The Mummy (2017) Movie Script

What the hell is this?
I don't know.
Bloody hell.
The Crossrail is the biggest
construction project in Europe.
Carving 26 miles of new
commuter train tunnels
beneath the surface of London.
But today, an ancient tomb filled with
the coffins of crusader knights...
People don't realize
that London is a giant graveyard.
A modern city built
on centuries of death.
Because of the tombs
proximity to the Thames...
...half the space is flooded,
is that right doctor?
There are even more coffins
submerged under water.
The tomb appears to have been built
during the second Crusade...
...which means it's filled with the bodies
of crusader knights who invaded Egypt...
...before returning to England.
It has also revealed a treasure trove
of secrets about London's history.
Clear them out, please.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please stop what you are doing.
The train tunnel has been
rerouted north of here.
We are now taking control of this site.
Please collect your tools and
gear and exit immediately.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
This is my site.
What do you think you are doing?
Evacuate your men.
We'll take it from here.
Who the hell are you people?
This way, sir.
Thank you very much.
The past cannot remain buried forever.
In my lifetime, I have unearth...
...many ancient mysteries.
At last, this tomb...
...reveals antiquities darkest secret.
A secret erased from history...
...and forgotten to time.
Princess Ahmanet.
...and ruthless.
Sole heir to the throne of Egypt.
The Pharaohs kingdom will one day
be hers to rule...
...without mercy or fear.
And Ahmanet would be
worshipped as a living God.
But Pharaoh had a son.
The boy now, would inherit
her destiny.
And Ahmanet understood
power was not given... had to be taken.
Vowing revenge...
...she made a choice to embrace evil.
The God of death.
They made a pact.
A pact that would unleash
darkness itself.
Ahmanet was reborn...
...a monster.
Yet the pact was not complete.
She vowed to bring the demon
into our world... the body of a mortal man.
Together, they would take their
vengeance upon humanity.
For her sins,
Ahmanet was mummified alive.
Her body carried far from Egypt.
There she would remain,
condemned to eternal darkness.
But death is a doorway...
...and the past cannot
remain buried forever.
Out of luck, ah Sarge?
The civilians are gone.
Is filled with insurgents down there.
I guess we're too late.
We can do this.
Oh no no no! We're too late!
Command thinks we are
doing advanced recon...
...a 100 miles from here.
Sarge, you are not going down there.
You're right.
I'm not. We are.
- At least call in an air strike.
- Air Strike?
Bad idea.
A little one.
Just maybe they'll run off.
You think command will
know where we are.
And then we will do 20 years
in Leavenworth for looting.
Hey, what did I tell you?
Hey, We are not looters.
We are liberators of
precious antiquities.
- Right.
- Right.
But we don't even know
what's down there.
Haram. Haram is what's down there.
No, the translator said "Haram" means
"forbidden knowledge".
Like a curse.
Around here that's just another
word for "treasure."
And this guy, this..
Henry guy... seems to want it pretty bad.
Well.. now he is gonna
have to pay double.
- Mount up.
- "No, sir, I ain't going on this one."
- What?
- I'm not going.
What are you going to do?
"Stab me with that?"
Oh no no no no.. No!
You crazy bastard.
It's a full days ride
to the nearest water!
The nearest water is right
down in that village.
Come on, Vail.
Where is your sense of adventure?
Oh that's just great, Nick!
That's just great!
Come on, we slip in - slip
out, just like we always do.
You son of a bitch!
Oh my God!
We are gonna die..
we are gonna die!
Move! Move.
Just run.. run run.
Let's go! Go.. go!
Are you kidding me?
"Slip in - slip out"?
This is not what we always do!
Stairs! Just run! Run!
Run! Run! Run!
I hate you, I hate you so much!
I never even wanted to come..
To this country!
Let me think.
Just let me think.
If anyone is listening...
...this is L-26, RMJ Hot!
Request dynamic precision strike
at our mark!
You did not.. just
called in an air strike!
Oh.. yes.. I.. did!
Where are you going? Don't leave me!
Where do they keep coming from?
There is nowhere to go!
Oh man we are gonna die!
Please, Vail! Let me think!
We are gonna die because of you!
