have to open your soul
and let it all out.
Like just now,
but you vomit up feelings.
I don't even get what it all means.
"I go through the roof
I Let the ground swallow me."
Huh? Or:
"To describe you
I'd need a doctorate in psychology."
Philosophy, man.
It says "philosophy."
It doesn't matter.
This is bullshit, okay?
- These aren't my feelings.
- Right.
Your feelings are...
Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.
They're your feelings.
You're much better at...
vomiting them up.
Do it, please.
I've never seen anything like you
On a scale of one to ten
You're a hundred and two
I go through the roof
Let the ground swallow me
To describe you,
I'd need a doctorate in philosophy
We met with a thousand people around
When I think back
I see only me and you
The earth stopped turning all the same
Stopping on just the right frame
The coolest babe ever
Nobody you need to please
You enter my atmosphere
And everything goes boom
I hope you stay
I'm afraid things ain't right
Yet there's nothing I can give
But these lines I write
When you smile
The sun shines down on me
Once I'm lost in your eyes
It's no use trying to flee
I forget to breathe I forget my name
But the moment that we met
I recall all the same
You turn a lake into a sea
Make the stars like fireworks
- I'll pick you up tonight.
- Yes.
You are my first and last true love
My typhoon, my lifeboat
When you hold me I let go
You bring love,
You set off wars
My first and last true love of course
You're real but still you're art
When I'm with you
We play the main part
You paint in colors never known before
Your words are like notes
In a musical score
I laugh until I cry with you
Bawl my eyes out in my pillow
Because of you
We're so close
Yet pretty far from each other
It seems quite hard
To get to know one another
I've already nearly forgotten who I am
Start thinking the whole thing is a sham
I hope you like this song, sweet girl
If not, you're still
The most beautiful girl in the world
You turn a lake into a sea
Make the stars like fireworks
You bring love,
You set off wars
My first and last true love of course
My typhoon, my lifeboat
When you hold me I let go
You're real but still you're art
You bring love
You set off wars
Damn! That's really good.
We could start a band,
like Willi Vanilli.
- No way.
- You're Willi, I'm Vanilli.
I'm not changing my mind.
I'll be Willi Vanilli,
you write the lyrics.
If you say Willi Vanilli
one more time, I'll lose it.
- Hello.
- You read his books?
- Huh?
I thought maybe some of his
brilliance would rub off on me.
He brought five books.
He reads all night long.
And he writes beautiful songs.
- Fuck.
- Fuck?
- What is it?
- I think Rick really likes me.
That's great.
So what's the problem?
My life is a mess.
Wherever I go,
I get everyone in trouble.
Well, thanks for hanging out
with me all the time then.
He's really talented.
Do you know his songs?
A few of them... a little.
Where is he now?
- In the bathroom.
- Oh.
- Is he hugging the toilet?
- No, why?
I thought he ate something bad?
Oh, that!
All those corpses got to him.
- Tell him I'll wait downstairs.
- Why'?
We're going out for a drink.
- Just the two of you?
- Rick and me, alone.
But he's so incredibly shy.
Yes, that timid boy.
Do you think I look okay?
You could dress up as a Hobbit
and you'd still look great.
You're sweet.
You smell so good.
Like morning dew
on cherry blossoms.
Like freshly popped popcorn.
Paris without exhaust.
Shower gel from the drugstore.
I can lend you some.
Oh, thanks.
- What you got planned?
- I'm having a drink with Roxy.
- She's waiting for you.
- Tonight's the night.
I'm going to go for it.
She's ready.
- What? "She's ready"?
- Look.
Hey, Rick. I'd rather see you tonight
than go to Rivergate with Benno.
Do you want to get a drink?
She likes my songs.
Your songs?
You're not meeting her!
- Why'?
- Because I say so.
Don't laugh like an idiot, airhead.
The songs made Roxy
think you have some brains.
You don't! You're a fairground chimp,
so don't ruin everything.
I won't ruin anything.
I'll make it all better.
You showed me
what I have inside me.
And love has given me propellers.
- Oh, God!
- No!
I feel like I slept
with my fingers in a socket.
I'm electrified!
- I've never been so in love.
- No!