Just let me think!
Think about what? Think about what?
I'm thinking...
I'm thinking...
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking.. we are
probably gonna die here.
I knew it!
I knew it!
I am still alive!
I was told you boys were supposed
to be a 100 clicks from here!
Yes, sir!
But based on intelligence...
...we had reason to believe the insurgents
were holding civilian hostages.
We had to make the call.
Wait for Delta team to
respond or go in alone.
It was Sergeant Morton's
idea to go in actually!
Only to find out that the villagers
had long since evacuated.
Yeah lucky for them, not for us.
Delta, south side perimeter.
Sir, when we realized that we were at the
center of the insurgents stronghold... was too late.
We were discovered, we started
taking on heavy fire.
Well.. Sir, Corporal Vail here
is too humble to admit it...
But he risked his life to save mine.
He is a hero, in fact.. I'd like to
recommend him for a citation.
Let me run another scenario of mine.
One in which two assholes
from long range reconnaissance...
...that would be you... all over northern Iraq,
just one step ahead of the enemy.
Except, instead of
hunting for the enemy... hunt for antiquities...
...stealing whatever isn't nailed down
and selling it on the black market.
Meanwhile, these
fanatical insurgents...
...trying to erase
5,000 years of history...
...unwillingly cover your tracks.
It's a pretty good scam.
Sergeant Morton!
Where is it?
What? Where is what?
The letter.
The map you stole from me.
Map? I do not know what
you are talking about.
How would I...
had even had the opportunity to
steal anything from you, Miss...?
Ok.. Sgt. Morton here thinks
that I would be too embarrassed.. tell you that I had him
in my hotel room...
...3 nights ago, in Baghdad.
And whilst I was sleeping,
he went through my things.
I'm not embarrassed, Nick.
Disgusted? Yes.
Regretful? Ah certainly.
But mainly just amazed,
to your ability... mimic all the qualities
of genuine human intimacy...
...if only for.. 15 seconds?
Where is the map, Morton?
Sir, I admit that...
...Miss Halsey and I did spend
a delightful evening in Baghdad.
A very long and satisfying evening...
...if her reactions are to be
considered sincere.
But Sir, I left with
nothing more than fond memories.
Now, perhaps I may have neglected to
say goodbye to her the next morning...
...only because she was exhausted...
- ...and I did not want to wake her.
- Ok.
And the reward for my
gracious consideration?
Well Sir, as you can see
"Hell hath no fury".
- Sir.
- Oh my God!
It's Egyptian.
Why is that unusual?
We are in the Persian Gulf, Vail.
Right. Egypt is a 1000
miles away so it's unusual.
Put those down, hurry.
Go get the rest.
Got it.
Colonel, this is an significant find.
I need your men to secure this village.
We are not even supposed to be here.
Is my job to make sure that anything of
value stays out of enemy hands.
We have no idea what
could be down there.
The content of Tutankhamun's
tomb alone...
...were valued at
650 million pounds sterling.
if I may With a couple shake charges...
...we could just close this hole right up,
and Miss Halsey can come back another day.
- Shut up.
- Okay.
You got two hours,
then we're moving out.
You are getting in the hole with him.
- Him?
- Me?
You gear up, that's an order.
I'll be right here on the road Sarge.
Get in the damn hole, Vail!
Oh man!
I am in a large
antechamber of some kind.
There is an inscription
on the northern wall.
The litany of Ra.
..kidding me?
Your fault, Nick.
Your fault.
Do you see any treasure here, Nick?
Because I don't.
Do you know what I see?
I see statues that I can't carry out.
- Keep it down.
- You keep it down.
What are you doing?
It is definitely a tomb.
What is that? Mercury?
The Ancient Egyptians believed
that it weakened the evil spirits.
Well now we know better.
This stuff will kill you.
Yeah, after it makes you crazy.
There is mercury dripping
from the ceiling...
...into holes in the ground.
Possibly to connect the..
It's a canal system...
...leading all the way to...
Get the lights!
Oh my God.
Get everything out of the bags.
What did I tell you?
That's a lot of gold, Nick.
I am in a large men-made cavern
adjoining the antechamber.
There are chiseled steps
descending from the ledge.
There is a canal at the
center of them...
...that feeds a ritual well at
the base, filled with mercury.
Beads of scarabs,
scarab signal rings.
This is a high priest of Ammon...
...from the temple of the Thebes.
There is a ritual barrier chain
that's around the well... a warning to intruders.
To keep people out.
There isn't a single provision made for
someone's journey into the underworld.
No Canopic jars, no Shabtis.
To be buried in a place like this...
...would have been a
fate worse than death.
Don't even think about it.
There are six watchers
around the well...
...facing inward instead of out.
Whatever is in there...
...those chains aren't
for bringing it up.
They are for holding it down.
This is not a tomb.
It's a prison.
Lima 2-6, come in.
Copy, sir.
Get out now.
We've got reports of boogeys inbound.
We gotta take off.
Tell Greenway we have
to notify D.T.R.A.
For what?
- I need specialists from Cairo...
- Cairo?
...seaborn suits and shielding cuffs.
Jenny, we are out of time.
You better grab what you can now!
I'm not leaving until I see
what's in that pool.
Oh you are leaving.
We're leaving right now.
I have not come this far
just to leave without...
Hey! Hey!
Cease fire! Vail!
Cease fire! Cease fire!
They are just camel spiders!
They're not even poisonous!
Can we please, leave?
- Are you out of your mind, Vail?
- Please!
What is wrong with you?
That thing bit my neck!
- Okay.. okay.
- It bit me!
Enough of this!
I don't care!
I'm leaving! With or without you!
I'm leaving!
It bit me! Please, Nick!
Can we please, leave?
Tell Greenway he is gonna send a team
to get this thing out of here...
...or he is gonna have to
explain why he left me behind.
Do it!
Climb by the man!
Climb line is steady.
More towards your nine o'clock!
Holding at 30 feet.
A little more.
Bishop to Echo. We have
visual on a severe sandstorm...
...heading west to Echo 12.
Wait.. wait.. please be careful.
This is 5,000 years old.
60 seconds!
In the air! Let's go!
Careful, careful.
Get us off the ground now!
Halsey, take a sit!
Need some help?
- You are welcome by the way.
- How's that?
Because I saved your..
whatever it is.
That was safely hidden for 5,000 years
before you dropped a hellfire missile on it.
And you might have never
found it otherwise.
Again.. you're welcome.
Do you have any idea what this is?
The significance of it?
An Egyptian sarcophagus
in a tomb in Mesopotamia.
Why just say "15 seconds"?
What of what?
You told Greenway that I can mimic
all the qualities of human intimacy...
...for 15 seconds.
I mean.. uh..
it was not 15 seconds.
Well, however long it lasted,
it wasn't real.
I never lied to you about my feelings.
You stole from me.
But I didn't lie.
Do you ever think of anyone
but yourself?
This means something.
Something bigger than you can imagine.
My life's work.
And you were going to steal it.
How much do you think that's
worth on the black market?
This is Dr. Jennifer Halsey..
Conducting a preliminary analysis
of an Egyptian sarcophagus...
...discovered in the Nineveh
province, northern Iraq.
The hieroglyphs are
definitely New Kingdom.
It appears that the wife
of King Menehptre...
...died in childbirth...
...leaving a sole heir to the throne...
...a girl...
...called Ahmanet.
Corporal, what in the living
hell are you doing son?
Corporal Vail?
Corporal Vail, do you hear me talking
to you? I said what are you..
Vail, just...
Vail! Wow.. wow!
Oh my God. Vail!
Drop the weapon! Drop it now!
Please.. please..
Drop it now!
- Put the gun down!
- Drop it!
Put down the weapon! Put it down..
Back off..
Stop! Do not shoot!
This is a pressurized aircraft!
- Vail, put the knife down.
- Vail.
- Vail, no.
- Vail!
Ehy Vail! Stop! Stop!
Vail.. Vail!
I'm sorry.
This is November 4-0-9-9.
United States C-130 Hercules.
- What's happening?
- Take your sit and strap in.
- ...over England.
- England?
Right now I don't know what's
happening. Take your sit!
We lost thrust in both engines.