You'll mess up,
she'll get down and run to Benno.
He knows just how to take advantage.
If you stay here and Roxy can't see you,
then she'll pine for you.
She'll picture you withdrawn, reading,
while Benno gets wasted
and acts like a jerk.
He'll get uglier while you become
even more beautiful in her fantasy.
Then I jerk off or what?
That's not the point, goddammit!
Chill, bro. Okay?
I know what you've done for me,
but I have to go out
on my own now.
- What? Where did she go?
- I don't know. They just left.
Our class is a little... or?
At the Berlin Wall.
- Trump or Hitler?
- Yeah, right!
Go figure.
Here's fine.
What do you want to drink?
A beer.
A beer and a Sex on the Beach.
- Sex on the Beach? Really?
- I like sweet things.
Come on, let's dance.
That was fun.
Roxy, I...
I think I'd better go.
It just isn't our night.
Are you free?
That went great!
- Where are we going?
- To the CYD Hostel, please.
22.15 P.M.
Of course, time to go to bed.
Your generation sure is funny.
Doesn't smoke, doesn't drink.
Can't party, don't want drugs.
And you don't eat meat either.
- Do you just stare at your phones?
- Is this the Cash Cab?
No sense of humor either.
Hey! It's awesome you came.
Dude, what's going on here?
My father is an asshole,
but he replaces love with money.
Yes, I know that.
- What would you like to drink?
- A beer.
Coming right up, pretty lady.
Dance! Dance!
Forget it, dude!
That girl comes with a bouncer.
- No chance.
- Dude, I'm raising to 200.
What'? You seem
pretty damn sure of yourself.
Put this in her beer and good night.
I'll get the nastiest video.
If you like, you can have a turn too.
Dude, are you kidding me?
I'll be right back.
Sorry, Rick. I can't talk right...
Wow, what a view!
Sounds better than
our evening earlier. I'm sorry.
Yes, that was pretty bad.
- I acted like an idiot.
- | ...
- What? No, I won't say that.
- Won't say what?
- Yes, Rick, you're saying that.
- No.
- Rick, what is it you won't say?
I can't tell you you don't have
any idea how special you are.
You're way cleverer
and funnier than other girls.
I don't know what to say now.
- That's nice.
- Forgive me my lapse before.
I'm just uptight
and I can't do it face-to-face.
There's something else.
Right from the start,
I felt like I knew you.
You're just like me.
Except pretty.
You're really, really strange.
You're not like me at all.
You're like I'd like to be.
Quick-witted and brave.
You're just yourself...
See you later.
You should go meet her.
Just say you're with Benno.
Thanks, bro!
- Can you lend me a tenner?
- Are you kidding?
I'm out of money, if she wants a drink.
- I hope a twenty will do.
- Yes, that's fine too.
Hey, Rick, your phone!
Yes, take it easy.
He's a special guest.
You'll get your turn too.
Who are you looking for?
Here I am, sweetie.
- Thank you.
- Hey!
- Where are you off to?
- Please let go off me.
- We're having a drink together.
- Let go of me already.
Hey! I bought you a drink.
You can't leave me here
like some jerk. No way!
You're right.
Let's just get it on right here.
- You stupid bitch!
- Hi.
Hi, Rick.
- What's with the stupid grin?
- That's my 200-euro grin, dude!
Chill, dude!
You nuts, Benno?
- Sorry!
- You nuts?
- I just wanted to help.
- Get out! Now!
- What about him?
- He'll be all right.
Fuck, what the hell was that?
- I'm so sorry.
- It wasn't your fault.
- Of course it was my fault!
- No!
It isn't your fault!
He had a bet going.
- What bet?
- What bet?
What bet?
Everyone says you got
thrown out of boarding school.
- Because of the guy in the closet.
- Yeah? So?
They all got horny.
- Makes sense.
- Shut it, Nurse Jackie!
Who are "they"?
What kind of a bet?
Cem told me about it.
Benno wanted to film you...
Doing it.
- And you knew about that?
- Yes.
But you didn't want my advice.
I hate you and I want out of here!
You have to stop!
I want to get out!
Hey, let me...
Roxy, let me explain!
You know what? I hope you
didn't lose too much money.