No way to our contact.
Dropping to 12,000, 280 on the EDI.
What the hell is that?
Go! Go! Go!
I do not know how to do this!
Jenny, you can do this!
You can do this!
Give me your hand!
Miss Halsey
Miss Halsey, do you think you're up to it.
I'm sorry. What?
We need your help identifying the body.
Hey buddy.
You scared the shit out of me.
We need to talk, Nick.
What's happening?
You know what's happening.
Am I dead?
No. But you are gonna wish you were.
Come on this way, please.
Oh my God! Nick.
What's happening? Where am I?
Who's in charge here?
Base, this is search team one.
Looks like the trail of wreckage...'s spread across 2-2,5
half miles through the forest.
Coming up on the Aylestord pier now.
The pier is a wreck.
It looks like a part of the wing. A turbine.
Miles away from the
primary crash site. Over.
Copy, search team one.
Message received.
One body found.
No obvious signs of life. Standby.
Casualty confirmed deceased.
Requesting attendance of
ambulance personnel. Over.
Copy, search team one.
Ambulance staff now on route.
What.. what the hell...?
Hey! You better come in to...
You alright?
A US military plane crash landed
in Surrey this evening...
...just missing Waverley Abbey.
How did you get out of that plane?
There's not a single
scratch on your body.
Thank you.
For what?
You saved my life.
You would have done the same for me.
Listen, Nick.
I think you should know something.
You know I work with a
group of archaeologists.
- Yeah.
- Well...
...we developed this theory...
...that an Egyptian princess had been
erased from the history books...
We've been searching for something called
"The dagger of Seth".
A ceremonial knife with
a large jewel at the hilt.
Seth is the Egyptian God of death.
And legend has it that
the dagger and the stone, together...
...had the power to give
Seth physical form.
I'm convinced it was
hidden here, in Europe.
Stolen by crusaders centuries ago.
I found reference to it in a manuscript
written by a crusader knight...
that suggested the
dagger was broken apart.
That the stone buried
with this knight...
...somewhere here in England.
A massive crusader tomb, was recently
discovered under London.
We believe that the stone
is in there somewhere.
That tomb is what led us to Ahmanet.
I think she is the
princess in the legend.
The hieroglyphics said that
she murdered her father.
- Murdered?
- Along with his child.
She made some sort of pact
with the God of death.
And then, when I saw those birds...
...and that sandstorm...
Whatever I mean something is happening.
You are alive I do not know how.
You... I... Go...
I'm sorry, Nick.
I think we angered the Gods.
Can you excuse me?
I'll be right back.
Identify, please.
Jennifer. Get me Henry.
This is a far more significant problem
than we have ever imagined.
Something is happening, Henry.
I'm worried about him.
Bring your soldier to London.
Do not discuss anything further with him.
What are you doing here?
Jenny looks good.
- Ok this isn't happening.
- I mean really great.
Ok. Really stop.
You know I always thought
I had a chance with her.
- What?
- How do you squander that?
There was mercury in that tomb.
How did you mess that up?
It's just in my head.
No it's not.
You shot me.
Wait. What.. wait wait wait you...
You... stabbed Greenway.
- I saved you.
- You murdered him.
And you shot me.
You tried to kill me.
You even went after Jenny.
You shot me. Three times.
Three times, Nick.
The third one was unnecessary.
You freaked me out.
I panicked.
I'm sorry. Okay?
Not okay.
Look at me. Look at my face.
I'm cursed Nick, and you are cursed.
And there is only one way to break it.
You're going to do
exactly what she wants...
...or this is gonna get a lot
worse for both of us.
What do you mean I'm cursed?
Just.. uh.. give me a minute.
Thank you.
You walked into the chicks
bathroom by the way.
Go to your own bathroom!
Yes, it's the ladies room.
What do you mean I'm cursed?
How do you think you
survived the crash?
You know what it means.
She's got plans for you, Nick.
You can't run away.
You can't escape.
Help me!
Help me!
Get out of the road, wanker!
What the hell are you doing?
I think you were right.
- We angered the Gods.
- Wait.. what?
I saw her..
the chick in the box.
- Ahmanet?
- That one.
- Nick...