Roxy, wait!
Sit down, buddy!
Your pal has priority.
Thank you.
Ah, there you are.
My nose.
- What happened to my nose?
- It's not your nose I'm worried about.
That's not funny.
I didn't sleep at all last night.
Benno, Roxane,
We didn't do anything!
Well, I've seen a few things in my day,
but I've never returned down three kids.
- I have called all of your parents.
- What?
- Dude!
- Why'?
Well, then. Let's go.
Hey, Rick.
I'm so sorry about everything.
The new girl comes along
with her crazy sex scandal
and you have to pay for all the chaos.
You know Rick,
that thing in England...
I'm sure you heard about it.
It wasn't like people are saying.
The boy I was
in the closet with is gay.
And now people think we did it,
they stopped bullying him.
I got kicked out of school for it.
Unfortunately, he was too.
I'm just no lucky charm.
I hope I can make it up to you.
I like you a lot. I think I...
I'm in love.
I thought this stuff
only happened to other people.
I don't want to ruin it.
Get well to your nose
and say hi to Nurse Hilde.
See you in school.
Cyril is back!
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Good. I lost one of my teeth. Look!
How was it? Did you have fun?
I bet you're hungry.
How was the food in the youth hostel?
Is everything Okay?
I'm really beat.
I just want to go to my room, okay?
Okay, I understand. It's puberty.
No, I think it's love.
Oh, shit.
May I?
I'm sorry about what I said to you.
Cyril, you're such a special boy.
You're a blessing for this world.
And if anyone thinks that a big nose,
droopy ears, crooked eyes or bowlegs
make you any less beautiful,
then forget them.
The day will come for all us
when our asses get wrinkly,
our tits hang down to our knees,
and we stop looking in the mirror.
But, Cyril, you'll still be beautiful,
because you're funny and intelligent.
And that is a beauty that never fades.
I'll leave you alone.
- Hello?
- Hey, I'm back home.
- Can I pick up my phone?
- Yes.
Nasty, man.
Everyone is staring at me.
It really sucks.
Do you have my phone?
- Have you heard from Benno?
- I asked my folks not to press charges.
I don't want it to drag on.
I'm a nazifist.
- Pacifist.
- Yes, like Gandalf.
- Gandhi.
- Whatever.
Roxy wants to see me.
And what are you writing her?
That I look like shit
and she should wait a few days.
Hey, I have to go back in.
Cyril, wait. Wait a minute.
You've been texting her the whole time?
Hey, I had to keep it going.
So you wouldn't lose touch.
Hey, man, we're Willi Vanilli,
did you forget?
- You're in love with Roxy.
- Nonsense!
- Even an idiot like me can see that.
- That's bullshit.
It's her!
Well, answer it.
- Hello.
- Hi, ehm...
- How are you doing?
- Ehm, good. And you?
Not so good,
because I'd really like to see you.
Uh yeah?
Are you really sure you want to see me?
I really look like shit.
I couldn't care less right now.
I look like a hooligan myself.
Do you really not care? I mean...
The doctors say
it could stay a huge schnoz.
Almost like Cyril's, you know?
It can't be so huge
that it would bother me.
You're not listening.
It could be a really sick schnozzola.
You can't like that.
- Stop it, man.
- Listen to me, all the...
Man, that's so stupid and impulsive!
Oh yeah? Why?
You wrote the songs
and chattered on to her.
You just sent me out to her
because you're scared.
I may not be the brightest
spark plug on the cake,
but I'm sick of being your avatar!
You're such a psycho!
Good morning.
- Wow.
- Pretty stylish, huh?
Isn't that...
Dolce and Banana?
I'm afraid I have no idea where to go.
I can show you everything, if you want.
Just not the closets.
Come on.
- Hi, fans.
- Dude.
- What's up?
- Weren't you in Guantanamo?
- You on probation?
- Nah.
- The wussies didn't press charges.
- To end the quarrel.
It's called de-escalation.
What do you want, peckernose?
How original.
- Boo!
- Are you nuts?
He tripped over his nose.
- What? Can you repeat that?
- What do you want?
- Do you want a snout massage?
- Stop beating up on each other.
Just because Benno insults my nose?
Come on, Benno, you can
do better than "peckernose."
Your schnoz stinks
like zits and boogers.
Come on, Benno,
let me lend you a hand.
The lines you're dropping
are pretty damn poor.
My nose is still ugly
if I wore a bag over my head.
Your turn.
Anything getting through
your sealed up cavities?
Doesn't look like it.
You arrogant pig.
Let's see if the asshole
can take a good dig.
I'd rather have a peckernose
than be a stuck-up prig.
- Shut your face.
- See how the little twerp counters.
A tough blow,
but I'll show you where to go.
- Always follow your snout.
- Cyril!
I won't stop until you need a sippy cup.
You're so dumb,
you make my nose hairs stand up.
I'll hang you by one of my nose hairs.
Truth be told
'bout a guy with a big nose,
when I take a leak
I need a forklift for my hose.
Wow, Gonzo!
Tell me, loser, are you content?
Even with this big knob,
I can't catch your scent.
Did you get that?
No, you don't.
That's safe to assume.
I wrote a song,
"Benno Dies in the Classroom."
Do you want to hear it?
I'm just making sure,
because it'll hurt a little.
And the last line...
- ...will kill you.
- Oh, really?
But let's begin with your "friends"
You think they've got your back?
No, man, sorry, this is wack
When the going gets tough
When they stab and punch
Could you handle that stuff?
If Benno were poor would you find time
To hand him your last dime?
Or just scoff at his lack of prospects
And fuck him over by screwing his ex?
Shut up and come here!
Your kin may be loaded
Sporting styles and crazes
Posting every pose
On your Instagram pages
Got your own digs
You're one rich mother
But why did your daddy
forget the damn rubber?
Chill, bro!
- Because he didn't want you
- Fuck you!
And your mother will regret
That day her entire life
That's why you were never loved
So you can never give love
And the values you don't have
Nobody can take away from me
Come on, let me explain
Even if you'll never understand
Maybe your looks and money
Will help you along
But what will survive
When we're both gone?
60, 70 years on
My grave will be overrun
1,000 friends and bros
My son cries with his mom
They raise their fists,
Say "His stuff was dope"
He wrote the best flows
And gave people hope
And now he's a new star
Shining down on our roofs
Nobody will come to your grave
Because your life was meaningless
Good morning. Everyone sit down.
I hope you've recovered
from our exciting excursion,
because I did not.
And Mr. Schssler is sick.
Damned sissy.
Sit down, Benno.
What's wrong with you?
I think he's trying
to figure out where he stands.
You are a sight only seen by few men
You're an eight on a scale of one to ten
Chest muscles, check
Biceps, check
Why is the dude in the mirror so fresh?
Talented as Tupac balls like an ostrich
Hats off to...
Cyril, no bathroom concerts.
We're lined up out here!
- Are you having your period?
- No.
Not for another three weeks.
I'll smack you with a sandal
To see what you can handle
You were raised on candy
I can fry fries in your fat
It's damn handy
Your girl put a pizza in the oven
Love goes through my stomach
She likes it through the colon
You rap like a little cunt
Forget about it I'm off to smoke a blunt
Yo, yo, Yo, yo, Yo!
Guys, what do you think?
Who's going to the next round?
Let's hear it for Killa!
Or TJ?
TJ, see you in the next round.
Give it up for both MCs.
Next battle in the round one.
Let's hear it for our reigning champ.
The guy with the funny mask.
Masked man!
- Yeah!
- Awesome!
Kid, today I want to see
that silly cover fly off.
You can't be that damn ugly.
The cover stays on.
Ah, we'll just see about that.
Flippers together for a new face
with no cover, but a shitty name.
Make some noise
for Tough-ass McJerkface!
Women power!
- With mask after all.
- I can fix you up one too.
Who starts? Masked man or you?
- Masked man.
- McJerkface!
- Tough-ass McJerkface?
- I'll start.
Go, baby!
Why won't this dude
Leave the house maskless?
Probably afraid of a girl
Is it Carnival?
I think this time I'll pass
Some dress up like cowboys
You go dressed as a dumb-ass
Goldie, come on!
Do I got you tongue-tied?