- He said I'm cursed.
- Who said?
- Vail.
- Vail?
- The coffin we found.
- Sarcophagus.
- Whatever.
There was writing on it.
Jenny, respectfully, I'm not interested
in archeological jargon right now.
The writing on the box
that we took out of the hole.
Yes, sorry.
There was something about a curse
in there, was it there? Was it there?
Nick, you've had a concussion.
- Yes.
- Toxic exposure.
How does that explain that I know
that "Setapai" means: "My Chosen".
- It's Ancient Egyptian.
- Ancient Egyptian.
How do I know that?
You've been in the
middle east for years.
What? No!
You heard it.. you forgot it..
Why are you backing off from this?
I'm telling you.
She is real.
Nick.. what is it?
I think you're right.
I.. This is all in my head.
Can't you find the box, look inside
...and when I see a 3,000
years old prune in there...
- Nick.
- more curse.
You don't need a sarcophagus,
you need a doctor.
I know someone.
A specialist in London.
Don't tell me that you
don't want to see it too.
Your life's work, come on Jenny.
I think I know where it is.
Charlie 8-1 the base.
We are at impact site,
400m north of Waverley Abbey.
Firefighters control the fire...
Nick! Where are you going?
The crash isn't up that way.
Where are you going?
We are in the right place.
I do not know what we're doing here.
This isn't the right place.
Yes it is.
No it isn't.
The main crash site it's up that way...
...and so is my artifact.
And that's where we are going.
What the hell?
How did I..?
I'm sorry. What?
Come on! Come on!
Hey! Hey!
No! No! No!
Ehy! Nick! No!
Were you just gonna leave me?
You saw that, right?
You were gonna leave me!
- You saw it, right?
- I can't unsee it!
Where are we going?
Away from here.
There's a highway up ahead.
- How do you know?
- I know.
Oh my God.
Do you realize what this is?
It's the dagger of Seth.
She was gonna drive that
thing right through me.
The stone, it is missing.
it seems to have really pissed her off.
It's real.
How was in that statue?
That statue was a reliquary.
Crusaders have been using them
to hide holy relics.
But she knew it was there.
You are saying that she brought
the plane down there? On purpose?
That's why she wanted you
to come to the church.
She wanted me to go to the church?
I told you that I
wanted to go to church.
I told you.. I said..
That I wanted to see...
- I wanted to see her corpse.
- See her corpse.
Nick she is in your head.
What are you talking about?
That.. that is ridiculous. Because I...
I drove right back to her.
Oh my God she is in my head.
Go go go go go!
Get it off of me!
Son of a bitch!
That's my face! That's my face!
Get her, Nick!
Get her! Get her!
Kick her ass!
Phase two! Quick!
Pull her back!
Delta team move!
Bring the target down!
Who are you?
Where are you taking me?
What's happening?
Make yourself comfortable.
Who the hell are you?
Who am I?
The more relevant question, Mr.
Morton... Who exactly are you?
In theory, I know all about you.
Army reconnaissance,
decorated soldier...
...and page after page indicating
a deep and troubling moral attitude.
But you see, this file contains nothing
of any real value to me.
That's why I wanted to
see you face to face.
Who are you?
I am a doctor.
Chemical pathology, neurosurgery.
Member of the Royal Society.
I am also a lawyer.
My name is Jekyll.
Dr. Henry Jekyll.
There you are.
This days,
I specialize in immunology, perhaps.
Infectious diseases perhaps.
I would like to, If I may, Mr.
Morton... tell you a story.
A story about a patient of mine.
A man of promise.
A man who believed he
was beyond reproach...
...until he got ill.
The disease manifested itself
in subtle ways at first.
And then it grew...
...into an overwhelming desire... unquenchable thirst...
...for chaos.
For the suffering of others.
He was quite fortunate.
He himself was a physician.
And if evil were a pathogen,
to be reasoned...
...then there must surely be a cure.
I would like to, If I may, Mr.
Morton... show you something.
Welcome to Prodigium,
Mr. Morton.
From the Latin:
"Monstrum Vel Prodigium".
"A warning of monsters".
Forgive the state of things.
We had very little time
to prepare for our guest.