You ain't spitting
I see it in your eyes
Your panic is showing
You change your name
From Masked Man to Goldface
You have no clue who you are
It's a disgrace
Did you forget how to rap?
This little boy needs to wake up ASAP
Did Mother Nature
Deal you such a bad hand?
If you want the mask off raise your hand
There's a bitch behind that gold platter
Who thinks her looks are all that matter
It's up to you
Be yourself or just hide
Be the world's biggest wimp
You wimp
The mask is coming off
But your stupidity is a stain
You can't wash off
You're just like all the other bimbos
You suck up to the dumbest machos
Suck up to any hottie
Who throws you a glance
Bend over, he'll use you
If he gets the chance
And when the coin drops
You see there's nothing
Besides blather
Know that I saw it coming
Cut or kill yourself
But don't come crying to me
Leave me alone
I'm finished with the therapy
I'm such a fool
I just won't understand
I keep chasing you
Nothing goes as planned
Admit it
The odds were against me
Every line I wrote
Just left me more thirsty
I already know
That I don't deserve you
But I can't help that I
That I love you
You really are a miracle
Or my greatest fear of all
I think I know just who you are
You are just like me except pretty
I asked myself
When it would finally end
I lie in bed missing my best friend
But even when I try to disappear
When I close my eyes
Your words ring clear
You are out of sight
Like seeing a new city
On the first night
Anything can happen
Sparks in my brain
One look from you sets off a hurricane
And I'm blown away
You're perfect
Because you're not perfect
I love my life
When I'm around you
If you don't love yourself
Well, I do
Kiss her, dude!
You really are a miracle
Or my greatest fear of all
I think I know just who you are
You are just like me except pretty
You talk much too loud
You're off the charts
You set off an earthquake in my heart
It never stops I waited a long time
The star keeps shining
Even in the daytime
My feelings are almost frightening
Every word you say
Hits my skin like lightning
It's so strange
When it all comes together
If I could wish upon a star
I'd make this last forever
And I'm blown away
You're perfect
Because you're not perfect
I love my life
When I'm around you
If you don't love yourself
Well, I do
You really are a miracle
Or my greatest fear of all
I think I know just who you are
You are just like me except pretty
You really are a miracle
Or my greatest fear of all
I think I know just who you are
You are just like me except pretty
I didn't know what I was missing
Till you turned everything upside-down
You make perfect little mistakes
With you it's different
You wear it like a crown
If you only knew what I'm feeling
You just have to stand there
And my body starts reeling
Someone please hold me
Before I hit the ceiling
When I think of you
You take my breath away
I want to hang out with you
I'm afraid of what you'll say
Every time we meet
My head starts to spin
There are many others
But you're different
Every time we meet
My heart skips a beat
My head's empty
What can I do?
Every time we meet
I have to run away
Because I turn red
When you smile at me
Every time we meet
Every time we
Every time we meet
Every time we
Every time we meet
You paint graffiti with lipstick
Every day's your birthday
You steal a motorbike
Race through the night
Chill on the moon as you like
You're the heroine of the block
You're more confident than God
Colorful flowers
In a street full of rubble
You can see the future
In your bubblegum bubble
Other girls like horses
You eat horse fondue
At night you pet rhinos in the zoo
When a UFO passes
You try to hitch a ride
Even in a hoodie
You look out of sight
When I think of you
You take my breath away
I want to hang out with you
I'm afraid of what you'll say
Every time we meet
My head starts to spin
There are many others
But you're different
Every time we meet
My heart skips a beat
My head's empty
What can I do?
Every time we meet
I have to run away
Because I turn red
When you smile at me
Every time we meet
Every time we meet
Every time we meet
Every time we
Every time we meet
I go weak in the knees
And my mind's like Swiss cheese
My heart starts to race
I can't get rid of this feeling
I get butterflies in my stomach
I start acting like a clown
When I'm with you my mind starts to fly
And I feel like I could die
Every time we meet
My head starts to spin
There are many others
But you're different
Every time we meet
My heart skips a beat
My head's empty
What can I do?
Every time we meet
I have to run away
Because I turn red
When you smile at me
Every time we meet
Every time we
Every time we meet
No Limits Media 2018
That's all I've got.