And only the information
Jennifer provided to go on.
In truth, she works for us.
It's not an exact
science, this business.
And the business being?
Evil, Mr. Morton.
Recognized, contained,
examined, destroyed.
She is, by far, the most ancient
we have ever encountered.
What are you doing to her?
Embalming her with mercury.
At -38 degrees...
...the mercury in her veins
will solidify...
...and she should be
safe for dissection then.
Dissection? You said
that we'd study her.
Yes, by dissection.
But she is a living witness
to a history that we barely know.
She is a threat, Jennifer.
Hold on, hold on.
So.. where does that leave me?
Cursed, Mr. Morton.
This is not some common cold you have.
Some chicken soup and a good night
sleep will not make it go away.
You have been selected... the vessel for the ultimate evil.
And we are the only ones
who can rectify that.
I was going to give him...
...eternal life.
Make it a living God.
You murdered your father.
I loved my father...
...with all my heart.
I only wanted his love in return.
You killed his wife.
Their child.
They were different times.
The day of the awakening will
soon be upon us.
You will become Seth.
The world will fall to your desire.
You will have power of life over death.
And you will have me.
I will be your queen.
Just give in.
Nick, wake up.
Wake up.
They will kill you...
...just as they killed
my chosen before you.
It burns.
It Burns!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
What was I supposed to tell you?
Would you even have believed me if
I said that this place was real?
When Henry came to me...
...i took the job because
we had a common interest.
So you are using each other.
Now, she's using you.
Despite what you might think...
...despite my... better judgment...
...i care about you.
Somewhere in there,
fighting to get out... a good man.
You don't know that.
I do.
You saved my life on that plane.
You gave me the only
parachute without hesitation.
I thought there was another one.
Mr. Morton.
I think I found something.
The old Gods?
Your language is simple.
What you truly wish to know... what lies beyond
the veil of death.
To know what I have seen?
And you will...
...when I kill you.
They have found the stone.
You brought my chosen here.
What do you think they
will do with him now?
Welcome to a new world...
...of Gods and monsters.
Evil has many names,
Mr. Morton.
Take Seth, for example.
Known to Egyptians as the God of death.
In the Old Testament: Satan, Lucifer.
- The Devil.
- Quite so.
Yeah. Bad.. bad.. gotta..
You see Evil is the shadow
that exists just outside our world...
...continuously searching for
a way to come in...
...for a way to become flesh and blood.
Either.. we wait for
that day to arrive...
...or we can fight it on our own terms.
Which brings me to you.
Me? Yeah, great, yes.. doc.
You said that you could cure
me of this curse. Get rid of it.
So, let's do it doc.
What's your plan?
Mr. Morton,
these things are complex.
Yeah? I bet, I bet.
When one is dealing with the
salvation of humanity...
...certain sacrifices must be made.
Excuse me, sir.
They found it.
What found.. what?
Are you planning on killing him?
Kill him?
- Jennifer...
- Kill who?
Mr. Morton here essentially
killed himself...
...when he severed the barrier chain...
...that had kept Ahmanet power
imprisoned for 5,000 years.
He was chosen as her ideal candidate.
A thief, physically capable,
compulsively devious...
...and utterly devoid of soul.
- What?
- What?
That's insane.
Do you want to put the stone in
the dagger and stab him with it?
The dagger will allow
Seth to enter his body.
And then we obliterate it.
Wait, wait, wait.
Do you want to stab me with that thing?
Precisely what the
Egyptians should have done.
You see,
they interrupted a ritual in process...
...and that is mistake we cannot...
...afford to repeat.
- That's the plan?
- Henry... can't possibly do this.
That's your plan?
The dominoes are already falling.
We haven't much time.
Unfortunately, it is
a risk we must take.
That's really your plan?
You heard Ahmanet.
Your curse cannot be broken.
I am truly sorry, Mr. Morton.
No matter what I do, you are going to die.
Yes, evil is a disease.
A pestilent pustulant infection...
...borrowing its way into our souls.
The world needs a cure.
You can be that cure.
A sacrifice for the greater good!
I'm not interested in that at all.
- Don't!
- Give me the injector.
We are just gonna take a minute...
...and we are all gonna come
up with a new plan.
We have to go.
You don't know
what you are doing.
Really? I know exactly what I'm doing.
Oh my dear Henry Jekyll...
...if ever I've seen Satan
signature upon a face... on that of your new friend.
Hey, hey hey! Take it!
- Run, Mr. Morton.
- What?
Nick! Open the door!
You don't want that.
Stop, Jenny!
They won't let me out, Nicholas.
They never do.
Woah woah what's happening?
Did you just shut down the mercury?
You are a younger man...
...but you must learn to be wary
of a man like me.
It's not me that wants to kill you,
it's Henry.
I have something more
collaborative in mind.
I'm offering you a partnership.
You, evil incarnate.
Me, your good friend, Eddie Hyde.
Think about it.
Come on.
Jenny, stop!
Come on, son.
Think about it.
I am chaos, destruction.
The ladies will love us.
Come here.
I do enjoy the garments of pain.
Well done, Mr. Morton.
Well done.
Come on.
We have to destroy the stone.
No stone, no ritual.
No ritual...
- ...No curse.
- Yes. I know where it is.
- Wait, wait, which way out?
- I don't know.
She's out! She has the dagger.
We thinks she is coming
to you, so are we.
Lock your doors and secure that stone.
Nick, let's go!
I know where the stone is!
Let's go!
Wow, that was intense!
Okay, follow me.
We are headed to the
crusader burial chamber.
We'll make our entry through the
northwest trade tunnels, over.
This is the moment, Nick.
This is the moment!
Yes, you are damn right.
I'm gonna taking that stone,
Deliver you to Ahmanet...
...and then my work here is done.
Hey, buddy.
Ahmanet is never going to let her live.
You can't save her.
No! Oh no!
You shouldn't be here.
I followed you!
Go go go!
We are okay?
- Where are we?
- I don't know.
Are you okay?
- I'm scared.
- Just look at me.
We are gonna figure this out.
Just, I need you to just
stay with me, please.
We are gonna figure this out..
I need you to just stay with me.
Just stay with me.
We'll think of something.
No! Jenny!
Jenny! No!
Let go!
Don't blame yourself.
She was always doomed.
There are worse fates than death.
Come to me.
It hurts.
I know.
Let me take pain away.
Give in to me.
Give in.
Give in.
When it's over... will thank me.
I promise.
I'm sorry.
We are just never gonna happen.
And it's not me.
It's you.
Destroy the stone...
...and all is lost.
You will be a living God.
You will have power of life over death.
Give it to me... chosen.
Give it to me... love.
Somewhere in there...
...I know you're a good man.
The world needs a cure.
You can be that cure.
A sacrifice for the greater good!
Wake up.
Wake up.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Jenny.
Jenny, please wake up.
I'm sorry.
I do not know what I'm doing.
Please wake up.
Wake up, please.
Jenny, just wake up!
Stop. Please.
I don't know what I am.
I don't want to hurt you, Jenny.
You are alive.
You are alive.
I'm so glad you're alive.
Oh Nick.
You did this for me?
I have made so many...
...many mistakes.
But not this time.
Not you.
I don't want to hurt you.
I never wanted to hurt you.
You won't.
We didn't see this coming, did we?
They are coming for me.
I wish we had more time.
I'll find you.
Goodbye, Jenny.
You were wrong about Nick.
He gave his life to save me.
To bring me back.
Yes, Jennifer.
He found his redemption.
But at great cost.
He is a monster now.
He is also still a man.
A good man.
Yet it has only begun
to discover his power.
And we cannot know which
side will win out.
Between Darkness and light...
...good or evil.
Hey, Nick.
I'm really glad to be here.
I mean, thank you for bringing me
back to life and everything, Nick...
...but what are we even doing here?
Where are we going?
Come on, my friend.
Where is your sense of adventure?
Oh No.
Whatever human part of him remains...
...will search the world over...
...for a way to break the curse.
To find the cure.
Yet evil never rests.
And you will call to them...
Henry, he used his power
to stop Ahmanet.
You know more than anyone he
could be our greatest ally.
Sometimes it does take a monster... fight a monster.